Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 1 - Target - full transcript

Ironic tragedy results when Danny Kader stubbornly disregards his father's predispositions (and Matt's pragmatic advice) in order to attempt an elopement with a young gypsy woman.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Man: Now you listen to me, boy!

What do you mean
stomping out of the house

when I'm talking to you?

Well, I ain't listening
to you no more, Pa.

I'm through!

What are you saying, boy?

I've took all I'm gonna take.

I'm quitting the place.

You're running off?

I ain't running off. I
saddled my horse.

I come by to say goodbye,
and you won't even listen to that!

What would your ma say, boy?

Since Ma died, you got worse.

You're gettin'
meaner every year.

Don't you go telling me
what I get, you young whelp.

Now here, take this,
and we'll go to work.

That's all you want
me to do, ain't it?

Go down to the grove with
you and start shootin' people.

There's trespassers
camped in that grove, boy.

They got no right on my land.

They ain't harming a thing.

They's gypsies, ain't they?

Gypsies and thieves...
All full of nasty ways.

They're nice people, Pa.
They ain't doing a bit of harm.

Ah, you talk like that.

Don't you think I
don't know why.

Don't you think I don't know
the bait they throwed up to ya.

Easiest bait in the world
for a young fool like you.

Now you're talking crazy.

Just the kind of bait for a
weakling that won't even wear a gun.

Well, I ain't takin' this gun.

And I ain't gonna go shootin'
up harmless people, neither.

Then get out, you miserable pup.

I'll fight 'em off alone.

I don't need you and your
namby-pamby ways no more!

I tried to make a man out of ya.

Maybe you did, Pa.

At least don't forget
the message I give ya.

I'll do it.

If you can find your
way to Dodge at all,

which I doubt!

How's the coffee?

Huh. You awake?

I heard you come in.


Well, it certainly beats thunder the
way some people spend their time.

You got any ideas for 'em?

Of course not. I don't go around

suggesting things and meddling
in other people's business.

I've got plenty to do myself.

I'm a doctor, you know.

Well, there's some
doubt about that.

I always thought you'd
make a good politician, myself.

Oh, how do you figure that?

You spend a lot of time
here and a lot of time there.

Half the time nobody
knows where you're at.

Thank you.


Well, I choose to take
it as a compliment.

Wasn't meant that way.

Don't try to change my mind.

I won't try to change
your mind about anything.

You know, come to think of it,
while we're on that kind of a subject,

I think that perhaps if
somebody'd given you

just the right kind of a shove
somewhere along the line,

you just might have become something
more respectable than a law man.

Too late now.

Oh, hi, Doc.


Mr. Dillon, I got a message
for you from some kid out there.


Uh, some kid out there...

He was on his way up
here with a message for you.

Young Danny Kader sent him.

What was it?

Well, it seems like
that old man Kader

wants you to come out
there right away to his place.

What for?

Well, the kid didn't say.

Just said that Danny
sent a message.

Probably wants to shoot you.
The old man's ornery enough.

Ahh. Let's go.

You going out there?

No, I'm going up to Danny's
to find out what this is all about.

Think you better leave that alone.
You might hurt yourself with it.

And furthermore, don't
drink up all that coffee here.

Not very likely. I don't
think I can finish what I got.

Oh, Marshal Dillon.

Hello, Danny. Can we
talk to you for a minute?

Well, I... I was
just about to go out.

Well, this won't take long.

What did ya want, Marshal?

I'm just curious
about that note.

Well, you better go out
to the place and ask Pa.

How is your pa?

He never changes
except to get meaner.

Is that why you moved in here?

I walked out, Marshal.
And I ain't going back.

Now, look, I've got
some things to do now.


Come on, now
what's this all about?

It's trespassers again.

It's some people.

They're camping in
the grove on our land.

They ain't hurtin' nothing,

but Pa wants to drive them
out. You know how he is.

What's his is his, huh?

He thinks the whole
world is his, including me.

He's wrong, Marshal.

I ain't a kid no more
that he can cuss at

and take a whip to
whenever he's of a mind.

And I ain't gonna go
shootin' people up, neither.

[knock on door]

Don't you think you'd
better see who that is?


I... I come, Danny,
like you say.

Yeah, I knew you'd come.

But... Nayomi, this is Marshal
Dillon and Chester Goode.

- How do you do, ma'am?
- How do?

Friends of Danny?

- Kind of.
- Yeah. We're friends of Danny's.

Danny needs friends now.

Look, Nayomi, they
was just leaving.

Wait here a minute, will ya?

I'll wait.

You coming, Marshal?

Nice to have met you.

Awful good to have
met you, ma'am.

Thank you.

I'll be right back.

It ain't what you're thinking.

Danny, that girl's
a gypsy, isn't she?

What of it?

And those trespassers, those
people out on your father's land?

All right, they're gypsies,
and Nayomi's one of them.

Danny, you're
asking for trouble.

You sound like Pa.

Well, maybe I do. But
let me tell you something.

They don't allow outsiders,
especially around their women.

They make their own laws,
and they're plenty strict.

I'll worry about that.

Now, I would if I were you.

I'd worry about it a whole lot.

Come on.

Why don't we take the shortcut?

Kader's over the hill.

I want to stop over at
the gypsy camp first.

Well, you might
not be too welcome.

Don't turn your back
on them, Chester.

I don't aim to.

Well, there it is.

Golly, they... they don't seem
none too friendly, do they?

They're just curious.

Of what? The color of our blood?

Well, we'll soon find out.

My name's Dillon.

I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.

Nice-looking camp you got here.

Grass is good. Water is clear.

But we leave after tomorrow.


We are not welcome here.

But first we must repair
wagons before we can travel.


Well, that's going to
make things easier.

I do not understand.

Well, you've been having
trouble with this man

up on the hill, haven't you?
The one that owns this land?

He says he will kill
if we do not move.

I know. That's why I came here

to see if I could stop something
like that from happening.

Trouble comes to gypsy.
We do not seek it out.

I know.

Sometimes shots come from hill.

If this man kills,
we will go find him.

I'm going over to
talk to him right now.

I'll tell him that you're
leaving here after tomorrow

and to leave you
alone until then.

We are not afraid.

I know. I know you're not.

But I don't want a
killing here by anybody.


My daughter.


Marshal Dillon, my daughter.

How do you do?


It is rare Nayomi is in camp.

She often rides off

and stays away for many hours.

Well, you told me I could.

No more. It is finished.

I did not understand
until this morning.

This morning?

You went to Dodge City to
see the son of our enemy.

But how could you know this?

We do not allow our
women to see men outside.

It can be a reason for killing.

These are your people, Nayomi.

You ought to stay with 'em.

All right, come and get it!

[horse neighs]

Howdy, Marshal. Chester.


Just let me finish
dumping this feed.

Full trough.

I won't make a cent
out of them pigs.

Cost more to feed
'em than they're worth.

You kind of took your time
getting out here, didn't ya?

If you call three hours
taking your time, yeah.

That worthless young pup.

I told him to tell you as
soon as he got into town.

Danny says he's not
coming back here, Kader.

He'll be back.

Somebody'll yell
boo at him in the dark,

and he'll come hightailing
back fast enough.

I wouldn't be too sure of that.

The last straw is his
being too lily-livered

to drive them
trespassers off my land.

They're not doing you any harm.

They're on my land, ain't they?

I was just down talking to 'em,

and they're gonna
leave after tomorrow.

Yeah, with half the
farm, most likely.

I miss three pullets already.

Stole just since they been here.

Well, it could have been
a coyote or a weasel.

Or them thievin' gypsies.

Marshal, I didn't build this
place putting up with squatters,

and I don't aim to
start doing it now.

Times have changed since
you put this place up, Kader.

People ain't. Always trying
to take away what you got.

You just can't take no
risk from fightin' 'em.

That's what I've been trying
to teach that boy of mine.

And he ain't go no more
backbone than a bullwhip.

Wouldn't even take a gun

and go down and drive
them people off my land.

There's other ways to settle
things besides with a gun.

I noticed you're packing one.

That's to enforce the law,

not to settle every personal
argument that comes along.

Well, suppose you start
enforcing the law, Marshal?

Go back and drive
them people off my land!

They got work to do
on their wagons, Kader.

They'll be gone after tomorrow.

So they out-bluffed
you too, did they?

What'd they do? Dangle one
of their women in front of ya?

That's what they did with Danny.


I know. I saw what was going on.

Everyone knows them women
ain't no better than they ought to be.

Now, Kader, listen to me.

You just stick to your duty!

Quit taking up with a
bunch of thievin' gypsies.

Kader, I'm not even
gonna argue with you.

But I'm tellin' ya to
stay away from there

and quit taking potshots at
those people 'til they're gone.

Gypsies are bad luck,
and I want 'em out of there!

They're gonna be
out of there tomorrow.

And if you value your hide,

you'll stay away
from there 'til then.

I'll watch out for my own hide!

This'll help get the
taste out of your mouth.

I tell ya, he must've cooked
that steak in bear grease.

The only thing you can
trust around here is the bread.

That's 'cause they leave it in the
sun for three or four days to dry out.

Well, one thing you've got
to be grateful for anyhow.

What's that?

You haven't had any more trouble

with old man Kader
and those gypsies.

Yeah. Guess they pulled
out like they said they would.

Matt, do you think that Danny
Kader was really in love with that girl?

Oh, he'll get over it, Kitty.

Yeah, but will she?

She's better off
with her own people.

I suppose.

Come on, I'll walk you
back to the Long Branch.

All right.

What are they doing in town?

I don't know, Kitty.

They're all over the place.

What's going on?

It could be that girl Nayomi.

You don't suppose
she's run away again?


Look, I better get over
to the Dodge House

and find out about this.
This could mean trouble.

Oh. Danny, why did
we come here like this?

Marshal Dillon. I saw
him from the lobby.

He headed
straight for the hotel.

But I thought he
was friends with you.

Something's up, Nayomi.

He wouldn't be
coming to see me now.

Well, we can't leave
now. We can't take train.

You bet we can.

I bought the
tickets this morning.

All we gotta do is go to the
depot and get on the train.

Maybe... Maybe we
should've stayed with horses.


Well, everyone
can see us this way.

But they won't be
looking for us at the depot.

That's how we're
gonna fool them.

Don't you see? They'll be
sure we'll travel on horseback.

And that's where they'll be
looking... All over the prairie.

You're right.

No gypsy ever
traveled by train before.

But you're going to.

Prettiest doggone
gypsy that ever lived.

Now, Danny, they
catch us here...

They won't catch us.

We'll be walking the
streets of St. Louis

and they'll still be milling around,
wondering which way we went.

Come on, let's get
over to the depot.

The train leaves in a half hour.

Now, don't you worry. We
made it just fine, didn't we?

There ain't a soul
in Dodge saw us.

I wish the train would
come. I'd feel safe then.

It'll be here directly.
And we'll just slip right on

and then won't nobody
know we've even left.

Now, look. I told you
not to worry, Nayomi.

Everything's fine.

Nobody knows we're here.

Them people out there
never even noticed us.

I feel something,
Danny. Something bad.

- Oh, look...
- Please, Danny, there is something.

Will you please
calm down, Nayomi!


Get out of here!

Get out of here, all of ya!

You ain't gonna take her.

You ain't gonna
take her, I tell ya.

She's mine. We're gonna
get married. Do you hear?

- I'm going with Danny!
- Get out of here!

No! No! Danny, don't let them...

Let go of me, you...

Nayomi, screaming: Danny!


There you are. Welcome
back to the living, Danny.

How is he, Doc?

Well, he's going
to be all right.

They tried to cave in his head.

Danny: Where's Nayomi?

Now, you just take it easy now.

They got Nayomi. They took her.

Who took her, Danny?

Gypsies. They come
down on us all at once.

I couldn't do a thing.

What were you doing around here?


We were headed for St. Louis.
We were gonna get married.

Well, you ain't in any shape
to do either one just now.

You have a little
rest for yourself.

Well, they got her.

It was bound to happen, Danny.

Gypsies don't let their
women run off like that.

I warned you about that.

I don't care. They got no right.

She wanted to go with me.

Ain't it against the law to
force somebody like that?

Not in this case,
I'm afraid. No.

Well, then, I'll do it alone.

You can't go after a whole
pack of gypsies by yourself.

If I was you, I'd just
forget the whole thing.

Forget it? How can I forget it?

Well, they'll kill
you next time, sure.

The trouble is I should've
been wearing a gun.

I never have wore one.

This is just the
time I should of.

Now you're beginning to
sound like your pa, Danny.

Maybe he's right.

If you've got something,
if you want to keep it,

you gotta hit out at
anybody that gets close to ya.

You got hit them first.

If you don't, they'll take
away everything you got.

That's the way Pa thinks.

Yeah. And he hasn't
got a friend around.

Everybody in this
country hates him.

What have I got?

The only thing I ever wanted, I
let 'em come and take her back.

Should've wore a gun.

Danny, why don't you go on
back to your room and get a rest?

Go to bed without any
supper. Is that what you mean?

Now, Danny!

What ya gaping at? Ain't you
ever seen a coward before?

Just 'cause man's not wearing
a gun is no sign he's a coward.

Heaven's sakes, no. There's lots
of good men that don't wear a gun.

I gotta get out of here
before I bust wide open.

Well, I kinda
feel sorry for him.

Them running off
with his girl like that.

I'll tell you. He's just
lucky they didn't kill him.

He sure is.

Well, there's not much
more we can do about it now.

- You going back to the office, Doc?
- Yeah.

Man: Hey! Hey,
come back here, you!

Somebody stop him!

You dirty, thievin' tommyknocker,
I'll see your hide for this!

Marshal, that man stole
my horse and my six-gun too.

He came in, grabbed
my gun out of the holster,

got on my horse,
and rode out of here.

- He was plain right there.
- That fool Danny.

Kind of careless with your
property, aren't you, mister?

Careless, am I?

What kind of law we
got around here, anyway?

You better bring
that boy in, Marshal.

There's gonna be trouble!

Well, that's the way
he's headed, all right.

Yeah, right straight
for that gypsy camp.

Come on, let's go.

Well, they pulled up, just
like they said they would.


[horse neighs in distance]


You come out to wet-nurse
me back to town, Marshal?

You're saying it.

They pulled out.


I'm going after them.

On a stolen horse
with a stolen gun?

I borrowed him.

I'll take him back to
town and pay for the use.

Then I'm going after Nayomi.

Danny, those
gypsies would kill her

before they'd let her
marry an outsider.

That's the way gypsies are.

Maybe I can change
their mind... Pa's way.

Your pa's way is not your way.

There ain't no use
arguing, Marshal.

And you got no right to stop me.

I'm not stopping you.

Then I'll get back to Dodge.

My horse is there.
I'll buy my own gun.



It's them gypsies.

They must've
followed me out here.


Danny, you stay here.
I'm going over there

- where I can get a better shot.
- Okay.



Kader: Get out of there,
you thievin' varmints!

I'll kill the whole pack of ya!

Kader! It's Matt Dillon!

Kader: Marshal?

Dillon: Put that rifle down
and come on outta there!

I'm coming down.

What happened to
them gypsies, Marshal?

They pulled out,
just like they said.

Oh. Well, I heard
the horses in here.

Naturally I figured
it must be them,

so I took a couple of
potshots to keep 'em movin'.

You always do that?

Shoot without seeing
what it is you're shootin' at?

Don't plague me
about it, Marshal.

I paid for it good and proper.

Yeah, you paid
for it, all right.

Look over there.

It was your bullet
that did it, Kader.

Well, he finally got
him to carry a gun.

Let's leave him alone, Chester.