Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 5, Episode 2 - Kitty's Injury - full transcript

When Kitty is hurt in a fall from a horse, she and Matt must seek help from shiftless dirt farmers who are oddly uninterested in aiding them.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

I'll have a beer,
too, please, Clem.

- Coming right up.
- Shh.

Howdy, Doc.

I'm awfully sorry, Chester.

What are you sorry about?

Well, I didn't want
Clem to wake you up.

Well, I wasn't asleep.

I was standing
here, just thinking.

Oh? No wonder you're so tired.

- Here you are, Doc.
- Thanks, Clem.

I ain't tired, Doc.
I... Where's Kitty?

Well, that's...
that's just it, Doc.

She's with Mr. Dillon.

Where? I don't see
either one of them.

Well, of course
you don't see 'em.

If you'd seen 'em, you'd be able

to look through buildings
and around corners

and miles out on the prairie,

if you'd seen 'em.

What are you talking about?

Well, Miss Kitty had
to go up to Salt Creek

to visit a friend of hers.

Why'd Matt go with her?



Well, Doc... what
if she got lost?

Or what if it blew up a storm?

Or... Or what if
the Indians attack?

Or anything like that?

Oh, well, if she got lost...

caught in a storm... Yeah.

Indians attack... Yeah.

Then they'd both
be caught in a storm,

lost, during an Indian attack.

- Doc.
- Yeah?

Your brain is twisted.

It's twisted.

Open that, will you, Matt?

You gettin' thirsty?

Oh, I sure am!

I guess I should have
brought a water bottle, huh?

You know, there's a farmhouse
over near here somewhere.

I don't know who lives in it,

but they're bound
to have some water.

Let's go get it.

All right. Come on.




Anybody in there?

Open up in there!

Mister, put that
rifle away, will ya?

I'm a United States marshal.

This is a badly
injured woman here.

Don't give you no right to
come busting in here like that.

Now, I'm not gonna stand
here arguing with you.

This woman's hurt,
and she needs help.

Ain't no fault of mine.

Pa, she's awful pretty.

Lootie... Let him
bring her in, Raff.


Ain't no call for that.

Let him bring her in.

Thank you, ma'am.

Would you go fetch
our horses, son?


Yeah. Do what he says.

He's a big U.S. marshal,
pushing poor folk around.

You hold her, Marshal,
'til I get the bed ready.

Cora, what are you... wait!

Cora, you ain't gonna
put that woman in our bed!

She's been hurt. Want
to lay her out on the floor?

Doggone it!

Don't go messing up our bed!

I wouldn't keep a pig in this
bed, let alone a sick woman.

It's been good
enough for you, ain't it?

Anything's been
good enough for me

since the day I married
you, Raff Jenson.

That's a fine way for
a wife to be talking.

The only way for
your wife to be talking.

Cora, I'm gonna whack
you alongside the head.

That's your answer
to everything, ain't it?

Doggone it!

You can bring her
in now, Marshal.

I'll... I'll find a
pillow somewhere.

No. Don't bother.

I think she's better
off without one.

Hurt bad, ain't she?


Do you have anything to
cover her with? Anything clean?

Ain't been nothing clean around
here in a mule's age, Marshal.

Ain't been nobody clean
enough to notice, neither.

I'll get you something.

Do you have some water, ma'am?

It's in the bucket.



Son, you go wait
outside, will you?


Kitty, it's Matt.

Everything's going
to be all right now.

Marshal, here's the cover.

It's rightly a tablecloth,
but it's clean. I never use it.

It was my mother's.

Her things was always clean.

If it get cold, I'll
put a blanket on.


She'll be fine now.


Kitty, look, honey, you just
rest back and take it easy.

I'm gonna ride into Dodge
and get Doc and bring him out.


Don't leave me, please.

But you'll be all right here.

This woman will
take good care of ya.


Please don't leave me.

But, Kitty, you need Doc.
I've got to get him out here.




Well, all right.

Look now, you just rest here.

Maybe I can get one of these
men to go back and get Doc.

I'll stay here with ya.

All right, now you rest.

Raff, you're going to
have to go to Dodge

and get Doc Adams.

Well, I don't feel especially
like no ride today, Marshal.

Terrible way to act.

I've had about a
belly full of you.

You're gonna do what I say,
and you're gonna do it fast.

You're going into Dodge, and you're
going to find the doctor. You understand?

Well, I guess maybe
I could let Lootie go.

Oh, no. No, Pa! No!
I want to stay here.

I say you's to go to town!

Pa, don't go beatin' on me!


Am I gonna have to
knock you sideways?

Making the boy addle-headed.

He's my boy, and
I'll do him like I like.

You... You's the one that
wanted to go into town, didn't ya?

Now, Lootie, do you
know the way to Dodge?

Well, I guess I know, all right.

Pa let me go in
there two, three times.

All right, now I want
you to go in there

and find Doc Adams and
bring him back out here.

Do you understand?

Well, I guess I understand.

Only I don't see why I gotta
go all the way into Dodge!

Cora: Lootie...
Come along, Lootie.

But I ain't never
seen a woman...

A young pretty one
around here 'fore.

Well, she'll be here
when you come back.

Come along now.

Pa, do I have to?

You want me to whack you again?

Come along. Now get
started. Get your horse.

And don't tarry along
the way, you hear me?

Okay, Ma.

Only I'm gonna ride fast
'cause I wanna get back!

For certain sure I do.

[fly buzzing]

[door opens]

Cora: Marshal.

The lady, she wants to see you.

How is she?

About the same. Burning
up with fever, though.




Look, she ain't rightly
conscious, Marshal.

Miss Jenson, that boy of yours

should have been back here
with Doc Adams two hours ago.

Yeah, Marshal. I
know he should have.

Do you think he
went to Dodge at all?

Well, to tell you the
truth, I don't rightly know.

I never see him out and
out disobey his pa, but...

Lootie's strange.
I just don't know.

[sigh] Well, she needs a doctor,

and she needs one bad.
I can't wait any longer.

Well, she'd be real
upset if you was to leave.

She don't seem to feel
comfortable here alone with us.

I'm not going myself. I'm
gonna send your husband.

- Raff, wake up.
- Stop it!

Wake up!

What's going on here?

Come on, get on your feet.

It ain't daylight yet.

No, but it's late enough.

That boy of yours has
been gone six hours.


Never can tell
about that Lootie.

Yeah, well, I better be
able to tell about you.

What about me?

Get your boots on.
You're going to Dodge.

No, oh no!

I said get your boots on,

and you better be back here
in four hours with Doc Adams,

or you're gonna need him
worse than Kitty needs him.

All right, Marshal, all right.


Lootie took the
only horse we got.

You can use one of ours.

You know, I ought to get
paid for this or somethin'.

A ride like this in the
middle of the night...

Why don't you quit
complaining and get moving?

It's a fine thing...
fine thing...

When a man ain't got no
rights even in his own house.

[door slams]

He shames me, Marshal,
acting like he does.

Think he'll get back?

Yeah. He'll get back.

He ain't got the courage not to.

I don't know if this is
doing any good, Marshal.

Well, it's daylight.

Your husband ought to
be back any time now.

I need more water.

All right. I'll get you some.

[Kitty sighs]

It's pointed right at
your belly, Marshal.

Put that rifle down, Lootie.

Not hardly I'll put it down.

Now you just stand right still.

You never even
went to Dodge, did ya?

Why, sure I did.

I stole me a wagon there.

I got it hid out back.

What are you talking about?

I got me a plan,
a real good plan.

Now, Lootie, I want
you to give me that gun.

Now, next time, I'll
hit you plumb center.

I'm good with a rifle.

All right, what you got in mind?

I'm gonna run off
with that woman.


- Lootie!
- Ma, you stay in there!

Don't you try nothing, Marshal.

Lootie, you can't take that
woman away from here.

She's badly hurt.
She needs a doctor.

Oh, I got it all figured out.

I'm gonna take her and
put her in that wagon,

and I'm gonna take
her away from here.

And then, when she's right,
she's gonna be my woman.

Lootie! Lootie, please!

Lootie, listen to me.

I'm gonna take
her away right now.

Now you go on inside
that house, Marshal.

Go on now.

Or I'll shoot you dead!

Now you go on, sit down there.

Go on.

Well, go on!

Ma, you take this,
and you tie him up.

And you tie him up good, too.


Better do what he
says, Miss Jenson.

Well, hurry up, Ma!

I'll just take this with me.

In case.

Well, hurry up, Ma.

Now, you just
sit quiet, Marshal.

I'm gonna bring up the wagon.

Lootie... Don't you
go frettin' none, Ma.

And don't you help him none.

I wouldn't want to,

but I'll kill you,
too, if I have to.

I ain't lookin' so foolish
now am I, Marshal?

Oh, no. You look just fine.

I'll kill you, too.

[Door closes]

He means it.

He'll kill me if I help you.

Clean out of my reach.
Nothing's gonna stop him.

Well, then maybe you
better not do anything.

No. No, I gotta.

I don't care what he does.

Thank you, Miss Jenson.

You'll look out for
Kitty, would ya?



It belonged to my pa.

Take it.

Take it.

Marshal... try not
to hurt him too bad.

I'll try not to, Miss Jenson.

All right, drop
the rifle, Lootie.

Don't do that.

I could kill you before
you pull the trigger.

You ain't stoppin' me,
Marshal. Nobody is.

I'm gonna stop
you, all right, Lootie.

No, you ain't.

Now you get your hands up
and come on and walk over here.

Not a chance.

You do what I tell ya.

Don't just stand there!

You get your hands up!

You ain't stoppin'
me! Not now, you ain't!

Don't do it, Lootie!

I'm tellin' ya, don't do it!


Lootie, I'm telling
ya, put that gun down!

Don't make me shoot you.

I'm gonna kill you, Marshal,
if you don't come out!

Now come on out!

You had to kill him, didn't you?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Wasn't no chance
for him in this world.

No chance.

He's laying out there?

I'll take care of him.

No, Marshal.

He's my son.

I'll take care of him.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Jenson.

There just wasn't
anything else I could do.

He wasn't always so bad.

These last years it's
been getting worse.

There's no help for him. None.

He got things all
twisted up in his head.

I tried.

There was nothing
I could do about it.


It's nothing you can blame
yourself for, Mrs. Jenson.

He's all right now,
ain't he, Marshal?

I can believe he's all right.

Sure you can.

You let me take
care of him, huh?

Thank you.

Doc Adams better get here soon.

She needs him bad.

Hi, Doc.


Boy, am I glad to see you.

You had some trouble, huh?

- Yeah.
- Where's Kitty?

She's inside.

You shoot that boy, Marshal?

I did.

Murdered him, huh?

Not exactly.

He stole that wagon
there in Dodge City,

and he was gonna
run off with Kitty in it.

He stole that wagon?

That's right.

That's gonna mean trouble.

Now you can't blame
me for that, Marshal!

I didn't have
anything to do with it.

And you gotta tell 'em
that Lootie stole the wagon.

And that Lootie's dead.

Go find a shovel, will ya?

He... What for?

For your boy.

Oh, yeah, all right.

But you tell 'em, Marshal.

You tell 'em how it was
Lootie that stole the wagon.

[Door closes]

Whoa. Whoa there.

Hey, Doc, wouldn't she
be better off in the buggy?

I don't know, Matt.

I gotta keep her
lying down like this.

She's gonna be
all right, though.

She's conscious.

- She is?
- Sure.



I guess I've been an
awful lot of trouble.

You never been so much trouble.

It sure is good
to have you back.

How you feelin'?

I'm thirsty.