Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 20 - Claustrophobia - full transcript

Matt and Chester find a man shot in back in his lonely cabin and the immediate suspects are two men who have been trying to force him to sell his land.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

We gonna camp here,
Mr. Dillon?

If we can find
any water.

Well, we probably can't.

You know
how these settlers are.

They build a camp
in any old wheres

and then start
praying for rain.

We could have camped over
by the Smoky Hill River.

Oh, no,
I'd rather go dry,

just as long as we get
to Dodge by tomorrow night.

We'll make it.

I'll tell you,
I never seen a place

like that Fort Wallace

Man go plumb crazy
living out there.

Well, they sure
don't make army camps

for pleasure, do they?

Wonder if anybody's home.

Well, it looks
deserted to me.


Oh, my goodness,
Mr. Dillon.

He's been dead
for quite a while.

Well, what do you think
could have happened?

I don't know,
but whoever it was

didn't take much
of a chance.

They shot him
in the back.

Mr. Dillon, it looks
like he was trying

to get to his
gun there.


Well, I guess we'd better
camp here after all.

Let's find a shovel
and bury him.

Well, Mr. Dillon, I sure wish
we'd have knowed his name.

I hate to bury a body

without even being able
to put his name on his grave.

Yeah, I'd sure like to know the
name of the man that killed him.

It sure is easy to get by
with killing a man way out here,

ain't it?

Yeah, too easy.

Well, let's get started.

We got a long way to ride.

May be trouble, Chester,
we'd better separate.

Yes, sir.

What are you fellas
doing here?

This your place?

Shack like that?

We got a real house
over at Turkey Bend, mister,

but that don't answer
my question.

We stopped in here yesterday,
found a dead man,

and we buried him.

Dead man?

Now, that must have
been Bob Reilly.

What happened
to him?

He got shot.

Now, who'd want to shoot
a nice fella like Bob Reilly?

Maybe they
done it, Giles.

Probably did.

Think we ought
to hang 'em?

Be easier to
shoot 'em,

leave 'em here
as a kind of a warning.


Good idea.

You move that rifle, mister,

you're liable to die for it.

Against the two of us?

You ain't got a chance, fella.

You're calling it.

Wait, Dever.

What for?

It ain't worth the chance.

He just might get one of us.

All right,

you and your friend
get mounted up

and ride
out of here.

We don't want
anybody hanging around here.

You might get the idea
to settle down.

Better just keep
moving, fella.

Chester, that pot of coffee
you fixed this morning

was weak as dishwater.

Come back
and start the fire again.

We'll build another pot.

Yes, sir.

You've got a lot
of nerve, mister.

We'll come by here later.

You'd better be
nowhere around.

Next time,
we won't ride up so close.

Come on, Dever.

Well, that was a
close one, Mr. Dillon.

I thought there was
going to be trouble there

for sure for
a minute.

Yeah, so did I.

They acted mighty
suspicious, didn't they?

Yeah, but it's like you said.

It's awful easy to get by
with killing a man out here.

Let's get riding
for Dodge, huh?


Morning to you.

Get off and
sit a spell.

I got no coffee,
but you're welcome

to this pot
of chicory.

Got a spoonful of
molasses in it.

Sounds good, huh?

Well, it sounds good
to me.

My name's
Olie Ridgers.

I'm Matt Dillon.

This is Chester Goode here.
How do?

Glad to know you.
How do?

Don't get to meet
many people out here.

You're raising hogs, huh?

Oh, I got a few.

Where do you live?

I mean, you got a house
around here somewheres?

I ain't lived in a house
since I was nine years old.


I like it

I got to

You can sure enough
breathe here.

I ain't gonna
move either...

no matter
what they say.

Somebody trying
to get you to move?

Yeah, them two fellas up
Turkey Bend- Giles and Dever.

Here, you two
sit down now.


Tell you one thing:

they're going to have
to shoot me out.

I got a mighty fine
rifle eye, too.

What do they want
you out for, Olie?

Saying they need
the land for cattle.

Well, what do they want-
to own the whole country?

Looks like it, don't it?

Tell me. You know,
there's a cabin

about a mile and a half
north from here.

You know the man who
lives there, Bob Reilly?

He rides by here now and then.

We buried him
last night.

Somebody shot him.

That's bad. Real bad.

Maybe it was that
Giles and Dever

that done it,
Mr. Dillon.

I wouldn't
be surprised.

You'd better tell the law about
it if you're going anywhere.

I sure don't hold
with murdering a man.

Well, Olie, I'm the law
over in Dodge City.

I'm the marshal
over there.

Is that a fact?

Ever get over
that way?

No, never have.
I'm going today.

Going today?

40 miles in that wagon?

It'll take you a week.

No, I'm going

Oh, where's your horse?

You mean that mule?

Right over there.

That there's Jim Branch.

He went and talked me
into going to Dodge

for a night with him.

I know I ain't
gonna like it.

I'm just doing it
to please Jim.

Sort of coddling him
along, you know?

Where does
he live?

He runs a few head of
horses a bit west of here.

Jim's a cowboy,

He'll be drifting along
one of these days.

He's kind of
like me that way.


Got company, Jim.

You're not gonna go back on your
promise to come to Dodge?

Ooh, I'm all dressed up
like a sore thumb.

Can't you see?

What'd you do, Olie,
change your socks?

Well, this here's
a U.S. marshal, Jim.

I already forgot
his name.

Matt Dillon.

How do?
How do?


How do?

You fellas heading
for Dodge?


Good. This is a
big thing, I tell you.

I been talking Olie into going
into Dodge for three whole months.

I'm happy right here.

I don't need to get cooped up in no town.

A little civilizing
ain't gonna hurt you none.

I gotta be back here tomorrow
night like you promised.

Them hogs will starve
if I'm not.

You treat them hogs
like they was children.

But we'll be back
on time, I promise.

Oh, uh, say, the Marshal
here tells me

that Bob Reilly got shot.


Giles and Dever
done it.

No, I said they might
have done it.

If I could prove it,
why, I'd have them

on the way into Dodge
right now.

Gonna have real trouble proving
it, Marshal, knowing them.

Well, they'll make
a mistake sooner or later.

I'm used to waiting.

They threatened Olie.

That's what
he told me.

Well, come on,
come on.

Let's get this dang trip
to town over with.

All right,
we'll ride in with you.

This sure beats beans
and salt pork.

I never did like
cooking for myself nohow.

Yeah. Yeah, food always tastes better

when somebody else cooks it,
doesn't it?

It sure does.

I don't know why it is,

but every time
I cook something,

it always winds up like the
back cinch on a pack saddle.

What's the matter, Olie?

Oh, just, just not hungry,
I guess.

Well, you're half starved
and you know it.

This being inside.

What's the matter
with it?

I ain't had a meal indoors
in 15 years.

It took my appetite away,
that's all.

You won't stay
in a hotel,

and I ain't gonna try
to make you.

What about drinking?

You gonna do that
in a back alley?

No. I'll be all right
in a bar.

Couple of drinks
I wouldn't mind at all.

Wouldn't mind nothing.

You sure?


All right, you don't want
to eat in a restaurant,

you don't have to.


didn't there used to be a bench
out back of this place?

Yeah, it's still there.

We're gonna use it.

Seems like it's a mite
too hot in here.

All right. You two
go on ahead.

We'll see you over
at the Long Branch later.

You bet you will.
Come on, Olie.

Let's get out of here.

Well, hello, folks.
Hey, Matt.

Sorry I got here
a little late,

but I had a few things
I had to take care of.

Where's Chester?

Well, he had two drinks
and left.

He said he'd had
about enough

of everything
for one day.

Here, Marshal,
have a drink.

Thanks, Olie.

Let's go over to a table
and sit down.

Hey, Olie, where're you
putting all that stuff?

A man like me can work
up a powerful thirst.

You having a good time?

Sure, I'm fine. Now,
I told you I would be.

Uh, Miss Kitty?


I'm gonna make bold
and ask you something.

All right.

You know the saying

how there's worms
in apples

and worms
in radishes?


Well, to the worm
in the radish,

he thinks the whole
world's a radish.

Well, you talking about you
or you talking about me?

About everybody, maybe.

See, we... we all got
our own radish.

Well, I guess
that's all right.

Just might be
a good thing to...

to be content and happy
in your own world.


As long as we don't hurt
anybody else,

what difference
does it make?

Hey, mister.


Ain't you the fella

that raises them hogs
up around Turkey Bend?

That's right.

Well, I got some bad news
for you, mister.

Bad news?

I don't like to be
the one to tell you this,

but I came by your camp
about noon today, and...

well, somebody had shot
that mule,

all your hogs and...

took your wagon
to boot.

I'm sorry,
but it's the truth.

I figured you
ought to know.

I'm sure sorry.

Olie, we'll
leave now.

We'll go back

No, we won't.

I promised to spend tonight
in Dodge and I'm gonna.

Come on, everybody, drink up.

He ain't said a word
the whole ride out.

Not all day.

Well, he thinks
a lot, though.

Seems to me like he
never quits thinking.

And he's lost about
everything he had.

Ain't that, marshal.

I mean, it ain't
the value of it all.

It's just having
his hogs and mule killed,

and leaving them
here to rot.

That's hard for a man
like him to understand.

Well, I'd say that's hard
for anybody to understand.

Well, there's
not much more

we can do about
it tonight, boys.

Let's get
some sleep, huh?

Come on.



Hey, Chester, wake up.


What is it?
Olie's gone.

He took a horse
with him.

Well, where in the world
would he go?

Wait a minute!
I don't know.

Well, I never heard him
get up and leave, did you?

No, but he's probably half
Indian when he wants to be.

Well, why would he want
to run off like that, though?

That's it.

Just as I thought.

Had a rifle head
back there, it's gone.

He's after Giles and Dever.
That's right, marshal.

Can you take us
to their shack at Turkey Bend?

Sure can.
Well, let's get going.

Stay here and watch
the horses, Chester.

It's their cabin, marshal.

Where's the corral,
out back?

Yeah. When you step
around the house,

you see if their horses are there. Yeah.

Wait a minute, look.



Hole your fire.

That's Dever in there.

I got him trapped.

Where's Giles?

Right there by the door.

Oh, Olie, you shouldn't
have done it.

Only took one shot.

He didn't even
know it was me.

Just like slaughtering a hog.

Olie... I'm going to have
to arrest you for murder.

Give me the gun.

Wait till I kill Dever.

I'm in trouble now,

and I can't hang twice.

I said, "Give me the gun, Olie."

You really mean it,
don't you?

I mean it.

All right.

I won't fight you.

I'd like to have
killed Dever, too.

Dever! Hold your fire.

I'm coming out
with my hands up.

He'll kill you, Marshal.

You two stay here.

I'll cover you.

Come on out of there, Dever!

U.S. Marshal.
I've disarmed Olie Ridgers.

Olie's under arrest.

Well, now,
you really are a marshal,

ain't you?
I am.

Killed my partner, Marshal.

Murdered him.

He admits that.

Say, wait a minute.

Ain't you the fella

we ran onto the other day
at Bob Reilly's cabin?

That's right.

I thought there
was something about you.

Didn't you wreck Olie's camp
and slaughter his animals?

That ain't no reason
to murder a man, Marshal.

Didn't you murder Bob Reilly?

Marshal, you're talking wild.

You're coming into
Dodge with me, Dever.

Not me, Marshal.

You stand a better
chance in court.

Let's see how good
you really are, Marshal.

Good, Marshal.

You killed him, and
now they're both dead.

Yeah, they're both dead.

And you murdered
one of them, Olie.

No. I can't go to jail;
I'd go crazy.

I'd go crazy in jail.

Don't you understand?
I got to be outside.

I couldn't live in jail.

What in the world's
the matter with you?

Stop pacing;
you're getting nervous.

You know Judge Blaine isn't
gonna hurry that trial any

no matter what you do. Well,
I don't know what I'd do, Doc.

If he didn't let Olie off, I
think I'd throw a fit right here.

Olie killed a man, Chester.
Well, I know he killed a man,

but Olie's suffered enough,
just waiting in jail there,

waiting for the trial
the last few weeks.

I know, I agree with you.


Well, Olie, can I...

can I get you a cup
of coffee or anything?

I want to thank you, Marshal,
for everything you said.

Didn't have to do that.

Well, Olie, I just
told the judge

I thought you
kind of went crazy

and didn't know what
you were doing.

I knew what I was doing.

I told him I did.

Yeah, I heard you.

I told him to hang me.

I wanted him to hang me.

Why wouldn't he do it?

Well, Olie, the judge thought
he was doing the right thing.

He-he didn't think
you deserved hanging.

I told him...

I told him it was
better than this.

I don't know how
I've stood it this long.

I'm sorry, Olie.

Wish there was something
I could do for you.


they got windows
in the penitentiary?


Sure they do, Olie.

Look, uh,
I'll be back later.

How... how long did the judge
give him, Mr. Dillon?



Well, that-that...

that's the worst thing
he could've done to Olie.

I know it.

I tried to tell him that,
but he wouldn't listen to me.

Well, where's Jim Branch?

Oh, he slipped out
right after the verdict.

You mean that
he didn't come over

and say nothin' to Olie
or nothin', just...?



come on, I'm gonna
buy you a drink.

No. Come on, come on, now, I said.

I mean it.

Well, all right, I'll...

You know something, Matt?

A man like Olie can...

just go crazy locked up
like that. He...

Well, nothing I can
do about that, Doc.

Oh, I-I know there isn't-
that's not what I meant.

It's just that he's been used
to the open prairie, you know...

Oh, look, let's talk
about something else.

You know, we have been on
that subject for an hour.

Hey, you know something?

You ought to go away

Kansas City, St. Louis
or something like that-

and have a little rest,
a little vacation.

Mm-hmm. Maybe I don't like
being cooped up, either, Doc.

That's exactly what I mean
- you need a rest.

Mr. Dillon,
you'd better hurry, quick!

Over at the jail!
What is it?

It's Olie! It's terrible!

In the cell,
Mr. Dillon.

He's dead, Matt-
he's been shot.

Oh... Now, where'd this thing come from?

Well, I don't
know, Mr. Dillon.

I didn't see nobody,
I didn't hear nothing, I...

Do you think
he shot himself, Doc?

Well, could've been.

There are powder burns
on his forehead-

yes, he could've.

Well, either that,
or else somebody called him over

to this window and shot him,
then threw the gun in.

Oh, but who would want
to kill poor old Olie.

Somebody who knew what it meant
to him to be cooped up

the rest of his life-
some good friend.

Well, you mean... somebody
like Jim Branch, maybe?

I don't know which one of 'em
uses this gun.

Jim Branch is gonna have
to stand trial for it.

The prisoner will rise.

It is the opinion
of this court,

based on all the evidence and
the testimony here presented,

that no case

beyond mere circumstance

has been proved
against the accused.

It is therefore
the verdict of this court

that the case be dismissed,

the prisoner released.

Court's adjourned.

Well, Jim, you're free.

You went to a lot
of trouble, Marshal.

Looking for me,
having me up for trial.

That's my job.

I don't hold it
against you.

Kind of figured...

if way back I'd let things
well enough alone...

hadn't made Olie
come into town...

Well, moving on,

Going west.

I'm just a drifter,
you know.

Like Olie, huh?

Yeah. Just like Olie.

Only I'm not
the man he was.

He's the best man
I ever knew.

So long, Marshal.

So long, Jim.

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