Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 19 - Kitty Caught - full transcript

The Gunther brothers rob the Dodge City Bank and take Kitty hostage. Matt and Chester follow at a discreet distance, waiting for their chance, knowing that sadistic Jed would be happy to make good on his threat to kill Kitty.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

What's the matter
with you?

Can't we do
this at night?

locked up at night.

Yeah, but...

But we've been riding
since 4:00 this morning.

And we may be riding
till 4:00 tomorrow morning.


Less'n we get shot.

I'll shoot you myself,
you go on complaining.

Oh, come on, Jed.

Let's get it over with
and ride outta here.

Why'd I get an
idiot for a brother?

The bank ain't
even open yet!

Well, let's open it for them.

All the money's
in the safe.

They'll be along directly
and open it for us.

Can't you understand that?

Yeah, I understand.

Then shut up about it.

Oh. Okay.

Come on back
here a piece.

I want you to
listen to me.

You remember what
you're to do, Billy?

Yeah, I remember.

You know how important this is.

We're gonna get to
California on it, huh?

That's right.

And there ain't nobody
gonna stop us, is there?


We'll kill everybody in sight
if we have to, won't we?


Good. Now, set down
here if you want.

I'll keep an eye
on things.

Is anybody home here?

Oh, Matt!
I'm out back.

I'll be
right in, Doc.

Oh! Take your time.

? Cape Cod girls
they have no comb ?

? No, they comb their hair
with a codfish bone ?

? 'Cause they got lots of... ?

Hello, Doc.

Ah, Matt.
That's a heck of a way

to start off the
day, isn't it?

What's a heck of a way
to start off the day?

Oh, making all those
strange noises.


By golly,
I was singing.

You call that singing?

Well, I haven't had
very many complaints.

Then you better save it
till you get outside.

That's hard on my
ears, you know?

Well, by thunder.
I always did suspect

that you couldn't appreciate
the lovelier things of life.

You must be in
an awful...

Where's Chester?

Ah, I sent him
over to Wichita

a couple days ago
with some papers.

Wichita? Why didn't
you tell me?

I'd like to have
gone with him.

What for?

Well, I'd just like to
get out of this town

for a couple of days.

Well, I thought you'd been
outta town for a couple days.

Huh. Being 25 miles
out on the prairie

trying to keep
a youngster

from choking to death
with the whooping cough

ain't exactly what I had
in mind, I'll tell you that.

I'd just like to...

Well... Mr. Dillon, howdy.

How's Wichita, Chester?

Oh, it's fine, Doc.

It's big, you know.
It's real big.

'Course I didn't see
too much of it.

I wasn't there too long.

The Santa Fe got in at 10:00
and then I had to catch

the next train coming
back to Dodge at 12:00 noon.

Why didn't you
stay overnight?

Sure. Over night
you'd a had a w...

you'd have had a
lotta fun, Chester.

Well, yeah...

I-I thought about it,
but then again,

you see, the sheriff wanted me
to bring some news

back to you,
Mr. Dillon.


Uh, the Gunther brothers,
they was in Wichita for a while.

They was hanging around there
and then they-they left,

and the sheriff thinks that
they're headed towards Dodge,

this way.

I didn't even know
the Gunthers were in Kansas.

Oh, well,
yeah, they are.

Sheriff says
they looked

awful broke and
hungry looking.

Well, why didn't
he arrest them?

They're bank
robbers, ain't they?

Well, uh...

Uh, the...

They're just awful hard to take,
from what I hear, Doc.

If the Gunther brothers
have already left Wichita,

they could be
here by now.

How come the sheriff
didn't send me a telegram?

It would've been
a lot faster.

Yeah. Well, uh...

I guess I don't know.

I just didn't think to ask.

I'd better get over
to Botkin's bank.

I'll, uh, I'll see you later.

Doggone, why didn't you tell
me you were going to Wichita?

I'd of... I'd of gone
with you, Chester.

Jed? You think we
waited long enough, yet?


Well, let's go.


What's the matter?

Who is he?

I ain't sure.

I don't like his looks.

You're up early this morning.

I went to
bed early.

I'm gonna have some breakfast,

then I'm going for a ride.

Where you gonna eat?

I hear they got some eggs
that aren't water-glassed.

Well, I'll go along
with you, if you like.

I'd like it fine.

Let me give
you a hand.

Oh, I gotta stop over
to Botkin's bank.

Why don't you
go on ahead?

Well, how long
you gonna be?

Oh, just a couple
of minutes.

I'll go along with you. All right.

W-W-Who do you
think he is?

Never saw him before.

But I can smell him from here.

Uh, Mr. Botkin in?

In the office, Marshal. Thank you.

Kitty, why don't you sit
down for a minute?

I'll be right back.

All right.

Come in.

Well, Marshal Dillon.

Hello, Mr. Botkin.

Sit down, Marshal.

Thank you.

Well, have you come to deposit
money or to borrow some?

Neither one,
Mr. Botkin.

I, uh, came here
to protect it.

Protect it?

Did you ever hear of
the Gunther brothers?

Why, no, Marshal,
I don't believe I have.

Well, they're
bank robbers.

But, uh...

Well, why are you
telling me?

Got word they may
be headed for Dodge.

Oh. My goodness.

What do you plan
to do, Marshal?

That's up to
you, Mr. Botkin.

How do you mean?

As you probably know,

the government won't pay
for any deputies

unless a crime's
already been committed.

But I think it might
be worth your while

to hire yourself a half
a dozen armed men, and let 'em

hang around out here
for a few days.

Why, certainly.
Certainly, Marshal.

I don't mind a little expense.

Put that gun down and
get back outta the way.

They're robbing
my bank- shoot them.

Don't be a fool.
Kitty's out there,

and they got a gun
right in her back.

Well, can't we
do anything?

Yeah. Put it down.

All right, now, you get your
hands up and follow me.

Of all the...
Come on.

Come on out.

You try anything
and she dies.


Get around there and start
filling that sack.

All right.

Thought so.

Caught the marshal himself, huh?

It's all right, Kitty.

Shut up.

Unbuckle that belt.

With your left hand.

Easy like.

And keep the other
one in the air.

Throw it
over here.

On the floor, Marshal.

You can put your
hands down now.

Jed Gunther, huh?

So it is him.

How did you know my name?

It doesn't matter.

I got a proposition
for you, Gunther.

I'll kill her,
you try anything.

I'm not gonna
try anything.

Now look, take your money.

I'll ride along with you.

Nobody'll try to
stop you that way.

No, Matt.

Never mind,

Now, look,
if I'm along with you,

nobody'll try to stop you.

You can get away easy.

We'd be followed.

Take me as far
as you want.

I got a better idea,


We're taking this...

this Kitty.

Don't do that, Gunther.

'Course I'll do it.

I'll tell you something.

First time we're being chased,
whoever it is will find her

laying in the trail,

Don't take her.

It's up to you
what happens, Marshal.

If you don't think I'll do it,
I'll tell you something else.

The first person
I ever killed was a woman.

I hate to lose
such a pretty girl.

It's all right, Matt.

Come on, Jed.

I got the money.

Cover the door.

You two stand
right where you are.

Seems nobody heard me
kill the cashier,

or maybe the citizens
ain't too brave.

Just don't anybody
run out and tell them.

Oh, Marshal.

I promise you one thing,
if I do shoot Kitty,

I'll do it with your gun.

Mr. Dillon, you... you
think that they'll...

take care of her?

You know, feed
her breakfast

and all like a-that?



Well, food is not the most
important thing, Chester.

People can go for days
without any food at all.

Well, Doc, I know that
people can go without food.

I mean, you know, if
they're used to it.

Miss Kitty just
ain't the kind

that's used to living
like that is all.

Well, that doesn't
make much... Water.

That's the important thing,
and they'll have lots of water.

They'll have water if
they took it with them.

You know it's awful dry out
there this time of the year.

Oh, no, Chester,
they can find water.

Any fool can find water
sooner or later.

Well, yeah, Doc,
they can find water

if they follow a buffalo
herd around long enough,

maybe for two
or three weeks.

There's other ways.

What? What other ways?

A diving rod,
for instance.

Did you ever hear
of a divining rod?

Of course I've heard
about a divining rod.

What I want to know are
what are outlaws gonna do

with a divining rod
out there?

I wasn't talking
about outlaws.

Well, what was you
talking about then?

Well, I'm just talking.
For heaven's sakes!

Can't a man
talk around here?



What time's it
getting to be now?

Huh? Oh...

Well, it's... 20 minutes after. It's 20...

I think we've
waited long enough.

Is everything
ready here?

Everything I can
think of, Mr. Dillon.

I figure by now they oughta be
three, four miles outta town.

That'll give us enough
distance to keep outta sight.

Yeah, I know, now.

You don't want anybody
to follow you and they won't.

I'm gonna see to it.

It may be a long time
before we get back, Doc.


Traveling far?

Where you
from, cowboy?


Just drifting.

Traveling alone?

Why, sure.

Ain't nobody
for miles around here.

You sure of that?

I camped at Cross Creek
last night.

Used to be an old fella
in that cabin there.

But he must have died
or took off.

Ain't nobody
around there now.

But that's a long ride yet.

Especially for a woman.

Never you mind
the woman.

She don't look much like
she belongs out here.

I'm beginning to think
you don't either.

Aw, leave him be, Jed.
He's harmless.

You shut up.

Who are you men, anyway?

You got even less manners
than you got brains, cowboy.

Do you want to tell me
who you are, ma'am?

Please, mister, please,
just keep riding.

Don't start anything.

That's enough,

Looks like I've already
started it, ma'am.

You sure have.

We've wasted enough
time on you.


You coward!

You dirty pig!

You want me to
fetch you up good?

Want I should shoot
him again, Jed?

No, leave him be.

Take his horse.
He won't walk far.

You can't leave him
out here to suffer!

Get riding.

...Cross Creek cabin.

Cross Creek...

Here, take some
of this now.

You save it, Marshal.

I'm done for anyway.

Oh, go ahead
and take some.

Now is that
all you heard?

That's all.

You go now.

You go catch 'em.

We'll catch them,
I promise you that.



Said he thought they were
headed for that cabin

at Cross Creek.

Oh, I know that one.

We'll have to get
him buried somehow

and then we'll ride.

Did you find anything,
Mr. Dillon?

There's a house up there.

We'd better go the rest
of the way on foot.

Well, are they there?
Did you see 'em?

Well, there are four
horses staked out back.

It's got to be them.

Why don't we sneak up
to the window

and poke a gun
through it or something?

'Cause I've got more
faith in Jed Gunther

than you have, Chester.

What do you mean
"more faith in him"?

He said he was going
to kill Kitty, didn't he?

He'll do it without
thinking twice.

Come on.

Jed, maybe we oughten
to have no fire going.

It don't matter.

It don't matter none.

Ain't nobody gonna follow
us, is they, Kitty?

Somebody's going to catch up
with you sooner or later.

But not the marshal.

He won't get me.

He don't want to see
you killed, Kitty.

He's smart.
He knows I'll do it.

Do you always hide
behind a woman?

I'm not sure I like that.

Not if you're any kind
of a man at all.

You still need
fetching up, don't ya?

The stew's about ready.

Serve it up
when it's ready.

Don't stand there
yapping about it.

All I'm doing
is the cooking.

She's the one who
ought to be working.

She probably don't
even know how.

She's too much
of a lady.

You too much of a lady
to do any work, Kitty?

Maybe you never
did any work.

Maybe you never had to-

a woman like you.

Now, if you was mine,
you'd never have to work.

I'm rich.

Got a lot of money.

I'm going to
California, Kitty.

It's real nice
out there.

You're still nothing
but a killer.

A cheap, rotten killer.

I'm the most man you
ever met, and you know it.

It ain't much,
but it's hot.

That's mine.

That one's
yours, Billy.

Well, there's plenty.
I'll get one for me.

I said
that one's yours.

Sit down and eat it.

But she hasn't had...
Sit down.

Hungry, Kitty?

I said, are you hungry?


That's good.

'Cause you ain't gonna
get anything to eat.

You ain't even
gonna get coffee.

Not unless you decide

to be a little more

Gonna be a long night.

We just gonna stay
here and do nothing?

We don't have
much choice, Chester.

Yeah, I guess I keep
forgetting that.

I just hope they wait
till morning, that's all.

Why, what difference
does it make?

We'll have a better
chance at 'em.

Well, yeah,
I know, but...

But what?

Mr. Dillon, I just
hate the thought

of knowing that
Miss Kitty

is in there with
them two all night.

If they do anything to her,

I'll tear their throats out.

Get to bed, Billy.

Stop it!


I helped you rob
that bank, didn't I?

What about it?

Well, half
the money's mine.

Ain't it?

What are you talking about?

About we're partners.

Let's split the money

before I go to bed.

I'll kill you
as fast as anybody.

Oh, come on.

I didn't mean nothing.

Then do what
I told ya.

And, Billy...

Anytime Kitty
needs shooting,

you're to do it the same
as me, understand?

You mean if we
get followed?

Yeah, I'll shoot
her, too.

He's a good boy.

He don't mean no harm.

He just gets out of hand
once in a while.


Why, you're talking.

Now that's better.

What have you been
thinking about, Kitty?

That marshal?

He ain't nowheres
around here.

He's too smart.

But you ain't smart.

There's still
some stew left,

and some coffee.

How about it, Kitty?

Want some coffee?

You're not going
to shoot me.

I stand between you
and the law, remember?

I could still
fetch you up good.

You just try it,

and I'll scratch
your eyes out.

Chester, stop dreaming.

Oh, yeah.

Stay down and don't
make any noise.

Nothing happened yet?


They got a fire going.

Must be cooking


Well, at least Miss Kitty's
gonna get something to eat.

Mr. Dillon, you... you
think that she's all right?

She's better be.

Don't move.

What are we going
to do, Mr. Dillon?

We're gonna kill 'em, Chester.

You mean, from here?

Just shoot 'em
in cold blood?

How do you want to do it?

Shoot 'em.

All right, you take the one
on the left, I'll take Jed.

Mr. Dillon?

I can't use this shotgun,
not from this far away.

That's right.
I'm not thinking.

All right, I'll have
to take both of them.

I'll take Jed first
and then his brother.

Let's go around the back.

Oh, Matt!

Are they dead? Yeah, they're dead, Kitty.

Oh, forever more, Mr. Dillon.

You think she's all right?

I think she just
fainted, Chester.

Let's get her inside

and see if we can get her
something to eat.

I got an idea they didn't
feed her anything at all.