Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 2 - Town in Chains - full transcript

Five ex-Confederate soldiers have robbed the bank in Dodge City and are on the run through Indian territory, followed by Matt Dillon. The outlaws find abandoned Union military uniforms and disguise themselves as Union soldiers. At the next town, they declare martial law under the guise of an Indian uprising. The outlaws inveigle the townspeople into loading all their valuables on a wagon, which will then be stolen. When Matt catches up to the outlaws, things come to a head.

With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Done told ya, he ain't comin'.

He'll be comin'.

When the Almighty
fitted you for brains,

he had a moth in mind.

Pryor, this is the nations.

This is Indian country.

It's wilder than
springing snakes.

Why even the bears
walk soft out here.

Now, there ain't no lawman
tailing us into the belly of hell

for just topping off a bank.

I don't know, Foss.

What I heard about Dillon,
well, he ain't no normal lawman.

Ain't no such thing
as a normal lawman.

Want me to tell you
what a lawman is?

It's just a bog
with a badge on it.

Can't do a day's work or
drive a plow near the shed.

Now let's get.

I'm telling you,
Foss, he'll be here.

They talk about Dillon in Texas.

If you took all
the talk in Texas

and turned it into a rock,

you'd block up
the Missouri River

and not dip your toes.

There lies the table.

Them boys up there could
turn rawer than a sore dog's face.

They sure aren't tryin' to
hide their tracks, are they?

No, from that warden's
report, I'm not surprised either.

They're the kind think
they can handle anything.

Do ya know any
of 'em personally?

No, just by reputation.

They fought for the South
together and then they

drifted around and wound
up in the same prison.


Well, whatcha say boys?

This is good, dry wood.

Won't sign your name in the sky.

Looks like fair grade.

Creek's just over here.


- What is it?
- Shh.

- What is it?
- Shh.

- Boss?
- Shh.

Will someone please tell me?

Is it Indians?

Remember, hit him
in the head this time.

Is it Indians?

Is it Indians?

Sage hens, and all of you
let me think it was Indians.

I suppose you
think that's funny?

Sage hens.

Sage hens, all after
them dumb old sage hens.


Injuns ain't no good to
eat, least I never heard so.

You ever eat an Injun, Oregon?

No, no Big Thicket,
can't say as I have.

Sage hens.

You know I coulda took
off with all that money

you're so lovingly countin'.

That's why we're
so lovingly countin' it.

Blastin' away,
makin' all that ruckus

when we got good beef
jerky and a man followin' us.

Well now, Sunshine,
if Dillon's as good

as you seem to think
he is, he ain't no fool.

And he knows the way we
left that bank flat to ashes

and those banker folks
all sewed in sacks so's they

could discuss the close
part of finance close.

Old Dillon, he'll know
it wasn't no bunch

of little hard-sited farm
boys took that vault.

But, then again,

ain't a marshal been born
from his mother's glory

ever come out too
bright in the head.

You was a sniper in the
war, wasn't you, Sunshine?

That's right.

Oh, that musta been nice.

All nested up there, just
shootin' at 'em out there

and watchin' 'em drop, not
gettin' none of that on ya.

Oh, I ain't gonna go
say you wasn't good.

You're probably the best.

You know that black-tailed
buck you shot two days ago,

you know I paced
that off near 500.

Weren't much.

Huh, not to you, maybe.

But to us, we coulda had a
wagon bed full of cartridges

and that critter
staked out there,

he'd just a lie down and go
to sleep, he'd be so bored.

See ah, Sunshine, what
I'm drivin' at is that all of us

we done gone to dance different.

Well it don't matter none...

'cause tomorrow
I'm headin' south.

No, no, north's best.

Maybe, but south's my direction.

- Not when you think on it.
- No.

Clatch, will you
put that thing down?

Sunshine don't wanna
think with no blade in his eye.

It ain't nothin' but
common sense.

Just bustin' outta
jail and on the run,

we can't go on totin' Wells
Fargo buckets offa stages

and coal-stiffin' banks.

We gotta get us a proper thing.

Gotta get us into business.

Proper business,
proper business, huh?

Oh, that ain't sayin' if the
chance arises there's some money

that we ain't goin' right in
the center and I'm through.

But mainly we got to get
us a good, sturdy business

with a future and a way into
towns takin' the front door,

not the back.

- Right.
- Change our names.

Big Thicket done said
it, proper business.

Times is changin'.

Now Pesto.

What you say may be right

but that's your
business, not mine.

I know we done broke
outta prison together

and we robbed a bank together.

But, I'm still headin' south.

A drunk squaw
coulda held them reins.

You didn't earn nothin'.

Hey, will you quit
favorin' that blade?

Now Pryor, we got
this thing worked out

right down to the dust.

The only thing we
needed was a gun.

Hides, Sunshine, hides.

What're you
talkin' about, hides?

Buffalo hides.

That's big business.

Now, all them dukes and
them dukeesses and queens

and the such, all
them sparkle people,

they all taken to buffalo coats.

Near big as beaver was,
the price bein' what it is.

Right, Oregon?

Maybe bigger.

Money, big money, all lawful.

But we gotta get one more
stake, one more good stake.

We gotta hire us
skinners freighters gear.

And we heard a lotta tales
in prison about your shootin'.

Then we see'd ya.

Well, young and skinny
like a colt foldin' a cactus.

Well, we all had our doubts.

Then that black-tailed buck.

You know, I could hardly
even see him with my own eyes.

Close shot compared to some.

But I'm still headin' south.

Not that all of
us approve of ya.

Now Clatch here,
figures you're soft.

He wants to kill you.

Course Clatch's got a brain
you could hide in a walnut.

But his knife don't know it.

And you ain't no
free-ridin' man.

While we was inside that bank
you was standin' outside there

just like a park statue.

There ain't nobody in
Dodge ever gonna forget you.

It's just like Foss said,
we got this figured out

down to the last of the dust.

Well I'm gonna make
my bed up by the bluffs

so I can see the back trail.

By Judas, I'll have a...

All right, you go hunker
up there in the wind

but you keep it to mind,

you get any thoughts
about cuttin' and runnin',

old Clatch here, he can
track a feather in a dust storm.

You know, we been
through times and scrapes

tighter than teeth,
the four of us.

Seen the way in and
the way outta things

most like we was
made outta mirrors.

Now I'm wonderin',

are we the treeful of
owls we think we are?

Will you say what
you're wonderin'?

I'm wonderin' on two
things, Big Thicket.

What if that Kansas marshal's
Missouri stubborn after all,

like Pryor says?

Well I think five against
one, pretty good odds.

But, if you're nervous,
we can cover up our tracks.

No, we'll do that,
but it won't help none

if little old Sunshine was to
drop a piece of this or that behind.

He's always last, ain't he?

Always checkin'
that fool back trail.

And he's thinkin' on ridin'
south, all of a sudden.

Now, why would he
leave any trail for the law?

That don't make no sense at all.

Maybe he figures
if he's ever caught

it'll go easier for him.

But that ain't all such a much.

What if all we done
heard about his shootin'

was just so much sugar wind?

What if that shot the
other day on that buck

was more luck than rifle?

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna gut him now.

No, no, no, Clatch, sit down.

I'm gonna try him and
his Sharpes out tomorrow.

If you be right, Oregon,
I'll kill him myself.

A pound at a time.

About over.

Yeah, well we can't
go any further tonight.

This is as good a place
as any to make camp.

Looks like they mighta
camped here too.

There's been a
cook fire over there.

Can't be too far
behind 'em right now.

Never saw anybody
who robbed a bank

travel as slow as they're goin'.

Makes me wonder
what's gonna happen

when we catch up with 'em.

I know what you mean,
been thinkin' about that too.

- See anything?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Mmm hmm.

This morning two coyotes
and last night five lizards.

Well that's more'n I expected.

I'm tellin' ya, Foss,
he's gonna come.

Pryor, I ain't one
to favor another

but if you keep mentionin'
that around them,

it ain't gonna make
your roots grow.

Now, let me tell
ya somethin' else,

you better know
how'ta shoot this gun...

or you ain't gonna
need any roots,

you're gonna need a hole.

Now, they're ready.

Now, you see that white
rock there by that cactus?

The side right down my
arm, where my finger's pointin'.

You see it?

I see it.

Okay now, just about two
feet of that is a lime crack.

Now, make the bullet puff clear.

If you can put five
bullets into that rock

you can hit any buffalo
broadsider than a brisket.

Now, I'm not sure what the
range is, but it's far for certain.

I dunno, quarter
of a mile, maybe.

Yeah, now the fellas are down
here in the creek outta shot,

now just take your time, huh?

Let's see, ah...

don't seem to be no cross wind.

Aww, he could be throwin'
fry pans from what you can tell.

Well, cold, clean barrel can
throw a shot wild sometimes.

You missed.

Missed again.

Why, he ain't hit it once.

Boy, you missed again.

You better suck it in,
boy, that'll the last breath

you take from here on out.

Let's go take a look.

Well, there ain't nothin' here,
not even a mark on that rock.

You look at that rock,

as clean as a preacher's pocket.

I wasn't shootin' at that rock.

How 'bout that?

Lookee thar!

Five outta five.

On a target half its size.

You know the way Sunshine
will fall off them buffalo

that's gonna keep 12 skinners.

Twelve of 'em, that's gonna
be busier than bees in honey.

We gonna need five,
maybe seven wagons.

That's more'n John,
Gales and Greece did.

They's only out one season.

Yeah, but they got themselves

richer than a graveyard moth.

The way buffalo are gettin'
scarcer and scarcer, man,

the mark is wide as
a deacon's hopes.

Yeah, we gonna be walkin'
on soft street, Spyglass.

Say, what's that down there?

Might be somethin'
left down there.

Oregon, you're a
pack rat for sure.

Now the Indians done
that, done picked her clean.

Not is they was whamped
after it happened.

The onliest way
we're gonna find out

is go down there and look.

Seek and ye shall find.

Says so in the Bible.

Let's get to seekin'.

They were here, all right.

Shot some sage hens.

Yeah, and we're closin' on 'em.

Not more'n a day,
day and a half.

Ah, will you look at this now?

The army was
livin' on navy beans.

And them dry enough
to turn to wood rot.

If that's a blanket,
then hogs wear scarves.

I hear the happy man done
found himself a tobacco chew.

Out in the rain and snow
it's got to be rotten by now.

I've chewed worse.

Usually I'm surprised
every few minutes

but that, that don't
surprise me at all.

Well, lookee here.

Look what I found,
Yankee uniforms.

Oh, sweet Judas, I spent
the best time of my life

just runnin' from those
things or shootin' at 'em.

You go find a whole boxful.

Yeah, well these pants'll do
better for cold than what we got.

Yeah, well I wouldn't
put one on mine

even if the devil rode a
bobcat up a plum tree.

And McClellan saddles, like
them Yankees used to use.

Well what good is they?

Only a fool would ride
one of them butt busters.

Come on, let's get outta here.

Now wait a minute, wait
a minute, wait a minute,

I'm thinkin'.

Well hold on to a
rock, he's thinkin'.

I think I got somethin'.

Well, don't give it to us.

Let me see them things.

Now, you remember what
we were sayin' about needin'

one more stake for the business.

Will ya think out loud
what you're thinkin'?

I think the heavens has smiled.

I hate colonels.

You wear what fits.

Besides, colonels is
always fat and scratches a lot

and is natural leaders.

Wasn't a colonel ever born
had brains enough to find

a back house on his own
it wasn't on a downhill path

and you know it.

Now, it's a good
plan, Big Thicket.

It's for sure.

One of you, one
of you men tell me

how you declare marshal law.

How do I know?

You just, you just declare it.


They don't know neither.

Just go right on
in and talk loud.

My old man always said,

"Half the world was
made by talkin' loud."

And we's in that half.

The town of Burry is right
on the edge of the nation.

Them people seen Indians' doin'

since they put
down the first well.

They're ain't been
no ruckus in recent.

Yeah, they know terror like a
youngin' knows his porridge.

All the more reason.

Memories build.

Looks like we're sackin'
bobcats and then run outta sacks.

Yeah, more like
we done held down

the entire uprisin'
by ourselves.

We stick to this plan, it'll
be like warm butter on bread.

You do just as I
say, Big Thicket.

I seen old Lighthorse Phelps'
boys hold a whole town once,

for more'n a week.


Pure bluff.

An ape with agates in his
head could've figured it out.

But they was all
scared, kelly green.

It's the bluff that does in.

And we won't be there
long enough to fetch a crowd.


We stick to this plan,
we'll be through the storm

on the green grass.

We might just
come out on top yet.

Let's go.

Well, there it is,

sittin' there like a
Christmas apple.

Now remember, I'm the
leader, Oregon's next,

the rest of ya are
just the rest of ya.

Now, hold it there.

Now, it ain't the
fit of the uniform.

We share same as always.

Well, I don't trust no officers.

Sometimes, I think you and
your horse should trade places.

Now, the way we planned,
remember it, every bit.

Now we'll look military.


Brain's turned to jelly.

Hey look, we got company comin'.

It's the army.

- What're they doin' here?
- I don't know.

There aren't very many of 'em.

I wonder where
the rest of the unit is.

What are these men and
what are they doin' here?



You men stay outside.

Oregon and me'll go
inside and talk to the sheriff.

The rest of you stay here.

Who're you?

Who do I look like?

A fat blue belly.

A blue belly?

Well, that's what
we used to call you

down on the
Shenandoah, I mean, uh.

You was on the Shenandoah?

Sure, Booker's
Mill, Selbey's Fourth.

Hey, how 'bout that,
Oregon, he was at Booker's.

I heard, sir.

But, that's all in the past.

Yeah, well, the
South'll rise again.

You can say that again.

Do ya mind if I
question him, Colonel?

Yeah, go ahead,
Lieutenant Oregon.

You got a bottle hereabouts?

I'm dryer than a cracked whip.

Yeah, around here somewhere.

What's your name, sheriff?

Van Werkle.

Well this town's
under marshal law.

What's marshal law?

The Army's takin' over.

Blue bellies takin' over Burry?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Well, gee, I don't know what
Mr. Burry's gonna think about that.

Who's Mr. Burry?

He's the banker, he's the
one this town's named after.

He runs everything.

Why you simple-sided
idiot, you get that banker

right down here now.

This town's liable to be
attacked by Kiowas any hour.


Yep, they wiped out
Mapes and Susiville

like a herd over snails.

Divided our column, now
get the banker down here.

We gotta set us a plan
for defense till help arrives.

Good lord, hey Jack Shields!

Yes, sir.

Ah, go out and get
Mr. Burry, tell him to get,

no, no, ask him to come
down here right away.

Matter of life and
death, his too.

Sheriff, Mr. Burry went down

to the Farrow place
on a foreclosure.

Oh, I plumb forgot.

Well, how long's
he gonna be gone?

Tomorrow late, I reckon, sir.

At least.

Injuns, I...

Look, anybody else know
the combination to the safe

or they got a key?

Uh yeah, that'd be Mr. Burry.

He wouldn't trust
God with free air.


Safes bein' the only
place that won't burn,

townspeople can
put their valuables in it

and the Injuns won't
know what it's for.


We'll just have to wait.

We're gonna need
us some quarters.

What's the best you got?

Well, that won't be
too hard to figure.

Well Ma Graham's boardin'
house is your best bet,

right down the street there.

Good bed and good food...

How 'bout the Red Moose?

Aww no, that ain't hardly...

Well, I know it ain't
hardly, but is it?

Mmm hmm.

Well then, that's our quarters.

Go on, then.

Sheriff, sheriff!

Bell turn wires is down again.

- Yeah, I know, Wells, it's Injuns.
- Injuns?


They done took enough
hair to stuff mattresses

for a whole town.

Shenandoah, you and Shields
and ah, what's his name here,

you get all the people
and get all their valuables

over to the bank.

Hurry as fast as you can.

Bring all the guns
and hayforks they got.

Then bring 'em all to
boardin' house for orders.

Sentries is posted
on every hill.

How'd they ever beat us?

Pardon, sir?

Ah nothin', spread out.

Well, now!

Come on in, boys,
welcome to my place.

Friend of the joint,
from Pittsburgh.

Sound more like Mobile.

Well, don't the world turn?

This here's Dorothy
and Helen and Claire.

♪ Won't ya have a
little drink, Dorothy ♪

This here's old Grandpa's
Mule, the piano player.

More keys he sees, easier
it is to hit 'em, right Wayne?

And ah, that one
at the table's Arlene.

She's got it figured, she's
made outta soft whispers

and velvet bows.

Ain't seen none of
you boys in here before.

Well there ain't been
no Injun attack before.


Lord in a top hat, last time
they come through here.

Wasn't no sight for sore
eyes what they did in Susiville.

Musta massacred half the town.

Ain't nothin' for you lovely
ladies to worry about.

We got reinforcements
on the way.

Sergeant's right,
sentries is posted

on every hill to report
as much as an eyelash.

Now just ease
your lovin' hearts.

And put this all
on the Army bill.

They're gonna send checks
and they're gonna pay for it all.

Found a nest,
boys, found a nest.

I'll be out on the front porch.

Here, take that, how
do ya like that, huh?

Musta changed their clothes.

Newly, I want ya to ride
back there to Bluff City

and tell the sheriff, I
think his name's Riley,

tell him what we found here.

Tell him to get a bunch of men

and get back out
here on the double.

Are you readin'
somethin' I ain't?

Yesterday we were
trackin' five trail bums.

Today they've found a
way to change themselves

into Union cavalry, why?

Good disguise, I guess.

I'm afraid there may
be more to it then that.

Well I feel like I'm
kinda runnin' out on ya.

Well thanks, Newly.

If they're bent on more trouble

I doubt one more gun'll help.

We're gonna need
that whole posse.

I'll leave word in Burry,
where they're headed.

And Newly, ride hard.

You bet.

How come you ain't in there,
grindin' at Satan's horns?

How come you ain't in
there pointin' 'em out?

'Cause I don't like the kind what
paws you like a paddle wheel.

You're different.

Oh yeah.

Me, I'm just a sweet
little old lullaby.

And you got this terrible
desire to mother me

in that tin can heart
of yours, ain't ya?

While both hands are
goin' through my pockets.

Well, that's one
way of puttin' it.

Yeah, have you got
another way of puttin' it?

Yeah, them in
there, they're smart.

You, if you'da had
an original idea,

it'd blow your head off.

You remind me of a
man I know'd once.

Only one?

He was my brother.

Had two of 'em, lost
'em just after Bull Run.

Yeah and I'll bet
that ripped your heart

right down to
your toes, didn't it?

Enough to know Union blue talk

when it comes over
Johnny Reb lips.

You ain't foolin'
me, cotton-mouth.

Not that I care.

I'm leavin'.

But my left hand just
had a bet with my right

about what you plan to do.

Yeah, we plan to
save this town of yours.


Drunk squaws leadin'
a cloud of hornets

could save this town more'n
them ridgerunners in there.

You think I was raised in
a shoebox or somethin'?

Yeah, I bet that'd
be a good fit.

Waitin' for Burry.

Safe's the best place
for valuables, won't burn.

The whole thing's easier
to smell then dead steers

after a hot spell.

You're gonna rob the bank
is what you're gonna do.

Look, I done told you
once, we come here

to save this town
of yours, not...

Then after you rob the
bank, what're you gonna do?

You know, you got a
head like a cantaloupe.

I done told you once, we
didn't come here to rob no bank.

In fact, won't be long till
I'll be gettin' outta the Army.


You ain't even in no Army.

Like I said, I'm gonna
start me a proper business.


That's right, business.

You don't know any
more about business

than a bear knows about turtles.

So you think you're
so smart, don't ya?

You know everything
about everything, don't ya?

Well, I got some
left to learn yet.

But what I done learned, I
learned faster than a flash flood

runs to flat ground.

And you, what do you know,
'ceptin that Sharpes you're holdin'

like it was a babe
just off sucklin'?

You come out
here to air all that?


The world's run by pure fools.

I just come out
to see the purest.

Well at least you
seen somethin' pure.

I guess I didn't mean that.

I did.

Walk down to the boardinghouse.

What's goin' on?

- It's Injuns.
- Indians?

Everybody bring
their stuff to the bank.

So you're Marshal Dillon
from Dodge City, huh?

That's right.

Well get 'em up.


You must be Pryor.

Lotta talk makes me nervous,
so I'd just keep it quiet.


I'd like you to go
to the Red Moose

and tell the Colonel there
what's followin' us is here.

You got that?

What's followin' us is here.

That's an order, go on.

Yes sir, you bet.

I gotta hand it to ya,
Spyglass, you's right all along.

Musta spanked the wrong
end when he was born.

All right, now what is it?

Gabby Blazer's kid
just come up to me

and eyes as big as pie
pans tellin' me about, ah...

Who's that?

Jig Hamilton, Injun trader.

Caught him ridin'
into town, big as life.

Sells 'em coal oil liquor
to make an eagle walk

and get sore wing doin' it.

There's your Injun trouble.

You the sheriff here?

Yep, well I mean, I was.

- The Sheriff...
- My name's Matt Dillon.

I'm the U.S. Marshal from Dodge.

These men robbed the bank there.

Matt Dillon, I...

Matt Dillon, oh nah, he
scouted for me on the Temescal.

No, he's built ah, small
and puny like... Carson.

Right, Oregon?

Yes, sir.

Matt Dillon, no.

That's Jig Hamilton,
that's who he be.

Now you get on off
to the bank, Sheriff,

and let us know the
second past the minute

that banker man comes.

You can wire my
deputy for confirmation.

Now wait a minute, I
can't, the wires is down.

We got big Injun
trouble around here.

Now you don't 'spect we'd
double back, do ya Hamilton?

These are the men
that cut the wires

when they found these uniforms.

Now, Sheriff.

Oh, I...

Why don't we kill him now?

What's all this handcuffin'
and settin' a doin'?

What's the sense?

While you was
entertaining yourself

we was thinkin' on it, Clatch.

Like Sunshine said,
he just kept comin'.

Now he ain't no
ordinary law pusher.

It's like a fort
losin' a cannon.

The town'll lose this man.

Whatcha all tryin'a tell me?

While you was havin' a good
time, Clatch, we was thinkin'.

Now, after we take the bank here

and afore we go
into proper business,

we might just find out how much

a big town'd give to
get their big man back.

Mmm hmm, I see a
ransom for him'd bring

at least three wagons.

Haha, yeah.

Now you guard
him good, Sunshine.

How come I gotta guard
him when he's locked in good?

'Cause we don't trust
that sheriff all that much.

One of us'll
relieve you tonight.

Yeah, that Dorothy,
she ain't from outta town.

She's from the hill
country outta Nashville.

I knowed you'd come.


Why not?

I mean why'd ya keep comin'?

Not knowin' what's
ahead of you and all.

It's my job.



Somebody's gotta do it.

Yeah, but it ain't even
a proper business.

It's a business like any other.

That's a nice lookin'
Sharpes you got there.

Quartercut grain stock and all.

Oughta hold a pretty steady
grip if it's bedded proper.

You know about Sharpes?

I tried a hidin' once.

You did?

You was a buffalo hunter?

About half a day.

Why'd ya quit, don't
you like huntin'?

Well, it's more like
slaughter than huntin'.

There's a difference.

Difference in the men, too.

What's that supposed to mean?

Just that a man's a
man from the first hour.

Oh, he may take a few
side trips down the trail

but he'll find his
way back to center.

Look, I don't know
what you're gettin' at

but let me tell you somethin',

it ain't me in there.

Maybe not.

But just where are you, Pryor?

Penny for your
thoughts, Princess.

It'd get you change.

How'd you start drinkin', Wayne?



Ever give it up?

No, don't wanna break
up a marriage, Princess.

That's the foundation
of the West.

You've been around.

Yeah, I've been around and back.

- Dodge?
- Mmm hmm.

Think that stiff they've
got down there is Dillon?


And that hay roller
guardin' him, ha.

You mean that kid?

He ain't no hay roller.

Neither one of 'em are.

They're different.

Might even call 'em men.

You mean that junior
and his little rifle?

That boy would try to rope
a star if you asked him to.

Where'd you get that idea?

Outta that marriage?

Them ain't Union
soldiers and you know it.

- Hmm, Rebs.
- Yeah.

Gonna rob the bank

soon as Burry's back
with the birthstone.

It figures.

The hay roller tell you that?

As much as.

I've seen bogged horses smarter.

Lot of people could get hurt.

A couple of good
guns turned around

might just switch the trick.

I'm, I'm leavin'.

You could do it.

And an owl in a forest
fire could see what you

and that boy look to each other.

Go to hell, Wayne Muller.

I got a room there.

But I didn't see any
reservation there for you.

And that's the point.

That's the point.

Mr. Burry.

Ah, what's goin' on
around here, sheriff?

There's Injuns on the rampage

and, and, and the army
come and took over

and the bank is
the safest place...

Good grief, what, they
all wanna withdraw?

No, no, they're

- Indians coming?
- Right, right.

What in tarnation are you
talkin' about, Van Werkle?

You never were very
smart, but you're the only one

that'd ever take the job.

Well, he's smart
enough to take orders

and that makes him
a very smart man.

Now, you better hurry up and
open up that safe, Mr. Burry.


Will somebody tell me
what's goin' on around here?

Kiowas, sir, they've raided
the north border towns

and they're headin' south.

We split our detachment but
we sent for reinforcements.

Until then we're holdin' here.

And the safe's the best
place for the valuables.

Onliest thing in
town that won't burn.

And I never heard of an
Indian that could blow a safe.

Now you better hurry up and
open that thing up, Mr. Burry.

Now wait a minute,
wait a minute.

I just come down from the North

and I didn't hear any
word about any Indians.

Where did you say you
sent for reinforcements?

Well it's Fort ah,
where, where was it?

Ah, it was Fort ah... Canby?

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Closed down two years ago.

And I served for four years as
Colonel with General Sheridan.

I never saw anything
that wasn't in a cage

that looked like you.

Now, who are you men
and what do you want?

What was your
duty under Sheridan?


Uh huh, well while you was
doin' the pay under Sheridan

we was doin' the killin' on
the other side under Price.

We ain't forgot what we learned.

I just hope you ain't forgot
what you done learned, banker.

You're gonna open that safe

or I'm gonna blow
your brains so high...

How'd you get
involved with them?

Might take a while.

Well I got no place to go.

I's in the war and
a couple years after

I busted this Yankee
loudmouth in a fight.

They put me in prison and
Big Thicket and all the others

they were already there.

Come to find out we'd
all served under Price,

just never met.

So, when they broke out they
took you along with 'em, huh?

No, I went along.

Like you went along with
that holdup in Dodge, huh?

Well ain't no use in denying it.

Half of Dodge seen
me holdin' them horses.

What're you gonna do now?


You know, they gonna kill you.

Be if that town pays or
not, they're gonna kill you.

Could be.

Don't that bother you none?

Sure it bothers me.

There isn't a man in his
right mind doesn't wanna live.

There isn't a man in his
right mind that doesn't know

it won't come to an end too.

It's what he does in between
makes it firm or hollow.

And you don't think
you've done enough?

Son, left blind or crawling,

there's still always somethin'
more a man wants to do.

Well, they gonna kill ya anyway.

Ya hear me?

They're gonna kill you.

I hear ya.

Whaddya mean
comin' in like that?

Don't ya know you
coulda got shot?

You'd a probably
missed this close. Here.

Where'd you get that?

Ah, from what you
call your, your colonel.

You mean had a took
up with Big Thicket now?

Oh, it's not what you're
thinkin', ya clayheaded goat.

It was hangin' off
his belt like a thumb.

Now open it.


You know you could read fine
print through that head of yours.

You're getting in deeper,
don't you understand nothin'?

They're over there
at that bank right now.

Now open up the cell
and let the marshal out.


They're gonna kill
that old man in there.

You know, I don't
know all of what you are,

but I don't think you
wanna ride with killers.

Or do ya?

Quite a lady.

Hardly one.

Takes more'n sippin' with
tea cups to make a lady.

Come on, let's get movin'.

Don't rush me.

Don't rush me.

Now you get that
thing open, fat boy,

or two things gonna happen.

One, your head's
goin' clean to Mexico.

And we'll find we stole
enough black powder

to blow that thing up
like a bucket of fish hooks.

Maybe tear up some money
but that gold don't bend.


No, the money's nothin'.

But the papers, the deeds,
the whole country hereabouts.

The money's nothin'?

Thicket, will you
get that thing open.

Will you shut up.

I wanna hear this.

- Thicket.
- Just keep quiet.

I wanna hear about this.

Now the money is nothin'?

Not alongside history.


The documents in that safe

contain the entire
development of this land,

every lasting bit of
yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Oh now, banker, no,
no, you get over there.

No, documents don't got
your todays and tomorrows.

Was this, right
here, all six of 'em,

they got your todays
and tomorrows.

It's guts and guns
was what made history.

Now all you, you, you
with your paper ideas

and your rates and your homes.

- Okay.
- Ah, shut up, Buster!

- Come on.
- I'll blow your head off.

Or your marshals
and your sheriffs

that're attendin' traffic.

You just all,
you're all stringers,

you just strung out
all across this land.

- Thicket!
- I said shut up!

You know you, you, you're
just like paper, paper cutouts.

You're just waitin'
and hopin' and prayin'

nobody got a match.

Well this here's your
match, always gonna be, boy.

You understand?

Everything I said I done mean.

You get that open, stringer,
while you still got two eyes

and your hair.

Right Colonel, that's it.

Now fat boy turn,
turn, turn, turn, turn.

Keep turning.

Aww, come on, keep movin' here.

Hey, outta there.

Hey, we're gonna sing,
I think we oughta sing.

You know, my favorite song
is "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

Hey you, you,
you're pretty sm...

Nah, you're not
smart, you're dumb.

Hey you look pretty
smart, lemme here it.

"Yellow Rose of Texas".
I never heard of it.

Whaddya mean
you never heard of it?

It's the most famous song ever.

Never heard of it.

You never heard of,
"the prettiest little flower

that heaven ever..."
whaddya talkin' about?

"Her eyes like
diamonds and shinin'."

You know that, sing it.

I don't know the words.

You don't know nothin'!

I know the words.

How'd you know the words?

It's about one of my people.

Ha, about one of your people?

One that's both our
people, you might say.

Hey, it's about one of the
prettiest little things in Texas.

That's right.

- What are you trying to say there?
- Drop it.

Tie him and gag him.

Now let's go, Pryor.

Will you get him to hurry up?

Foss, you get outta here.

You're makin' me edgy.

It's comin' now.

That's it.

Not the documents.

Ain't history gonna warm us.

Hold it.


You rotten, no good...

Disgracin' the pure
of the Union blue.

Oughta find a hole that your
own shadow can't find ya in.

And we believed ya.

Lower'n snakes in sand holes.

Loosin' a body's faith and
all the time you was robbers.

- And worse.
- Thanks, Marshal.

Huh, hey look at 'em.

You deserve everything you get.

How long you think
they'll give me?

Ah, dependin' on my report.

If you was a bettin' man,
would you bet it'd be short?

Well I'm not much
of a bettin' man.


- But if I was.
- Yeah?

I'd sure bet on
somethin' worthwhile.

Will ya give me a minute?

She said to tell ya,
she still ain't a lady.

But she's gonna
buy them tea cups.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

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