Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 3 - The Guns of Cibola Blanca: Part 1 - full transcript

At Cibola Blanca, a hideout for ex-Confederate soldiers and Comancheros, Evans steals jewels and seriously wounds Ben Shindrow, son of Colonel Lucius Shindrow, leader of the outlaws. Major Coltrain sends a search party, led by Ivors, to capture and return Evans. In Santa Fe the outlaws kidnap Doc Adams and his medical colleague, Lyla, on their way home from a convention in San Francisco. At Cibola Blanca, Doc encounters a Dr. Rhodes, a junkie who has addicted the paralyzed Ben to laudanum. Doc takes over Ben's treatment. Ivors attacks Lyla, and Doc swears vengeance. Meantime, Matt Dillon, Festus Haggen and Newly O'Brien are on the trail of the kidnappers, disguised as gun runners.

With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

You showed you had grit, Evans.

Now you got to prove
how greedy you are.

You know what the
others are gonna do to you?

Ben's been stabbed.

Somebody, help.

Mr. Coltraine!

Come quick, he's
dying, Ben's dying.

- Come quick.
- Where is he?

In there, he's dying.

- What happened?
- He's lying there

with a knife in his back.

- Who did it?
- I don't know,

I just found him.

Who did it?

- Evans.
- Evans, find him.

My pa.

He's in town right now, son,

but he'll be back
in a little while.

Here, let me look at him.

I'm all right.

- What's happening?
- Get your boots on.

Get up and get going.

Ben's been stabbed.

Evans did it, bring him here.

He's nowhere around.

Why didn't the guard in
the tower see anything?

He must have been asleep.

Kill him.

At first light, take Hatajo,

pick up his trail, and
bring him back here.

Colonel Shindrow won't
be interested in hearing

you haven't found anything.

How do we even know
he's still in Santa Fe?

His trail lead here.

As soon as we
get rid of the horses

we'll check the cantina.

Hatajo, you check the
stables and blacksmiths.

If you find his
horse, get word to us.

Hot again.

- Hot still.
- Yeah.

I tell you, memories
of those good times

in San Francisco
are fast fading, Doc.

Don't tell me that you're
getting tired of this town already?

I mean, I am so ready
to get back to Kansas City

I just can't stand it.

I don't know why I
had to go all the way

to San Francisco to shop.

Well, I'm sure glad you did.

Otherwise that
medical convention

would have been one of
the dull highlights of my life,

I'll tell you that.

I'm gonna be awful glad
to get back to Dodge.

What about you, don't
you miss Dodge at all?


Well, my saloon's finally making
enough for me to live in style.

Well, in that case, we
don't miss you either.

Of course I miss you,

and Matt and Festus,

everyone, but, well, I
like Kansas City just fine.

And right about
now, I'm wondering

if I'm ever gonna see it again.

Well, we know we're
gonna be going tomorrow.

- How about that?
- Oh, Doc.

You mean to tell me
that you knew all the time

and you just let me ramble on?

Oh, I'm a devil,
I'll tell you that.

We're gonna have the
stagecoach all to ourselves.

- We are?
- That's right.

Do you mean to tell me
that we waited for two weeks

for a place and then

suddenly there's no
other passengers?

- Nobody going north.
- Oh, let's celebrate.

Miss Lyla, we are
gonna celebrate.

Now, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna take
you out for supper

and a night on the town.

Honey, I don't care if
it's last week's hash.

You just give me 40 minutes

and you will not even know me.

What do you think you're doing?

Looking for a
man who likes girls.

His trail led straight
into Santa Fe.

Maybe some other time.

Doc, do you think
we could go now?

Well, aren't you enjoying this?

Oh, yes, but I'd just like
to get a little fresh air.

Do you mind?

Of course, certainly.

I'll get the check.

Do you know what
beautiful women do to me?

Do you know what I
do to beautiful women?

I hope you have a
big brother, sonny,

because you are not man enough.

Well, we can go now.

Why don't you come back
after you put Gramps to bed?

Come on, Doc, not
nothing or nobody

is gonna spoil our
last evening here, Doc.

Come on.

No sign of him.

Badger, do you know
how long it's been

since I've seen a fine,
good looking woman?

I know if you don't keep
your mind on why we're here,

you won't have a head to
look at any kind of woman.

Now, come on.

It's not likely
he'd steal a horse

and chance half of
Santa Fe chasing him.

Well, he ain't dumb
enough to leave on foot.

Unless he'd wait outside
of town somewhere

for a pack train or a stage.

For sure, we can't cover all
these trails leading outta here.

Well, we can cover with leaves,

make it worthwhile for
somebody to come back and tell us

if Evans tries to
tie in with them.

That ain't gonna work.

Well, I suppose
you got a better idea.

Half a dozen ready to move out,

and I'm sick and
tired of looking for him.

I'm gonna get me a bath.


If I was standing on
the edge of Hell, I swear,

waiting to be pushed in,
and I had one last wish,

it'd be to snuzzle me
that high-toned woman.

- Oh, come on.
- Come on nothing.

Oh, that little lady last night.

I ain't seen one like
her in a long, long time.

Just shut up about that.

I'm tired of hearing about it.

One of us should
go down to the stable

- and relieve Hatajo.
- Why?

He's been there all night.

That half-breed's
right where he belongs.

Don't fret on him.

He come for horse, I shoot.

All right, Hatajo, you stay
here in case he comes back.

We'll find him, come on.

What this country needs is a
65-minute hour just for women.

I couldn't agree with you more.

The baggage is loaded,
the stage is waiting.

By golly, that does have
a ring to it, doesn't it?

Let's go.



Giddyup, hey now.

Hey, Ivers, Ivers.

I checked it. He ain't aboard.

It's your lady friend
and the old man.

He's gotta be around
here somewheres.

If he ain't, I'm not gonna
be the one to tell Shindrow

we lost him.

Hold up, driver.

- Hold up.
- Hiya.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I got a ticket to Trinidad.

Uh-huh, you come near
to walking there, mister.

Well, I cut my goodbyes
to the lady a bit short.

Hoo-ya, hah.


It sounds like you've
led a very interesting life.

I won't lie to you, ma'am.

It's been like the
man said, checkered.

Mind nothing I'd shame
my dear old mother with,

but checkered all the same.


As you might say,
I've seen the elephant.

I looked on him good,
yes ma'am, from all sides.

And now you're going home?

Yes, ma'am, from here on out,

it's, for this old boy at least,

the sight of kith and
kin and the quiet life.

Right, that's what I said.

Badger, Badger.

- I found him.
- Where?

I just come from
the stage line office.

You said that lady and the
old man were the only ones

on the northbound this morning.

They were.

There were three
passengers ticketed.

One of them was Evans.

Most likely he bought it
somewheres outta town.

You don't know it was Evans.

The ticket agent described him.

Ah, he coulda bought a ticket
hoping that's what we'd think.

Could be waiting for us to
leave and then just walk away.

Ah, anybody dumb
enough to cross Shindrow

is too dumb to think
of something like that.

- Now, let's go.
- What about Hatajo?

Forget him, he'll find
his own way home.

Rocky Mountain Relay Station.

We're coming in, folks.

Afternoon, Cory.

That's what usually follows
morning, the afternoon.

Nothing's changed,
see you're your old self.

Old's the word, too
darn old for this job.


Step down and stretch your legs.

Grub's waiting inside.

I wouldn't mind washing up.

There's hot water
on the stove, ma'am.

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

I'm so hungry, I
could eat a horse.

Hold it, stand still, everybody.

We ain't carrying any strongbox.

Shut up.

All right, drop your gun belt, Evans.
You too, come on, come on, drop it.

We come mighty close to
killing a couple of fine horses

trying to get here
ahead of you, Evans.

What is this?

Well, now, and for
some time to come,

lots of things.

What'd you do that for?

Shindrow ain't gonna
like it if he's dead.

If you'd been paying
attention to business,

- I wouldn't have had to shoot him.
- What's your interest, old man?

I'm a doctor.

A doctor, huh?

Well, maybe we got lucky.

Listen, we don't want him to die

until we get him back
where he came from.

You understand that, Gramps?

Well, it just could be that
you won't get your want.

He's hit bad.

Well, he ain't
gonna sit a horse.

Put him on the stage.

We'll take the doc
with us to look after him.

I'll take care of
everybody else.

All except her.

She's going too.

We don't want to break
up a pair, now do we?

Matthew, Burke said you
wanted to see us quick.

What's came up?

Well, we just got
word from Wells Fargo.

They've lost a stage
between Santa Fe and Denver.

You think old Doc
coulda been on it?

He's been overdue
for three weeks.

Newly, get over to
the telegraph office

and get a wire off to Hayes.

Tell him to get a deputy down
here just as fast as he can ride.

On my way.

Festus, get a hold of Burke.

Tell him to put on a badge
until that deputy gets here,

- and then get the horses saddled.
- You betcha.

Matthew, you
don't suppose that...

I mean, it ain't likely
that old Doc coulda...

I'll get Burke.

Stagecoach coming in.

Badger's driving it.

Open the gate, we're coming in.

Whoa, whoa.

Evans, you are gonna curse
the day you ever saw the light.

I personally am gonna...

- He's dead. He's dead!
- Yes, sir.

- He tried to get away, sir.
- I wanted him alive.

I promised Ben he'd pay.

I promised my son
he'd watch him die,

that he'd hear him beg to die.

It's done, Lucius.

Drag his carcass outta here.

Leave it for the coyotes.

All right, get out.

Who are they?

He's a doctor, she was with him.

Why did you bring them here?

We figured that he might
be able to keep Evans alive

'til we got back here.

- He wasn't.
- Get rid of them.

Major, me and Badger figured
Dr. Rhodes being the way he is,

another doctor might be useful.

Find something for them to do.

I'll think about it.

Well, this is it.

Your new home.


From all I've heard, it
sounds like your doctor friend

fits one of them that
was on that missing stage.

Well, what did the
sheriff in Santa Fe say?

Marshal, what passes for a
peace officer in these parts

ain't got the
brains of a gopher.

Or the guts of one to try
and find out what happened.

You said there
was a third person.

Yeah, that's right, the
company agent said

a young fella bought a ticket,

but he wasn't on the
stage when it left Santa Fe.

And nothing was made of that?

For all the good it did,
plenty was made of it.

But it didn't lead nowheres.

Fact is, there was no leads.

There's nobody left alive
to tell what happened.

It's bitter.

Yes, but it keeps you relaxed

and helps those
cut muscles heal.


It keeps me
relaxed, right enough.

Rhodes, how's he doing?

- Well?
- He's fine, Colonel.

He's doing fine.

Well, I'll leave
you two alone now.

He'll leave us alone.

Go blunt the edge with
a little pipe puffing, hmm?


He's going downhill fast.

Mm, he keeps giving
me that laudanum,

I just might join him.

No, you got Shindrow blood.

That gives you a strength the
good Dr. Rhodes never had.

Well now...

how's it going?

I'm getting bored lying here.

That's a good sign.

It is, huh?

Well, any time you want,

you are welcome to take over.

Well, I wish I could, son.

Hey, come on, Pa.

Rhodes says in a month or two

I'll be breaking in one of them
fancy stallions we borrowed.

You bet you will.


Get outta here.

That laudanum's
starting to work.

See you later.

If I'm not here, wait.

I'll be right back.

Now, that there coming for us

is the hottest pot of
burgoo in this camp.

Hey, Mady, serve me up a
little bit of that there chuck,

and I'll be glad to put
my blankets with you.

Now, hold on now, Ivers
ain't gonna take kindly

to you talking to
his woman like that.

Oh, he ain't minding since Ivers

brought that fancy lady back.

Hey, Mady, hey that
stew is a little bit sweet.

Don't reckon that
high-toned lady

stuck her finger in it, do you?

Get up.

Or I'll knock you down again.

You knocked me down

for the first and last time.


Ain't you got work somewheres?

You're making a fool of me
in front of everybody in camp.

That ain't such a
hard thing to do.

How'd you like to lose
every tooth in your head?

- Let go of me.
- Get outta here.

Even with mud in your hair
you're a fine looking woman.

Don't touch me.

Ain't you learned yet that
you need a friend here?

I don't think you're ever
gonna learn the truth of that.

You keep away from me.

One way or another.

One way or another.

Do you know if I could
find the sheriff in here?

That man over at
the end of the bar.

You Sheriff Stoudenaire?

City Marshal, D.M. Stoudenaire.

Well, this here's U.S.
Marshal Matthew Dillon.

We're his deputies.

We're checking up
on a missing stage.

Might have two passengers on it.

You mean that a U.S.
Marshal is looking into that?

You betcha we're
looking into it.

Anyway, there wasn't
anything of value on the stage.

Mister, there was two passengers
on there that we know of.

Now the best thing you
can do is cooperate with us.

Look, I'm outta the whole thing.

The stage company
says that they're just

washing their hands of it.

Now if the Army isn't gonna
send troops down there,

well, on my $28 a month,

I'm not about to go down
into that kinda country.

And if you'll take my advice,

the three of you will go back
to whoever sent you down here

and tell 'em you run
up against a brick wall.

There ain't nobody here
that'll say anything different.

That's actually what you do, isn't
it, Mr. City Marshal Stoudenaire?

I'll tell you this, you
want backbone from him,

you're gonna have to
bind him to a fence post.

- Now look, you keep out of this.
- Who are you?

I'm just one of them fellas
that can't run a business

because of the likes of him.

I can't stand the
smell around here.

Come on over here and sit

and I'll tell you a few things
about our upstanding City Marshal.

Ugh, bring us some
glasses, will you?

Well, what do you
got to tell us, old feller?

Well, I don't know nothing
about no stagecoach.

But speaking of the trail,

it's got so hardly anybody
can get through safe at all.

What trail is that?

The one we used
to use to haul cargo

between Santa Fe and Juarez.

Oh, there's a few still
try it now and then,

but most of us quit hauling.



Any idea where they hole up?

Ah, nobody knows.

There's hundreds of miles
out there of rock and grit,

ghost towns and mine
shafts, and canyons.

Could be anywhere.

Is there any one
particular kind of shipment

they might try to hit for sure?

The only thing I know of that
they'd risk almost anything for

is guns and ammunition,

but nobody with any
sense would try to run guns

across that trail.

You'd not only be
inviting Comancheros,

but you'd be begging
for Apaches, too.

I'm just trying to
tell you, Marshal.

I can't do that, sir.

I don't care what you can't do,
Mister. I have to have these rifles.

These are consigned to
the Army out at the fort.

I'll lose my job.

You're not gonna lose your job.

I'm commandeering these rifles.

This is my signed
receipt for 'em.

Now the Army will be
reimbursed by the government.

Now where can we
get an Army wagon?


I can't.


I just can't, that's all.

Open the gate.

Mr. Coltraine's coming.


Well, what are you bringing in?

Freight shipment from Juarez

disguised as a wagon train.

Taxco silver and some
silk. I'll count it all later.

How's the boy doing?

About the same.

Rhodes said it'd take time.

- I know.
- Ben is gonna be all right.

I'm sure he will.

I was just thinking
perhaps you might...

Well, take him
to St. Louis or...

The trip would be
too much for him.

Anyway, we'd both be
setting to be recognized.

We haven't exactly been
saints since the end of the war.

The Yankees have a long memory.

Ben and I talked about going
back to face the consequences

before all this.

It was too late for
all of us to go back.

A long time ago, Colonel.

Well, well, we haven't
got it all that bad.

Once Ben gets on his feet again,

everything's gonna
be back to normal.

You let me know what all was
on that pack train, you hear?


Hardly the kind of work for you.

Meaning what?

How good a doctor
are you, Doctor?

How good an officer
were you, Major?

You heard about me?

If you're Major Aaron
Coltraine, yes, I've heard of you.

The Butcher of Bartonsville

was the last thing
I heard you called.

Bartonsville was
a Yankee arsenal

manned by 123
professional soldiers.

I had 24 rebel regulars.

We killed 88 Yankees that day

with a loss of nine men,

and we came away from there

with a year's supply of
ammunition and arms.

Now, you might call
that a massacre, Doctor,

but around here
we call that a victory.

I call it madness.

The war had been
over five months.

A lot of us weren't
consulted about surrender,

but I'm not gonna stand here

and debate
philosophies with you.

I want you to come with me

and talk to Shindrow's
son, see him.

Why should I?

You've heard about
what happened to him?

Oh, yes, yes, I heard about it.

Well, maybe I can appeal to
your sense of... medical ethics.


Kind of a strange
word coming from you.

Well, if I can't
appeal to your ethics,

maybe I can appeal to
your sense of survival.

No, threats don't
bother me a bit, not a bit.

But there is something I want.

Now, if I can get
it, I'll look at the boy.

What do you want?

I want the lady's safety.

I don't want that lady hurt.

That's easy to promise.

You have my word.


Well, Doctor?

This Dr. Rhodes...

said it'd be a matter of

two or three
months of rest, huh?

That's what he said.

I'd like to talk to him.

It's more than that, isn't it?

Where is he?

Across the hall.

Dr. Rhodes.

Since first I heard of you,

I felt sure it was only
a matter of time until

you were called
in for consultation.

Would you care to
discuss your prognosis?

No, sir, I would not.

I, sir, am a coward.

How much laudanum
are you giving that boy?

What do you think?

I asked you.

Enough to meet the
increasing deterioration

of his condition.

Well, you know as well as I do

that boy'll never walk again.

Knowing Colonel
Shindrow as I do,

that, Doctor,

is an opinion best
kept to yourself.

Now, Doctor, I'm just chock
full of opinions at this point.


Concerning my warm
escape, for instance?


Each of us has his own
way of dealing with his failure.

The brave one puts
a pistol to his head,

and as I say, I am a coward.

This makes failure
totally unimportant.

Any failure is unimportant
if you don't surrender to it.

And opium is most
certainly not the answer.

My dear man,

I did not surrender.

It was General Lee
who surrendered.

And then it was the
brave Colonel Shindrow

who surrendered our dream
of final and lasting peace

and gave us this...

nightmare to take its place.

Doctor, for both of our sakes,

please be judicious in
your remarks to the Colonel.

What's this?

What's he doing here?

I asked him to
take a look at Ben.

Oh, you did?


Well, sir?

I only have an opinion.

And what is that, Doctor?

The odds against your
son ever getting any better

are not very good.

And the odds against him
getting out of bed are even worse.

Don't you ever say
that to me again.

Colonel, you asked
for my opinion.

For your opinion,
I'll give you a fact.

Your existence here, and
that of your woman friend

is at best tenuous.

You will never speak
those words to me again.

I'm really surprised, Doctor,

a man of your
obvious intelligence

could act so stupidly.

Never ask a man to give up hope.

If you do, all
he's got left is...

despair and bitterness.

Major, tell me...

what took your hope from you?

Let them finish with that..

Get Rose and one of the others,

get the table set for supper.

When you've gutted those,
wash 'em and clean 'em

and get 'em on the fire.

And you,

go slop up the night
pots in the main house.

Go to the devil.

I call the numbers here,
missy, you answer them.

You got my answer.

On your feet.

Now, go do like I said.

I am through taking
orders from you, lady.

For a minute there
you had me worried.

I thought you might
change your mind.

You fancy-headed bim.

I hope that witch, I hope
she tears your eyes out.

Like she did you
Oh, he's so dumb.

He can't tell a real
woman when he's had one.

And I'm slamming the door.

Mady, he may not,

but I know a real
woman when I grab one.

All of you, get outta here.

Ben is laying up there like
a side of butchered meat,

and you all act as
if nothing happened.

Get outta here.

Get out, you slobbering swine.

So pretty.

You're not gonna enjoy this.

You're so wrong, lady.

So wrong.

Dr. Adams?


Will you come with me, please?

What is it?

Dr. Rhodes is in
no condition to help.

Does Shindrow know...
you've sent for me?

I'm truly sorry, Doctor,

but it's your lady friend.

What's happened to her?

What's happened to her?



The son of a...

I'm gonna kill him.

I give you my
word, I'll kill him.

What are we gonna do if
this don't work, Marshal?

Don't say that, Newly, of course
it's gonna work, ain't it, Matthew?

It already has, Festus, look.

Something we can do for you?

We's just wondering where
you come by this Army wagon?

- We found it.
- Up north a ways.

Oh, you don't say.

Now, if your curiosity
bone's done itching,

you all can clear out any time.

That's mighty fancy finding.

Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

We heard the Apaches
pay a lot of money

for what's in those crates.

Mm-hmm, and the
three of you just found it?

There was some more
of us when we started.

And now there's just three.

Tell me something.

Where abouts up north
did you say you found it?

They didn't say.

You touch that hat, you're dead.

They ain't nothing but a
bunch of mangy bushwhackers.

Let's just go ahead
and polish 'em off.

I'm with you.

I don't know, I'm not much
for shooting fish in a barrel.

What are we gonna
do, just let 'em go,

ride on off, so that
they can gun down

some other honest
trade folks like us?

He's got a point.

I guess you're right.

Wait a minute, hold it.

Let's talk about it.

There's nothing to
talk about, Mister.

You were gonna kill us,
now we're gonna kill you.

You don't understand.

You said you're gonna sell
them rifles to the Apaches.

What about it?

You go into Apache
territory alone,

you'll sell your
rifles all right.

Only thing you're gonna
get is a gut full of arrows.

We'll take our chances on that.

Why take chances
if it ain't necessary?

- Spell it out.
- Look, Mister,

we're in the same
business as you,

'cepting there's three of you

and there's a lot more of us.

Not anymore there ain't.

Back where I come
from there's a lot more.

Now, listen, we need those guns.

You come back with me,

I'll see that you get top dollar for
'em. And you'll save your scalps too.

What makes you think
we oughta trust you?

You ever hear tell of Colonel
Shindrow and Major Coltraine?

Coltraine? You mean Johnny Reb?

- The one that gave those Yanks what for?
- The same.

Him and Colonel Shindrow
are running the outfit.

What do you say?

To tell you the truth, my
old scalp's been itching

ever since we've been
in Apache country.

- Kid?
- It's up to you.

All right, we'll
join up with you,

but I'm gonna tell
you something.

You try leading us into a trap,

I don't care what else happens,

you're gonna
get the first bullet.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

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