Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 38 - Liar from Blackhawk - full transcript

Hank Shinn arrives in Dodge from the Dakota territory and is given a wide berth because of his reputation as a killer with a fast draw. However, Shinn's curious behavior leads Matt to suspect that he may not be the gunman that everyone believes him to be.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.


Oh, Mr. Dillon, I've been
lookin' everywhere for you.

Well, uh, what's the matter?

Well, uh, I-

Chester, don't you remember
Ed Davey here?

Oh, well.

Sure, it's been a long time.

How are you, Chester?

Well, all right. I- Heh.

You ain't been around Dodge
in most a year.

I've been up
in Dakota Territory

gettin' rich.

Gettin' rich?

Well, I left there with $20.

That's as rich
as I've ever been.

Oh, my goodness.

There for a minute,

I thought you was gonna

start tellin' lies.

I never had no education,
Chester. Heh-heh.

I don't know how to tell lies.

Well, I don't neither.

Oh, that's why I was
lookin' for you, Mr. Dillon.

Yeah, what's the matter?

Uh, well, I-
I guess that I-

I gotta admit that,
well, I'm broke.

Oh, I see.
Well, I believe that all right.

Heh-heh. Yeah.

Uh, Mr. Dillon,

you're putting me to
a lot of embarrassment.

Well, Chester,
I'm afraid it's gonna be

the other way around.

That's all I got.
One silver dollar.

Well, I-

Well, I hate to take
your last dollar if-

Well, that's all right, Chester.

I can stand the embarrassment
better than you can.

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, I'll- I'll pay you back

just as soon as I can.
Oh, sure.

What you gonna do
with all that money, Chester?

I'm gonna spend it, Davey.

Spend it.

I'll see you later.

Don't you get in trouble now.

Oh, don't you worry
nothing about me.

Well, how are you there
this evening, Miss Kitty?

Well, I'm all right.

Who's been pushin' your swing?

Lookie there what I got.


That's a whole silver dollar.

Well, congratulations.

Well, I borrowed it
off of Mr. Dillon. He-

He's outside there talking
to a fella. You know, Ed Davey.

I'd- I'd feel real proud

to buy you a drink, Miss Kitty.

A beer, if you'd like it.

Really wanna spend that on me?

Well, I-

I guess I'm gonna
have one too, ain't it?

Well, I never thought of it
like that.

Sam, draw up a couple of beers

for me and this-

This lady here.

Comin' right up.

Well, Chester, you talk about me

like I was a stranger
around here.

What do you mean?

Well, "this lady."

Oh, well, I-

Well, I always think of you
as a lady, Miss Kitty.

I mean, you- You know,
I mean, I never think-

Thank you, Chester.

Well- Heh-heh.

You know what I mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Here you are. Two beers.

Oh, just-
Just take it out of that, Sam.


Goodness. Now, ain't that look

nice and cool and refreshing?

You look like you're
about ready to swim in it.

Heh-heh-heh. Yeah.

That might not be a bad idea.


They tell me your name is Kitty.

It is.

Then why don't you say hello?


Let's drink, Chester.

Now, that ain't no way to act.

Now, look, mister,
I think you just better

leave the lady alone.

I didn't come here
to leave her alone.

Stop it.
Look, I've said that's enough.

Now, just-
Get outta here.

Come on.

Who do you think you are?
Don't chester.

You don't even have a gun.

Yeah, well- Well- Well,
I can sure get one soon enough.


you give me that gun
you keep behind there.

No, Chester.

Sam, I said for you
to give it to me.

All right.

All right. Now we'll just see
who insults a lady.

Go ahead, stranger.
It's your move.

I guess you don't know who I am.

Stranger's good enough for me.

Don't be a fool.

Just never mind about that.

You gonna fight or ain't you?

All right.

My name is Shinn. Hank Shinn.

You mean you never heard
of Hank Shinn?

No, I never did.

Anybody here
ever hear of Hank Shinn?

Well, I guess nobody
never heard of you.

Now, are you gonna fight

or you gonna apologize
to that lady?

Gotta be somebody around here

heard about me.

Mister, I'm gettin'
awful tired of you.


Now, Mr. Dillon, uh,

this is my fight.

What's got into you, anyway?

Well, he was insultin'

the lady that I was with.

Yeah, she told me about that.

But we're not gonna have
any gunplay around here.


Good thing there was
no gunplay, marshal.

Yeah. Maybe you better pack
yourself outta here, mister.

I guess maybe you don't know
who you're talking to.

And right now
I don't particularly care.

Marshal, uh- Uh, marshal.

Yeah, yeah. What is it, Davey?

This here's Hank Shinn.

That's what I've been
trying to tell him.

Uh, I-
I never met you, Mr. Shinn,

but you was pointed out
to me once.

I was?

U-uh, maybe you don't know him
here, marshal,

but up in Dakota Territory

Hank Shinn's got
quite a reputation.

Yeah? For what?

For a gunman,

that's what.

Why, there ain't
nobody up there

would go against him.

Ain't that so, Mr. Shinn?

Three men tried it once.

By golly, that's right.

That was in the town
of Blackhawk, wasn't it?

Mm-hm. Three men tried

to take him
in a saloon there, marshal,

and he killed every one of them.

They was all gunmen too.

Oh, people are still
talkin' about it.

Why, Hank Shinn has got

about the biggest reputation
of anybody up there.

I guess it takes a little time

for the news to get to Dodge.

Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Shinn.

Maybe I should apologize to you.

Heh. No.

You didn't know
who you was talkin' to.

Forget it.

All right. I'll forget it.

But let me tell you something.

You're gonna impress
a lot of people

around here, Mr. Shinn,

but you get out of line,
I'll cut your string.

You're talkin' mighty loose,

Somehow or other, I get the idea
you thrive on talk.

I don't think I like that.

Don't you?

Come on.

I'd have fought him, Mr. Dillon.

I'd have put him-
I don't care who he is.

I didn't step in here
to protect you.

I stepped in here
to stop a gunfight.

Well, there's gonna be
a gunfight

if he keeps on like that.

Yeah, and next time,
I might not be here.

Whoa. Uh...


Oh, you- You woke me up.

Chester, you're
no good to me asleep.

Well, what do you want?

Well, nothin', but, uh,

you never know when
something's gonna come up.

Oh. Heh.

You're funnin' me,
ain't you, Mr. Dillon?

Well, at least
you're awake, Chester,

and I got somebody
to talk to now.

Well, honest to goodness,

the next time I'm gonna
go out back there

in the weeds somewheres,

where nobody can find me.

Yeah, then all I gotta do
is watch where

the turkey buzzards
are circlin'.

Oh, good gravy, Mr. Dillon.

You talk like
that it's plumb shameful

for a body to rest his bones
for a while.

Chester, sleeping is for women.

It'll just make you fat.

Well, of all the crazy things

that I ever heard.

Hey, speakin'
of something crazy...

There's the craziest.

That fella's only been
in town three days,

and he's already got the town
scared to death of him.

Well, he ain't got me
scared of him.

I'll tell you that.

Now, look, don't go gettin'
all head up about that again.

I told you he's not worth it.

Well, I still think he's got
something comin' to him

for the way he talked
to Miss Kitty.

Me and Mr. Shinn is goin' up
the alley for dancin'

and have ourselves a drink.

Well, that's fine, Davey.

Sure a good thing
I come along when I did

the other night, ain't it?

Oh, Davey,

you're a nice fella,
and I like that,

but you're just half simple.

You had nothin'
to do with it at all.

Well, it was me
that told everybody

about Mr. Shinn bein'
such a gunman, wasn't it?

It doesn't matter, Davey.
Let's forget it now.

He's right, Davey.

I don't hold no grudges,

You don't hold no grudges?

Now calm down.
Remember what I told you.

Well, I don't see
how I can help it, Mr. Dillon.

Uh, Shinn, why don't you
run along, get your drink, huh?

Marshal, you're almost as hard
to get along with as he is.

No decent man has trouble
gettin' along with me.

I wouldn't take that
from no armed man.

Oh, no.

Now hold on a minute, Chester.

Hold on.

From what I hear,
no man, armed or unarmed,

dare talk to you that way.

You bet they haven't.

You got the whole town

All I ask for
is a little respect,

that's all.

Kind you used to get
up in Blackhawk?

The kind I'm gettin' here

from most people.

But not from Chester and me,
is that it?

I got no quarrel
with either of you.

You can't seem to make up
your mind, Shinn.

What's your trouble?

I got no trouble.

Why do you say that?

I don't know.
It's just a feeling, I guess.

Don't let it spook you.

Nothin' spooks me, marshal.

Maybe you're just lucky...

so far.

I don't know as I like
this talk.

Nobody's making you
listen to it.

You bet they ain't.

You know what I think,
Mr. Dillon?


I think that that Hank Shinn

is off-center.

Way off.


And I think we're gonna find out

how far, Chester.

Any day now.

Why don't you watch
where you're goin',

you blind pig.

Get your hands off of me.

Are you crazy?
Don't you know who this is?

I don't care who it is.

I don't like bein' bumped into.

You're drunk.

Drunk, huh?

I'll show you how drunk I am.

No, you'll get yourself killed.

You don't know
who you're facin'.

Get outta my way
or I'll shoot you too.

This is Hank Shinn,
you drunken fool.

Hank Shinn, huh?

That's right, mister.

That's who I am.


Now they'll know what to put
on your marker.

You had to have heard about me.
You must have.

Shut up and draw.

Now let me through here.

Did you do that?

That fella drawed first,

I seen the whole thing.

Tried to tell him who I was,
but he wouldn't listen.

I did too.

I told him that
this is Hank Shinn,

but he was drunk,
didn't know what he was doin'.

Get a couple of men
and take him away, Chester.

Yes, sir.
Uh, Fred, uh, Charlie.


Was he too drunk to fight?

He had no call
pickin' a fight with me.

Should've knowed better.

Now maybe people will
leave me alone.

Why should they leave you alone?

'Cause you outdrew a drunk man?

What are you sayin', marshal?

You seem kinda nervous, Shinn.

Is that the way you acted
when you killed those three men

up in Blackhawk?

I'm all right.

I just wanna be left alone,
that's all,

so you just leave me alone.

Yeah, I'll leave you alone.

But next time,
it may be different.

What do you mean?

Maybe the next man
you run up against

won't know what a killer
you are.

Maybe he'll be
a real gunman, Shinn,

not some drunken cowboy

who probably couldn't
shoot straight if he was sober.

Told you to leave me alone,

Yeah, I'll leave you alone.

Get yourself a drink.

You look like you need it.

Mr. Dillon, he- He's so mad
he can't even talk.

Well, he's already talked
too much, Chester.

Yeah, what's wrong
with him, anyway?

I don't know. Maybe he's not
gettin' the respect he needs.


What's the matter?

Who's he, anyway?

Never seen him
around here before.

His name's Al Janes.

Al Janes?


He's from New Mexico.

He's a gunman, Chester.

A real killer.

I wonder what he's doing
around here, anyway.

I don't know.

By golly, I was right.

It is Matt Dillon.
Hello, Janes.

But it's Marshal Dillon now,
ain't it, huh?

Yeah, I'm afraid you're right.

This is Chester Goode here.

Oh, howdy.
How do you do, Chester?

Well, Janes,
what brings you to Dodge?

Nothin'. Just lookin' around.

Have you never been
here before?

No. No, I never have been
here before. That's right.

Well, you must have
some reason for comin'.

Man like you usually does.

Oh, marshal,
you got me all wrong.

I'm here on a pleasure trip.

Maybe a little gambling,
a gal to cut the lonesomeness.

You know what I mean? Heh.

All right, Janes.

Now, look, uh,
stay outta trouble, will you?

This town
isn't quite as wide open

as some you've been in.

A man gets a reputation
and it sure stays with him,

don't it now, huh? Heh.


You couldn't sell that gun
if it didn't.

Ain't that the truth.

Say, marshal, maybe I'll see you
around later, buy you a drink.

You too, huh?

I wonder what he is here for.

Oh, nothing in particular.

Well, you sure
questioned him close, though.


But I believe him, Chester.

He's a paid killer,
but I've never known him to lie.

Well, I guess there ain't
too much to worry about, then.

With a man like Al Janes,

there's always something
to worry about.

Well, I'm back, Mr. Dillon.

Well, did you have a good day?

Oh, just terrible.
Just terrible.

Here. How about some of this?

Oh, I could sure use it.

Can't take the taste
outta my mouth.

Well, where'd you eat
that was so bad?

Over there at that Durango Caf?.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I don't suppose you could've had
chili and beans, by any chance.

Yeah, yeah. Oh, I'll never eat
over there again. Never.

Not after today.

Something wrong with it?

They was sour.

Yeah, just like
it'd been cooked a month ago

and had been sittin' out in
the hot sun ever since, just-

Oh, I had a terrible time
gettin' 'em down.

Well, you didn't
have to eat 'em, did you?

I paid a dime for 'em.

Oh, I see.

Well, I wouldn't have ate 'em

if I hadn't have been so hungry.

I'll tell you that.

But it was just that I was,

well, kinda trapped.
Yes, sir.

Well, it could've happened
to anybody, Mr. Dillon.


Hello, Shinn.

Marshal, I-

I've been thinking about

that fella I killed last night.

You was right.

I did need that drink.

I don't like killin' people,
marshal, and that's the truth.

I don't like it at all.

What are you tellin' me
about this for?

Well, I tried to tell Davey,

but, well, you know how he is.

He wouldn't believe me.

I'm tired of it, marshal,
and I-

I want no part of it,
so I thought that maybe...

well, you could tell everybody.

They'd believe you.

Tell 'em I'm through,

that I'm not a gunman no more,

that I'm just
a plain, ordinary citizen.

Shinn, if you're just
a plain, ordinary citizen,

why don't you tell me
what this is all about?

I'm tryin' to tell you. I-

I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna take off my gun,

and I'll leave it right here.

Now do you believe me?

Well, do you?

Shinn, I swear I don't know
what to think about you.

There's the proof.

There's my gun.

I'm gonna go

and try to forget about this.

I was up all night

worryin' about it,

so you tell 'em, marshal.

You tell 'em right off.

Was he crazy or what?

I don't know, Chester.

Well, I don't believe all that

about him being tired
of killing people, do you?

No, of course not.

It was more like he was just

scared of something, ain't it?

Yeah. You know what?
I think I know what it might be.

Al Janes.

What's he got to do with it?

I don't know, but I think
we'd better go find out.

What for?
We'd better warn him

that Hank Shinn is unarmed.

Well, he- He can see that.

No, Shinn was wearin' a coat.

Oh, by golly,
you're right, Mr. Dillon.

Uh, you know, and Al Janes
is bound to find out

that there's
another gunman in town.

Where we gonna look for him?

We'll try
the gambling houses first,

and we'll just hope
that Hank Shinn

is stayin' out of them.

Key, please.

Certainly, Mr. Shinn.

Hey, you.



Didn't he say "Mr. Shinn"?

That's right. Hank Shinn.

Well, what do you know
about that?

I heard about you all over town.

Oh. Don't pay no mind
to that talk.

It don't mean nothing.
I'm a peaceful man now.

That ain't the way I heard it.

Just leave me alone.

What's the matter with you?


Nothing's the matter with me.

Nothing? Well, you're
kinda jumpy for a killer.

I ain't no killer.

I- I quit killin'.

You quit?

Three men back in Blackhawk.

Killed 'em all.

You ain't quit.
You can't ever quit after that.

Yo, I can.
You ask Marshal Dillon.

What's he got to do with this?

Just ask him, that's all.

Go on. Ask him now.

Hey, you.

You got a big reputation
around here as a killer,

but let me set you straight
on one thing.

Don't you ever tell me
to do anything.

You don't understand.


He's still alive.

Get over and get Doc Adams
right away, will you?

Yes, sir, marshal.
It was self-defense, marshal.

Give me your gun, Janes.

I told you it was self-defense.
Ask the clerk.

I said give me your gun.

You always were bullheaded,
weren't you?

Go ahead. Take it. Heh.

All right, Chester,
get him back to the office.

Yes, sir.
You want me to lock him up?

No, he won't run.

Least you got sense enough
to know that.

All right, let's go.

I opened up my coat to show him
I didn't have no gun,

and he shot me.

I see.



I never killed nobody

before last night.

I figured that.

Them three men...

out in Blackhawk,

they had a fight.

I was the only other man


And I hid out.

They killed each other.

And you took the credit
for it, huh?

Made people

respect me.

For the first time

in my life,

people respected me.

Well, he was just lying about it
all the time, huh?


Doc, you know, it's-

It's funny how things
work out sometimes.

How do you mean?

Well, I'll tell you later
up at the office

after I talk to Al Janes.

How is he, marshal?

He's dead.

Well, he oughta be.

I hit him twice,
just about plumb center.

Of all the cold-blooded butchers
that I ever heard of...

Well, he went for his gun,
didn't he?

Or didn't you bother
to ask the clerk yet?

He was just tryin' to show you

that he wasn't wearin' a gun.

Wasn't wearing a gun?

He was unarmed.

I got his gun
right there on my desk.

I can't believe it,
a man like him unarmed.

He was a liar, Janes.

The only man he ever killed

was that one last night.

He was a fake

all the way.

I don't believe you.

How's it feel to kill
an unarmed man?

I don't like it.

But you're gonna
stand trial for it.

That don't bother me none.

It was a mistake.
Oh, I'll get off all right.

But everybody's gonna be
laughing at me,

especially when you tell 'em
about him being

nothing but a liar.

Do you have to tell 'em that?

I hate gunmen, Janes.

I hate every one of you.

So you are gonna tell everybody,
is that it?

Yeah, and when I get through,

your reputation
won't be worth much, will it?

My reputation
won't be worth nothing,

especially when they find out

that he was nothing
but an unarmed nobody.


Except for one thing.

Hank Shinn wasn't quite
a nobody.

What do you mean by that?

Looks like he got himself
a gunman after all, doesn't it?

The cells are out back.