Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 39 - Jealousy - full transcript

A card dealer, newly married, wants to kill his old friend, Marshal Dillon, when a crooked gambler starts rumors that Dillon is courting the dealer's wife.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

We got a lot of men now,
buried up here on Boot Hill.

And everybody assumes
they're here

because they did
something wrong,

like drawing too slow
or turning their backs.

I guess that's probably right,

even though I've done
just as bad

and I'm still alive.

Anyway, it isn't
what I know I've done wrong

that bothers me nearly
as much as being accused

of something I never even
had in mind.

And accused by an old friend.

A friend who wants to
kill me for it.

Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal.

Six to win.

Hello, Chester.

Miss Kitty.

What are you doin' in here
this time of day?

Oh, well, uh,
I found myself a dollar

and I thought I'd come in
and run it up with faro

so I'd have some real
gambling money for tonight.

Now, that's what I call
lookin' ahead.

Yeah, well, you know,
a man don't take a chance

once in a while, he ain't
gonna amount to nothin'.

I can see you got
your mind made up

so I'm not gonna
argue with you.

Well, is what I was wonderin',

Would you come over
to the table

and stand there by me

and maybe bring me
a little luck?

Sure, I got a feeling
it won't take long.

Who's that new dealer here?

I never seen him before.

He's a new man, Lonnie Pike.


Yeah, well, I didn't like
his looks too much.

Never mind him.

You just keep your eyes
on the cards, honey.

Let go of that money, Pike.

You lost, didn't ya?

I had my bet on the tray,
you moved it.

I did not.

Get your hand off,
I'm warnin' ya, Pike.

You fellas can settle this
without a fight.

You stay out of this, mister.

I'm takin' my money, Davis.

No, you ain't.

Ah, get it out!
Get it out.

Get it out.

Now, you ain't gonna shoot me,
are you, Pike?

No. No, no, I'm not.

Pull that knife out of there.

Go on, pull it.

That'll learn ya.

My hand-
You tore up my hand.

You go for your gun again,
I'll tear up

more than you hand,
I'll open your throat.

Hold it, Davis.

You can stay
out of this, marshal.

Shoot him, marshal,
shoot him.

Shut up, Pike.

Put that knife down.

Sure, marshal.

All right,
now get out of here.

All the way out.

You runnin' me out
of town, marshal?

Yeah, I'm runnin' you
out of town.

Well, why didn't you
shoot him?

You're supposed to be a lawman,
you see what he done to me.

Well, I'll kill him.
I'll kill him, you'll see.

You're not gonna kill anybody.

I wasn't gonna use it,
only scare him.

Mr. Dillon,
Pike went for his gun

before Davis ever
touched that knife.

Well, that's no cause to
do this to me, look at it.

Look at it,
it's ruined.

And you'll let them
get away with it.

You won't even shoot him.

Well, I'll get even with you.

You let him get away with it.

I'll pay you by him
and I'll pay ya.

Look, you stand there
talkin' like that,

you're liable to
bleed to death.

Get on over to Doc's.

You'll see, marshal.

You and Davis both shall see.

Wait a minute.
When you're through at Doc's,

why don't you just
keep on goin'?

All right, boys, break it up.
It's all over.

Anybody that uses
a knife like that

ought not be allowed
to carry one.

Tiny, take over here,
will you?

What happened here?

Well, I-I don't know exactly,
Mr. Dillon.

I was standin' there
with Miss Kitty...

Uh, heh, I was tryin' to
just barely miss it,

is what I was tryin' to do.

You know, like that Davis fellow
over at the Long Branch,

you remember?


It seems to me
you could've found

a better target than one
of your best boots.

Well, I thought sure that
I could miss it, Mr. Dillon,

you know? And- And using
my best boot

kind of made it
more exciting for me.

You know what I mean?

Well, if you want
somethin' real exciting

why don't you try
puttin' your foot in there?

In the boot?

Oh, heh-heh.

No, Mr. Dillon,
I'm not that good yet.

Not by a long shot.

Well, Cam Durbin.

Hello, Matt,
how are you?

How are you?
It's good to see you.

Matt, I'd like you to meet
my wife, Tilda.

Well, how do you do,
Mrs. Durbin?

It's Tilda, marshal.
How do you do?

So Marshal Dillon, huh?

Well, it's not much of a job,

but it keeps me eatin' anyway.

Ah, this is Chester Goode.

How do you do, ma'am?
Hello, Chester.

Mr. Durbin.
Pleased to meet you, Chester.

Well, I, uh-

I guess you're kind of surprised
to see me married, huh, Matt?

Well, I guess
a man's got a right

to take the plunge
if he wants to.

Heh-heh, he sure does.

Now, if you left that gun off,

maybe some woman
might have you.

Well, as I remember, Cam,

you used to be pretty good
with a gun yourself.

If you remember,
I had to be.

But that's all over, Matt.

I've been dealing off the top of
the deck since my wedding day.

Promise I made to Tilda.

It was his only fault,

Aside from being the most
jealous man I ever met.

Oh, now, Tilda.

It's true, and you know it.

Look, why don't you folks
sit down?

Mrs. Durbin.

Well, Cam, what brings you
to Dodge?

I'm running the faro table
at the Long Branch.

I made the deal with the owners
by mail.

You mean with Bill Pence
and Kitty?

I'm giving 'em a percentage.

But it's my game and I run it.

I'm my own boss.

Well, Cam, you ought to do
all right, you know.

That Long Branch
is the best saloon in Dodge.

Well, we don't aim
to get rich, Matt,

just make an honest living.

Marshal, I wanna talk to you.

I'm busy right now, Pike.

Well, I ain't busy.

Nobody'll hire me.
I've been all over.

Look at that hand.
I can't deal with it.

They I'm too slow,
too awkward.

Well, I'm gonna starve, marshal.
I'm gonna starve to death.

Why don't you find yourself
some other kind of work?

I don't want no other work.
Gambling's all I know.

You're a troublemaker, Pike.

I don't want you around Dodge

Troublemaker, huh?

Well, I'm gonna give you more
trouble than you can handle

if you don't help me.

Wait a minute, Matt.

I don't know what this
is all about,

but I'll give him a job.

Now, Cam, this-
Well, I can understand

why a gambler doesn't want
to give up his trade.

You're a dealer, mister?

I run the faro table
at the Long Branch.

Maybe he can deal for me
in my off hours.

You mean it?

Why don't you stop by tonight,
we'll talk about it?

Sure. Thanks, mister,
I'll be there.

It's a good thing for you

there's one decent man
in this town.

Cam, uh, that was a mistake,
I'm afraid.

Well, it's better
than letting him sneak around

trying to shoot you in the back,
isn't it?

No, I could've handled that.

Well, I'm sure you could
but it's easier this way.

And even if he is slow,

at least he'll keep my game

All right. But look,
you keep an eye on him,

because he's gonna cause
nothing but trouble.

Why should he?

Because you're a friend of mine.

Yeah, but what could he do to me
anyway? I'm clean.

My only weakness is Tilda here.

And I'm sure not jealous
of a man like Pike.

Hm-hm. Come on, let's go.

Thanks for your concern,

Oh, there's no need to thank me,

I hope you enjoy Dodge City.

Thanks, Matt.

Sure, Cam.

Hello, marshal.


Hello, Tilda.

Chester told me
that the coffee

was always very hot
and very good here.

I thought maybe
you might give me a cup

and we could have
a little chat.

Well, uh, it's hot,

but can't guarantee you
how good it is.

Uh, would you like to sit down?

Thank you.

How's Cam doing?

Haven't had much chance
to see him lately.

Oh, he's doing fine, marshal.
Better than we even hoped.

If he keeps on, we can afford
a home of our own soon.

Well, that's good.
I guess you're probably

getting kind of tired
of that Dodge House, huh?

Oh, it's been one hotel after
another ever since we married.

I want my own home I want to do
my own cooking.

Well, this coffee's hot.

I mean, it stays hot
after you swallow it.

That's the cayenne.

Yeah, Chester swears
that the pepper gives it body.

Last week, he was using
egg shells and salt.

You tell him chicor
is good enough.

Well, I'll tell him, but I doubt
it'll do much good.

Glad you stopped by,

Thanks for the coffee.

All right, Lonnie,
come on back to the table.

Give me a rye, Sam.

Hello, Cam.

Want a drink?

I can have a beer, I guess.

Well, how's your new dealer

Still the suspicious marshal,

Well, I guess that goes
with the job.

Give me another rye.

He's doing just fine, marshal.

Just fine.
No trouble at all,

from him.

Yeah, Tilda tells me
you're doing all right too.

Does she?

Yeah, says you're doing well
enough to get yourself a house.

I'm real glad to hear that,

Yeah, I guess you are.

See you later, Matt.

Well, the whole trouble,

is that everything just seems
to be moving too fast.

Now, digestion is just a simple
biological function.

And it depends principally
on mastication, you see?

That's chewing.

Well, yeah,
I know that much.

Oh, you do, huh? Well,
there's an awful lot of folks

who don't know anything about it
at all, and that's terrible,

because- Well, now,
I'll tell you.

You take the common milk cow.

That's a perfect example
of proper mastication.

And then up comes the cud,
you see?

Then re-mastication occurs.
And- And- And-

Well, did you ever hear of
a milk cow with a bad stomach?

No, no, Doc,
I don't think I did.

No, of course not.
You never will, either.

Because they know how to eat

And if human beings would just
chew their food thoroughly,

than bad stomachs would just be
a thing of the past, that's all.

Seems like that would be
kind of hard on your practice,

wouldn't it?

Oh, I don't think so.

By golly, you shoot
enough people around here

to keep me busy.

You better watch your digestion

Evening, marshal.
Doctor Adams.

Oh, good evening, Mrs. Durbin.

Uh, won't you sit down with us?

Well, thank you.

Where's Cam, Tilda?

I expected to find him here.
I was to meet him at 6.

Well, that's fine. Now,
you can just have our table.

We've- We've finished.

Oh, that's too bad.

Well, Doc like to get here

I guess he's afraid that if
he's not the first in line,

all the food will be gone.

Well, now, he's just lying
something terrible.

The reason I eat early is
because I get hungry early.

That sounds like a good enough

Well, yes. And then, of course,
there's times like tonight,

when I like to get to bed
as early as I can,

get as much sleep as I can.
So if you'll excuse me.

All right, Doc, I guess I'll sit
here with Tilda till Cam comes.

All right, fine. Good night,
Matt, good night, Mrs. Durbin.

Good night, Doc.
Good night, Doc.

Well, would you like
a cup of coffee?

With cayenne?

No cayenne. Mary, would you
bring Mrs. Durbin

a cup of coffee, please?

Sure, marshal.

I don't like that man.

I wish Cam
had never hired him.

Well, he's never caused you
any trouble, has he?

I wouldn't trust him any further
than I would a Yankee.

Well, that's, uh, putting it
about as strong as you can get.

I'm sorry, Matt.

Why, I just naturally thought
you were from the South.

Well, I have lived around
quite a few places, I guess.

So has Cam. I swear I get
the idea sometimes

he couldn't have spent more
than a night in any one spot

he's been to so many places.

Yeah, Cam was quite a wanderer
till he met up with you.

He worries me sometimes,

Oh, why is that?

What are you doing here,


I said, what are you doing here?

I'm waiting for you.
Oh, is that so?

Well, of course it's so.
What are you talking about?

You're supposed to be waiting
for me at the Alacran.

Oh, my goodness.

I guess I wasn't listening.

Well, I just naturally thought
you meant here.

Cam, as long as you've
found her, sit down.

I'll be waiting for you
at the Alacran.

Whenever you're finished
your business here.


Don't worry. I'll explain it
to him. He'll understand.

All right, Tilda.

Excuse me.


Whoa, Matt.

Well, hello, Kitty.

Hello, marshal.


I bet we've been 20 miles

That's good for you
to get out in the country

once in a while, Kitty.

It's good for me too.

If I had my way,
I'd never go near a town.

Well, now, why don't you and Cam
get yourself a ranch

instead of a house in town,

What would Cam do on a ranch?

All he knows is cards and guns.

I didn't know Cam wore guns.

Well, he doesn't anymore, Kitty.
I made him stop.

But he's awful good with one.

Yeah, he is, all right,
I've seen him.

If you're going down to the
stable I'll walk along with you.

Well, I told Ma Smalley
I'd come by.

I'm tired, Kitty.
The stable sounds good to me.

But I'm ready to walk there.

Heh-heh. Well, I'll see you

See you later.

Here, I'll give you a hand.

Oh, thank you.

Kitty's a wonderful girl,


Well, that's not the most
enthusiastic response

I ever heard.

I guess I was thinking about
Delmonico's last night.

Cam shames me
when he acts like that.


Hello, Cam.


We sure had a long ride.
Nearly 20 miles, Kitty said.

Kitty said.

Oh, she went on to see somebody
up the street.

You think I've been out riding
with the marshal, don't you?

Why shouldn't I?

Because I wasn't.

Eh, look, I'll take your horse
over to the stable for you.

No, you won't.
I'll take it.

Why don't you ask Kitty
if you don't believe us?

Because she'd lie.

She'd have to for her own pride.

Who you been talking to, Cam?

Who's been putting these ideas
in your head?

I've got my own eyes.

Yeah? I think you've been using
Lonnie Pike's

Of course,

that's who's been doing it.

It is Pike,
isn't it, Cam?

Pike's got nothing to do
with this.

Now you're lying. Only,
you're too ashamed to admit it.

I don't need anybody to tell me
what's plain as day, Tilda.

Next time we meet,
I'm gonna be wearing a gun.

Oh, no. I won't stand for this.

I didn't start it.

No, Pike started it.

She's right, you know, Cam.

I warned you about him.

Matt Dillon and my wife,

I'm gonna kill you, Matt.

You're a fool, Cam.

I'll feel like less of a fool
when you're dead.

Where you'll be?

I'm not hard to find.

Excuse me, Tilda.

Well, if he does come after you
with a gun, Mr. Dillon,

there ain't nothin' to do
but to kill him.

I hate to see Tilda a widow,

Chester, she's not gonna be.


I'm goin' over and get Pike,

and I'm gonna make him face-up
to Cam.

Well, what if he won't tell
the truth though?

If he won't talk?

Then I'll just have to twist it
out of him.

Well, what can I do for you,
Mrs. Durbin.

Nothing, Mr. Pike.

But there's something
I'm gonna do for you.

He ain't dead yet, marshal.

Get him over to Doc's, will ya?
Yes, sir.

I'll take the gun.

Take it, marshal.


I'll have to arrest you.

I shot him, didn't I?

It's Cam.

Look, don't say a word to him.

What happened, Tilda?

There's nothing to worry about,

Why, you...

Why'd you do that?
Why'd you hit him?

All right, Tilda.

Chester, get somebody
and take him over to jail.

Y-yes, sir. Pinky.

You'll have some company now,

Come on, get him up.

Mrs. Durbin,

why don't you try drinking
a little hot coffee there.

It'll make you feel better

Mr. Dillon.

How's Pike doing?

Well, Doc said he'd let us know
as soon as he find out himself.

But he isn't dead?

No, Tilda, he's-
He's not dead.

Not yet.

I had to do it, you know that,
don't you?

Go bring Cam in here, will you,

Oh, yes, sir.

Will they hang me, Matt?

No, Tilda, they won't hang you.

But you might have to spend
a long time in prison.

Cam, how's your head?

It's all right.

It's a good thing you hit me,

I'd killed you before I let you
take Tilda to jail.


Cam, you know,
she shot a man.

I don't care.

Well, if he dies,
she'll go to prison.

Why'd you do it, Tilda?

Don't you know?

I did it because of you, Cam.

I-I don't know what you mean.

If you really don't know
what I mean,

then I shot Lonnie Pike
for nothing.

It ain't really true
about you two, is it?

Well, is it?

Afraid you'll have to find that
out for yourself, Cam.


It was Pike kept telling me
all those things.

He never let me alone
for a minute.

About you two being alone in
here and eating at Delmonico's,

and- And out riding together.

It was proven,
everything he was saying.

Kind of a poor way to court
a man's wife, don't you think?

Right out in the open?

Well, I know that now.
I just wasn't thinking.

He wouldn't have taken you
out to eat like that,

or out riding, would he?
It doesn't make sense.

It just doesn't make sense
at all.

No, it doesn't.

I don't know
what I was thinking of,

letting Pike talk me into
believing all that.

It's happened before, Cam.

Not like this.


Not like this.

I'm a fool, Tilda.

Just a plain fool.
And I'm so ashamed of myself.

Being ashamed won't hurt you,
providing you remember it

the next time you start thinking
like that.

I won't forget.

And the next time it happens,
I'll know and I'll remember.

I'll stop it.

Is that true, Cam?
Really true?

I promise you, Tilda.

It'll never happen again.

Then I'm glad I shot him.

I'd rather go to prison
than go on living like we were.

You have to keep her here,
don't you, Matt?

You know I do.
Yeah, I know, I know.

Look, I- I guess I ought
to tell you I'm-

I'm sorry about those things
I was thinking.

No need for that.
Well, I'm-

Doc. Doc, is he all right?

Well, he's alive.

Uh, I think probably
he'll stay that way.

Oh, Cam. Cam.

Well, Matt?

Guess you might as well
take her on home, Cam.

A woman's got a right to protect
her honor, doesn't she?

Her, uh, good name?

I guess we'll be leaving Dodge.

Yeah, I figured you would.

Thank you, Matt Dillon.

My pleasure, Mrs. Durbin.

Thanks, Matt.




What about Pike?

Well, he's gonna be all right,

but he's an awful,
awful sick man.

Well, patch him up.

Well, I will. It'll take
a couple of weeks, though,

to get him on his feet.

All right. Get started.

Lonnie Pike has got a long way
to travel.

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