Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 21 - Bloody Hands - full transcript

The shooting of several members of an outlaw gang, though in self defense, triggers an emotional crisis in Matt, haunted by memories of all the men he has killed.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

You buzzards sure don't leave
much coffee, do you?

There's one cup for everybody.
That's all we got.

Let's get out of there.

Where we going?

We'll ride west,

as far from Dodge City
as we can get.

What's you hurry, Brand?
Nobody followed us.

You're forgettin'
we killed two men at that bank.

Yeah, but that marshal
of theirs wasn't around.

Nobody else got enough guts
to come trackin' us.

I ain't worrying about that.

We need money.

We sure didn't make none
in Dodge.

Ain't no point
in being an outlaw

if you can't make a little money
at it now and then.

You ain't complaining,
are you?

Wasn't your fault
things went sour in Dodge.

I'm for riding out of here too.

Gather what stuff you wanna take
with you and get saddled.

All right, get your hands up,
you're covered.

All right, Brand,
come on out of there.

I'm coming out.
Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

Jack Brand, huh?

You're wanted
in a lot of places.

You all alone?

I'm alone.

You did this all alone?

Killed a lot of men.

They need these bodies in Dodge
for identification.

Let's get 'em loaded.

Just like so much meat.

I said, let's go.

You're a butcher.

All right, get down.

Mr. Dillon.

Lock him up, Chester.

Yes, sir.
Where are the others?

Tell him, marshal.

Tell him where the others are.

Bloodiest lawman ever I seen.

Regular butcher.

Lock him up.

Yes, sir. All right-

Think he was killin' hogs.

I said, lock him up.

Yes, sir. All right, move.

Get in there.

I guess you know now
you're pretty dad-blamed lucky,

going out alone like that,
after four outlaws.


Why didn't you take
somebody with you?

A posse? Most men would've.

All I know is that
Brand's right, Doc.

It's a lot of men to kill.

A lot of men...

Well, I don't think I'd spend
too much time thinking about it.

It's your job, you did it,
and well, now it's all over.

Tomorrow there's gonna be
somebody else.

And the next day.

Always another man to kill.

Well, I never heard of you

shooting anybody
who didn't need it.

Yeah, but sometimes
that doesn't help much.

You must be pretty tired, Matt.

I haven't slept since
I rode outta here two days ago.

Well, then you've gotta get
a good night's sleep.

Come on,
get a good night's sleep

and this'll all look
different to you tomorrow.


I-I locked him up, Mr. Dillon.

I-I don't think he liked it
too much, though.

I told him not to try
kicking his way out though,

'cause I was gonna be sleeping
right there in the office.

I'm gonna be sleeping
right there with him.


I'm too tired
to even get my clothes off.

Well, don't worry none
about the wagon, Mr. Dillon,

'cause I'll,
I'll take care of that,

and I don't think
that I'll be coming in

until long about midnight, but
I'll be real quiet when I do...

Nothing could wake me up


You know, I don't feel good
about him, Doc.

Yeah, well, sometimes,

a fella can just get too much
of anything, Chester,

especially if you got a job
like he's got.

Well, come on, let's,
let's get them outta here.

Sam, gimme another.

He'll get over it Chester,
he always does.

Yeah, well, not with that Brand
on him about it all the time.

Well, that Brand is just lucky
he didn't get killed himself.

Well, now, Miss Kitty, I think
that three men is enough.


I'm here.
You look real pretty, Linda.

Do you think so?

Chester, this is Linda Hawkins.

This is her first night here.

It's her first night
in any saloon.

Linda, this is Chester Goode.

I'm very pleased
to meet you, ma'am.

How do you do?

I hope that you're gonna
enjoy your stay here.

Well, I don't know.

I can't just stand here.

Oh, look honey, it's simple.

The first man
that comes through that door,

you just walk right up to him
and start talking.

He'll be glad
to buy you a drink.


Oh, Kitty.

There you are.

Go ahead, go talk to him.

Bottle of whiskey.

Good evening.

I don't drink with women.

Especially cheap women.

Now, excuse me,

but that ain't no way
to talk to a lady, mister.


You her husband, or something?

Well, if you don't like women,

why don't you just go
somewhere else and drink?

I see you ain't wearing a gun.

Well, I can get one.

I'll wait.
All right.

No, you don't, Chester.
You let Matt handle this.

No, Miss Kitty.
By golly, he-

It's all right.
I'll take on your friend.

It just so happens he's the
marshal in this town, mister.

Well, now, ain't that curious.

What do you mean?

It's the marshal I come to Dodge
to do business with.

Where is he?

He's in his office, sleeping.

Tomorrow's soon enough.

What kind of business
you got with him anyway?

You tell him Joe Stanger's here.

Tell him I'm a friend
of Jack Brand's.

A good friend.

No, don't do it...

Don't do it.

There's been enough
blood already.

No. Don't go for your gun.

Don't make me kill you.

Don't make me kill you.

Mr. Dillon...

Don't do it.

Mr. Dillon.

Mr. Dillon, wake up.
No! No, it's Chester.

Don't shoot...

It's Chester, Mr. Dillon.

You-you was asleep.
You was dreamin'.

Well, that's a terrible thing,
them nightmares, ain't they?

Chester, there's a bottle
over in the drawer.

Get it, will ya?

Yeah. You know, I used to
have nightmares like that

when I was a kid.

Somebody's always chasing after
me and-and things like that.

But I don't have them much
no more.

There you are.

Take a big drink,
it'll do you good.

While you're up,

I think there's something
that you ought to know,

Mr. Dillon.

What is it?

You know a fella
named Joe Stanger?

Joe Stanger?
Yeah, what about him?

Well, he-he's in town.

He says he's a friend
of Jack Brand's.

Oh, yeah... yeah.

You think he's gonna
cause trouble?

Well, I'm not gonna worry
about that tonight,

let's get some sleep.

Mr. Dillon, don't you think
you'd rest better

if you had your gun belt off?

Yeah, I probably would,
Chester, thanks.


Hey, Chester, wake up!

What in the world
do you want now?

Chester, wake up.
Time for breakfast.

Chester, go shut him up,
will you?

Oh, I'd rather throw
a bucket of cold water on him.

Hey, Chester, come alive.

All right!
Quit your cussed yelling.

Good heavens.
Where'd you get that gun?

Kind of surprised you, didn't I?
Let me out of this cage.

Well, I-I-
I ain't got no keys.

Well, fetch some keys
and be quick about it.

All right, all right.
Don't take all day.

Where'd you come from?

You likely broke my hand.

You're lucky.

Yeah, lucky...

Lucky you didn't kill me,
like you did all them others.

That's enough.

Where'd you get that gun?

Chester give it to me.

Oh, you think you're smart,
don't you?

Joe Stanger's in town,
I suppose you know that.

That so?

Chester, get some boards
and nail up that window

so nobody else
can throw something in here.

Yes, sir.

Marshal, wait a minute.

Ain't but the only window
in here.

If you nail that up,
it'll be dark and-

I don't like the dark.

That's too bad.

Been a long time since I been up
this early for breakfast.

Well, I hope it doesn't
spoil your appetite.

Oh, no, don't worry about that.
I could eat a whole bird.

A bird?

Well, a hog then,
don't make any difference.

Mr. Dillon,
that's him, that's Joe Stanger.


Better get out
of the way, Chester.

Well... yeah.

Good morning, marshal.

You're up early.

Santa Fe leaves for Abilene
in an hour.


But I'll be back next week.

Your friend'll still be in jail.

I ain't part of Brand's gang.

I never was.
I know it.

Course, there ain't
much gang left now.


You're a pretty rough man,
ain't you, marshal?

When I have to be.

Don't it ever bother you,
shooting all those men down?

I shot a gun out of your friend
Brand's hand this morning.

You stop off at the office
before you go,

I'll give it back to you.

Now, what would I want
with a smashed-up six-shooter?

It's yours, isn't it?

I'm wearing mine.

Get on your train, Stanger.


You're being kinda pushy,
ain't you?

I don't like being told
what to do.

Course, I'll go,
if you're gonna make me.

You gonna make me go, marshal?

Just try it.

Just get your hand
near that gun.

Just one little move
and I'll kill you.

Well, what's keeping you?

Why, I do believe you're scared.

Afraid to die,
is that it?

Your train leaves
at 8:30, Stanger.

Be on it.

You better take off
that gun, marshal.

Some men might not understand.

But I'll tell them.

I'll tell them how
Matt Dillon lost his nerve.

Mr. Dillon.

What did you let him
get away with that for?

He-he's nothing but a big bluff.

You go on to breakfast, Chester.
I'll be in the office.


Go on.

I brought a pot of hot coffee
back for you, Mr. Dillon.

Oh, thanks, Chester.

What are you doing,
writing a letter?

Yeah, a telegram.

Take this over
to the depot, will you?

I want it to be sent
as quick as possible.

U.S. War Department,
Washington, DC?

It's my resignation.

I'm quittin'.

You're quitting?

You can't do that.

I've already done it.

Well, I don't believe you,
you must be fooling me.

I've quit jobs before.

Well, I know.
But this is different.

What's different about it?

Mr. Dillon, you better think

what it'd be like
without you marshal here.

Chester, they can get
other men to be marshal.

Mr. Dillon,
you're not doing this

because of what Joe Stanger
said, are you?

That I've lost my nerve?

No, he's wrong about that.

He's also wrong
about my liking to kill men.

Now, you never killed nobody,
unless you had to.

That's right,
and now I don't have to.

I'm through, Chester.

I knew it
when I didn't draw on Stanger.

I've killed my last man.

Well, I don't know what to say.

I've hated this job
ever since I took it, Chester.

Now they can get somebody
who likes killing.

He'll make a much better marshal
than I ever was.

Oh, that ain't true.
It ain't true at all.

Go send the telegram, will you?

I'm going out.

Get myself a bath
and a change of clothes.

Then I'm going over
to Delmonico's for breakfast.

And with a good appetite
for a change.

I'm gonna start enjoying myself.


Oh, you want me
to jump there now? All right.

Well... dang.

Now, how in the world-

You been practicing.

Well, it's all
a matter of attitude, Doc.

Yeah, whatever that means.

Well, all right,
take a man like you.

You got so many things on your
mind, you can't concentrate.

Well, we're not all lucky enough
to be retired like you are.

Somebody's got to do some work.

Well, I'm gonna get me a job.


I don't know.

You heard from Washington yet?

Well, it's only been five days.

And what difference
does that make?

They're not gonna
change my mind.

Oh, no. Nobody's gonna
change your mind. Not that.

Where are you going?

Well, I got calls to make.

I'm not a man of leisure,
you know, like you are.

Well, now, listen.
I'm not a man of leisure either.

What are you gonna do?

Well, let's see.

I told Kitty
I'd take her fishing tomorrow

and right now,
I got me a date with the boys.

The boys?
You're gonna get drunk, huh?

Right in the middle
of the daytime too-

Did you ever hear of the story

about how the devil finds work
for idle hands?

You better think of that.

Hello, Mr. Dillon.

Hello, David.

Hey, there's some tracks.

Real fresh. Made this morning.
Or maybe last night.

Now, what makes you say that?

Well, look here.

When the horse stepped here,
he bent them grass blades down

and they ain't
straightened up yet.

It could've been more
than a day.

They would've been growing up
again, wouldn't they?

Well, now, that all depends.

What do you mean?

Now, boys,
when you're tracking,

you gotta take everything
into consideration.

Now, if you looked real close
when you got up this morning,

you'd have seen there wasn't
much dew last night.

If there'd been a heavy dew,
it would've given

those bent grass blades
a chance to straighten up again.

Well, then,
how old is the track?

Well, I'd say that's probably
made yesterday sometime.

How can you tell?

Look there.
See that doodlebug hole?

Yeah, I see it, right here.

Well, now, you look
at the grains of dirt

around the edge of the hole,

you'll see that
they weren't made today,

they're not that fresh.

By golly, he's right.

Boy, you sure have to
look close when you're tracking.

Don't you?

Yeah, you sure do.

And you gotta think too.
You can't do anything too fast.

And you can't misjudge
one track,

or you've lost your animal.

Or your man, eh?

We're tracking animals,
Billy, not men.

What's wrong with it?
I didn't mean anything.

There's nothing wrong with it.
Come on.

Let's go back to town.

Maybe we can get
some sasparilla.

Maybe some day
we'll really go hunting.

I mean, really.

Well, warm up the frying pan,

I got 'em all cleaned
and ready to go.

That sure didn't take you long.

I'm a devil when it comes
to cleaning fish.

Wow, they sure are beauties,
aren't they?

Aren't they?

They're gonna look even better

when we get them
in that frying pan.

Look, you fry them.
I did my job.

a man who needs waiting on.

Uh, maybe you'd like a cup
of coffee to keep you awake

while you watch me cook dinner.

Fine, as long as it's
good and hot.

Well, now, if it isn't
just exactly right, Matt,

I want you to let me know,
and I'll fix it for you.


Can I get you a pillow?

No, I'm fine.

Good. Is that all right?

Just right.


You know, Matt, I'm worried.

What about?

Well, you're getting so lazy,

that you're liable
to starve to death

before you find yourself
a new job.

Don't worry about me.
This is the kinda life I like.


What's he doing out here?

Miss Kitty.

Hello, Chester.

What's that for?

It's for you.

What do you mean?

Joe Stanger's back.

He come back this morning.

Well, does he know
about that deputy

taking Brand back to Wichita
for trial?

Yeah. But that ain't
what matters.

But, Chester, I'm not interested
in Stanger anymore,

I don't care about him.

Mr. Dillon, I don't think
that you understand.

Understand what?

He come into the Long Branch and
he insulted one of the girls.

And when she slapped him,
why, he shot her.

Which girl, Chester?

Well, it was that nice one,

the one that he was
so mean to before.

Linda Hawkins?

Yeah, nobody dared
stand up to him. Nobody.

So I got one of the horses out
at the hitch rail,

and I come for you.

I'm not marshal anymore,
Chester, I quit.

That don't matter.

Well, it matters to me.

That girl's dead,
I can't help her now.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, you can't
let him get by with this,

you just can't.

I told you, Chester, I'm through
fighting and killing.

Mr. Dillon, you're
the only one in Dodge

that can stand up against him
and you know it.

Well, maybe so.

But I'm still
not gonna do it.

Mr. Dillon,
I've been thinking lately

a whole lot about all this,
and there's just something

that you've been forgetting.

Is that so?

Yeah, that's so.

It's men like Stanger and Brand.

'Cause they gotta be stopped,
that's all.

They gotta be.

I'd do it if I could,
but I can't.

I just ain't good enough-

Most men ain't.

but you are.

It's kinda too bad for you
that you are,

but that's the way it is and
there ain't a thing in the world

that you can do about it.

Not now.

It's too late, Mr. Dillon,
it's way too late.

Maybe you'll help Kitty
take the fish back, huh?

Yes, sir.