Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 22 - Skid Row - full transcript

When a lady comes to town looking for her betrothed, Matt takes it upon himself to sober up the man, who, in his fiancée's absence, has become the town drunk.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Come on, Kitty.

Hold it!
You dirty, filthy, yellow pig.

You ain't fit
for a hog-wallow.

I'm gonna claw your eyes out!

That'd be just like
one of your kind.

Come on, come on,
hold it, now.

Take it easy. What's happened?

Well, he was bothering
Miss Kitty.

He just come up to her,
and he started-

What's she parading
around the street for?

I just stepped outside
for a breath of fresh air.

But you kill
all the air around here.

You ought to be strung up,
bothering a woman like that.

Get outta here, Groat,

before I kill you.

You mean it, don't you, marshal?

You'd kill me?

Good thing you're wearing
that gun.

You'd better keep on wearing it

You all right?

How about you?

Filthy animal like that

shouldn't even be allowed
in town.

Come on. We'll get you
over at the office

and have Doc
take a look at you.

Well, for heaven's sake.

I never saw
such a coward.

A coward?

Well, I-I fought him,
didn't I?

Well, you didn't do
very good.

Well, I did
what I could.

Well, you didn't even
lose a tooth, Chester.

Now, what kind
of a sacrifice is that

for saving the virtue
of an innocent young lady?

Thanks, Doc.

You know, for a while there,
I thought I was saving Chester.

Yeah, you know, if Kitty
had had it her way,

I'd have had to lock her up
as a public menace.

You would too.
You're all right now.

All you need
is a shot of whiskey.

Matt, you take a few to-
Oh, yeah, yeah.

I'm awful glad
you didn't get hurt

any worse than you did,

That was a real brave thing
you did.

Oh, well, it-
I didn't do too good, I guess.

I hardly put a lump
on him.

Um, Marshal Dillon?
Uh, yes, ma'am.

They told me at the station
that you could help me.

My name is Ann Cabot.

I'll be glad to do anything
I can for you, Miss Cabot.

Marshal, I've come all the way
from Connecticut.

It seems so far.

Heh! Well, now you got
three friends already.

This is, uh,
Kitty Russell and Dr. Adams,

and that's Chester Goode there.

Well, uh,
what can I do for you?

I'm looking
for Jack Shomer.

Jack Shomer?

You know him?

Uh, well, uh, uh, yeah.

We- We know him.
Well, then he's here.

No, I don't think, uh,
right at the moment.

He's, uh- He's up north
somewhere, isn't he?

Hm? Oh, yes. No, yes, north.

But he will be back?

Well, uh, yeah, I-

I think so.

I'm sure he will.

Um, have you known him
for long?

Since we were children.

I've come out here
to marry him.

Oh. Well.

Uh, well, now, I'll tell you
what I can do, Ann.

Uh, I can try to get word to him
that you're here.

Uh, I'm pretty sure
I can do that.

Oh, thank you, marshal.

But, well, he's not
expecting me.

I just better wait.

It might upset him

Yeah, why don't you do that?

Uh, where
are you staying?

Well, I haven't
looked for a place yet.

My bags are still
over at the station.

Well, there's, um-
There's Moss Molly.

She always has an extra room
over at her place.

Does she really,
Miss Russell?

Yeah, it's real nice
and clean,

and it's not far
from where I work.

Thank you.
I'm very grateful to you.

We'll find somebody
to pick up your things.

Think they're gonna be
too busy.

Yeah, we are.

It's not too far.

You can walk from one end
of this town to the other

in about five minutes.

Oh, my goodness,
Mr. Dillon. Jack Shomer.

Well, I better go out
and find him.

we'll need you too.

Well, all right,
I'll do what I can.

I hate to think
what's in store for her.

That's the sorriest-looking
shack I ever saw.

I don't see how even a man
like Shomer could live there.

I don't think he cares much
how he lives, Doc.

Well, to tell you the truth,
I don't either.

Well, he's a human being.
Well, I don't know what kind,

treat a nice girl like Ann
that way.

You know,
it's a funny thing.

That Shomer's been what he is
for a long time.

None of us ever paid
any attention to him

or worried about him.

I guess you never really
get to know anybody

until you meet the people
they're close to.



Who is it?

It's Marshal Dillon.


What are you
doing here?

How come you're here,

How long has it been
since you had anything to eat?

Food don't seem to sit
so good.

Food don't seem to sit
so good.

we're gonna fix that.

What do you mean?

What are you doing here?
I don't...

I don't understand.

What are we gonna do first,

Well, the first thing
is, Chester,

you take that out
and smash it.

All right.
Uh, no, no!

gonna be all right.

Matt, Chester.

I'm gonna get
some coffee going.

You take him out
and put his head under that pump

and soak him really good.

Come on, here we go.
No, what are you doing?

Just get up, now.
Here we go. Out of bed.

I don't understand.

We're just gonna take you out
and soak you a little bit.

Come on, come on.

Come on.
Here we go.

Come on, you're gonna...
Mr. Dillon,

that liquor's strong enough
to kill that boy.

Come on, there.
What are you doing?

Wait a minute.
Make it easy on yourself, now.

Get your head under there.

Mr. Dillon, I think
we just might as well

give him a bath all over.

He probably ain't had one
in quite a spell.

Yeah, that's not
a bad idea. Come on.

Why don't you just
bend him over that fence there?

All right, come on.
Wait, now.

This ought to get him.

All right, get under there.

Go on, now,
have some more.

Now, Doc, I've been
drinking coffee all day.

I must have had
a barrel.

No, it's liquor
that comes in barrels.

Now, go on and drink
that coffee. Do as I say.

I'm floating.

All right, now, you ought to be
sober enough

by this time, Shomer.

Now, have you made up your mind
what you're gonna do?

I can't face her.

I'd give anything
to see her,

but I can't do it.

I'm no good for her
the way I am now.

I just don't understand it.

What-? What happened to you?

What-? What went wrong?

The land, I think.

Or me, I don't know.

Anyway, it beat me.

I was gonna start a homestead
and send for Ann.

Couldn't make it.

I had to give up.

I even quit writing to her
about a year ago.

Well, Shomer, you're not the
first man this country's broke.

But a man can come back.

No, it's more than that,

Most men who quit
find something else to do.

With me, it's like...

I lost everything.

Couldn't face people

Then that night I got
into a fight at the Long Branch.

You were there.

Yeah, I was there.

I ran away.

I couldn't stand up
to him.

I guess I'm a coward.
Everybody says I am.

Well, every man's a coward
at one time or another, Shomer.

But it doesn't have to last.

Well, it's lasted with me.

How can I face Annie
knowing I'm a failure?

And a coward to boot.

Well, you can prove
you're not a coward

by just simply
going to see her.

You know,
women have a wonderful way

of understanding these things.

I don't know, Doc.
I don't know.

All right, Shomer, look.

I'll tell Ann that you're
in the horse-trading business.

And that you're, uh,
up north out of town.

But if you see her, you have to
tell her the truth yourself.

What would she want
with half a man?

I don't know, Shomer,
you think on it.

And don't take too long,

Do my best.


Hello, Matt. Ann and I
were just looking the town over,

such as it is.
How do you like Dodge, Ann?

Well, at least it's not
quite as wild as I expected.

I keep telling her
that the real troublemakers

don't get up
until sundown.

Don't let her scare you.

Now, don't worry about Ann.
She doesn't scare easy.

Marshal, you haven't
heard anything about Jack?

When he'll be back?

Well, uh...

uh, he- He's pretty busy,
uh, Ann.

He's, uh- He's up north,
like I told you yesterday.

Uh, he's-
He's a horse trader, you know.

No, I- I didn't know.

Well, uh, he'll probably
be back in a day or two.

I can wait.
I'm used to waiting.

Won't be long now, Ann.

There are those bonnets I was
telling you about.

Oh, they're nice.
Well, they are

if Mrs. Cullen
hasn't marked them up too high.

Wait, I'll go see.

Excuse me, please.

Where is Shomer, Matt?

Well, we, uh,
sobered him up.

He's thinking it over
right now.

In that shack of his?

they're a dollar and a half.

Is that too high?

No, that sounds
fair enough.

We'll go in in a minute
and try one on you.


I wish Shomer'd hurry up,

I- I just don't like
playing this kind of game

with a nice girl like that.

Well, neither do I.

Well, hello, miss.

Ain't seen you in Dodge

Have I?

My name's Hank Groat,

What's yours?

I'm not accustomed
to meeting men this way, sir.


Aw, now,
don't act like that.

Stay here.


Get away from her.

I wasn't doing nothing,

I was just speaking
to the lady.

Well, from now on, you leave
the ladies alone, all of them.

And if I get any more trouble
out of you,

I'm gonna run you out of town
for good.

Now get going.

Want 'em all for yourself, huh?

Get moving.

It ain't gonna work that way,

It ain't gonna work
that way.

What a brute.

Well, I'm afraid they're not
all gentlemen around Dodge, Ann.

I'll tell you one thing:

You've seen the worst of them
in Hank Groat.

When are you gonna get around
to shooting him?

Well, I'm just waiting for you
to beat me to it.

You ladies go on and buy your
bonnets, and I'll see you later.

Now, look,
if he bothers you again,

you let me know right away,
will you?

I certainly will.

See you later, Matt.

Well, come next year, we
just gotta get us a new stove.

The door's falling off,
it won't draw, it just...

I don't think we can
afford a new one, Chester.

Well, we could get one
of them hayburners, at least.

They're real cheap.

Yeah, it takes two men
and a boy

to keep a hayburner going,
you know.

What do you mean?

I can't find Ann.

Can't find Ann?

We had dinner
at Delmonico's,

and then I had to go
to work.

She said she was going
to her room to do some sewing,

but she isn't there.
Well, did you look in her room?

Yeah, she said
she'd fix this blouse for me,

so I took it up to her.
But she isn't there, Matt.

It just isn't like her
to go out alone.

You go on back to work, and
we'll go out and look for her.

Well, you better find her.
We'll find her.

Well, you'll let me know
right away, won't you?

Sure, I'll let you know
right away.

There just can't be anything
wrong with her. There can't be.

She'll be all right.
Come on.

Well, where are we
gonna look?

Well, I guess we might as well
try the boarding house first.

That's where Kitty said
Ann went after she ate.

Kitty sure is upset,
ain't she?

Yeah. If she takes
a likeness to somebody,

she's a real tiger
about 'em.

Maybe Miss Ann just went for
a walk or something. Maybe.

You know, she ought not
to do that,

not at night and alone.

Might get lost or something.


She ought to stay indoors,
unless she's with somebody.

It's just too dangerous
in Dodge.

You never know
what might happen, do you?

Boy, you sure are
talky tonight, aren't you?

There's a side door,
Mr. Dillon.

Maybe she's
in the kitchen.

Mr. Dillon?

Ann? Ann?

My goodness, Mr. Dillon.

What do you think
coulda happened?

I don't know,
but she's still alive.

Let's get her up to Doc's.
Come on.

By golly, I don't
understand this at all.

She's just not showing
any sign of coming to.

Well, you don't have
any idea what's happened?

No, I don't. She-

Bruise there on the cheek,
Matt, and her hair's mussed up,

but that coulda happened
when she fell.

I'm just gonna have to
keep a close watch on her.

I better let Kitty know,
I guess.

Well, I'll do it,
Mr. Dillon.

I don't know, Kitty.

She just hasn't been able
to tell us anything.

I'll stay with her.

Could you do that?
Well, of course I could.

Well, then, uh, Matt.

Maybe you and Chester
ought to get a little rest

so you can spell us
if we need you.

Yeah, all right, Doc.

We'll be over at the office.
Yeah, all right.

You better
get yourself some rest too.

I think I will.


Can't understand why
we ain't heard from Doc

or Kitty, late as it is.


You know, I've heard tell
of people going to sleep

and just staying that way
practically forever.

You think maybe
that's what she's done?

What, you mean
sleeping sickness?

I never heard of it
around Dodge, Chester.

Well, maybe she got it back east
and brought it with her.

I don't know about back east,

Ah, it could happen, I suppose.

Yeah, uh, maybe.

Well, what do you know?

Hello, Shomer.

It's no use, marshal.

No use?
What do you mean?

I came to tell you
I can't do it. I can't face Ann.

I'm going away.

Maybe you can tell her I got...

killed or something.

Have you been...?

No, I haven't been drinking.

I haven't touched a drop

Since the three of you
come down, there.

Ah, Shomer, look,


Hello, Doc.
It's a good thing you're here.

No, he doesn't know about her yet, Doc. Oh?

Know about what?

Well, we found Ann
unconscious last night

over near where she's staying.
Well, she came to.

She- She came to
a few minutes ago, Matt.

What's the matter
with her?

Did she say anything?
Well, yes. Not much though.

But I found out that Hank Groat
was waiting for her,

and something happened, then she
slapped him, then he hit her.

And she's got
a bad concussion. A bad one.

Hank Groat hit Ann?

Let's pick him up.

You wait'll I get
my shirt, Mr. Dillon.

He's at the Long Branch.



Oh. Oh, well, Matt.

I-I'll be in my office.
I'll be up there with Ann.

All right.

Mr. Dillon, did you
take a shotgun?

No, uh-uh.

I'll bet you Shomer's got it.

Shomer? Well, what on earth
would he want with it?

Go after Hank Groat with.

Come on.

Are you serious,
Mr. Dillon?

Jack Shomer
going after Groat?

Well, he said he saw him going
to the Long Branch, Chester.

The Long Branch?

Well, then that's
the last place in the world

that I'd expect
to find Jack Shomer.

You're a coward.

And everybody knows it.

Maybe I've been a coward
long enough.


You say that
with a shotgun in your hands

and me unarmed.

get rid of the gun.

Now will you fight?
You were a fool to do that.

Now I'll kill you.

I'll kill you
with my bare hands.

Come on, come on,
I'm not afraid.


Stay out of this,

This is my fight.

Not anymore
it isn't.

You're under arrest,

What are you talking about?

You coming?



I'm coming.

All right, when he comes to,
take him over, lock him up.

Yes, sir.

How are you, Shomer?
You all right?


All right, let's go.
Come on.

I'm gonna
stop by the office,

and then I'm gonna
take him up to Doc's.

Maybe after this,
he's ready to talk to Ann, huh?


Well, hello, Doc.


How's Annie?
Is Kitty with her?

No, Kitty went home.

Can I go see her?


Annie died
about ten minutes ago.

She wanted to see you.

She wanted to talk to you.

I shoulda gone
to see Annie first,

instead of going after Groat.

I didn't prove anything, did I?

Why did you stop the fight?

Well, because
he was killing you, Shomer.

That's what I wanted.

I went to kill him...

then I wanted it
the other way around.

Don't you understand?

That way I...

I would never have had to tell
Annie the truth about me.

It was her I couldn't face.

I think she knew all the time.
I don't-

I don't think we fooled her
very much.

Shomer, I...

I'm gonna get me a drink.


Well, we tried, Doc.

It just wasn't there.


it just wasn't there.