Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 10 - Greater Love - full transcript

Killer Jed Butler takes Doctor Adams hostage to help his dying partner, and learns the true meaning of love for a friend, when Matt risks his life to rescue the good doctor.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Sometimes, the best that can
be said of a man's honesty

is that before he died,
he never took back a word

of his hatred
for the day he was born,

or of his hatred
for his fellow men.

And so he dies, and we bury him
up here on Boot Hill.

And he's no more lonely dead
than he was living.

But there are other,
more fortunate men.

I know a few of 'em.

And I know what it's worth
to have a friend.

And what it costs sometimes.

Matt Dillon, U.S. marshal.

Mr. Dillon?

Here's your coffee.

Oh, thanks, Chester.

If that's too hot,
I can put some water in it.

Oh, no, it's fine.

Is it strong enough?

Any stronger,
I'd deputize it.

Well, I'd better get
the water.

No, no, no. It's fine, Chester.
It's good, thanks.

Yeah, well,
I always like it

a little
on the strong side myself.

You know that this is
a pretty nice town.

I mean, when everybody minds
their own business.

It's too bad
it ain't always like this.

Well, if it was, they wouldn't
need you and me around here.

No, no. They'd always need
a marshal.

What for, if there wasn't
any lawbreaking?

Well, to keep it
that way.

I mean, you know there's
a lot of fellas around town

that'd be willing
to break the law.

Make a dishonest dollar.

Except they know if they did,
you'd be after 'em.

Say, tell that
to the government

next time my appointment
comes up, will you?

This what you call
keeping the peace?

Sittin' around
like a farmer on Sunday?

You like
a cup of coffee, Doc?

No, thank you.

United States marshal
you are, huh?

Wish I was. You get paid,
whether you work or not.

Now, what's the matter with you?

Did you lose a couple patients
last night or something?

This town's just
gettin' on my nerves.

Well, you could use
a cup of coffee, Doc.

We got a whole pot
sittin' in on the stove.

It's steamin' hot.

Uh, I've tasted your coffee.

Chester was just saying
he thinks we got

a real nice town here.

Well, Chester can have it.

Say, you did lose
a patient last night.

For your information, Matt,
there is nobody in this town

that's got anything worse
than a bad cold this morning.

Well, all right, then.
Sit down. Take it easy.

You ever-? I'm thinking
very seriously

of moving to San Francisco.

San Francisco?

Yes, sir.

Now, what do you
wanna do that for?

Hell, you've got a monopoly
in this town here.

San Francisco's full
of doctors.

And probably every last one
of 'em is rich.

Forget it, Doc. You're 20 years
too late for the gold rush.

Besides, we need you
right here.

Oh, you do?

Well, you can get yourself
a new doctor.

There's lots of 'em.

I'm just gettin'
awful sick and tired

of working day and night,

and gettin' paid off
with nothing but promises.

I thought you just said
nobody was sick.

That's today.

everybody needs surgery.

Yesterday, they-

What'd he say?

Now, listen here, Doc.

If you need money,
I'll call a town meeting,

and we'll shake it
out of 'em.

But you try to go
to San Francisco,

I'm gonna throw you
in jail.

You can do your practicing
from there.

You will, huh?

Good. Then you'll have
to feed me.

Good. I'll do
the cookin' for you.

The deal's off.

Now, Doc, I'm serious.

What makes you think
I'm not serious, Matt?

I want to go to San Francisco.

Is there a law that says
I have to stay here in Dodge

and grow old and feeble
in this flea-bit town?

Oh, now, Doc.

I always thought that
you kinda liked Dodge.

Well, you give me
one good reason

why anybody
should like this town.

Well, it's a-
I've seen worse places.

Oh, you've seen worse.
Well, then, you must have trav-

You must have been everyplace.
All over the world.

Well, I'll tell you one thing:

I've been to Cuevitas.

Cue- Cuevitas?
I never heard of that one.

Oh, Cuevitas. It's down
in Jim Hogg County in Texas.

I'll tell you one thing, Doc.

For bein' miserable,
it's got Dodge beat

a whole hoot and a holler.

It has, huh?

Well, I'll take
your word for it. I-

This is about as low
as I wanna sink right here.

Well, you never been
to Cuevitas.

No, I never was
in Cuevitas.

And I don't intend
to go to Cuevitas.

I'm going
to San Francisco.

Come on, Doc.
I'll buy you a beer.

We'll talk this over.
No, sir.

You're not gonna buy me off
with any beer.

All right.

Two beers.

He's dead.

We got into a fight.

There's nothing
you can do for him, Doc.

They got him
right through the heart.

There was three of 'em on us.

We didn't kill any,

but I'm pretty sure
we put slugs in two of 'em.

I could tell from the way
they rode off they was hurt.

Did you recognize any of 'em?

Well, I don't wanna get
an innocent man into trouble,

but I swear I seen
one of 'em before.

Who was he?

Well, I might be wrong.

I- I didn't get
too good a look at him.

But I think he was a man
I played poker with

a couple of weeks ago
down at the Long Branch.

Name of Brant.

Howard Brant?

Well, he and his wife
just come out here

a couple of weeks ago.

They got a place
over by Turkey Creek.

You know him?

Well, I talked to him
once or twice.

He seemed like
a real nice fella to me.

Was he one
of the ones you hit?

Yeah, the way he was
hunkered over in the saddle,

I think we got him good.

You better come with us, Doc.

Yeah, all right. Well, you, uh,
call the undertaker about him.

Watch yourself, marshal.
There was three of 'em.

I only see one horse.

The others could be
in the barn.


Come on.

Mrs. Brant.

I don't know you.

I'm the marshal in Dodge City.

I'd like to talk
to your husband.

He ain't here.

Do you mind
if we wait for him?

I'm real busy.

We won't bother you.
We'll just wait right here.

He went to town.

I don't look for him to be back
till tomorr-

That's chicken blood.

I just killed one.

Can't you leave him
die in peace?

Come on, Doc.

Keep an eye out here, Chester.

What do you think, Doc?
Can he talk?

Oh, no.

No, I don't think so, Matt.

I- I've done
the best I could.

Mrs. Brant.

We know there were
two men with him.

Who were they?

It was...Jed Butler's idea.

Howard always would
do anything

Jed Butler wanted him to.

Jed Butler?

Well, Howard knew him

back in Oklahoma Territory.

Him and...

Rod Blake.

They come by here
one night last week,

and they talked to Howard.

I knew the way he acted
after they left,

they was up to something.

But I-I-I didn't ask.

And then...

this afternoon
I was doing my wash,

I heard a shout.

I went out.

And there he was,

laying in the dirt.

They just dumped him there
and rode off.

I s-still don't know
what they'd done.

They robbed a stagecoach,
Mrs. Brant.

And a guard was killed.

Oh, no.

Howard was all right
till Jed Butler come along.

Where'd they go, Mrs. Brant?

I- I don't know.

I didn't bother
to even look.

I'm telling you the truth.

What reason would I have
to protect them?

You might be afraid of 'em.

He was.

I'm not.

Matt, I, uh-

I can't move this man.
He's- He's too weak.

I gotta stay here with him.

You want us
to stay with you?

Oh, no. No, Mrs. Brant here
can give me all the help I need.

All right, but look here.

You watch out for yourself

in case those friends of his
come back.

Well, if they come back,
it's better you're not here,

'cause he couldn't stand
that kind of excitement.

I'm thinking of you, Doc.

I'll be all right.

All right. I'll see if I can
pick up their trail.

If I knew where they went,
I'd tell you.

I'd take you there myself.

We'll get 'em.

Howard's weak.

But he's not
a bad man.

He's not really bad.

I'm sorry this had to happen,
Mrs. Brant.

Doc, is there anything else
you need from town?

No, no. No, nothing, Matt.

All right.

He's gonna die,
isn't he?

Well, I'm gonna do everything
I can for him, Mrs. Brant.

We got no money, Doc.

Well, hello, Kitty.

That poster outside.

You're developing
quite a literary style.

Well, it's not drawin'
many customers.

Why complain?
You've got enough work to do.

I haven't seen you
around in days.

Where have you been?

You read that poster,
didn't you?

I've been out scouring
the countryside for those men.

So far, I haven't found
a trace of 'em.

Tell me just what
do marshals do

when they're not out
riding down bandits.

What'd you say?

I didn't say anything.

I asked a question.

What was it?

Oh, now, Kitty, look-

Now, Matt, don't start
telling me what women are like.

You know, it's not what
women are like that bothers me.

It's why.

You're learning.

I am?

Real slow, of course.

How about a cup of coffee, huh?

No, thanks.
I've tasted it.

You mind if I have one?

It's your coffee.



Think what you've
saved yourself.

Well, look, Chester didn't
make that pot. I did.

You mean that really had
fresh coffee in it

and not four-day-old grounds?

Yeah, I guess that's why
Chester drank it all.

Oh, look,
you didn't come up here

just to turn down
a cup of coffee.

No, I just dropped in
to say hello and-

And also I was kinda curious
about Doc, Matt.

What about him?
Well, he's-

I haven't seen him around

in at least
a couple of nights.


Well, he's not
in his office,

and I was worried

he might be sick
or something.

No, no. Doc's all right, Kitty.

Well, where is he?

Well, he's out in the country
trying to keep an outlaw alive.

So we can hang him.

Oh, that's nice.

Don't worry about it.
He deserves hanging.

Come on. I'll buy you dinner.

Nothing bothers your appetite,
does it?

Eatin' alone does.

All right. Let's go.

Two steaks, rare, Sam.

Don't you ever eat
anything else?

What else is there?
Oh, never mind.

When did you see Doc last?

Oh, two days ago
at the Brants'.

Now, how'd he seem?
What do you mean?

Well, the last time
I talked to him,

I don't know, he, um-

He seemed kinda down.

Oh, you mean he told you about
going to San Francisco, huh?

Do you think
he meant it?

I told him I'd lock him up
if he did.

Oh, that must have
made him feel better.

What'd you want me to do?
Help him pack his bags?

Well, you could have been
a little more sympathetic.

He gets lonely, Matt.

Ah, don't worry about Doc.
He'll be all right.

That's what I love about men.

So understanding.

Mr. Dillon.

Excuse me, uh, Miss Kitty,

I didn't mean to interrupt.

You didn't, Chester.
Sit down.

Yeah, well...

Mr. Dillon, I just saw
Mrs. Brant driving a wagon.

Looked like she had
her husband's body in it.

Was Doc with her?

Well, who's Mrs. Brant?

She's the wife of that outlaw
Doc was taking care of.

Tell him to hold my steak,
will you?

Well, it was close.

You don't have to do that,
Mrs. Brant.

I got no money.

The town will
take care of it.

That's what Doc said.

I rode in ahead
to make the arrangements.

He said he'd fix it up
with an undertaker.

He never did
no such thing.

What do you mean?

The undertaker had
never even heard of it.

I got along this far in life
without charity,

guess I can go
the rest of the way.

Well, that don't
sound like Doc.

How long ago
did he leave your place?

Same time I did.

About five hours ago.

He just put Howard's body
on the wagon and left.

Well, maybe his horse
throwed him.

Ah, his horse couldn't throw
a boy, Chester.

I think I'd better take a ride.

Oh, here, Mrs. Brant.
You- You let me do this.

You go sit on the wagon.

Go on now.

Hello, Tobeel.


Well, you been taking
any scalps lately, Tobeel?

No, white man teach Tobeel
to be civilized.

I'll only shoot in back.
No scalp.

You eat with Tobeel?

All right, fine.

Thank you.

Mmm. Some.

Some possum, some squirrel.

Mm. Also rabbit.

A regular mulligan stew
you got here.

What you call it?

Heh. That's the Irish name
for this Pawnee soup of yours.

You not like? Mmm. You bet. It's wonderful.

Oh, good.
Evening Star fine cook.

She sure is.

Tell me,

you know some settlers
by the name of Brant, Tobeel?


You know where they live?

Tobeel know
where everybody live.

And you know Doc Adams,
don't you?

Everybody know
white medicine man.

Well, Doc Adams left
the Brants' place this morning

headed for Dodge.

But he didn't show up.

I was hoping you might know
something about it.

Very little happens out here
you don't know about.


We need him, Tobeel.

We all need him.

Besides, Doc's a friend.

He's a real good friend.

I don't want anything
to happen to him.

Many men need him.

Some good reason, some bad.

What do you mean?

When bad man get hurt
and want to live,

that bad reason.

Only want to get well
so he can shoot

and kill some more.

You're saying Doc's in trouble,
aren't you?

Marshal want
white medicine man to live.

Tobeel want to live too.

You never saw the man
you were afraid of, Tobeel.

Now, where is he?

Two white men have cabin.

Mm. Hard to find.
Uh, maybe he there.

Why would he be there?

White men outlaw.

One hurt.

Not leave cabin three days.

Cabin very hard to find.

You can find it.

We go.

Well, how is he now, Doc?

There's no change.
I told you before, he's dying.

He better not die.

Well, he is. He's dying.

And there's nothing
I can do to stop it.

I don't believe you, Doc.

I think maybe you're
not doing anything on purpose.

I am a doctor!

I'd do anything in the world
to save anybody's life,

even a murderer.

You go on talkin' like that

and I'll blow you open
with this shotgun, Doc.

Ooh. That shotgun.

Why don't you carry a pistol
like any ordinary man would?

Well, this does the job better.

And I ain't no ordinary man.

That's why I'm here
and he's there

and you're taking care of him.

How many times
do I have to tell you

that I've done everything
I can for him?

Well, that's too bad.

'Cause you're gonna die
when he does.

I ain't gonna leave you around
to spread no tales.

I'm gonna kill you
and then get outta here.

So you better fix him up.

He's holding a shotgun
right on Doc.

You shoot
through window.

I can't take a chance on it.

Even if I shoot him
through the heart,

that gun could still go off
and kill Doc.

We wait
till they come out.

Doc's not comin' out.

Here, take this gun

and get around
by that rear window.

And when you hear
that shotgun go off,

shoot fast.

When I hear shotgun go off?

Before he has
a chance to reload.

You- You-
You give him first shot?

It's a single-barreled shotgun,

He can't get both of us
with one shot.

You sure
there no better way?

I wouldn't be doin' this
if I knew one.

Don't move.

Who's that?

It's Matt Dillon.

I'm unarmed.

Open the door.

I'll come in with my hands
in front of me.

Get over to the door.

Go on and get.

Doc Adams is standin'
in front of the door,

and I got a shotgun
on his back.

Now open it easy, Doc.

Any tricks and I shoot Doc.

He's unarmed.

Get in here
and close the door.

You're a blamed fool.

Hello, Doc.

You got some men
outside, huh?

It won't do you
no good, marshal.

I'll shoot you before they can
get anywhere near me.

I got one man outside, Butler.

And the minute he hears a shot,
he'll start shootin'.

Only then it'll be too late.

Depends on
how you look at it.

What do you mean?

That gun only shoots once.

The second you pull the trigger,
you're done for.

You got it all figured out,
ain't you?

Just about.

Only one thing you forgot:

I'd rather kill me
a U.S. marshal

than a doctor any day.

Go ahead.

Nobody's stoppin' you.


Stay where you are, Doc.

As long as we're separated,
he can only kill one of us.

Why didn't you stay outside,

Things didn't work out that way,

Shut up!

Now, I don't figure this.

You mean you came in here
knowing I'd probably kill you

instead of the doc?

That's what he did.

That's just exactly
what he did.

Why? Tell me that. Why?

Well, because we're friends,
I guess, or something like that.

Let him talk.

You mean to tell me that-?

I'm not tryin' to tell you
anything, Butler.

Just don't pay any attention
to him, Butler.

You wouldn't understand it.

Don't you talk down to me, Doc,
or you'll get it right now.

Go ahead.

Well, you want me to shoot,
don't you?

You'd rather get it than him.

Well, he's dead now.

Well, Butler...

there's a gun at your back
right now.

You want to live or die?

I don't get you, marshal.

I don't get you at all.

Greater love
hath no man than this,

that a man lay down his life
for his friends.

Ain't nobody in the whole world

would've walked
through that door for me.


Make up your mind, Butler.


Never in my whole life.

All right, let's go.

I sure never knowed any people
like you and Doc before.

Sure you ain't crazy
or something?

Maybe we are a little,
who knows?

Let's go.

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