Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 3 - Waste: Part 1 - full transcript

On the trail of thief and killer Ben Rodman in the spectacular Utah wilderness, Matt meets Rodman's latest victim, an old prospector who was shot by Rodman over the water hole the old man had staked a claim to. The dying man entrusts his grandson to Matt's care. Quickly thereafter, a wagon drives up with Maggie Blaisdell and Jed Rascoe at the reins, looking for the same water. Maggie is a madam, gimpy Rascoe her handyman, and the four women inside are her prostitutes. Despite Maggie's profession, she and Matt are old friends, complicated by the fact that she was also once Rodman's girlfriend. It's further complicated that one of the "girls" is, unknown to anyone, the mother of the young boy (she ran off and left him with his grandfather years ago). Matt chats with Maggie and learns that she is taking nearly $450,000 in gold dust to the East to invest in a mining consortium where she's a partner. One of the "girls", treacherous Lisa, overhears the conversation and sneaks out, first draining the wagon's water supply. Then she hightails it to Rodman's hideout and tells him all about Maggie, her stash of gold, and Matt joining the group as part bodyguard and part lawman. Rodman and his gang, including a Bible thumper called "Preacher" sneak around behind the wagon train and chase it into an abandoned U.S. Army cavalry post.

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What you gonna do with
that crawly thing, son? Eat it?

Gonna be a pet.

Get yourself a dog, boy.

Sign back there said
something about water.

Whiskey's 50 cents
back in Rosebud.

That's 'cause whiskey
ain't scarce in Rosebud.

Out here, water is.

You're pretty cagey
for an old corncob.

Gold camps are just...

swarming with hill rats...

digging, scratching...

breaking their backs...

trying to make it rich.

And you're doing it just...

sitting there in
that rocking chair.

I dug for that water.

Just like they
did for their gold.


That ain't no bathwater.

It's drinking water.

Dipperful is 25 cents.

Sweet and cool.

Canteen full is 50 cents.

You heading for the gold camp?

Could be.

I've seen all kinds
pass through here.

You ain't no prospector.


Hey, mister, that'll be $2.00.


Well, let's see now.

Two dippers full at 25
cents each... That's 50 cents.

And, uh, a half a bucket for
my horse is another 50 cents.

And a canteen full... That's
makes a dollar and a half.

That bath you took will cost
you 50 cents extra... $2.00.

You are greedy.

Two dollars or I'll
blow you off that horse.

Over $2.00?






Here, Grandpa.

Here, Grandpa.

Ah, thanks, boy.

Grandpa, I best go get somebody.

What you best get is my jug,

- that's what.
- But, Grandpa... Now...

if I'm gonna linger a spell...

Lord, I'll make it tolerable.

Go on.

My jug's in... I know
where it is, Grandpa.


What are we gonna
do with Willie?

Good morning, son.

Is something wrong?

Look, son, I'm a law man,

and if something's wrong,
maybe I can help ya.

My grandpa's been shot.


Dollar a bucket.

25 cents for a dip.

Who did this to you?


Was he a man about
six-foot-tall riding a bay horse?

That's the one.

You after him?

I've been trailing him
more than a week.

Man: I knew it.

You get to know him.

My time's short?

Willie, got my jug?

Here, Grandpa.

Now, you go out and...

water this man's
horse, no charge.

Sure, Grandpa.

That's a good boy, Willie.

Been lonely for him out here.

Where's his folks?

His Pa's dead.

Sarah, my daughter,
left Willie with me...

about six years back.

Well, where is she now?

She headed out for a
place called Table Rock.

Gold camp about...
20 miles or so north.


you take him there?

All right, I'll take him.

Marshal... will you
pour me a short one?


You taking me to find my ma?

I'm gonna try, Willie.

Think you'd recognize
her if you saw her?

I don't think so. She left
me when I was only three.

This is her.

It's old. Took
before I was born.

Pretty, ain't she?

Yeah, she sure is.

What's her name?


Sarah Hubbard.

Come on.

Hold on there. Hold on.

My name is Preacher Jones.

What do you want, Preacher?

To make sure that
you ain't a-carrying

part of God's good earth

out of them there hills.

No, sir. No, sir.

What's that mean?

Gold dust, brother.

Men have been digging
in the Lord's ground,

and spending it on evil ways.

This here's a jackass mail.
We're headed for Granite Creek.

Well, uh...

You mean letters?

- That's right.
- Sure.

You sure that nobody sprinkled
gold dust amongst all them words?

No, no, no. Just... just
letters and packages.

For loved ones, Preacher.

Open them packs.

- We ain't opening up...
- Uh-uh, United States mail.

Open them packs!

You ain't got no right...

This give me the right!

This give me the right.

Right here.

Somewheres between
Matthew and Mark.


Nice going, Preacher!
Smooth as butter.

They named you right, Preacher.

All right, brothers.
Come on, now, move.

Off the road, come on.

It's lucky for you fellows I wasn't
riding shotgun for them jackasses.

The crows would be picking
at your eyeballs by now.

Well, hello, Ben, I
didn't expect you till later.

Marshal at Dodge kind
of put the wind at my back.

Where'd that mail come from?

It come from Table Rock.

Preacher, you ain't
got the brains of an ant.

In its glory day,
Table Rock didn't see

that many people that
could read, let alone write.

It's a ribbon.

- What do you mean?
- A fake.

Lift them pant legs.

Get 'em up!

- No, no!
- Here.

What you gents hiding there?

Hold still there.


Next time, we'll undress them
first, like Christmas turkeys.

Ha ha! Two of
them, full of gold dust.

- Ha ha!
- Nothing.

Now, what's wrong?

Whiskey money.

Bean money!

Money to buy us gold watches

and fine breeding horses
and women from nowhere

is still up in them hills.

Well, uh, the Lord needs
a man to live simple.

If you lived any simpler, Preacher,
you'd be running with bears.

Hey, we're doing all right.

Well, I've got to figure there's
gonna be pretty slim pickings.

When I came through Table Rock, there
wasn't enough men to get up a poker game.

There you go.


Hey, mister, wake up.

Huh? Hmm?

Don't tell me law and order's
finally come to Table Rock.

What's happened here?

We're having a party.

You ain't never
seen anything like it.

We kicked this town inside out.

You ever...

seen a town die before, Marshal?

We buried this one in style.

Well, why is the town deserted?
Where did everybody go?

Road agents.

There's only two trails
leading out of here,

and both of them
swarming with outlaws.

Ain't no use digging
for it if you can't spend it.

So most folks
just called it quits

and pulled stakes.

I'm looking for this boy's
mother. Name is Sarah Hubbard.


No, I ain't never heard of her.

The only girls up here
worked in Maggie Blaisedell's.



I don't remember seeing anybody
looked like that in Maggie's.

If you say she's up here,

Maggie would likely know her.

Now, where is this Maggie?

Whiskey Butte.


Her and the girls
left while I was...

passing out.

Whiskey Butte.

That's straight north,
crossing them badlands.

Just renegades and lizards.

Are we going after 'em?



Good luck!


Man: Take a good
hold of it, girls.

One more hand on that pole
and we just might get this axle up.

Now, Jed, you know
I got a bad back.

All: All together now. Ready?

One, two, three... pull!

Oh, look at my
dress, it's ruined.


My paint's starting to run!

Oh, no, that's your face, honey.



Well, lookie here.

Careful, darling, you're
liable to get yourself arrested.

Who are you?

My name's Dillon, I'm a
United States Marshal.

What you doing way
out here, Marshal?

I was looking for you folks.

Any of you, uh, Sarah Hubbard?

Maggie Blaisedell?

That's me.

Well, a man back in Table Rock told me
that you might know this Sarah Hubbard.

Said she was there
about six years ago.

Nope, never heard of her.

Well, that don't mean nothing.

A lot of the girls that came
up there changed their names.

Because of, uh, family and all.

Why are you looking for this,
uh, Sarah what's-her-name?

- Hubbard.
- Hubbard.

Well, this boy is her son.

Son? What's he doing with you?

Well, it's a long story.

Willie, why don't you show
them the picture you got.

This is my ma.

It's old. Took a long time ago.


Oh, I knew her.

She was in Table Rock
when I first got there.

Except her name wasn't Hubbard.

Well, do you know
where she is now?

She's dead.

I'll see if I can find
some more wire, Marshal.

All right.

Uh, excuse me, ladies.

Oh, my.

You are a "tree" tall, Marshal.

Now, I always did like tall men.

That so?

They make me feel so, um,

delicate and fragile.

Well, always nice to
be able to please a lady.

My, you are a gentleman, sir,

in the finest tradition.

Oh, you and I shall
have to become

better acquainted
as we go along.

Well, shut my mouth,

and just look at poor little me

and great big you.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing, except all this sugar is
making me sick to my stomach.

Well, the sicker you
are, the better I like it.

Take my advice,
Magnolia Blossom,

and stay clear of him.

Well, I don't see your
brand on him, darling.

And I kind of get the feeling

that he'd like someone younger

and prettier.

And all you've got
to offer is experience.

Victoria, honey.

Oh... Oh!

Oh, you pig!

Let go!

Let go of me, you...
You cross-eyed witch!

I'll let go of you
when you... You toad!


I'm going to drown
you, you hear me?

Oh! Oh!

How do you like that? Ha ha!

Come on, you draggle-tailed fop!

Oh! Oh!

Get off of me!

Aren't you going to
do anything about that?

Hair-pulling ain't my concern.

I'm gonna wash that hair rinse
out, right down to the gray roots!

- Oh!
- Hold back.


My hair's natural, you trash!

Let me go! So I can
pull it out and see!

All right, come on, you
girls, that's enough now.

That's not gonna
handle anything.

Oh, Marshal...

It's... it's just so
hard to be a lady

when you have to
associate with the likes of her.

How'd you ever get tangled up
with that crew, anyway, Rascoe?

Born lucky, I guess.

Some ten years back,

a couple hundred
pounds of mine timbers

come down on my leg.

Well, I wasn't much
good after that.

But Maggie took
me in, give me a job.

Well, who else would
take in a cripple?

All right, up a little higher.

A little higher, Rascoe.

All right, let it go.


Well, whose little girl are you?


I'm an orphan girl.

And I had no place to go.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Still spreading
charity, huh, Preacher?

Easy, girl, that boot might
be part of my foot by now.

It's been on there
more than a week.

Seems all you fellows did
right was bring in this orphan girl.

I've been riding for nothing.

The cows were milked dry.

What do you mean,
Ben? What are you saying?

I'm saying you've been
using the brains of an ox.

If you let half them gold
shipments go through,

them folks would still
be digging up there.

All you think about is
feeding your guts with beans

and washing it
down with whiskey.

- Now, Ben, we stopped...
- You've been stupid!

Well, we ain't the onliest
ones. We got fierce competition.

Billy Hardy and his boys got
most of it, but they pulled out.

Did them Hardy boys run
away with all the cream?

He had more than a dozen men
with him. What did you expect us to do?

Ah, it don't matter now.

As soon as we rest up,

we'll ride out for
greener pastures.

We will if that marshal who was
trailing you don't get to us first.

How you two boys doing?

Be a couple minutes yet.

Willie, we'll need some more
firewood. Will you get some?

Yes, ma'am.

Well, that ought to hold her.


Now if nobody don't mind,

I'm gonna get myself
something to eat.

Well, I hope there's
some food left.

Those girls was eating like
a bunch of starving hyenas.

Must be the fresh air.

Yeah, either that or
they's storing up energy

so's they can kill one another.

Thanks, Marshal.

I don't think we would have got
this wheel on without your help.

Glad I could be of help, Maggie.

I suppose you'll be
leaving us in the morning.

Well, I was
planning to, but, uh,

I don't know, maybe
now I'll stick around.

Something happen to
make you change your mind?

Maggie, uh, who put the false
bottom in that wagon for you?

You got a good eye, Marshal,

but really ain't none
of your business.

Well, it could be, unless you
can prove who owns that gold.

How'd you know about that?

Well, Maggie,

whatever you're
carrying that gold dust in,

it busted loose.

Some of that gold's leaking
out. You better look into that.


Thanks, I will.

A little of it's mine.

The rest belongs to some prospectors
who asked me to take it out for them.

How much you have altogether?

I figure about 48,000.

Those men staked
everything they owned,

including their lives,
to pan that gold.

Only to have some bum

ambush them on the trail.

So I... I figured...

nobody would be expecting
five painted up chippies

to be carrying a
fortune in gold dust.

So I volunteered to take it
on through to Whiskey Butte

and put it in a bank
for safekeeping.

Now the others, they
don't know nothing about it.

Only Jed.

I don't mind telling you.

The responsibility's
been fierce.

You got a lot of guts, Maggie.

Most men wouldn't
take on a deal like that.

You're not just up here
looking for that kid's mother.

No, I'm looking for a
man named Ben Rodman.


I thought he
was still in prison.

Well, he was, but he
broke out about a week ago.

I've been trailing
him ever since.

I guess it'll have
to wait a while now.

You worried about us, or
do you just like the company?

Maybe some of both.



How well do you know Ben Rodman?


Does that answer your question?


Marshal, think I could
ride in the wagon a while?

Sure, Willie.

There you go.

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

Sure is hot.

Whew! Sure is.

Can I ask you something?

Don't see why not.

Well, you said you knew my ma.

That's right.

I thought maybe you could
tell me something about her.

You see, she left me
when I was real little.

I don't hardly remember her.

What is it you want to know?

You said she died. When?

Well, I don't remember exactly.

Two or three years, anyway.

What was she like?

Well, Sarah wasn't
too much for talking.

Let's see.

She, um, she liked music.

She liked to dance.

I guess it must have been
awful lonely for you, huh?

I mean, your ma running
off the way she did.

She didn't run off.

It's just with my pa dead, there
wasn't much else she could do.

Maybe you're giving your ma
more credit than she deserves.

I am not. She did the
only thing she could.



Five women sitting around this
fire, and I'm doing the cooking.

Ain't any of you
good for nothing?

I ain't never had no complaints.

Well, listen to her.

Shut your mouth.

Somebody take
this to the marshal.

I'll take it to him.


Look who's joined
in the competition.

Marshal, here's your supper.

Well... thank you.

Is something wrong?

No, no.

Um... well, I'm
puzzled, I guess.

Oh? Why is that?

Well, according to Maggie,

uh, you're chasing
an outlaw, right?

Yeah, that's right. Why?

Well, how'd you end
up with that little boy?


the man I'm after killed
the little boy's grandfather.

He killed him!


I mean, his grandfather
must have, um...

been an old man.

Why would anyone
wanna kill a nice old man?

Well, this man I'm after doesn't
need much of a reason to kill.

He killed Willie's grandfather
over the price of a cup of water.

Well, then, Willie...
I mean, he...

He doesn't have
anybody to look after him.

Well, what are you gonna do?


I don't know.

Well, enjoy your dinner.





Maggie. Maggie, wake up.

What's the matter?

I thought you said nobody
else knew about that gold.

Nobody did except Jed.

Well, Jed's still
here, but Lisa's gone.

So is one of the horses.


Come on, take a look.

Look, the water's gone.

Well, I think they were just trying
to make sure that nobody got too far.

Look at this.

She took the gold.

Yeah, but she
didn't take all of it.

It would have been
too risky and too heavy.

She probably just took enough
to show a sample to her friends.

There's no telling how far she
has to go to get that news out.

Well, we better move out.


You better go tell the
girls what's in this wagon.

I think they got
a right to know.

All right, you sleeping
beauties, up and at 'em.

Come on, come on,
get up on your two feet.

We're moving out.


Ben, someone's coming!

Ah, it's a girl.

- Hi, baby.
- Oh, honey!

My goodness, what
are you doing here?

This is getting to be the most crowded
orphanage I ever seen. Who is she?

It's all right, Ben,
this here's Lisa.

- She works for an old friend of yours.
- Maggie Blaisedell.

She sent you here?

Well, not exactly.

See, last time Oak was in town
he told me to keep my eyes open.

And he said that if I
come up with anything,

I get a share.

What you got?

Well... just a minute.

- Where'd you get this?
- It's Maggie's.

She's got bags full of it hidden
underneath the floorboard

of her old wagon.

One of them sprung a leak

and she and Jed were
checking them last night

when they thought
we were all asleep.

Can you imagine that old
witch packing all that gold?

Maggie Blaisedell... I
can believe anything.

Where is she?

She's over by Sand
Canyon. I can take you.

- Just Maggie and the girls?
- No.

No, not quite. A law man joined
us the day before yesterday.

His name's Dillon. He's
got some kid with him.

Dillon... that's the
man's been chasing you?

Sure is.

Somebody get a saddle
on this girl's horse.

We're going calling.



We should have been told.

Sitting there with $48,000
right under our bustles

and we didn't even know it.

Maggie could have
at least told me.

Peach Blossom,
if Maggie told you,

that big mouth of yours would
have spread it all over the territory.


I could retire.

You should have
retired years ago, darling.

Why don't you shut your mouth
and use your head for a change.

If that lousy Lisa told
her friends about the gold,

we're in danger.

Why, we could even be assaulted.


They're a good bunch, Maggie.

Most women would
be coming apart by now.

You really think
we're being trailed?

I'd bet on it.

We're moving awful slow, too.

How are they doing, Jed?

These horses got to have some
water, Marshal, or they're gonna drop.

Maggie: Jed's right
in what he's saying.

But water them and we go dry.

You got any idea where there
might be some water out this way?

There's an abandoned fort off yonder
ten or twelve miles into the waste.

They used to have a well there.

Yeah, but it's been
deserted six, seven years.

It's in the wrong direction.

Willie, give me those
canteens out of there.

Yes, sir.

Now, folks,

we're gonna have to
ration the rest of this water.

I'd say about two swallows
a piece until I get back.

I declare, Marshal,

I'm simply gonna
dry up and blow away.

Looked at your hips lately?

Shut it off, this is no time.

All right, thanks, Willie.

You gonna get water?

I'm gonna try, Maggie.

Now, you folks keep
heading for Whiskey Butte.

I'll catch up with
you as soon as I can.


Guard it.

All right, girls.

Stretch your legs.




Mr. Rascoe, the
marshal's back already!

He couldn't have
gotten water that quick.

Maybe he found a spring.

That fort the only
shelter around here?

It's the only one I know of.

All right, then we've got to lighten
up this wagon. Everything's got to go.

Hey, what do you mean?
Not all my beautiful clothes!

There's five men headed this
way, and Lisa's leading them.

I think Ben Rodman's
with them too.

Now, everything has to go.

All right, girls, we keep
only what we've got on.

- What about water?
- No time.

Oh! My wardrobe.

Not my wardrobe.

Maggie, where'd
you get these guns?

Gun runner. Ran up quite
a bill, didn't have any cash,

so he paid me in merchandise.

What about ammunition?

A couple of cases, but not of
these girls know how to shoot.

Maggie, before this is
over, you may have to learn.

All right, girls, get
in here. Come on.


Get yourself on
that board, there.

Wagon was right here.

You did a good job, Lisa.

These ashes are still warm, Ben.

All right, you get back to camp.

No, but you said I
could come with you.

This is as far as you're
going. Now, you do as I tell you.

You tell Stump and the
others that we'll be back...

with the gold.

- Now, get. Go on!
- Oh!

I wished I was as sure as you
about us getting ahold of that gold.

Where's your faith, Preacher?

Oh, faith ain't got
nothing to do with it, Ben.

Now, you told us that that marshal,
he done run you out of Kansas.

You think he's gonna give
up that gold without a fight?

You don't get
nothing without effort.

Besides, if he wants a fight,
he's gonna have his hands full.

He's got that little boy and
he's got them four saloon girls.

That's gonna be like a
lead weight around his neck.

Let's get going.


Jed: Whoa!

Willie: There's the water!


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