Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 4 - Waste: Part 2 - full transcript

Matt, Maggie Blaisdell, her "stable" of call girls and a young boy who's the son of one of the women take refuge from Ben Rodman's gang in an old fort. Unfortunately, the fort has crumbled with age and Rodman and his gang are able to get inside and demand a fortune in gold dust Maggie is carrying for friends. Maggie also has a trunk full of fine hunting rifles and ammo, which she distributes among the group, and though the girls can't hit the broad side of a barn they can scare off any frontal assault. What they don't have is water - one of Maggie's girls turned traitor had drained their barrel before running off to join the gang. With time running desperately short, Matt (and the weather) contrive a scheme to force the outlaws to come headlong after the gold dust, hail of bullets or no.

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Sign back there said
something about water.

Sweet and cool.

Hey, Mister. That'll
be two dollars.

Two dollars, or I'll
blow you off that horse.

Over two dollars?




Bit lonely for him out here.

Where's his folks?

His pa is dead.

Sarah, my daughter...
left Willie with me.

About six years back.

Well, where is she now?

She headed out for a
place called Table Rock.

Marshal... you take him there?

All right, I'll take him.

All right, brothers. Come
on now. Move. Off the road.

Come on.

Lucky for you fellas I wasn't
riding shotgun for them jackasses.

Crows would be picking
at your eyeballs by now.

Well, hello, Ben. I
didn't expect you till later.

The marshal at Dodge
kinda put the wind in my back.


Well, lookie here.

Careful, darling. You're
liable to get yourself arrested.

Any of you Sarah Hubbard?

Willie, why don't you show
'em the picture you got?

This is my ma. It's old.

Took a long time ago.


Oh, I knew her.

She was in Table Rock
when I first got there.

Except her name wasn't Hubbard.

Well, do you know
where she is now?

She's dead.

All right, let her down.

Well, how'd you end
up with that little boy?

The man I'm after killed
the little boy's grandfather.

Oh, then Willie... I mean, he...

He doesn't have
anybody to look after him.

Look, the water's gone.

I think they were just trying to
make sure that nobody got too far.

Look at this.

Maggie: The gold.

Dillon: She probably just took
enough to show a sample to her friends.

Well, we better move out.

Maggie, you better go tell
the girls what's in this wagon.

Think they got a right to know.

Where'd you get this?

It's Maggie's.

There's some bags of that hidden

underneath the
floorboard of her old wagon.

You imagine that old witch

packin' all that gold?

We're goin' callin'.

That fort the only
shelter around here?

It's the only one I know of.

They used to have a well there.

All right, then we gotta
lighten up this wagon.

Everything's gotta go.

There's five men
headed this way.

And I think Ben
Rodman's with 'em too.



Evenin', Maggie.

I sure am glad you're here.

Ben Rodman.

I never saw a cutthroat come
in a more charming package.

You know...

there was a time that
man had me dancin'

to any tune he had
a mind to whistle.

- That so?
- Then I found out about him.

Oh, I knew he was an
outlaw and had a mean streak.

But then, who
was I to be choosy?

Maggie, if it comes down to it,

you think you could
use a gun against him?

I don't know.


Evenin', Jed.

How's it looking out there?

Still as bad water.

Saw you chewin'
the rag with Maggie.

You reckon they'll
jump us tonight, do ya?

No, not in the dark. Not Rodman.

He won't rush us.

How you figure?

Well, he wants us his way. Easy.

He'll size this place
up, take his time.

He'll move in when
he's good and ready.

Can't take too
much time to suit me.

When we get to Whiskey Butte,

are you gonna keep
on working for Maggie?

Well, I guess so. Why?

No special reason.

Do you have any folks?

Now what on Earth
would make you ask that?

It's just no good being alone.

Well, I'm not alone.

I got my friends, and I got...


I swear, you got talking
talents just like your gramp...

You better get some
sleep, you hear?

When are you gonna tell him?

Tell him what?

About you being Sarah Hubbard.

- What do you mean?
- I've known about it...

since I told you about
the boy's grandfather.

I can't tell him.

I can't defend what
I've done or what I am.

You could sure try.

No, I couldn't. It's too
tough, and I'm too tired.

I'm not... still not very
good at lookin' in mirrors.

Amy, why'd you ever
leave him in the first place?

See, Willie's father was a...

Well, he was a dreamer.

We went out to Table Rock
with hundreds of others.

All chasing the same rainbow.

In, um... In about six months

our stake run out.

So I cooked and took in laundry,
you know, just to keep alive.

While Tom went on
digging in that ground.

He'd come home every night
all covered with dirt and sweat.

He was so tired he
couldn't even eat or talk.

Pretty soon it got to a place

where he wasn't even
paying any attention to Willie.

I just watched the light
go out of that man's eyes

day after day.

While he was digging for gold.

All he ever dug
was his own grave.

So I... I thought
I'd served my hell.

That's what I told myself.

And I said, well, it's
time for me to breathe.

Willie was in the way.

So I just left him with his...

with his grandpa.

Yeah, and it's been eatin'
at ya ever since, hasn't it?

You know, there's no more
family to leave him with now.

I don't want him. It's too late.

Why, because he'd
still be in the way?

Because I'm one
of Maggie's girls.

You're making a mistake.

Just save your wind, Marshal.

I don't want him.

Willie! Willie!

I didn't mean it!

Willie, I didn't mean...

Dillon: Willie.



If I was you...

I'd forget everything
else and take that boy.

Oh, yeah.

I've known for a long time.

Now, we haven't been 30
feet away from each other

in the past three days.

I've been watching
you and that boy.

I'm sorry, Maggie, but
it's none of your business.

You're one of my girls, and
Maggie looks out for her girls

whether they like it or not.

Take him. Take the boy, Amy.

Before you end up like me.

I don't know that that's so bad.

You're an honest woman, Maggie.

Look at me.

Is this what you wanna
end up like in 20 years?

Is this what you wanna be?

Every year the rouge
gets a little thicker.

Covers up a lot of sins.

Well, you wipe this stuff off

and you'll be lookin' in a
mirror 20 years from now...

you ain't gonna
like what you see.

Not any better than I do.

Amy... second chances...

very hard to come by.

God, I wish I had yours.

Take it.

Take it, because
it's just likely...

the last chance you're ever
gonna get to bein' a real woman.

Kinda cold out here, isn't it?

Why don't you come
on back to the fire?

Why not?

'Cause she's there.

She's your ma.

She don't wanna be.

Sure, she does, Willie.

You see, it's just
that she's scared.

She don't talk
like she's scared.

Well, see, when people grow up,

they learn not to show
when they're scared,

but most of 'em are anyway
at one time or another.

Well, see, that's the
way your ma is now.

She's scared she's not
gonna be able to do right by ya.

She just don't care.

Willie, one of the hardest
things a man has to learn

is not to judge
people too harshly.

Now, if you wanna be a man,

you're gonna have
to learn to forgive.

I don't wanna go back.

I don't ever wanna
see her again.


guess you got a right
to do what you want to.

I, uh, I better be
gettin' back to the fort.

Oh, Willie, do you, uh...

do you have a knife or anything?

No, sir.


Well, uh, I'm sure
you'll be all right.

It's just that there's a lot of
mountain lions in this country.

Mountain lions?

I'd give you a gun, but we're
gonna need 'em back at the fort

in case those outlaws show up.

I sure wouldn't wanna
be caught out here

without a gun when
they ride along.

Well, good night, Willie.



I reckon you're sorta
shorthanded back at the fort.

Without me being there.

I mean, I guess you could
always use another hand.

To help out with
them outlaws and all.

I sure could use an
extra man, all right.

I... I just didn't wanna mention it
under the circumstances, you know.

Well, I guess I
better go with ya.

Sure glad to have ya.

Oh, Willie.

I only came back because the
marshal needed all the help he could get.


Just give him a
little time, Amy.

- Nothin'!
- I done told you it ain't here.

It's out there!

Now, let's go and ride.

Forgetting that Good
Book again, Preacher.

That's greed I see in your eye.

No, that ain't greed you see.

That's gold.

Well, they ain't going
nowhere without water.

They'll have to fight off the
buzzards to get that gold.

Soon as you fellas stop playing
with them dainties, let's ride on.

Water's gone. We're bone dry.

They're gonna have to get
me to get Maggie, Marshal.

She's been awful good to me.

Well, Jed, just about
time to open class.


All right, now
just hold it steady.

All right, pull the trigger.

All right, now.

Well, that, uh...
that was a good try.

All you do is pull the hammer back
like that and just aim it right down...

Maybe they ain't comin'.

No, they'll be
comin', all right.

Meant a lot to him, you
giving him something to do.

Well, sometimes the worst
thing you can do for a boy

is to treat him like a boy.

I want him.

Even from the time you
rode in, I just wanted to...

put my arms around
him and hug him to me,

but I couldn't.

Why not?

Well, if I'd been strong,

I wouldn't have been without
him these last six years,

but I wasn't.

He was better off
with his grandpa.

Well, that was then.
What about now?

He's only a boy, and
he won't talk to me.

How do I tell him?

Very simple. Just tell him
he's not alone anymore.

Marshal Dillon, they're coming!

All right, Willie. Come on down.

Jed, get all the women and
the rifles in the shed over there.

Maggie! You girls grab
a rifle, get in the shed.

Go on, hurry.

Why are we stopping?

Them wagon tracks is
as clear as cows in a stall.

Ain't but one man who
can shoot straight in there,

but he's pure bad.

Stay out of slug range and
wide space. We'll tie him up.

How's that, Ben?

Stockade's open at that end.

Walls ain't no good
unless there's four of 'em.

Let's go.

They're comin' in.

I think they'll be working their
way around to the back there.

Willie, want you to
stand guard in the rear.

- Go ahead now.
- Yes, sir.

All right, now, girls, Jed's gonna
take you over to the other side

and put you in firing position.

But I don't want any
shooting till I give the word.

- All right, go on.
- Come on, girls. Come on.


Go back, stay with Willie.

Get behind that pole,
Maggie, and stay there.

Come on, right in here.

Put your gun through that crack.

Right here.

Right here. Get in here.

All right.

Hey, those are mine.

You've got yourself in a
pretty touchy spot, Marshal.

That little boy and
all them women.

We start shooting,
someone's likely to get killed.

Just hand that gold over
to us and we'll ride off

and you'll see supper.

You got no water.

All you got's that old
man and that little kid

and them three old tramps
that Maggie brought with her.


Nobody lives.

What do you mean?

Them women and that little boy?

Only the horses.
To carry out the gold.

Get back inside!

Nobody lives? You
talking about them or us?

Where'd they
get all them rifles?

That Maggie's a
tricky old buzzard.

If them women could
shoot, we'd all be dead.

They're just makin' noise.

Is that a fact?

They still got no water.

Them women, that kid...

Dillon's gotta give in.

Uh-huh. And suppose he don't?

We wait.

Two or three days, no water,

we won't have to pull a trigger.


I'd give anything for a
drink of water right now.

Recall a parson-type fella
that tried courtin' me once.

He tried brimstone and fire.

And then sense.

He even offered to marry me.

He came along now
with a canteen of water,

I'd turn decent and
respectable in a St. Louis minute.

It's gonna take more
than a canteen of water

to turn your life
around, dearie.

Guess so.

I didn't mean it.

I been nothin' but...
Well... so have I.

Guess we're cut from
the same leather, honey.

Whatever happened to
that parson fella of yours?


Last I heard he married
a... fallen woman.

Snatched her up
from the flames, he did.

They built a farm and...

had a few kids.

You know...

Last I heard, they
were very happy.

It's too bad.

I mean, too bad he got married.

Wish a fella like
that had found me.

Few years back.

I can't talk to him.

Sure, you can, Amy.

And if you do, he'll listen.

I saw the way he looked at me.


I thought there was nothing left in
the whole world that could hurt me.

Till I saw what was in his eyes.

Amy, you can change all that.

All you gotta do is
tell him how you feel.

Woman: ♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet on ♪

♪ That beautiful shore ♪

♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet ♪

♪ On that beautiful shore ♪

♪ There's a land ♪

♪ That is fairer than day ♪

♪ And by faith ♪

♪ You can see it afar ♪

♪ For the Father ♪

♪ Waits over the way ♪

♪ To prepare us ♪

♪ A dwelling place there ♪

♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet on ♪

♪ The beautiful shore ♪

♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet ♪

♪ On that beautiful shore ♪

♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet on ♪

♪ That beautiful shore ♪

♪ In the sweet... ♪

What are they doing over there?

Getting ready.

Preparing themselves
to meet the Lord.

♪ In the sweet ♪

♪ By and by ♪

♪ We shall meet ♪

♪ On that beautiful shore ♪

♪ In the sweet by and by ♪

♪ We shall meet on
that beautiful shore ♪

You all right, Maggie?


Yeah, I'm all right.

You know, if you knew in the
beginning what you know in the end,

you'd do it all kind of
different, wouldn't ya?

Guess you might do some
things different, all right.

I spent a lot of years loving
all the wrong kinda things.

Wrong men.

Laughing off the things I
really should have cared about.

Them girls...

That's just what they are.

Just girls.

Living it just the way I did.

But they're young.

They got their
life ahead of them.

They ought to have
another chance.

No reason to say they
won't have, Maggie.


No, you're right, Marshal.

It ain't over yet, is it?

Better get some sleep.

Got a long day tomorrow.


How's Maggie holding up?

Ah, she's doing fine, Jed.

She's quite a woman.

Singing kinda
got at her, did it?

A little, I think.

Yeah, well, she can be hard as a
mother-in-law's heart, Marshal, but...

she feels things, that ol' girl.

She always has.

She just loves them girls.


How soon you think they'll come?

I don't know. It's hard to
say. Could be any time.




He won't shoot me, Marshal.

Will ya, Ben?

Well, that depends on
what you're after, Maggie.

What can we do, Marshal?


One move and he'll kill her.

She's carrying the gold.

Keep your guns on Dillon.

It's been a while, Maggie.

You're like a bad penny, Ben.

I thought I'd seen the last of
you when they sent you to prison.

Oh, I didn't like
it there, Maggie.

Food was terrible.

Last time I saw you...

you ran off with every
dollar I had in the world.

Always have felt bad
about that, Maggie,

but I was in a hurry.

You could have asked
for the money, Ben.

I'd have given it to ya.

Well, that thought did
enter my mind, but...

I figured you
might say no and...

we'd have a scene, and you
know how I hate scenes, Maggie,

so I just took the
money and went.

You could have at least
left me a silver dollar.

For luck.

You're an enterprising
woman, Maggie.

I'd never worry about you.


Here we are again.

I suppose you want
it all this time too.


Here it is.

Almost $6,000.

Everything I saved
since I last saw you.

You do want something in return.

There's a kid over there.

A kid.

Nice old man and three women.

Who never did you no harm.

So, uh,

I let them go free and
you give me the gold.

That's the deal?

That's the deal.

Well, there's more
gold over there, Maggie.

That girl Lisa told me about it.

It isn't mine.

This is mine.

The rest belongs to some friends,
trusted me to take it into Whiskey Butte.

Well, I'd like to oblige
you, Maggie, but...

three years in prison's
a long time, and...

I got friends here who are
down on their luck, just like I am.

I guess I should
have known better.

But I thought it
was worth a try.

All right, Ben.

I'm gonna go back.

And I'm gonna bank on the fact

that, for old times' sake,

you won't shoot me in the back.

Goodbye, Ben.



I might not shoot you for
old times' sake, Maggie,

but I'd sure as hell
shoot you for that gold.

I always told myself there
was one spark of decency there.

I'm sorry.


Is it a dog?

That's real good.

Guess out with your grandpa
there wasn't much else to do, huh?

Willie, I've spent most of
the night and half the day

trying to scrape up enough
courage to talk to you.

Could you look at me?

Oh, I don't blame ya.

I can't look at myself too good.

I'm lookin'.


We can stay together?

Like you said, it's
no good being alone.

The girls ain't had a
drink in two days, Marshal.

I don't figure they're
gonna last much longer.

I bet they're just perched out
there like a bunch of buzzards,

just waiting for us
to turn to bones.


Give me some bags of gold.


get over into firing
position there.

Get right over there.

Right here.

Stay right there, you hear?

Yes, Ma.



I'm throwing out the gold.

There's the gold, Rodman.

Five bags, eight
or ten pounds each.

Well, I calculate that's...
That's nearly $20,000.

Ha! The Lord giveth.

Okay, Dillon.

We take the gold,
and you live. It's a deal.

No deal.

What do you mean, no deal?
What'd you throw it out for?

All right, we'll sit here
garglin' water and waiting.

You can't last another day.

The wind is blowin'
that gold away!

Jed, if they go after
it, keep 'em busy.

Lucas. Springer. Oakley.

Get out there and get them bags.

That's open ground.

Get out there! Me and the preacher
will cover you. Use that wagon, go on!

Get ready, girls.


Drop it.


Hold it!

Drop the guns!

Now get the guns down there.

Now get over there.

Good shootin', Marshal.

About $10,000 worth
of good shootin', I'd say.

At least the wind's taken
it back where it come from.

The Lord giveth,
the Lord taketh away.

Not always, Preacher.

Not always.

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