Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 22 - Blind Man's Buff - full transcript

Phoebe is a lonely widow living in the hills alone -- until one day she finds a well-dressed man staggering toward her cabin. The man has been shot in the head, the victim of an apparent robbery attempt (the thieves stole his fine horse). Phoebe, unaware of this, takes in the man, nurses him back to health, and gives him a new name -- Jed Frazier. Meanwhile, back in Dodge, Matt arrests one of the thieves on an unrelated charge. When Phoebe, at Jed's urging, comes into Dodge to tell Matt about the shooting, the imprisoned thief hears about it and calls from his cell window to his partner about how their victim survived his injury and might testify. The gunman asks Phoebe about "Jed Frazier," who meantime has left the cabin in search of his true identity, and gets the information that he's on the way to the train station. Phoebe, realizing she's unwittingly tipped off a killer, rushes to tell Matt...

Announcer: Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


What we got here?

Can't tell a hawk from a fool's
hen 'less'n you're close enough.

Might be a payday, boy.

Come on.

- Howdy.
- How do, brother?

Howdy. How are ya?

There something you
boys want from me?

Uh, no, sir. Nothing at all.

Just stopped off to
do a little howdyin'.

By jing, we come a fur
piece on a short horse.

You're the first friendly
face we've seen.

That's a solemn fact.

Well, I reckon I've howdied
about as much as I have a mind to.

Oh, yes, sir.

Well, we'll just be going on.

Never was one to push company.

Yes, sir.

He's mean, Charlie.

Got spines sticking
out all over him.

See that horse?

And them supplies.

He's got some good
stuff on him, that old boy.

Sure as you're born
he does, Charlie.

Ain't every day you
get a chance like this.

Come on.

Bang on the money
at a hundred yards.

Ain't no hundred yards.

Besides, he's getting up.

He ain't now. Come on!

I get the horse. I get
the horse, Charlie.

You just shuck the
body. Now get! Get!


That's my horse,
Charlie. That's my horse.

You can have mine!

Charlie, you promised.

Don't give me no
more mouth, boy.

Now, shuck that body.

That ain't fair.

Well, most things ain't.


I'll trade ya.

Everything I find on
him for that there horse.

No deal. That old boy
ain't got nothin' I want.

You sure you don't want
none of this stuff now?


You heard me.

You said you didn't want
none of the stuff I found on him.

Yes, you did. Just as sure
as you're born, you did.

Ha. You can keep
that old horse...

Give me that!

I'll kill you, boy.

Now, you get over
there and get that stuff!

Charlie, I get half.

I get half. Just as sure
as you're born, I get half.

All right. All right.

All right, boy. You get half.

Now, you get that stuff and you get
on that horse and let's get out of here,

or as sure as you're born,
them Comanches'll come hunting.

Now get!



Well, Doctor?

Phoebe, you'll be very happy to
know you are in excellent health.

Did I hear you correctly?

Yes, you did.

Your heart is in fine
shape. Just excellent.

All the vital signs are perfect.

But, uh, I can't sleep nights.

My... My stomach is sick,

and my hands tremble.

Dr. Adams,

my father died last year
of a nervous disorder

that had him bedridden
for seven years.

Now, I... I come to
you with the same...

the same ailments,
the same problems,

and you're telling me that
there's nothing to worry about?

Well, Phoebe, sit
down. Sit down.

The symptoms, of
course, were similar,

but the cause
entirely different.

Your father had died
of a nervous disease.

Now, what you
have is a... well, a...

a chronic anxiety.

Now, I'm a doctor.

I'm not a see-er.

But it's my considered opinion

that you've just...

just been alone too long.

How much do I owe you?

Oh, you don't owe
me anything at all.

No, I'll... pay.

Well, all right.

If you insist on paying,

don't you think you ought
to listen to my advice?

I have listened.

Maybe longer than I should have.

Good afternoon, Doctor.



Where are you, girl?

Where... Where...


Remember one whole...

summer with no worries.

The valley.

The lake.

You remember...

You remember what it was like up
in the high country alone together?

You... You remember that, girl?

Oh... Oh, I knew...

I knew I... I never
should have left you.

I never should
have... I never...

And I wouldn't have
if I'd have known.

Remember that winter...

That winter I went away?

It was like a... hundred years.

Oh, I never wanted
nothing but you, girl.

Oh... Girl, don't die.

Don't leave me.
Don't... I won't.

I won't leave you.


Good morning.

How you feeling?

Would you like some breakfast?

You hungry?

I have some chicken
broth on the stove.

I'll go get some.

It's chicken broth.

I made it fresh. I
put it up this morning.

Here. You haven't
eaten in three days.

You must be starved.

You know, my father
was a very fussy eater.

Meat and potatoes.
That's all he ate.

Meat and potatoes.

Now, me, I'm different. I like
a lot of different things, but...

if I fix something
different for myself,

I still had to fix him
his meat and potatoes.

Who are you?

I'm Phoebe.


What's your name?

I don't know.


you must remember something?

Don't you remember being shot?


Well, don't you
remember anything?

Well... Well, don't you worry.

What you need now is rest.

When you're feeling better,
we'll take you in to Doc's.

I'll take you in,
and you'll see.

In a couple of days,
you'll be feeling fine.

Don't go.

Well, I'll just be
in the next room.

All you have to do is call
and I'll come right back.




Well, I'll... I'll stay by ya.

Don't you worry.

I'll... I'll take care of you.

Oh. Morning, Miss Phoebe.

My goodness, Festus.
What you doing out here?

Festus: Well, I had me a paper
to serve for Matthew, and...

Oh, clear out here at this hour?

Sure as you're born.

Man: Sure as you're born...

Sure as you're born...
Sure as you're born...

I'm out here and all that.

If there's anything that
I could help you with,

I'd be tickled to help you.

No, no, no. I... I
don't need any help.

Thank you.


I'd invite you in
for coffee, but...

Oh, no, no. That's
all right, Miss Phoebe.

I'll just...


This here feller needs to
see old Doc. Who is he?

Miss Phoebe?

Phoebe. Phoebe.

You know him, do you?

He's my husband.

Um, yeah, I guess
a half dozen will do.

And, um, uh, shirts.

- Work shirts.
- Oh, sure, Miss Phoebe.

Oh, it should be Mrs. Frazer.

Sure was a surprise to us all
when we heard you'd got married.

Now, about them shirts,

I seen your man a while ago
when you brung him in here.

And I'd say he takes a
large size in a work shirt.

Yes, I think so.

What else do you need, ma'am?

We've got some real nice work britches
from Kansas City just this last week.

Shame on you, Phoebe.

I never took you for
such a deceitful woman.

Running off and
getting married like that.

Without telling a living soul.

It's downright indecent.


Oh, well, it was
all kinda sudden.

Well, sudden or not,

there's a barn dance next week.

And if he feels well enough,

we expect you to bring
him and show him off.

You bet, Miss Kitty.

We're just outfitting the groom.

I won't interfere.
I'll be running along.

Don't you dare
forget about that party.

- And congratulations, Phoebe.
- Oh.


What size did you say
them trousers were, Phoebe?

Jed, you say you don't remember
a thing before you were shot.

Don't even remember that.

You have no idea who did it?

No. Not a one.

Well, there's not much we can do
with nothing more to go on than that.

Now, Doc here says you might

be getting your memory
back little by little.

I hope so. Ain't no
good to nobody like I am.

Well, thank you, Doc.

Jed. Phoebe.

You just remember what I said.

Not much work. A lot of rest.

Well, just... just do what
Phoebe tells you to do.

I'll take care that he
minds, Dr. Adams.

- Bye now.
- Thank you.

Mrs. Jed Frazer.


Can I give you
some elderberry tea?

Papa used to say there's nothing like
elderberry tea to make you feel better.

It's something waking up and
not being able to remember nothin'.

Oh, well, you... you were hurt,

and so you're... you're
tired, and... and...

But, you know, Doc Adams said that
you might recover your memory entirely.

Phoebe... have we got any kids?



Um, there are no children.

We haven't been
married long enough.


you're going to have
to give me some time,

and some help.

Well, we've got time.

We've got all the
time in the world.

I'll make you the best
wife a man ever had.

Phoebe? Phoebe?


Jed, you shouldn't
be out of bed.

Oh, I'm fine. Fine.

I just, uh, can't seem to find
any clothes around here to fit me,

excepting this one you
bought me in Dodge.

Oh, well, there's
a reason for that.

There is?

Yeah. It's, uh...

It's kind of hard to
talk about, but, um...

when you went away,
you didn't come back,

and you didn't send word or
anything, and so I thought...

You thought I'd
run off and left you?


We'd only been married
for a few days, and, uh...

I guess I was kind of upset, so I
gave away everything that you had.

Did I have any
reason to run off?

No. We didn't
quarrel or anything.

But, uh, I had never
been married before,

and I never even...

I never even went out with...

with any men
before, so I guess...

I was kind of frightened.

You trying to tell me that we
was never really man and wife?

Well, I'll be damned.

No wonder I run off.

I bought you some new clothes.

And I've been just
washing them out.

What are you washing
new clothes for?

Oh, well, I think new
clothes are kind of stiff and...

You sure are one strange woman.

Have you seen my pipe?

Your pipe?

No, I ain't seen no pipe.

That's funny, isn't it?

I can't remember anything,
not even my own name.

But I smoke a pipe. I know that.


I ain't seen no pipe lately.

You must have taken it with
you when you went away.

You look a little
peaked, you feel all right?

Oh, yeah.

I guess I'm... I'm just a little
more tired than I thought I was.

Abilene. Abilene.


Oh, just you said the other
night we met in Abilene... Kansas?


Dogged if I can get a picture
of that town in my head.

Oh, well, you shouldn't
let it bother you.

I know it shouldn't,
but it does.

Well, it'll come to you.

I hope so.

Save me a trip up
there to find out.

- Miss Kitty.
- Hello, Phoebe.

How's the man of the house?

Oh, well, come
in, come in, Kitty.

Well, he's just fine. Thank you.

Mr. Frazer, I'm...
I'm Kitty Russell.

How are you?

I thought I'd just stop by and
see how you folks were doing.


And to bring you
a little something.


Here's some, um, some bread...

and salt for the table,

and a bottle of good
brandy for the soul.

Well, much obliged to you.

Uh, won't you sit down?

Oh, thank you.

Well, the real reason
I came by is, um...

just to check and make
sure that the two of you

are going to be at the
party Saturday night.

Party? What party's that?

Well, we're... we're
having a barn dance.

And we all want you
to come into town for it.

That is if you're feeling well and
strong enough, you understand.

No, I don't think so.

Well, there's no reason
to decide right now.

I reckon we'd be
happy to be there.

Well, as I said before,

there's no need to decide now.

Mr. Frazer, I'm very happy
to see you on your feet.

Thank you, ma'am.


Oh, I'll... I'll... I'll see you
to the door, Miss Kitty.

No need for that.

Uh, Kitty, thank you for coming.


how come it is you didn't
tell me about that party?

Oh, well, uh, I...

I... I didn't think
you'd be interested.

Well, don't you think I
ought to be the judge on that?

Well, I don't know
why you'd want to go.

I mean, there are big crowds
and dancing and drinking.


Good. I need me a drink.

I need to see me
some people, too.

Maybe meet up
with some old friends.


Yeah, friends.
That's what I said.

I mean a man's supposed
to have friends, ain't he?

Well, yes... yes, Jed, but you
don't know any of the people there.

Well, then I'll dang
sure get to know them.

Now, lookie here, Phoebe.
I mean, I'm getting...

I'm getting real confused
about everything.

I mean, first I wake up,
I find out I'm Jed Frazer,

who I don't know,
and that I'm married.

Only I ain't really married.

I run off, I come
back all shot up.

Well, I'm better now, and I've
been better for a time, and...

And we've been staying to home
every blessed night since then.

Now, that ain't right,
Phoebe. And it ain't natural.

Now we got us an invite to a real
party here, and, by jing, we're going.


it's so far, and it'll
be so late, and...

Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. We got us any money?

Well, yeah, some.

All right, then we'll get us a room
at the hotel, make a night of it.


Oh, well...

Well, all right.

If you say so.


I'm sorry.

You sure are a pretty
little thing, and I...

I'm beginning to
understand what I saw in you.

Well, now... Here, you're, uh...

too young to wear your
hair like an old woman.



Well, we'll make the
calico crackle tonight.


♪ Bow to your partner ♪

♪ Bow to your pa ♪

♪ Wave out to your ma-in-law ♪

♪ Hold your hand in circles... ♪

♪ Till you're home,
everybody swing ♪

♪ Swing and whirl
that pretty little gal ♪

♪ Swing that pretty
gal 'round and 'round ♪

♪ And put that big foot
down on the ground ♪

♪ Oh, allemande left
to the old left hand... ♪

Promenade 'er home.

♪ 'Till you're home,
everybody swing ♪

♪ Swing, whirl that
pretty little gal ♪

♪ Swing that pretty
gal 'round and 'round ♪

♪ Put that big foot
down on the ground ♪




Jed, you're looking
fine. How do you feel?

Oh, yeah, I feel fine.

I think I growed some.
Is that a good sign?

Well, we're
delighted to have you.

How about some punch?

We will have some, thank you.

Man: Sure as you're
born... Sure as you're born...

Phoebe: Jed?


Oh, thank you.

Jed, what is it?

What's the matter?

I knew we shouldn't have come.

Are you all right, Jed?

I'm fine. Fine. Thank you.

Well, when the dance is over,
we'll introduce you to everybody.

But in the meantime,
I'd like to propose a toast.

To the newlyweds.

I give you Mr. and
Mrs. Jed Frazer.

Man: Hey, he's got a
gun. Somebody grab him.

Jed. Jed. Jed.

Hold on.

Let's get him up to the office.


What's wrong? Why
did you jump him?

I don't know, Marshal.

I just don't know.

Jed, nobody attacks
a man for no reason.

You must have some
idea why you did it.

- No, I don't, Marshal. I wish I did.
- Sorry.

There's something wrong
with your head, mister.

- That's enough, McCall.
- Why are you siding with him?

He's the one that
started it, Marshal.

I'm not siding with anybody,

but nobody goes around firing off a
gun in a crowded room in this town.

Well, what was I supposed to do?

He come running at me like
some kind of wild Comanche.

What was I supposed to do?

Stand there and let him kill me?

Where do you know him from?

Why don't you ask him?

I don't know him.

You heard him say so.

Well, then how come
he jumped you tonight?

Look, I don't know this feller,
and I don't care to know him.

You never saw me before tonight?

That's what I said, Mister.

How many times do I have to
tell you? I never seen you afore.

All right. All right.

Lock him up, Festus.

Hey, now wait a minute.

When you going to
let me out of here?

When I find out about
the wounded man.

If he's hurt bad, you're
in for a good long stay.

Come on. Come on.

Jed, you'd better
stay in town tonight.

We'll talk to him
again in the morning.

Yeah, the missus got us a
room at the Dodge House.

We'll be there, Marshal.

Phoebe, who am I?

Why, what are you talking about?

You know who you are.

No, I don't.

No, I don't, and you
don't either, do you?

Jed, I'm... I'm just too tired
to talk about this right now...

Woman... Woman!

I almost killed a man tonight.

I... I would have too, if
they hadn't stopped me.

Now, I have got to know why.

Why would I try to kill a
man I don't even know?

Will you answer me that, Phoebe?

Can you?


Phoebe, what do you know?

I mean, what are you
keeping a secret from me?

Have I killed somebody?

Does somebody want to kill me?

Why? I mean, where
do I come from?

What have I done?

Who am I?

I don't know. I don't know.

Honest, I don't...

Now, look, Phoebe,
I got to know.

I got to.

You're... you're Jed
Frazer. You're my husband.

Phoebe. Phoebe.

I got to know the truth,

and you're lying to
me, ain't you, girl?


What are you doing?

I'm going to Abilene.

But why?

I got nothing ag'in you, girl.

It's just... if you can't tell me, then
I got to find out some other way.

I'm going to the
railroad station.

There's a train for Abilene,
I'm going to be on it.

If the marshal comes
looking, you tell him...

Tell him when I find out
more about me, I'll be back.

Hank? Hank? Hank?

- You in yonder?
- Charlie... Charlie, that you?

Yeah, it's me. Who'd
you'd expect it to be?


I come to say so
long to you, boy.

So long?

Charlie, you got to get me outta
here. You know that, don't you?

Get you out? Now, how in the wide
world do you expect me to do that?

Well, you'd best find
out, 'cause if you don't,

I'm going to tell the law who
it was that shot that ol' boy.

They'll have your head in a sling in about
as long as it takes to tell a short joke.

I can't get you out.

You expect me to go gunning
against Dillon and them others?

Huh? Do you?

Then there's only one
thing to do, ain't there?

Ain't there?

You got to shoot that old boy
like you meant to the first time.

'Cause I ain't
sitting in this here jail

and waitin' for that feller
to get his memory back.

He ain't going to
remember nothin'.

He done lost his
memory entirely.

Well, how'd you
like to sit here in jail

and be betting on that,
if you was me, Charlie?

No, sir. You've got to shoot him
like you meant to the first time.

That's what you got to do.

'Cause if you don't, I'm going
to tell the marshal on you.

I'll do like you said. Yeah.

You've got to give me some time,
though. Two or three days, or...

- No, sir...
- Two or three days I said!

No, sir, I ain't. I ain't
giving you no time at all.

Why, you could be
in tall grass by then.

No, sir, I ain't.


Charlie, now you listen to me.

I gotta hear that that feller's
dead by breakfast time tomorrow,

'cause in if I don't, you'll
be right in here with me.

That is if the Marshal
don't shoot you first.

I'm giving you 'till tomorrow,
Charlie. 'Till tomorrow.

You hear me?

- Hi.
- Oh, who are you? What do you want?

Well, I don't mean to
be bothering you, ma'am,

but just... just trying to
find your husband, that's all.

Well, he's not here,
so you'd better leave.

Well, I... I know that he ain't.

The desk clerk allowed
as how he went out.

The question is, where's he at?

Well, what business
is that of yours?

Oh, well, the fact is, ma'am, you
see, me and him's good old friends.


- Well...
- That... that's right, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

You see, in the old days, me and
him compadred around quite a bit.


I'll tell you, me and him, we
had us a poke together once,

gold it was, ma'am, and, uh,

quite a bit of it.

And he never got his part.

He's got it coming.
That is, if I can find him.

And... and I come to hear as
how he had himself an accident

and flat run out of remembering,

and I figured I could
help him with that, too.

Oh, I hope so.

He went down to the station to see
if he could catch the train to Abilene.

Maybe if you could
catch him before he left.

Thank you kindly, ma'am.

I do for a fact.

I'll just go on down yonder,

and I'll see that old Jed Frazer
gets what's coming to him.

Jed Frazer.

He said "Jed Frazer."


Mrs. Frazer.

You got to help Jed. He...

There's a man followed
him to the train station.

I think he aims to kill him.

Well, Mrs. Frazer, what makes you think
the man would want to kill your husband?

He ain't my husband,
and his name ain't Frazer.

I... I give him that name ten
days ago when I first met him.

Please, Marshal,
he's in terrible danger.

I know it.

Jed Frazer!

Drop it, mister.

It's all right, Jed.

Marshal... What is it?

Hank... the one
you got in jail...

he's the one that
shot that one there.

Out on the prairie.

Tried to kill him for his horse.


I think a few things are going
to start clearing up for you.

Recognize any of this?

Well, I couldn't say.

Well, according to
the prisoner, it's yours.

And so's that horse outside.

- Good outfit.
- Yeah.

Well, I, uh...

I reckon I'll see if I can't
find out what goes with it.

- Thank you, Marshal.
- Good luck, Jed.

I'm so sorry, Jed.

Couldn't have made
it without you, girl.

But I can't stay.

When I first found
you, or you found me,

I was afraid of you. I...

Later, when you were better,
I was sitting beside the bed.

I... I tried to leave, but
you wanted me to stay.

You took my hand, and, at first,

I... I thought that you
were telling it to me.


You told me about
a life with a woman.

Oh, about a mountain
valley, a lake.

You spoke with such
fondness, such passion.

You didn't know that you were
telling it to me, of course, and...

But I...

I suddenly felt a part of
something so... so very beautiful,

so... so rare.

That was...

a feeling I had never
known before, and...

I wanted so, so much to...

To... to be a part of it.

To share... to share it, but...

Well, you were
broken and bleeding.

You needed
taking care of, and...

I hoped that you'd
stay and... that you'd...

That you'd care for me, but...

Well, I... I understand
that you have to go.

I've got to find out
what I lost, Phoebe.

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