Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 14 - Gold Train: The Bullet: Part 3 - full transcript

Matt, a bullet lodged near his spine, must have surgery immediately. Doc is convinced he's not up to the task...

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Get a stretcher.

Kitty: Doc?

Why are you taking him
all the way to Denver?

'Cause, Kitty, G.
L. Harrington...

is the finest spinal
surgeon I know of anywhere.

And that's what it's gonna
take to safely extract that bullet.

Pick it up and
put it on the bed.

Your turn, soldier boy.

Hold it!

Dead men can't point no fingers.

Newspapers do.


Just look at it.

Must be a billion
there at least.

All right, folks. Stay
right where you are.

My name is Sinclair.
Jack Sinclair.

You might as well know.

'Cause once the law finds
out about this, they'll know.

Mister... the United States Army

will chase you into
hell just to hang you!

Well, Matt, maybe somebody
could reason with him

if all he wants is the gold.

Wouldn't work, Doc.

Why not?

It was my bullet that
took Sinclair's hand.

And you.

You're gonna dig a couple
of graves for the padre.

I'm escorting a prisoner.

Get those irons off her.

I can't do that.

I'll give you three seconds.

Don't twitch a whisker.

Go on.

- Who's he?
- He's a horse thief.

Where'd you come from?

Nebo, take Concho,
search the rest of the train.

Make sure there's
nobody else on board.

Who's he?

Name's Tom Walters.

What happened to him?

Well, when you stopped
the train, you killed him.

He had a bullet next to his
heart, and the jolt killed him.

He don't look dead to me.

Well, he's stiff as a
board. Go on, touch him.

No, no, no, I believe you.

Sorry about your man.

My man?

They just said his
name was Walters.

That's very strange.

When I got on the train, I heard the
conductor say his name was Dillon.

Marshal Dillon.

What's your point?

If the name isn't Walters,

then maybe he
isn't dead, either.

Well, my father's village was
not at all what I expected it to be.

Everywhere I went there was
poverty and disease and hunger.

It was incredible.

I should have done something.


But I felt sorry for
myself, and I ran.

Where'll you go now?

To Denver.

To reject my vows.

Sure hard work being this rich.

- Come on.
- Building that blockade.

All that fetchin'. Totin'.

To take a bullet like this out,

you'd have to
have special skills,

and I haven't got 'em.

Doc, you could dig
a bullet out of a man

with a jackknife in the dark.

You know it.

No, no, Matt.

Not anymore. I'm too old.

Doc, there's more
to it than that.

Now, what is it
you're not telling me?

I don't want to be
the one to cripple ya.

Sure we can't talk a deal?

You sure are pretty.

There's no doubt about that.

Long time ago, I would have
just reached out and took.

But not any longer.


Because I don't need
your brand of trouble, lady.

Now, leave me alone.

I think you lost more
than just a hand.

Don't worry. I didn't
tell him about your man.

They'd kill him. Don't
you understand that?

So what?

Don't you try buckin' me, honey.

As tough as you think you are,

I'm a lot tougher.

You're right. He is my man.

And I'll do anything
to keep him alive.

Even to killing
the likes of you.

All right, let's go,
soldier boys. Come on.


What are we gonna do,
Jack? They got the gold.

We're gonna go after them.

We ain't got horses, Jack.

There's nothing else left to do.

Concho, you put everyone
in the passenger car.

You and Blanchard see to it that
train doesn't move until we get back.

Hold it, Festus.

Whoa. Whoa.

Look at that smoke over there.
They must have got the train going.

Yeah, but it ain't
puffin' like no train.

She's burning steady.

Maybe they're burnin' fuel.

Well, if they are
burning the fuel,

we'll never get that
train out of there.

The only thing we can do is lead 'em
as far away from Matthew as we can.

Maybe we'll get a
chance to double back.

I can't go no further!

I can feel the
blood in my boots.

Come on, Orely, let's go.

I... I can't, Jack. I can't.

Just get back to the
train then. You're useless.

No, I ain't. It's these
boots. They're too tight.

Then take 'em off!

I can't. My feet is all swole.

Get back to the train!

That shooting.

Newly defended guns,

and he may be dead
from one right now.

There are good men
who carry guns too.

Newly said the same
thing, but I don't believe it.

What if somebody was
breaking in to your house?

No matter what happened,

at least when it was over
we'd both still be alive.

There's a lawman on board.

A United States Marshal.


In the baggage car.

Name's Dillon.


I haven't got any
feeling left in my legs.

I can't move 'em at all.

Now, Matt, I want you to tell
me if you feel anything here.


Not a thing, Doc.

Nothing there?


Doc, you've gotta operate,
and you've gotta operate now.

- No, Kitty.
- Why?

Kitty, I'm a doctor.
A medical doctor.

I'm not a miracle
worker or a witch.

I don't have the equipment.

You've always taken
great pride in the fact

that your medicine
bag is always up to date.

I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about my hands.

I'm talking about the knowledge.

When I was in Baltimore,
I studied diseases.

Not spinal surgery.

Don't you understand?

There's no other way left to us.

Kitty, I'd do any...

I'd do anything in
the world for Matt.

I'd carry the bullet
for him if I could, but...

I'm not gonna cripple him.

17 years.

17 years ago this month.

I'll never forget that
first day as long as I live.

It was raining.

And I was cold.

And hungry.

And miserable.

When I stepped
off that stagecoach

and saw those ugly buildings

and... all those muddy streets,

I hated Dodge City.

I was down to my last $40.

And it couldn't have
taken me much further.

But you couldn't have
paid me to stay in Dodge.

I waded over to the cafe, and...

was hurrying through breakfast so
I could get back on the stage, and...

a man came in.

And he sat down
across the room from me.

He was the biggest man I
have ever seen in my life.

And he also ate the biggest
breakfast I'd ever seen in my life.

He was so busy polishing off

all of his eggs and
ham and biscuits

that he didn't even notice me.

But I noticed him.

I noticed him so much...

that I decided to
stay for a while.

And stay I did.

In spite of the fact that, um,

I found out that the big
man wore a big badge,

and he didn't think
he had any, um,

right to get involved in any
kind of permanent relationship.

Oh, we really fought
some battles about that.

Seems to me that, um...

I left three or four times.

Just swearing up and down
that under any circumstances,

was I gonna see him
or his damn badge again.


I always came back.

And once...

he even came to get me.


here we are.

After 17 years.

And that's got to be...

the longest non-permanent
relationship in history.

But I wouldn't
change one day of it.

Not one day.

I noticed that day, Kitty.

I noticed.


You are not with your patient.

Father, I'm... I'm
in no mood to...

to listen to any
conversation at all.

When you took care of
my face, I saw a Bible.

In the bag where you
keep the instruments.

Yes, you saw a Bible.

You believe in God.

Yes, I believe in God, but I don't
see that that's any business...


I don't mean to intrude,

but I couldn't help overhearing the
conversation you had with Miss Russell.


Then you know there's
nothing I can do for him.

Well, I understand there is
nothing you can do alone.


I am a man who knows what
it means to lose one's faith.

When a man loses
his faith, he becomes...


And useless.

And arrogant.

You're a man of faith.

So you have to know
that it is not your hand

but God's hand which
will save the marshal.

If you were the
greatest surgeon alive,

but it is God's will that
the marshal will die,

he will die.

But if it is God's
will that he will live,

you might be the
instrument to save him.


when this train
reaches Denver...

what was it you told
me you were gonna do?

I am going back to the village.

To find the faith I lost.

What about you, Doctor?


there's gotta be some way
to convince Doc to operate.

He won't, Matt. He just won't.

He doesn't feel that
he's got the qualifications.

Miss Dawson?

I'll need an awful
lot of hot water.

You can get it from
the engine boiler.

Would you tell the engineer?

Yes, Doctor.


All right, Kitty, I'm gonna
need a lot of bandages.

A lot of 'em, and I don't
have near enough in my bag.

I wish you'd rip
your petticoat up

into strips about
six inches wide.

Will you do that for me?

Doctor? Can I be of any help?

You certainly can, Father.

I want you to unbolt
that table, if you will.

You'll find some tools
back of this crate here.

We're gonna move this
table over next to the window.

I'm gonna need all
the light I can get.

There you go, ma'am.

If you need any
more, just let me know.

Thanks. I will.

I asked you a question.

Ask Kelliher. I'm
only the conductor.

What are you
draining the water for?

The doctor's going to
operate on the marshal.

Operate? How long
is that gonna take?

I don't know.

Kelliher, how long before
we can move this thing?

- Roughly about two hours.
- No sooner?

Well, not unless you
get a presidential order

or some more able-bodied
men to help cut wood.

We'll help you with
these things, ma'am.

Thank you.

Doc, how long's it gonna take?

I don't know, Matt.
We can't hurry it.

I'm gonna put you out now.

Doctor, can I talk to you?

- Well, not now.
- It's important.

Well, so is this.

Better listen to him, Doc.

Doctor, this train is pulling
out of here in exactly two hours.

Well, I... I might not
be finished in two hours.

The marshal's life isn't the
only one at stake here, Doctor.

- There are the passengers.
- Just a minute.

Don't try to tell me about your
concern for the passengers.

The real reason you
want to get out of here

is so you can get
to a telegraph office

and get your
gold back, isn't it?

The gold is my responsibility.

Festus and Newly.
What if they get back?

If they get back, so
will those renegades.


I don't know how I
can explain this to you,

but the location of that bullet

makes it such that if
this train moves one iota

when I'm using that
scalpel, it could cripple him.

Or kill him.

Two hours.

Now, wait a minute. I've got
something to say about that.

Not anymore. I'm
commandeering this train,

and you'll all take
orders from me.

Two hours, Doctor.

Come on, giddyup. Hyah! Giddy!

Festus, they're all played out.


They ain't only
pulling a big load,

but they're pulling
uphill to boot.

Giddup! Hyah! Giddy!

Look at them fellers.
Just ain't gonna give up.

I guess they figured
we'd run out of room.

I got me an idea, Newly.

Why don't we leave
this here wagon?

Leave the gold to them?

'Course. Just ride these
mules back to the train.

Don't you see?

Well, they ain't gonna
spend it out here.

That's good thinking, Festus.

Just trying to save my
blame hide. That's all.

Whoa. Whoa. Come on, let's go.

If we can circle 'em without being
seen by the time they get to the wagon,

we'll be halfway
back to the train.

The mainest thing is to get 'er
did just as fast as we can do it.

Breathe deep, Matt.

Breathe deep. Deep
as you can, Matt.


Just nice and slow.

Very slow.

That's it.

Breathe deep now.

That's fine. That's enough.

Clean up the area.

That's fine.

All right.

Oh, it's all here.

What you gonna
buy with it, Roper?

Some horses? Water?

You must admit,
amigo, we are rich men.

Better off when I had nothin'.


Whiskers and that other
thing he crawls with,

I'm gonna gut-shoot 'em both.

Those tracks are heading
right back to the train.

Old Blanchard and Concho
sure gonna be in for a surprise.

I never figured old
whiskers for this.

Tell you what, gents?

You're gonna go
back to that train,

and we're gonna take
this wagon with us.

Sun must have baked
out your brains, Jack.

He's right, mi jefe.


Is that so?

Well, let me tell you something.

There's only one or two ways.

We can leave the gold here
and try walking out of this country,

but you can bet that
tin soldier back there

will be after us
with his cavalry.

They'd run us down in two days.

Or we go to Mexico rich men.

Now, you know the only
way that's gonna happen

is if we get to them mules.

And they're back at the train.

Come on, Jack. Why don't we
leave it here and come back for it?

Because that train is on our
way to Mexico. That's why.

We are running out of time.

Now come on. You each got a
pair of strong shoulders. Let's go.

Maybe it won't be too bad.

A lot of it's downhill.


All right, get a move on.

Come on, let's go.

Can't find it.

I'll have to go deeper.

Keep working.

Doc. It's Festus and Newly.

More chloroform.

What's going on?

Well, they left a
couple of men behind.

The marshal got one.

Doc and the captain
here got the other one.

- Where's the gold?
- We had to leave it.

You should have brought it back.

I hate to tell you
this, Captain,

but we didn't get ourselves
shot at for your gold.

It was Matthew we done it for.

- Matthew?
- It's Marshal Dillon.

Don't worry about your gold, Captain.
They can't get far without these mules.

How is the marshal?

Doc's operating
on him right now.

- Operating?
- Yep.

Here. Hold these mules.

With them back, that means that
Sinclair's bunch will be coming too.

It may be tight, but
with two more men,

we might be able to get out
of here a few minutes sooner.

Wait a minute. Doc's still
operating. You can't do that.

They get back here before
we can get this bucket moving,

then there's nothing much we can
do to keep them from taking this train.

They've got more guns than
we have and nothing to lose.

You see that those mules
are put in the first car.

All right. Come
on. Come on, boy.

Jack, look it, it's Orely.

What's he doing coming back?

The train!

The train! They got the train!

They got what?

The train!

Now, nice and slow,
Orely. What'd you see?

Saw... saw them
folks choppin' wood.

The engines chugging
away and smokin'.

What about Concho and Blanchard?

No, no. Didn't see 'em.

Dead, most likely.

It's gonna take
'em a while to...

fire up that steam again
after the fire was out.

Charlie and Roper, get
your rifles, go on ahead.

Do everything you can to keep that
train at a standstill until we get there.

Sure thing, Jack.

Pony, cut off his boots. We're
gonna need his help pushin'.


I still can't get it.

I can feel it.

I can feel a bone
fragment in there.

Gotta get it out.

Give me a small sponge.

Thank you.

When'll she be ready to leave?

She is ready, Captain,
and rarin' to go.

I'll tell you when to leave.

- Right.
- Get everyone on board.

All aboard.

I'll get it.

Doctor, the train's
ready to leave.

I gave you two hours.

I told you, you move this train
one inch and it might kill him.

Excuse me.

Captain, we are all aware that
there are other lives to consider,

but do you realize that that would
be killing this man to save ourselves?

I'm afraid that's what
it's come down to, Father.

Mr. Duncan, tell your
engineer to get this train moving.


You let me know
when he's finished.

All right.

Get those shades down.

What's that up there?

It's coming from the train.

It's still there.

Charlie and Roper are
doing their job, so do yours.

Get this thing going.
Come on, let's go.

Let's go. We'll still
get there. Come on.

Push it. Come on.

Clean this up really good now.

There you are.

All right.

Thing's good and deep.

Wish the others would get here.

Ah, they'll be
getting here soon.

That's fine. I can see.
I can see. That's fine.

That's just fine.

Gotta get that
bone fragment out.

Clean it again, Kitty.

There it is.

There's a bone fragment.

You see it?

Right there.

Got it. Got it.

Now clean it again, will you?


- Once more. Right over the...
- Okay?

Yeah, that's fine. I can see.

Clean it again.

There, that's good. That's good.

That's the son of a gun.

Thank you.

That's it.

- Doc.
- Check his pulse.


How is it?

Well, it's pretty even.

- Doc?
- Yeah.

What do we do now?

We just keep on prayin'.

Father, you can tell the conductor
he can pull this train out any time.

Yes, sir.

Charlie. They're
trying to get started.

It's a sensitive
machine, Captain.

And there's no rushing her!

Come on! Let's go.


Matt, it's Doc. Can you hear me?

Doc... Doc, my legs.

Yeah, what about 'em?

They burn.

Feel like they're on fire.

They do?

Is that bad?


that's the best news
I've had in a long time.

Now, try to move
your legs, Matt.


I can't.

Try again.

They got water down there.

Yeah, we'll get it.

They're comin'. Take 'em now.

Sinclair's back with the wagon.

He blame sure is.

Come on, Newly.

The rest of you stay here.

Secos and I will try to
get a cross-angle on them.

Let's go.

How's the ammunition?

We ain't got much, Matthew.

Sinclair's got enough
to hold out a week.

Yeah, but they haven't
got water, food, or time.

Well, they must be desperate.

We gotta get out of here now.


They're makin' a move!

The other side of
the tracks. Come on.

Push the wagon!
Use it for cover!

- Give it one more go!
- Here we go!

Let's stop the train.

They're on the
train. They'll stop it.

- Whoo-hoo!
- We made it.

We're free! We're clear!

Hold it!

Now throw your
guns out the window.

Throw 'em out.

Now, get down on your knees.

Sinclair, get me loose please.



Matt Dillon's on board.

He is the one who shot
off your hand, isn't he?

They must be on the train.

Take the passenger car.

He's in the baggage car.

He's been right under
your nose all along.

The dead man.

Wait, I told you. You owe me!

You owe me!


Thanks, sweetheart.

But you'd still be in the way.

Shoot him. He's
gonna kill the marshal.

Shoot him.

It ain't stoppin'.

It ain't stoppin'.

What are we gonna do, Charlie?

What are we gonna do?

What do you mean
what are we gonna do?

You're rich, ain't ya?

Look at it!

Here, by yourself
a new pair of boots.

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