Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 13 - Gold Train: The Bullet: Part 2 - full transcript

Jack Sinclair's gang is trying to steal the gold the U.S. Army is transporting on the same train Doc is transporting a seriously wounded Matt to Denver. Festus and Newly commandeer the wagon the gang will use the haul the gold away. Sinclair and most of the gang give chase on foot; the wagon cannot move fast because of the weight of its load. Matt, laying face down, still manages to shoot one of Sinclair's gang. But, in the process, his condition worsens. Meanwhile, the back story of various passengers unfolds, including a priest who doubts his faith.

Announcer: Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Hold it.

Put the knife down.

I want you out of town, Potter.

Come back again
and I'll throw you in jail.


Doctor Chapman, we've
been wondering what...


Festus, how are you?

- Oh, it sure is good to have you back.
- Wait. What are you doing?

Stop that! Quit it!

Seems like you been
gone for a hundred years.

What's the matter with you?

Why didn't you let us
know you was comin'?

Well, just for this very reason.

I didn't want all of this fussin'
around. I didn't want that.

Oh, golly Bill, Doc.

I missed you somethin' fierce.

Get a stretcher.


You didn't get the bullet out.

I can't.


If you don't get the
bullet out, what'll happen?

Will he die?


Why are you taking him
all the way to Denver?

'Cause, Kitty...
G.L. Harrington...

is the finest spinal
surgeon I know of anywhere.

And that's what it's gonna
take to safely extract that bullet.

Real easy. Easy now.
Ease him down. Real easy.


Pretty, ain't it?

I see. It's very good.

Well done.

Won't be long now.

Pick it up and
put it on the bed.

Your turn, soldier boy.

Hold it!

Dead men can't point no fingers.

Newspapers do.

Keep an eye on him, Nebo.

Yee-haw! Just look at it.

Must be a billion
there at least.

All right, folks.

Settle back and relax.

- The engineer.
- Where's Nelson?

They killed him.

- Look at them pretty boots. Get 'em off.
- What?

You heard me. Get 'em off,
or I'll put air holes in your toes.

Come on.

All right, folks, my name
is Sinclair. Jack Sinclair.

You might as well know.

'Cause once the law finds
out about this, they'll know.

Mister, the United States Army will
chase you into hell just to hang you.

Well, now, Captain, you just
said what's expected of you.

I'm sure everyone here's
gonna vouch for the fact

that you displayed the
proper amount of backbone.

Now sit down.

They're still tight,
but they're sure pretty.

The leader of the whole pack just
come right out and said his name.

Jack Sinclair.

Well, Matt, maybe somebody can reason
with him if all he wants is the gold.

Wouldn't work, Doc.

Why not?

It was my bullet that
took Sinclair's hand.

And you.

You're gonna dig a couple
of graves for the padre.

I'm escorting a prisoner.

- You a lawman?
- Pinkerton.

You were escorting a prisoner.

Now you're gonna dig graves.

Now get those irons off her.

I can't do that.

I'll give you three seconds.

- Sure hard work being this rich.
- Come on.

Building that blockade...

all that fetchin', totin'.

You know what I am, don't you?

I've had some practice, yeah.

If your husband sent the
Pinkerton men after you,

he's not in a forgiving mood.

$5,000 can mean
ten years in prison.

He wouldn't.

I hope not.

I've been there. And it stinks.

Can I go with you?


You'd just be in the way.

Now please... sit down.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

You ran, didn't you?

You're not a Mexican.

You're a gringo coward.

You are a thief.

A bandit.

Like the village of your
father, mine was also very poor.

When a man wanted to
survive, he became a farmer.

When he wanted to
live, he became a bandito.

And when he wanted to grow fat,

he became a priest.

But you, padre...

you don't even have the
courage to be a good priest.

Don't twitch a whisker.

Go on.

- Who's he?
- He's a horse thief.

Where'd you come from?

Nebo, take Concho,
search the rest of the train.

Make sure there's
nobody else on board.

It's locked.

Break it down.

It ain't givin'.

Blow it open.

Hold on! Hold on!

Haven't you got any
respect for the dead?

Who's he?

Name's Tom Walters.

What happened to him?

Well, when you stopped
the train, you killed him.

He had a bullet next to his
heart, and the jolt killed him.

He don't look dead to me.

Oh, he don't?

Well, go on, touch him.

He's stiff as a board.
Go on, touch him.

No, no, no, I believe you.

Did y'all have somebody
else traveling with you?

Tongue-tied and whiskered?

Festus, yeah. He
was helping me. Why?

Well, he was helping
himself to one of our horses.

Well, where is he?

He's up front.

If it was up to
me, he'd be dead.

Well, sorry about
your patient, Doc.

Give our regards to the widow.

That was a close one, Doc.

Never saw anybody yet

who liked to touch a dead man.

Here, let me have this.


Just a dead body.

And one of the meanest old
cuss doctors I've ever seen.

You mean there's been a dead
body back there all this time?

No, he... he was alive
before we hit that barricade.

Name was, uh, Walters.

Was the doctor armed?

Just with his mouth.

He ain't gonna be no trouble.

All right, Nebo, go on back to
the gold car and help them unload.

All right.

I thought you said a man died.

I sure can say
this for you, padre.

You are a worker.

Go on.

Thank you.

Sorry about your man.

My man?

Why, that poor man that died.

While my friend and I were
boarding the train back in Dodge City,

I saw you with him.

I can tell he was your man.

I'm sorry, Miss.

Mrs. Tipton.

Beth Tipton.

Well, I'd like to be
alone, Mrs. Tipton.

You understand.

They just said his
name was Walters.

That's very strange.

When I got on the train, I heard the
conductor say his name was Dillon.

Marshal Dillon.

What's your point?

If the name isn't Walters,
then maybe he isn't dead either.

They believe he's dead.

But what happens
if they come back?

We'll face that when it happens.

What's wrong with your cheek?

One of them hit me.

A priest?

Well, I hit him first.

He hit me back like a
man would hit another man.

Well, why'd you hit him?

Because he called
me a gringo coward.

And because it is true.

Wait, let me have
a look at that.

I was ordained in Denver.

I was also born there.

My parents were from Mexico.

So when I became a priest, I asked to
be sent to my father's village in Mexico.

I went there
feeling very priestly.

Priestly and noble.

Full of goodness.

Someone they could look up to.

Well, my father's village was
not at all what I expected it to be.

Everywhere I went, there was
poverty and disease and hunger.

It was incredible.

I thought they would listen
and respect every word I said.

But they were too
tired or too sick,

or too hungry to listen.

And they heard all
the words before.

They didn't need anyone's sermons.
They needed food and medicine.

They needed help.

I should have done something.


But I felt sorry for
myself, and I ran.

That man, he may be a renegade,

but in his way, he's much
more honest than I am.

Where'll you go now?

To Denver.

To reject my vows.

Gold, boy. All I
ever dreamed about.

Ever figure your dreams
to weigh so much?

Well, it'll be less work
spending it, all right.

Depending on how you spend it.


Is that all you
have loaded so far?

Well, this ain't easy, Jack.

I know it's not, but
we gotta get busy.

We ain't even had a rest
since we started, Sinclair.

I gotta get off my feet,
or I'm gonna fall down.

You complaining again, Orely?

Them fancy new boots
hurt your feet, Orely?


Look, we're all
getting tired out.

And even before we
get that wagon loaded,

we've got a long way to
go before we get to Mexico.

None of us has slept
in two days, Jack.

They have a
point there, mi jefe.

Well, I'll tell you what.

We put some of those passengers
to work. How about that?


Put it down and let's go.

You and you.

You help load the gold.

Now, that includes you
three soldier boys here.

Neither I nor my men will work.

Never knew an officer
yet work up a sweat.

Aiding and abetting the
enemy, huh, Captain?


I don't have the patience or
the time for your military ethics.

Now, you work.


You heard him, Captain.

Hold it right there.

Everybody stay where you are.

Now, all of you,
don't anybody move.

Don't give the padre
more graves to read over.

Now, pick him up.

You all right, Captain?

You just seem bound and
determined to get killed.

I still refuse to work.

You fool.

Be a good soldier by all means,

even if it gets you or
anybody else killed.

Now listen to me.

You're gonna work,
or I'm gonna kill you.

And I'm gonna kill your men.

Now, it's that simple.

Like your military logic.

Now get out of here.

All of you, go on.

You heard him. Move it!

The rest of you just
stay where you are.

Newly said that...

that men who wore
guns weren't all the same.

Well, they all look
the same to me.

- What was it?
- Nothing. Nothing at all.

- What was it?
- Nothing.

I'm gonna give you
something for your pain.

Doc, I don't want anything for
my pain. What happened out there?

Well, Matt,

that Army captain
tried bucking those men.

Did they kill him?

No, they just kinda
roughed him up.

We gotta do something.

There's absolutely
nothing, Matt.

We're 50 miles from nowhere.

Doesn't matter. If there's any
chance at all, we gotta take it.

I'll tell you one thing.
Those horses are the key.

We gotta get rid of 'em somehow.

Just don't move, Matt. Don't...
There's nothing you can do, I tell ya.

Doc, I'm a lawman.

Well, I'm a doctor.

And you're gonna... Well,
you're my responsibility,

and I want you to stop moving
around on the table here,

or I'm gonna sit on ya.

Doc... why don't you
take that bullet out?

Well, Matt...

I've dug a lot of bullets
out of you. You know that.

But, well, this one's different.

What's so different about it?

Well, it's because
of where it is, Matt.

It's, uh, well, it...

To take a bullet like this out,

you'd have to have special
skills, and I haven't got 'em.

Doc, you could dig a bullet out of
a man with a jackknife in the dark.

You know it.

No, no, Matt.

Not anymore. I'm too old.

My eyes and my
hands are too old.

No, to do something like this, you
have to have young hands and eyes.


Doc, there's more
to it than that.

Now, what is it
you're not telling me?

I don't wanna be
the one to cripple ya.


That there's the doc, Sinclair.
Wants to look at the captain's head.

You must be a
mind-reader, Doctor.

I was just gonna send for you.

Captain back there passed out.

Wait a minute, Doctor.

Let me see that bag.

You just get the captain on
his feet. I need him to work.

All right, get working. Come on.

Hey, Doc, you get through
plugging his sawdust,

take a look at
my feet, will you?

They're burning up.

Don't wanna get close enough
to your feet to look, Orely.


All right, lay still.

Hold still. Don't move.

It's not as bad as it looks.

How do you feel?

My ears are ringing.

Feel like getting up?

I'll try.

All right. Wait a minute.
Just a minute now.

I'm gonna help you. Hold on.

All right, let's go.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Don't mention it.

You just try to
stay alive, that's all.

- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Festus.

- All the blamed...
- What are you squallerin' about?

Oh, I mashed my blamed fingers.

Go on, get back to work.

I can't go to work. I told
ya, I mashed my hand.

Doc, take a look at
whiskers' fingers, there.

Come here, Festus.

Patch him up. Broke
or not, he works anyway.

Captain, you go on
and take his place.

Charlie, why don't
you help some?

'Cause I'm a watcher not
a doer, Orely. That's why.

Got anymore coffee in there?

It's them three
right there, Doc.

How's Matthew?

Well, he's gonna
get himself killed.

Matt don't intend to let
those men ride out of here.

Oh, ow! Ow! Doc, that's...

- Wait a minute.
- Maybe me and Newly can do something.

Matt says get rid of the horses.

Doc, you sure...

Doc, you through
with whiskers yet?

All finished.

You get on back to work.

Why don't you do
something your own self,

you knot-headed ninny?

Doc had something on his mind?

About Matthew.

Let's just get rid
of them horses.

Bullet in him, and he's still
fixin' to stop these fellers.

Maybe nobody'll have to
stop 'em. It's starting to rain.

All right, quit your gabbin'.

This might help.

How did you get out here?

Your Mexican friend.

He said when it's
painful you take a walk.

Didn't he also tell you
that I like to be alone?


But I told him I liked you.

What did he say?

Something in Spanish.

But it sounded romantic.

But then most everything
in Spanish does.


Does it really hurt?

No, it's not the arm
that's bothering me.

This rain.

Why? It's much cooler.

Well, if it keeps up like this,

everything between here and the
mountains is gonna be a sea of mud.

We're never gonna get
the wagon out of there.

I see.

It's almost funny.

You've thought of everything.

Didn't it occur to
you that it might rain?


But then, you see, my
life is made up of risks.

I weigh them, and
then I take 'em.

When the price is right.

You travel heavy, don't you?

Don't the Pinkerton men
search lady prisoners?

That belongs to him.

Caldwell. That's his
substitute for nerve.

He's just trying to live, lady.

Like any of us.

He's a coward.

You saw how he backed
down halfway into his boots.

In his place, you wouldn't have.


Maybe if I had, I
wouldn't have had...


What are you thinking?

What am I thinking?

I'm just wondering why your
husband is even bothering about you.

I have a life to live too.

Yeah, I can see that.

The whiskey help?


How'd it happen?

Well, I'll tell you.

There was a girl.

And you know what? She bit me.

Turned out she had rabies.

Please. Don't joke.

Oh, yeah.

It was a bullet.



Named Matt Dillon.

I wasn't lying when I
said that I liked you.

From the time I
boarded the train, I knew.

I just knew.

Do me a favor, sweetheart.

Stop that sugar talk, will you?

There's no way I'm
gonna take you with us.

What if I make a bargain.

I said no way.

We're gonna do
some hard traveling.

The Army's gonna be after
us. The law's gonna be after us.

I don't need the Pinkertons
or your husband too.

Sure we can't talk a deal?

You sure are pretty.

There's no doubt about that.

Long time ago, I would have
just reached out and took.

But not any longer.


Because I don't need
your brand of trouble, lady.

Now, leave me alone.

I think you lost more
than just a hand.

I think we're both
cripples, Mrs. Tipton.

Now, go on.

I need some air.

What did you say to Sinclair?

None of your business.

Don't worry. I didn't
tell him about your man.

Why not?

Because it wouldn't
have done me any good.

Suppose it could.

I'd do anything not
to go back to Denver.

They'd kill him. Don't
you understand that?

So what?

Don't you try buckin' me, honey.

As tough as you think
you are, I'm a lot tougher.

You're right. He is my man,

and I'll do anything
to keep him alive.

Even to killing
the likes of you.

Que pasa, hombre?

I sent you a pretty present.

I guess you didn't like her.

Sure, I did.

Except I'd wake up one morning
with my pockets picked and her gone.

Roper said it would
not be long now.

All right.

Hey, amigo.

That village of yours, is
that a good place to settle?

Ah, sí. It's very peaceful.

If you want it that way.

Yeah, it sounds good.

I'll be along.

I guess it will
clear up soon, huh?

What's going on out there, Doc?

Nothing at all.

The rain's quit.

It's hardly enough
to settle the dust.

It'll be sunup
in a little while.

Fixin' to make a move, it
better be pretty sudden like.

Quit your gabbin', you two.

They finished
unloading the gold yet?

No, not yet.

Well, then what are you
so interested in out there?

I just wanna... Here.

Just lie still. Be quiet.

Now, lay back down there.

All right, let's
go, soldier boy.

Come on.


What are we gonna do,
Jack? They got the gold.

- We're gonna go after them.
- We ain't got horses, Jack.

There's nothing else left to do.

Concho, you put everyone
in the passenger car.

You and Blanchard see to it that
train doesn't move until we get back.

Well, Matt, they're going
after the gold wagon.

How many of 'em went?


Well, that leaves two.

Good. The odds are going down.

Yeah, they sure are.

Hey, you in there.

Come on out.

Open up, old man, or
I'm comin' in shooting.

Well, for heaven
sakes, what is it?

Come on. Everybody stays in the passenger
car till Sinclair gets back with the gold

and your friends' carcasses.

Come on. He don't
need no company.

All right, over here.

Hyah! Hyah!

Fresh, amigo. The wind
has not even left its mark.

Hold it, Festus.

Whoa. Whoa.

Look at that smoke over there.
They must have got the train going.

Yeah, but it ain't
puffing like no train.

She's burning steady.

Maybe they're burning the fuel.

Well, if they are burning the fuel,
we'll never get that train out of there.

The only thing we can do is lead 'em
as far away from Matthew as we can.

Maybe we'll get a
chance to double back.

Hyah! Hyah!

You're not gonna hit anything
except the horses at this distance.

Save the ammunition.

Jack, we ain't gonna catch 'em.

Yes, we are.

They got the advantage
right now, but so have we.

How's that?

As long as we keep on moving
them towards those mountains,

we got a chance. You hear?

That terrain up
there's pretty steep.

Too steep for a wagon to travel.

Sooner or later they're gonna
be forced back, so move out.

Newly, these here horses
are slowing us down.

We was smart, we'd shoot 'em.

Yeah, if we was smart,
that's just what we'd do.

I couldn't do it either. But
what are we gonna do with 'em?

I don't know.

Whatever it is, not now.


What are you looking for?

What are you gonna do now?

Was it your
backbone in that flask?

What'd you do with it?

Where is it? Tell
me where it is.

- Let go.
- That's enough of that.

- Stay out of this.
- Sit down.

Sit down.

Thank you.


We got a problem.

That woman knows about Matt.


That shooting.

Newly defended guns.

And he may be dead
from one right now.

There are good men
who carry guns too.

Newly said the same
thing, but I don't believe it.

That's true. Awful
lot of men wear guns.

And I know one who
also wears a badge.

And his gun has saved a lot
more lives than it's ever taken.

Killing is killing.

What if somebody was
breaking into your house?

No matter what happened,

at least when it was over
we'd both still be alive.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Guns are a part of
this life, young lady.

Just exactly the same as the
breed of men who use them.

Hyah! Giddup!

Giddup! Giddup!

I can't go no further.

I can feel the
blood in my boots.

Look over there.

Charlie, look over there.
See 'em over there?

All right, move out.

Come on, Orely. Let's go.

I can't, Jack. I can't.

Just get back to the
train then. You're useless.

No, I ain't. It's these
boots. They're too tight.

Then take 'em off!

I can't. My feet is all swole.

Orely, you got petrified brains.

If we get a hold of that
gold, with your share,

you'll be able to buy every
pair of boots in Mexico.

None as pretty as these.

Orely, get out of here.

Get back to the train!

He's nuts.

I know.


If I tell you
something important,

will you help me?


I need your word
you'll protect me.

Who from?


What are you afraid of her for?

All right, I'll see she
don't get near ya.

What is it?

Doc, I'm afraid that
woman is killin' Matt.

There's a lawman on board.

A United States Marshal.


I'll only tell you after I
get some sort of guarantee

when you leave, I go with you.

Well, you'll, uh...

you have to talk to
Sinclair about that.

He's not here.

Besides, don't you have any say?

Sure, I got say.

If this train reaches
Denver with me on it,

chances are I'll go to prison.

Well, lady, that...

that would be a pure shame.

If I tell you where
to find this man,

will you help me
get out of here?

Well, I... I'll do
what I can, but, uh...

this lawman
you're talking about,

he can't be much if he
ain't made a move yet.

I saw them carry
him on the train.

Back in Dodge City.

He was on a stretcher. Hurt bad.


In the baggage car.


He's a dead man.

No, that doctor
fooled everybody.

There's a marshal back there.

And he's alive.

Name's Dillon.


Blanchard, where you going?

You remember that dead
body in the baggage car?

This little girl says he's
alive and his name is Dillon.

Wait. Let me go.

All right.

Wait a minute!

Sit down! Sit down!

Now, hold it,
everybody. You hold it.

Wait. Let me tell you something.

You kill Matt Dillon,

and every lawman in the country

will chase you
from here to hell.

Go ahead, Concho.

Everybody, just sit
down and take it easy.

Tie him up and put
him in the gold car.

You're going to Denver, lady,

and it's gonna be a real
pleasure for me to take you there.

Any others?

No, just those two.

The others are after
Festus and Newly.

How is he, Doctor?

I don't know.

We'll get this train moving
as soon as possible.

Any man who can swing
an axe, come with me.

Doc, I haven't got any
feeling left in my legs.

I can't move 'em at all.

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