Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 15, Episode 23 - Morgan - full transcript

Matt is away, and Morgan sees his chance to take over. He breaks into the Long Branch, and Kitty is forced to take action.

ANNOUNCER: Gunsmoke,
starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.

MAN: No.


MAN: Marshal, open up.


Got a wounded man out here.

FESTUS: Hold your
taters. I'm comin'.

I'm comin'.

MAN: Straight ahead.

Keep moving.

Leave the gun.
Stable the horses.



Drop the gun.

Drop it!

Know who you just shot, lady?

Cole Morgan.

You're in a lot of trouble.

MAN: Clint.

There ain't no sign
of the gunsmith.

We better find him fast or
Morgan's gonna have our heads.


MORGAN: Get that
shoulder fixed quick.

Well, you'd be a lot
better off up in the office.

Get to it.

MAN: Just a girl upstairs.

Just sit and stay
out of the way, miss.

You know her?

Yeah. We kind of grew
up in the same town.

How's the street?

Came off exactly like you laid
it out except for the gunsmith.

He's loose
somewhere in the town.

Get out in that street and let this town
know that somebody is gonna get killed

if that gunsmith
doesn't show his face.

Hold it.

Is this the one you were talking
about? The marshal's woman?

She was two weeks ago
when I scouted out the town.

She can be your
somebody. Take her with you.

Make it loud and clear that
we'll bury her on the spot

unless that gunsmith
gives himself up.

All right, just a minute...

Now, old man, I don't need
you so bad I can't bury you too.

It's all right, Doc.

Don't get your patient excited.

Get busy.

I'll get busy when she
gets back in the saloon safe.

- Trent?
- Yeah?

Tell Clint to rough that woman
up some, show we mean business.

All right. I'll start.

But you better start to
worry whether I finish or not

if anything happens to her.

- Greer, get me a drink.
- Yes, sir.


You hear me?

Now, you show yourself, or
somebody's gonna get hurt.

Startin' with this pretty
lady from the Long Branch.

NEWLY: I'm coming down.

All right. Anybody tries to leave
town tonight is gonna get shot.

The gunsmith here is showin' good
sense. The rest of you do the same.

Go back in your houses and
get your sleep like any other night.

Why don't you get that gun off
the carriage and bring it inside?

Gunsmith, you're an
important man tonight.

deviation in that timetable,

I wanna know
about it immediately.

Right. Carter's over at
the telegraph office now.

Here's the gunsmith.

What's your name?


Well, Mr. O'Brien, I've got a deadline
for you, three o'clock this morning,

to ream the chambers
of that Gatling gun.

How much ammunition
do you carry?

I don't have anything
at all to fit a Gatling.

We know that. I meant
Sharps ammunition.

I want that gun fixed so that
Sharps cartridges will fit it.

I don't think I have any Sharps.

He's lyin'. I've seen at least
three cases in his storeroom.

Well, Mr. O'Brien, that'll
be the first and last mistake

you're gonna be allowed.

Take him to his shop and let
him bring back anything he needs.

Doc, let's make some time here.

You're gonna take this
thing out, aren't you?

Oh, yes, I'm gonna take it out.
You're gonna have to take some of this.

- What is it?
- It's laudanum, puts you to sleep.

- How long?
- Most of the night, I guess.

Make it half an hour.

I don't think you understand
me. This is gonna hurt.

That'll be my worry.

Yours'll be how careful you
measure out that laudanum.

What time is it, Trent?

Almost 1:30.

If I'm not awake in 30
minutes, shoot the doctor.

Let's move along
a little faster, sarge.

We wanna get out of
here as soon as we can.

Thanks, Adam.

I'll tell you, Matt, I'd sure hate to
move that gold through those canyons.

Well, if we skirt Buckland
and stay in the open country,

I think we can make
Dodge before daylight.

I'd hate to take it alone.

Anything happen to that shipment,
they'd hang me up by the ears.

Well, why don't we ask
Fort Dodge when we wire in?

I still think we're better off to
stay in the open country myself.

I'll tell you, knowing old
High Pockets at the fort,

the only thing you're gonna
get out of him is a very short

"Better stick to
the original plan."

- Let's try.
- Move out!


Acknowledge the
message. The usual way.

Siding on schedule. Request
re-route via Buckland area.

Should still arrive
Dodge City before dawn.

All right, relay that on to the fort.
Any particular way you raise the fort?

Just: Message Fort
Dodge. Wait for a go-ahead.

Send it.

And don't forget, I was
teethed on one of those keys.


- Acknowledge arrival...

at Smithtown.

Route change...



Commandant, Fort Dodge.

Well, you gotta have
a little faith, Lieutenant.

Looks like the old man
had a good meal tonight.

NEWLY: I'll have to ream
every barrel out by hand.

As long as you finish by three.

I'm gonna need some help,
somebody that knows what they're doing.

Well, you got somebody in mind?

Festus Haggen. He helps
me out in the shop sometimes.

If you want me to get the job done
in time, I'm gonna need proper help.


You two get the deputy.
Bring him over here.

It's been a long time, Jenny.

His face, Doc. What
did you do to his face?

What about his face?

It's a mess.

Well, I can't help that.

It'd have been a lot worse

if I hadn't taken those bone
splinters out of his cheek.

Hey, Doctor, how's
he gonna look?

- I... I mean, Morgan was...
- Vain?



he's gonna have a scar.

I can't help that either.

When he wakes up
and sees what you did...

He was one man who...
sure admired his looks.

MAN: Sure wish
they'd get that gun fixed.

I'd feel a lot better knowing
we had that as backup in hand

when the marshal
gets here with the gold.

MAN 2: Don't worry. Morgan
knows what he's doing.

We wouldn't be here if we
didn't think we could pull it off.

MAN: Yeah, I know,

but don't forget it ain't just the
marshal we gotta think about.

He's got a detachment
of cavalry with him.

MAN 2: With that Gatling
gun, we could handle an army.

MAN: Yeah, I'm gonna go
down to the telegraph office

and see if there's been
any change in their plans.

MORGAN: How's the shoulder?

You're gonna have
to be careful with it.

Clint, have you heard
from Smithtown yet?

Yeah. The gold shipment's
right on schedule.

They got word from Fort Dodge
to go by way of Buckland Flats,

but it won't hurt us any.

- Still be in before light.
- Good.


Will there be much of a scar?

Well, some people
heal different.

There better not be.

The most important thing is that
shoulder. Don't move around too much.

Doc, your hands I
needed. Your mouth I don't.

Why don't you go home
and get some sleep?

I figure you're smart enough
not to leave that office of yours.

See that he gets
there and stays there.

You got supplies
for when we leave?

I figured I'd wait till you got on your
feet before I went over to the store.


I'll get to it.


Caught him taking a
horse from the livery.

What kind of trip
were you gonna make?

Ridin' to see the marshal,
that's what I was doin'.

I heard them fellas of yours
talking about the gold comin' up.

Well, you don't know Marshal
Dillon. He'll figure it out.

Here, here, quit that! Can't you see
Louie ain't in no shape to do nothin'?

Maybe stretch his neck a little? Give
the town something to think about?

- Leave him alone!
- I give the orders here, Red.

Throw him in jail.

You can consider this a
request in place of an order.

Break out some good
brandy if you've got it.

Don't forget you men are
working against that clock.

We've been told
that a time or two.

I got a lot of
confidence in you boys.

I never thought you'd take up
with a man like Morgan, Clint.

It's the way things
happen sometimes.

The way things happen?

You were ready to kill
Miss Russell in the street.

I never killed anybody.
I wouldn't hurt her any.

How long have you been
riding with Morgan and his men?

For a time.

You mean the trains he
robbed, the bank holdups?

I said for a time.

Why, Jenny?

Why'd you run out?

Clint, you know that answer.

Almost set out to... buy
that land next to your pa's.

But you stayed away.
You never did come back.

And you're certainly
proving I showed good sense.

All right, I teamed with
Morgan. What did you do?

Head out to the nearest saloon?

Some drunken wrangler losin'
his month's pay, you starin' at him?

Clint, that's not fair!

I don't know, Jenny.

I guess we both lost.

But we can go back.

No, Clint. No, Clint, you can't
go back, not from where you are.

We'll go below the border. We'll
pull a curtain down behind us.

Clint, I'm a woman.

Someday I wanna have babies.

So don't talk to
me about a border.

I need to be told about a home,
a farm, about loving a husband

without wondering if some
marshal's coming after him!





No! No, please, let me go!

Let her go!

All right, come on.

Come on.

If Morgan finds out you
pulled a stunt like this,

he's gonna stake the
three of you out to an anthill.

Now get out of here.

Jenny, I...

All you have to do is mention Morgan's
name and everything's taken care of.

Well, I'd sure take
real pride in that.

Newly, you puttin' in
actual effects in this gun?

It's gotta operate, Festus.
There's nothing I can do about that.

And us just stand by while
Matthew and them soldiers get...?

I don't intend to.

Spread the nose
on a few of these.

Gun'll blow apart
if we time it right.

Blow both of us
apart if we don't.

- Where we gonna put 'em?
- About the middle.

Try to time the test so it'll
blow when they handle it.

If you don't mind,
I'm not drinking.

You weren't asked
to enjoy the company.

You know, I've never
met your marshal,

but from what I understand, he
commands considerable respect.

You planned the takeover
of this town very well.

But to plan a
wholesale slaughter...

Slaughter? I never
plan slaughters.

I avoid them like the plague.

You see, a gold robbery
is an item in a newspaper.

But a marshal and a cavalry patrol
being buried with full military honors

is something like a bad meal.

It takes a long time to digest
and longer still to forget. It's bad.

Then why are you
repairing that gun?

To use, of course,
but only as a threat.

You don't think the marshal
and those soldiers'll fight?

Well, I don't know.

But I intend to explain carefully
to them how they're handicapped.

You see, the Gatling gun
and the rifles of my men

have them blocked
into the street.

But of equal weight,

the marshal won't know what
may happen to the hostages I have,

so I don't think he'll attempt
anything foolishly heroic.

Always one step ahead.

I try to be.

Don't you think one of these days
you might be overreaching yourself?

Well, there's always the
possibility that the game may end.

But when it does...

Regret is a form of self-pity.

I think this is one time when
you have overreached yourself.

- Marshal Dillon is...
- Marshal Dillon.

No man is God, Miss Russell.

I'm glad you're acknowledging
that, Mr. Morgan.


I just hope this marshal of yours
hasn't lived as long as he has

without developing
some sense of prudence.


Doc, open that bag and
take whatever's necessary

to put my face
back the way it was.

Nothing like that in this
bag. I can't work a miracle.

I'll give you ten seconds
to see it differently.

I did the best I could on your face
and I personally think it was a good job.

MORGAN: Maybe you
could do a better job on her.

FESTUS: Now, just...

You touch her, Morgan, and
there ain't nothin' on God's earth

can make us finish
workin' on this here gun.

Morgan, it doesn't make sense.

- Are you giving me orders?
- I'm giving you advice.

If we don't get that gun ready,

we might as well saddle up right
now and leave this town empty-handed.

- Clint's right, Mr. Morgan.

- DOC: Morgan...

I don't care what happens to
you personally, but as a doctor...


You know something?
Your concern touches me.

Get him out!


Get down to that
telegraph office.

See if there's any more
changes in the route they're taking.

Maybe you ought to
be gettin' some sleep.

- More advice?
- No, sir.

There ain't one of us wouldn't
follow you anywhere you say.

But that's only 'cause you
never let nothin' personal get...


Get busy on that gun!

Doc, you mentioned
Morgan's shoulder in there.

Is he gonna have trouble
riding in the morning?

Well, he's got trouble
right now. He's got a fever.

I wouldn't bet he's
gonna ride anywhere.


They're passing through
Bellefonte on schedule.

Still arrive Fort
Dodge before dawn.

We might as well make it
nonstop into Dodge City.

I don't see any reason
stopping at Four Corners.

Well, I expect
you're right, Matt,

but it means waking up the
old man to approve the change.

Marshal, do you have a
new operator in Dodge?

Why do you ask that?

Well, every operator
sends differently.

This wasn't Barney's
touch on this key.

Ask the operator
to identify himself.



Send back I'm a young fella the
railroad sent down for you to break in.


Barney's back on the key.

He's breaking in a new
man the railroad sent him.

I figured this was a
new man on that key.

Your time's up at three.

We're finished.

Trent, have 'em
set it up in the street.

TRENT: Get it outside.

Young lady.

You go tell that woman I want her
out here and bring that brandy bottle.

How are you feelin' now?

You know it's our skins too

if you do anything to make this
job any more complicated than it is.

We've got some hard
ridin' to do in the morning.

When the time comes,
you just tie me in the saddle.

That could kill you.

Well, that shouldn't make
you and the others too unhappy.

You divide up my share.

I don't care about that now.

What else did you ever
find worth caring about?

Fill it.

Take her outside.


I wonder if you have any
idea how sick a man you are.

So you think your
marshal is gonna win out?

- You seem a little worried about it.
- How far does it go between you?

That's none of your business.

Not afraid, Red?

You know I'm not leavin' you as
happy tomorrow as I found you.

- What does that mean?
- It means I'd never forget it if I did.

And I never leave unfinished
business behind me.

You know, if you'd been in a fight with
a man and gotten shot, even in the face,

you would have ridden out of
town proud of the way you looked.

Difference is that
man'd be dead.

Yeah, but you can't leave
a dead woman behind.

But you gotta leave something
that people can whisper about.

What can you and me
whisper about, Red?

There's another side of
you that I'm learning about.


You're really a very boring man.

You'll find me less boring
when your man rides into town.

You'll be followed, Clint.

Wherever you go, the
law's gonna follow you.

Not if you head
far enough south.

If I send you word
later, will you join me?

Clint, you could be lying
in a street by morning.

Don't you have
any thoughts at all

for the people who may die
here because you rode into town?

Jenny, I can't undo
what I've done.

I'm asking you if you think
we can get together again.

Clint, don't send me any word,
because I won't answer you.

- Good working order, gunsmith?
- As far as I can make it.

That trough at the livery.
See what you can do.


The livery door.

Try that peddler's cart.

That's a direct hit.

Young lady.

Move over here and
stand by this gun.

What's goin' on?

I'm not quite sure these gentlemen
haven't arranged a surprise for us.

Let's try a few more, gunsmith.

Put her back.

If you want somebody to
stand near that gun, I'll do it.

Her I can do without.
You I need, or think I do.

That first clip
isn't finished yet.

Mister, you can quit this here
cat-and-mouse game you're a-playin'.

You were gonna blow
the gun, sacrifice yourself.


Mr. O'Brien, I think I mentioned
you'd be allowed only one mistake.

That ought to keep the
doc busy. Put 'em both in jail.

Check those clips.

Sometime soon you and I are gonna
have to have a serious discussion.

How about you
handling the gun, Clint?

I don't run this
outfit. Morgan does.

Well, he ain't actin' like it.

This is gonna hurt you, Newly.

Go ahead, Doc.

So what about the
marshal and them others?

I know what you mean.

They ain't gonna stand a prayer of
a chance if they use that Gatling gun.

It's almost four.

They should be crossing
the south wash about now.

You think you're too
good to serve my men?

I want an answer to my question.

It's near that time.

You and him never bend.

Well, that just makes
the breakin' all the easier.

- Isn't that right, Red?
- Morgan, we...

Shut up!

Well, Red, I need an
answer to my question.

What you need is a doctor.

They're comin'! They're
comin'! Get those torches out!

We should be standin'
by that gun now.

They're comin' up
the back street now.

Have her show her face
the second he reins in.

Get to your positions!

That shoulder of yours, Morgan...
Maybe I could handle the gun.

I'll handle it. You just
keep those clips handy.

You sure you feel well enough?

Well enough to throw you off this
balcony if you open your mouth again.

Load her up!

You girls come over
here and sit down.

Somebody starts shoutin',
gettin' things worked up,

there'll be a lot of
dead bodies out there.

Something none of us wants.

That'll be them, I reckon.

We do any shoutin',
that gun'll open up on 'em.

That's just about what
they're figurin' on too.

Come on, Big Matt.

Move out.

Mornin', Marshal.

Draw a gun and you've
got big trouble in the street.

Mr. Morgan will
explain it to you.

You know what this can do.

Now, we can agree that
what's in the back of that wagon

isn't worth those
boys of yours dyin'.

- We can agree on that all right.
- Then throw your guns in the street.

Have your men do the same.

He's got the whole town, Matt.

Let's do as we're told, boys.


- I heard you didn't bend that much.
- Morgan, don't push him.

I heard you were a man
who wouldn't step back.

He's got men all over town.

- Cole Morgan, huh?
- We never had the pleasure before.

No, you've never
been in Kansas before.

All right, Big Matt,
get off your horse.

Have your men do the same.

What now, Morgan?

- What do you think of him now, Red?
- Morgan.

Just a big sweet man down there.

Looks like you got
yourself a standoff.

Is that what you call a Gatling
gun looking down your throat?

I'd call it the high hand.

Not much sense in going any
further without the stakes on the table.

- What does that mean?
- You better look inside that wagon.


There ain't no gold, Mr. Morgan!

- It's empty!
- No gold.

The lieutenant and the rest of his
men took that gold right to Fort Dodge.

Looks like we'll have to play
out this hand some other time.

I'm not a joker!

No, Morgan!

No, Morgan!

He's gone crazy. Let's get!


Kitty. Are you all right?

I... I'm fine, Matt.

Nothing I... ever did
seemed to turn out right.

Nobody's fault but
my own, I guess.

You're gonna be all right.

Jenny, I wish we could go back.

Maybe we can, Clint.

Maybe we can.

Kitty, are you sure
you're all right?

I am now.

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