Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 15, Episode 22 - Celia - full transcript

Newly's best friend becomes the victim of a con game perpetrated by a pretty young woman and her partner.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

- He said what?
- Said he was celebrating.

Think it's gonna be one
expensive celebration.


That's enough.

What's going on
here? Who started this?

Marshal, I... And old Newly!

For a man who can't drink,
Ben, you're doing all right.

Ben's been trying to prove that
he's better than the Bar-W boys.

Marshal, I'm buying you and my old
friend Newly here all you can drink.

Ben, I'll tell you what
you're gonna have to do fist.

You're gonna have to
pay for all these damages

and then you're gonna spend
the day in jail sobering up.

Marshal, maybe I
could sober Ben up.

I don't think he's ever
seen the inside of a jail.

Ben, do you think you
can behave yourself

if I turn you over
to Newly here?

Salt of the earth, Marshal,
you and old Newly!

Appreciate it,
Marshal. Come on, Ben.

Want you to be my
best man, Newly.

- Whoa.
- Sure.

But right now a good cold bath.

DRIVER: Mrs. Arthur Lane.

Best man?

Ain't a better way to
describe you, Newly.

Ben, you're getting married?

That's near to what I mean.

Miss Celia Madden.

Thank you.

- It's her.
- Who?

Well, he said it plain out.

Celia Madden.

Can't be. She's beautiful.

- Who is she?
- Wasn't supposed to come till tomorrow.

I marked it down. Here.

And she's too pretty.

Ben, are you
saying this is the gal?

Well, we've been writing, but...
but she never told me she was so...

You mean you're set to marry a gal
you don't even know, you never seen?

One more up here, Miss Madden.
I'll get it for you in a minute.

Thank you. No hurry.

I'm in trouble, Newly.

Girl that pretty ain't gonna
marry a big homely ox like me.

Well... I gotta get
sobered and cleaned up.

Newly, you get to her, and
don't let her come to my shop.

Well, she ever sees
me like this, well...

Don't even figure a pretty
girl like that'd be lonely.

Miss Madden, I'm Newly
O'Brien, a friend of Ben Sommers.

Oh. Oh, please, come in.

Ben and me saw the stage come in
today and, well, you being a day early,

Ben asked me to come
over here and meet you.

He's been working in that blacksmith
shop of his all morning and...

and he wanted a chance
to appear presentable.

Oh, I see. May I
offer you a chair?

- Thank you, ma'am.
- I was... I was just unpacking.

Well, don't let me stop you.

- A friend of Ben's.
- Known each other for years.

I guess I don't have
to ask if he's attractive.

Attractive men always have
attractive friends, it seems.

Thank you.

I guess you know that Ben and I
have been writing to each other.

As a matter of fact, I didn't.

Oh, well, then... I guess that
makes it a... a private matter,

I mean, Ben
keeping it to himself.

If you don't mind me asking,
how did you start writing?

I am from Nemaha County.

- I'm afraid I never heard of that one.
- Yes, that's what I mean.

It's very close to
the Missouri border

and, oh, I think we had three
farms in 100 square miles.

It's the kind of place where you
find yourself talking to the deer

coming down from the hills.

Well, that's why
I started writing.

It was fun writing to people,
you know, in all sorts of places.

But then Ben and I, we started writing,
and we've just been writing ever since.

Ben, he was... well, he said
something about marriage.

Well, yes, but we...
we both agreed

that we had to get to know
more about each other.

- So he asked you to come to Dodge.
- Yes.

Well, we thought it would
be fun to meet in person,

and, well, of course, Ben,
he couldn't leave his work.

Tell me, Mr. O'Brien, uh...

is... well, is Ben...?

He's the hardest working
man in Dodge City.

Oh, yes, I'm sure
about that. It's just that...

Well, his...

his letters, they were so...

gentle is the only way I
know how to describe them.

He's a gentle man all right.

In fact, he don't even take a
drink, except on special occasions.

But he's no prude.

I'm sure of that, you know.

Well, that's when
I started writing...

That must be him
now. Let me get it.


This is Miss Madden.

Well, you've sort of met.

- I'll leave while you get acquainted.
- No.

I mean... flowers.

- For me?
- Oh, no.

I mean, I brought
flowers. I... I... I mean...

Oh, they're beautiful.

I better get back to my shop.
Nice to have met you, Miss Madden.


- You didn't really have to, Ben.
- Oh, I...

Uh... Sure is warm in here.

Bet you didn't expect
anybody so ugly, huh?


Oh Ben, I... I was...

I was worried you might
be disappointed in me.

Disappointed? Oh, no.

Well, you're so...
so... Well... I'm...

Welcome to Dodge, Celia.


Thank you.

Thank you.

No, no, you have
missed the point entirely.

All I'm trying to say to you

is that according to
Darwin's theory of evolution,

somewhere along
the line, away back,

you've got an ancestor that
swung from the trees by his tail.

I'd just like to see you look my
Grandma Hog-Haggen in the eye one time

and say that to her, especially
if she had the skillet in her hand.

You don't hear him
talking about his grandpa

jumping around in the trees
a-grabbin' at bananas, do you?

Well, my ancestors were...

Well, here comes somebody looks
like he's got something on his mind.

- How about a beer, Newly?
- No, thanks, Miss Kitty.

None of it figures.

They're gonna get
married, so it's no secret,

but it just don't figure at all.

Who's a-gettin' married?

Ben Sommers and some
gal that came in on the stage.

- Ben's getting married?
- Some gal he's been writing to.

He sent away for her
and, well, she's here.

She comes from Nemaha County,
some place up near Missouri.

Well, now, that there's what I
call sendin' a long ways for trouble.

She doesn't look
like a farm girl

and she's got a dress that looks
like she bought it in San Francisco.

Well, she could have ordered
it from a mail-order catalogue.

But not the way she was
trying to hide it from me.

- Hide it?
- That's what it looked like.

Newly, I wouldn't get involved
in Ben's romance if I were you.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't
get involved in anybody's romance.

I bet you that's good advice.

Quickest way to lose a friend

is try to tell him what kind
of a girl he ought to marry

or he hadn't ought to marry.

Doc, this gal is in town because Ben
Sommers has a prosperous business,

I'm sure of it.

He's a lonely man, he loves kids, and, I
mean, he's wide open for a big letdown.

Newly, don't underrate Ben.

He may look like a big, slow-thinking
ox, but he's not a stupid man.

Well, a man's looks are
not that important anyway.

No matter how bad a man looks,

there's always some
girl that looks upon him

as the most dashing, the
most handsome, the most ro...

With a few
exceptions, of course.

I don't think it's gonna be too hard
to find out what's on this gal's mind,

and I can't... I can't just sit by and
let Ben Sommers get his feelings hurt.

I'll see you all later.

- Yeah, Newly.
- See you, Newly.



Let me try it.

Well, go on.


My, that's heavy.

You get used to it. It's
about what I do all day long.

Well, you're terribly strong.

Kind of comes from working hard.

From your letters, I've...
I've seen it 100 times.

Been doing it most all
my life... blacksmithing.

Oh, it must get awfully
warm working in here all day.

Oh, well, along about
the middle of the day,

you could find me sweating some.

But I wash off clean
as soon as I'm done.

I'm sure you do. I wasn't
concerned, Benjamin.

Always called me
Ben in the letters.


But didn't mean to get forward.

You're never that, Ben.

I, uh... kind of like
your name... Celia.

Hope I'm not
interrupting anything.

Oh, no. Come on in, Newly.
We... We was just talking.

Ben, I knew you'd
be busy working,

so I thought I'd show
Miss Madden around town.

Well... behind some
in my work all right.

Takes a friend to
think of that, Newly.

Miss Madden.

Oh, wouldn't trust you
with nobody else, Celia.

Newly's my brother.
Brother I never had, that is.

Tell you what, as soon
as I'm done working,

we'll all go have supper
together at Delmonico's.

- Come on, Miss Madden.
- Oh, Celia.

Celia. Celia.

- Uh... Uh...
- Yes, Ben?

We'll ride out tomorrow and I'll
be showing you my farm then.

600 acres of prime land.

Well, like I said in my letter, sell the
smitty business and get to farming.

An old big house and
room for kids to run around...

Oh, well...

You two go on and have a
good time. I'll see you at supper.

Just never thought
Dodge was such a big town.

You should see it when the herds
are in, the money that changes hands.

We have some of the richest cattlemen
in the country passing through Dodge.

Right there's my gun shop.

You haven't told me too
much about yourself, Celia.

Did you live on a
farm with your folks?

Oh, no, it was a family who took
me in when my folks passed on.

Working a wheat farm's
pretty tough work for a girl.


Northern counties, good
wheat country, I hear.

We raise nothing special, just
some cows and some chickens.

Coming south, I thought I saw
more wheat land than up north.

Lower part of the country's
starting to build up too.

I'll just bet anybody dealing with
guns would do real good business.

You bet. The best.

As a matter of fact,
I tried to talk Ben

into opening up a gunsmith
shop over in Garden City.

But he's got his
blacksmith shop.

Well, it's really a hand-to-mouth
business, being a blacksmith.

Ben tries hard, don't misunderstand
me, but he barely gets by.

Really? It seems to me that
he's doing very, very well.

You're a very
pretty girl, Celia.

Oh. I do thank you, Mr. O'Brien.

A pretty girl in Dodge can
really do all right for herself.

Lots of bachelors running
around, rich spreads and so on.

- Tell me more about Ben.
- Ben?

Ben's a fine man, but
he's set in his ways.

A little old-fashioned,
you might say,

a woman's place is
in the home and so on.

He's got his mind set
on raising a dozen kids,

just like his own mother had.

A dozen kids?

Well, he likes big families.

But, then again, he's
hardheaded about a lot of things.

You and Ben will
be waiting a while,

give yourself a chance
to become acquainted.

I kind of like
what I see in Ben.


- You all right?
- Yes, I'm all right.

It's just these... these
new shoes I bought.

Here you are.

Been looking for you two.

Newly's been showing
me his gun shop, Ben.

Oh, yeah.

Feel like having that
supper now, Celia?

Oh, let me go to the
hotel and freshen up first.

Sure. Call for you
in, say, ten minutes.

Uh, sure do appreciate you
making Celia feel at home, Newly.

- It was my pleasure, Ben.
- Yeah, bet it was.

You still planning on
having supper with us?


Come to think of it, maybe it
wouldn't be such a good idea after all.

I mean, you might have
a little trouble chewing.

Why's that?

Bad enough you knowing
how I feel about Celia,

but you being my best
friend, well, it makes it worse.

You just have me see you put
another hand on her and I'll...


Ain't been lived
in for some time.

Except old Angie.


Come on. I'll show you.

Oh, Ben.

Oh, aren't they sweet?

Old Angie kind of
attached herself to me,

times I'd come out
fixing up the place.

Oh, they're darling.

I guess old Angie
went out hunting.

Come on inside.

Well, it ain't much now,
but... but I got plans for it.

Oh, Ben, it's... Well,
it's real home-like.

A while back, I... I got to figuring
not to stay a smitty all my life.

I mean, you do the same
thing most every day.

But a farm, with lots of land,

well... well, a man can... can...
well, no telling how far he can go.

A real ambitious man.

Well, maybe us writing like
we did, it got me more ambitious.

Uh, Celia...

I love you, Celia.

We don't know
each other yet, Ben.

That's true, Celia. You
don't know nothing about me.

I ain't no handsome Dan,
that's one thing for sure.

Oh, Ben. Ben, looks
aren't everything.

And I don't mean that you're
not a good-looking man. You are.

Well... There is so much
strength and... and kindness in you.

You mean you... sort of like me?

Can't you tell?

That's sure good to hear.

Kind of heard it's
the way it's done.


I'm asking formally for
your hand, Celia Madden.

I promise to love
and cherish you.

I promise you'll never
want for the rest of your life.

I promise to protect you.

I promise, Celia, to devote my
whole life to making you happy.

Celia... you're crying.


You were crying?

You got a lot to learn
about women, Ben.

We also cry when
we're most happy.

- I'll keep it confidential, Carl.
- Well, I ain't saying you won't.

But the bank don't give
out information like that.

Even to help a depositor?

- You mean Ben's in trouble?
- It's possible, very possible.

The last withdrawal he made
was five weeks ago, $100.

He still...

He still has almost
2,200 left in his account.

Do me a favor, Carl,

if Ben makes any large withdrawals,
you let me know right away.

- Oh, now, Newly...
- You'd be helping, believe me.

- All right.
- I appreciate it, Carl, believe me.


I'll give the fire a boost. Then
we'll have lunch and talk things over.

Oh, Ben, let me come with you.

We're gonna throw the
biggest party Dodge ever seen.

Oh, but, Ben, I don't think
we should be too extravagant.

There, now, see, I am
talking just like a wife.

Well, I... I kind of like
to hear you talk like that.

Miss Madden.

Hey, mister, what do you want?

Well, I've spent a little time
looking for you, young lady.

Look, mister, who are you?

My name is Blake. That's
neither here nor there.

But I'm guessing you're about
to walk into the same trap I did.

Now, you wait right here,
young lady, and discuss business.

Or do you wanna discuss
it with the marshal?

- You get your hands off her.
- Mister, this is between her and me.

You put another hand on her,
you'll find out who it's between.

Now, you look. I've been through
what you're about to go through.

The whole thing.
Starting with letters.

Then a $100 train fare to
bring her out to Masonville. Huh?

That 100 became 500 real quick,

she saying she was gonna
buy furniture, china and so on.

Then another 100
here, another 100 there.

Before she left town, she was
better than $900 to the good.

Well, then you add another
500 trying to locate her,

which is a matter of principle,

and I'm out over $1,500 that
I'm looking to get satisfaction for.

- That's not true.
- Oh?

Well, you ask her.

For every lie she'll give you, I
can give you a fact and a figure.

But my only concern is in how
fast I can get my money back.

But I don't have it.

Then you can start
talking to the marshal.

Oh, no, no, please, Mr. Blake.

Well, then, where's the money?

I spent it. But, please,
please, just give me some time.

Well, I'll be in Dodge
till the morning.

That's your time
to raise the 1,500.

I don't believe you done none of
them things, even hearing you say it.

Oh, Ben, it's true.

Thinking I was gonna marry
him, I just went out there

and I just spent the money
foolishly, buying the best clothes and...

But then... then when I found
out what he was really like,

I... well, suddenly I just
couldn't go through with it.

Oh, Ben, I'm so ashamed.

Easy... Easy, now, little girl.

A pretty face like that
wasn't made for crying.

1,500, he said?

Oh, no, Ben, Ben,
I won't let you do it.

No way you can stop
me. Bank's still open.

- I'll see you back at the hotel.
- Ben.

Ben, I cheated that man.

Could have swore up
and down he was lying.

Kind of evens
things out, I'd say.

Hey, Newly. How are you?

Barney. Say, I want you to send a
wire to the sheriff of Nemaha County.

It's a miracle when I
get through up there.

- Don't expect an answer till tomorrow.
- Well, that's all right, sir.

Simply say "Request verification
on Celia Madden, resident of county."

Barney, would you keep
this between you and me, sir?

- Right.
- Thank you.

1,300, 1,400, $1,500.

And you tell him, he
ever bothers you again,

he'll end up where money
won't do him no good.

I don't know what to say, Ben.

I'll make it up to
you, I promise.

Make what up? We're
partners, ain't we?

I'm gonna give that back to
you soon as I'm done work.

Do you have to work
some more today?

Well, a job I
promised to finish.

Maybe three, four o'clock.

We'll have the rest of the day.

Well, Ben Sommers is a
man with considerable faith.

They call it love.

Well, I must say, our good Ben
certainly come through without any trouble.

Let's worry about our
trouble getting out of here.

I'll get the tickets. You just slip on
the stage and we'll be on our way.

Three hours later, we'll be on
a train leaving from Garden City

and we can just, oh, relax.

I don't know. It's...

It's getting harder
for me to relax lately.

Now, what does that mean?

It's not very easy to
look a man in the face

when he's telling you
how much he loves you.

Now, what do you figure that
smitty shop of his is worth, huh?

He strikes me as a man
who pays his bills promptly.

He might have that
place free and clear.

Blake, we made a very good profit.
Please, let's just keep it that way.

Oh, it'd be a shame
to just walk away.

I won't go for it.

You won't go for it?

- Well, why push our luck?
- Let's just try a bit of nudging.

Suppose you told
him I wanted more.

All right, he might say no.

Then again, he might say yes.

I don't wanna do this, Blake.

Now, you and I have
got a business deal.

You owe me for time and effort,

for taking you out of that
saloon, and for clothes.

Now, our deal called for you to
acting like you were worth having

and for me to footing the bills.

Now, I say it's
worth the gamble.

Just five minutes of your time
could net us another thousand.

Now, I'll do all the thinking.

All you gotta do
is just listen, huh?



I'm leaving, Ben.
Afternoon stage.

What? Well, now, wait.

It's all here, your money.

Well, I thought you
gave it to that fella Blake.

- He wouldn't take it.
- Well, why not?

Well, he says that I owe him
more. He... He was very angry.

I went into his room and...
and he had this notebook,

and he said I owed
him some more money.

Of course he was lying.

Ben. Ben, you can't go to him.

I'm gonna hammer his head
through the wall is what I'm gonna do.

Don't you understand?
I can't fight him.

He can have me sent to prison.

Celia, what he's trying
to do makes him a thief.

Yes. Yes, he is trying to get more
money out of you. I won't let him.

But, Ben, if you make a scene
with him, I'll be facing a judge.

What am I supposed to do?

Nothing. I'm leaving on the stage.
I've got enough money for a ticket.

I hope he just will be tired
of following me around.

No wonder you
wouldn't marry that...

Goodbye, Ben.

I'll never forget you.

- You're not leaving.
- Oh, Ben.

No, no, we're gonna do what
we said we were gonna do.

Listen, Ben, if you think
I'm gonna permit you...

Well, it ain't you. It's me.
Don't you understand?

It's... It's what I gotta do.

Well, here. You go back to him.

You tell him... Well, how
much more does he want?

He says that I owe him
at least a thousand more.

- Another thousand dollars?
- Do you see how impossible it is?

No... ain't impossible. Uh...

- I'm gonna go to the marshal.
- No, Celia. Celia.

Celia, the money
ain't important.

Well, you are the only thing in the
world that's important to me now.

Newly, I got some news for you.

Ben drew out $1,500 of his
money from the bank this morning.

But that ain't all.

Just a little while ago
he come into the bank

and he's borrowing another
thousand against his smitty business.

- Where you going?
- To tell Ben to examine his brains.

Newly, you can't. That information
you got from me was confidential.

You want me to lose my job?

Carl, that girl can't leave
town with Ben's money.

Worse, it'd be like taking
the heart out of him.

- Now, what do you want me to do, Carl?
- I know one thing you don't have to do.

- Sign.
- Sign?

The loan papers. Ben
has to have a co-signer.

Now, I heard Mr. Bodkin ask Ben
who'd back him and he said you.

He said something about him backing
you when you first come to town.

That's right. I borrowed $1,200
when I opened up this gun shop.

- Ben guaranteed the note.
- Ah. Well, that's why I'm here.

Mr. Bodkin asked if you could come
down to the bank. Ben's there now.

Now, Newly, you walk in
like you don't know a thing

about that confidential information
I gave you, you remember that.

Well, the loan is for $1,000 against
the blacksmith shop that Ben has,

so you have ironclad security
in case there's a default,

which, of course, is
only technically needed.

Oh, kind of sorry about that little
misunderstanding the other night.

Best forgotten.

If we had to sell that shop,
Mr. Bodkin, how much would it be wroth?

Well, uh, physical
assets, about 500.

But you're loaning
$1,000 against it.

Well, yes. There's the reputation
of the man to be considered.

I don't know.

- You don't know what?
- I just don't know.

You forgetting who you come to when
you wanted to open up that gun shop?

Except, Ben, I was, modestly speaking,
a little bit more stable than you are.

You were what?

I think I have the right to know
if Ben here is a saving man.

Ain't none of your business.

I think I should be informed if he's
the same old Ben that we've all known,

or if all of a sudden he hasn't
become, shall we say, extravagant.

Are you signing or not?

Last couple of days, drunk, fighting in
the Long Branch, being temperamental.

- Are you signing?
- I'm a cautious man, Ben. I'm not...

Where did I ever get the
idea you were my friend?

Now, now.

Well, am I worth $1,000
or not, on my own name?

You're worth it, Ben, yes.

I'll have the money in your
hands tomorrow morning,

after conferring with the
directors, which I will handle tonight.

Well, he is upset, isn't he?

It'd be a simple world
without females, Mr. Bodkin.

More complicated, but simple.

- What is it, Ben?
- A little something, Celia.

When I was a little
boy, I always remember

how my pa used to talk about
the time he married my ma,

before marrying, I mean.

My pa was an old country
man. He... He liked simple things.

- Is it for me?
- For you.

I know, it's kind
of silly maybe.

This is fun.

Oh, you... Ben.

I shouldn't... I
shouldn't have done it.

How many more?

My pa was stupid, God bless him.

- Oh. Oh!
- Oh!

Oh. Oh.

Wish I hadn't now.

No, no, I love it.

I kind of made it
myself. Engagement ring.

Like my pa did for my ma.
He was a blacksmith too.

Like father, like son, I
guess, making a big thing of it.

Can I put it on?

Thing is, my pa said,

it's something between you and
the woman gonna last forever.

Best you start by giving
her something of yourself.

Making it, he meant.

He was kind of crazy.

Well, no, I mean...
well, simple.

I guess he was just
kind of plain, like me.

Celia, I... well...

I'll get you a fancier ring.

Shut up!

I hurt your feelings?

Well, I ain't cheap or nothing.

Oh, shut up!

Coming in now, Newly.

Had to go clear through
St. Louis to reach Nemaha.


Any answer?

Uh, no, sir. Thank you.

Settle down!

Oh, I feel like something
they scraped off a saloon floor.

He'll pay off. That's
the important thing.

I figured if I gave it to Blake
myself, I'd probably lose my temper.

Oh, we can't afford that, Ben.

- It's all here.
- I'll give it to him.

You think you'll be having
any more problems with him?

Oh, no, no, I
already talked to him.

He just wants to go home. I think
he's a bit frightened of you, Ben.

Hmm. Sure like him to
have some special cause.

Ben, I wanna thank
you for... well, you know.

Well, I better get back to the smitty.
Some time and money to catch up on.

See you for supper.

It's too bad he hadn't got a million.
I've never seen such a prime sucker.

Let's get out of here.

I'll take care of the profit
and loss department.

Let's head to the Barbary Coast,
Blake, and get into something else.

That conscience of yours, you should
drop off at the most convenient ditch.

It's getting harder
to shed, I guess.


Well, you just think back
to that saloon I found you in.

Those sweaty
miners with 20 hands.

- Miss Madden.
- Yes.

You don't mind me using
your last name, do you?

No. No, of... of course not.

About that remote farm up near
the northern border. A peculiar thing.

I guess they haven't more than
two dozen families settled up there,

but the sheriff never
heard of a Celia Madden.

Well, I guess they wouldn't
know everybody up there.

On the contrary.

A sheriff covering maybe a thousand
square miles drops in on folks.

Kansas people are kind of friendly,
you know, or maybe you don't.

I was only a farm girl.

I may be stepping out
on a limb, Miss Madden,

but I'm putting
you under arrest.


You can wait in our jail
until the marshal gets back.

- There could be a mistake here.
- Many things could be, Miss Madden.

But one thing there isn't,

and that's an innocent woman just
hankering to raise a passel of kids

and to flutter her eyes at
Ben across the supper table.

Mr. O'Brien, I think that your
friendship for Ben is gonna...

You didn't hurt him?

I'm more concerned with
our own necks at this point.

Now, you finish packing
so we don't miss that stage.

Well, Ben, how be you today?

Fine, Festus, just fine.

I'm mighty glad to hear that.

Well, I... I've just kind of
saw the noon stage off.

And there's somebody come
out and got on it right quick.

That there Miss Madden.

What are you saying?

Well, that there girl that
you kind of brung out,

she had her suitcase all
packed and everything.

But the mainest reason, I
was looking for Newly and he...

What are you doing in here?

Does it look like I'm whiling
away the time of day?

Where's Celia?

Well, she might be
one of two places, Ben.

Either at the ladies' aid society trying
to raise money for a new school roof,

or on the noon stage
with that partner of hers.

Now, that gives
you a big choice.

If you're through with the
questions, how about untying me?



Get round there.
Get round there!

What the blazes...? Whoa.

That looks about it.


I ever find you this
side of the Missouri,

be my pleasure to
fashion you a coffin,

best iron bands round
that box you ever did see.

Get along now, Stoney.


Ben... About
filled up with lies.

- Start walking.
- Where to?

- Dodge.
- Dodge?


You mean me walking?

- What I mean.
- Well, Ben, I can't do it.

People got more in
'em than they think.

But why? Why Dodge?

- Nearest jail.
- What about him?

He ain't walking to Dodge,
to no jail. What about him?

Didn't love him. Get along.
Ain't but six, seven miles.

You expect me to walk that far?

I think a gal like you
can do most anything.

Learned it slow, but learned it.

Dodge jail.


Just put one foot
ahead of the other.


Ben, I'm not gonna do this.

Ben, it's not fair.

I won't do it.

I don't even have
the right shoes on.


Ben, come back here.



Well, one thing's sure,
Newly, you got a hard head.

Now, Newly, are you
sure that's all Ben said?

Well, it wasn't so much what
he said. It's the way he looked.

He was mad, I mean real mad.

Here, Matthew. He's comin' in
and he's bringin' her with him.


This is the longest walk
I've ever had to any jail.

I figured you might have been
acquainted with one or two.

There's the jail.

And there's the church.

Jail... or the church.

Take your choice.


Jail... or the church.

Oh, Ben.

Got your choice.

You don't know me.

You don't know me.
Saloons, all sorts of places.

I'm no good. I've
never been any good.

I guess you'd rather
have the jail, then.

Oh... Oh, Ben.

You sure are the
crying'st woman.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.