Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 14, Episode 3 - Zavala - full transcript

Matt pursues the Rawlins gang into Mexico to the village of Zavala. Here he meets Paco and his widowed mother. Paco's father had been killed when he stood up to outlaws intimidating the people of Zavala. In his whole life, the only strong willed people Paco had ever seen were outlaws. He first thinks of Matt as such a person, until Matt tells him that he not here to kill the Rawlins' but to arrest them. "But only outlaws ever come to Zavala." Paco is fascinated with the fact that Matt is a US Marshall. In an unusual episode of Gunsmoke an unlikely relationship develops amongst the trio, Paco, his mother, and Matt. Paul Savage later adapted this episode into made for TV movie "Cutter's Trail" where Manuel Padilla Jr. reprises his role as Paco.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

- Ah, buenos días, señor.
- Buenos días.

My name's Matt Dillon,
United States marshal.

Ah, I remember you. You
have passed this way before.

Once or twice.

I have a pursuit warrant here
from the Mexican government.

- Ah. Very good, señor.
- Thank you.

Vaya con dios.

Muy bien, Juan. Muy bien.

You know, I come close to
never realizing he had this.

Why, it didn't have fallen out of
his pocket when he hit the floor,

I'd have missed it.

This was the last
thing the old man heard.

This and Ben's cussin'.

Wasn't nowheres near the money
we thought he had in his place.

Pure disappointing,
I don't mind saying.

Well, we heard that he
had gold and greenbacks,

enough to choke a full
grown Poland China hog.


Smitty, guess who followed
me and Ben back down here.


Well, look who's here.

Pretty, ain't she?

Very pretty.

Today she's an old
woman. Was an old woman.

On your feet, Rawlins.

You're kind of out of your
home waters down here, ain't ya?

You're coming with me,
you and your brother both.

Out of your jurisdiction too.
You got no authority down here.

I got all the authority I need.

You know, I bet my
brother Ben I could take you.

He'd never let me try.

But seeing as he
ain't here right now...

Oh, Ben'll throw a fit.

Said one day he was
gonna kill you his own self.

When his brother hears
of this, he'll come for you.

You tell him I'll be waiting.

That is the gringo that
shot Señor Rawlins.

Go get yourself a
horse. Go after Ben.

I ain't gonna give
him this kind of news.

It's a long way
to San Cristobal.

You better get started, huh?

Morning. I'd like to
have him put up if I could.

- Oh, buenos días, señor.
- How much will it be?

- How much?
- Yeah. He's been ridden pretty hard.

I'd like him to have a stall and a
good rubdown, some oats if you got any.

I'm sorry, señor. The
stalls, they are all taken.

All taken?

I'm sorry, señor. No trouble. I have
no way of taking care of your horse.

No trouble, señor.

More beans?

If I wanted more,
I would tell you.

- It's all gone.
- I sent Paco for more.

- I am here, Jurato.
- All right! Bring it to me!

It took you long enough.

I hurried as fast as I could.

Next time, hurry faster.

Sometimes you make me sorry

I decided to take care of you
two when Guillermo was killed.

There was a
shooting at the cantina.

The norteamericanos Dale
Colten and Rawlins are dead.

Ben Rawlins?

No, he has not come
from San Cristobal yet.

It was the other one.


Killing him was
nothing, only very stupid.

- Who did it?
- Another norteamericano bandido.

He seemed very brave to me.

He did?

He is waiting for Ben
Rawlins to come back.

Whoever he is, he is dead.

- Maybe.
- Huh?

All I was saying, maybe he will
kill Ben Rawlins, then go away.

Oh, yes.

Then again, maybe he will
take Ben Rawlins' place here.


Come here! I'll shoot you!

- No, no!
- Get out of my way!

Come here, you puppy!

Laugh at me and I'll beat
you till you cannot stand!

Come back!

It is hot.

- Sure is.
- It is always hot.

Oh, thank you.

- I can steal more.
- No, no, no, no, that's just fine.

I have not seen
you in Zavala before.

Well, I've never
been here before.

That is why.

That's right.

Colten came pretty close.

Yeah, he came
close enough all right.

You are very fast.

Is that so bad you
will not be fast enough

to kill the one called Ben Rawlins
when he comes looking for you?

Oh, no, it's not bad.

- You know Rawlins, do you?
- Everybody in Zavala knows him.

Seems that way.

It would be wise if you went
away before he comes back.

He is a much bigger
bandido then Jurato.

- That so?
- Now Jurato is like everybody else.

He does not like that.

Your side, it is bleeding again.

My mother could bandage it for you,
maybe give you some beans and meat,

even a place to sleep, until
Ben Rawlins comes back.

Well, that sounds mighty good, but what
about your father, what would he think?

My father is dead.
Jurato killed him.

My house, there is just my mother
and me. It is not far from here.

Well, by golly, that sounds mighty
good. I could use a good meal too.

- I'll help you.
- Oh.

Oh, thank you.

What's your name, young fella?

- Paco. What's yours?
- Matt Dillon.

It was lucky I came along.

Yeah. Sure was.

Let's go.

When I am older, I
will leave this place.


I will take my mother
and move far away.

Well, I'd say your
mother's pretty lucky

to have somebody like
you looking out after her.

Since Jurato killed my
father, there is no one else.

- Who is this Jurato?
- Another bandido.

Not so big as Ben
Rawlins, though.

Oh, well, what about Rawlins?
How long has he been living here?

Maybe a year. He
goes away sometimes.

But he always leaves some of his
men. That is why Jurato is always afraid.

Even to go into the
village he is afraid.

As long as anyone can remember,
the bandidos have been here.

They have?

A very long time ago, there
was Arturo Rias, then Tupanga.

My father told me about them.

Then there was Jurato.

Now there is the norteamericano
bandido Ben Rawlins.

Hasn't anybody
ever tried to fight 'em?


That is when Jurato
killed my father.


- What about the Rurales?
- They are too few.

The village is too far away.

That is why the
bandidos came here.

That and because they can take
what they want from the people.


I have never ridden
so big a horse.


- Did you steal him or buy him?
- What?

He's a fine animal.

Someday I will have
a fine horse like that.

I wouldn't be surprised.

You wait here. I will tell my
mother you are here, Matt Dillon.


- Where is Jurato?
- Paquito.

Why do you anger him so?

Where is he?

Gone. He'll be back soon.

Maybe for the last
time he will be back.


Outside is the americano bandido
who shot Colten and Rawlins.

- So?
- He is wounded a little.

I said you would bandage
him and give him some food.

Give him food? His kind can
take what it wants in the village.

He is not like the others.

- Why did you bring him here?
- He is going to kill Jurato for us.

I told you he would pay for
killing my father, for beating you.

- If Jurato kills him?
- He is very fast.

I saw. In the cantina I saw.

Why does he do this for us?

He does not know he is going to.

My father was a
farmer, a good farmer.

He had the biggest
field of anybody.

I'll bet he did.

- Come on inside, Matt Dillon.
- All right.

- Mother, this is Matt Dillon.
- How do, ma'am?

I sure appreciate the help.

Your son here really
came to my rescue.

If you will sit over there,
I will look at your wound.

Thank you.

Sure hope I'm not
putting you out too much.

Paco, the beans,
put them on the fire.

Warm the tortillas.

You can sleep over here by
the fire where I do, Matt Dillon.

Where is it you're hurt?

It's just at the side
here. It's not too bad.

Take off your shirt.

While the beans are heating,
I'll put your horse in the shed,

give him some hay and water.

Oh, thank you, Paco.

No need for him to
stand out there in that sun.

It's some better.

Let me see it.

It's nothing.

Well, here, let
me... let me get it.

Señora, you and your
son have been mighty kind.

I won't trouble you anymore.


Well, I'm grateful for your
help and for the food and all,

but I'll be moving on.

But there's no need to go.

No need.

Put the horse in the shed.

- No.
- Do as you are told.

I am through doing for
you, and so is my mother.


You cannot go to
the village anymore,

and we do not want you
to come here anymore.

I'll teach you once and for all.

I'll lay your back
open to the bone.


- Come here.
- Matt Dillon!

Come here, you puppy!

Who are you?

He is the reason we are
both through doing for you.

He is also dead.

I promised you, and I
have kept my promise.

Who is he?

Jurato is dead.

I was afraid to tell you. I was
afraid you would not come.

You were our one chance to
be rid of him. I could not tell you.

Beat me if you
will. I do not care.

Jurato is dead.

- I'll bury him.
- I'll help you.

No, you stay here.
Look after your mother.

Oh, that's great.
Man, that's great.

Ah, man, man, that's
good for what ails you.

Turn that water off, boy.

Ain't nothin' ails me bad enough

to drink something that
smells as bad as that does.

Rotten eggs.

Ah, this stuff is better for
you than whiskey ever will be.

I ain't gonna get close
enough to find out.

You just don't know what's
good for you, that's all.

Well, for openers, getting
back to Zavala'd do me just fine.

Well, another day or
two, we'll be heading back.

Come on, boy, rub me up.

Ah, that's great.

- Ben.
- Yeah?

We got company.

Hey, Smitty, did you bring that
squirt brother of mine back with you?


I been riding all day
and half the night.

- Where's he at?
- I got bad news, Ben.

What kind of bad news?

It's Alex.

What about Alex?

He's dead.


Matt Dillon followed you back,

rode into Zavala this morning,

came into the
cantina big as Sunday.

Alex tried to take him.

Dillon killed him and Colten.

Where... where were you?

I was right there.

Uh, me and Paul Densen.

I almost got it myself.

- You what?
- What I meant was that...

You mean to tell me that Dillon killed
Colten and Alex and you walked away?

Now, how was that?

Well, I...

Look, man, I... He's...
He's still in Zavala.

I... I just came
to tell you he's...

he's waiting for you.

I just asked you how come you
walked away and my brother got killed?

You wanna go to Zavala, huh?

Come in.

I brought back his horse.
You might as well have it.

Thank you.

This and the saddle, they
ought to bring you some money.

I am grateful.

For that I am most grateful.

It's been a long time
since he slept so peacefully.

He tried to stay awake
until you returned.

- I said I would wake him.
- Oh, don't bother.

But there are things
he wanted to say.

There's no need.

I told him it would
wait until morning.

I kept some food warm for you.

Mrs. Avila...

There is water to
wash with in the basin.

I'll put the horses out
while you're eating.

You didn't wake me last night.

There was no need.

He stayed.

He stayed.

And this morning
we will have the eggs.

The chickens are always finding
different places to hide their eggs.

But mostly I find them.

They used to be easy to gather.

When father was
alive... we had a coop.

And a fine coop it
was too, wasn't it?

We had a lot more chickens
too, and pigs, and even a cow.

Well, I think you'd
have a good farm here.

- You think so?
- Sure do.

Do you know how to
make a chicken coop?

Well, I'm afraid I'd be a
little bit out of practice there.

I bet together we can build one.

Paco, eat.

Well, I bet we can.

We can fix the corral too,
and the roof on the shed,

and maybe one day even
get the field plowed again.

I'm afraid all that'll
take quite a while.

There is a lot of time.
A little now, a little later.

Paco, that's one thing
I don't have is time.

- You're not going to go away?
- I'm afraid so.

You mean you're not going to
stay here with Mother and me?


We have room for you.

You and I could fish
and hunt. We could...

Now, ho, now, hold on there.

But why go? Ben Rawlins
will never bother you here.

And if you go back north,
maybe you will be put in prison.

Paco, that's enough.

You will have to hide from Ben Rawlins
until he and his men ride away again.

But sometimes they
are gone for a long time.

Paco, I'll tell you something.

I came here to arrest
Ben Rawlins if I can.

Arrest him?

See, I'm a United
States marshal.

You are not a bandido?


But no norteamericanos except
bandidos ever come to Zavala.


No. You have to be.

- I do?
- Yes.

You said you had no wife.

That's right.

- No sons?
- No.

- No family at all?
- No.

And you will kill Ben
Rawlins if you have to?

I mean, you do not have
to take him back to Dodge?


Then what is there to
keep you from staying?

Well, it's my job mostly.

But you told me you
liked it here with us.

- Well, I do Paco, but...
- I do not understand why you go, then.

Well, Paco, sometimes you have
to do something just 'cause it's right.

And you said you would be the
marshal and keep the law for them?

Well, that's right. But there's a couple
of other reasons I gotta go back too.

A woman?

Hand me that mud, will you?

Is she pretty? Prettier
than my mother?

If we're gonna fix
the roof on this shed,

we'd better stick
to business here.

Matt Dillon, if I ask you
something, will you tell me the truth?

I don't know about that.

Are you mad at me because
of what happened with Jurato?

I mean, that is not even a little
bit part of why you are leaving?

Now, Paco, that's got
nothing to do with it.

- We are friends, aren't we?
- Well, I'd sure like to think so.

Anyways, if you cannot
come back to Zavala,

I could come to
Dodge to see you.

Yeah, maybe you could.

I would like that, to see Dodge.

It is far from here, isn't it?

Yeah, it's quite a long way.

When we say goodbye, we
will never see each other again.

I never had a friend
before, Matt Dillon.

I think it is a sad
thing to have a friend.

Why's that?

Because the time will come
when they will have to go away.

That doesn't mean the end
of the friendship, you know.

That is so. I think we
will always be friends.

I think so too.

I will explain to Mother.
It will not be easy for her.

She wanted you to
stay too. I could tell.

Time to eat.

And when you are through,
there are the quail snares to check.

- Matt Dillon and I...
- You will do this alone.

Matt Dillon has
done enough. Inside.

If it would be just between you and
Ben Rawlins, it would be one thing,

but it will not.

There'll be many
others to side with him.

Remember, I want
you to stay here.

The people of the village
will do nothing to help you.

If you wanna help
me, you'll do as I say.

Please, please listen
to me. Paco and I...

Señora, find Paco for
me. I have to talk to him.

The other horse is gone!


When a man owns a gun,

the time can come when
he's expected to use it.

I am not interested in buying.

To own Jurato's own gun would
be something to brag about.

You stole Jurato's gun?

He is dead.

- What?
- My friend Matt Dillon killed him.

That's not so.

I said it was, didn't
I? This is Jurato's gun.

My friend will kill Ben Rawlins too,
and run the other bandidos from Zavala.

What are you saying?

I am saying that he will help
us be free of the bandidos.

- Help us?
- We will help each other.

While he faces Ben Rawlins, the
rest of us will take care of the others.

Sí, sí.

Since my father's father, there
have been bandidos in our village.


And for the first time,
we can be rid of them.

I think never.

There are no more than four or
five of them. There are 50 of us.

Without our help,
they will kill Matt Dillon.

All he has to do is go back north
before Señor Rawlins arrives.

Sí, sí.

You are all jackals.

When you are grown, when you stand
to receive more than a cuff in the ear,

remember this day.

See if you feel the same.

If nothing is done now,

I will be long gone from this
place by the time I am grown.

Hey, what is this?
A town meeting, eh?


Hey, Chipaco.

I understand that
you have a friend, eh?

Let go of me. Let go of me!

You'd better tell me if you know
where he is, eh? Is he out at your house?

Ben will be riding
into town soon.

Let him go.

Hey, señor, I have no gun, eh?

Hey, now Ben will not
have to look for you, eh?

- Paco, what are you doing here?
- I want to stay and help you.

I appreciate that,

but, you know, you can be more
help to me back at the house.

- But, Matt Dillon...
- Paco, your mother's there all alone.

Now, she's gonna need you.

I want you to go.

Go on, now, Paco.

You come a long way to die.

You're under arrest.

That makes you a
bigger fool than I thought.

It's my gun.


Well, I'll tell you one thing.

It's gonna be a sight harder to
kill me than it was my brother.

Marshal, don't shoot! I give up!

Throw the gun down.

Matt Dillon!

Oh, thank you.

Where's Paco?

I think he could
not say goodbye.

He's just a little boy,

and he's never known
anyone like you before.

It is very hard for
him to see you go.

- Amelita, I...
- Goodbye, Matt Dillon.


He's gone, Paco.

He was looking for you.
He wanted to say goodbye.


Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon!

I'm sorry, Matt
Dillon. I am sorry.

- That's all right, Paco.
- But you do not understand.

- I did not want to say goodbye.
- I know.

But I was afraid you
would forget Paco.

Paco, I'll tell you something.
You and I are friends.

Friends don't forget, not ever.

You take this.

- I couldn't do that.
- It was my father's.

And his father's before
him. I want it to be yours.

- But, Paco...
- Please, Matt Dillon.

Thanks, Paco.

Goodbye, Paco, my friend.

Goodbye, Matt Dillon.

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