Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 14 - Wonder - full transcript

A cowboy finds a lone Indian boy near his burned-out village. They become attached to each other, but boy is met by racism when they reach Dodge City.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


- Jud.
- Ugh!

He's back again, Deke.

Yeah, I got eyes.

Put him inside.

Hey, boy, how long's
he been in there?

When's he gonna leave?

Sure don't know much for
a smart-alec Indian, do you?

Ask Jud. Jud knows.

Ask Jud.

How many times I gotta tell
him not to come around here

showing his face no more?

Plenty of times, Deke.

I told him one time,
I told him ten times,

"Now, don't you come
round here bothering Annie."

That's just the trouble.
He ain't bothering Annie.

She don't mind
him coming at all.

She don't mind, but I
tell you something, I mind.

I promised her ma I was
gonna hold this family together.

I ain't about to see no... no tumbleweed
drifter like Jud Sorrel changing things.

Annie's got a right
to her own life, Deke.

She's got a right? I'll tell
you what she's got a right to.

She's our sister and she's obliged
to tend for us just like our ma done.

That's what women folks is for,
doing for the men in their family.

And that means you and me.

Seems like it's time to move on.

I love you, Jud.

I think maybe you do.
Might be why I gotta move on.

- You afraid of love, Jud?
- No, I don't mind it.

It's just that preacher
and the settling down after.

- Just not my way.
- Where you bound to?

Oh, just off and
away. No special place.

Jud, you going to another woman?

Annie, women find me like
good cards and bad whiskey.

I'll tell you this, though,
I got no one in mind.

I shouldn't have asked.

Annie, I told you
right out from the start.

I know.

But maybe when you get away,

you might remember
me more than you think.

- I'll remember you.
- And you might come back.

I most never travel
the same road twice.

Might have been a
short marriage anyway.

- Deke swore to kill you.
- He's said that to everybody but me.

Well, you go now, will you, Jud?

I gotta get used to
being without you.

Annie, you take
care of yourself.

You too, Jud.

- Ready to ride?
- Been ready.

Let's go.

How do, brothers?

I ain't never letting him
back on this farm again.

How are we gonna stop him, Deke?

There's ways, brother.
Believe you me, there's ways.


Oh, just looking
back, that's all.

- Dumb.
- Uh, I don't know.


You didn't like her, huh?

Well, she was always
mighty nice to you.


Oh. Well, that
can be mighty nice.

Won't be more than
a couple of years

you're gonna find out life
ain't all bows and arrows, boy.

And women, well, girls,

they make good
company... now and again.


Yeah, well, I guess it was
time to move on anyway.

- Ride, hunt.
- Well, I don't know.

Seems like it's been a while
since poker and whiskey.

Yeah, we'll go to
Dodge, pick up our gear.

- Woman in Dodge.
- Yeah!

Know what you are, Doc? You
ain't nothing but a poor oldie piker.

That's all you are.

I'm no piker just because I don't
wanna pick up any crawdads. I don't...

Well, how else we gonna
have us a crawdad fry

unless'n we go down yonder
and glom onto 'em with our hands?

Well, that crawdad fry was your idea.
I didn't have anything to do with that.

- Doc, they ain't gonna hurt you.
- Well, they do too. They pinch you.

- You pick 'em up and they pinch you.
- Oh, fiddle.

All they could do is just maybe
pinch a little old blood blister

on your finger or
something like that.

I just don't like
creepy-crawly things, that's all.

- Creepy-crawly?
- Yes, crawdads, they creep.

If I'd have knowed you was gonna
be so squeamy, I'd have never...

- Squeamy?
- Squeamy.

I can think of a few things.

I can think of something you're
pretty squeamy about right now.

What about the Wednesday
night special over at Delmonico's?

What about that? Uh-huh?

Well, that ain't fair.

You see? You're getting a little pale
around the gills just thinking about it.

Now, there's nothing
wrong with a nice plate

of boiled calves'
brains and horseradish.

- The way they serve 'em over there.
- I ain't listening.

If you taste boiled
calves' brains...

♪ Possum up a gum
stump Chicken up a tree ♪

♪ Turkey in the pea
patch pecking on a pea ♪

♪ I ain't gonna listen
and you can't make me ♪

♪ I ain't... ♪

You might as well
hush your mouth.

I ain't a-listening to one
word you're saying, so just quit.


Oh, hi, Wonder.

- Whose move is it?
- Jud's.

- It is?
- Come on, Jud, move.

- All right. Howdy, Doc.
- Hi, Jud.

- Come on, jump.
- Jump. You gotta jump, Jud.



- Come on, Bo.
- A little more, Fred.

Come on.

- Come on, Fred.
- Never mind the beer. Come on.

- Oh!
- Oh, no!

OK, now, come on. I'll
take on any two of you.

Would you like a cold beer, Doc?

Well, whiskey'd suit me
better if it's on the house.

- It's on the house.
- Thanks, Kitty.

Does your chuckling have
anything to do with crawdads?


Well, Festus told me that you and
he were gonna go out and catch some

and that we were all gonna
have a great big crawdad fry.

Yes, well, you see, that was
before he changed his mind.

- He kind of lost his appetite.
- What are you talking about?

Well... I think I'll let him tell you.
That is as soon as he recovers.

Thanks, Sam.


Hey, Deke, you wanna
arm wrestle? Loser buys.

How would you like
to make 50 dollars?

How would you like
to sit down and talk?

Wonder, go get me a beer.

You heard me. Move.

Oh, now lookee what I done.

Oh, you're trying to get me
to swing at you, ain't you, Bo?

Well, now, if you
wanna swing, go ahead.

Oh, I don't know. You're a lot
tougher and stronger than I am.

A man would purely be
a fool to tangle with you.

I guess I qualify.

Wonder, where's that beer?

- Hi, Matt - All right, hold it.

- Who started this?
- He did.

I just bumped into his table
and he started pounding on me.

Yeah, well, I guess I did
swing first, Matt, but, oh...

All right, Jud, come on along.

Come on, Bo, I'll
buy you a drink.

Excuse me, Doc.

Glad to see nothing's changed.

Been a couple of months
since I was in here.

Yeah, it seems to me
you lost that fight too.

How'd you happen to pick on Bo?
That's like tangling with a grizzly.

Oh, Matt, it didn't matter
who started that fight.

Bound to come.

Besides, that scuffle
wasn't between me and Bo.

Oh, no.

Between me and all the things that
have been crowding in on me lately.

A pretty little gal that
wants to hog-tie me.

A couple of old boys
just as soon see me dead.

Things is complex,
Matt, mighty complex.

You're gonna be out of
here tomorrow morning.

You'd better start
making 'em uncomplex.

Oh, I'll do what I always do.

Move on.

A man like me just can't
stay in any one place too long

and that's all there is to it.

Let a little time go by
and people just naturally

start asking favors
or giving orders.

I ain't about to live that way.

You know the only person I
ever met who thinks like me?

That kid I found outside
of Fort Dodge, Wonder.

Where'd you ever get a
name like that anyway?

I always wondered
where he came from.

You gonna take him with you?

As far as the mission
school. I'll leave him there.

About time he learned to
read more than trail markings.


- How long you been out there, boy?
- Just now.

Well, say howdy
to Marshal Dillon.

- Howdy.
- Howdy, Wonder.

I got your beer
and your hat, Jud.

I'm afraid there's rules
against beer in here.

You got rules against hat?

No, hats are allowed.

Good thinking, Wonder.
I'd sure hate to lose this.

Near as old as I am.

Oh, look, don't let me
being in here bother you.

Heck, I'll be out
tomorrow morning.

What we going to do then, Jud?

Well, I've been thinking it's
time we moved on a little ways.

How far you and me going, Jud?

Wonder, you got more questions
than a hound dog's got fleas.

You and me always friends, huh?


Always together, huh?


Oh, this...

this "always"
you're talking about,

well, a man can't say just
what's going to be good for always

'cause he just don't know.

You say my mother
and God like this always.

You know always, then.

Yeah, yeah, I did
say that, and it's true.

Your ma and God ain't
never gonna be apart.

We're like them, huh?

Well, that... that
there's just the point.

See... God, he's
forever, like I told you.

But people, even the best of
them, they're just for a little while.

Wonder, you wanna sleep here
tonight? That way we'll get an early start.

What do you say?

Uh, better take that tin
of beer back to the saloon

or else Marshal Dillon's
gonna lock you up too.

See you later, huh?

Like you say, Jud...

people just a little while.

Guess he likes Dodge,
don't wanna leave.

That's the way
you figure it, is it?

Oh, don't worry about old
Wonder. He's tough, just like me.

Gonna look around for him?

Why should I? He
goes his way, I go mine.


If you run into him, see to it
he learns to read, will you?

Didn't you and me
settle up yesterday?

I just wanted to see if you had enough
sense to follow orders and ride out.

Orders. If only
you hadn't said that.

'Cause I ain't riding anywhere for
anybody on account of I been ordered.

- What I'm saying is right.
- No. You might be talking sense.

But there ain't no man ever been
right with me in that tone of voice.

Get him.

Now, hold on, Deke.

You don't scare off no
varmint. You trap it and you kill it.


There. Good little mouthful.


You little scamp.

I was afraid that
I'd get nipped.

Jud hurt. You come.

- What do you mean, Jud's hurt?
- Three men hurt Jud. Maybe kill.

- You come now. We go.
- Wait a minute, now.

Hold your horses here.

- Horses out front.
- What horses out front?

Your horse, horse for Wonder.
You come. We find Jud.

All right, all right. I'll
put 'em on. I'll do it.

By golly.

If there'd been more Indians
like you around 30 years ago,

the white man'd never have
got past the Mississippi River.

- Hurry.
- All right, I'm coming.

Wonder, did you tell that man at
the stable you'd taken the horses?

No. Man sleep.

Jud and three
fellows, they fight here.

Did they fight with
guns, Wonder?

No guns. Just hitting.

One of the fellows Jud hit.

- He get rope to hang him.
- Did you know any of 'em?

Annie's brothers and
big arm-pushing fellow.

Yeah, that'd be Bo Warrick.

Look, Wonder, you know,
just because this rope is here

doesn't mean that
Jud's been killed.

- Maybe dead.
- Maybe not.

You know, Jud's pretty smart.

Now, if he did get away,
where do you suppose he'd go?

Wonder show. You come.

Well, did he die quick or
did it take him a long time?

I don't know. Hey,
give me that, will you?

What do you mean,
you don't know?

You don't know? You
was there wasn't you?

Quick. He died quick.

I wish I'd have seen it.

Well, we didn't know how long you
was gonna be knocked out, Deke.

People could have
come along, you know.

Yeah, I know, but, still,
his neck broke, huh?

Oh, like a dry twig.

You got rid of his
horse and everything?

Leave me be.

I'm just trying to make sure
that everything went all right.

It went fine. His
neck broke, snap.

His tongue hang out
black like a cow's belly.

- They kill Jud.
- Well, not necessarily.

Just 'cause we found that rope
doesn't mean he's dead, you know.

If Jud not with Willie,
that mean he dead.

Then we go to Annie's place
and wait for them fellows.

- Yeah, we'll talk to 'em.
- When we find them, Wonder kill!

- Now, hold on.
- Jud is Wonder's friend.

Wonder kill for Jud.

Now, Wonder, let's not have
any more talk about killing, huh?

OK, Dillon. No more talk.

Yeah, I know, boy, I
been pushing at you.

You come through for me, Ed.
I... I'm obliged to you. Good boy.

Well, before you two fall all over
each other, I think I'll be going.

After I get my money.

You're right, Bo, you...
you done your share.

I'll get your money.

About 100 dollars' worth.

50 was the deal.

But I didn't know nothing
about hanging some guy.

Now, that's a
whole different thing.

100 dollars, Deke, that's
only fair, and you know it.

100 dollars?

- Bo, don't you try to gouge me.
- No, I ain't.

But killing a man's worth
more than 50 dollars.

Anybody'll tell you that.

100 dollars.

That's an awful lot of money.

Don't do it, Deke.

Now, there's something
to what he says.

After all, we didn't
mention no hanging, now.

Deke, we can't
afford 100 dollars.

Appears to me
we got to afford it.

- Deke, he's trying to cheat you.
- How do you figure that?

We didn't hang Jud
Pryor, that's how I figured it.

- Say it again.
- We didn't hang him.

We just let him ride on.

Well, I know who I
should have hung.

Now, you shut up! This
is between me and Ed.

No, it's between you
and Ed after I get paid.

You said get rid of Jud Pryor. Well,
he's rid of. Now, I want my money.

You got a sow's belly
and a snail's guts.

Now, don't make
me get mean, Deke.

Now, that just cost you
every tooth in your head.

Stop it!

Lord, Deke... I killed him.

Come on.

Fellow knows how to steal horse,
fellow knows how to get down.

This where he does most
of his drinking, in here?

Drink. Play cards. Fight.
Always fun like that.

I think I'll just go in and
ask 'em a few questions.

- You stay here.
- I've been there plenty of time.

Yeah, I'll bet you have, but
you're not going in this time.

That's no place for a boy.

When I tell Jud, he's
going to beat you up.

When we find him.

We'll find him.

I'm looking for a man
by the name of Jud Pryor.

Beg your pardon. I... There's
a man named Jud Pryor.

Did you ever hear of him?

In my way. Why?

- How long since you've seen him?
- Oh, it's been quite a while.

We wasn't exactly what
you'd call betrothed, you know.

Jud's trouble big enough
for a US marshal, huh?

Well, he may be in big trouble.

I know there's a couple of men looking
to kill him, if they haven't already.

- Is that so?
- You don't seem very surprised.

Come on, now, honey,
what's gonna surprise me?

Jud drank good, pokered good,

and I'd venture to say I wasn't
the first woman he ever met.

A man can get killed doing
any one of them things too good.

But you don't know
anything about this, huh?

I don't get around much.

Well, thanks for your help.

Hey, Dillon.

Hey, I think I told you
to stay put, didn't I?

I think so too, but I
had to come down here

on account of
holding Annie's horse.


What are you doing here?

- Hello, Annie.
- Marshal.

Aren't you a little far from Dodge
City? Did Jud break out of jail?

No, but we're looking for him.

On account of your brothers and
fat arm-pushing fellow kill Jud maybe.


Well, he saw 'em attack Jud yesterday
and we haven't been able to locate him.

He wouldn't. They
couldn't kill Jud.

I saw.

You know where they are?

At the farm, the both of
them, with... Bo Warrick.

Well, I'll head out there.

- Come on.
- No, no, you're gonna stay here.

You're gonna stay right
here with Annie till I get back.

- With Annie?
- With Annie.

Now, I'll tell you what.

If I'm wrong about leaving
you here with Annie,

why, when we find Jud,
you can have him beat me up.

- How's that?
- Yeah.

He can't be dead, Wonder.

You like Jud?

I'm probably the only person in the
world who loves Jud as much as you do.

All right, hold it right there.

I know we shouldn't
have tried to hide this.

I know we shouldn't.

But you gotta
understand, Marshal,

the only reason we done this
is to save Annie from knowing.

She purely loves that
no-good Jud Pryor.

- Now, what's Jud got to do with this?
- What's he got to do with it?

Why he's the one that
killed poor old Bo here.

- What happened?
- Well, there ain't much to tell.

Ed and me was
working out in the field

and we heard this commotion
down by the orchard

and, well, we come a-running
and when we got there,

Bo was laying on the
ground and Jud was riding off.

I guess Jud was just
trying to get even with Bo

for the whupping that he give him in
the saloon the other day, don't you figure?

Go on.

Well, Ed and me was a-foot, so
we couldn't... we couldn't chase him.

And we got to thinking by the
time we saddled up and got to you,

he'd be plumb gone, you'd
never catch up with him,

so... I know we was wrong for
doing it, we... we decided to bury Bo

and save Annie from
all that heartbreak.

But I guess a thing like this
just can't never be hid, can it?

- And you're sure it was Jud?
- I'd swear to it.

That what you saw too, Ed?

Yeah. The same thing as Deke.

I guess you'll be chasing after
him now, won't you, Marshal,

what with two witnesses
to what he done?

Well, I'm gonna
find Jud all right

and bring him back and get
this thing straightened around.

It just so happens I
got a witness of my own,

an Indian boy, that claims he saw
you two trying to kill Jud yesterday

and maybe did kill him.

Oh, that's impossible.

Now, we know for a fact Jud was
alive. We seen him, remember?

Besides that, there ain't
no way no Indian can testify

in a white man's
court, can they?

Yes, they can, Deke.

Well, it... it don't make no
difference, 'cause the boy's mistaken,

that's all there is to it.

Marshal, you want
us to give you a hand?

Just trying to be helpful.

Fill up that grave and
get that body into town.

Well, the marshal's a good
tracker. He's gonna bring Jud back.

That means you're liable to end
up in the Stoney Lonesome, Ed.

- Me?
- It was you that killed Bo, wasn't it?

But, Deke, it was an accident.

Think the marshal's gonna believe
that after seeing us trying to bury him?


That no good cowboy's gonna
come back and marry Annie

and I ain't gonna have
no family left at all.

You know, people's
gonna be right angry at Jud

for... gunning down the marshal.

Wouldn't a
sarsaparilla taste good?

- Beer.
- Beer?

Why, you're too young
to be drinking beer.

- Jud let me have sips.
- Well, he shouldn't have.

Now, here's a dime. Now,
you go buy us two sarsaparillas.

- Sarsaparillas?
- Sarsaparillas.

Doggone it, not so tight.

If the bandage isn't
tight, it won't help.

- Your ribs are really banged up.
- They are now.


Hey, Jud.

Wonder, what the devil
are you doing here, boy?

Jud, I thought them fellas...

Good to see you again, boy.


Oh, you got dirt in
your eye or something.

That better?

I see 'em try to hurt you, Jud.

They see you?

That's how come I find you.

On account of they're
gonna hurt me if I go back.

So I got to stay with
you, I guess. Huh?

Deke's just rank
enough to mean it too.

You and me again, huh?


That's the one good thing about
this whole mess, you and me.

Come on, let's get going.

I know he came in here. Now,
what have you done with him?

For all I know he's back
dealing keno. Now, honey...

You didn't tell me
Annie was here.

She don't wanna hurt you.

No, she wants to marry me,
and that ain't much of a choice.

- What's in that room up there?
- Never you mind about that room.

Well, I'm going to
see what's in there.

Heaven knows what
you've done to the boy.

You come back here. Now,
that's just none of your business.

I said stop it, now.

Stay out of that room.

Bye, Annie. Love you lots.

But Jud wouldn't
kill anyone, Marshal.

Your brothers say he did.

- You believe them?
- Well, no.

But the charge has been made
and I've gotta bring him in, Annie.

Well, I'm sorry, but I didn't
see which way they went.

Annie, if I don't
find Jud right now,

I'm gonna have to put
out a wanted poster on him.

Once that happens, he'll
never be able to stop running.

Now, you say you love him.
Prove it. Which way did they go?

They rode south, Marshal.


Going to be clear
tomorrow. We can make time.

Where we heading for, Jud?

Oh, Lord, boy, I don't know.

Someplace where
we gonna be alone?

Being alone.

Well, now, Wonder, I guess that
sounds mighty fine to you, don't it?

I can understand
that well enough.

You know, I've been eating off that
plate for near as long as I can remember

and sometimes I think
I've just about had my fill.

Friends can't be alone, Jud.

Oh, Wonder, I don't know.

But sometimes...


boy, I swear if God was to come
down here right now and say,

"Jud, you can go on living the
way you do for another 80 years

or you can check out right now
but with a woman holding you,

talking soft, her eyes
all shiny with tears,

you can have it either way,"

Wonder, I purely don't
know what I'd say to the man.

I think I'd be stumped.

Hello, Jud.


Matt, if you come for the boy, you
gotta protect him from Deke Franklin.

No, I came for both of you, Jud.
You've been charged with murder.


The Franklin boys say
you killed Bo Warrick.

- That's a lie.
- Well, it probably is.

The way to clear it up
is for you to come back.

Matt, I'm a drifter.
Nobody's gonna believe me.

I believe you, Jud.

Then let me go.

You rode out looking for
me and lost the trail, that's all.

Nobody's gonna doubt you.

No, you know I can't do that.

Jud, how come?

Nothing to worry about, Wonder.

We just gotta go back
to Dodge for a while.

We'll be on our
way again real quick.

For sure?

Yeah, for sure.

Matt, there's coffee on
the fire if you want some.


A man comes into this
world naked, wet and starving.

After that, things get worse.

- Ed?
- I found 'em.

Dillon's got 'em down there. He's
taking them back tomorrow morning.

Good. That means they
gotta go through Stone Canyon.

We'll get Dillon there.

Deke, look, this ain't anything
like what happened to Bo.

I mean, we didn't mean
any real harm then.

But this, according to book law,
according to church law or anything,

it's just plain murder.

It's keeping the family
the way Ma and Pa'd want.

Now, go on, get some sleep.

How did it get this far?

Look, we just started out
trying to scare off Jud Pryor,

and now tomorrow morning
we're gonna kill a US marshal.

Now, don't you think about tomorrow
morning. You think about after that.

Come noon it'll all be done.
Things'll be just like they always was.

Are you sure of that?

I'm gonna make sure, and I
guess that's the same thing.

They're gonna be
coming from that way.

You take the first crack at him.
You miss, he's gonna come after you.

When he does, I'll
get him from up there.

You mean shoot him in the back?

Well, now, look, it
don't make no difference

which side the
bullet hits first.

He's gonna be just as dead.

Now, Ed.


Shoot him, Ed. Shoot him.

Get out of here!

Save yourself!

Hurt bad?

It's bad enough, Wonder.

Well, he said come
noon it'd be all over.

You come. We fix.

- We? Who's we?
- Me, Jud, Annie.

By golly. I'll bet
you could do it too.

You come, Dillon.

You come.

- Evening, Doc.
- Hello, Festus.

I just back from the
old Rookafer place.

- Is that so?
- Yeah.

You know, Jud and
Annie and Wonder

have just patched
that up and dolled it up

so you couldn't hardly
recognize it at all.

And Annie says that
Wonder, he's in school.

She don't think he likes it too good,
but she figures he might stick with it.

Well, I don't think you ought
to have gone out there at all.

- Well, why?
- Because they're newlyweds.

They kind of like
to be left alone.

Well, not when they're
digging no ditch, they don't.

Me and Jud's been
a-digging a ditch all day

from the pond over to
Annie's vegetable garden.

Oh, so that's it, huh?

What's it?

That's what's in the sack.

All right, smart alec,
what's in the sack?

Crawdads you found in the Rookafers'
pond, that's what's in the sack,

but the question is what in thunder
are you doing with them up here

at this time of
night in my office?

Now, I want to tell
you about that, Doc.

You see, my mouth's just been
a-watering all day something fierce

for some fried crawdads.

Well, now, when
I got back to town,

well, you see, Matthew, he's
done asleep at the jailhouse.

Now, Delmonico's,
it's done closed

and rather than to wake up
Ma Smalley at this hour, why...

You thought you'd just
bring 'em up to old Doc's

and he'd go say go ahead
and fix 'em right here.

Yeah. Well, much obliged, Doc.

Now, I ain't going to bother you
none, knowing how you feel about 'em,

but have you got a big pot
someplace where I can start to boil 'em?

You're not gonna do it.

Well, you gotta boil them
before you shuck them,

and then you fry
'em, don't you see?

You're not going to boil them or
shuck or fry any crawdads up here.

- Now, get 'em out of here.
- Why not?

Because this happens to be
a doctor's office, that's why.

This is where I treat the sick.

You're not gonna have it smelling like a
fish market. Now, get them out of here.

All right, sore head, I'm going.

Look what you've...
Now, here, pick those up!

You've spilt it... Now, you pick them
up, every last one of 'em. Pick 'em up.

Just hold your
taters. I'll pick 'em up.

I'll pick every
last one of 'em up

and I'll take 'em with me and
I'll fry 'em and I'll eat 'em all.

I'll invite Miss
Kitty and Matthew,

and me and them is gonna
eat every last one of 'em

and we ain't gonna bother
you no more, Mr. Squeamy.

Well, that's perfectly all right if
you wanna be selfish about it.

- Selfish?
- Sure.

You got enough crawdads there
for a whole army. If you wanna...

It so happens I
kind of like 'em.

Just last week you told me
that they was creepy-crawlies

and that you didn't like 'em.

Well, I didn't say I didn't like to
eat 'em. I think they're delicious.

I don't know of anything that I
like better than fried crawdads,

unless maybe it's a
nice great big plate

of boiled calves'
brains and horseradish.

Now, you talk about a delicacy.

Just give me a plate of boiled
calves' brains and horseradish.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.