Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 23 - The Lure - full transcript

Kitty gets caught up in a scheme where lawmen will try to arrest known criminal Dal Neely by using his daughter as bait. But everyone gets more than they bargained for in this story.

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Well, I've never heard
of anything so stupid

in my whole life.

This young lady's
blurting out of the situation

was most unfortunate.

There's no way in the world
for you to get away from this.

There's little to
be accomplished

by upsetting
yourself, Miss Russell.

Well, there's plenty
to be accomplished

when we get to the way station.

Unless you're going to tell me

that the Overland Stage
Line is a part of this.

The Overland's only
connection was their mistake

in ticketing you on this run.

There was one other mistake.


This run ends in Dodge City.




Now, Miss Russell.

These men are
kidnapping this girl.

The women are my prisoners.

Hold it right there, mister.

I have identification.

You move real slow.

You received instructions
from our office?

Yeah, I got them
right here, Mr. Vanner.

- Everything ready?
- Yeah.

But I didn't know that you
was bringing two prisoners.

What are you talking
about, prisoners?

Last minute change of plans.

What's going on here?

It's okay, Bill.

They're from the
Wellington Detective Agency.

I don't care who they are.

My name's Kitty
Russell, and I own

the Long Branch
Saloon in Dodge City,

and that's where I'm going.

Nobody said nothing

about no Wellington men
back down the line, mister.

We're taking these
women to Hays City for trial.

The Neely gang's going
to be watching the road

- from here on out.
- Dal Neely?

That's why we're
getting off here.

Neely doesn't want these
women to come to trial.

I got an authorization
from the home office, Bill.

Uh, Mr. Vanner, they said.

And this here's
him, right enough.

Well, we don't want
that Neely bunch after us.

Now, let's go.

You're not going
to leave us here.

Lady, we're not
interfering with the law.

Well, you tell Marshal
Dillon when you get to Dodge

that Kitty Russell was
taken off of this stage.

- Don't do that.
- BILL: Why not?

The fewer people
that know about this,

the better chance we'll
have of reaching Hays alive.

Don't seem like telling a
marshal would hurt none.

I want complete security.

Telling even the marshal
could cause trouble.

You know how word gets around.

We better get moving.

Come on.

What about my things?

We'll take care of that.

I had a kerchief.


(theme music playing)

Doc, that is mighty good.

Thanks for bringing it over.

Get away from
there. That's mine.

- I paid for this.
- BURKE: Howdy.

Hello, Burke.

Yeah, got some good
news for you, Marshal.

Miss Kitty's coming in
from Saint Louis today.

- She is?
- Yeah.

How'd you find that out?

Well, it says so right there.

- You read Matthew's telegraph?
- Well, not exactly.

I suppose you know what stage
she's coming in on, too, huh?

Afternoon, Doc, from Ellsworth.

Yeah, you see, Matt, you don't
even have to read it now. He...

That's the last
thing I'd ever do

is read somebody
else's telegraph.

You can't read.

Smart aleck.

Well, it's going to be good to
see her back in Dodge again.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure is.

Hey! Why don't we have
ourselves a little celebration?

Well, that's a good idea.

You know, we could
go over to Delmonico's

and have a big feed and just...

Say, now, that is a very
generous offer, Festus.

I'll tell... I, for one,
accept right now.

- Me, too.
- Oh, yeah, sounds good.

What-what time would you like
us to be to your party, Festus?

Just, what time
do you want us...?

Well, that ain't exactly
what I had in mind.

See, what I meant was

we'd kind of all chip
in a little bit and...

Sorry we're so crowded.

We'd asked for a light rig.

Didn't want to be
bothered with a team.

Who are you?

Wellington men just
don't take private citizens

off stagecoaches
against their will.

We had to bring
you along with us.

If you had sent your
Marshal Dillon after us,

might have upset all our plans.

He would have.

And if he ever catches up...

Miss Russell, we're
setting a trap for Dal Neely.

This young lady is the bait.

She's his daughter.

Your trap won't
work, Mr. Vanner.

He won't come.

Miss Neely has
agreed to help us.

She understands that her
father has a debt to society.

I don't understand
any such thing.

You understood the money
that we paid you to help us.

You paid that to my mother.

I'm afraid it's a little too
late to worry about that now.

You wrote the letter asking
your father to meet you.

We believe that he will.

My mother made me write it.

She hates him.

She made me do it.

You must want him awful bad.

He murdered two
Wellington agents.

We want him that bad.


Mr. Vanner?


Take the women inside.

Who is she?

Minor complication.

Are these the men we asked for?

This is them.

Do they know their business?

They're the best the
Topeka office has.

They know what
they're up against?

They do.

What about your positions?

Got four spots out here
that covers the whole area.

Come in, come in.

That's right. (chuckles)

Well, uh...

Sit over there, ladies.

I'll get you some coffee.

Well... (chuckles)

Uh, well, this is, uh...

Well, I... (laughs)

I don't see the likes of
you two up here very often.

Man would be a fool not
to come after a pair like this.

MAN: Look, but
don't touch, Swiger.

Oh, you don't want
no coffee, ma'am.

How about a little
scamper juice?

It tastes mighty
good after a long ride.

Keep to yourself, Swiger.

Well, now, let's don't
sour up, Mr. Vanner.

Just do what I said.

Well, maybe I'm good
enough to get myself killed

helping to trap Neely,
but I ain't good enough to...

You're getting paid plenty
for what you're doing.

Sorry. This will all be over
in a matter of a few hours.

It'll be just starting.

I promise you.

She sent a wire saying
she'd be on this stage.

Her name's Kitty Russell.

I told you, Marshal, I
never know no names.

Well, Miss Russell
is the owner of the...

Well, you got
eyeballs, ain't you?

She's the purtiest redheaded
woman you've ever saw.

Well, the womenfolk
we had on board

got off back down the line.

Now, we gotta be
moving on, Marshal.

We got a schedule to keep.

DILLON: Now, wait a
minute. What's your name?


How come I never saw you
on this Dodge run before?

Oh, they just changed me
over from the Abilene run.

Well, we think Miss
Russell was on this stage.

If she was, she wouldn't
have got off, I'll tell you that.

Well, I can't help what
she would or wouldn't do.

You carrying any
valuables on here?


- Let me have your keys.
- Now, hold on.

Let me have the keys.

Check it, Festus.

You got no call to do that.

The money box is here.

Everything seems
up to snuff, Matthew.

I'm making a full
report on this, Marshal.

You've got no call to hold me.


Here you are.

Mister, you better start
your report right now.

Hope you pretty ladies
enjoyed your grub.

I live on the stuff myself.

You know, it seems to be a
pure waste of time and money.

Dal Neely's too sharp
to fall for a thing like this.

Man like him can
just smell a trap.

But our deal holds.

Whether he shows
or not, I get paid.

That was the agreement.

I hate her.

I hate her for this.


My own mother.

Look at us, hiding like animals,

waiting to jump on him.

I'll never forgive her.

Carrie, please.

Tell me this was right.

Tell me what my
mother did was right.

I hope he doesn't come.

Then why should he?

What do I mean to him?

He doesn't even know me.

Somebody's coming.

Who is he?

Man named Swayles.

He's been up north all spring.

Whoa. Ho.

Get rid of him.

But I want them skins.

Just do what I
said... Get rid of him.

But if I don't get them pelts,
I'm going to have to be paid.

You'll get your money.

Now, do what I said.

He's come out for a
piece to make a trade...

Get rid of him!

I'll do my best.

Mighty fine bunch of skins
you got there, Swayles.

But, you know,
the time ain't ready.

You just come
back tomorrow and...

Hello, Swiger.


How many is inside?

I-I thought you was...

Where's Swayles?

I asked you a question.

Nobody inside.

I'll make you the same offer I
made to your friend Swayles.

Live or die.

It's up to you.

Get going.

He's bringing him inside.

Get them out of sight.

In there.

What are you doing,
Swiger? I thought I...

Drop the gun.

Drop it, or I'll kill him.

You'll never get
away with it, Neely.

I've got men all around outside.

NEELY: Yeah, I know.

Call them in.

McGee, do as he says.

Get out, Swiger.

Come on down, men.

Neely's inside.

(gunfire continues)

(gunfire continues)

Call them down, or you're next.

You go to blazes.

Call them down.

You men...

this is Vanner.

Put down your guns and come in.

(gunfire stops)

Boles, get Swiger.

They forced me. They
had a gun at my head.

Shut up.

We ought to burn this
place down with you in it.

Up by the post.

You went to an awful
lot of trouble, Vanner.

It would have been worth it.

Well, maybe you'll
live to try again.

If I don't, somebody else
will be along to get you.

He'll have to be a lot
smarter than what you are.

How much did they pay you?

Thousand dollars.

You could have gotten
five, maybe more.

If you knew it was a trap,
then why did you come?

I wanted to see how
much you've changed.


You're my daughter,
plain enough.

Favor your ma a touch.

What's your name?

Kitty Russell.

I didn't expect a bonus.

Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Oh, you haven't yet, Red.


Keep that stuff as
light as you can, Thad.

We want to travel fast.

I wish you'd let me
go with you, Matt.

Well, I got to have you stay
here and look after things.

And if you want
any extra horses?

We'll pick them up at
the way station if we do.

Just be sure we
got plenty of water.

One thing we don't want to do

is get off the trail
looking for a spring.

Yeah, providing you
find a trail to get off of.

I just think you
ought to take a posse.

A posse would slow us down, Doc.

Well, the more men you
have looking, the better.

Well, just don't you
fret none, now, Doc.

I'll find a trail.

All right, Festus, let's go.

DOC: Wait a minute, Matt.

I think you've overlooked
something here.

Neely may be mixed up in this.

Well, we don't know
that for sure, Doc.

We don't even know

those other two men
were Wellington agents.

- Festus.
- What?

If you...

I'm counting on you.


Now, I swear I had a
chance to thwart 'em.

Let the women go.

Miss Russell had
nothing to do with this.

We'd be better off
shutting him up for good.

We got enough
lawmen dogging our trail.

We'll leave him, like I said.

After we get the women out.

Then I can come
back and finish the job.

Right now, we only
got the law after us.

We butcher five unarmed
men, there won't be a cow town

in the whole territory where
we can buy a day's rest.

What if they get loose?

Let 'em.

They ain't going no place in
this country without horses.

Now, get out of here
and get ready to ride.

VANNER: Neely.

If you have any decency left,

don't take your daughter
out of here with that bunch.

All I seen so far is
a girl selling her pa

to the highest bidder.

Listen, Neely.

Vanner made me
come along with him

the same way as he and your wife

made her write the letter
that set this whole thing up.

I figured that.

I didn't want to write it.

Didn't you?

I don't hate you.

I don't know you.

But you're scared of me.

Why shouldn't she be?


After we get to know
one another, that'll change.

- Let's go.
- KITTY: Where to?

I can't see your knowing
makes much difference.

Why don't you just leave us?

I'll see that she gets
back to Saint Louis.

She's my daughter.
I'll say where she goes.

You're a hunted man, Neely.

There isn't anyplace
where she can be safe.

You ain't making it no
easier for yourself, Red.

Now, both of you,
climb on that rig.


She told you who she was,
and you still let them take her?

Well, now, they was
Wellington agents, Marshal.

I had orders to
cooperate with them.

I got the letter right inside.

Why, I ought to drive my...

Well, Mr. Vanner
said they was prisoners

- he was taking to Hays City.
- All right, that's enough.

Which way did they go?


Just the two of them
with the two women.

Now, they couldn't
make much time, Marshal,

'cause they had my
rig and two horses.

And that's all I
know... I swear it.

What kind of wheels
were on the rig?

Oak wood.

And the horse was shod
just yesterday... 2:00, sir.

Let's go.

Better run on to them
tracks pretty quick,

I'll tell you that.

Right on up that way, Marshal.

Uh, you'll run onto
them easy enough.

I could still drop back

once the women
are far enough away.

I told you before,
we don't kill them.

And I told you why.

I ain't sure it's the smartest.

You don't have to be sure.

You just have to follow orders.

You figure on taking
that girl all the way?

She don't concern you, Boles.

Well, I just got to thinking,
we figure to hit that bank...

Nothing's changed.

We're all set for the bank.

We go through with
it just like we planned.

Any questions?

Well, I just want to
know how things stand.

Well, they stand like always.

And nothing else is
any of your business.

That means my daughter.

Sure thing, Dal.

Now, get up ahead on
lookout and let me be.

VANNER: Trent, you and
Young take care of the horses,

and get some wood.

Go help Boles
rustle up some grub.

- Look here...
- Now.


You two will sleep in here.

Here's my coat.

You won't let them hurt her?

Don't you fret.

The way they look at her.

Like men look at a woman.

Some women.

You like her?

She's been good to me.

Nobody will hurt
her... You got my word.

When we get some coals
in here, it'll warm it up.

What is it?

I remember the smell.

The smell of sage
and saddle leather...

Cowhand's work.

I remember it.

Your ma hated it and
everything about it.

She, uh, tell you
things about me?


None good, I'll wager.

Well, don't reckon
she can be blamed.

I remember other things.

You do?

A well pump by a big tree.

That was on our farm.

I remember you were gone a lot.

Hiring out to the big ranches
for wages to run the farm.

Your ma wanted all the
things I could never give her...

Fancy clothes, city living.

She knew when she married you

you couldn't give
her those things.


It's been roughest on you.

I just wish it
could be the same.

It's never the same.

There's one thing that is.

You came after me.

Miss Russell was
treated as well as possible

under the circumstances.

The circumstances
are she was kidnapped.

We had no choice.

She could've got killed.

Still could be.

Dal Neely murdered
two Wellington agents,

and two more were killed
by his men here today.

Mister, I'm going to
tell you one thing...

You better hope nothing
happens to Kitty Russell or that girl.


She's all tuckered out.

No wonder.

Been a lot of years.

Whose fault is that?

Her ma's.

What kind of a girl is she?

She's your daughter.

Yeah, that should answer
the question, shouldn't it?

Maybe I'll keep her
with me for a spell,

find out for myself.

If you want to ruin her life.

I'm her father.

Maybe she wants to be with me.

If she does, it's probably
because she feels guilty

because of what
her mother did to you.

Her mother run off
from a poor cowboy

with never more than a
month's pay in his pocket.

It ain't that way now.

Maybe we can make it
up some, to each other...

Me and Carrie.

You can't start life over.

I owe her.

I'm going to start
paying what I owe.

You're going to pay?
You're going to take.

You're a lot of woman, Kitty.

Come with us.

I told you, I'm choosy.

I could take you.

It wouldn't be as good, but
maybe it would be worth it.

And show Carrie
what you're really like?


That fellow waiting
for you back in Dodge...

I envy him.

He must be some tall cotton.

He is.

And if I know him,
he's not just waiting.


(shushing quietly)

That time already?


I thought it'd never get here.

(sighs) Anything?

Ah... (sniffs)

You know, we'd...

all be cozy enough...

if Dal wasn't so...

You quit thinking what
you're thinking, Young.

Get some sleep.






- (muffled gasping)
- Easy, Red.

Nobody's going to hurt you.


I just have the makings
of a little party here...

Just you and me.

How about it?

Look, you want to get
out of here, don't you?

All right.

(Young yells in pain)

(Carrie screams)

What happened?

She was trying to get away.

You're a liar.

Trying to get away?

All right, but she started it.

She gave me the come-on.

Listen, if I give any
man a come-on,

it's not going to be
anything like you.

Get out.

You're taking her
word against mine?

If I find you in
this room again,

I ain't going to
bother to ask why.

'Cause you won't
be able to answer.

Go back to sleep, Carrie.

I'll see it don't happen again.

Before long, you and me
will be away from all this.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Till the next time.

There won't be a next time.

You heard what my father said.

Yeah, I heard him.

He's not like they say.

If he was, he wouldn't
have stopped that man.

(Kitty sighs)

There's only one thing
wrong with that reasoning.

It isn't true.

It is true.

He's a good man.

And if he wants me
to stay with him, I will.

You belong back in Saint
Louis with your mother.

My mother doesn't want me

any more than she wanted
the life she had with my father.

But your staying here with him
isn't going to change anything.

At least he wants me with him.

Can't you see? None of
this would have happened

if my mother hadn't left him.

That's no excuse for all
the crimes he's committed.

Better get back in bed.

It's cold.

Young didn't mean nothing.

You know how he is.

Yeah, I know how he is.

It's been a long spell
since we hit any town.

That's my daughter in there.

She's going to see worse
than that as time goes on, Dal.

The blazes she will.

I'm pulling out.

You what?

After tomorrow,
you're on your own.

I'm heading west with Carrie.

What about the
bank in Nettleton?

That's just like we planned.

The redhead?

You can fight over
her all you want to.


That ought to be interesting.


Write me about it someday.

What do you suppose
they're going to do in Nettleton?

I know what they're going to do.

Doesn't it bother you?

If that's what it takes

for my father and
me to be together, no.

I don't believe you.

Doesn't make much
difference whether you do or not.

He loves me.

Maybe he does.

But that's not enough.

It is to me.

YOUNG: Horse is ready, Dal.

Be right there.


Come tomorrow, we
head for California.

We'll make a fresh
start, just you and me.

Can we?

It'll never happen.

We can, and we will.

You'll never stop
running, and you know it.

I promise you, I'll
make it happen.

KITTY: You can't.
Stop lying to her.

Shut up.

- Carrie...
- Did you tell her

what's going to happen
at the Nettleton Bank?

Nothing's going to happen.

It's all worked out.

Well, suppose
something goes wrong.

Suppose somebody
tries to stop you.

You will shoot, won't you?

I said shut up.

Does that tell you anything?

Dal, the boys are waiting.

We'll be back by noon.



Well, as long as
they still got that rig,

I guess they got
Kitty with them.

Well, she'll be
all right, Matthew.

No doubting that.

Long as that Neely is a-holdin'
her for one of them hostages,

they ain't going
to hurt her none.

I guarantee you that.

As long as they need a hostage.

I've been doing my best
not to think about that.


Well, this is a nice
little cozy group.

How much would it take?

For what?

To buy my way out of here.

What do you got to offer?

I own the Long Branch
Saloon in Dodge City.

That so?

I could raise a few thousand.

You'd mail it to me, right?

You have my word.

No offense, Red, but...

I'd rather take my cut
of the Nettleton Bank job

than your word in the mail.

Well, let me give
you some advice.

What's that?

You better put a lot of miles
between yourself and this place,

because when Matt
Dillon shows up here,

you're going to wish
you'd taken my offer.

If you expect him to
show up, why the offer?


That big feller on that sorrel.

Dal Neely.

Let's get him.

Now, wait a minute.

We don't know
where they got Kitty.

Well, I'll just be plumb
polite when I ask them.

Festus, I'd much
rather they showed us.

Come on.


Dinner's ready.

I'm not hungry.

You better eat
something while you can.

You're a regular little
homemaker, aren't you?

Give me some of that stew.

Get it yourself.

I said get me some of that stew.

Look, Red,

I'm only going to tell
you one more time.

Yes, sir, you're a
regular little homemaker.


This is your last chance.

You can either go
with me or you can stay.


For once, you've
shown some sense.

I'm not going with you,

but I'll do everything
I can to help.

Hook up that rein.

You'll regret it as
long as you live.

Got no place else to go.

You never will have,
the way you're going.


(Kitty grunting)

I got to admit, I
asked for stew.

Hi. My name is Timmons.

I wrote you last
week about a deposit

for a cattle
purchase I'm making.

Oh, yes, Mr. Timmons, I
have your letter right here.

This way, please.

This is Mr. Timmons.


(hoofbeats passing)

Teller, could you
break this five for me?

Give me three dollars in silver.

I think you counted wrong.

That don't add
up to five dollars.

Keep your hands on the reins,
and don't go getting skittery.


Back door.


DILLON: Hold it.

I won't miss again.

You can't make it
out of here, Neely.

I don't know how you
figured this, lawman,

but it ain't over yet.

Throw down your
gun. Come out of there.

Ain't likely.

If I go, I won't be alone.

You follow me, and
I'll... I'll kill this man.

(muffled): No! No!


DILLON: Festus, hold it!

He's getting away, Matthew.

That's exactly what
I want him to do.

You stay here and
take care of him.

See nobody follows us.

Well... Matthew?


What happened?

- Everything happened.
- Where's Young and Boles?

Young is dead.
The law got Boles.

- Let's go.
- I'll get the horses.

- You ain't going.
- What?

I need your horse.


- Carrie, come on.
- No!

- Leave her alone.
- I don't want to go with you.

(indistinct arguing inside)

Hold it, Neely.

Move over there.

All right, now take
off your gun belt, slow.

I'm not going to tell you again.




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