Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 24 - Noose of Gold - full transcript

An attorney general uses Matt's friendship with an outlaw for political gain.

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Something's funny.

Where's the dog?

Yeah, he always
comes running out

yapping his head off.

Hey, you coming on in?


Been anybody around?

No, no, not a soul.

How was the hunt?

Well, got some meat.

Where's your dog, Ben?

Darn hound took off
a bit ago running a fox.

He'll drag back
tomorrow morning,

hanging his tongue
about a yard and a half.

You had a lot of
wind this afternoon?


We rode out of here
about four hours ago.

I don't see any
tracks in the road.

You boys are really something.

For a fact.

You know how it is, Ben.

Hey, little Billy roped
a hide a while ago.

He was dragging it
up and down here.

Must have wiped it clean.

I kicked him bowlegged
for raising the dust.

Well, you can just
set there if you want to.

We're eating up at the house.

It still don't smell right.

I don't put much faith in Ben.

I've been holing
up here off and on

for six years now.

He's all right.

It ain't costing enough
money to suit me.

We're shelling him out 20 a day.

You wouldn't believe what
it got to costing the Daltons.

And Jesse... 10,000 on his head,

and he couldn't
buy a place to sleep.

Ain't natural he ain't
squeezing you for more.

Maybe he's proud of the company.

Hey, Johnny, let
me see you a minute.

Yeah, I'll be right there.


Well, don't get
your hopes up now,

but I swear there's a
money-grubbing glint in his eye.

You're... you know, you're
going to worry yourself

into an early grave, Harry.

Johnny, look out!


(gunfire continues)

(Johnny yells)

(gunfire continues)


I'd have staked my life on Ben.

You did.

How bad is it?

I haven't had the nerve

to pull it out and
find out, or the time.


Went clean through.

We're pulling out, John.

You're doing what?

You're the one
they want, not us.

You've got $9,200 on your head.

You're a danger
just to be around.


I'm staying.

You'll get yourself
killed staying.

You go to the devil,
the three of you.

You'll see him first.


(theme music playing)

(lively piano music
playing in distance)

(hoofbeats approaching)

- Hi.
- Hi, Doc.

I ain't at all sure

I can pry myself loose
from this saddle, Matthew.

No luck, huh, Matt?

No, not a bit, Doc.

Doc, we looked in
every little old cranny

'twixt here and
the end of creation

that a man could
hide hisself in.

Festus, better take
these on up to Hank's.

Sure, Matthew.


I've been keeping
an eye out for you

the better part
of the afternoon.

I got some information.

- What's the matter?
- Matthew.

Oh. Thanks, Festus.

It's John Farron.

While you were
scouring the countryside,

he ain't but ten miles
from here, Marshal.

- I've seen him.
- Where?

I'll take you there.

There's a spot where you can
get a clean, easy shot at him.

What did this man look like?

Big man, Marshal.

Way over six feet.

Halligan, go on home and
put that gun away, will you?

Now, wait a minute,
Marshal, I seen him.

Halligan, I appreciate
your trying to help,

but believe me, the man
you saw is not John Farron.

He ain't mad at me, is he, Doc?

- I was just trying to help him...
- No. Hush up.

Well, it's funny how they
always make an outlaw

seem bigger
than he is, isn't it?

Well, that's human nature.

Bigger the reward money,
the bigger the outlaw.

$9,200 is an awful lot
of money, you know?

That's enough to get
a lot of folks excited.

I can understand how you feel

about him being
bushwhacked, though,

you and him being
old friends and all.

Well, it isn't that, Doc.

Actually, the murder
charges against him

have never been proved.

I'd just like to see him get in

and have a
chance at a fair trial.

Well, nobody's seen
hide nor hair of Farron

since he shot his way out
of that ambush last week.

You haven't the slightest idea
where to go looking for him.

But suppose you do find him.

How do you know he's
not going to shoot you?

I don't.

Well, if you go out
and try to bring him in,

you may be the one
that has to kill him.

Have you thought of that?

Yeah, I've thought
quite a lot about it.

Excuse me. Marshal Dillon?


I'd like to have a
word with you, please.

It's important.

Oh, Matt, I have to get
back up to the office.

- Excuse me.
- All right, Doc.

Well, wouldn't you...
would you like to sit down?

Thank you.

What can I do for you, ma'am?

I'm Edna Farron.

I told you it was important.

Yes, I'd heard John was married.

Six years ago.

My husband's told me
a lot about you, Marshal.

It was a long time ago.

So he said.

You've been looking for him.

Yes, I have.

For the reward?

Not for the reward, Mrs. Farron.

It's my job.

I'd like to bring your
husband in alive, if I could.

Marshal, you knew John
Farron better than anyone.

Now, do you think
he's capable of murder?

What about the Emporia Bank?

He didn't kill those
men, Marshal.

Well, he led the raid.

His orders were not to
shoot. There was no need.

Well, somebody did shoot,

and that's the reason the
reward is close to $10,000.

Marshal, there's still a lot

of the old John Farron
you knew in him.

What do you want
with me, Mrs. Farron?

John wants to know
if you'll make a deal

if he gives himself up.


Well, I... I don't
know if the state

would be willing to make a deal.

Marshal, this may be
the last chance I have

to keep my husband alive.

All right, Mrs. Farron.

I can't make any
promises, but I'll...

I'll talk to the
attorney general,

see what I can do.

Yes, if he could make
any kind of a concession...

I'll try.

John was right.

You are his friend.

I'm very curious about
a couple of things, Matt.

What's that?

You're not going to
get anything out of this

except a chance to
stick your neck out

and maybe a pat
on the back from us,

which we both
know you don't need,

so why bother?

Why did Mrs. Farron come
to you in the first place?

Well, the fact of the matter is

that John and I go
back quite a ways.

That's interesting.

Well, I guess it's no secret.

You're friends?

We were.

His family took
me in one winter.

I was broke, near
starving to death.

Wasn't much more than a kid,
and Johnny was even younger.

Next summer, we went
out chasing cows, and...

well, it was kind of like
having a kid brother.

You haven't seen him since?

Once or twice.

Did you ever, uh,
give him a break?

You know what I mean.

No, I never did.

Johnny's always stayed
clear of my jurisdiction.

Until that ambush last week.

Yeah. We went after him.

By the time we got to the
Leary place, the trail was cold.

Well, I get it every day.

"You got $9,200
working for you, Will,

so what's taking so long?"

I don't know.

Be a lot of hard
questions if I make a deal.

No, I don't think so, Matt.

Besides, time is on our side.

Well, not altogether.

You know, you got an
election year coming up.

You're going to be
in a difficult position

if John's still running
loose in November.

He'll probably be dead by then.

Wouldn't you rather have
him alive in a courtroom?


Make you look a
lot better at the polls

than if he's shot in the
back by some bounty hunter.

You would have made
a good politician, Matt.

All right, I'll go along
with you, but not far.

Good. Now, what can I offer?


(crickets chirping)

Well, the road's clear behind.

There's nobody following.

Let's go.


We're to go inside and
show a light and wait.

Stay where you are.

It's all right.
It's Matt Dillon.

Hello, Johnny.

Did you know he was behind you?

What do you think?


I think he could very
well be dead right now.

You're looking
fit, Matt. (groans)

Johnny. Wish I could
say the same for you.

Yeah, got a close one.

There's no denying that.

You bring more wrappings?

Bandages are in the buggy.

(sighs) It's been a long time.

You've come a long way, Johnny.


After that first
time, it got easier.

Came here to talk business.

Jim Gunther.

Yeah, I've heard of him.

That a fact?

He's been a friend,
Matt... A good friend.

They're hard to come by.


Just some branches
rustling. Wind's coming up.

I thought you'd brought a posse.

I'm sorry, Matt.

You heard what that Ben
Leary tried to do to me?


Getting hard to
know who to trust.

The marshal's your friend, John.

Yeah, I know that.

His being here says it.

Done pretty good for
myself, didn't I, Matt?

Yeah, you sure did, Johnny.

Well, state give me a deal?

Well, they're willing to
make a deal, Johnny,

but I don't know
if you'll like it.

They won't drop
the murder charges.

No, I'll come and stand
trial for armed robbery,

but they got to drop
them murder charges.

They won't do it.

I didn't commit those murders.

What evidence you
got to prove that?

Well, I got some,
but, uh, I'm not so sure

it'll stand up in court.

All right, seems to me
the best thing you can do

is come in, present the
evidence and take your chances.

If you're acquitted
of the murder charge,

you could get
off with five years.

I won't take those
chances, Matt.

I got to have that deal.

That's as far as
they'll go, Johnny.

If they try me on
all them charges,

what does it mean?

They've agreed to
waive the death penalty.

What do I get?

20 years.

20 years?

Did you know about this?

John, you'd be alive.

That's what you want me to do?

There's no other way.

Well, in a pig's
eye, there ain't!

I got a lot of
running left in me yet.

John, if you go on like this,

it's a question of time
before you'll be killed.

Well, then I'll be killed.

I ain't going to get
myself packed in salt

for the next 20 years.

Honey, I'll get a couple
of things worked out.

John, there's no
other way it can end.

Well, any way's
better than being caged

for the best part of my life.



Couple of weeks ago, you
came into my jurisdiction.

For old times' sake,
don't come in again.

Yeah, I been worried
about that, Matt.

But it's getting
harder and harder

to just find a spot to rest.

You just set there a bit, hmm?


Did you read this, Shepherd?

Yes, Mr. Kerner.

Well, just who the devil
does John Farron think he is?

With due respect, sir,

I was against the
idea from the start.

So you were. So you were.

You gave him more
than he deserved, sir.

I must admit my
reasons were twofold.

Matt Dillon asked me,
and as he so aptly put it,

we have an election coming up.

Your record will carry you, sir.

Shepherd, I want
this matter cleared up.

As it should well be, sir.

I want you to go down to
Dodge, see Marshal Dillon,

look into this thing firsthand.

Yes, sir.

- And, Shepherd...
- Sir?

Marshal Dillon is not the
kind of a man one can...

You handle it any way you wish.

I want John Farron.

How is it?

It's good.

Strong enough for you?

Yeah, just right.

Festus ought to be showing
up with that posse pretty quick.

Why don't you just sit
still and finish your coffee.

He'll let you know.

Well, good morning.


You're in kind of
early, aren't you?


Well, I didn't know you'd
set up visiting hours here.

I wasn't aware of that.

Did she mention
that to you, Matt?


Well, probably just me, then.

But anyway, why don't
you just let me know

when I'm going to be
permitted to visit here,

and then I'll set my alarm clock

so I don't show up
on you unexpectedly.

Be quiet.

Doc, what have you been up to?

I haven't been up to
anything, but I've been up.

Been up all night out
at the Cumminses'.

Why don't you go on
home and go to bed?

Oh, no. No, you can't do that.

No, the minute I lay down
and start to go to sleep,

why, somebody'd have a baby
or break their leg or something.

That's ridiculous.

No, I'm dead
serious about it. It...

Oh, I've noticed the
same thing myself, Kitty.

Sure. I'll bet you
that a fireman

no sooner gets his boots
off and his pants hung up

than the bell rings...

Morning, Doc, Kitty, Matt.

- Hello, Thad.
- Thad.

Matt, uh, there's a
man down at the office,

and he says he's gotta see you.

- Who is he?
- Well, I don't know.

I can't figure him out.

He's putting on
like he's somebody,

and he sent me over
here to come and get you.

All right. I'll see you later.

What did I tell you?

You see, Matt...
It's the first time

he's had any kind of a
chance to relax in over a week,

and, well, it never fails.

Oh, well, it's all right.

He was leaving soon anyway.

Where was he going?

He's got Festus

rounding up some
more men for that posse.

He said he was going
to bring John Farron in,

and he meant it.

What can I do for
you, Mr. Shepherd?

It's what I'll be doing
for you, Marshal.

Quoting the attorney
general directly:

"Handle it any way you wish."

Handle what?

The capture of John Farron.

That letter there, as you see,

gives me all the
authority I need.

Now, if Farron's decided
to make a deal with us,

it's certainly something
to hang our hat on.

What do you mean?

Would it be possible
for you to arrange

another meeting with him?

I don't know. It might.

Are you willing
to take a chance?

I'd have to know why.

Get word to him.

Tell him we're
game to talk about

dropping the murder charge.

You're what?

We'll arrange to
have you followed.

I'll instruct our men to
try to make an arrest.

Forget it.

I can order you to do it.

You can, huh?

I'm here as the representative

of the attorney general
of the state of Kansas.

Yeah, you said that.

John Farron is a
murderer and a thief.

Give me one solitary reason

why we should
play fair with him.

This is my jurisdiction,
and I'll bring him in.

You can only try,
and it's been tried.

I'm sorry.

I have got to be sure.

You've got to be sure?

It is not my intention
to remain an assistant

to the attorney general forever.


Good afternoon, Mr. Shepherd.

Don't underestimate me, Marshal.

There are other
ways of handling this.

I'll not hesitate to use them.

Posse's about ready
to ride, Matthew.

- Who was he, Matt?
- His name's Shepherd.

He's from the attorney
general's office.

Have they dropped the
murder charges against Farron?

- No.
- What did he want, then?

Well, he just joined
a long line of people

who want to use Farron
one way or another.

How's that?

Reward money, prestige...

now a political career.

Boys, I want you all to
remember you're just deputies.

There's no reward
money in this for you.

If possible, I want
Farron brought in alive.

Thad, give me a couple
extra badges, will you?

Ronald Miller and his
boy are going to meet us

out there with Festus.

Well, we should be
back sometime tomorrow.


Let's go, boys.

That's a shame.

Matt did all he could.

Well, Farron turning
down Topeka's offer

forces Matt's hand, and
that's just a shame, shame.

Well, from what Festus
says, it's not surprising.

20 years.

Farron couldn't expect to
get a better deal than that.

Well, for a man like that,

20 years is no
different than hanging.

Well, they'll get
him eventually,

but the terrible
thing about that is

Matt will be the one
that has to bring him in.


- Yes?
- How do you do, Mrs. Farron?

I don't believe I know you.

If I could come in, I'll
be happy to explain.

If it's about my husband, I...

It is about your husband.

I don't wish to discuss it.

Please, Mrs. Farron.

I'm not from the railroad
or any of the banks.

What I have to say will be
of personal interest to you.

Attorney general's office?

May I come in?

Yes, yes, of course.

Mr. Shepherd?

What is this all about?

Mrs. Farron, your husband
has made certain demands

which must be met
before he will surrender

to the authorities.

Only to protect himself...

Hear me out, please.

We're willing to
meet those demands.

You're what?

I'm here to extend an
amnesty offer to your husband.


On the murder
charges against him.

The robbery charges
will remain in force.

You're going to drop
the murder charge?

The offer is being
made by Marshal Dillon

at my personal direction.

You're to get word
to your husband.

The meeting is to
be at 3:00 tomorrow.

Well, what if Johnny doesn't...

Well, he'd want to arrange
the meeting place himself.

Mrs. Farron, I can
rescind the offer.

That would leave no choice
but to raise the reward.

Your husband must
be apprehended.

One way or the other,
it's in your hands.

That's what frightens me.

If he was willing to meet
with Marshal Dillon once,

why not again?

All right, I'll... I'll
see what I can do.


Nights are getting colder.


And longer and darker.

Jim, why don't you pack this in?

What are you talking about?

All this.

You'd have no trouble getting
lost up north, maybe Mexico.

Why don't you?

We've been together
too many years, Johnny.

Maybe one of these days,

they'll put a price on
you as big as on me.

Nah, I'm what my pa used
to call "small potatoes."

That would never happen to me.

What if it did?

I think I'd blow my brains out.

If I had the guts.

How long do you think
she'll stay by you, Johnny?

What do you mean?

No offense to her.

My wife waited four years.

One time, winter it
was, I went in to see her.

She was gone.

Never knew you
were married, Jim.

Neither did she.

That's why she left me.

Well, Edna is different.

(hoofbeats approaching)

Oh, John. Oh, John.

What is it, honey?

They've agreed to drop
the murder charges.

The marshal's waiting for you.


He's waiting? Where?

Cimarron, 3:00 tomorrow.

I talked to the attorney
general's man myself, John.


He came down from Topeka
to talk with the marshal.

That's what you wanted

before you'd give
yourself up, isn't it?

Could be a trap.


Matt Dillon's your friend, John.

He wouldn't be a part
of anything like that.

I don't like it.

It doesn't matter what you like.

It's our last chance.

It's our only chance, John.

Oh, please, don't throw it away.

All right.

I'll think about it.


John, I'll wait for you

as long as it takes for you
to serve a prison sentence,

but I can't live
like this any longer.

I mean it, John.

You know, Jim might be right.

It could be a trap.

Anyone else, I'd be
afraid, but not Matt Dillon.


- Hello, Doc. Thad.
- THAD: Matt.

- FESTUS: Doc.
- No luck yet, huh?

No, no.

You know, many
more days like this,

and my tailbone's going
to take root to my saddle.

Well, if you two want, I could
get you something to eat.

Oh, no, thanks,
Thad. Not for me.

If my innards
quit flip-flopping,

I might be in the mood
for some vittles myself.

Well, what you
need, both of you,

is about ten or twelve
hours good sleep.

That's what you need.

You know, I been thinking
that very same thing

since early this morning, Doc.

We stayed in the saddle
the entire night long.

Matt, do you suppose Farron
might have left for good?

Well, if he hasn't, he sure will
as soon as his wound's healed.

It'll be a blessing all
around if he does go.

Well, I'll tell you
this, he'd better leave

'cause the roundup's about
over and the rope's a-gettin' short.


What happened?

Mrs. Farron?

- What happened?
- What do you mean?

To John.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Mr. Shepherd told me that
you were meeting with him.

Meeting with him?

To offer him amnesty
for the murder charges.

Where was this meeting
supposed to take place?

Oh, dear God!

Mrs. Farron, where
was the meeting

supposed to take place?

Cimarron. He said
you were there.

You were waiting
there to meet with John.

Thad, saddle my horse, will you?

Festus, come on.
Help me find Shepherd.

What'll it be, mister?

You have any good brandy?

Miss Kitty figures that
anybody that'd order brandy

in the Long Branch
would want the very best.

And that's just what we've got.

Then would you mind
pouring me some?

Well, Marshal, any
luck with your search?

You got a trap set for
Farron up in Cimarron?

I'm doing what you
and other lawmen

have failed to do.

In a courtroom or in his grave,
as long as I put him there.

Mister, you better hope
he doesn't get killed

in an ambush.

You're too late, Dillon.

You'd never get there in time.

Jim, what time you
figure it's getting to be?

Getting pretty close.

I guess we'd better start in.

Johnny, I don't like it.

I got to stop running
sometime, Jim.

What if it's a trap?

Then I'd say Matt Dillon's
changed an awful lot.

What if he has?

You go on.

Go on where?

Go on, get out of here.

There's no sense you
taking any chances.

I've stuck it this far.

All right, Jim.

Something happens
we get separated,

we'll meet at that line
shack near the lake.

Let's go on in.





Call it off, Aaron.

What are you doing
in Cimarron, Matt?

Call it off. I want that
ambush broken up.

Sorry, Matt. I got my orders.

They come from
higher up than you.

You know, I might have
figured a lot of men to go along

with something
like this, but not you.

Go along with what? John
Farron's a wanted man.

What, are they giving
you part of the reward?

- Now, look here...
- They must be giving you a cut.

You stand there
straight and tall.

You know what I got to show

for 35 years of
wearing this badge?

$15 a month and my meals.

Don't try to alibi it.

No alibi. Just
plain, bitter facts.

Whatever I'm getting, I
ain't being overpaid for it.


Let's get out of here.

I'm going in.

Look at that street.

It's got ambush
written all over it.

Johnny, remember
Ben Leary's farm.

There was less sign
there, and you saw it.

Well, there's one
big difference...

Matt Dillon's here.



(gunfire continues)

Hold your fire!

DILLON: Johnny, get out of here!

- Johnny!
- Dillon, you got no call!

- DILLON: Get out of here!
- (gunfire continues)

I said hold it!

(gunfire stops)

No... no, don't shoot.

Get up.

They had us cold,
and you stopped it.

This ambush wasn't my idea.

Let's go.

Send a telegram to Mr. Shepherd.

John Farron has escaped.

Matt Dillon has got Gunther.


Thad, lock him up, would you?

EDNA: Jim, where's Johnny?

Marshal, what happened?

Johnny got away.

- Was he hurt?
- No, I don't think so.

Marshal Dillon?

You... you lied!

It's always the
guilty who cry foul.

(Edna grunts in frustration)

There's a stage at 10:00
tomorrow morning, Shepherd.

Be on it.

Don't order me around, Dillon.

Read this.

It's from Kerner himself.

It gives me authority

to remove Gunther
from your custody.

You've been busy, haven't you?

You can send your own
wire to confirm it, if you like.

What do you want Gunther for?

That's none of your business.

Let him in, Festus.

Leave us alone.

My name is Charles Shepherd,

from the attorney
general's office.

Attorney general?

What do you want with me?

Quite a lot, Gunther.

Look, I'm just a
small-time thief.

Ain't never had more than
$100 on my head at any one time.

Before I get through
with you, Gunther,

there will be a
bigger bounty on you

than there ever
was on John Farron.

What for?

Murder, for a start.


That's right.

Those two men that
were killed in Emporia.

I never had nothing
to do with those killings.

But you were there.

Sure, I was there.

But I never fired no shot.

No more than Johnny did.

That's your story, Gunther.

But tomorrow morning,
there'll be a dozen men

to testify that they saw you

cut down those two
guards in cold blood.

Ah, that's a lie.

There are a couple of killings
in Tascosa I could tie you to.

Why are you doing
this to me? Why?

Because I need you, Gunther.

And unless you do
exactly what I say,

I'll tear your hide
off and tie it to a wall.

I'll make your
name a dollar sign

to every lawman,
drifter and bounty hunter

west of the Mississippi.

What do you want from me?


I want John Farron.

I want him dead.

You're asking me to kill Johnny?


I'm not asking you anything.

I'm telling you.



No, I won't do it.

You will.

Because you know
what'll happen if you don't.


Let me tell you something
about yourself, Gunther.

You're a thief because
you haven't got

the moral fiber it takes
to become an honest man.

And you're a small-time thief

because you haven't got
the guts to be anything else.

And shall I tell you why?

Because your
miserable little life

means more to you than
anything else in this world.

More than money, fame

or the life of John Farron.

That's not true.

Well, I'm going to give
you that life, Gunther.

I'm going to give you
that life on a silver platter.


Complete amnesty

for all the petty, dirty
crimes you ever committed.

And $9,200 in your pocket.

New name, new deal, new life.

But if you cross me, Gunther,

I swear I'll see you
hang in the public court

just as sure as I'm
standing in this cell.



You can put the gun away, Jim.

I'm alone.

How many did you bring with you?


You going to kill me, Jim?

That's right, Johnny.

Well, who put you onto me?

Wasn't Dillon.

What in the world did they have

that they could
have offered you?

It's what they would've
done to me if I didn't go along.

No, Jim, you could have
ridden away once you were free.

He swore he'd put
a bounty on me,

bigger than the
one on you, if I did.

We talked about
that once, remember?

I didn't have the guts.

You know, you and
me go back a long time.

The price must be awful right.

It's come right
down to this, Johnny.

Right down to the line.

It's your life or mine.

It has come down
to that, hasn't it, Jim?

Your life or mine.

Get out of here.

(crickets chirping)

I tell you, you got
nothing to worry about.

He's coming in.

- How do you know?
- I know Johnny.

Is this another
one of your tricks?

He's got no place else to go.

I'm telling you, he's coming in

to give himself up
to Marshal Dillon.

No good.

- Why?
- I want him.

I'm going to be the one who
brought Farron in, not Dillon.

Nobody's bringing him in.

He's giving himself up.

And I tell you he's
not giving himself up.

He's my ticket to the top.

And you'll see
that I won't lose out.

I'm very grateful
to you, Marshal,

for what you tried
to do for John.

Well, I'm sorry
it didn't work out.

What are you going to do now?

Wait for him to contact me.

What then?

Then I'm going to go
with him wherever he goes.

Just a matter of time till
they catch up with him.

Yes, I know that.

But that's why
I'm going with him.

He's running out
of time, Marshal.

And whatever is left,
I'm going to be with him.

That makes things pretty
difficult for you, doesn't it?

I love him.


(dog barking in distance)

You sure called it.


Just as though I knew him.

Expected to see
you before this, Jim.

Along the trail somewhere.

I'll shoot.

- Johnny!
- (gun cocks)

Johnny. Johnny.

Johnny, fight me.

Kill him!



Oh, Johnny.

I came in, Matt.

Nobody left to turn to but you.

I'll have your badge for this.

After Cimarron and tonight,
I'll have your job, mister.

You're under arrest.


We always knew it
would end like this.

We knew.

I'm glad it's finished.

I love you, Johnny.

All of a sudden,

there's so much I
got to say to you.

There's no time.

Oh, Johnny...

It's done.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.


(Edna sobbing)


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