Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 2 - The Goldtakers - full transcript

A murderous band of outlaws bushwhacks an Army pay train and murders every man among them for the $200,000 in gold they are carrying. They throw open the pay chest and find -- lead. The leader scratches the lead with a knife and uncovers a gold streak, and realizes that the Army had amalgamated the two metals together before the pay train started to try to prevent just such an occurrence. So the leader and his men strip the dead soldiers of their uniforms and head for the nearest blacksmith's shop, which happens to be in Dodge. There they will melt down the alloy into pieces of gold, which they plan to distribute amongst themselves after leaving. Matt, who was off fishing, returns in time to catch the thieves in the act -- but is taken hostage and forced to help them. Features a rare view of Dodge City's outdoor back lot set for the final gunfight (in fact, the main characters watch the outlaws ride off the sound stage and onto the outdoor street!)

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.



(galloping hoofbeats)

That's, uh, one messenger
that didn't get away, boss.

Pete, Al, rustle up
the army horses.

I told you. I told you,
didn't I? Didn't I tell you?

It worked exactly like I
said it would, didn't it?

You did fine, Jenkins. Fine.

Just fine. And when
we split this gold up,

you ride anywhere but
behind me, scissorbill.

That goes for me, too.

Hey, you guys, you got no
right to talk to me that way.

No right at all.

If I hadn't jammed
that Gatling gun,

you'd all be dead,
hear? You'd all...

What are you doing?!

(men talking excitedly)

(men talking excitedly)

Hurry up! I want to
take a look at that gold!

- Get it off here.
- Yeah, I'm going to shed

this uniform once and for all.

Britton, look at that.

I never knowed there was
that much money in the world.

(quietly): I'm going
to cut me a little bit.

It ain't gold.

It's gold.

It is gold.

It ain't gold. Gold is soft!

It would cut!

- What did you sell us?
- No, wait...

- (men shouting)
- Hold on!

- They told me it was gold.
- Hold it!

- They told me it was gold.
- Hold it! Hold it!

We take a chance like
this and for nothing?

Britton, I lost some
boys and a brother.

But you're rich now! We all are!

You heard Troy, it ain't gold!

This is gold!

Now, what they've
done... is melted it down

and mixed it with
something else.

Now, what we have
to do is find a way of...

of dividing it up!

How do we do that?

(snaps fingers)

Here's a way.

Dodge City is about
ten miles from here.

It's got to have a
blacksmith's shop

and a forge, right?

We just melt it down, huh?

Yeah, we can m... we can
melt it down. That's right.

We just go in there and
ask to borrow their forge,

is that it, huh?

Just walk right in.



But first we join the army.


we... we join the army.

(all laughing heartily)

(theme music playing)

Now, you can hoot on me
all you want to, Matthew,

but I'll tell you this.

My Aunt Tanzy's third
husband, Dooley Jim,

worked hisself
down to such a nub,

he wasn't more than
two feet tall when he died.

Two feet tall, huh?

Buried him in Aunt
Tanzy's hatbox.

Oh, hush up.

If I'm lying, I'm dying.

I can show you the posthole

- in back of the barn...
- I don't want to hear anything

about postholes in back
of the barn. (mutters)

'Course you got a ways to go

'fore you're two
feet tall, but...

Festus, I do appreciate
your concern.

Matthew, now you listen to me.

There ain't no reason on
the good Lord's green earth

why you can't take
you a few days off.

Why, all them
drovers has left town.

Old Harley Skinner's trial

don't come up till next month.

And the town's as quiet

as a parson's
Sunday parlor. Why...

You have been putting
in some long days...

Why, there ain't
a thing coming up

that me and old Thad
couldn't take care of.

We've did it a
hundred times before.

Nobody'd have to
tell me to take a rest

and relax, I'll tell you that.

Is that a fact?

Well, as your doctor,

I can tell you
something for sure...

Why, even the
good doctor'd tell you

that a man can't keep
a-running around and a-working

no more than a granddaddy
clock can keep a-ticking...

Have you finished?!

Well, I'm just trying to...

I know what you're trying to do.

- You're trying to drive me crazy.
- But...

- But...
- Now hush! Just hush!

Matt, I want to
ask you something.

How long has it been
since you took a day off?

Well, as a matter of
fact, it's been awhile, Doc.

Well, that's what I mean.

As your doctor,

and at the risk of
agreeing with him,

I'll tell you what to do.

Go fishing.

Well, that's just...

Horse is all saddled
and ready to go, Matt.

Oh, good.

- Saddled?
- Wh-where you going now, Matthew?

Well, I see the farewell
committee is all here.

Farewell committee?

Oh, what are you talking about?

Are you going
somewhere, Miss Kitty?

No, he is.

Well, where you going?

Well, thought I might go
up to White Oak Creek.

FESTUS: What?!

Yeah. Do a little fishing.

Maybe say hello to Caleb.

Why in thunder
didn't you say so?

Yeah, you let me run
off at the mouth here.

I tried to say something

back around Aunt
Tanzy's third husband.

I was going to leave
right after you'd finished.

- KITTY: Finished what?
- Well, I...

Oh, Kitty, why'd you ask
him that for? Good heavens.

Matt, by golly, you'd
better get out of here

or he's gonna get started again.

Bring me a catfish,
about like that, will ya?

All right, Doc.

- Kitty, see you in a few days.
- Have a good time.

THAD: And don't give
anything a second thought.

No, sir, don't you
fret about a thing,

'cause ain't nothing a-coming up

that can't be took care
of betwixt Thad and me.

I'll guarantee you that.

I don't see a problem, deputy.

You have all the authorization
you need right in those papers.

I told you once before, Captain,
I'm not officially a deputy.

I'm just watching
things for Marshal Dillon.

As far as I'm concerned,
you're in charge here,

and I'm going to have
to take what I need,

just as it says in those papers.

Well, we'll do all
we can for the army,

but I can't let you take
over a man's business.

What's the trouble
here, Captain?

Captain Freeman, this is Doc
Adams and Festus Haggen.

- How are you?
- Howdy.

We have three wounded
troopers, Doctor,

and an authorization to enlist
any civilian aid we may need,

but this boy doesn't
seem to understand.

THAD: He wants rooms
for the ones that are hurt.

We can give them those.

But he also says he has to take
over Jake's blacksmith's shop

for a day or so.

But old Jake, he ain't
been in town too long,

and he gets powerful testy

about the least
little old thing.

But he's the best
blacksmith we've had in town

since the Comanche left.

Well, he'll be paid by the
government for his trouble.

do you say, Doctor?

Well, these men need attention.

When did this happen?

Couple of days ago.

Uh, some Cheyenne
just north of here.

Let's get them up to the office.

- Sergeant.
- Yes, sir.

Go with the doctor here.

We'll headquarter at
the blacksmith's shop.

I'm sorry, Captain, but
I can't let you do that.

FESTUS: Now, hold on, Thad.

If them army papers says

that they're fixing to take
over the blacksmith's shop,

well, old Jake's just
got to pull in his ears.

That's all there are to it.

Thank you.

All right, let's move that
wagon down the street.


(Thad sighs)

Well, I'll just
leave Jake to you.

- (sets glass down)
- I ain't gonna have it.

Now, I just ain't gonna have it!

Jake, just simmer down.

Now, they ain't
gonna do you no harm.

They got no business
running me out of there.

nobody's run you out.

Now, all they're
going to do is take over

and they'll pay you fer it.

Probably a heap more
than you'd have made...

I'm gonna go get me a gun,

I'm gonna go down
there and blast them out!

You ain't gonna
do no such a-thing.

Now, here, Sam,
give-give him another...

Here, just have
yourself another drink

and kind of settle
your nerves down.

That's the only way to
handle something like this.

The more Festus tries
to quiet Jake down,

the madder he gets.

Well, maybe I ought to take
him over and lock him up.

No, let's not try that.

Jake can cause an
awful lot of trouble

if he's got a mind to,

and I don't think
he'd go quietly.

How soon can these
men travel, Doctor?

Well, those two, I'd
say three or four days.

We don't have that much time.

We... we'll have to be pulling
out the day after tomorrow.

Not this soldier, Captain.

No, he can't travel
for about a week.

But here's what I can do.

I can keep him here

and then send him
out to Fort Dodge later.

No, you ain't going to leave me!

- Lay down and keep quiet!
- Here, wait a moment.

- You ain't gonna leave me.
- Easy, Sergeant!

(chuckles) We're...
we're a little bit on edge.

We've had a rough patrol.

Warner, you just do
as the doctor says.

You're going to be all right.

You'll ride out in the
wagon when we pull out.

A wagon?

Certainly not. He
can't ride in any wagon.

He'll be a lot better
off right here with me.

Like I said, Doctor,

we've been through
a lot together and...

we'd like to see this
job through together.

(Caleb cackling)

I'll tell you, that old
she bear looked at me,

I looked at her and she
went north, and I went south.

And that old honeycomb fell
in the creek smack 'twixt us.

Sweetened all
the water from here

to Morrow's Crossing.

Caleb, are you sure you don't
have some Haggen blood in you?

What's that?

Matt, I swear if
what I'm telling you

ain't the honest gospel truth,

may you never take another
fish from this here crick.

(water splashing)


I should have known better.

Well, seems like
after all these years,

a fella's friends would know
his character well enough

not to question him.

(water splashing)

What's the matter... Ain't
he big enough for you?

Oh, we got enough for supper.

Well, there's always tomorrow.

Well, that gives us a
chance to come back

do some more fishing tomorrow.

City people.

(Dillon chuckles softly)

Well, what do you think?

About vittlin time?


You want to clean
them or cook them?

Oh, I'll chuckle up a fire

and get some cornbread started.

All right.


I want you to
know how good it is

to have you up
here with me again.

Caleb, it's mighty
good to be here.

I should have come
up a long time ago.

Well, see that you come back

next time you get Dodge
City all peacefulled down.

I'm going down there
and throw them out myself!

Get out of my way!

(woman screams)

Now you just
hold it right there!

Ain't nobody gonna stop me!

Excuse me, Miss Kitty.

Jake, you're making trouble.

Trouble's already made.

Jake, they're going to pay you!

I don't want no money!

(blows landing)

SAM: Festus, maybe
you ought to go after Matt.


Well, Jake ain't a-gonna quit

till them soldiers are gone.

Well, they'll be gone.

Until they get gone,

he'll cool off in the hoosegow.

Now, this is the first time

Matthew's ever had a
chance to get off by hisself

and nothing or nobody's
going to spoil it fer him.

Come on, Thad.

Get him up here.

(Festus speaks indistinctly)

- (clamoring)
- FESTUS: Wait a minute!

Wait a minute.
Now, I've told you,

and I've told you, Jake
stays right in yonder

till he sobers up and the
best thing you all can do

is go on home right now.

He's just trying to
protect his property.

A man's got a right
to protect his property.

- (others agreeing)
- Burke...

one more word out of you
and I'm fixin' to job my fist

right in your left ear
and turn you inside out.

Well, it's mighty
high-handed of the army

just to take over
without a by-your-leave.

- (men clamoring)
- FESTUS: I... Wait a minute!

I ain't gonna argue
with you no more.

Now, I mean for you
to get on out of here,

and I mean right now.

- Git! Get on!
- (men grumbling)

Well, the marshal
wouldn't put up with it

without asking a few
questions, I know that.

Never you mind. Out of here.

(men grumbling)


You hush, too.

Didn't say a word.

Well, you started to.


Well, so I'm fixin'
to go over yonder

and have some palavering
with them soldiers my own self.

- (men talking indistinctly)
- I thought I told you all

to get on home. Now, I mean it.

Get out of here.
Shake a leg. Get out.

Go on.

What do you say, Captain?

We've already wasted half a day.

Look, Troy, we couldn't
bring wounded men into town

without letting that doctor
have a look at them, could we?

Now, what are we
going to do with this?

- Yeah, what are we going to do?
- (men murmuring)

We're going to rig it...

Rig it from there to there.

- And how do you propose...
- Well, it ain't gonna work.

No way in the world
you're going to get that bar

into that fire and
hold onto it, you ain't.

- (others agreeing)
- Look...

we take this hood off
and lower it with a pulley.

All right, but the fire... Can
we get the fire hot enough?

We can get the fire hot
enough to melt gold. Yeah.

Right into the fire?

(groans) No.

In this cauldron.

See, we put the gold
in here, we melt it down,

then when it separates,
we pour it on the ground.

On the ground?

We dig out molds.
When the stuff hardens,

we'll have pure gold
nuggets as big as your fists!

(Jenkins laughing)

Hey, I feel Mexico
getting closer every minute.

(men talking excitedly)

- All right, take that hood off.
- Yeah.

You, get this on
the... on the forge.

- Check and see if we have enough coal.
- Right.

What if the gold
don't separate, huh?

Why don't we worry about
that when we get to it, huh?

- Hmm.
- MAN: Britton.

We got company.

The banty one with the whiskers.

Wait a minute. Relax.

If he comes nosing in
here, we got no choice.

He's not coming in
here. I'll deal with him.

You better.

Good evening.


Uh, Festus Haggen.

- We met down yonder.
- Yes, of course.

- This afternoon, when we first arrived.
- Yes, sir.

Something I can do
for you, Mr. Haggen?

The fact is, there is.

- I w...
- I would be most happy to comply

with any wish you might
have, providing, of course,

it's within the realm
of my authority.


Well, old Jake Stuck,

- he...
- The blacksmith.

Yes, sir.

Old Jake, he's just
a-flouncing and a-bellowing

and there's a heap
of folks around town

that's getting awful raunchy

'cause they don't know
what's a-going on here.

And seeing as how I'm
in charge, you might say,

well, shoot, I ought to know
what you folks is a-doing here.

Mr. Haggen...

I'd be most happy to elucidate,


The truth of the matter,
Mr. Haggen, is that...

my men and I are on a
highly confidential mission.

- Secret, huh?
- Yes.

If the details of it were
to become known, well...

my orders and my
profound respect

for the Republic of Mexico

preclude my talking about it.


Any help that you can
give us in handling matters

would be greatly appreciated.

Well, naturally, I'll
do everything I can.

My mention of the
word "Mexico"...

you see, even my men

don't know all the
details about this mission.

I hope my confidence...

has not been misplaced.

Oh, of course not.

- The...
- Shh.

(quietly): Hope to jump
in your vest pocket it ain't.


Now if you'll excuse me,

I have to get back to my men.

We have matters to deal with.

Carry on.


That's not always the
answer, is it, Troy, huh?

It's always the last answer.

Hey, is... is
everything all right?

Of course.

Well, come on!

Let's get to melting that gold.

Yeah, it's going
to take a lot of fire.

Let's get to it!

You, uh, you ever
going to chuck it, Matt?

What's that?


That badge there.

Come back out
here to the big lonely

where you belong?

Well, Caleb, I'm not so sure

I even belong out here anymore.

I was afraid that would happen.

All them years of city living.

I don't see how you stood it.

Well, you know, times change.

I'll tell you, they're going
to change a lot more, too.


And I ain't going to live
long enough to see much of it.

I thank my maker for that.

(owl hooting)

Did you hear that?


A Comanche.

That weren't no Comanche.

That was a hoot owl.

There was a time it could
have been a Comanche though.

I remember a few summers back,

down by Ben's old
fort, why, there was a...

(chuckles softly)


You was a-joshing me,
you old scalawag, you.

I remember a time
a few years back

you'd have been
reaching for that gun

instead of another
piece of fish, too.

Do you know something?

I'd just leave have
them times back again.

I swear I would.

Yeah, I believe
you would, Caleb.

That fire's got
to be hot enough.

It's frying the hide
off my arms right now.

Add some more coals. Go on.

Britton, I... I can't
take anymore.

I-I need some air.

You stay right where
you are, scissorbill.

Hey, look, you got no
right to order me around.

- All right, that's enough.
- Well, tell him to stop...!

I said, enough!

(Jenkins panting)

All right, Troy, take over.

Well, I did my
turn five minutes...

Well, do another one.

Well, now, don't tell
me what to do now.

Now, look, you get
on those bellows.

Well, somebody's got to do it.

Britton, it's all set.

All right. The rest of
you get on these ropes.

Come on, fat boy.

Give me a hand.

Okay, now, lay... lay
your backs into those lines.


(men grunting)


(men talking low)

Easy does it.

(loud bang)

Now what?

Now we...

we rustle up some heavy chains.

Heavy chains? Where? Where?

Where? Where?

We've got a whole
town at our disposal.

We'll find them somewhere.

Go on, get going.

It's the middle of the night.

It's closed up
tighter than a drum.

Well, it'll be... it'll be
wide open in the morning.

(groans) More delays.

All right, let's get some sleep.

We'll get the chains
in the morning.



Whoa. Whoa.


What's the army doing in Dodge?

You want something?

How's that?

I said, do you want something?

Matter of fact, I do.

Move on, hayshaker.

What's going on here?

Move on.


I came to pick up some
work Jake did for me.

Well, you'll have to
get it some other time.

I'll get it now.

It's a long drive in
here from the farm.

Well, nobody asked
you how far it was.

Now get out of here.

After I've got what I came for.

I said get...



(quietly): Okay, that's enough.

Let's get him out of here.

Thad, by golly, that
was a good breakfast.

- I enjoyed that.
- That was good, wasn't it?

- Very good.
- You betcha.

Good food, good conversation,

just wonderful company.

I-I-I enjoyed it.

You know, maybe we
ought to do it more often.

Oh, I think so.

You betcha. You...

- You know why?
- No. Why?

Because you paid for it.

Doc! Doc!

- You gotta come quick.
- DOC: What?

Jim Garvey just got the
whey stomped out of him

by a couple of them
soldiers. Come on.

Old man Halligan
seen the whole thing.

Said they just got him down

and just turned him
every ways but loose.

- This sort of thing has got to stop.
- (clamoring)

FESTUS: Get out
of the way. Get out.

Make room for the doctor here.

(men quiet)

Want me to get
him upstairs, Doc?

No, I-let's look him over first.

It was terrible. Just terrible.

THAD: Halligan,
who started this?

I don't know, but
they sure lit into him.

And it was over 'fore I
knew what was happening.

Well, Jim Garvey's the
last feller I've ever saw

to stir up trouble.

Trouble started when
them soldiers come here.

They took over the whole town.

- (other agreeing) -Them
soldiers ain't took over nothing!

Just shut your
mouth and get out...

All right, now just
hush, all of you.

Jim's hurt here.

Fred, you and Steve
get him upstairs,

but take it easy with him.

Whatever you want
to call it, Festus,

the marshal wouldn't
stand for a thing like this.

That's right. And I, for one,
won't stand around and wait

- for something else to happen.
- (overlapping chatter)

Since you're not going
to do anything about this.

All of...

Burke... now, you get a mob

to kicking up the dust
around Dodge City,

and I'll throw you in
jail and I'll do just that.

Now, all of you get home.

- Stay away from that blacksmith's shop.
- THAD: Go on!

- We'll do what needs doing around here.
- (men grumbling)

Festus, I think
we better get Matt.

Well, surely, this
here's the first time

he's ever got off by hisself.

I know, but I think
there's going to be trouble

and somebody's
bound to get hurt.

There's liable to be at that.



maybe you'd ought
to go up the north fork

of White Oak Creek

and I'll go up the west fork.

- All right.
- Thad...

do your best, boy.

We got to find him.



(birds chirping)

You know, the way this
weather is warming up,

I might head over
into Colorado...

maybe up into Wyoming.

Cut it out, will you?

What's the matter?

What are you
trying to do, rub it in?

Just rambling, Matt.

(Dillon chuckles)

It sure sounds good.

I haven't been up in that
country in a long time.

But then you got
a home and a job.

Them's pretty nice things.

Lots of people crowding
around you all the time.

I kind of envy you.

(chuckles) You old mossback.

Chuck it, Matt.

Chuck the whole thing

and come with me
out into the big lonely.

Get the smell of the high
country in your gizzard again.

Like you said, there
ain't much time.

You better take
it while you can.

Keep talking, Caleb.
It sure sounds good.

If I thought there
was a chance...

Well, all you got to
do is get somebody

to pin on this badge of mine.

It's waiting out there.

We could strike
out in the morning.

Sure sounds tempting.

A man can... can get to
know himself out there, Matt...

Can get that feeling
of being free. He can...

There's a horse
and rider coming.

We'll just keep talking
till he gets close enough

to find out what he's about.

Oh, it's Thad.


He's a friend of mine from town.


Full cooperation.

Yeah, I'm not sure that includes

commandeering a
man's place of business.

I know it doesn't include
beating up on a town citizen.

Marshal, we need
this blacksmith's shop.

As far as the man who
attacked that civilian,

my men have been
on duty 24 hours a day

since we started this mission.

In their exhaustion,
they're a little touchy.

That is not an excuse.

It's merely an explanation.

They could have killed
that man, you know.

Fortunately, they didn't.


can you assure me
that what I'm about to say

will be kept in
complete confidence?

It depends on what it is.

I have the authority
to reveal my mission

if I consider it necessary.

My men and I are testing
a new rapid-fire weapon

which will replace
the Gatling gun.

That what you have in there?

Yes. We're making repairs

so that we can
continue our testing.

I see.

It shouldn't take
more than a day or so,

and then we'll be on our way.

I'll sign any reasonable
claim for payment

and, of course, make
some kind of restitution

to that man who was beaten.

All right, we'll leave
it at that for now.

Thank you, sir.

My formal apologies to you, sir,

and to your town.


Keep an eye on them.

He left that kid
outside to watch.

It was a dumb thing you
did beating up that farmer.

You'd have done different?

All right, all
right, let's get to it.

Come on.

Take it up.


Easy does it. Easy.

All right, lower it.

All right, tie it off.

Tie it off.

Maybe it isn't hot enough yet.

- (clamoring) -All right,
now just a minute, boys.

Just take my word for it

that everything's
going to be all right.

Now, just stay away
from the blacksmith's shop

and go on about your business.

(men grumbling)

I'm sure glad you're back.

Where's Festus?

Well, he and Thad
were out looking for you.

What do you think of this?

Well, I don't know, Doc.

That captain seemed
to have the answers.

Well, I don't know, like I
said, I'm glad you're back.

JAKE (calling): Is that
you out there, Marshal?!

Marshal?! Marshal Dillon?!

Marshal Dillon, where you been?

Now, you get me out of here.

Jake, you don't have to
holler... I can hear you.

You got no right to
keep me locked up here.

I ain't done nothing...
I've been done to.

I know, I heard all about it.

Now, do you suppose if I let
you out, you can behave yourself?

Oh, as soon as I get out,

I'm going to fry me
some soldiers for supper.

Well, that's just
what I figured.

In that case, you're going
to have to stay locked up.

- Marshal! Marshal!
- (door closes)




(men exclaiming, laughing)

- That is gold.
- I knew it would work.


- Wait a minute.
- Oh, what's wrong?

Well, it ain't separate.
It's all run together.

It's... ah!

What are we going to do now?

- Britton, you said...
- I know what I said!

All right, so I was wrong.

I thought it would separate.

It don't make no difference.

How come?

We can divide it up anyway.


Into nuggets this size.

No, no, no, bigger!

I figure it will
break down to...

well, about a hundred
pounds a man.

Hey, it'd be easy
to carry that way.

Yeah, we could figure
how to separate it later.

- Yeah, that's right.
- (excited chattering)

First we got to get it and us

- (hissing)
- out of Dodge.

You know, it'll work.

- You bet it will work.
- That's right.

I'll carry mine afoot
all the way to Mexico.

Yeah, you'll follow
in my dust, friend.

(hearty laughter)

How's it feel? Ooh.

How's it feel, Troy,
being a rich man, huh?

(whooping, laughter)

Yeah, well, nobody better
get between me and all this.


(excited chattering)

Ah! I'd kiss you,
but you're too hot.




Going to be a long night.

Everything quiet?

A lot of action
going on in there.

Nobody's bothering them though.

They've changed guards once.

Look, why don't you go get
yourself something to eat.

I'll, uh, I'll spell
you out for awhile.


Uh-oh. Looks like a fire.

I'll get some help.


Hold it, Marshal. Captain!

Put that gun down, soldier.

I got my orders, Marshal.

I don't care about
your orders...

I'm going in there.

GUARD: Captain!

(flames crackling)

Everything's under
control, Marshal.

If you don't mind, I'd
like to see for myself.

Yes... yes, of course.

Raise your hands, Marshal.

Come on, all the way up.

DILLON: Who are you
men? What do you want?

Maybe we don't
have to tell you, Dillon.

What happened to the men
that belong in those uniforms?

Oh, they don't
need them anymore.

Besides, we found
a better use for them.

I don't know what you're up to,

but you're not going
to get out of this town.

BRITTON: You start
something, Marshal,

how many of your friends outside

do you think will see
the light of another day?

You didn't come here just
to wreck a blacksmith's shop.

We got what we want, Dillon.

You do as we say,

and we'll leave your town
just the way we found it...

with the exception
of a... a few repairs

around this place.

I can't make any deals
for those people out there.

It's their town.

They can keep it.

We're just asking
you to do your job...

To protect your people.

As I said, Marshal,

Dodge City has nothing we need.


That explains what
happened to the soldiers.

And just remember that, Marshal,

and by this time tomorrow night,

this town's gonna sleep
nice and cozy again.


All right, folks,
everything's all right.

The fire's out.

Break it up and move along now.

Let's go home.

What happened?

Oh, Kitty, it's all right.

Is anybody hurt in there?
Maybe I better get Doc.

No. No, uh,

it's mostly smoke,
not much fire.

Well, how about a drink?

Clear the smoke out your lungs.

Yeah, that's a good idea, Kitty.

I'll, uh... stop over later.


keep everybody away from here.


You did fine, Marshal.

Those people would really
appreciate it if they knew.

Here, put the bullets
back in this gun.

We might need it.

I don't have to get any of
the people in this town hurt

to stop you.

As soon as the army
finds out that gold's missing,

they'll get you soon enough.

They might at that,
Marshal, if they knew about it.

But by that time they
find out, it'll be too late.



How about you giving
us a hand, Marshal?


Marshal, you come
open up this door!

You're going to have to shoot me

to keep me in here!


I swear, it'll have to
come to that, Dillon!


THAD: You better
ease off, Mr. Stuck.

Now, you better
get Dillon down here

to open up this cell.

You know, Matt's liable to lose
his patience, you keep this up.

It's past noon... I ain't
even had no breakfast!

Now, you can't keep
me locked up here

like some kind of wild animal!

Matt said he'd take care
of your breakfast for you.

I ain't seen nobody all day.

And I ain't staying
in here no longer!

Mr. Stuck, you're
going to stay here

till Matt says you can leave.

I want to see the marshal!

- (door closes)
- Dillon!


Nope, not today.

Didn't he tell you
where he was going?

I haven't seen
him since last night.

Well, I haven't seen
him since the fire.

I've been all over town.

Doc said some of
the soldiers came by

to pick up that wounded one.

It sounds to me like
they're getting ready

to move out of here.

Well, did you talk
to that captain?

Yeah, and he said that
Matt left them last night.

Said he'd be back today
to see them out of town.

Well, if Matt said he'd
be back today, then...

Yeah, but still... with all

that's been happening around
here, why would Matt leave

without saying
something to somebody?



You haven't got it spent yet.

No, not yet...

but soon.

What now?

Now I'm going to keep
my promise, Marshal.

I'm going to leave Dodge City
a nice, quiet, peaceful town.

All right, men.

Hitch up a team.

We're pulling out.


You did a fine job
of work, Marshal.

Dodge City don't lose a thing.

Except maybe a marshal,

but they can hang the
badge on somebody else.

Looks like your job's
not finished, Marshal.

You've got one more
chance to protect your citizens.

What's going on, Thad?

Am I glad you're back.

What's Matthew doing
with them soldiers?

We're just about to find out.

Well, I see you got
back all right, huh?

Matthew, what's, uh...?

Matt, we've been
looking all over for you.

FESTUS: Is everything
all right, Matthew?

Everything's fine.

Marshal Dillon's been
helping us, deputy.

I'm sorry we didn't tell you.

Look, I'm going to see
the captain and his men

out of town a ways and I
want you and Thad here

to keep an eye on
things for a while.

Right, but, uh... for how long?

It won't be long.
I'll be back directly.

TROY: No, he won't be too long.

He probably won't go more
than, uh, five or six miles with us.

- Carry on, trooper!
- Giddyup, mule!

KITTY: Something's wrong.

You bet something's wrong.

FESTUS: I think
you're right, Doc.

They ain't even got
Matthew's horse with them.

We ought to mosey along

and make sure he gets
off when he wants to.

Anybody else want to come along?

- Count me in, Thad.
- (others murmuring agreement)

Good, Sam.

(chattering excitedly)


Hold it, right where you are!

(flames crackling)

Put out that fire!

(gun firing)

BRITTON: Get that fire out!


(gunfire continues)






Go get them, Thad.

Matthew, what in the world...?

Long story, Festus.

I knowed they wasn't like
no soldiers I ever seen.

Well, they're not
the real soldiers.

The real ones are probably
butchered out there somewhere.

Well, that there
is gold, Matthew.

Yeah, it is, Festus.

Well, where in the tarnation

them fellers get all that gold?

What made that wagon
blow up that-a-way?

Oh, it was the
ammo that blew up.

I was lucky I was able to get
a few live coals from the forge

into the bottom of that
wagon before we took off.

I was just hoping that'd
give me enough time.

It give you some time all right.

I'd say just about
the rest of your life.

(excited chattering)

You need me, Matt?

No, but some of
them sure do, Doc.

- Kitty.
- Matt.

Come on.

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