Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 1 - Snap Decision - full transcript

Matt quits his job as Marshal when he shoots Ray Gilcher, a prisoner and wartime buddy, dead in apparent self defense and it turns out Glicher was actually trying to save Matt's life.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Don't try it, Ray.

Matt, that you?

It's me.

I wasn't sure which one
of you I was following.

Me and Cooper
split up a ways back.

I know.

I wish I'd followed
the other trail.

Heard two weeks
ago you was after us.

I didn't believe it.

Ray, you knew I was
marshal at Dodge.

You should've stayed
out of Ford County.

A man on the run don't
always check county lines.

I'm sorry about that farmer.

He still alive?

Just barely.

I didn't shoot to kill, Matt.

No, you just shot so you
could get a fresh horse

and stay ahead of a posse.

Oh, no, Matt.

No, it wasn't no posse
I was worried about.

Them bounty hunters.

Been two, maybe
three, on my trail all year.

Mind if I stand up now, Matt?

Take off your gun belt first.

I wouldn't draw on you, Matt.

You should know
better than that.

Just real slow and easy, Ray.

It's been a long hard
ride, outside the law.

More than ten years.

I'm almost glad it's over, Matt.

I wish it had ended
somewhere else.

So do I, friend.

So do I.

Saddle the horse, Ray.

Well, I can think
of worse things

than being in your jail, Matt.

Give us time to talk
about the old days.

Remember the time at Chickamauga

when you saved
the captain's life?

I remember I never
would've gotten out alive,

if it wasn't for you.

You don't forget
something like that.


Well, guess that's all
water under the bridge now.

You always was a
stickler for doing your duty.

Saddle up, Ray.


Just... talking for the
sake of talking, Matt.

Well, I guess you'll be
anxious to get back to...

Matt, behind you...

Don't pull a trick
like that, Ray.

No trick, Matt.

Look out, Matt!

It's okay, Matt.

Beats a rope.

I didn't believe you, Ray.

Don't blame yourself, Matt.

It's just the kind of trick

a man in my spot
might try to pull.

We'll get you to a town.

You couldn't get me ten feet.

You know it.

Ray, I'm sorry.

I know.

Who was that man?

I couldn't make him out.

A bounty hunter,
more than likely.

I guess he figured he'd...

shoot you, then me...

and take me and
claim I-I killed you.

I'll find him.

Matt... Matt... no, Matt.

You've got better things to do

than try to... get
even with someone

for what he did to some
old tired horse thief.


just take me and see
I get buried proper.


I got some money
in my saddlebag.

Ray, I...

Forget it, Matt.

Forget it.

It's not your fault.

It just happened.


Well, Marshal.

Good to see you back.

Grab this here.

How are you, Hank?

Who is it?

Ray Gilcher.

Got him, huh?

- Hank, do me a favor, will you?
- Sure, sure.

Take him over to the undertaker.

See if the preacher can hold
services on him in the morning.

Sure thing, Marshal.

Anything you find on him, why,

just bring it to my office.

Howie, I want a room.


Give me a back room off
the streets, now, Howie.

Well, you don't have
to register, Marshal.

Why not?

Well, I... Marshal, is there
something the matter?

Howie, I'm tired. I
want to get upstairs.

Give me a key, will you?


Sure, Marshal.

Sure you wouldn't like a cup
of coffee, Marshal Tucker?

Oh, I'm sure.

How about a half a cup?

No, thanks.

Good and hot. Stout.

Haggen-style coffee...

No, I'm... no, thanks.

I'm-I'm trying to
finish this letter.

Having trouble with it, are you?

Just a little.

Well, shoot, maybe
I could help you out.

There's lots of times that I
give Matthew ideas for letters

that he just thinks is...

This is, uh... this is personal.


Well, fiddles.

She can't have
forgot you this soon.

Why, I know this
feller that left his gal

for purty nigh three years,

and he never heared
from her one time.

Well, take that back.

He might have got one letter...

This is to my wife, Festus,

and please let me
finish the letter, huh?

Oh, sure.

Just didn't want you
to be a-frettin', that's all.


Howdy, Hank.

Hi, Festus.

Marshal asked me to
drop this stuff off here.

Hi, Marshal.

Whose is that?

Ray Gilcher's belongings.

Ray Gilcher?

Is Matthew back?

Yeah, he rode
in a half hour ago.

This is all Gilcher had on him.

A gold watch...

seventy-five dollars...

belt, holster, pistol...

horse and saddle's
over at my place.

Matthew must have went
over to the Long Branch.

- Naw, I saw him -
After this, well, we...

headed towards the Dodge House.

The Dodge House?!

Well, what did he want
to go over there for?

Hank, thanks. We'll
take care of this.

Yeah, okay.

You know, Matthew ain't
never did nothing like this before.

Why do you reckon
he'd want to go...?

He probably had a reason.

Well, I'm fixing to
find out right now.

Come in.


Festus, Clint.


What in the tarnation
are you doing over here...?

I understand you bagged Gilcher.

I killed him, if that's
what you mean. Yeah.

He put up much of a
fight, did he, Matthew?



I'll make out a report
on it, later, Clint.

Yeah, sure.

You must be tired.

Why don't you rest
up for a day or two.

I don't mind
staying on for a time.

Oh, sure! Me and old Clint,

we-we can handle
things for a spell longer.

Hold on a minute.

Festus, I didn't mean for
you to hear it this way, but...


Clint, you're the new
marshal in this town.


I'll turn in my resignation
when I make out my report.


What in the Sam Hill
are you talking about?

You can't quit!

I'd just as soon
drop it, Festus.

Look, Matt, I
was just filling in.

I have a personal matter
to tend to in Ellsworth.

I want to get back.

Now, Clint, you're
in charge here,

till they can send a new
man down from Hays.

Matthew, you just slow down.

You're going too fast.

Festus, I'm tired and I
want to get some sleep.

Well, golly Bill, you can't
say such a thing as that,

and then go to sleep on it.

This here takes jawin'
about, and a-thinkin' on.

I've been thinking about it...

Bringing in a dead
man for 50 miles

across the prairie,
on a stolen horse.

Well, fiddle, you've did
that a hundred times before.

What's so different
about this here one?

What happened out there, Matt?

I want to get some sleep!

Now, will you get out of
here and leave me alone?

Come on, Festus.

We'll talk later, Matt.

Him a-turnin' in his
badge don't make a lick...


Matthew, if you need
anything, why, you just holler,

'cause I'll be close around.

Yeah, thanks, Festus.

Well, he must have
said something else.

He must have said
why he was quitting.

Miss Kitty, that's all
in the world he said.

Now, you can ask Marshal Tucker.

Are you sure he means it?

Well, I guarantee he means it.

Well, now, here.

It's just a plain
case of fatigue.

That's what it is.

He had to trail that
man for two weeks.

Well, he's had
to do that before.

I know it.

This is something different.

See, this man Gilcher
is a friend of his.

They've known each
other from way back.

Served in the war together.

Something like that.

I don't know all there
is to know about it.

But I do know that having to go

on the trail after
him was bad enough.

But to have to shoot him...

Well, I told Matthew, I said
"You get yourself some rest..."

That's exactly right.

It is?

Of course it is.

For once, you're right.

Rest is what he needs.

Now let's all keep
away from him entirely.

And a couple of good hours
rest over there in that hotel...

- Matt.
- Howdy, Matthew.


Matt, it's good to see you back.

How about a drink, Matt?

Well, sounds good, Kitty.

Want to join me?

- You bet.
- Much obliged.

Go on over to the table.

I'll bring it over.

Not much going on around here.

No, it's been kind of quiet
like this for over a week now.

What is this that
Festus has been

telling us about
you wanting to quit?

Well, it's true, Doc.

I have quit.

Well, now, I think that's a
decision you ought to make

with a clear head.

I mean, get some sleep on it.

Doc, I've got a clear head.

I've slept on it.

My mind's made up.

What are you going to do?

Now that part I haven't
thought about yet.

Good to have you back, Matt.


Come on, Miss Kitty, sit
down and join up with us.

Oh, thanks, Festus. Just a...

Thank you.

Well... here's...

Here's to...

Oh, hush up and drink your beer.

Evening, folks.

Hello, Clint.

Come on, draw up a chair.

Well, no, thanks. I've
got rounds to make.

Matt, I'd like to
talk to you, maybe,

if you could come
with me now, we...

Well, how about, uh, tomorrow?

All right. First thing
in the morning?

I got a funeral to
go to in the morning.

Look, Matt, I've got
plans of my own to make.

The sooner we get
things straight, the better.

Our business is a
lot more important

than an outlaw's burying.

Clint, I'll see you
after the funeral.

I'll see you at the office.

"man that is born of a woman

"hath but a short time to
live and is full of misery.

"He cometh up and is
cut down like a flower.

"He fleeth as it were a shadow

"and never
continueth in one stay.

"In the midst of
life we are in death.

"Of whom may we seek for
succor but of Thee, O Lord,

"who for our sins,
are justly displeased.

"Lord, Thou hast been our refuge

"from one generation to another.

"Before the mountains
were brought forth

"or ever the earth and
the world were made,

"Thou art God from everlasting
and world without end.

"Thou turnest
man to destruction.

"In the morning, it is
green and groweth up

"but in the evening
it is cut down.

"And now, Lord, what is my hope?

"Deliver me from
all my offenses.

"Thou hast set our
misdeeds before Thee

"and our secret sins in the
light of Thy countenance.

"So teach us to number our days

that we may apply our
hearts unto wisdom."

Marshal Dillon?

That's right.

They, they told me in
town you'd be out here. I...

I'd like to have a few
words with you, if I could.

- I'm sorry, son, maybe later.
- It's important.

What's it about?

About that.

I would have got here sooner,

but I... I just heard
about it this morning.

Did you know him?

Yeah, I knew him.

He was my father.

I... son, I...

Ah, it-it's all right, Marshal.

I-I don't hold it against you.

I rode down to...

ask you a favor.

What is it you want?

He-he carried a gold watch.

It... had some... some
fancy engraving on it.

I'd-I'd sort of like to have it,

if you don't mind.

You know, to remember him by.

Sure. He, uh, he had
some other things, too.

No, no, all-all I
want is the watch.

Well, I'll see that you get it.

I'm obliged to you, Marshal.

You know, I...

I only wish you would
have really known him. He...

He wasn't as bad as
they say, you know.

You, uh...

stop by the
marshal's office later.

I guess I should say thanks.

That's it, Clint.

My report and my resignation.

Well, I'll put
these in the file,

for a couple of days, Matt,

just in case you
change your mind.

Suit yourself. There's
one more thing.

There's a young
kid here in town.

He's Gilcher's son.

Oh? Is he looking for trouble?

No. No, he's not.

He, uh, he just wants the gold
watch his father was wearing.

I'll see that he gets it.

He might as well take
the gun and holster, too.

And there's some cash money.

Well, he says he
just wants the watch.

But, uh, I'd appreciate it if
you gave him everything.





there's one thing I
wanted to talk to you about.

What's that?

Well, since I'm in charge
here, for I don't know how long,

and since the town is new to me,

I... I think I'm gonna
get another man.

I want to get myself a deputy.

Well, Festus will be
glad to help you out.

Well, I want a full-time man and
someone of my own choosing.

Clint, Festus is a pretty good
man when the going gets tough.

I don't doubt that.

It's just that...

well, I wanted you to know

I'm going to have to start
organizing things my way.

All right.

Do it your own way.

Hello, Marshal.

Son, I'm not the
marshal here anymore.

You'll find him inside.

He'll see that you
get your things.

All that I want is the watch.

Look, son, the stuff
belongs to you, take it!

Hello, Shaver.

Well, hello, Dillon.

What are you doing in Dodge?

Oh, just passing through.

Any law against
just passing through?

I've told you to do
your bounty hunting

outside of these city limits.

Now, who's hunting?

I just aim to water my horse

and drink the dust out
of my craw, that's all.

Where were you two days ago?

Two days ago?

Well, now, that's
hard to recollect.

I move around a lot.

You weren't, by any chance, up
in the timber country, were you?

Timber country?

Not that I know of.

But I hear you was.

Hey, you got old Ray Gilcher.

Too bad; I was after
him myself, a while back.

How far back?

Marshal, I... I got me a memory

that just, uh, ain't no good.

All I can remember is faces.

And a price on 'em.

Each man to his
own calling, Marshal.

Or are you still marshal?

Fellow outside of town
told me an old friend of mine,

name of Clint Tucker, is
running things here now.

And I noticed, uh, you
ain't wearing no badge.

Stay out of my way, Shaver.

Oh, I'll do that, citizen.

I'll do that.

There, looks a little better.

Yeah, all it needed
was a little rest.

Uh, you going to be
taking him out soon?

I'll know before tomorrow, Hank.

Let him eat what
he wants to today.

Uh, Matt...

I, uh, uh, we, uh...

most of us here
hate to see you go.

Hank, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm just quitting
a job, not a town.


Morning, Matthew.

You ain't fixin' to
leave today, are you?

No, not today.

Good, 'cause I'll
need just a little time

to get a few things together.

What are you talking about?

I'm going with you.

Festus, I don't even
know where I'm going.

Well, foot, that don't
make me no nevermind.

I'm getting like you, Matthew.

I'm getting tired
of working so hard.

We are, huh?

Yeah, it's the same thing.

You know, day in, day out.

Shoot, a feller gets tired.

Of course, Marshal
Tucker, he's been after me

to stay on and help
him out, but... I said no.

I said,

"It's time I was
moving on myself."

Well, let's go have a
drink and talk it over.

Yeah. That's fine.

And $75.

That's it, kid.

You can pick up
your father's saddle

at the livery stable,
any time you want to.

I sure do thank you, Marshal.

You know, I sure never...

you know, figured to get this...

this way.

Thanks again.

Oh, just a minute, kid.

I'll go along with you.

Nice to talk to
you again, Clint.

See you later, if you're free.


Thank you.

World sure is a
funny place, ain't it?

How do you mean?

Well... you being the
son of old Ray Gilcher.

Us meeting here in Dodge.

What's so funny about that?

Well, just as well have
been me that killed your pa.

Wait a minute, you mean...
you mean you was after him?

I'm a bounty hunter, boy.

There was a price on him.

Your pa was a slick one.

He run me over three
states and two territories.

Never could get close
enough to nail him.

Well, I-I never knew him.

Good, anyway.

Mm! I could tell you
stories about him

from here to Sunday
and back again.

Oh, no, now, he...

he was tired of
throwing a wide loop.

He wanted to change.

He... he told me so.

That a fact?

Yes, sir, it is.

You, uh... you reckon
he was on the level?

Me and ma wanted
to believe him, but...

I guess a man like
that couldn't quit...

The law dogging him and

a price on his head and all.


Men like me chasing
him all over the hills.


no more than what a
man wearing a badge does.

You, uh, you don't
hold it against Dillon?

His killing your pa?

Eh, he was just
doing his job, that's all.

You're a strange one, kid.

If it had been my pa he shot at,

I'd feel a sight
different than you.


Well, you had a rough day, kid.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

Thank you, Mr. Shaver.

Okay, you've proved something.

I've just got to the place

where I've got to
get me some rest.

I just been a-workin'
too dang hard.

I'd like to know what at.

Matt, I can certainly recommend

that you get away for a
few days, I'll tell you that.

Yeah, I've been
thinking about it, Doc.

Festus, what do you
say you and I saddle up

and head into the high
country for a few days,

do a little hunting?

Yeah, good idea.

We'll just saddle up and
ride up into the high country,

and do us a little hunting...

Matthew and me.

I'm in favor of it,

as long as it doesn't
get to be a habit.

Oh, well, fiddle.

Dodge is the only habit we got.

Ain't it, Matthew?

You bet.

That man's a bounty
hunter, isn't he?


Ain't that Ray Gilcher's
boy with him, there?

Excuse me.

Hello, Mar...

I mean, Mr. Dillon.

Hey, uh, I see you got
your things all right, huh?

Yes, sir, and I'm
obliged to you.

Son, uh, where did
you meet this man?

Over at Marshal Tucker's office.

What's the matter, Dillon?

I knew his old man.

I heard he was Gilcher's son,
I offered to buy him a drink.

That bother you?

Everything you do bothers me.

You're not welcome in Dodge.

That a fact?

Well, now, the new
marshal don't feel that way.

We're old friends.

Stay away from him, son.

He's a bounty hunter.

I know, but he knew
a lot about my pa.

Well, yes, he knew
a lot about your pa.

He's one of the men
that hounded him

for the reward on his head.

I know, he told me.

Fact is, I didn't kill him.

You did.

You get paid for it, don't you?

Shaver, I've had about
enough out of you...

Aw, take it easy, Dillon.

You ain't marshal no more.

Mr. Dillon, you got no right to
be picking my friends for me.

Come on, kid.

Well, that doesn't make
any difference to me.

Doesn't make any difference?!

Clint, the man's a
bounty hunter; he's a killer!

I know a lot of
bounty hunters, Matt.

I've worked with some;
Shaver among them.

Now, I don't like their
trade any more than you do,

but in my opinion,
they're a necessary evil.

They bring in wanted
men that you and I

just don't have the
time to hunt down.

Oh, he brings
them in, all right.

Usually with a
bullet in the back.

I'm not gonna
argue with you, Matt.

And I'm not gonna
order Shaver out of town,

just because you don't
like the business he's in.

What do you think
he's doing in this town?

He said he was
just passing through.

- And you believe that?!
- There's no reason I shouldn't.

- Clint!
- Now that's my decision, Matt.

Unless you want
to take this back.


I'm sorry.

But as long as I'm marshal here,

that means I use my
judgment and my experience.

There just isn't any other way.

Well, since you've made up
your mind on the whole thing,

I don't know what
else you can do.

You can't blame Clint

for wanting to run
things his way, Matt.

Well, no, it's just that
the way he's handling this

is liable to lead
to trouble, Doc.

That's fine, George.

Well, only way you
could avoid trouble...

is to take back that badge.

Otherwise you've got to let
him run it his way, right or wrong,

as I see it.

Excuse me, Mr. Dillon.

I'd, uh, like to have a
word with you, if I could?

What is it?

Well, I... I think
I should explain

about me and Mr. Shaver.

Look, I-I know you
mean well, and...

well, you're just looking
out for me and all, but...

you know, him
knowing Pa, there's...

there's things about
Pa I can learn from him.

Son, you're not going to learn
anything good from that man.

Now, take my advice
and stay away from him.


I just want you to know,
no... no matter what he said,

that... I don't hold no
hard feelings for you.

And that's all I wanted to say.

- Doctor.
- Mm.


I think that ought to
make you feel a little better.

I don't know.

Oh, for heaven sakes.

Stop beating yourself, will you?


I did what you said.

I apologized.


He seemed to
appreciate it okay, but...

I still don't see why
you wanted me to do it.

Manners, boy.

Only thing to do when
you're in the wrong,

is to set it right.

That's true, but I...

just never figured you
to be that concerned.

Well, truth is, there's
another reason.

Now, if we're going to
be working together...

Working together?!

That's right. If we're
gonna be working together,

we'll need protection.

Now, Tucker's a friend of mine.

He'll stay off my back.

But Dillon...

I don't see, Mr. Shaver,
what you're getting at.

I'm explaining it to you, boy.

As long as Dillon's around,
he could cause me trouble.

But he wouldn't
want to harm you,

'specially after
he killed your pa.

I guess not.

He'd be sort of partial to you.

I suppose he would.

But I still don't see what

that's got to do with
you and me teaming up.


You know, I gotta
hand it to you, kid...

You sure took your pappy's
death like a real trouper.

Now, now, Mr. Shaver...

Just as brave as you can be!

- Who are you?
- You know who I am!

You ain't Ray Gilcher's son.

You must be out of your mind.

Ray Gilcher didn't have no son.

- You better leave me...
- Watch your temper, boy,

lest you can back it up.

Now, you tell me who you are

or I'll smack your ears
down around your shoulders.

Now, who are you
and what are you after?

I got what I'm after.


My watch, that's what.

I lost it to Gilcher
in a poker game.

I picked up $75, too, and
a gun and a saddle, to boot!

And you're getting none of it.

How would you
like to split $500?

Five hundred dollars?

Yeah. Gilcher was riding
with a man named Cooper.

There's $500 on his head.


I was tracking them.

They split up.

I lost the reward on Gilcher.

I don't aim to
lose it on Cooper.

What makes you think
he's around Dodge?

He's sitting over in the
Long Branch right now.

You know...

I knew, Shaver...

if I hung around
you long enough,

you would come
up with something.

How do we take him?


Makes it easier.

We give him some more time.

Let him get, uh,
liquored up, huh?

Mr. Shaver, you got
yourself a partner.

So, anyway,
that's about it, Doc.

I killed a man;
killed an old friend

'cause I thought he
was going for me,

when all he was trying
to do was save me.

Well, you didn't know
there was a man behind you.

But he told me there was.

You thought it was a trick and
it could have been, you know.

Yeah, well, that's
the point, it wasn't.

I just gunned him down.

Snap decision, Matt.

That's all it was.

It's your job, your business.

You had to do it.


All right.

Is that why you're
quitting your job?

I guess I'm just
tired of a job like that

that forces me to
make a decision

where a man's life's involved.

Well, I know how you
feel about that, too.

I've thought about
quitting a thousand times.

But I never did.

But I might.

Yes, sir, maybe when you
come back, in about a year,

and tell me how happy
you've been over this...

I just might follow
your example.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Oh, no... no, wait a
minute, I'll take care of this.

You're unemployed, you know.

Well, I guess I'll turn in, Doc.

Yeah, not much
else to do tonight.

Oh, uh, thanks for the dinner.

Now, you been
drinking all night long!

Wait a minute! Hold on!
Now that's enough of that!

- He started it!
- He started it!

Break it up! I don't
care who started it.

I don't allow any
fighting around this town.

Now, where are you men from?

We're in Joe Cain's outfit.

All right, get back out there,

and remember what
I said! Now, go on!

Kind of hard to break
old habits, ain't it?

Put me on 11, okay?

That a boy!

Over there.

The one in the green shirt.

On the 12 in the black, now.

Put some more...

He don't look so
dangerous to me.

12 on the black now.

Put some more on there.

On black. That a boy.

What are you drinking, gents?

Two beers.

It's, uh...

it's pretty crowded in here.

Thank you.

That's all the better.

He won't notice
nothing till it's too late.


So how do we take him?

You, uh, you drift
down over there.

You get to his right
side, I'll stand to his left.

Be sure your hand is
away from your gun.

Let him think he's got a chance.

When he goes for
his gun... I'll nail him.

You make it sound easy.

There you are.


How would you like to try
your luck at, uh, roulette, kid?

All right.

- Even numbers!
- Now you got it! Yeah.

Come on, red! Even numbers.

- Even now.
- First ball on the red.

Yeah! That's fine!

Come on, first one on the red.

Oh, red it is.

First one for me.

I feel lucky tonight.

I feel lucky tonight.

A red 16, please.

16 on the red.

Around she goes.

Now, here, here, put this
down on the red, right now.

- Put this down... red.
- On the red.

Come on, red.

First one on the
red... come on, red.

Come on, red. Get red.



All right, roll him over.

Had it on the girl, well,
there was no way to stop it.

She might have been killed.

She ain't that bad hurt.

Get out of here!

- I'll handle it.
- What's she so steamed up about?

That's enough, Shaver.

Why don't you
get her to a doctor?

Excuse me.

What's happened?

Everything's under control.

Shaver gunned that man down.

Who did this?

Cooper's gun went
off when he fell.

This one's all broke up
like it was her daughter.

All this fuss about one of them.

Back off, Matt!

Clint, I told you something
like this could happen.

They got Mel Cooper.

I don't care who they got!

Maybe you don't, but I do.

My concern is for the safety
of the people in this town!

Cooper was wanted for murder!

There's not gonna be
any gunfighting in my town,

as long as I can help it!

- Your town?
- That's right! My town!

Well, I guess that says it.

Yeah, I guess it does.

Kitty, get her over to Doc's.

Go on.

All right, let's go.

You ain't gonna lock me up.

It says, right here:
"dead or alive."

We got the reward! We got him!

What do you mean, "we"?

Me and Gilcher's son.

What have you
got to do with this?

He had plenty to do with it.

I saw the whole thing.

That's right, Marshal.

- You gonna lock him up, Sheriff?
- Shut up!

He's in it same as me.

All right... get out
of here, both of you.

After we get our money.

They've got every
right to it, Matt.

Headquarters in Hays
offered that reward.

You've got no
choice but to honor it.

All right, get
over to the office.

I'll make out the papers.

Now get out of here.

We'll be waiting, Marshal.

I'm obliged.

All right, folks, it's all over.

Break it up.

I'll send a letter on to Hays
to cover that resignation.

I told you I was
going to file it

for a few days, remember?


If it's okay with you, I
think I'll pull out tonight.

I'm kind of anxious to
get back to my family.


Clint, I, uh... I put
you in a difficult spot.

I'm sorry.

Well, I guess it was
more difficult for you.

Doc told me what happened

out on the prairie with Gilcher.

Good luck, Matt.

So long, Clint.

How is she, Doc?

She'll be all right.

Kitty tells me you're
back on the job again.


I'm mighty glad to hear it.

Where's Shaver?

Well, I'm headed over to
arrange for his blood money now.

His what?!

Well, Wells Fargo's got a
$500 reward on Cooper's head.

Hays has okayed it, so I
guess it's their business.

It's dirty business.



Shaver's using the way
you feel about that boy

to get him off an awful lot
easier than he would otherwise.

Kind of funny, isn't it?

Yeah. Someday we'll get together

and have a good laugh about it.

Can't imagine Dillon wanting
to leave such a nice place.

Why, he killed his old friend.

Or didn't you hear?

Ah, I wouldn't figure it would
bother him all that much.

Well, son, you've really picked
yourself a fine friend here.

Now hold on, Dillon.

You keep your mouth closed.

I don't need much of
an excuse to lock you up.

It's the dirtiest money
you'll ever earn.

It all spends the same, Marshal.

That's a fact, boy.

All right.

Take this over to the
headquarters in Hays City.

I know. I've been there before.

Yeah, I'll bet you have.

We're, uh, we're obliged to you.

Son, you keep on
the way you're going,

you're gonna wind
up like Cooper did.

Hey, now, I didn't
break no law, Marshal.

With him as a partner,
you're not far from it.

Shaver didn't break
any law, either.

Go on, get out of here.

Come on, kid, let's go.

No, wait a minute, Shaver.

Hey, you know, you sound like

some high-flying
judge or something.

Now, now, who are you to
say what's gonna happen, huh?

Get out of here and
collect your blood money.

You got your blood money
for killing my pa, didn't you?

- Wait...
- Come on, let's go, boy.

Marshal, will you tell me

your badge makes your killing
any different than ours, huh?

You blasted my
pa with that rifle!

Was that any different than
our gunning down Cooper?

How did you know
I was using a rifle?


There's only two ways you
could've know about that.

Either that was you
up on those rocks,

or somebody was up there,

and they told you
I was using a rifle.

Now, which was it?

I don't know who it
was, but it wasn't me.

Shut up, kid.

Don't let him scare you.

No, that's right.

Don't let it scare you, son,

just like it was
earlier tonight.

Two against one.

Hold it.

Oh, Marshal,
don't shoot, please.

You little fool.

We had it made.

He ain't Gilcher's son.

Gilcher never had a son.

Marshal, wait.

I tracked Gilcher...

for three weeks.

Three weeks, I tracked him!

And I would have had him, too,

if it wouldn't
have been for you.

It's mine.

And if it wouldn't have
been for you, I could've had it.

It's mine.

It's my watch.

It's mine.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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