Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 13 - The Moonstone - full transcript

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.




Are we going now, Chad?

That's the last of it. Yeah.

Can I ride back here?

If you like.

Best get your
hat... That sun's hot.

(chuckling): Oh...

You wait for me, now.

All righty, Chad.

I thought you was
gonna ride in back.

No, I want to ride
up here with you.


(grunts twice)





Chad Timpson!


(theme music playing)

Hello there, old-timer.

Here, this is for dogs, too.

You want a drink,
go right ahead.

You betcha.


how many steps you reckon it is

twixt here and the Long
Branch down yonder?

I haven't the faintest
idea, and I don't care.

Well, how much you
reckon a feller'd sweat,

betwixt here and there,

on a day as hot
as this here'n is?

How much he'd what?


I'll tell you, I'm
getting so dry,

I'm about to spit my
second bail of cotton.

And I was just settin'
here, a-studyin' about

walkin' down yonder
and having myself a beer.

But, you see, I just
got the price of one,

and I figure if I put back

just as much as I've
done sweat, I ought...

Well, then, it's a pure
oldie waste of effort.

Not to mention money.

I was just fixin'
to get to that.

You see, now, if I had me
the price of, say, three beers,

four beers, well,
then, it'd be...

Then it wouldn't be
quite so much of a waste.

That's the boney nub
of my whole problem.

(hoofbeats approaching)

Hi, Festus. Dr. Adams.

DOC: Chad, Orv.

Howdy, Chad, Orv.

Hot enough fer ya?

So you fellers better
get out of that sun, now,

'fore you get melted down,
right where you're settin' at.

Just finished with Mr. Jonas.

He's in a mighty
generous mood this month.

Come on over to the Long
Branch, we'll buy you a beer.

Yeah, come on,
we'll buy you a beer.

By jingies, we'll do 'er,
'cept I'm buyin' the beer.

All right, I'll let you.

Golly Bill, look
what I went and did.

Offered to buy beer for
two of the finest fellers

that's hit Dodge
in a long spell,

and I just ain't
got the price of it.

Doc, could I borrow...?


Well, where in the
tarnation you been?

Where I been... What do
you mean where have I been?

Well, whilst I was talking to
Chad and Orv Timpson, I...

Oh, you bought
yourself a new hat.

Don't get smart.

This is for Kitty.

Well, you snuck off
a-purpose, just so's I'd have to...

So you's have to what?

Well, so's I'd have
to ask you to borrow...

I'll make you a deal.

We'll go over to the Long
Branch and I'll buy you a beer.

I'll-I'll buy you two beers, if
you promise me something.

What's that?

That you just
don't try to explain

whatever it is you're
trying to explain to me.

Two beers...

Uh, Doc, I was just a-thinkin'
it'd be a awful friendly thing

if you or somebody else'd
buy Chad and Orv a beer,

seeing's that they're
such nice fellers,

and it's such a hot
day, and seeing's that...

(continues chattering)

FESTUS: Howdy, Orv.

- Where's Chad at?
- Hi.

Me and ol' Doc's fixing
to buy you that beer.

Oh, uh, he's-he's
inside talking.

I'll be along directly.

I see you're cleaning
up the chinnys there.

Yeah, beaver slide's next.

Well, Orville, when you get
ready to go "over the cowshed,"

be careful you don't throw
that knife into the Long Branch,

- 'cause I'm gonna be in there.
- Over the cowshed?

Doc, you never told me

you know how to
play mumblety-peg.

Well, there's two
or 300 other things

I haven't told you, either.
There you are, Kitty.

Thank you, Doc.

Next time you ask me to
walk across Front Street

with a package, make sure
it's not tied in a big pink bow.

All right, I'll make
sure it's a blue one.

Can I buy you a beer?

I'm buying a beer,
and I'll buy two.

Miss Kitty, if you knowed
what I found out about

- this old scudder, you just...
- Just get him his beer, Kitty!

Maybe it'll keep his mouth shut.

All right, what did
you find out about him?

He knows how to
play mumblety-peg.

Oh, for heaven sakes.

Well, Doc, it ain't...

DOC: Just drink your beer!

I'm stuck for two more, for
Chad and his brother Orv.

Looks to me like Chad's
got something else

on his mind right now.

I'm grateful you
feel like you do.

- Madge...
- I don't expect any more.

Cut it out.

I mean it, Chad.

For the last six months,

you've made me feel like
I never even hoped to feel.

I said cut it out,
and I mean it.

One day, it'll be right for us.

If you say.

Listen, Madge,

I've thrown a wide
loop in my day.

My pa disowned me, rightly so.

Now I'm just a churn twister.

It was 'count of Orv
that I come back.

When Pa died, there wasn't
nobody to look out for him.

I know.

He leans heavy on me, Madge.

Give... give him time.

It's like a... like a kid
with a new stepmom.

I understand, Chad.

Like I said...

I'm grateful the way...

Hey, mister, look, I...

(laughs) Done over the
cowshed! First time I did!

Well, now, ain't
that just something?

First time, yeah.

- Ain't he the cute one?
- Well, give me my knife.

Ah, ah, ah, hold on, there.

How do I know
this is your knife?

Oh, it's mine.
Chad give it to me.

Well, now, who's this here Chad?

That's my brother.
Give me my knife.

Now, you say it's your knife,

but how do I know
it's your knife?

Now, come on, you.
Give me my knife.

I haven't got it. (laughs)

This here, is this your knife?

(men laughing)

Is this your knife?

I-I'll tell Chad
if you don't quit.

- This your knife, here?
- It's over there.

Now, I-I'll tell Chad.

- (men laughing)
- Come on, over here.

Here! Here!

Oop, there it is.

- Oop, over there.
- Oop! Come on...

There it is.

Here, here it is!
It's over there.

- Hey!
- Here it is.

- Here...
- Aah!

- Oh, there it is! Here it is!
- Come on, give me my knife.





(distant): Chad!


Here you are, boy.

That's enough, mister.

I said that's enough.

Now, hold on, plow pusher.

You've had your laugh.

Nobody rang your bell.

Maybe you didn't
know it, mister,

but you just did.

Aw, we was just
funnin' with him.

There you go, Orv.

I was getting terrible dizzy.

Yeah, but you're all
right now, aren't you?

Yes, ma'am, I'm fine.


They was gonna keep my
knife that brother Chad gave me.

Well, you weren't about to
let 'em do that, were you?

No, ma'am, I weren't.

I know.

She was nice.


Who's that, Orv?

Oh, Miss, uh, Miss Madge,
in Miss Kitty's saloon.

She likes me. (chuckles)

She's my friend, ain't she?

Sure, she's your friend.


I'm gonna give her my moonstone.


Well, 'cause I like
her for being my friend.

(chickens clucking)

Hey, where you going?

Well, I-I was gonna
get my valuable box

out of my hiding place.

We got supplies to bring in.

Aw, Chad, please,
I want to, I want to

get my moonstone for Miss Madge.

All right.


I'm leaving the flour and
salt for you to bring inside.

Hey, hey, Chad...



- Evening, Madge.
- Well, look who's back in town.

I missed you.

Oh, you did, huh?

Come on, sit down,
I'll buy you a drink

- and tell you about Abilene.
- Oh, I been to Abilene, cowboy,

and a few places
in between, too.

Well, you sit
down and I'll listen.

All right, I'll do that.

Miss-Miss Madge?


COWBOY: Hey, Madge...?

Listen, what are you
doing in town so late?

Does Chad know you're here?

Well, I come to
bring you something.

Hey, Madge...

MADGE: Why don't you sit
down and-and you wait for me.

I'll be right with you.

Go ahead, sit down.

You suppose Chad
knows that Orv's in town?

If he's not here with him,
then I know he doesn't.

Orv, what are you doing here?

You ain't mad I come to see you?

Well, no, I'm not mad,
but why are you here?

I wanted to thank you
for being my friend.


I ain't never had
a lady for a friend.


Well, I brung you something.

- Thank you.
- It's a moonstone.


- You like it?
- Oh, yes.

Oh, it's very pretty. Thank you.

Uh, can we set and talk?

Listen, Orv, isn't Chad
gonna be worried about you?


Well, I mean,

I know that you and he usually
come into town together...

Miss Madge, uh, I ain't...

I'm a man.

Of course.

Come on.

Sit down.


It's a long time between drinks.

If you've got the time,
we got the whiskey.

Anything else you got?

Well, that depends on
what you're looking for.

Oh, little lady, I found
what I'm looking for.

But there's other things.

Why don't we sit
down and talk 'em out?

I own the Long Branch, mister,

and I've heard just
about all the talk there is.

(chuckles) Maybe, but, uh...

I'm new in Dodge.

Well, I hope you enjoy yourself.

It's quite a town.


Yeah, I, uh...

I have every intention.

ORV: Chad was gone for a spell,

but when that old mule
stomped on Pa, he come back

and we went away together.

And moved around some.

Come here.

Me and him been in Dodge since.

Yeah, I know.

He's told me about you and him.

He's a good man, Orv.

You like him?

Oh, yes.

Yes, I do.

Better than me?

Well, I...

I like him in a different way.


Oh, I wish they'd all go
home so I could close up.

Why don't you
turn in, Miss Kitty?

I'll keep an eye on things.

No, Sam, it's too hot to sleep.

(sighs) Guess
there's some people

that aren't slowed
down by anything.

Hello, Chad.

Miss Madge.


ORV: Hi. I come
to see Miss Madge.

So I figured.

I brung her my moonstone.

How'd you get here?


It was so good to see you, Orv.

I'm glad you dropped by.


Howdy, Chad.

Hello, Del.

Been a long time.

I was out to your place today.

Of course, it took
some time finding it.

Let's go, Orv.

Uh, good night, Miss Madge.

Good night.

You ain't sore at me, are you?

I ain't sore.

Go get the horse.

You know, I, uh, I pictured
you in all sorts of places, but...

never being a farmer.

Things worked so I
didn't have no choice.


Like I don't know.

That bank business in Abilene
was a long time ago, Del.


You remember leaving
me to that posse, do you?

You know how a boot
heel gets to rubbing

when you got a
hole in your sock?

It just keeps rubbing...

and getting sorer...

and sorer.

I ain't wearing no gun.

But you will be tomorrow.

ORV: Chad?


10:00, Del.


You take it in
your mind to run...

you run.

Only know I'll be after you.

Just make finding
you again just a...

just a little bit sweeter.

I won't run.


(door creaks)


(crickets chirping)

(hoofbeats approaching)


I waited for you to
come back to town.

Wasn't a reason to come.

Wasn't there?

Ain't never gonna
be for us, Madge.

You'd best forget it.

Who is he?

Somebody from a long time ago.

Is he gonna kill you?

Or me him.

Chad, can't you go
to Marshal Dillon?


I can't go to Marshal Dillon.

Then leave.

You run away.

I would if it'd do any good.

For Orv's sake. He
needs looking after.

It's only a matter
of time before Del

or somebody'd found me.

Till somebody found you?

You'd best go on back to town.

- Oh, Chad, I...
- Do like I say.

All right.


I'd be truly grateful if...

if you'd look after
Orv when we...

come into town tomorrow.

And then...

afterwards, we...



Pigs is took care of, Chad.


The pigs, uh,
they're took care of.

Yeah, the, uh...

Milk cow fed?

Yeah, and-and the chickens, too.


All right, go wait in
the, uh, wagon, will you?

I'll be right out.

All right.


You gonna shoot some
coyotes with the gun?

Hmm? Uh, yeah, see any.

- Can I shoot it, too?
- Sure, Orv.

Hey, uh, Chad, when we get
to town, can I see Miss Madge?

Tell you what,

while I'm tending my business,
you can sit and talk to her.

How would you like that?

Oh, gee, I'd like that nice.

(chuckles) Yes, sir.




Morning, Marshal.

DILLON: Hello, Burke.

(sighs) Mind if I sit down?

Get out of the sun?

- (groans)
- No, help yourself.

Sure is a hot one.

Just carried a parcel
over to Mrs. Tibbett's.

Made it on last night's train.

- That so?
- Uh-huh.

Got Mr. Tibbetts a new
suit from Wichita, she did.

Brown, it was, sort
of... sort of checkered.

- Not one I'd pick, but...
- (hoofbeats approaching)

Well, look who's back in town.

Hey, from what I
hear, Orv's kind of took

with Madge Taber
over at the Long Branch.

Kind of muddies things some...

Chad and Miss Madge being
sweet on each other and...

not being able to get
together on account of

- Chad's having to look out...
- Hey, Burke.

- Yeah?
- Do me a favor, will you?

Sure, Marshal.

Take these over to the
post office and mail 'em?

Well, I'd be happy to, Marshal.

Get 'em off on the 10:30 stage.

Well, I'll get 'em
right over, Marshal.


(door creaking)

Much obliged to you.

Orv and I will
manage to keep busy

while you finish your errands.

Orv, you stay here
with Miss Madge.

Chad, something wrong?

Nothing for you to fret on.

Orv, you and I will wait here.

You won't be long.

I won't be long.

This is for the marshal.

If needs be, you give it to him.

Come on, Orv.

Let's sit down.

Well, kind of wish
you'd have run.

I didn't.

Figure I've caught
up to you by now.

Farming must've...

must've slowed you down some.

We'll soon find out.


And so I just hopped up on
the back of the wagon and...


And-and-and I
said to Chad, I said,

"You know, what we need around
here is a... is a woman's hand."

Oh, that's nice.

- Wouldn't you say that'd be so?
- Oh, yeah.

Whatever you say.

Oh, I just...

I just knew you
was gonna say that.

You did?

Our place ain't much,
but you'd-you'd like it.

Yeah, Orv.

I'm sure I would.



THAD: He's dead, Matt.

It was a fair fight, Marshal.

He's right. I saw the
whole thing happen.

Who was he?

A man...

from a long time ago.

You better go find
Percy Crump, Thad.


What was it all about?

It's all past now, Marshal.

Did you ever stop to
think what would happen

to your brother if
you'd been killed?

I thought about that
all night long, Marshal.

All right. Better go
back to the farm.

DILLON: All right, folks, let's
break it up and move along.

Chores all done?

All done.

Me and Miss... me and
Miss Madge been talking.


Uh, y-you know
what we talked about?

Let's go home.

I want to tell you
what we talked about.

- Tell me on the way home.
- Oh, right.

Bye, Miss Madge.

Bye, Orv.

- Chad.
- Hmm?

$100 is a lot of money.


$100, that's a lot
of money, ain't it?

- Fair amount.
- Yeah.

Need... need at least
$100 to marry up with her.


Well, of course, Madge.

Who else I been
talking about? (chuckles)

Yeah, she said that
she liked our farm.

Said it to me
right out, she did.

Yes, sir.



- Kitty.
- Chad.

- Couple of beers, Sam.
- Sure.

Don't see Miss Madge.

She's out doing
some shopping, Orv.


You kicked up a bit of dust a
couple of weeks back, Chad.

Oh, uh, yeah.

Yeah, excuse
me, Miss Kitty, uh...


Well, as Festus would say,

"The cub bear stuck
his nose in the beehive

and he got no
honey for his try."

Or something like that.

Well, I guess we'll never
know what it's all about.

Well, I think we'll all
get along not knowing.

How much did Mr. Jonas pay
us for them bushels of taters?

Almost three dollars.


Oh, it's, uh...

How come he always
pays you the money?

I don't know, it just
worked out that way.

I always do my part of things.

How come he don't
pay me something?

Well, what would
you do with it, Orv?

Well, I'd...

(quietly): I'd save it
in my valuable box.

There's things we need.

Got to get the plowshare
fixed, buy seed, supply.

You need a new pair of boots.

Well, th-there's other things.

Like what?

Oh, quit funnin' me, Chad.

You know what I mean.

So's me and Miss Madge can...

So's she and me can...

Orv, don't.

Don't what?

This ain't the time.

Now, why ain't it the time?

I ain't ashamed, nothing to...

to hide my wanting
$100 or what I want it for.

Now, Miss Madge said...

- Orv...
- Well, is it?

Is it something
to be ashamed of?

No, but...

Well, I-I do my share
around the farm. Why...

I want my money.

Orv, cut it out.

Tarnation, I will!

You won't help me
get that money...

I'll get it my own
self, so there.

You treat me like
some kid or something.

I'm gonna get my own money.

(doors swinging open)


(chickens clucking)


Treat me like some
old... noodlehead!

Hey, Orv?


Orv, now...

we ain't never had
none of this before.

Well, it's your fault.

Won't help me get that money
so me and Miss Madge can...

can get married.

Orv, she ain't gonna marry you.

Now, you got this all mixed up.

For a long time, me and Madge...

I ain't neither got it mixed up!

Miss Madge said...

She said she liked the farm.
The rest you just made up.

I didn't neither make it up.

Now, maybe I ain't as smart
as some, but I do know words.

Where are you...

Wait a minute, where
are you going now?


Well, I'm gonna go to
town, and I'm gonna...

I'm gonna sell these arrows,
and I'm gonna get that money,

and then when I sell
'em, I'm gonna come back,

and I'm gonna get some more.

You ain't going to get nothing
for those except'n laughed at.

These arrowheads are worthless.

Now, will you just listen

- to what I'm trying to tell you?
- No!

No, no, no!

(Orv panting)

I never wanted
anything in my life.

Now I want something more
than just food in... in my belly

and beer on supply-buying day.

And somehow I'm gonna get it.

I'm gonna get it!



CHAD: Orv!


Hey, Orv.

I tried, Miss Madge,
I really tried, but I...

Where have you been?

Ain't no matter where I've been.

I've been looking
all over for you.


Oh, because we were
worried about you, Orv.

I asked him to
bring me out here.

We looked all over town for you.

Ain't no call to be
worried about me.

I can look after myself.


Hey, I thought we were friends.

We are.

But Chad don't believe me.

He says you and me...

Orv, listen.

That's one of the
reasons I came out.

I-I want to explain to
you about you and me.

We're just friends.

(hoofbeats approaching)

It's Marshal Dillon.

What did you do?

I ain't done nothing.

- Chad.
- Marshal.

What, uh, brings
you here, Marshal?

Came to have a little
talk with Orv here.

CHAD: Something wrong?

Orv, Nathan Burke tells me
that you met him out there

near the Narimore place.

He weren't hurt none!

The way he tells it, it's
a lucky thing he wasn't.

What did you do?

I was trying to get
that money I need.


you, uh...

go on out and...

and hitch a horse for me.


(softly): Go on.

Go on.

You, uh, brush
him off good, now.

You're trying to get shed of me.

Go on, now.


For all he cares, the
marshal could put me in jail

for 50 years.

He'd be just as glad.

Then me and Miss
Madge couldn't...

never get married.


Go to Abilene is what I'll do!

Get my own job.

Get myself that old money.

Come back and get Miss Madge...

Ain't the world I'm asking for.


$100 so me and Miss Madge can...

He'll be your
responsibility, Chad.

I'll watch him, Marshal.


I'm obliged to you.

I truly am.

You just make sure nothing
like that ever happens again.

You have my word.

All right.

ORV: Marshal!

That there money's mine.

What are you talking about?

That reward money
here. It-it's him!


Is this true, Chad?

And this other man's
the one you shot?

DILLON: I'm afraid
I'll have to take you in

while I can check this out.


I done something wrong.

I done something bad, didn't I?

It's all right, Orv.

No, M-Marshal's
gonna take you away.

- Please, Marshal!
- Orv, Orv.

Now, now, Orv, now,
it's all right, I said.

Now, you just sit here.

You wait right here
until I come back, now.

You hear me?

Do you?

Marshal, I'm...

gonna go get my hat.

He ain't leaving me.

No, listen, Orv.

You and I will wait
here together for him.

You stay here. It's
gonna be all right.


ORV: I done something wrong.

Who's gonna look after Orv?

ORV: Oh, Marshal, I don't
want the money. I don't...

I'll stay with him.
I'll look after him.


- Too much of this is my doing.
- ORV: I done something bad.

Oh, Madge, you don't have
to put this on your head.

I'll stay.

- Chad, don't go with him.
- MADGE: Orv...

- Orv, it's gonna be all right.
- Don't...

- No, no, leave me be!
- Come on, it's gonna be...

- No.
- It's gonna be all right.

I didn't mean for him
to arrest you, Chad.

- I didn't...
- Marshal, I'll stay with him.

You sure you can
handle him all right?

Yeah, it's gonna be fine.
Now, you go on. Go ahead.

Come on. Come on, baby.

CHAD: Orv, you stay here now.

No, Chad.

No, I-I ain't
gonna... you got...

I ain't gonna stay. You
got to stay here, Chad.

- ORV: Chad! No.
- MADGE: It's gonna be all right.

ORV: I didn't mean for
him to arrest you, Chad.

You got... I ain't gonna stay.

- MADGE: Orv...
- ORV: Don't go with him.

MADGE: Orv, it's
gonna be all right.

ORV: No, I ain't... Chad!


(door opens)

MADGE: Don't!

You ain't arresting my brother.


DILLON: Son, put that gun down.

- You ain't arresting my brother.
- Orv, hush down.



It's all right, Orv.

He was taking you
away, Marshal was.

Don't you fret now.

You ain't leaving me.

I ain't leaving.

There, you heard him.

He ain't leaving me.

He said he weren't leaving me.

And he never lied to me.

So you all go on away.

He ain't leaving...


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