Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 11 - The Newcomers - full transcript

Petter Karlgren, a Swedish immigrant, and his father arrive in the untamed west to settle in Dodge. When Petter is baited into a fight, they will find that the west is more untamed and unforgiving than they ever thought.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

We're getting a late
start today, Papa.


Felt good sleeping
between sheets

after all these
weeks, didn't it?

Ja, sure.

Did the man say how
far it was to Dodge City?


We should be there in two days.


Sure hope I can ride
like that someday.


I sure hope you'll
ride more careful.

Start, start.

You're the one in a hurry.

(clicks tongue)


MAN: What's the matter?

Can't you be a man?

Move him on.

Come on, be a man.

Take him inside.

You, get this thing out of here.

You're going to hang him?

- That's right.
- But why?

- What did...?
- You a friend of his?

No, but...

He's a hide man.

He kills beef to get the skins.

Hoping he can move out
quicker than the law moves in.

This morning he didn't
move out quick enough.

- This morning?
- Look, mister.

He's had his trial, if
that's what's worrying you.

But all in the morning

he is caught, he's
tried and he's hung.

There's no need in dragging
this thing out any longer.

Now you get out of here.


Let's get on with it.

Get that man on that horse.

- Fair enough, put him on there!
- Put him on there.

Now, look, mister, you
got any prayers to say

you better start
saying them right now.

Jump up and pull that rope down.

In one morning, a
man does a wrong,

he is caught, and he is killed.

They say he had a trial.
What kind of trial is that?

If they are vigilantes, they
are the same as lawmen.

I don't quarrel
with their right,

but couldn't they
wait a day, a week?

Their rope does
not turn to dust.

It's just the way
out here, Papa.

Ja, well, it is a bad one.

- (gunshot)
- (men yelling)

Your Uncle Birger has
told us about the West

but... not all.

I hope he has told us

everything about Dodge.

(theme music playing)





Birger, look at you.

You haven't changed a bit.

Oh, so your eyes are so bad
you can't see my gray hair?

(both laugh)

All these years!

Ja, ja.

Oh, and this is little Petter?

Oh, jumping Jiminy.

Hello, Uncle Birger.

You were so high.

When you see him
eat, it explains itself.

Well, at last.

At last we are...
we are all together.


Oh, when we leave, he laughs.

We are not all
sane in our family.

No, no, it's, uh, it's the dust.

It flies in the air.

No, not sane at all.


Ja, well, come and see the shop.

We unload the wagon later, hmm?


Pa, uh, can I walk...

see the town?

Oh, uh, uh, uh, Petter.

This is for soda
pop at the store.

You ask for sarsaparilla.

It's the best-tasting.

Thanks, Uncle Birger.


Ja, sarsaparilla.


So many men with no work.

They are cowboys, the drovers.

They-they are waiting

for the herds of
cattle to be sold.

There's been some
trouble recently

between the buyers
and the sellers

with the price.

It's been going on
for a month now.


Well, you're here.

The shop...

You like?

Ja. Ja, then right there.


Ja, this is a good
place to work.

Oh, well, I put in
the second chair

and now there'll be no waiting.



I feel at home already.

Later on I take you upstairs
and show you the room I fixed up

for you and Petter
next to mine, huh?

Thank you.


You were just doing
it to aggravate me.

Can we get, uh,
cleaned up in here?

Yes, sit down,
gentlemen, please.

Well, what you
need now is a haircut.

Yes, sir.

My friend here is
kind of dirty, too.

Just need a shave; the
hair's all right, barber.

I'd like a bath if you can
spare a line of hot water.


Oh, come on, Bert.

Come on, Bert.



- Go ahead and make it, Bert.
- (cheering)

It's about time.


Hey, watch it, will you?

Hey, boy.

Something about
me doesn't suit you?

I was just looking.

Uh-huh. Looking at what?

All the silver you got there.

You got something
to say about it?

You better watch out, Silvee.

Anybody walking around
in the sun drinking whiskey

got to be a mean man.

(men laugh)

No, this here's not whiskey.

This here is sarsaparilla.



You're, uh, new in
town, ain't you, boy?

Ja, sure.

(imitating): Ja, sure.

Going around drinking hair wash.

You stop it!

You been educated
all wrong, boy.

Now there ain't nothing to
hold the hair slick like soda pop.

Stop that.

Stop now.


Now don't...

don't you get upwind
of no town gals.

Hey, hey!


(laughter continues)

What's the matter, Silvee?

Now that's enough.

That's not enough!

I said that's enough.

Let me loose!

You need a bath, mister.

Well, the boy washes and dries
the dishes without complaining.

Such a son we should all have.

Since Anna dies,
uh, we take turns.

Did Pa tell you
I'm getting a horse

for my birthday, Uncle Birger?

Oh, really?

Ja, we'll see, we'll see.

You said.

To learn to care for a horse

to learn how to ride,

this takes time.

Well, there is Hank,
the stableman.

Just yesterday, one of the
mares gave birth to a foal,

and Hank sells the foals.

A foal?

Then I could raise my own horse.

Can I, Pa, buy him?

You know you are
making trouble for me.

Trouble for five dollars?


Hank will hold the foal.

And maybe Petter

can clean out the stables,
and pay for his keep, hmm?

Ja, sure, Pa.

I talk to this Hank tomorrow.

Is, uh, the mare and
the foal there now

in the stable?

Well, where else would a
mare and a newborn foal be

but in the stable, eh?

Well, I go, uh, I go down there.

I look. I see it.

Wait, boy, wait.

You're afraid he will
disappear overnight?

Eh, Lars, it's good to see life

through the eyes of a boy.

All I see is I am a
man five dollars poorer.


Well, add on ten cents more.



Well, you pay me
now, and I go to bed.

It's been a long day.

Well, I am glad to see that,
uh, your game is improving.

Well, now I begin to
get back at you, hmm?

(Lars laughs)

Finally you are going
to be good competition.

Ja, costly competition for you.

(Lars laughs)

Good night, Lars.

Good night.

Easy, girl.

Hello, little fellow.


Easy, easy, girl, easy.

Hey, you sure are pretty.

Guess you got no name yet, huh?

I have to call you
something nice.

Sure are hungry.


SILVEE: Hey, sonny.

Come here.

Kind of late to
be out, isn't it?

Ja, sure.

I was, uh, just
looking at the horses.

I'm going to buy him.

Oh, ja, sure.

It's a pretty horse.

Ja, sure.

Listen, no hard feelings

about this afternoon now, okay?

What do you say

we pick up where we
left off a little earlier?


I-If you're talking

about that mud puddle...

That's right, mud.

You like mud, huh, boy? Huh?

I'll give you some mud.

Come on, get up.

Get up.

(blows landing)

I don't want to fight!

I don't want to fight!

No, no, no!

You stop now. Stop!



Can I help you, sonny?

I... I was looking
for the marshal.

Well, now, now, I
know that Matt Dillon

left on range
business for tonight,

but I think Thad, the
deputy, is up the street.

(men laughing)

Petter, you didn't
bring the foal home

maybe to sleep with you?

Pa, I'm sick.

You're sick?

Then I will go get the
doctor for you then.

No, not that way sick.

What kind of sick then?

Pa, you remember
that feller by the saloon?


The fancy dressed one?


The one with the
silver on his belt?

Oh, ja, I remember.

Uh, we had a fight.



Your face.


I'm all right, Pa.

Pa, I'm all right,
but he's, uh...

Ja, he-he what?

What-what happened?

He's in the stable.

Ja, what happened?

Pa, you don't understand!

Petter, we will go to this boy,

and if he needs a
doctor, we will take him.

Pa, will you listen?

I am listening, Petter,

but you're not saying anything.

He's dead!

Ja, he's dead.

You killed a boy in a fight?


No, there-there
was blood, maybe.

A-a small cut
can-can look serious.

But dead?

No, no, no.

He's not dead, Petter.

Pa, you-you've
got to listen to me.

One is not dead from a fight.

Not a boys' fight.

This boy is walking
around now, Petter.

Ja, and then pretty
soon we will laugh.

Ja, we'll laugh together.

(Lars chuckles)

You see?

I'm-I'm laughing already.

Hey, Petter...

come, smile.

Smile, we'll laugh
together, and...


he's dead.

How can a boys' fight
end-end in a killing?

THAD: Bring him
out of the stable.

All right, put him down
there under the light.

MAN 1: I'll get the doc.

MAN 2: Come on, Doc, over here.

Take a look at Silvee, Doc.

MAN 3: Hey, what's
happened over here?

He's dead, Thad.

Better get him over to Percy's.

All right, get him
over to Percy's.

You fellas been riding with him.

Do you have any idea who
might have a grudge against him?

- No.
- No, Silvee dressed big

but was kind of harmless.

Looks like he might
have been done in

for all that silver
dollar he was wearing.

You fight with a boy,
you have to kill him?

I'm thankful your
mother is not here.

You understand?

I am glad your
mother is in her grave.

God forgive me.




I-I didn't even know
the pitchfork was there.

Ja, ja, I believe you, Petter.

An-an accident
they can understand.

But nobody saw
the way it happened.

No, no witness.

If the law people
don't believe me...

would they hang me?

This marshal, uh, he
will not be back tonight?

No, only the deputy was there.

Pa, we better go to him.

If we stay here waiting,

they'll think that we don't
want to talk to anybody.

No, stay, stay, stay,
stay, stay, stay, stay.


Let me think.

About what?

I just think.

My head is swimming.

(knocking at door)


My name's Handley.

What do you want?

Nice place you got here.

I got me a shack east of town.

Hard times.

Uh, what do you want?

I don't know you.

I seen your kid
tonight at the livery.

You saw?

Yeah, he'd have seen me

if he hadn't been hightailing
it out of there so fast.

You saw the other boy?

How he got it?

Yeah, I was right there.

Uh, will you sit
down, mister, uh...?


Name don't mean
too much, though.

Yes, sir, some people got it,

and some ain't.

Take a drink?

Can I give you a...


Ah, I have brandy.

You, uh...

you handle yourself
pretty good there, boy.

That cowboy, he was a
mite older than you are.

Yeah, well, he came into
the stable looking for me.

I mean, I wouldn't start
a fight with anybody.

Petter and I were talking
about going to the marshal

and... it was like the
hand of God on the door

when you came.

Well, I wouldn't say that.

And you-you saw it all?

This boy and-and
Petter were fighting?

Yeah, it was too fast
for me to get a hand in.

Ja, sure, sure,
sure, but-but, uh,

you saw it all.

The important
thing is you saw it.

Well, I learned sometime back

that you just don't
go around blabbing.

Oh, I-I understand,
but-but you saw it,

and you know the truth.

Petter ran, sure,
but any boy would.

Sure, he was running, all right.

He was running so fast,

about knocked me
over with the breeze.

Boy, you sure dug
him in with that hayfork.



Wasn't pretty to watch.

Mister, y-you are talking

like I had my hands
on that pitchfork.

Wish I had something
like this in my shack.

Mr. Handley.

You did not come here

to tell what you have seen.

One kid jamming
another kid in the back

with a pitchfork

ain't my idea of talk

that goes along with
good sipping liquor.

Now why don't we get down

to what we have to talk about?

You're saying I
jammed the pitchfork?

LARS: This, uh, thing that
is between you and me...

you mean that you could
forget what you have seen

if we give you money?

Well, your kid's
neck's worth more

than a few dollars
you get for haircuts.

Get out.

You're the papa.

I just hope you know
what you're doing.

It was an accident!

I didn't touch that pitchfork!

(scoffs) Sure, kid.

You got a right to any
story you can think of.

He's lying, Pa.

Now look, it doesn't make
any difference to me either way.

I just had a feeling...

a nice boy doing something
he didn't even mean to do.

LARS: Mister, uh...



Tomorrow, uh, we talk again.

Pa, he's lying.

Maybe again, tomorrow.


I never was one to push nobody.

I said nothing...

except we talk.

The earth is going to
open up and swallow me

because I talk to a man?

Pa, I am... I am innocent.


In a land where a rope
breaks a man's neck,

where every man wears a gun.

In the morning,

a man is killed for
something he has done

before breakfast.


So a night passes,
only a night...

and I think.

Pa, but you are saying

you are going to
pay this man money

for not saying these lies.

I am saying

I do not throw my
son to men with a rope.

So a night passes, and I think.

That is what is scaring me,

a whole night passing
before we say anything.


is the marshal in town?

This other man, only a deputy.

Can he stop them
from hurting you?

From killing you?

Go to bed, Petter.

You know, to...

think for a night,

maybe for...

for the life of one's own son,

you know, this is no crime.

Good night, Petter.



- Buy yourself a beer.
- Thank you.

Dang, for heaven's sake,
you're tipping barbers now?

You don't even pay
me what you owe me.

You don't do anything.

What in tut are you
doing back there?

I hear all that
snipping going on,

and I don't think
you're cutting any hair.

Oh, it's just a little
professional trick

to get you coming
back sooner, Doc.

(chuckles) Yeah, well,
I don't doubt that a bit.

It's getting so I need a haircut
about every month or two.

Mr. Karlgren, uh,
Swede here tells me that

you originally kind of planned
to go further on out West.

Ja, uh, that was true at first.

Well, you could have made
a worse choice, you know.

Scarcity of people out there.

Always is on the frontier.

Scarcity of barbers,
for one thing.

Come to think of it,

there's a scarcity
of barbers right here.

(laughing): Oh, ja.

And when I shave him,
he behaves like a lamb.

Well, he's got a razor then.

I don't antagonize him.

What made you...

what made you
decide to settle here?

Well, uh, what is there

but more of the
same that is here?

Ropes to hang and guns to kill.

I guess there's, um,
proof in that, all right,

but then you can look
at it another way, too.

You see, what they need
out there is good people.

People like your
boy and yourself

that believe in law and order.

There's a lot of satisfaction

in being a part of something

that's just kind of
growing up all around you.

Ja, maybe.

Well, that cowboy found
murdered in the livery stable

is not a good greeting
for a newcomer to Dodge.

Well, no, of course not.

That was... that was awful bad.

Anything that brutal...

Not brutal.

I mean, uh, nobody saw it.

Uh, it could have
been an accident.

No, it was no accident.

No, sir, you can
take my word for that.

That was a vicious attack.

Do you, uh, think the marshal
will feel that way about it

when he comes back?

I have no idea how
Matt will feel about it,

but that's what it
was, in my opinion.

There you are, Doc.

Take a look, what you think?

Well, it's just like I said.

You haven't been doing
anything; you didn't cut my hair.

(Birger laughs)


Well, sometimes
business can be too good.

I'm tired.

Lars, aren't you coming up?

I think you need another
lesson in chess tonight.

LARS: Uh, no.

No chess tonight.

Um, you-you go in.


Something wrong?

No, no, no, nothing wrong.

Um, I think I will walk
and, uh, take the cool air.

Ah, ja.

Don't drink too much.


Well, Kitty, I think it's
late enough for me.

My golly, I'm going to turn in.

Well, get a good
night's sleep, Doc.

I sure will.

Why don't you come over and
have coffee with me in the morning?

See, now, that's a date.

Oh, Karl, how are you?

Fine, how are you?

I-I don't think that, uh,

you've met Miss Kitty, have you?

No, I haven't.

Mr. Karlgren, Miss Russell.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

Finest saloon in
town, and she owns it.

You're in good hands.

Good night.

- Good night, Doc.
- Good night, Doctor.

Well, Mr. Karlgren,

have you had anything to drink?


What would you like?

A beer?

Just sit down and make
yourself comfortable.

Thank you.

You want a beer?

Si, gracias.

This is good money, no?

Sure, I'll change it.

Hey, wait a minute, Sam.

What's the idea?

Where'd you get this?

He just said it is good money!

Grab him, Joey!

Put him on the table!

Where did you get that money?

It is all good money!

Sure it is.

You took it off our friend.

Or do you go around punching
holes in all that money?

I buy money!

I'm forming us a rope party!


Get him! Get him!

Let's get him!

Hang him!

Get him back over here!

Get that rope.

MAN: What's the matter?

Can't you be a man?

Move him on! Get his head up!

(men shouting)

Hang him!

THAD: What's going on here?

Get your hands off of him!

He did it, Deputy!

He killed Silvee!

Yeah, we got the
proof right here!

Look at this money!

MEN: Get him!

(men shouting)

(crowd screaming)

Marshal, Marshal!

They're hanging a
man down that alley!

Who is he?

I don't know, Matt,

but whoever shot him
got out of here fast.

Any of the rest of you know him?

MAN: I've never seen him before.

No, we don't know him, Marshal,

but he killed our
best friend, Silvee.

That happened last
night in the stables.

What makes you think he did it?

Well, he was carrying
Silvee's money.

Yeah, Silvee used to
wear these in his hatband.

That man said he'd bought them.

Now I say we string him up.

CROWD: Yeah!

Hold it!

(crowd hushes)

This man's dead, Matt.

Well, then I guess that takes
care of you boys' lynch party.

You two stick around town.

I want to talk to you later.

The rest of you get back
to your outfits right now.

Get going.

(crowd muttering)

Matt, let's get him
up to my office.

You mean he's not dead?

Close to it.

What'd you say that for then?

They were gonna
lynch him, Festus.

As long as that's
what they're thinking

let's let them think it.

You can trust me, Marshal.

I won't breathe
a word, I promise.

- All right.
- DOC: Come on, let's get him out of here.


That, um, kind of
cleans things up,

pinning everything
on that Mexican.

An innocent man was killed.

Well, Pop, that could
have been your kid

that mob was handling out there.

Now you open your mouth now,

they won't hang your kid.

They'll tear him to pieces.

Now do we have an
understanding between us or not?


How much money?

Well, that, uh, that old Swede

he's got a pretty
good-paying business.

You wanting to buy into
it means you must have it.


How much afterwards?

Well, that $500
gets me to Mexico

and once I'm there,
that's where I'm staying.

It's in the bank.

Well, then I'll...

I'll just see you in the
morning when the bank opens.

I want some more brandy.


Morning, Mr. Karlgren.

Oh, good morning.

Oh, I'd like you to meet
Marshal Dillon of Dodge.

Matt, this is Mr. Karlgren,
Mr. Engdahl's new partner.

Oh, how do you do?

How do you do, Marshal?

Welcome to Dodge.

Thank you.

Uh, nice to have
met you, Marshal.



Matt, uh, I didn't
mention it before

but, uh, his son, Petter,
had a run-in with Silvee.

Ah. Well, what happened?

Well, it was in front of
The Long Branch yesterday.

Uh, Petter had to push him
away, and Silvee landed in the mud.

That's about the extent of it.

Guess that's probably
why I didn't mention it.

What kind of boy is he?

Nice enough fella
from what I can see.


Well, let's go over to Doc's
and have a talk with Vasquez.

- Here.
- No.

Well, drink it. It's not
poison, for heaven's sakes.

It won't hurt you.

It'll make you
sleep, that's all.

Hey, Matt.

How's he doing, Doc?

He's doing all right.

Vasquez, I got to
ask you a question.

Where'd you come by these coins?

I buy money.

Man sell, I buy money for less.

Well, now why would a
man sell you these for less?

They're still worth a dollar,
even with a hole in them.

I know this, and I think,

"Well, if man think money
no good, I will make a profit."

Who was this man?


Well, what did he look like?


He needed a shave.

Well, last night that
description fit more

than a hundred men in this town.

I think I cheat this man.

(laughing): That's
why he shoots me.

Well, Vasquez, I'm
gonna have to ask you

to stay around
Dodge for a few days.

Maybe we can find this man.

Mighty smart investment.

You might say that
silence is golden

for both of us.

I'm thanking you.

There was nothing
else we could do.

We could tell them
that you are innocent

but... even the doctor
used the word "vicious."

Your father's not a
smart man, Petter.

The money is not important.

We won't even talk about that.

But sometimes,

to speak in haste even
when it is the truth...

Ja, sure.

I just have a funny
feeling waiting here.

(Petter sighs)

It-it takes time to forget.

The important thing
is that you are safe.

Nobody can accuse you.

Even Handley would
himself have to go to prison.

I-I must go down to work.


Uh, your grandfather,
uh, told a story.

He said to forget a
wrong that one has done

is like trying to forget

that one is walking
with a stone in his shoe.

The stone is tiny,

so small that it
cannot even be found,

but you can never
forget that it is there...

and each wrong

is like another
stone in the shoe.

A man's head no longer is high.

The tiny stone in the
shoe, your grandfather said,

can never be forgotten.


It was me, Pa...

being so scared.

Me running.

You never do anything wrong.

Your mother should
hear that statement.

You coming with me, Papa?

The day that your
father is not with you

is the day he has
drawn his last breath.

Petter said the fault was
his, he was frightened,

but this fault is mine.

The boy learns from the father.

Well, what I'm more interested
in right now is Petter saying

that he just ran
out of that stable.

It doesn't square
with the facts.

- It is true, Marshal.
- Now, Petter,

that was no accident.

I want the truth out of you.

I'm telling you the truth.

When he fell away
from the pitchfork

you just ran out?

Ja, sure.

All right, then I'm
gonna tell you something.

Doctor Adams claims that he
died from a blow on the head.

Isn't that right, Doc?

Yeah, that's right, Matt.

See, son, that pitchfork wound,

while pretty serious, that
wouldn't have killed him.

He'd have recovered from that.

Now what we're saying

is he was deliberately murdered.

I didn't do that, I swear.

My son would not lie to me.

All right, so after Silvee
fell away from the pitchfork,

you just ran out and
you didn't see anybody?

There was nobody around?




You mean Bob Handley?


What about him?

He tells us that
he saw Petter kill,

and I paid him money.


(horse whinnying)

Well, Marshal Matt Dillon.

You, uh, you want a little...

a little sip of brandy?

Handley, you're
under arrest for murder.

What have those two
been saying to you?

Get up, we're going to town.

It was the kid that
killed that Silvee fella.

I seen him.

You hear me? I seen him!

You know the Mexican fella
you sold the silver dollars to?

He's still alive.

Looks like you got
a little too greedy.



Now don't worry, Mama.

We won't go too fast.

The little feller can't keep up.

Oh, what is this?

Well, it's a present for barber.


Oh, you shouldn't
have done that.

Well, the ones you brought
with you were a little blunt.

That is Swedish steel.

Thank you.

It, uh...

you know the dust,
how it flies, hmm?


Well, uh...

Petter, you write to me
when you have a chance.

- Ja, sure, Uncle Birger.
- Ja, ja, ja.

And, uh, you, too.

You write more often.

Oh, come on, go, go, go.

Ja, ja.

Mr. Karlgren.


Well, I understand you
decided to move on west, huh?

Ja, the, uh, the
doctor is right.

Eh, further west there is a need

for people to grow
with the country

and, uh, if you take,
you should give.

Uh, uh, how do you
say, uh, uh, Petter?

Return the faith.

Sounds like a mighty good idea.

Best of luck to you.

- Thank you.
- Petter.

- Good luck.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Good luck to you.

- Good-bye.
- (clicks tongue)

Hey, golly, Matt,
you know something?

I wouldn't mind being
on the move myself.

Well, now wait a minute, if
you're gonna do that, Doc,

you better let us know so
we can get a new doctor.

Oh, that's all you've got to
say if I decide to leave town,

you just want time
enough to get a new doctor.

Well, no, no, I-I'm not one of
those who'd like to see you go.

Well, that's better.

I'm not one of
those that's saying it.

Saying what?

Well, that any old horse doctor

could do as good a
job as you're doing.

I don't doubt folks
are saying that.

No, I don't doubt it a bit,

but I wouldn't let it
bother me, I'll tell you that.

I know every one of
them that's saying it, too.

I could tell you...
tell you their names.

Bunch of deadbeats.

Walk up and down the street
here and the minute they see me,

they run across the
street and I'll tell you why.

They don't pay their
doctor bills, that's why.

I think I better get you over
and buy you a beer, Doc.

Beer at this time of day?

Oh, I, uh...
understand it's good

for high blood pressure.

I haven't got any
high blood pressure.

I'm just trying to tell
you I know who they are,

every last single one of them.

They're nothing but
a bunch of deadbeats.

They don't think a thing
out of getting you out of bed

in the middle of the night!

They get an in-grown toenail

and they squeal and they yell!

ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
scenes from next week's Gunsmoke.

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