Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 10 - Stage Stop - full transcript

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Whoa, up there!

- Hiya, Jed!
- Hi, Clint.

I tell you, they got to make
more leg room up here

or get shorter drivers...
I don't know which.

Well, you made pretty good time.

Well, not good enough, though.

Well, you want to
come out, Simon?


I could use a stretch, Doc.

Here you are.

- (sighs)
- Whoa.

Not much farther into Dodge now.

Get the coffee.

Don't bother with
no coffee, ma'am.

Ain't got time. I
want to get moving.

It's made and ready, go on.

The wheels are okay.

You worried about
one falling off?

I don't want no trouble.

- Expecting any?
- Tell you, Jed.

When you're carrying as much
gold and paper money as I am,

you don't want to go out
of your way looking for any.

Get the other team.

Sure you don't
want some of this?


How about a little coffee here?

Oh, thanks, I don't think so.

How about you, Simon?

Think I will, Doc.

Okay, fine.

Here, careful now, that's hot.


CLINT: Ma'am!

Just grabbed at her
stomach and keeled over, Doc!

Ain't nothing wrong with
her except being clumsy.

Get up, Lori.

Now, wait a minute,

Let's just see if there's
something wrong with her.

- I'm fine, thank you.
- I'm a doctor.

Now, just let me
be the judge of that.

I don't care who you
are... Doctor or no doctor.

I know what's best for my wife.

Get up, Lori!

DOC: I don't
understand you at all.

Maybe you can explain
these bruises on her arm?

It's all right,
Doctor. I'm fine now.

CLINT: All ready to roll, Doc!

I don't understand you at all.



Let's go.

(theme music playing)


Get down here, Simon.


You all right, Simon?


Just sit right here.

Take a look at my
arm, will you, Doc?

It went clean through.

I'll take care of it later.

(man groaning)

This one sure ain't gonna
hold up any more stages.

He's dead.


Help me get this
fellow on the stage.

Can you handle that one?

You bet.

What you standing there with
your mouth gapped open for?

Well, it's not every
day I get to see

somebody drink
like you just did.

Oh, foot.

I could do that three
or four times a run.

If I had the beer.


Bring Festus another beer.

SAM: Yes, ma'am.

Sit down, Thad.

Anybody heard anything
about the stagecoach yet?

I ain't seen it yet.

Well, it would've been by now.

Probably won't
be in till morning.

Well, I was just by the
Dodge House a little while ago.

Those cattlemen are
getting kind of nervous

with all the money coming in.

Yeah, I'll feel a little better
when it gets in myself.

We all will.

Particularly if Doc's on it.

Was he supposed to be on it?

Well, Matthew had a letter

from him day before yesterday.

Said if he got done treating
Simon Dobbs before it left,

well, he was
fixing to get on it.

But then, shoot,
you can't believe

a thing that old scutter says.

He said he's gonna
be gone a few days,

and here it's been
close to onto a month.

Oh, Festus, that isn't true.

It'll be two weeks tomorrow.

Well, he's probably having
hisself a high old time

is a-what he's doing,
while we're sitting here

a-worryin' and
a-frettin' about him.

Oh, that what we're doing?

Well, of course it is.

KITTY: Festus?


Drink your beer.


You eat like some kind of bird,

afraid to drop a crumb.

I'm talking to you!

That's better.

What's going on behind
those eyes of yours?

What do you keep thinking
about all the time you're quiet?

I said what are
you thinking about?

I was thinking that
they must be cold.

Cold... who?

The men on the stage.

I was thinking of them
laying in the road...

Cold and dead.



It's the stage.

Whoa, whoa!

What happened?

Five of them jumped us.

Here, help me get
this man inside here.

He's one of them that
held us up or tried to.

He looks half-dead.

He is.

Let's get him inside.

Are you hurt?



I didn't know.


Get my bag out of
the coach, will you?

Bad, Doc?

Yeah, it's bad.

Where can I wash my hands?

There's a pump by the sink.

(whispers): Pete.



How's that arm?

Well, the bleeding's
stopped, but it sure does hurt.

Well, I'll have a look
at it in just a minute.

That's what I call an idea.

Here, Simon.

This will warm you up.

Two men got killed
saving that money.

You going to leave it
on that stage all night?

Give me a hand, will you?

Can't do it alone.

SIMON: There's still a
dead man on that stage.

Bury him.

Coffee's hot.

You want some?


It'll warm you.

That's what he said
about the whiskey.

I'm sorry.

About the bottle.

That's all right.

There's your chair.

Do I smell coffee?

Thank you.

Are you feeling better?

Yes, I am.

Well, driver, come here,

and I'll have a look
at that right now.


Straddle that bench right there.

Doesn't look too bad.

Hey, Doc?

Doc, did he come around yet?

No, not yet.

He might not come around
till tomorrow morning.

You mean he's
gonna be all right?

Well, I can't tell
you that, either.


I think so.

- (winces)
- I'm sorry.

I can't see where it
makes much difference.

You patching him
up for the hanging.

Well, it's my business
to patch him up.

It's the law's
business to hang him.

He'll probably have a
lot of wild stories to tell

just to get out of this alive.

I got a story to tell to
keep him dead a long time.

JED: Doc, you, uh,
you need anything,

she'll get it for you.

(door closes)

Well, that's gonna be
a little stiff for a while.

Pain you quite a bit.

But the main thing is

don't want that to get
started bleeding again,


it be considerable
more painful then.

Why don't you just go
over and lie down there

and get some rest?




I'm all right.

Well, we'll see about that.

I'm all right, please!

Well, a pain like that
is a pretty good sign

that something's wrong.

You been feeling,
uh, faint like this?


Kind of sick at your stomach?

A little... why?

In the mornings mainly?


How long has this been?

Just a week or two.

Well, unless it's
proved to the contrary,

I'd say you're pregnant.

Are you sure?

About as sure as I can be.

I'm dead certain
about one thing.

If you don't stop
working so hard...

I mean, changing horses
and things like that...

You'll be in trouble.

You mean I'd lose the baby?

Maybe worse.

I may die?


I'm not saying
that to scare you.

It's just that I think
you ought to know.

And so should your husband.

Ain't scaring me.

Dying ain't the worse
thing that can happen.

No, it's not.

Maybe bringing a
life into this world

would be worse than leaving it.

(door opens)

JED: Lori?

You got nothing better to do

than sit around
here socializing?

Said she's not
feeling very well.

I told you before,
Doc, leave her be.

Guess I didn't hear that.

Get in the bedroom, Lori.

I said get in the bedroom!

Doc, you got no right to come
between a man and his wife.

Your wife's sick.


What's wrong with her?

Well, aside from the beatings
you've been giving her,

she's pregnant.

Unless you think about being
a little more gentle with her,

she might lose the
baby, maybe her life.

Are you finished?

No, not quite.

Don't you let me see you
lay a hand on her again.

What would you do, Doc?

Well, I'd have to
stop him, I guess.


what does she look like?

Like a very
frightened little girl.

It won't live.

What do you
mean "it won't live"?

- The baby.
- Baby?

Can't you understand?

If they get Pete to Dodge
City, they'll make him talk.

Did the doc say how he is?

Did he tell you if Pete
would pull through?!


You're enjoying the thought
of me being locked up.

- Maybe even hanged!
- Please, Jed...

That's what you think about
behind those eyes, isn't it?

- You got a picture of me dead.
- No, Jed.

You're looking to have
me hung, just like your pa.

Do you remember
how they hung your pa?

You told me when
they cut him down,

you couldn't even recognize him.

- (crying): Don't!
- Why not?

That's what you
want for me, isn't it?

Isn't it?

He didn't do nothing.

And I did, so I deserve it.

You had nobody. Nothing!

Then I came along
and took care of you.

I married you.

The daughter of a,

of a man no one
would even spit on.

I married you.

For what?

Someone to do
your chores for you?

Someone to beat up
on when you feel like it?

Someone to...

Someone to what?

It's like I said, you're
wishing me dead.


I'm wishing myself dead.

God help me.

I'm wishing my child dead.

By golly, that night
air smells clean.

Simon, you haven't
opened up with me at all.

Do you want to talk?

About what?



Guess we both
better get some sleep.




Does Matt know?

Well, Matt knows
that you went up

against Paul and Frank
Huddle, and you got hurt.

That's all he knows.

That's all you wrote.

Well, I didn't want to
use the word "blind."

I guess I was scared of it.

I suppose I shouldn't have
asked you to come look me over.

A waste of time, huh?

It wasn't any waste of time.

What are my chances?

Well, they're about
like Dr. Weber told you.

A lot of damage
to the optic nerve.

The chances of you being able
to see again are not very good.


Where do you start,

to build yourself a new life,


Well, I don't know that I
can answer that for you.

But it would seem to me like...

maybe you ought to
start from the beginning

and first try to figure out
what kind of a man you are.

I was a lawman.

That's all I know.

You were a very good one.

And I think you'll do all
right no matter what you do.

(footsteps approaching)

- Did you bury 'em?
- No.

- Why not?
- It was too much work to bury 'em.

- We took 'em off the road.
- (glass shatters)

They won't be found. (chuckles)

That's the important
thing, right?

- Two good men for nothing.
- Maybe Pete ain't dead.

He's as good as dead if
they ever get him to Dodge.

You run pretty good, huh, Lingo,

when things ain't
going your way.

(chuckles) I can't
spend money if I'm dead.

It was a good
plan that went bad.

Wasn't nobody's fault.

We didn't know they
had an extra shotgun.

Jed Coombs should have told us.

He thinks all he's got to
do is wave a piece of mirror

in the sun, he's a rich man.

The money's still there.

What are you talking about?

It's at the station.
Why not take it?

Coombs would have to do
something to earn his money

- if Lingo's right.
- (chuckles)

I am right.

Just got to be sure
that Jed gets their guns.

Yeah, this is better.

It's easier than before.

And more profitable.

Well, one of us has gotta
go back to the way station

and talk to Jed.

You, Lingo.

I said you.



(whispers): Pete.

(Pete groaning)



(muffled groaning)


You say a word about
this, and I swear I'll kill you.

- I swear I'll kill you.
- Jed, please...

- Shut up. Shut up!
- (shouts)

- I said shut up.
- (sobbing)


- (Lori crying)
- Doc, he's killing her!

Let her go!

You let her go or I'll kill you.

I saw him. He was killing...

- Shut up!
- (gunshot)


You killed him, Doc.

I meant to.

Looks like you might
have saved her life, at that.

Lori, what was
the reason for this?

Why was he beating you?

I saw Jed killing Pete.

He's dead.

Why would Jed kill Pete?

Jed was in on the holdup.

(hoofbeats departing)

That was one of the
bunch that held us up.

SIMON: They're gonna
make another try for the money.

Then we better
make a try for Dodge.

No. No, we'd be an
easier target on the road.

We stand our best
chance right here.

What kind of a chance is
that... Me wounded, you blind?

Mister, the only chance
we got is to make a run for it.

On that stage, you'd still
be wounded, I'd still be blind.

Well, that's out of the
question. She couldn't stand

to ride into Dodge on a stage.

Well, then I'm for all
giving the money to 'em

in order to save our lives.

No, it's more than the money.
She wouldn't have a chance here.

She knows 'em
all. They'd kill her.

We got to get word to Matt,
tell him where we're holed up.

What do we do,
send him a telegram?

No, we're gonna send you.

Mister, you're loco.

The two of you
couldn't hold them off.

On horseback, riding hard, it's
two hours to Dodge and back.

You're wasting time.

I'd be a dead man out there.

Maybe he's right, Simon.

He's a dead man here,
Doc. With company.

It's our only chance.

(footsteps approaching)


- Did you see Coombs?
- Yep.

What did he say?


He's dead.

- Well, that's that!
- (clattering)

No, that's not that.

This bad plan is
much better now.

Are you gonna tell
me what's on your mind

or are you gonna
keep feeding your face?

Uh, there are three men

and Mrs. Coombs with the money.

One of the men is old,

the other wounded,

and the third one... is blind.

You sure?

Very sure.

Well, good luck to you.

Thanks. I'll need
more than that.


Adios, Doc.


Now there's only an
old man and a blind one.

You know he's going for help.

There's plenty of time.

It's a ways to Dodge.

All right, let's go.

(horse neighing)

SIMON: Anything yet, Doc?

No, not a sign of 'em yet.

Two or three more
old men like that,

and we could take on anybody.


We better get ready.

Leave it open.

We won't have much time.

We'll be lucky to get it closed.

- And how are you gonna...
- I know, I'm blind.

It doesn't make
that much difference.

If I can keep firing, they'll
stay a respectable distance.

As for hitting anyone,
that's up to you and Doc.

Anyway, who knows? I may
become the first blind sharpshooter

and get 'em all.

- (chuckles)
- (chuckles) You probably could.

You don't have to say that.

It feels good to be useful.

We better get to the window.



Don't be frightened.

I'm not.


(horse whinnies)

(hoofbeats approaching)


What are you stopping for?

I don't like it.

Yeah, they got to figure
us to come for the money.

There are only two of 'em.

We came for the money. Let's go!

- All right. Hyah!
- Up! Hyah.

(horse whinnies)


I got one. There's two left.

I think we're
gonna make it, Doc.


Wade! Wade!

He's dead.

Just an old man
and a blind one, huh?

They're old and blind, not dead.

They're gonna be.



Doc! Doc, she's been hit!

- What?
- (gunshots)


No, Simon. Simon,
she wasn't hit.

- But we're through.
- (panting)

Tell 'em to hold their fire.

No, Doc, I can't go like that.

We're through, Simon!
I'm showing the white flag!

Throw out your guns!

- Doc, you can't do that.
- Simon, it's the only chance we've got.

We've got to buy Lori
some time. Do as I tell you.

Throw out your gun!

All right, where is it?

DOC: We hid it.

You'll never find
out where it is.

We'll tell you where it is,
but first I want 20 minutes.

What for?

This young lady is very sick.

I'm a doctor, and she
needs medical attention.

I want the money. Now.

Well, you won't find
out where it is from us

unless I get that time.

And you're not
gonna find it, mister.


It's not here.

Make up your mind.
Do I get 20 minutes?

20 minutes.

(Lori sighs)

I know what I'm talkin' about,
Marshal. It was this very spot.

Yes, sir. Right here.

Charlie, you still a-stewin'
up that corn brew, are you?

Now, listen here,
Festus. Corn brew or no,

I know what I'm talkin' about.
I didn't pull you out of Dodge

on a corn brew
hallucination, Marshal.

Well, now, just simmer down,
Charlie. Nobody's doubting you.

Two bodies right here, right
where we're standing right now,

in the middle of the road.

Smack in front of
my face they were.

What happened?

The stage was held up.
They killed both my guards.

Didn't get the money,
at least not yet.

- Where are they?
- The way station.

Charlie, see that he gets
back to town all right, will you?

- Come on, Festus.
- Wait a minute,

was old Doc on that stage?

- Oh, he sure was.
- Let's go.

Corn brew.

It's 20 minutes.

Give him a little more time.

There ain't no more time.


She's dead, Simon.


Now the money.

The money.

The money!


All right, the money.

Come along.

You stay here.


It is a lot of money.

Could tempt a man
to be unfriendly.

He can't do anything.


(Lori crying)





Is that you?


- Lori.
- (clang)


Doc said you were dead.

I don't understand.

An old man.

An old...

wily fox.

I'll be back.

Better be there, old man.

I told you it was. It's there.

It better be.

(laughs) I could have
liked you. I sure could have.

Too bad.



Simon, get back!

It's the blind one. I guess
he can do something.


(quietly): Shut
up. He ain't deaf.

- He's not gonna fall for it a second time.
- Eh.

Simon, he's
moving to your right!



You're empty, blind man.

You made it easy for me.

Hold it!

You want to go first, old man?

Well, why him?

He's blind. He can't hurt you.


Like I said,

too bad.



I'm all right, Simon.


He's blind, Matt.

Been blind three months.

(indistinct chatter)

There you are, Doc.

Thanks, Sam.

- Much obliged, Sam.
- Mm-hmm.

Simon, a little envelope
came for you there.

No need to open it.

What is it?

It's, uh, the reward money.
There's not much there.

May help a little later though.

By rights, Doc, this
should go to you.

I don't know about that.

According to Doc here,
he'd have been dead

if it hadn't have been for you.

Well, that's according to Doc.


what do you plan to do now?

Well, I don't know yet.

Well, we all want you to know...


- Miss Lori.
- Hello, Doc. Hi.

- How do you feel?
- Fine, thank you.

You look it. Festus, let's go.

Where are we goin'?

We're going for a walk.

Oh. (chuckles) It is a
good day for a walk, ain't it?

Would you like
to sit down, Lori?

Do you have any plans?

No. How 'bout you?


Doc says you're
gonna be just fine.

Uh-huh. The baby, too.

You know, you...

you're gonna have to
make some plans, Lori.

Well, the people
at the stage line

said I could stay on
at the way station.

You gonna do it?

Well, I couldn't
handle it alone.


I guess a blind man wouldn't...

be very much help.

I mean...

He'd do fine.

If he wanted to.

Probably stumble
all over everything,

trying to get things done.

After a while
he'd get used to it.

He'd be all over the place.

I guess...

maybe he could.

With a little help.

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