Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 30 - My Father, My Son - full transcript

Fast gun Jim Barrett shoots Joey Jeffords in self defense so his whole family bands together seeking retribution. When another young man shows up in town wanting to kill Jim too, several folks do their best to ensure he doesn't wind up just like Joey.

Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

You want something?

Name's Jeffords.

Joey Jeffords.


You ever hear that name before?


Has anybody?

Maybe not yet.

But they will.

They will.

Hey, did you see that, Bernie?

Now that's what I call a shot.

Hey, Mr. Barrett, this
here's my brother Bernie.

Come on over here, Bernie.

- This ain't no good...
- You go on, you-you say hello

to the big gunfighter.

Move out of here, both of you.

Come on, Bernie, say hello.

Hey, Mr. Barrett, my
brother frightens easy,

so you go easy, hear?

See that, Bernie?

He's coming over here
to shake your hand.

- You don't have to be afraid.
- Joey!

Get out of here, Bernie.

Why don't you just say
what's on your mind?

That's a good idea.

I figure I could take
you, Mr. Barrett.

And you want to prove it.

Right here.

And right now.

Now this here's Joey Jeffords.

You people be sure and remember
that name, 'cause he almost got

himself killed
making you know it.

You listen to me good, kid.

If I ever see your face
again, I'm gonna kill you.

Now get your scared
brother and get out of here.

Come on, Joey, let's
get on out of here.

Get out of here!


Turn around and
look at my face again.

Come on, old man, I mean it!


He's dead.

And so are you,
Mr. Big Gunfighter.

You're just as dead.

You hear me, Mr. Big Gun?

My pa and my brothers

are gonna make you wish
you died here instead of Joey.

Make sure you're with 'em.

Makes no difference
where you run.

You're dead.

My pa is gonna see to that.

I figure to be in
Dodge by morning.

You tell your Pa that, will you?


Hey, boy.

How we gonna tell Pa?

How we gonna tell Pa?


Matthew, come here quick!

I just seen Jim Barrett
a-ridin' down Front Street,

big as you please.

- Jim Barrett?
- Yeah, tall and sassy,

just like he was
going to his first social.


Hold it right there.

You want something, Marshal?

Drop the gun belt.

No warrant on
me. I'm not wanted.

We'll see about that.

Let's go.

That was really something, huh?

You know who that was?

That was Jim Barrett.

And he's one of
the fastest guns...

I know.



Hey, Pa!

What's the matter, you drunk?

You drunk, get in
here, bring your brother.

Ain't drunk, Pa.

Joey's dead.

He got shot.

I can see that.

Who did it?

Man named Barrett.

Jim Barrett.

How'd he come by
this mark on his face?

Barrett clubbed him
with a billiard stick, Pa.

Where were you
when all this happened?

How come you ain't dead?

Well, Pa, it all
happened so fast, see...

And you cleared out, huh?

No, now, Pa, I didn't run.

Good. Then you killed Barrett?

Well, no, Pa.

- But I didn't run.
- You didn't

stay and fight, either, did you?

Well, now, Pa,

I wanted to.

I swear I wanted to.

But the way-way Barrett was
staring at me and everyth...

You're a coward.

He should have shot
Bernie instead of you.

What are we gonna do, Pa?

We're gonna bury Joey.

And then we're gonna kill
somebody named Barrett.

You gonna get
Will and Arnie, Pa?

There was a time I
could have handled it.

We'll need 'em.

Barrett said he was
going to Dodge, Pa.

Fetch the shovel.

Oh. A little shaky
today, are you?

Well, I was doing good

till you slammed the
door so dang hard.

Well, I, uh, hate to
bother you there, Festus,

but would you mind
letting Barrett out?

Let him out?!


Got this telegram. He was right.

There's no warrants out for him.

Oh, fiddle, we'd ought
to keep him in there

just on general principles.

Yeah, I'd like to.

Feller like hadn't ought to ever

be out of jail. All
he'll do is just...

All right, Barrett, Matthew
says to let you out.

Be danged if I know why.

Thank you.

Get him his gun, Festus.


It's kind of hard
to take a sermon

after spending half
the day in your jail.

You're not gonna get any
sermon, just a warning.

You so much as break a
whiskey glass around this town,

you'll be right back in there.

Won't be any trouble from me.

Good night.

Old dog's lost his
scent for sure, Matthew.

He ain't the same Jim Barrett

that I've heared about
for years, and you neither.

He's changed.

I don't know, Festus.

Don't be too sure of that.

Come on, how about another
drink for one of my friends?

I'll be right there,
I'll be right there.

All right, honey.

A little more
red-eye, Miss Kitty.

All righty.

Hello, Kitty.

Looks like business
is pretty good.

Too good.

Keeps up like this, you're
liable to run out whiskey.

I never thought of it.

If I run out of whiskey,

then I'd have to shut
down for a while, wouldn't I?

You might at that.

Say, how about doing me a favor?

Have a drink and help me out.

Miss Kitty, this
glass is bone dry.

Okay, Larry.

There you are.

He's doing his share.

Well, I guess I
better do mine, then.

Send the drink
over to the table.

I appreciate it.

Oh, um, it's been
nice talking to you.

We ought to do it more often.


Give us another
drink, there, barkeep.

My friend, too.

Yeah, all right, here you are.

Come on... yeah, attaboy.

Give him another one... Tony.

- Come along.
- You're gonna put in money?

- Come on in.
- Boys.

- Hey, Matt.
- Matt. -Hi, Matt.

Am I interrupting anything here?

Oh, no, nothing important.

Festus was just
telling some lies and...

Doc, you ornery old
scudder, you... I...

No, sir, I ain't gonna do it,

'cause I took me a oath
agin' it, and I ain't a-gonna...

I ain't a-gonna let
you rile me no more.

Good. It'll improve
your health a lot.

Matthew, do you see
who's setting back yonder?

Oops. Too tight.

Yes. He, uh, behaving himself?

Well, he ain't shot nobody,
if that's what you mean.

It's hard to believe there
are no warrants out on him.

Been setting back there jawing
with Maybelle for the last hour.

Yeah, but everybody here
has sure got their eyes on him,

I'll tell you that.

I guess that's why

he's tucked himself safely
away in that corner, huh?

Safe... with Maybelle?

Oh, hush up.

What'll you have?

You want something to drink?


Sam, you got that round
the marshal ordered?

Oh, I forgot, Thad.

They're coming right up.

Oh, I can wait here and
take 'em over myself.

No, you go ahead,
I'll bring 'em right over.


On the way.




Jim, I've got to go in.

I'll lose my job.

Later, Jim?


Get up here, Dillon!



Marshal! Marshal!

Gunshots coming out of the hall!

I'll look.

Now, get out of the way!
Get out of the way now.

Now, you got any more stray
whelps looking for a reputation,

you have 'em try you!

Who is he?

I don't know. They
all look alike to me.

He ain't dead, Matthew.

Course he ain't dead!

I didn't shoot him.

Now, look, you're the law here.

You keep him and
his kind away from me.

He's got a pretty good knot
on his head, is all I can see.

Now, I told you I'm
not looking for trouble.

You're gonna have trouble as
long as you're wearing that gun.

If I don't wear
the gun, I'm dead.

Just, I'm getting tired.

Could happen to you sometime.

All right, Festus, let's
get him out of here.

How is he, Doc?

He's coming
around a little, I think.

He might have a concussion.

I won't know about
that for a while.

Either of you know him?

No, I never saw him before.

I haven't never saw him,

but I can tell you
one thing about him...

He's a dang fool for
going up agin' Barrett.

What in the world are
youngsters like this thinking about

to try anything like that?

Well, they see a
feller like Barrett,

and they want to be
the fastest gun alive.

It's all there is to it.


Well, now... it could use
a wee bit more pepperin'.

Otherwise, it was fine.

No Mulligan, mind you, but fine.

Oh, Thad, me boy, could you see

that we get a wee
bit more tomorrow?

Well, I really don't think

you'll be here
tomorrow, Mr. Doherty.

Marshal's letting
you out this afternoon.

- Is he now?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, that makes no
sense, no sense at all.

Look, we could
both save ourselves

a great deal of trouble
if you'd leave me here

in the warmth and
comfort of this lovely jail.

Well, that's... that's
up to the marshal.

Well, may the Devil take you!

You know, I really
think he likes it in there,

except for the stew.

Needs just a wee
bit more peppering.

I'll see you later.

All right.


- Marshal Dillon?
- Come in.

The doctor said you
wanted to see me.

That's right.

How are you feeling?

All right.

What's your name, son?


I understand you have my gun.

That's right.

I'd like it, please.

You got any idea how
lucky you are, young fella?

I've heard.

Jim Barrett's not
the kind of a man...

I know all about Jim Barrett!

Is that so?

All right, I'm gonna
tell you something.

If I have any more trouble

out of you, I'm
gonna lock you in jail.

Can I have my gun?

Not till you're
ready to leave town.

Well, I'm not leaving just yet.

Help you?

You like it?

It feels good.

One of the best.

This model just come out.

You see, it's the
rifling that makes it...

How much is it?

$42.50, and a real buy.

Ain't got that kind
of money, mister.

Well, then...

I could let you have it for $40.

I ain't looking to
bargain, mister.

I haven't got that
kind of money.

Boy, the cheapest gun I
got in the shop'll run you $18.

Now, do you have the price?

I got seven dollars...

and some change.

You can't buy a gun for that.

Now, you go on down
to the hardware shop

and get yourself a knife.

I ain't got nothing
here for you.

There are other places in town.

Oh, not for seven dollars
and change, there ain't.

What'll it be?


I'm looking for a Will Jeffords.

You know him?



take a look.

Uh, wait a minute...
You can't go in there.

I thought so.

Look, wh-who the devil are you?



I don't want any
trouble around here.


- Will!
- What's the ru...

ruckus? Hey, Pa, how you been?

I thought so.

What are you doing down here?

Get your clothes on.

Today's my birthday, Pa.

I'm, uh, fixing to
have a little fun.

Joey's been shot.

We're gonna set it right.

Aw, Pa, come on...

Your baby brother's been killed.

Oh, there ain't no hurry then.

- I'll only be a while.
- You'll come now.

- Pa!
- Now!

All right.

All right, Jeffords,
he's all yours.


- Come on, get up!
- Go away...

Come on, get up.

I ain't gettin' up for no one.

- Come on up!
- No...

Can you handle a gun?

I need a bit of
scamper juice first.

You already had
your fill of that.

Come on. Get this on.

A couple cowboys and me
mixed it up some last night.

I know. I paid the damages.

Oh, I got it, I
got it. Hey, Pa...

where are we going?

To kill a man.

All right.


son, you wouldn't be stealing
from a man who was drinking?

That's a sinful
thing to do, boy.

They sure grow 'em
mean in this country;

they surely do.

You wouldn't be thinking
of buying me a drink, now,

would you?

If you need a little money, uh,

I'll buy that gun of yours.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll rent it to you.

Th-Th... That'll be fine.

It's a darlin' gun,
a darlin' gun.

Shoot around
corners, it will... aah!

That'll be 50 cents an hour.

Three hours for a dollar
and two till the morning.

Here, now!

You only give me $1.70!

Next rent's due at
4:30 in the morning!


Where did you get that pistol?

Matthew said...

Hey, you!

Back off.


Let's get out.

There's a door right behind you.

You got a choice.

You're gonna keep
trying, ain't you, boy?

That's right.

All right...

whenever you're in the
mood. Reputation's waiting.

You try for it.

That's not what I want!

Your name's Jeffords.


It's Barrett!

Davy Barrett, Pa!

You remember me, do you?

After all these years?

Hold it right there.

Get him, Festus.

Let me go! I got to kill him!

I got to kill him! Let me go.

Let me go!

Barrett, I want you
out of Dodge right now.

I've had enough trouble
between you and that boy.

That boy's my son.


I just see'd Barrett
leaving town, Matthew.

Oh, good.

Well, keep him locked
up a couple hours

and then turn him loose.

What about his gun?

He doesn't get that back
till he's ready to leave town.

Did he tell you why he
wanted to kill his father?

I'd just as soon not know.

Sure takes a powerful
gizzard full of hate

to want to kill your
own kin, don't it?

Oh, here's them papers the
judge wants you to serve on Jacoby.

All right.

Put 'em in the
saddlebags, Festus.

Uh, Thad, we'll see
you tomorrow morning.


Just don't you
strain nothin', Thad.

Have a nice ride.



Hyah! Huh!

Come on, pay up.

Told you he'd come back.

Mm. He was too scared not to.

- Cost me a dollar.
- Good.

- Was he there?
- Yeah, he was there, Pa.

And I didn't come back 'cause
I was too scared not to neither.

Oh, chick, chick, chick...

All right, that's
enough. Let's mount up.

Pa... there was a kid
gunning for Barrett.

I seen him.

- What?
- And?

The marshal locked him up.

- Barrett's still alive?
- Yeah, sure, Pa.

Good, 'cause nobody but
a Jeffords is gonna kill him.

- Now let's go.
- Pa... funny thing...

It was his son that
was gunning for him.

- Son?!
- What?!

Come on, let's mount up.

You letting me out?

Marshal said in
a couple of hours.

Time's up.

Well, where'd he go?

He and Festus went
over to Jacoby's...

I mean Barrett.

I don't know.

It took me six months.

But I'll find him again.

Probably will.

Did you ever kill a
man before, Dave?


Well, even with the
law on your own side,

it still leaves you
with an empty feeling.

You sound like the
preacher that buried my ma.

I'm just sort of
talking out loud.


Can I buy you a beer?

Well, how 'bout a sandwich then?

I'm kind of hungry.

Don't like eating alone.

Why not?

Let's go.

Hey, what about my gun?

When you leave town.

I'm afraid this is the
best I can do for you.

Sure you don't want a beer?

No, thank you. This is fine.

How come, Dave?

How come what?

Well, I know it's none
of my business, but, uh,

why do you want to kill him?

He needs killin'.

Well, that's quite a
statement to be making.

Working with the
marshal like you are,

you never felt that
way about anybody?


And not too long ago either.

Now tell me again it's a
lot for somebody to say.

It is.

The settling of a
score didn't do for me

what I thought it would.

After the people who
had killed my pa paid for it,

he was still dead.



Don't do it, boy.

You put down the shotgun
and walk away from it

or I'll kill this boy.

I just want to talk to my
boy. I don't want any trouble.


I want to know why
you're after me, Davy.

Could have killed
you last night.

What difference would
that make to you?

- You're my son.
- Don't you call me that.

I asked you a question.

So Ma will rest
easy in her grave.

Ruth died, huh?

She died waiting for
you to come home.

You should have died.

Instead of leaving,
you should have died.

I was dead.

Eight years I was on that farm.

For eight years I rotted
away, boy, I was dead.

So you killed her instead.

No, I...

I left her and told her
to find somebody else.

She was pretty.

She could have had her choice.

She had no choice!

15 years she washed
other people's dirty clothes,

cleaned their houses
and heaven knows what.

"Your father sends
money to live on.

This is just pin money."

Everything we ever had
was from that pin money.

She lied all those years and...

I believed her.

You could have sent
some money to help out.

I did, at first.

And then... Uh...

What do you know about it?

She never done
nothing but love you.

Ma used to sit on the porch

and look down that road.

The stories she'd make up...

about how happy she'd be

after you came
back up that road.

Only you never came back.

You never came home.

She was gonna change me.

A home, love and a family.

She was gonna change me.

Look at me...

Look at me!

She never let go of you!

That's right! So
I let go of her.

I went back to being what I was.

I am what I am.

I don't make no alibis

and I don't say
that with no pride.

But I'll tell you what
I do say with pride.

I walked out on her 'fore I
drug her down to what I was.

And still am.

You understand?

Where you suppose he'll be, Pa?

There ain't but one or
two places he can be.

Maybe he already left town, Pa.

You guessing or
wishing, little brother?

You better shut
your mouth, Will.

All right, that's enough.

You want I should
check the hotel?

No, we'll let Bernie
do the looking.

Will, you're gonna face him.

Me and Bernie and
Arnie'll back you up.

Whatever you say, Pa.

Bernie, go stick your head

in that saloon down there
first, see if he's in there.

Wait a minute.

Come back and tell us.

Arnie, you go up there.


Pa! Hey, Pa!

Pa... Hey, Pa.

Barrett... I seen
him. I seen him. I...

Shut up! Be quiet!


Will, call him out.


Will Jeffords here!

We got a score to
settle, you and me.

Forgot all about that.

Who's that?

Just a man.

We're not through.

Hold it, Barrett.

Keep this boy inside.
He won't get hurt.

Put that thing away, Thad.

This out here is what I
was telling you about.

How does your Ma fit into that?

I'm waiting, Barrett.

You stay out of it.

I've got to stop it.

Go get Matt. Out the back way.

Here he comes, Pa.

Jim Barrett.

You alone?

You kill Joey?


Joey was just a little boy.


I hear you got a
little boy of your own.

Aw, Pa's anxious to meet him.

You leave him out of this.

Leave that gun alone.

Come back here.


Well, kid?



- Sam. -Howdy, Sam.
- Thad, Festus.

Have you seen Dave anywhere?

Oh, he's in the back
room, stacking empties.

Well, I'd better help him or
we'll never get out of here.

Hey, how's he doing
with his new job?

Just fits in like an old hand.

Oh, that's good.

Hey, where are
you fellows off to?

We're fixing to go
out and shoot us

a mess of prairie
chickens for supper.

Mm, I haven't had a
good prairie chicken dinner

in I don't know when.

You ain't?

Well, Sam, I'll tell
you what you do:

You just set your
mouth, get your bib on,

stoke up the fire,
'cause we're fixing

to have us a prairie
chicken supper.

And tell Matthew,
Miss Kitty and Doc

we're gonna have us a
pearl button bangle Billy.

Well, you know it's gonna
take quite a few to feed us all.

Oh, don't you fret
none about that.

There'll be plenty.

Hey, how'd you like to
borrow my new shotgun?

- Shotgun?!
- Yeah.

Sam, any man that'd
shoot a prairie chicken

with a shotgun'd
pull up little corn.

Is that so?

Yes, that's so.

Not only ain't it not sporting,

but shoot a prairie chicken
with a shotgun shell,

he's so full of shot that a
feller can't even chew him safe.

You mind trying to
say that one more time

but just a little bit faster?


Oh, never mind.

If you don't use a shotgun,

what do you use, a slingshot?

All right, smart aleck, I use
my Winchester, what else?

Don't tell me you
ground-shoot 'em?

Well, of course not.

He shoots them on the
wing with his Winchester.

There wouldn't be much
meat left, now, would there?

They all head shot.


Come on. Let's go
get supper. Let's see...

Matthew'll eat about three...

Sam, three, Doc, two...

Kitty'll eat one...

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