Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 25 - The Brothers - full transcript

Billy has always looked up to his brother Ed. During a robbery gone wrong, he is arrested. Matt begins to open his naive eyes when his brother tries to free him from jail.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Just do as you're told and
nothing will happen to you.

Everybody lie on the floor.

Not you.

You heard him. Get
down! (coughing)

Come on! Faster!

Facedown or this
one's a dead man.

Open that safe.

It's open.

Show me.

Give him the bag.

Go on. Fill it up. Fill it up!

There's somebody
coming. What do I do?

Use your head and let him in.

(gasping, panting)

Go on. Take it. Come on!

Let's go.

Come on, kid, you'll see plenty
of dead men soon enough.

Billy, I said get out of here!


Here comes another one!

(gunfire continues)


Get my horse!

Oh, Matt, he's just a boy.


(theme music playing)

They must have got Billy.

They got him, all right.

Don't worry about Bill, worry
about us when Ed gets here.

He ain't far behind.

Not with us holding
the money, he ain't.

Wat, I wouldn't
take that saddle off.

Ed might not like it.

- (hoofbeats approaching)
- Somebody's coming!

Don't take that saddle off, Wat.

We're going back for Billy.

I told you we shouldn't
have brought that kid brother

of yours along
on a job like this.


Put the gun down, Ed.
You ain't gonna shoot me.

You don't know how close I come

to shooting all
of you back there.

Running off and leaving Billy.

Simmer down, Ed.

You was the one had
a chance to help him

back there, but you
didn't bring him in.

He took a slug.

There was nothing
I could do alone.

But the four of us
could've got him out.

How do you know he's alive?

You just better hope he's alive.

If he is, he'll keep.

These horses can't run no more.

He's right, Ed.

We lost that marshal once.

We ain't likely to do it again.

Maybe Billy needs doctoring.

Well, I got a message...

Hey, you!

I got a message for all of you.

We're gonna get him back.

Okay, Ed.

We'll bring him back.

Nobody's bucking you.

Any luck, Marshal?

No... no, I'm afraid not, Dave.

I... They left some pretty
good sign as far as Jack Creek,

but I lost track of them there.

Well, I sure wish I could
give the folks good news

in tomorrow's paper.

Yeah, so do I.

Well, Doc's got the
boy over in your office.

Maybe you'll get
something out of him.

All right. Thanks.

Hey, Doc, ain't anybody around
here got a shot of whiskey?

(Festus scoffs)

You're kind of a young'un

to be drinkin'
loudmouth, ain't you, son?

Old enough to put a bullet
in you if I had half the chance.

Well, if it ain't
the big marshal

I been hearin' so much about.

How is he, Doc?

Well, he'll have a sore
shoulder for a while but he'll live.

- Any luck?
- Nope.

I told you he
wouldn't catch 'em.

He give you any trouble?

Not unless you call a
earache trouble, Matthew.

This here 'un's got a bigger
mouth than anything else.

Son, you got any idea
what you're involved in?

Don't you worry
about me, Marshal.

You just better start
worrying about yourself.

See what I mean?

You better take a good
look at me, all of you,

'cause I ain't
gonna be here long.

Oh, is that so?

My brother ain't gonna
let me sit in no stinkin' jail.

Your brother, huh?

Is he the brave fella that shot
Pete Sommars in the back?

What's your brother's name?

Maybe he'll tell you
himself when he gets here.

He'll be here, too.

Oh, that's fine. I'd like
to meet your brother.

Is it all right to
lock him up, Doc?

Fine with me.

All right. Let's go, son.

Is that him?

THAD: Yeah, that's him.

He looks just the way I
pictured him, only maybe bigger.

You gonna introduce me?

Well, of course I will, Will,

but they're having
dinner right now.

Oh, well, he ain't gonna mind.

Not if what you said
about him is true.

Well, all right.

But just say hello.

Now, don't go carrying on
about everything I told you.

(chuckling): Okay, okay.

Well, look who's here. Hi, Thad.

- Hello, Miss Kitty, Marshal.
- Thad.

I'd like you to meet a
very good friend of mine,

Will Taylor from Oklahoma.

- Miss Russell.
- Will.

Marshal Dillon.

- It's a pleasure to meet you, Marshal.
- Good, Will.

I sure heard a lot about
you up in Oklahoma,

h-how you's about the best
lawman this country's ever seen.

- Will...
- Well, sure, just a minute.

Uh, well, I g... I guess
you're really busy, Marshal,

with that holdup that
Thad was telling me about.

Uh, well, you got a line
on the fellas that done it?

Well, no, I... I'm
afraid not yet.

- Come on, Will...
- Well, uh, sure, but...

Well, just one thing, Marshal,

uh, Thad was telling me how
you sometimes let him help out.

Well, I-I never been a
lawman or nothin', but,

well, if you ever need
anyone to help with anything,

I-I'd sure be
pleased to pitch in.

Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.

Anything at all. You
can sure count on me.

Well, can I touch you, Marshal?

Finish your supper.

(Kitty laughs)

FESTUS (in distance):
clear understood, now,

we got 20 cents
riding on this game.

DOC: 20 cents.

FESTUS: When I make
my next move, Doc,

you are fixin' to squall
like a masked cat.

Smoke that in your cob pipe.

- Is that it?
- That's it.

Well, Festus,

I surely hope that 20 cents
isn't your entire life savings.

Just don't mind that.

Just go ahead on
and make your move.

Get away now. This is mine.

I can handle this just fine.

Just trying to figure out which
one of his stupid mistakes

to take advantage of.

(exhales) There you are, Doc.

Oh, hello, Carl.

Tillie's come her time, Doc.

Again, huh?

But I'm sure of it!

This is it, Doc!
We got to hurry.

I-I mean, after six kids, a man
gets to read sign, you know.

Yeah, you had me out
there twice last week.

- But I know this is it, Doc!
- Carl, will you quit hollering?

- Carl! Just... Shh! Be quiet!
- This here's an important game!

Now, I'll finish this game like
that and I'll be right with you.

I just don't know whether to...

(chuckling): No.

Let me see.

Go on, Doc.


- Why, you clumsy clodhopper!
- Look what you went and did.

- If you'd quitted jumping...
- Get my horse and buggy.

Uh, give me my 20 cents.

- What for?
- Well, shoot,

I been a-whompin'
you right from the start.

You couldn't beat me at checkers

if you lived to
be 100 years old.

I'm going up and getting my bag.

Now go get my horse and buggy.

Give me my money!

Well, I'll get him myself.

Never mind. I'll get your
dang horse and buggy.

You acted hasty, Doc.

I seen a move.

So did I, Doc.

(Doc groans)

Get out of my way.

Evening, Marshal.

What's the matter with Doc?

Oh, he's mad.

Well, at least that's normal.

Well, Billy...

glad to see you're still here.

Make all the jokes
you like, Marshal.

You're gonna choke
on 'em 'fore long.

Well, looks like it must have
been quite a checker game.

Yeah, it, uh, did
get kind of exciting.

Mm-hmm. Well, as long as you're
gonna be around, Thad... here.

What's this for?

Well, might as well
make yourself useful.

Do you think they're
really coming after him?

No harm in being prepared.

(quietly): Billy.

(quietly): Ed...

You okay, kid?

I am now.

Look at this. Look at this.

Putting my kid brother
in a place like this.

I ain't no kid.

Not no more.

Are they roughing you any?

Nah. Knew it wouldn't
do 'em no good.


You're all right, Billy.

Hey, you know something,

you're getting to be more
like me every day, ain't you?

I'm gonna have you
out of here in no time.

I know it was just
a matter of time.

Just sit tight.

Ed, there's two
of 'em in the office.

When me and you
ride out of here,

they're gonna still
be in that office.


Okie and Durgen,

you go round the back.

When you hear bullets,
you bust out with Billy.

(quiet footsteps outside)


Yeah, I heard it.


(hoofbeats departing)

That your brother?

You ain't never gonna get Ed.


Ed? What's his last name?

You better get somebody
to help you here, Thad.


Son, I'm gonna
tell you something...

This kind of attitude's
not gonna help you at all.

You're scaring me
to death, Marshal.

- Morning, Festus.
- Howdy, Thad.

Jimmy said the marshal
wanted to see me.

Yeah, he's right inside there.

You wanted to see me, Marshal?

Uh, yeah, Thad, I want you
to keep an eye on things for us

while we're gone around here.

Be glad to.

Him and those boys that tried
to make a run on us last night,

we figure they may be
holed up close to town.

Festus and I are gonna
see if we can find 'em.

You're wasting
your time, Marshal.

My brother's too smart to get
caught by somebody like you

and that hillbilly out there.

- You ready, Festus?
- All set, Matthew.

All right.

Thad, when ol' Doc gets
back, you better get some cotton

and stuff it in your ears.

That young robin a-flappin'
his jaws'll drive you crazy.

Hey, lawman...

my brother told me a
lawman ain't nothing but a man

that found a way
to get his share,

while he keeps you
from getting yours.

Well, I guess you're entitled
to think what you want to think.

But if you ask me,

you got an awful lot to learn.

I just saw the marshal.

Well, he headed out, looking for
some evidence on those outlaws.

Well, he said you'd fill me in

on what happened
here last night.

Mm, wasn't much.

Wasn't much?

Well, they tried for the
boy, but they didn't get him.

Well, the marshal said
one of them was killed.

That's right.

- And you say nothing happened?
- Mm-hmm.

Now, you listen to me:

Until the time that
this sort of thing

is faced up to with a
damn sight more anger,

until the time that people
begin to think that this is not just

a way of life that's
gonna continue...


What is it?

Didn't I read something
like that in yesterday's paper?

You did.

Now read today's.


Ain't seen nobody yet, Ed.

When we gonna
split that money, Ed?

Not till we get Billy.

Way you're figuring now,
that's liable to be a long time.

Well, you figure that,
you ain't too smart.

Inside a week, we're
gonna have that marshal

so he don't know
which way to turn.


Somebody coming
down the road in a buggy,

heading for Dodge.

All right, now you get moving.

Come on, get moving!

You do what I told
you, and you do it good.

- Whoa... whoa!
- (shouting)

Headed for Dodge, mister?

I'm heading for Dodge.

You a doc, are you?

I'm a doctor and I'm
heading for Dodge.

Now what else?

Don't get your dander up, Doc.

All we want to do is
ask a little information.

What do you want to know?

Well, uh, you being a doctor,

I reckon you know
the marshal pretty well.

Well enough.

Friend of yours?

Yes, the marshal's a
very good friend of mine.

And I haven't got time to sit
here and discuss it with you.

I've got to get on into...

Not quite yet, Doc.

See, we, uh, got this, uh,
message we want you to deliver

to the marshal, and, uh...
we're gonna make sure

that he knows we mean it.

What is your message?
I haven't got all day.

He's in a hurry.

Now that I got your
attention, Doc...

there's a little more of that
message I want you to deliver.

Find anything, Matthew?

No. They must be
using the regular roads.

Well, that figures...
Nobody knows 'em,

so they ain't taking no chances.

Well, it's too early
to give up on 'em yet.

I tell you what... I'll
take Spring Road,

you take the meadow
and I'll meet you back here.

I'd just like to see them yahoos
on the other end of my rifle.

Well, now, wait
a minute, Festus.

If you run across 'em,
don't try to handle it yourself.

Come back here and we'll
try to figure out something.

I'll do 'er, Matthew.

- Dave.
- Hi, angel.

Breakfast is ready.

Okay, dear, I'll be right there.

Don't let it get cold.

No, I won't.

(buggy approaching)

Doc, what happened to you?

Oh, Dave, here,
take... take that.


Thank you.

Now, say, uh, go
get Matt, will you?

Well, I can't, Doc.

He and Festus are
out looking for the gang.

Well, just...

When he gets back,
tell him I want to see him.

All right.

- Let me help you upstairs.
- No, I can, I can make it fine.

Thanks, Dave.

Well, at least tell me
who did this to you, Doc.

Dave, just... have somebody

take care of my rig
for me, there, will you?

Now, hold on here, Doc.

Now just answer
me this one question:

this beating got anything
to do with the holdup?

Doc, I'm a newspaperman;
I got a right to know.

Well, I'm not questioning
your right to know, Dave,

I just don't know whether I
have the right to tell you or not.

You see, this is Matt's
business, and when he gets back

I'm gonna tell him
all there is about it.

And then he can tell
you whatever he wants to.

What's all the excitement about?

Well, I didn't see, but someone
said the doctor got beat up.

- Bad?
- Well, I don't know, but...

Well, I guess not too bad,
'cause that newspaper fella

said he was all right.

Well, do they know who did it?

No, I guess nobody
knows for sure, but...

Well, I'll bet it's
got something to do

with them outlaws
that robbed the bank.

Will, you got
outlaws on the brain.

Well, I don't
understand you, Thad.

Well, back where we come
from, nothing ever happens.

A-And in three days here,
there's been a-a bank robbery,

an attack on the jail, and
now the doctor's been beat up.

I-I mean, well, anybody can see

these things have
got to be connected.

Why don't you just
leave it to the marshal.

That's his business.

Well, I ain't interfering
with the marshal.

I'm-I'm just interested, is all.

I'm gonna poke around a
little and see if I can't find out

what happened to the doctor.

Hey, mister.

You know the name of
that young fellow over there?


That's Thad Greenwood.



Just thought he looked
like somebody I knew.

Friend of the marshal's, is he?

If you've been in
this town before,

you sure should know that.

Yeah, suppose I would.

Thank you.

Can I help you?

Would you be, uh,
Thad Greenwood?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, I got a message for you.

I met this great big fella

out at the, uh, abandoned
way station at Black Fork.

Said he was the marshal here.

- Mr. Dillon?
- That's right.

Said he wanted to see
you out there right away.

When was this?

Oh, early this morning.

Well he told me to stay
here and guard the jail.

Well, like the fella said,
it's no cloth off my britches.

All I did was to bring
you the message.

What you do about
it's your problem.

Oh, Doc. This is gonna sting.

Well, I know it's gonna
sting. Just put it on there.


(Kitty groans sympathetically)

- (quietly): Okay...
- Oh...

Do I put anything else on it?

No, that's... that's all right.

Let me look at you.


- You ought to be in bed.
- (chuckles): Well...

I'm not going to bed.

Oh, I know that.
You're too stubborn.

You're also too stubborn to tell
anybody what happened to you

and who did this.

No, I'm not, Kitty; I just
didn't know how to handle this.

But I'm gonna tell you.

Same fellas that did this to me

are the ones that
held up the bank.

Well, I guessed that much.

Well, that's not all.

They gave me a message for Matt.

They told me to tell him
that unless he released

that young hyena from jail,

that anybody that was close
to him was gonna get this.

Or worse.

Now you know that includes you.


You know something? I...

I'm scared.

All right, good.

Want you to go home now.

Want you to tell Sam to
keep that shotgun loaded.

Don't you set foot out
of the Long Branch.

Don't worry, Doc... I won't.

You take care of that.

I'll be fine.

You mean, you ain't going, even
after the marshal sent for you?

No, I'm not.

But what if he really needs you?

I can't help it.

He told me to stay here
and watch that prisoner,

and that's exactly what I'm
gonna do until he gets back.

Oh, he sure is gonna be
mad when you don't show up.

If he sent that message.

But you can't be sure he didn't!

No, I can't, but he wouldn't
have sent it with a stranger.

He would have
sent it with Festus.

Well, maybe he couldn't.

Well, maybe he's got
the gang pinned down,

and he needs Festus
to help him, and you, too.

I ain't going, Will, and
that's all there is to it.

Well, somebody's got to go.

You listen to me, Will.

If I don't show up, and
all that's gonna happen is,

the marshal's got a
40-mile ride back into town,

and he'll just chew me out.

But if he didn't
send that message,

then whoever does ride out there

could very well be
walking right into a trap.

I'll be careful, Thad.
I give you my word.

Now, just stay
out of it, will you?

Listen, Thad, if the marshal
really needs somebody,

well, then, somebody
ought to go.

I'll tell him you're
holding the fort.



(horse neighing)


Marshal Dillon?


Marshal Dillon?

(door opening)

What's the matter with you?

I'm hungry.

Well, in this jail,

you don't eat until 6:00,
and not a minute before.

What time is it now?

It's only a few
minutes after 5:00.

That dumb head of a
marshal get back yet?

How old are you?

Going on 16. Why?

'Cause sometimes you
don't act more than 12.

They ain't never
gonna catch my brother.

You hear that?

They ain't never
gonna catch him.

You're saying it with
a little less certainty

than you did a few days ago.

(door opening)

Thad, everything all right?

It is if you sent me a
message from Black Fork.

Black Fork? What
are you talking about?

Fellow come in here, said he
met you at the old way station

and that you wanted me
down there right away.

We haven't been
anywhere near Black Fork.

That's what I was afraid of.

I told him not to go.

- Told who?
- Will.

You mean the boy I
met in Delmonico's?

I tried to stop him,
tried to warn him

that he might be falling into
a trap, but he wouldn't listen.

He said you might
really need some help.

Take over here, Festus.

Oh, I'm going with you.

Well, he's my friend.

All right.

Matthew, I...

Somebody's got
to stay here, Festus.

They might just want
to get us all out of town.

Whoa. Whoa.

- That's his horse.
- Yeah.

Thad, you circle
around the outside

and wait for my signal,

but be careful.

(light thud)

All right, Thad.

(door creaking)

Oh, no!

"This is your second warning.

Let the boy go."

Second warning?


I was so scared about
Will, I forgot to tell you that...

they beat the doc up pretty bad.

Let's get him down. We
got to get back to town.

"that these animals who shot
a helpless citizen in the back,

"who brutally
'attacked-ed' Dr. Adams,

"and who made the savage and..."

What is that word?

"A... bortive."

"abortive attack on
the marshal's office,

"not only be brought to justice,

but be hanged by the
necks until they are dead."

Well, looks like we're...

we're dealing with a
pretty violent man here.

Well, maybe he needs
a little taming down.

Well, I think that's
the least we could do.


What is this?

Well, what do you men want?

We just, uh, want to
have a little talk, mister.

Did you write this?


Well, now, that
wasn't too smart,

particularly since these animals
ain't even been caught yet.

One of 'em has, and
the others soon will be.

- Ellen, please!
- Get back there.

Well, now, look what I got here.

Leave her alone!

Ain't she a pretty one?

Just put him out for a while.

We'll take care of her first.

How is she, Kitty?

Well, she's not gonna
die, if that's what you mean,

but she lost the baby.

(Dillon sighs heavily)

Why couldn't it have been
me they came after, Kitty?

Oh, they tried the other night.

Didn't work.

What are you gonna do?

All right, you get up.

Get out here.

(keys clattering)

Be back later.

What's going on?

You'll find out what's
going on. Get in here.

All right, come here.

Hello, Dave.

I, uh...

I'm sorry to bother you,
but I want this boy here

to see what his big, brave
brother did to your wife.

All right, get in there.

Did your father want a son?


Was he proud and happy
when you were born?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Every man's got to have a son.

I promised him a son.

How do you know it was him?

He told us.

I don't believe it.


Matt, I'm coming with you.

No, I want you to stay here.

Matt, I got a right.
I'm coming with you.

Dave, you stay here with Ellen.

Uh, Marshal, uh...

Mr. Botkin.

All right, what did you
want to see me about?

Now, Marshal, we realize
you're a very busy man,

but we feel this is important
enough to have a talk.

As you know, we represent
the city fathers, and...

You're right, I am a
busy man, Mr. Botkin.

Why don't you get to the point?

Well, quite frankly, Marshal,
the whole town is upset.

Now, we've had two killings,
three savage beatings,

perpetrated upon
innocent citizens.

We all know the circumstances.

Why don't you tell us
what the solution is?

Well, after that
talk, we felt that...

you ought to turn
that boy loose.

That's what you came
here to tell me, huh?

That's the gist of it, yes.

All right, you've told me.

Now, suppose you all get
on back to your business

and let me handle the law?

Does that mean you
won't turn him loose?

You knew the answer to that
one before you came here.

overlapping chatter)

DOC: Hey.

Hello, Doc.

How you feeling?

Well, I'm fine.

Want a cup of coffee?

No. No, thanks.

I just saw Botkin and
the wolf pack leave here.

No need to ask what
they wanted, I guess.



Yet, I'll tell you
something funny, Doc.

I can't really blame 'em.

After all, I... I can't go on

letting innocent people around
Dodge be killed and beaten up.

Well, how you figure to stop it?

Only one way to stop 'em, Doc.

That's to take
what they want out,

where they got to go
through me to get it.

You mean you're gonna
take that kid out of Dodge?

You got a better solution?

They'll cut you to pieces.

I'll tell you something, Doc,

that may be.

But I'm gonna take a
couple of them with me.


You ain't takin' me to prison.

Taking me out to
shoot me, ain't you?

I know... you're gonna hang me.

I ain't responsible
for the things Ed done.

Nobody ever could tell Ed
what to do, least of all me.

Shut up, boy.

You are gonna
kill me... I know it.


Mr. Dillon, honest, I
ain't never killed nobody.

I reckon you must hate
me something fierce.

I-I believe it now.

Believe what?

That woman.

That's the worst
thing Ed ever done.

I-It'd be like beating Ma.

I never did figure if Ma and
Pa beat Ed 'cause he was mean

or if he was mean
'cause they beat him.

There was a good time, though.

It was after Ed saved my life.

Ed would remember better
than me 'cause I was little.

I don't remember very well.

But I was drownin' in this creek

and Ed hauled me
out and took me home.

Ma and Pa, they started kissing

and making over
Ed for saving me.

It was the first time

I ever remember things
being good at home.

They was good for quite a while.

Then Ed got into some
kind of trouble again,

and the beating and
hollering started all over.

But I kept remembering
how Ed saved my life.

I'd do anything he said to
make things better for him.

Wouldn't you, Marshal?

For a brother who'd
saved you like that?

I think that'd depend on what
he was asking me to do, Billy.

It'll be dark before long.

Getting to be a chill
in the air already.


Why don't you try and
get some sleep, Billy.


Looky there.

And looky there.

That's some marshal,

leaving a trail behind a
blind man could follow.


Get down.

I knowed it.

Last night, I was beginning
to hope for the best.

DILLON: All right...

Reckon you got
to do this, Marshal.

All right, get your hands out.

You're leaving me here
to die slow, ain't you?

I'm leaving you here

because your brother
will come and get you.





Look at that.

Look at that. Look
what he done to Billy.

- Let's go cut him loose.
- No.

No... Wait a minute.


You boys ever hear how they
kill mountain lions down in Mexico?


They tie up a live sheep,
out where the lion's running,

and then they hole up
somewhere close by.

And then when the lion
comes out, they cut him down.

Do you reckon that marshal's out
there somewhere waiting for us?

I know he is.

Only this time, we ain't
gonna fall into the trap.

Come on. Let's go.

What are we gonna do, Ed?

We're gonna flush him out,

we're gonna kill him and
we're gonna cut Billy loose.

What are you doing?

Thinking about our money.

You ain't gonna leave it hanging
here on the horse, are you?

Yeah, I'm gonna
leave it hanging.

I'm gonna leave it
hanging here on the horse.

It'll be here when we get back.

Won't it, Wat?

Yeah, I guess so.


Okay, then let's just
get this job over with.

Okie, you circle
round to the north.

You, you take to the south.

I'm gonna work down the draw.


(cocks gun)


Hey, Wat!

Give me a hand!

We found him!

Ed, don't kill him!

- What's the matter with the kid?
- Never mind the kid.

Now, I'll get him from below,
and you go get him from above.


Hey, Marshal, I don't
like what you done to Billy!

Hold it right there!

All right, Wat!

I got him, Wat!

Go get his rifle! I'm
going down for Billy!

There goes my share.

Don't worry, mister.

You're gonna get everything
that's coming to you.


Did you kill him?

I didn't miss him, kid.

Wat just made sure.

You really like it, don't you?

Shooting, killing and
beating up women?

Shut up. I'm only
trying to help you.

Drop it!

Watch it, Marshal,
you'll hit the kid!

That's a chance
I'll have to take.

He's dead, son.

Funny, I don't feel nothin'.

I don't feel glad.

I don't feel sorry.

He was my brother,
but I don't feel nothin'.

All right, Billy, here.

We got some work to do.