Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 18 - The Raid: Part 1 - full transcript

A band of robbers have hit numerous banks with uncanny precision, planning and ease. They have their sights on Dodge now but they must remove a big obstacle before they can proceed - Marshal Dillon.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.










(cocks hammer)

(safe shuts)



(gunfire continues)

(gunfire continues in distance)

Mr. McConnell?

What's all that commotion
about, Mr. McConnell?

Looks like a
robbery of some sort.

The bank, I'd say.

The bank?


I think I'll check
out, Mr. Sims.

Violence has never
been part of my nature.

- If you'll just...
- The bank robbed?

Oh, just leave your
key on the desk.

Now, you were here two
days... That's four dollars.

In broad daylight!


(theme music playing)

What are you reading about, Doc?

- Doc?
- Huh?

What are you reading about?

I'm reading about
that raid in Sedalia.

Where's Sedalia at?

Well, the last time I looked, it
was in Missouri. Now, hush up.

Well, golly Bill, Doc, what are
you reading about Missouri for?

Ain't there nothin' worth
reading about here in Kansas?

Well, what happened in Sedalia?


- Doc what?
- What happened in Sedalia?

Well, I told you,
there was a raid!

Now, I'm trying to find...
They... 15 or 20 fellas

rode in there and...
and robbed the bank,

and they got... let's see, I
don't know... $20,000, I guess.

Where in thunder was
that? Hush up, will you.

Where was the marshal at
while all this was going on?


Maybe they didn't
have no marshal.

Anybody hurt, was they?

- Huh?
- Huh what?

- Well, anybody hurt?
- I haven't got that far yet.

- Well, when did they do it?
- Three days ago!

Well, did they catch
any fellers that did it?

Why don't you read it yourself?!

That ain't fair. Now,
you know I can't read.

Well, by thunder,
you can certainly talk.

Worse than anybody I ever saw.

You'd talk the hind
legs right off a jackass.

All right.

Just let me tell you this, Doc.

'Bout this raid in
Sedalia, if they was a raid,

it ain't never gonna
happen in this town,

'cause they ain't no gang
no place in this whole country

that's got nerve
enough to hit Dodge.

Anybody here ever been in Dodge?

I have. At least I've been
through there once or twice.

It won't be as easy as
other towns we've hit.

- Oh? How come?
- Well, for one thing, it's bigger.

Be harder to get out of.

Which means we'll be
less conspicuous moving in.

There's another problem,
too... There's a U.S. Marshal

name of Matt Dillon.

Word is, he's far
from being a pushover.

- (man chuckles) -We'll
worry about this Dillon later.

The problem right now is
to start moving into Kansas.

Well, Jim, let's get
one thing straight.

None of us are moving
until McLean can move, too.

Yeah, he's hurt bad.

I don't quite
understand you, Web.

If he was your
brother, well, maybe.

But he ain't even your kin.

Well, the four of
us grew up together,

and we ain't
leavin' without him.

We'll talk about that.

Soon as Les gets back
with the layout of Dodge City.

- (cocks gun)
- (hoofbeats approaching)

It's all right. It's only
Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Barnes.

I don't understand you fellas,
how you can live this way,

jumping at every sound.

Well, it's, uh... it's not
very pleasant, Mr. Early,

but, you see, we...

we just don't have no choice.

- What is it?
- Well, Jimmy,

John and me was in this bar,

just having a few drinks...
A few drinks, mind you...

Well, it can't be the law, or
you wouldn't be standing there

stammering like some idiot...
Now, come on, boy, spit it out.

It's nothing like
that, Jim. It's Clell.

- What's he done?
- Nothing yet.

But he's drunker than a skunk,
and he won't listen to nobody.

You know how he gets.

Yeah, I know.

I'll ride in with you, Jim.

Okay, Web.

Johnny, you boys
got something to learn.

Come on.



Yahoo! How's that,
baby, for shooting, huh?

Set up another one, barkeep!

Set it up, and let me git it.

Ha! Mmm!


(exhales loudly)

Jimmy, boy!

Jimmy, I want you to
meet the sweetest little...


Get him out of here.

(nervous laugh) Well,
here you are, Mr. Stark,

Mr. Fraley.

Uh, best in the house.

Hm. Well, I think
he'll be quiet now.

Oh, nobody's making
any complaints, no, sir.

No, we want your boys to
have a good time in Mullenville.

I'm sure Mr. Williams
meant no harm.

Clell's a drunk.
Ain't got good sense.

What's the damage?

Well, uh... $50, maybe.

Oh, no, that's-that's
too much, Mr. Stark.

You buy the kids
some Sunday clothes.

Well, thank you, sir.

All right, drinks for everybody!

You keep pouring till
they can't lift no more.

Yes, sir.

Uh, you heard what
Mr. Stark said, men! (chuckles)

Drinks for... everybody.

(glass clacking)

MAN: Say, uh, Jimmy.

(chuckles) That Clell Williams,

he can't hold his liquor no
better than a Comanche buck.

Yeah, he won't bother
you no more, Sheriff.

I'll make sure all
the rest of the boys,

- they stay out of trouble, too.
- Oh, sure, Jimmy, I know that.

Y-Your boys are welcome
here in Mullenville anytime at all.


I'm sure glad that you
came in to get Clell, though.

You know I hate to have to
say anything to your boys at all.

But then there's certain
types of people here in town.

Sure, we understand, Sheriff.

Fine, fine. You and Mr. Fraley
stay as long as you like.

Proud to have you.

Any news about the doc, Sheriff?

Uh, no, sir, not yet.

But I'm sure he'll be coming
through any day, though.

I know that. I
understand there's been

a little fever up north a ways.

Well, as soon as he shows up,

you be sure and send him
out to the Early place, will you?

Uh, yes, indeed I will,
sir, I-I certainly will.

Um... oh, Mr. McLean,
any better, is he?

'Fraid not, Sheriff.

Oh, well, now, I'm-I'm
sorry to hear that.

We was all hoping that he'd
be up and around again soon.

Yeah, fine, well,
that's just fine, Sheriff.

(clears throat)

It's real bad, Jim;
it's getting worse.

Well, just look at it.

It's swollen twice its size.

He's gonna need some help.

The sheriff told T.R. and me
a doctor'd be here any time.

We got no time to wait!

We, uh, we
talked it over... Jim.

We ain't gonna wait any longer.

We're gonna take him
into Dodge right now.

I told you, nobody
except McConnell

goes into Dodge until
we're ready to move.

We know what you said, but if
he don't get help, he's gonna die.

And Dodge has got the only
sawbones who can save him.

There's other towns
we can hit, Jim.

I want your advice,
I'll ask for it, Pence.

Now, we can make as
much in one raid on Dodge

as we can a dozen Sedalias.

We made up our minds.

Now, if you're figuring
on trying to stop us,

you better start right now.

This is a bonehead play, Web.

McLean's wanted in
half a dozen states.

If a lawman gets a good look
at him before we hit Dodge,

we'd all be in trouble.

Anybody mind if I say something?

Number one, we're all headed
for Dodge anyway, right?

So it doesn't hurt if
we take him with us.

Number two, Kansas
is one of the few states

where McLean is not
wanted... That right, McLean?

That's right.

So Pence here, who isn't
gonna be recognized by anybody,

could take him
into Dodge at night,

leave him on the
doctor's doorstep,

- it might make us all happy.
- What if the doc recognizes him?

Well, now, that's a
chance we'll have to take.

Doesn't seem likely, though,
unless the doctor's in the habit

of sitting around reading
out-of-state wanted posters.

In any case, it seems
like a better solution

than staging a pitched
gun battle in this room.


All right.

Then let's get moving.

Shiloh... go get the horses.

(door opens)

- Just one more thing.
- (door closes)

When you get into town,
McConnell will be there,

and if you see him, you don't
recognize him, understand?

- I understand.
- Another thing.

Once you get inside
that doc's office,

you don't go
nowhere, no place else,

till you're will enough to come
back here. Understand that?

I understand that.

Now, let's go.

Oh, this thing hurts.

You think I could
walk on it now?

It's gonna hurt you a little,
but it's your leg; you can try.

(McLean chuckles)


- (McLean exhales)
- That'll be $20.

Only $20.

Ten dollars for the operation,

two dollars a day for
five days' room and board.

Well, that seems
like a reasonable price

to pay for a leg.

Thank you.

You know, young feller,
someday I might be interested,

if you got the time, to
tell me how you managed

to shoot yourself in the back
of the leg like that with a rifle.

(chuckles) Well...

to tell you the truth, Doc...

I didn't really shoot myself.

Oh, is that so?

No, you see, there
was this pretty little gal,

and she and I was
getting on just grand,

but, uh...

her brother didn't think my
intentions were honorable.

And he always
was very high on it.

Why didn't you go to a doctor?

Oh, not in that part
of the country, no, sir.

Why not?

There wasn't any.

(Doc chuckles softly)

- Hey, Doc, uh... (chuckles)
- Yeah?

Uh, you wouldn't have a little
drink around here, would you?

No, I... I haven't. Uh, there's
an awful good saloon, though,

the Long Branch,
right down the street.

Thanks for everything, Doc.

You're welcome.

Oh. Your horse is
down at the livery stable.

Much obliged.

- (lively piano music playing)
- Ain't that a little nugget?

Well, we're not
gonna talk price now.

Just take a good look
at 'em, boys and girls.

(low chatter)

Excuse me. I beg
your pardon there, sir.

Miss Russell.

I'd like to buy a little
drink, best in the house.

All right.

Sam, bring out a bottle of that
Tennessee Walking Whiskey.

Yes, ma'am, Miss Kitty.

I'm gonna warn you in advance,
the stuff comes mighty dear.

Not much of it finds
its way to Dodge.

Hey, this one here's a
real doozy, Mr. McConnell.

- How much you asking for it?
- I want two of these

bone-handled double-actions,
if you don't expect

- an arm and a leg for 'em.
- Well, just look 'em over, boys,

look 'em over... I'll,
uh, put a price on those

when I find out how much
Dodge City's got to spare.


Here's to a... profitable
stay in charming old Dodge.

Well, I never thought of
Dodge as being charming.

Could be, Miss
Russell, could be...

if certain people were,
uh... a little less distant.

Well, here's to a
profitable visit...

selling your merchandise.

I'm an excellent
salesman, as a rule.

Seems like it's Dodge City
where I find the most, uh...

sales resistance.

Well, then I would think
that you would concentrate

in other areas.

Except that I find the
territory fascinating.


Hey, barkeep.

Give us a whiskey.

Something wrong?

Uh... uh, no. Uh, it's just the
man down there reminds me

of a fellow who bought
some guns in Wichita

and skipped out without paying.

Excuse me just a moment,
will you? I'd like to check on that.

All right.

(low chatter)

- You stupid...
- I had to have a drink.

Stark told you to
stay out of sight.

One drink. Now, you don't
know what that doc did to me.

No, it's, uh, just that
you look like a man

who bought some guns
from me in Wichita, that's all.

Well, I never been in Wichita.

Drink that drink
and get out of here.

Who do you think
you're talking...

I'm talking to you,
that's who I'm talking to.

You could blow this whole thing.

Hey, barkeep...

give us another.

(crickets chirping)

(door opens)

- Well, hello, Doc.
- How are you?

How's everything
in the big city?

Oh, fine, fine.

You know how I always
enjoy that ride to Hays.

- How are things around here?
- Well, not too much excitement.

Did have a fistfight
over in the Long Branch...

Wasn't very much... And
then Allen Poppit's kid

ran away from home again,
and... oh, Delmonico's cat

had another litter of kittens

back there in the
alley, usual place,

and Marvin Armbruster
predicted the end of the world

for the 35th time.

(chuckles) Well, sounds
like it's been a busy week.

You didn't have any patients?

Well, no... Oh,
yes. Yeah, I had...

a fella come into my office
with a... bullet in his leg.

I took that out.

Said he got shot in
a hunting accident,

- but I didn't believe that.
- Oh?

Well, no. It was a rifle
slug, and the wound was

right in the back of his thigh,

and that'd be a little
hard to do, wouldn't it?

Seems that way.
What was his story?

Well, when I asked him
about it, he finally got around

to telling me that... there
was a girl mixed up in it,

so I figured he must've
got hit while he was running.

Huh. Is he still around town?

Yeah. I saw him go
into the Long Branch

about ten minutes ago.

Maybe I'll go over and
have a little talk with him.

Kind of figuring on
having a beer anyway.

Can I buy you one?

By thunder, I knew I'd been
missing you for some reason.

Now I know what it was.

Everybody got a good look
here? Nice selection this time.

Here's a nice one
for you, little girl.

Try that for fits, will you?

British bulldog... new thing out.
Anybody seen that one? Try it.

- Doc.
- How are you?

- Well, Matt, you just get back?
- Kitty.

Yeah, a few minutes ago.

How about something
to cut the dust?

Well, Kitty, that
sure sounds good.

First I want to see this
fella Doc was talking about.

Uh... was he here recently?

Yes, some fella, I'd have
sworn he come in here.

You know, a young
fella with a... a game leg,

and I thought he came in here.

Yeah, he was here and had
a couple of drinks and left.

But he said he was coming back.

Why? Is he in some
kind of trouble?

(slapping continues)

- No more!
- He's right, Jim! that's enough!

I ought to kill him!

Well, somebody ought to.

You know how close he came?

Marshal walked into that saloon

not two minutes after
I put him on his horse.

All right, so he did a stupid
thing, but there's no harm done.

Well, luck. Sheer luck.

If I hadn't happened
to be in that saloon,

there might be a
posse after us right now.

We've had posses
after us before.

(panting): Yeah. When we had
something to show for the risk!

Not because somebody
disobeyed orders!

Now, get him out of here.

Now, what about Dodge?

All right, bank's here.

Saloon's here. Livery
stable over here.

The way I figure it, we
can put three or four men

in the livery stable
without raising suspicion,

one man in the blacksmith
shop if necessary,

and in this alley, we'll have
one man to cover our flank.

What about the safe in the bank?

Ah, it's a good one.

We'll have to
get him to open it.

Hm. You, uh...

you think the marshal's
back in town for good?

It looks that way. It seems
he went into Hays City

for a trial, and it ended
before anyone expected it to.

Well, what are we fussing
about? He's only one man.

He's a man you
can't underestimate.

He's buried a lot
of fellas who did.

All right.

All right, we send a half
a dozen men into town,

we cut him down.

Than we hit the bank.

What's wrong with that?

Not much, except
it's not very smart.

We've been successful so
far because we've been smart.

Moved fast; we haven't taken
any unnecessary chances.

We haven't killed anybody

- we didn't have to.
- Meaning?

If we cut down a U.S.
Marshal in cold blood,

we'll have every gun in
Kansas out against us.

Yeah, he, uh... he
may be right, Jim.

You know, up to now,
nobody but the law

has give us much trouble.

Suppose we make it
look like a grudge killing?



We send our fastest
gun in against this Dillon,

and we'll cut him down.

Back him up with a rifle,
just so we stay on top.

Who's that?

Well, Johnny's always
bragging about how fast he is.

How about it, Johnny?

You want to tackle
a U.S. Marshal?

Why not?

All right, what about
the man with the rifle?

I was thinking about
my brother, uh...

Tommy here.

He's just a kid, Jim.

I'm old enough.


And you got to get your feet
wet sometime, don't you, boy?


(quietly): Sure.

All right, then it's settled.

We set it up for tomorrow.

(crickets chirping)

What if the boy loses his nerve?

He won't.

He ain't no Stark, but he
does have Pa's blood in him.

Anyways, you'll be there, too.

- Me?
- That's right.

Anything goes wrong in there,

I'm relying on you
to set it straight.

Let's understand something...
I'm a front man, not a gunfighter.

If you want more
firepower against Dillon,

don't expect it to
come from my direction.

I'll try to remember that, Les.

There you are, Mr. McConnell.

Bert, you give the finest
shave west of Saint Louis.

Well, thank you, sir.

You know, it ain't very
often I get to shave anybody

- knows the difference.
- I expect not.

Cowboys in off the trail, dirt
farmers once a month, eh?

Yeah, that's a pure fact.

Sometimes I whack
away for an hour

- 'fore I ever get down to skin.
- (laughs) Oh...

Well, thank you, Mr. McConnell.

I must say, it's
a great pleasure

to wait on a
gentleman for a change.

Hey, I, uh, I see you got a
real selection this trip, huh?

I think I got some
good ones there.

- Go ahead, help yourself, take a look.
- All right.

Oh, my.

My, say, there's a couple
of beauties, all right.

English, .455's.

If you're, uh, interested there,

I'll give you a nice
break on those.

Oh, no, I... I reckon I wouldn't
have much use for a handgun.

I couldn't hit the broad side
of a barn with one anyways.

But they sure are beauts.

Oh, I remember now, you were
partial to a 20-gauge shotgun.

- 12-gauge. 12-gauge. Yeah.
- Oh.

At least with that,

I can get myself a couple
of rabbits of a Sunday.

There's my old baby.

That's a lot of
gun, right enough.

Say, it'd take the legs
right out from under a man.

Yeah, like as not.

But I reckon I'll stick
to rabbits. (chuckles)

Let's talk about skill, Bert.

Think you could pick off
a rabbit with one of those?

Well, I don't rightly
know, Mr. McConnell.

It's a... nice
enough gun, all right,


No. I reckon I'll leave
that kind of shooting

- to the young fellers. Yeah.
- Heh. There you go.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Well, sir,

everything satisfactory
today, Mr. McConnell?

Yes. Everything's fine.

Right. Pleasure to
have you, sir, pleasure.


- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Right, Mr. McConnell.



(low chatter)





BARNES: Dillon!

I'm calling you, Marshal!

Come on out!

(cocks rifle)

(door opens)

I'm gonna count
to three, Marshal.

Mister, if you're thinking
of drawing that gun,

there's not much
point in counting.

I just want everyone to see
you're getting a fair shake.


DILLON: Mister, you're crazy.

I don't even know you.

BARNES: I know you, Marshal,
and that's all that matters.


(horses neighing)

(whispering): McConnell!

I'm hurt! What am I
gonna do? Help me!



That's pretty good
shooting, mister. Thanks.

Guns are my business, Marshal,

but I never figured on
having to use one on a man.

This here'n ain't quite a man.

I reckon he's just as
dangerous, though.

That's funny, I never saw
him before in my life, either.

If you don't need me
any further, Marshal,

I think I'll go to my hotel.

I feel a bit shaky.

Well, fine. If you
wouldn't mind stopping by

the office later and
making a statement, Mr...?

McConnell. And I'll be glad to.

DILLON: There. Look at that.

You sure knowed what you
was talking about, Matthew.

That's the same
feller, ain't it?

It sure is.

I knew I'd seen that
face somewhere before.

Wanted for robbery, is he?

Yeah, and murder, too.

The only thing I can't figure
out is, why was he after me?

Well, maybe he had
a grudge agin you.

Well, I don't know why...
I'd never met the man.

What about that young feller?

Well, there's nothing
here on him at all.


Well, it do beat all, don't it?

Let me see that poster again.


I'll tell you what, Festus.

Go down to the telegraph office
and send a wire to Saint Joe.

See if there's any
further information

on this man since
this poster was issued.

When was that?

Well, that was a year
ago last September.

And don't forget the
name, John Barnes.

John Barnes. I'll
do 'er, Matthew.

- (telegraph machine clacking)
- calling hisself John Barnes.

Now, we want you to git
that off just quick as you can.

- We?
- Well, Matthew's waiting for a answer!

Well, you tell him he ain't
likely to get it till tomorrow,

'cause Saint Joe will be
closed down in an hour,

and we ain't the only ones using
this telegraph wire, you know.

Barney, I ain't
asking you for no spiel

about what's wrong
with your telegraph.

I've always said
you could do better

a-thumpin' on tom-toms anyhow.

Just don't forget that that's
important, and I mean it.

All right, all right!

- Good night, Sam.
- Good night, Mr. McConnell.

- It's been a pure pleasure.
- Thank you.

- ♪♪
- (crickets chirping)

Keeping kind of late
hours, ain't you, McConnell?

What are you doing here?

We come for you.

But you made a mistake;
you might have been seen.

It was worth the risk.

I was, uh... coming
out myself, tomorrow.

Yeah? We didn't
feel like waiting.

- Huh.
- Now... move!

So, you shot him?

I had to shoot him;
I had no choice.

He was screaming my name.

- You dirty yellow-b...
- Oh, figure it out for yourself!

The marshal was in
the... middle of a setup.

Two men are trying to gun him
down, one of them runs for help

to another guy who's been
around town for a week.

He'd be an idiot not to know
that something was building up.

He was just a
kid... 18 years old.

Well, you sent him
out to do a man's job,

so don't be crying in your
beer when he couldn't handle it.

You always had a
smart mouth, McConnell,

but you ain't never
been one of us!

Now, don't be a fool, Stark.

If you want to kill me,
go ahead, but, uh...

if you go into Dodge without me

and without taking
care of Dillon first...

I'm gonna have a lot of company.

I say let's kill him.

Anybody got any objections?

All right, McConnell.

(hammer cocks)

I figure to... put the
first slug in your belly

so that, uh...

you take a long time to die.

You might...

talk me to death before you
get around to shooting me.

Put your gun away, Ted.


You heard me.

Put your gun away.

Put it away.

He killed Tommy.

He killed him because
he didn't have any choice.

What are you talking about?

That kid was your brother!

The only brother I have is you,

and if'n you was
as dumb as that kid,

I'd have killed you long ago.


we let him go.


Save it.

If we're gonna hit Dodge, we've
wasted enough time already.

We don't need much time.

We go in like we planned,
we'll get rid of Dillon,

take the bank and be halfway
to Oklahoma before he knows it.

I thought you said he
was too smart to trick.

Oh, he is, so we
don't try to trick him.

We give him a... real problem,

the kind of a problem no good
lawman can turn his back on.

If it times out,
we'll be in the clear.

Could be.

I'll need another man, like
always, just to make sure.

Anybody in particular?

So long as it
isn't your brother.

Don't you ever mention
my brother's name again.


Pence might do.

When do we move?

Why not tomorrow?

(whistling a tune)

Any trouble?

Not a bit. Got most of the guns

along the main road
out of commission.

You know, I still don't know
why you got to go to all the trouble

of using them pins, though...
All you got to do is snap off

the pawl studs... that'll
put 'em out of commission.

Yeah, wouldn't that be foolish.

If I was to damage their guns,
they'd be onto me soon enough.

This way, they just misfire,
and when they break it open

to see what went
wrong, the pin drops out

- without being seen.
- That's pretty smart.

I still think you're taking
quite a risk, though.

Not as big as you might think.

Gives me something to do.

Also gives us an edge
nobody else has got.


The first two or three
minutes, just the people

right around the bank
knows what's going on.

If their guns won't
fire, we're out of town

before anybody can
do anything about it.

Sometimes it don't work out
just that way, though, does it?

- What do you mean, McLean's leg?
- Mm-hmm.

My system ain't foolproof.

- It just cuts down the odds a little.
- Mm.

Getting pretty
close to noon now.

Won't be too much longer.

- You gonna be needing me anymore?
- No, not for a while.

Why don't you go in the
lobby and hang around.

I'll be over later. Like to
get things organized here.

All right.

All right, makes it one
hour before we start in;

that makes it two hours
before we rendezvous

in front of that bank.

I don't want nobody in there
ahead of schedule. Nobody.

I want you to walk them horses,

give them plenty of water
and rest, just like always.

I want them horses ready to move
when we come out of that bank.

And, Jeff...

it's, uh, two minutes
before 11:00, boy.

Yeah, I got 'er, Jim.

Clell and McLean ought to
be moving in just about now.


McLEAN: It's right on 11:00.

Best be getting on out of here.

I don't like it.

Cuts things mighty fine
for us, I can tell you that.

McConnell got
it all figured out,

long as we get out of
there by ten minutes to 2:00.

All I know is, we'll be
heading out of that ranch

just ten minutes before
Dillon's supposed to ride in,

and that's too
close for comfort.

Well, we can't leave no earlier.

Something might go wrong.

We just might be able to
have ourselves a little fun

while we're working...

and still not take any chances.

(Clell chuckles softly)

Well, are you
coming or ain'tcha?

I wasn't expecting
to see you till after.

Well, the Long Branch
was easier than I thought.

Little early to go to the bank.

I sure wish we could stay here.

I can cover the bank real
good from this window.

You get in the
alley like I told you.

If you have to shoot
anybody, stay put.

In all the excitement,
nobody'll know

where the bullet came from.

Look, I don't
like that part of it.

I'd just as soon be
out there with the boys.

- Hey.
- Hm?


It's only 1:00.

Well, maybe that time
has been changed.

No, Jimmy wouldn't
change a time, not like this.

What do we do?

Something has gone
wrong, or that boy wouldn't be

in Dodge till 1:30.

- Marshall! I got to talk to the Marshal.
- Marshal!

All right.

DILLON: Billy, what's
happened? Somebody get Doc.

(crying): They killed Pa!
You got to get 'em, Marshal.

- They-they killed Pa.
- Who you talking about?

Two men. They
come in this morning.

They're still out there
with my two sisters.

I-I tried to stop 'em.

I couldn't do anything.

They beat me and...
threw me out of the house.

I... I didn't have no
gun. I had to come.

All right, now,
take it easy, Billy.

Get him inside,
will you? Festus.

I'll get the horse before
you can get the rifles.

(telegraph machine clacking)

(crying): You don't know
what it was like, Doc.

They just shot Pa...
for no reason at all.

And then...

Now, you just... just
hold still. Be quiet.

- Just stay still...
- Where's the marshal?

- What happened to him?
- Well, he got hurt.

What do you want
the marshal for?

I just got an answer to that
telegram he sent to Saint Joe.

That feller he was asking
about, that John Barnes.

- Well, what about him?
- He ain't only wanted

for robbery and
murder... He's a member

of that gang of outlaws
that hit the bank at Sedalia.


- It's time to go.
- McConnell.

- Yeah?
- The marshal's had plenty of time

- to get out there and back.
- I realize that.

It's too late to
stop things now.

Well, now, you might
prefer a lighter model.

See, this .45 of yours,
that's a whole lot of gun

- for a gentleman to fool with.
- I never carry it.

It's just a precautionary
measure for the bank, you know.

Oh, of course, of
course. But I, uh...

really would question
its effectiveness.

Now, these cartridges ought
to be changed once a month.

You're gonna get a whole
lot of misfires out of that batch.

I've got a new
lightweight army issue...

JIM: All you customers,
down on the floor!

- Get down!
- Come on, move! -Drop it.

And, you, you open that safe.

There's no money in
the safe; it's all out here.



You kill him when I count three.

That's one...


All right!

All right, don't shoot.

T.R.: Nobody gets hurt
if you do like we say.

- (two gunshots)
- (woman screams)

Shiloh! Give me a hand!

Come on!

All right, don't a-one of
you move, you hear me?



- It's a hold-up! The bank's been robbed!
- Hyah!



All right, let's
get out of here!

(gunfire continues)

(excited chatter)

You know any of
them fellers, Matthew?

It was the Stark gang, Festus.

I recognized Jim Stark
and two of the Fraleys.

Marshall... Marshall...

- What is it, boy?
- Doc's gone! He's gone!

Gone? What are
you talking about?

(panting): Two
men... they took him.

Doc called one of them by name.

I... I think it was McConnell.

(Billy groans)


Get the horses, Festus.

Now, boys, listen
to me, all of you.

Get your horses,
every man that can ride,

and meet me back
here right away.

We're going after 'em!


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