Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 19 - The Raid: Part 2 - full transcript

After making another successful bank robbery, the Stark gang finds part of their plan was not accomplished as expected, and Marshall Dillon returns to Dodge before the gang can get away. An undercover member of the gang surreptitiously sets the town afire which affords the gang time to escape, and he also kidnaps Doc to attend to one of the wounded gang members. After the town deals with the fire, Dillon forms a posse to go after the gang which has been able to keep a step ahead of Dillon thus far. As the chase progresses, we see what was an originally well knit gang begin to dissolve. The various shortcomings of the individual gang members begin to eat away at the mortar that holds the gang together, and slowly the gang begins to come apart allowing their advantage to also crumble away.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

What are you readin' about, Doc?

- Doc?
- Huh?

What are you reading about?

I'm reading about
that raid in Sedalia.

What happened in Sedalia?

15 or 20 fellows rode into town

and they... they
robbed the bank and...

they got about $20,000.

Just let me tell you this, Doc.

It ain't never gonna
happen in this town,

'cause there ain't no gang

no place in this whole country

that's got nerve
enough to hit Dodge.

We're going to hit Dodge.

We wasted enough time already.

We don't need much time.

We'll go in like we planned,

we'll get rid of Dillon,

take the bank and be
halfway to Oklahoma

before he knows it.

I thought you said he
was too smart to trick.

Well, he is, so we
don't try to trick him.

We give him a real problem,

the kind of a problem no good
lawman can turn his back on.

If it times out,
we'll be in the clear.

(birds singing)

Right on 11:00.

Best be getting on out of here.

CLELL: Well, I don't like it.

We'll be heading
out of that ranch

just ten minutes before
Dillon's supposed to ride in...

and that's too
close for comfort.

Well, we can't leave no earlier.

Something might go wrong.

Yeah, it just might.

It just might.

Sure would be a
shame, wouldn't it?

Something messed
up Stark's figuring?

We just might be able to
do a little figuring of our own.

- Marshal.
- Marshal!

I've got to talk to the Marshal!

All right.

Billy, what's happened?
Somebody get Doc.

They killed Pa.

You gotta get 'em, Marshal.

They-they killed Pa!

Who are you talking about?

Two men.

They come in this morning.

All right, now.
Take it easy, Billy.

Get him inside,
will you? Festus?

I'll get the horses before
you can get your rifles.

And you, you open that safe.

There's no money in the safe.

That's one, two...

All right!

All right, don't shoot.

Nobody gets hurt if
you do like we say.

- (two gunshots)
- (woman screams)

Shiloh! Give me a hand!

Come on!

All right, don't a one of
you move, you hear me?

(horse neighs)

All right, let's
get out of here!

You know any of
them fellers, Matthew?

It was the Stark gang, Festus.

I recognized Jim Stark
and two of the Fraleys.



What is it, boy?

Doc's gone. He's gone!

Gone? What are
you talking about?


Two men, they took him.

Doc called one of them by name.

I... I think it was McConnell.

(Billy exhales)


Get the horses, Festus.

Now, boys, listen
to me, all of you.

Get your horses,
every man that can ride,

and meet me back
here right away.

We're going after 'em.


(theme music playing)


WEB: Easy, Jeff.

Take it easy.

It, uh... it don't
look good, Jimmy.

He took two right in the belly.

All right, then we get
him across the county line

to Mullenville and
leave him there.

All we can do.

But we really don't know

them folks in Mullenville.

They-they-they stayed in line
as long as we was all in town,

but no telling what
they might do to Jeff

if-if we leave him there alone.

He stays in Mullenville.

We go on just like planned.

Ain't no changes, Web.

You stay with
him if you want to,

but the money goes on with us.

That's how you figure, Jimmy?

That's how it is, Web.

Long as things is done
my way they come out right.

(sniffs) You got a complaint?

We go along with you,
Jimmy, but a man can't be...

A man can do what
needs to be done.

When he don't, something
happens like that marshal showing up.

Now, take your choice, Web.

Mullenville or right here.

Stay with him if you want to,

but the rest of us
and the money...

- it goes on just like planned.
- (hoofbeats approaching)

SHILOH: Hey, Jimmy!

McConnell and Pence are coming.

They're bringing somebody.

- PENCE: Web?
- WEB: Yeah!

Oh, Web, we brought
the doc with us.

Huh? How's he doing, Web?

All right. Right over
here, Doc, come on.


WEB: He caught two of
'em right in... right in the gut.


All right, where's Clell,

what are you doing
here, and who's that?

I was just going to ask
you what happened.

We didn't know what was going
on when that boy rode into town

at 1:00 instead of 1:30.

He came in at 1:00?

That's right.

Ooh, that Clell Williams.

Can't anybody around
here obey orders?

And you...

You were supposed to
stay in Dodge another day.

I know.

Pence saw Jeff go
down, lost his head.

First thing I know he's
running off after that doctor.

So I didn't think it
would be too healthy

- for me to stay around.
- All right, all right, all right.

Let's get out of here.

We must have left a trail
a blind man could follow.

Now, hold it, Jim. The doc here,

he's got to have some
time to patch him up.


He can have all
the time he wants,

once we get to Mullenville.

Jeff is never going to
make it to Mullenville.


you'd better talk some
sense into his head.

We're gonna stay here.

Us and the doc.

Me, too, Jim. He's one of us.

You take your half the
money and go on ahead.

Ain't no time for a split now.

I take it all.

Anybody can't get
back to Missouri,

they're not apt
to get their share.

You know the rules.

Maybe some of us figure

that one of your rules
ain't worth a man's life.

Well, then some of you
ought to figure on waiting here.

Starting right now

or till a posse comes
breathing down your back!

Okay, boys, you call it.

Uh, Jimmy...

Jim, you're calling the turns.

We all agreed on that.

But I think we can let the
doctor have a little while.

I can guarantee
there'll be no posse

leaving Dodge City for a spell.

How can you guarantee that?

When I saw Jeff get hurt,

saw Pence going for the doctor,

figured we might
need a little time.

So, uh... made sure we got some.

(men shouting)

MAN: Everybody out of there!

Come on out!

Marshal, Delmonico's is on fire!

There's a fire in
the stables, too!

All right, get a
bunch over there

and get this fire out
with the bucket brigade!

Take the horses out of the
stables as soon as you can!

(men shouting)

(woman screams)

(Jeff moans quietly)


Here, you'd, uh, better go
mighty easy in the digging, Doc.

This here's our baby brother.

PENCE: Well, now,
Doc, you pay attention.

You do the best you
can for him, you hear?

Yeah, that's why we
brought you out here, Doc.

You gotta keep him alive!

Or you'll kill me?

That it?

Why don't you do that?

Why don't you just
shoot me right now?

I haven't got anything to
say about this at all, have I?

You got everything to say.


If Jeff lives, you live.

All right, shut up.

Take a hold of him,
there. Don't let him move.

Oh, no, he's not
gonna move none. No.

Just how much
longer they gonna be?

Take it easy, Jimmy.

- We'll make it out.
- I should have killed him.

I should've killed them both.

No man ever talked
like that to me.

We need 'em, Jimmy boy.

We're a long ways from Missouri.

Well, we ain't getting no
closer just setting here.

Look at McConnell.
He ain't fretting.

That means that Dodge
City's in bad trouble.

They won't be
bothering us for a spell.

You can count on...

I still don't like it.

First time anything
has ever gone wrong.

That boy coming in early...

Clell knew better than that.

You, uh, you don't suppose

he killed that old man
and them girls, do you?

Clell don't take to
harnessing, you know, he...

Lots of men don't.

Keeping him out of
Dodge like you done...

They'll stay harnessed,
the whole lot of them.

That's the only way
we ever got anywhere.

So help me,

if Clell killed them people...

That's why we need
the Fraleys, Jimmy.

Once we get to Oklahoma,
everything will be all right.

All right...

All right.

But once we hit the Neosho,

we ain't gonna be
dragging no dead weight.

Maybe the marshal
got Clell and McLean.

Maybe we cut some time
off if we head straight south.

We're going straight
to Mullenville.

I want to hear what Clell
has to say before I kill him.

(men shouting)

(Sam shouting indistinctly)

DILLON: All right,
we'll get down there

in just a minute,
Sam. All right!

Ed? See if you can
round up some more men,

get 'em down to the stable.

- Festus!
- FESTUS: Yeah?

Take over here, will you?

FESTUS: All right, Matthew!

(men shouting)

Come on, get that water up

and get back and get
some more water! Come on!

Ooh, let's hold
it here a minute.

What's the matter?

Well, I'm... I'm tired,
that's what's the matter.

I'm going to get my
breath here for a minute.

I don't care what you do.

Now, you got it wrong, Doc.

Jimmy doesn't hold with killing.

Yeah, I'll bet the
Stevens family

would be awful happy
to hear about that.

Doc, if that old man and
his daughters got hurt,

Jim Stark had
nothing to do with it.

Oh, no, of course not.

No, he's a fine fella.

Good Samaritan and
everything. Gives money to folks.

A poor Confederate veteran,

abused by Federal troops.

Well, he's overplayed
that a little this time.

I'm afraid you're
wrong there, Doc.

For five years now...

Five years he's been getting
away with murder and robbery.


He won't... won't get
away with it this time.

He picked the wrong
town and the wrong man.

Pretty soon now,
Jim Stark's going

to look over his shoulder

and there he'll be.


DOC: You know who.

Doc, by the time your
friend the marshal's

able to come for us,
we're going to be in Texas,

scattering like the four winds.

Yeah, you're pretty
sure of that, ain't you?

I personally saw to it

that Mr. Dillon wouldn't
have a hope of starting for us

- till tomorrow morning.
- Yeah.

(men shouting)

DILLON: Now, boys, listen to me!

They got Doc with them

and they're putting
miles between us

while we stand here arguing.

Now, if we don't get started,

we're going to be
chasing the wind.

Now, I'm going.

Those of you that are
with me, get mounted.

I'll ride with you, Marshal.

No, Sam, I want you to stay here

and take care of things in town.

Kitty, don't worry.

going to be all right.

KITTY: Matt...

bring him back.



All clear.


CLELL: Hiya, Jimmy!

Hold it right there, Clell.

We been fretting a mite, Jimmy.

Leastway, McLean here has.

But I knowed everything'd
go off just as smooth...

Then how come the
Stevens boy come into Dodge

at 1:00 instead of 1:30?

We done everything
you said, Jimmy.

We tied up the old man...

You were supposed
to scare that boy, Clell,

then let him go in time
to reach Dodge at 1:30.

I told you, Clell. I told you.

Shut up, McLean.

Wasn't anything
we could do, Jim.

Boy got away before
we could stop him.

Because you was
liquored up, Clell!

Because you had
your mind on them girls.

Now, you know I wouldn't
do anything like that, Jimmy.

You didn't even stay to
keep the marshal busy.

You lit out.

You left him on us.

I knew everything
would be all right, Jimmy.

I knew he wouldn't
get back on time.

You said to meet
you here, not be late.

So we came fast.

You're a liar, Clell.

You went against my orders,

just like you done
in Mullenville.

Well, that's fine,
boy, just fine.

If you figure on taking over,

giving orders yourself...

You know better
than that, Jimmy.

I never had any idea...

Go on, Clell.

Go on.

Take over.

(glass shatters)

Jimmy, I tried to stop him,

but if you don't believe it,

I guess you'll
have to kill me, too.

You get on the
other side and get...

get some saddles
on them fresh horses.

Well, I'm sorry about
all this, Mr. Early,

but no one who
rides with Jim Stark

goes around killing
honest folk when they do.

When I made the deal
with Mr. McConnell,

he didn't say
nothing about killing.

Mr. Early...

You had a son lost in the war.

And Jim Stark's never
been known to take money

from honest folk, working folk.

That money comes
from the banks and trains

and northern millionaires
who got rich on the blood

of innocent men.

We do what's right with it.

It goes back where it belongs.


I don't want this
money, Mr.-Mr. Stark,

- not all of this.
- You take it, Mr. Early, you take it.

You pay your taxes.

Keep your farm.

If there's any left over,

get yourself some...
some blooded cows.

Get Mrs. Early a red bonnet.

My ma, she had a red bonnet.

Took great pride on it, too.

She was a-wearing it when the
Federals burned down our farm.

Likely she died
in that red bonnet.

You think people believe that?

Does he think so?

Well, sir, there's
some say Jimmy's ma

survived that Federal attack.

And some say she runs a
saloon in Dakota Territory.

Likely the same ones that
claim not all that money

gets back where it belongs.

Poor folks, they don't know
what kind of a man they're helping.

And you... You're
as bad as he is.

Maybe even worse.

Please, Doc, I thought
we were friends.

Oh, well...

Great friend you are.

Dodge City'll vouch for that.

Dodge City and a
lot of other places.

Hey, Doc, get in here, quick.

(galloping hoofbeats)

Your wife's a real
good cook, Mr. Early.

We're much obliged.

Oh, thank you, thank you.


- Pen...
- Doc. Doc?


How's he doing,
Doc? Is he any better?

He's got an awful
fever. He's burning up.

Some cold clothes, I figure.

Somebody get some
cold water, quick.

Kid, you hang on, huh?

Doc here's gonna
fix you up just fine.

- Yeah.
- Ain't you, Doc, huh?

Well, I've done just
about all the fixing

I'm gonna be able
to do. He needs rest.

I've told you that.
He needs a lot of rest.


- (groaning)
- Jim.

We tell the Earlys
what to do, Web.

They'll fix him up real good.

But we can't leave him
here alone with the Earlys...

What can we do?

- (groans)
- He can't even ride.

We can't walk all the way home.

Doc, what if he was
to rest here tonight?

Yeah, then he
could ride tomorrow.

Jim, we can give Jeff one night.

What do you mean, one night?

Well, we can't
leave him here alone.

They'd hang him for sure.

We been together
a real long time, Jim.

Now all we're asking
you is just the one night.

McConnell, how long
you figure we got?

I don't see how they
can get out of Dodge

much before tomorrow morning.

All right. I reckon we
owe Jeff something.

But this night pays
it off. For good.


Saddled and ready,
Jimmy. All fresh mounts.

We'll be in Oklahoma by sunup.

We're staying the night.

- Staying?
- Yeah.

Get yourself something
to eat, take first watch.

Oh, yeah, sure, Jimmy.
Anything you say.

Get back down the trail a piece
and, uh, keep your eyes open.

All right, Jimmy. What
about the horses?

Leave 'em saddled.

Looks like we're
staying the night

to give Jeff a
chance to perk up.

Like as not, he'll take
a turn for the worse

before the night's over.


Don't look to me like
he's breathing there, Doc.

Oh, he's breathing, all right.
Some better than he was.

- Amazing. He's a tough kid.
- Mm.

Always was.

You and me both know
he ain't gonna be fit to ride

in the morning, don't we, Doc?


he's gonna be in bad shape,
if that's what you mean.

That's what I mean.

(short chuckle)

You know, Doc, I...

I like you.

I'm gonna see you
get back real soon.

You see, if Jeff... dies...

say, in about one hour?

Then we'd hightail
it out of here

and you'd be free as a bird.

If he dies?

Like I said: I like you, Doc.

But if he's still hanging
around my neck in the morning,

I ain't gonna like nobody.

You better think
it over real good.


(galloping hoofbeats

It's McLean.

Something's wrong.


They're coming.
Maybe an hour back.

Who's coming? How many of 'em?

There's a whole mess of
'em, riding right up the valley.


I didn't wait around
to get no close look.

- They started from Dodge already?
- All right, all right,

they're out there.
That's all that matters.

Web, Pence, we're riding.

We got fresh horses.
We run off the rest.

If they came all the way from
Dodge, they'll be dragging tail

- by now. Now come on, let's move.
- Pence.

United States Marshal.

I'm looking for a gang of men
that rode by here not long ago.

Huh? I don't know nothing
about no gang of men.

Aw, foot. We tracked 'em
right smack to your place.

I tell you, I don't know
nothing about no gang of men.

Mister, you know what
the law says about helping

criminals escape. Now you
tell me what you know, or I'll

throw you in jail.

Oh. Well...

Well, all right.

A gang of men did ride
in here about an hour ago.

They-They forced their way into
my house, they ate all my food,

and then they-they
took my riding stock

and they headed north.

And that's all I know.

They been here,
all right, Marshal.

We found tracks going
south not more'n an hour old.

There ain't no sign
of nothing, Matthew.

A spare bullet, a piece
of biscuit or anything.

All right, let's move out.

Marshal, we ain't got a prayer.

Them riding fresh animals.

We're plumb wore out, Marshal.

Boys, we came
out here to do a job,

we're not quitting
till we get it done.

All right, let's mount up.

Sure hope Doc's
all right, Festus.

Did you see all the
blood on the floor in there?

Sure did, Matthew.

(horse snorts)

Hey, Jim!

Whoa, Jim!

Whoa, boy, whoa.

Jim, we got to have that
doc for five minutes, Jim.

All right, yonder
over to that draw.

Come on, now, come on!

Doc, he talked
to us for a little bit,

then he kind of
just slipped off like.

He's starting to get
better, ain't he, Doc?


Did it ever come on to
you Doc might be trying

to slow us up just so
his friend the marshal

can keep on us?

No, I don't reckon
he'd be that stupid.

Well, Jeff don't seem
none too good to me.

I don't figure him to make it.

You, Doc?

Well, I don't figure
any of you to make it.

- He's not.
- Huh?

Unless he gets some attention.

And you're not.

You got a posse behind
you and Lord knows

how many lawmen ahead of you.

Jimmy, that marshal ain't
never gonna turn back.

Things are gonna get
pretty tough before long.

All right, let's get a
move on like we planned.

That's five minutes.


(sighs heavily)

More blood, Matthew.

One of them fellers
must be hurt pretty bad.

A bunch like them, you'd
figure they'd just run off

and leave anybody
that's hurt that bad.

Well, they probably
would, Festus, unless it was

one of the Fraleys
or the Starks.

Tell you what I can't figure.

I thought for sure they
were headed for Silver Creek.

But look at these tracks.

They're headed dead south.

They can't go too
far south, Matthew.

There ain't nothing
but desert out yonder.

I know.

Let's get started.


We can't go much further.

We ain't none of us
got a lick of water.

And if we don't get us
some rest directly, why...

Festus, we can't take a rest.

That bunch isn't taking any.

All right, boys,
let's get started.

Marshal, a man's got
a right to kill himself.

But pushing a dumb animal

till he busts his heart open,

it don't make sense.

Boys, listen to me, all of you.

I'm gonna tell you the truth.

If we let them get
away from us now,

they're gone for good.

We'll never see
any of them again.

That what you want?


They're still there.

About four or five hours back,

but still coming.

All right. The marshal
figures to hang on.

We'll see if he can carry
them horses across the desert.


How far to them salt plains?

Oh, we should be able to
make it before sundown.


What's between us and them?

Not much, just a way
station for the stage line

- and a couple of dirt farmers.
- All right, good.

We'll get a change of
fresh horses and make sure

the marshal and the
posse stay just like they are.


they're heading
for them salt flats

just sure as you're
a foot high, Matthew.

50 miles across and no water.

I've heard a buzzard can't
even make it across there.

Well, they're
desperate men, Festus.


Matthew, we...

Looks like they knew
about the way station, too.


Hold your fire in there!

MAN: We've got
more than one gun!

And we ain't figuring
on laying them down!

Who are you?!

United States Marshal
out of Dodge City!

Put your guns down
and come on out!

(door opens)

If this is a trick...

It's no trick, mister.

We're after the Stark gang.

They was here all right.

You say you're from Dodge?

That's where they
killed them folks, ain't it?

Where'd you hear about that?

A feller on the stage
gave us the story.

We didn't put much stock
in it till that bunch got here.

Did they have a
doctor with them?

Little feller with a moustache?

That's him. Was he all right?

Well, as far as I can tell.

They didn't come inside, but
he got in a wagon with a man

looked like he was hurt.

What do you mean a wagon?

They took one of ours.

They tried to get all
our fresh horses, too.

But Orly here
managed to get three out

and hid them behind the hill.

Mister, we could
sure use those horses.

You're welcome to them, Marshal.

I hope you get the
whole rotten gang.

We got one.

I reckon they figured we
wasn't worth no more trouble,

so they took off, headed south.


That means they're still
headed for the desert, Matthew.


(wind whistling)

We'll never make
it. We got to go back.

Shut up, McLean.

Ain't nothing back
there but a rope.

We're going on.

My animal's give out.

When that desert
cold sets in tonight,

he won't last till daybreak!

Well, then, you can
ride in the wagon

or you can walk
or you can crawl!

But we're going on!

Not us, Jimmy.

My brother Pence
is back there dead.

Trying to get
supplies for all of us.

I ain't gonna let Jeff go,
too, just on your say-so.

We're gonna take our half
the money and go around.

Well, Web, you never had no
shakes for knowing something!

All right.

Now who figures Web's
got the best hand to play on.


ain't nobody
trying to cross you.

They're still
a-coming back there.

It ain't a-working
out this time.

One side of the fence
or the other, McLean!

Man who straddles the top
is sure to get brought down.


food and water and fresh
horses we got go a long way

for three.

(distant gunfire)

(gunfire continues)

You sure did right to stay on
their tails that a-way, Matthew.

They ain't even
got each other now.

Uh-huh, but they
still got the money,

and they still got Doc, Festus.

Gonna wait for the
posse, or go ahead on?

Oh, it'll probably
take the boys a while

to round up the rest
of that fresh stock.

No, we're gonna
keep on their tail.

Time's one thing we're
not gonna give 'em.

(wind howling)

That bothering you?

That's all right.
It's all right.

Well... (clears throat)
you're pretty lucky.

Take one in there, no
excessive bleeding, no infection.

Pretty lucky fella.

Maybe I live right.

You done a good job.

I ain't much sorry
we brought you along.

I know. I know that.

You needed me.

If you hadn't have, why,

I'd be lying back
there with the Fraleys.

Your brother'd
have seen to that.

Jimmy don't kill without
no good reason, Doc.

He took a lot from Pence and Web

before they...
they wore him thin.

(wind whistling)

Go, get it. Come on.


- All right, Doc, get up.
- Well, wait a minute...

- I said get up!
- Well, you told me...

I know what I said,
but I made a mistake.

Ain't no time to rest.

Now, your friend, the
marshal... He's still back there.

Jimmy, we're, uh, ready to roll,
now these horses got some rest.

They must have
rode all night long.

There's only two of them.

They can't go much
longer without sleep.

I don't think they're
gonna stop to sleep.

- (cocks gun) -I reckon
they'd stop long enough

to get you buried
decent, right, Doc?

Uh, Jimmy, we got fresh
water, horses are all right.

They don't stand a
chance of catching us.

We got no use for him.
We got no use for him.

T.R., you reckon you're
feeling fit enough now?

Fit as a fiddle, Jimmy boy.

Still got a ways to go, Jimmy.

Might just be a nice ace in
the hole if we got up against it.

How's that?

Well, Matt Dillon sets a
pretty great store by him.

Most of the folks in Dodge do.

Something should go
wrong, we might be able

to swap his hide
for a few extra miles.

No harm in carrying
him along till we see.

I can ride now, Jimmy.

We-we can make better time.


T.R., T.R., I want you
to ride in the wagon.

I want you to... I want you
to rest nice and easy like.

(Jim laughs)

You see that wagon?
You see that wagon?

That wagon full of supplies.

That's gonna get us across
the middle of the desert.

Why, your friend the marshal...
your friend the marshal...

He's-he's gonna be feeding
the buzzards, Doc. (laughs)

Matthew, we ain't gained
an inch on them all day,

and they ain't losing a step.

Maybe we could
take a run at 'em.

They ain't but a mile or two.

These horses ain't
in too bad a shape.

Maybe we could
get within rifle range.

Festus, don't forget one thing.

They still got Doc with 'em.

Biggest problem's gonna
be getting him out alive.

Hey, hey, hyah.

There's only two of 'em,
but they're still coming.

We got the edge on 'em,
Jimmy, plenty of water, horses.

They can't last much longer.

It's Dillon, you
hear me? It's Dillon!

He done all this. He kept
that posse still coming.

I ride straight into hell,
and he's still back there!

They're crazy, that's what.

He-He's no... he's no
lawman. He's crazy.

I told you.

You told me what?!

You picked the wrong town.

Shut up, Doc!

Shut up.

McConnell, get them horses
up in the rocks, tie 'em good.

- Jimmy...
- All right.

He wants Jim Stark?

Let's see what he does
when he gets Jim Stark.

(wind whistling)

JIM: T.R.?

You remember, Dillon's mine.

He's mine.

McConnell, don't you
fire till I tell you, you hear?


(gunshot, horse neighing)

I got him! I got him!


I got Dillon!


Festus, cover me.

I'm gonna try and
get a little closer.

All right.

Did you see him
fall off that horse?

I saw him take it in the
belly. I saw him take it.

Jimmy, you don't
know you killed him.

Don't tell me. I got him.

I got the lousy, stinking,
badge-toting Marshal.

Listen to me! Listen to me!

He's not dead!

You're crazy, T.R.

Jimmy, I saw him roll.

He's there. He's
there waiting...!

I tell you I killed
him! I killed him!

He's finished.

You don't believe
me, I'll show you.

(Jim groans)




Dumb kid.



Nobody could ever...

tell you nothing.







Come on, Dillon!

Come on! Where are you?

Come on, Dillon!

Come on out of there!

Where are you?!

Right here, Stark.




Let's go get Doc.

Festus, don't forget.

There's one of them left.


McCONNELL: Drop those guns.

Or I'll kill him.

You kill him, McConnell,

you lost your ticket
out of this desert.

Now drop the gun, let him go.


Let's go, Doc.


You all right, Doc?

Am now.

Doc, you know, that was
quite a chance you took,

making that move.

Left a trail of blood
clean across Kansas

and then wind up with a
mouth full of blow sand.

(clicks tongue)

That's something I
never will understand.

Why is it the McConnells
and the Starks keep thinking

that's an easy way
to make a living?