Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 24 - Perfect Storm - full transcript

As Seattle is plunged into a major storm, Meredith goes into labour. When the hospital loses power, her doctor and all the others are forced to work in the dark. Cristina must perform ...

I had this badass Professor in med school.

She seemed invincible.

Then one day, she needed
her gallbladder out.

And the surgery killed her.

Her platelets stopped clotting.

She bled out on the table.

Everything that could've gone wrong...

did go wrong.

Surgeons have a name for it.

We call it a perfect storm.


Never thought it would happen to me.


Ethan, so they're moving you and your dad

to a safer hospital for now, okay, buddy?

Can't you come, too?

They need me here. Okay?

Hang out a minute. We'll
send the gurney back down.

Hey, hey.

It won't be so loud once you're inside,

and then it's just... it's just fun, okay? - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

Ogl?daj legalnie, polecaj i zarabiaj ?

I don't know how you can even
pretend this isn't an issue.

Because it's not.

Were you even gonna tell
me you wanted to adopt him?

Well, that didn't happen, so...

But you wanted to.


You want kids.

This is about one kid,
this kid who needed...

Okay, but the fact that
you are lying to yourself

doesn't make me feel better
about you lying to me.

I am not lying about
the fact that I love you

and I want my life to be with you.

You don't think you're
gonna look at me one day

and only see the things
I couldn't give you?

God, has it ever occurred to you

I might know my own mind better than you?

Oh, my God.

Figures you'd go into labor
in the middle of a super storm.

Okay, we need to go over your birth plan.

We never talked details. Hang on.

I can't bully people unless I
know what to bully them about.

- Maybe you should get back into bed.
- You want to go back to bed?

- No!
- She says no.

- Ohh!
- What do you need... a pillow, a bouncy ball?

- Ice chips.
- She says ice chips.

Are you gonna do this the whole time?

Okay, I'm gonna check on Connie,

see what's taking her so long.

Oh, she's with other
laboring moms right now.

She's busy. Ohh.

You're the only one I care
about. The rest can wait.

Did you talk to Owen?

Yes and no.

God, how is your pain now... 7, 8?

9. Ooh.

Talk to me about Owen. It helps.

Uh, well, Owen is...

- at a 10.
- Ohh.

This guy was cleaning his
gutters in hurricane-force winds.

It's like he wanted to spend
the night on an O.R. table.

Not that I'm complaining.

You're awfully excited about
another man's misfortunes.

No, I just meant

I'm glad Dr. Bailey's
getting back into an O.R.

Yeah, so am I.

Mm. I can't do this.


Go back inside.

All right, what is our
risk of flooding here?

Oh, you got water pumps. You got sandbags.

The lights keep flickering.

Now are the generators...

I tested 'em last month.

Listen, you guys got
patients to worry about.

You take care of them.

This... this hospital's my patient.

These beds are filling up fast.

Yeah, people think this is the
safest place to sit out a storm.

Half these people aren't even sick.

They're just scared.

- Yeah.
- Christian.

Dr. Chaney to E.R. triage...

Not used to it yet?

It just feels really weird on my finger.

I keep running it into stuff.

Pin it your scrub top.

Oh, cool.

Chief. Hey, uh, there's
a patient in O.R. two

who needs an exploratory lap immediately.

The patient's already under.

Do you have any general surgeons available?

You look available.

I... I'm not, sir.

Uh, uh, excuse me.

E-excuse me.

Uh, you're my son's
doctor... Jimmy Strickland?

Is he done with surgery already?

No, sir. Uh, we haven't started yet.

I... is everything okay?

Um, everything is fine, sir.

Uh, I'll be the doctor
operating on your son.

Will you walk with me, Mr. Strickland,

and fill me in on what happened?

Dr. Simmons to the E.R.
Dr. Simmons to the E.R.

I would like to help
out, Chief, however I can.

Well, it makes it hard when
you won't touch a patient.

Actually, I was gonna
suggest that we get someone

to make sure there's enough
surplus blood in the O.Rs.

Dr. Grant, extension 2-2-7-9.

- Dr. Grant, extension 2-2-7-9.
- Yeah. Okay.

Cut her some slack.

What happened to you?

A... a tree.

Karev, if you're free,

the nicu needs help getting
all these babies out of here.

I thought Arizona was overseeing this.

Has anyone seen her?

Hey, you okay?

Uh, yeah, no.

The NICU's just understaffed,
and I should be there already.

You need an extra set of hands?

Oh, no. Please, just...


I understand your concerns,
Tim, but we were just told

to evacuate the highest priorities first.

So Crystal's baby gets taken to safety

and mine is stuck here?

It's perfectly safe here, Tim. Okay?

The pit says we have to suspend
evacuations due to the weather.

Wait. We were just down there.

The last rig to leave couldn't even make it

out of the parking lot.

Oh, whoa. Ok.

Don't worry. Don't worry.

All of our staff is very well trained,

and your babies are in
very good hands, okay?

I only see two nurses.

No one else made it in for their shift?

Oh, okay. All right. This is important.

The makers of tiny
humans get easily spooked.

It is our job tonight to keep
the tiny human makers happy,

or they will mutiny,
and we are outnumbered.

We remain calm. We remain confident.

Because everything is
just fine. Understood?

You need some help?

Yes. No.

- I... I thought that I told you...
- I'm not gonna sit on my hands

while there's a roomful
of babies that need help.

What can I do?

You can cross-check the med rec forms

so we can get the correct dosages.

We're outnumbered.

Keep the tiny human makers happy, right?

Well, I didn't expect
to see you again so soon.

Her contractions are every three minutes.

And she doesn't want drugs.

I have Dr. Knox available
in case she changes her mind.

Look, she doesn't want drugs.

Okay, can everybody just please shut up?

I want to push. I feel like I need to push.

Can I push?

I just need to check first...

What's going on?

Meredith, I need you not to push.


There's face presentation.
I can feel your baby's face.

So we're gonna need to do a C-section.

A C-section? I do not
want to have surgery.

I know.

All right. You know what? It's just a "C".

That's barely surgery.
A moron could do a "C".

I... no offense.


Well, don't panic. It's
just a power outage.

There are generators. The
power's gonna go on any second.

Yeah, it's gonna be fine.


Yeah, any second.

Okay, stay calm.

Let's get some flashlights,

all the light that you can find.

- Somebody get me a headlamp.
- Right away, doctor.

Dr. Warren, how's the gas?

Good. Backup battery switched itself on.

His B.P. is still dropping, though.

I can't see what the problem is.

Why isn't the echo on battery power?

There should be a manual
switch. Ross, go look.

I know the generator should be on.

I'm asking why it's not.

Webber, I'm checking
in. Do you need anything?

- Some light would be good.
- The emergency lights shoulda kicked on.

Well, they didn't.

Frank, when the generator went out in '06,

you said there was air in the fuel system.

- Then you told me that it would never happen again.
- Yes, sir.

Well, then maybe you should
get your ass down there

and get lookin'.

I've got a man open on the table here.

Yes, sir.

Hang in there, people. We're working on it.

That probably helped.

Yelling at the guy.

Yes! I got it!

Damn it. Pericardial effusion.

Page Russell.

Uh, I don't believe he made it in, sir,

because of the storm.

Dr. Yang's the senior
cardio surgeon in charge.

Okay, then get Yang.

Can't you just rotate the baby

and... and push his face away?

- It's very risky, for the baby, for Meredith.
- Ooh.

Uh, Dr. Yang.

Dr. Webber needs you in O.R. two.

To do what? I can't operate in the dark.

No one is operating in the dark.

Okay, just go. I'll be fine.

Okay, happy, come here

and update me as soon as
they've made a decision.

So what are the risks of
repositioning the baby?

Not the minor risks. The
big, ugly, scary risks.

Because I'm a lightning rod for those.

- It's not an option.
- Why not?

Are you saying babies
with face presentation

can't be born naturally?

It's not a good option.

Neither is cutting into
my wife in the dark.

How many babs have you
delivered in your career,

Dr. Shepherd?

What, a couple, maybe more?

When I say a vaginal
delivery isn't an option,

I mean, it's not an option.

Now I could stand here and waste time

explaining how your baby is
in a mento-posterior position

and how pushing a baby like that

will hyperextend its neck,

which can be fatal,

or I can better spend my
time prepping your wife...

and baby for a delivery

that will not endanger
either of their lives.


which do you prefer?

We're having a C-section in the dark.


We are.

The vents kicked on to battery power?

I checked them all twice. They're working.

All the babies are breathing.


Listen, uh,

we were talking before the
whole tree thing happened...

It's fine. We... you
can just forget that I...

Um, no sudden moves.
Wilson, don't turn around.

Uh, Karev, can you discreetly

check out that monitor behind me,

the one for Crystal's baby vent?

Do you see that red light?


That's the low-battery light, right?

- Oh, crap.
- Keep smiling.

Mm. Okay, uh,

Wilson, will you go check
the drawer over there

where we keep the spare batteries?

- Tell me what you see.
- Mm-hmm.

Slowly and casually.

No batteries.


Okay. No one panics.

I am going to look for spare batteries

while you all act like nothing's wrong.

Understand me? Nothing's wrong.

Something's wrong?


Blood's here.

Oh, uh, thank you, nurse.

Oh, uh, I'm... I'm sorry,
Bailey. I thought you were...

I'm just trying to do
what I can to help out.

Four units A.B.-Neg.

I yelled at her.

I thought it would work,

that tough love is what she needed

to get her back inside the O.R.

I joined in as an
anesthesiologist on this surgery

because I thought that would
get her back in this O.R.

My way didn't work either.

There's blood in there,

exiting the heart.

I can't find out where
unless I open him up.

And I'm not opening
his chest with no light.

I am not operating on people in the dark.

Sir, I cannot operate
under these conditions.

Didn't we just teach the Syrians

how to operate under these conditions?

- I'm not in Syria.
- Yang, this is James Strickland.

He's got a wife... Carol...
and four kids back in Arizona.

James' dad is 80 and alone

since James' mom died on Christmas.

And he's far too stubborn
to move into assisted living,

which is why James found himself

on his father's roof trying
to clean out his gutter

when the storm hit.

He was just trying to take care of his dad.

He's a good man.

And he will die on this table
if you don't operate, Yang.

While we stand around and watch,

this man will die.

I'll scrub in.

You two own the hospital.

Can I request that O.Rs be stocked with

more than one flashlight in the future?

You get this baby out of me safely,

and you can have whatever you want.

What about William?

I like Sebastian.

Sebastian Shepherd?
That's a bit of a mouthful.


I'm not giving birth to a country singer.

No, it's... I see Heather.


Dude, you're operating
in the dark on your wife?

Yeah. Uh, Chief Hunt
asked me to go to the O.Rs

and let them know that
they guy is trying to fix

the emergency lights.

We could use a hand with these lights.

Okay, here we go.

Wait. I'm scared.

There is nothing to be scared of.

We can do this.

Everything will be fine.


Don't mess this up.

Sit down, please, so I can work.

Okay, let's go. Ross, light.

A couple of people have
asked for two blankets.

One per person. That's it.

Matthew, what are you doing here?

My rig stalled out in the river
that used to be pike street.

I walked the rest of the way here.

How can I help?

- Grab some blankets.
- Okay.

Okay, now ordinarily, I'd discharge you,

but for now, this is home, all right?

Torres, blood's been distributed.

Anything else I can do?

You hear that noise?

Oh, my God!

It flipped right over.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, man.

- What happened?
- I don't know. I just...

- Oh, my God.
- Fire!

- Oh, my God.
- The bus caught on fire!

- Hurry! Hurry!
- I smell gas.

There's a fuel leak somewhere.

We were coming from the church,

- trying to wait out the storm.
- Careful.

The roof, it caved in on us.

We had nowhere else to go.

We've got to get everyone
away from this fire.

- Easy. Easy.
- All right, if you can walk,

let's get you inside! This way!

We're gonna need to setup
an emergency triage inside.

We're gonna need meds.
Bailey, can you handle this?

Y... yeah. Uh, Murphy!

We gotta move, Hunt.
This thing's gonna blow.

Avery, hurry up!

I got one more.

She's jammed between two
seats. Help me get her out.

This is not how I wanted to do this.

Well, you once said that about marrying me.

Look how that turned out.

I love you.

And your baby is out.

- What do you see?
- I don't know. It's too dark.

I don't hear him crying.
Why isn't he crying?

Somebody talk to me.

I don't hear him crying.

All right.

Here you go.

Look at that.

He's perfect.

He's just perfect.

Derek? His breathing is
shallow. His sats are low.

Why are his sats low?

Well, in the dark like
this, it's hard to be sure.

But it's not uncommon,

especially in babies like
these that come out early.

We'll get him to the nicu and
make sure everything checks out.

Derek, go with him.

Do not leave his side for a second.

- Do you hear me?
- Okay.

Okay, guys, don't leave her side.

Make sure she's okay. You understand me?

- Got it, boss.
- Yes, sir.

Another battery light
just went on in there.

- Any luck?
- No.

No one thought about spare batteries.

And pretty soon, all those
machines are gonna die out there,

and then all those babies are gonna die,

and all because I didn't think
ahead to stockpile batteries.

And also, I cheated on my wife with that...

woman out there, and I'm a horrible person.

I'm horrible.


I'm in love with that intern
out there, but I won't tell her.

And I keep saying to
myself I won't tell her

because everyone I love
turns out to be crazy

or mean or cancer-y or... or leaves.

But the thing all those
women have in common is me.

They were all fine before they met me.

I'm... damaged goods or something.

So you're not the worst
person in this closet.

There are no batteries in here.

What the hell are we gonna do?

I have no idea.

Okay, we need antibiotics,

and pain meds... lots of pain meds.

I've never heard screams like that before.

Oh, no. It's dead.

There's no way for me to...

punch in my code.

How... how are we
supposed to get meds if...

Oh, come on. Open.

He looked good, right? I mean,
that... that cry was loud.

And he... he looked
good. You saw him, right?

- Uh, I guess so.
- I didn't get a good look.

Say good things.

When you don't have the information

and you're talking to the mother
of a newborn, you say good things.

'Cause nine out of ten times,
that's what's going to happen...

the good things.

What are you teaching
these guys anyway, Dr. Grey?

I know, right?

Dr. Ryan, it's an emergency.

I've got a mom with a placental abruption.

Okay, Meredith, I've closed your uterus,

and I just started to
suture your incisions.

Do you trust these guys to finish?

- Have you taught them that much?
- I'll do it.

No, you stole neuro.
You're not stealing this.

This is my surgery, my
patient, my incision, mine.

Dr. Grey, I'm sorry.
That was inappropriate.

- It's okay, Ross. I like the enthusiasm. Go scrub.
- Thank you.

Thanks, Connie.

Good luck, mommy. Congrats.

More light.

Uh, to your left.

I can't find the source.

Everything I look at
turns out to be a shadow.

I... I could kill him if I do this.

Well, you'll certainly
kill him if you don't.

Will you stop saying that?
It's not helping. I can't see.

Then don't look.

Everyone, turn out your lights.

- Uh, what do you mean?
- I'm sorry. What?

Shh. Yang.

Listen for it.

You know what a healthy heart sounds like.

Listen and tell me where the problem is.

Now, everyone,

lights out

and quiet.



I think it's...

it's here.

I got it.

I got it. I have my finger on the leak.

It's ventricular.

Lights, please.

If the ventilators stop working,

then these babies die
unless we manually bag them.

Crystal's battery light
has been on a while,

so when it dies,

you switch her baby over
to manual ventilation

calmly and quietly.

You guys, go check on the other babies.

Dr. Shepherd?

His sats are low, even with oxygen.

- I think he needs C-pap.
- This yours?

- Yeah.
- Congrats, man. Let's take a look at him.

Thank you.

Wilson, go.

Excuse me.

Hey, Crystal.

I'm just gonna switch your little girl

over to a manual vent, okay?

Oh, wow. Look at her.

I think she's grown since yesterday.

Found another red light,

on the hitchens baby in the back.

That makes two more so far.

Three. I just found another
one, too, but it's fine.

I'll just jump in and bag
my baby when it's time.

And Dr. Edwards can bag hers.

We don't know how long
the power's gonna be off.

We could be bagging these babies all night.

We'll bag all night.

It's fine. We can do this.

Thank you.

Okay, the important
thing is that we keep calm

and we don't alarm the parents,
cause there's no reason to...

- Excuse me, Dr. Robbins?
- Yes, Tim. What is it?

This red thing right here,
is this a low-battery light?

Where are Hunt and Avery?

That fire's getting bigger.

Where are the pain meds?

I got a patient in pain over here.

I... I tried to get the meds.

The machine, it... it
won't open without power.

I can't get it to open.

All right. Never mind that.

I've got at least two open
fractures and some nasty lacerations.

You want to jump in over there?

I... I don't, uh...

Uh, you need meds.

I'll figure out the meds. Murphy.

Smell that? There's gas everywhere.

I have a daughter. She's 3.

Have... have you seen her? Is she okay?

All right, I'm gonna have to wrap this arm

to stop the bleeding.

No, no, she's wearing pink high-tops.

Her name is Evelyn. I call her Evie.

Everyone's inside, ma'am.
I'm sure that she's there.

If we can move this thing even an inch,

I think we can get her out of here.

Let's do it fast.

Need some more light over here.

Ross, what is taking so long?

It's fine. It's just...

It won't stop bleeding.

Ooh. Oh, God. That's...

that's a lot of blood.

How much blood?

I don't know. It's not
coming from your uterus.

Brooks, shine a light over here.
I feel something on my hand.

There's blood coming out around of my I.V.

I'm in D.I.C.

I need F.F.P., packed red
blood cells, and platelets.

- I had a fall.
- What?

Yesterday, I... I fell down the stairs.

I might have injured
something in my abdomen.

- Did you feel any pain?
- I've been in labor.

Go get help, now.

Ross, we don't have time.

You need to open me back up and
find the source of this bleed.

I can't. I've never...

Shane, it's a basic midline laparotomy.

Pack the four quadrants.

Find the source of the bleed.

Do not let me bleed out on this table.

- Dr. Grey...
- Shane, do it, right now.

Good. Good. It's moving.
Pull her out. Pull her out.

- All right, go, go.
- I got her.

Ah. All right, we're gonna
walk you out through the door.

- We're gonna... you're gonna have to walk...
- No, no, no, no.

My leg, my leg. I can't.

Ma'am... I'm gonna need you
to cover your eyes, all right?

Ready? Here we go.

Stay down.

All right.

This is ridiculous.

So you're saying you don't
have any extra batteries?

Manual ventilation is just as effective...

- My monitor just went black.
- I'm on it.

My baby can't die. Is my baby gonna die?

Mine's out, too.

All right. I'm on my way.

See? We're handling it.
Everything is under control.

Under control? Do the math.

You have doctors on four
different babies right now.

You're the only one left.

You're telling me you can
ventilate a dozen babies

all by yourself?

- Okay, okay...
- This is not okay!

Everybody. Everybody, shut up!

You're right. There are not enough doctors

in this room to ventilate every baby.

But there are enough people.

He's right. We can teach you.

You want us to bag our own babies?

Actually, it's pretty easy.

I learned how to do it my
first day in med school.

I'll show you.

You just take the bag
with your dominant hand,

give a good, hard squeeze every second.

So one one thousand,

two one thousand,

three one thousand.

You want to try?

Not really.

No, you'll be fine. I'll be right here.

Come on.

One one thousand,

two one thousand...

That's great. That's great.

Everything's gonna be just fine.

It looks like the spleen is
the source of the bleeding.

Okay, so mobilize the spleen,

divide it by its ligamentous attachments...

I can't. I've never done it.

You can. You've seen me do it.

Mobilize, assess the injury,

and stop the hemorrhage.



I need metz...

and lap pads, please.

And follow me with suction.

That's right, Ross.

That's it. You got this. This is your O.R.

- You don't need my help.
- Yes, I do.

No, you don't,

because I'm gonna se
consciousness in a feweconds.

And you're gonna be on your own.

And you're not gonna freak out.

And, Shane, if I arrest
for more than nine minutes,

let me go.

Don't revive me. I do not
want to be a vegetable.

Do you understand me?

Shane, I need you to respond.

I need to know you understand me.

Dr. Ross, your...


is asking you to respond...

Yes, Dr. Grey.

Ross, you can...

you can do this.

And t...

tell Derek...

I know...

the baby's name.


You okay?

That was...

You made me a better doctor tonight,

Dr. Webber.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I'm gonna go check on Meredith,

see if we have a baby yet.

- Grey's having her baby?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, what do you know?

Well, I oughta see what's holding up Frank.

Now I see what she means...

Miranda... when she talks about you.

She says that you can, uh,

pull greatness right out of people.

I wasn't able to pull it
out of her, apparently.

It's not working. It's jammed.

"In case of emergency, use the key."

A bus crashed. This is an emergency.

We are using the damn key. Here.

Dr. Bailey, can you help?

It's Dr. Grey. She's in
surgery, and she's in bad shape.

Dr. Grey is very capable.
She'll figure it out.

She's not operating.
She's the one on the table.

Dr. Bailey!

Dr. Bailey?

Don't just stand there. Get the meds.

Let's go.

Move fast. This thing's
a ticking time bomb!

- Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
- Almost there. Done.

All right. Let's go.

- Start a large-bore I.V.
- Where's Jackson?

- Right behind us.
- No, he's not.


Your name is Evie, right?

I like your shoes, Evie.
Those are really cool.

Bet you can run pretty fast in those, huh?

Hey, you want to race?
I bet I could beat you.

Come on. Just grab my
hand. We can go right now.

Come on. Here, take my hand.

I've mobilized her spleen.

I considered splenic salvage,

but I can't control the bleeding.

I did everything she said.

Everything she said, Dr. Bailey.

Another set.

Move over.

Where is Meredith Grey?

I delivered her baby hours ago.

She should be in recovery.

She's not. Where is she?

Hey, I have an idea.

Why don't we go find your mommy, huh?

Yeah, come on.

I know where she is. We'll
go find her right now.

Come on, Evie.

We're not gonna be able
to salvage any of this.

I need to do a complete splenectomy

to get control of the hemorrhage.

What happened?

Can you see him?

Wait, is that him behind the bus?


- Jackson!
- Avery, come back here! Evie! Why is he...

- No! No! Avery, get back here!
- April! What is he doing?!

No, no, no! It's too
dangerous. What's going...

Get back!







Oh, God,


Thank you so much.

Thank you.






I got you. I got you, Frank.

Stay with me.

Stay with me, Frank.

Hold it right there. Hold
it right there for me.

- You idiot! Hey!
- Ow! Don't...

- You... you could have...
- April!

- Hey, Kepner. Died!
- You...

- Stop.
- Kepner, what is your problem? Hey!

Kepner, take a walk.

Take a walk!


He looks like her.

Did you see him?

Uh, no. I didn't.

Yeah, he looks like her.

His apgars are good.

6 and a 9. He's gonna be fine.

He's gonna be great.


Hey, Meredith Grey has survived
a bomb, a drowning, a gunman,

and a plane crash, and she's still here.

She's gonna die when she's, like, 90,

old and warm in her bed.

She is not gonna die today.

Today's she gonna be fine.

I hope so.

She has to be.

She's our person.


Um... M... Meredith had
a massive splenic bleed.

I... I removed it,


Sh... she...

Oh, God. Oh, God, no.

She's fine.

Bailey did it.

With an assist from Dr. Ross.

Bailey decided, with the power out,

it's safest just to keep
her here till she wakes up.

- She's alive?
- She's alive.

I'm sorry, guys. I
didn't mean to cry and...

and scare you.

I just...

I just... oh!

Let's get him upstairs, have
him worked up for an M.I.

- All right.
- You were right.

Air in the fuel system.

Solenoid stopped the injector from firing.

I'm sorry, man.

Oh, don't, Frank, forget it.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.

I feel like I gave you this heart attack.

Oh, you were right, though.

But I fixed it. I just gotta
flip the transfer switch.


Good job, Frank.

Okay. Let's go.

She did great tonight.

I have to believe it's 'cause
she had a great teacher.

You know, if you're gonna feel responsible

for making your ladies
crazy or giving 'em cancer,

then you should at least take credit

for helping make 'em great.

My baby's doing great.

I extubated her. She's on a nasal cannula.

We gonna talk?

I made a mistake.

I... I can't...

I... I don't wanna talk about this right now.

I'm not gonna leave
things like this, though.

I like you... a lot.

So if you change your mind, then...

You will not believe

the night I have had so far.

Hey, Callie.



Hey, is that...

is that Arizona's ring

pinned to... your scrub top?

Yeah. Oh, I mean, it must be.

Um, we had a pyloric stenosis baby.

Projectile-vomited all over the place.

I got soaked.

Arizona... was nice enough
to lend me some scrubs.

Thank you, by the way. You're a lifesaver.

This place looks so different in the dark.


You think the tree ruined my couch?

I think it ruined your entire living room.

- Listen, I have to tell you something.
- No, you don't.

You don't even know what I'm gonna say.

I think I do, and you shouldn't.

- Jo...
- I'll mess it up, Alex.

I mess everything good in my life up,

and... we work as friends really well,

and... and I don't wanna mess that up.

You won't mess anything up.

Last night, before the tree,
you asked me a question.

You wanted to hear me say the words.

So I'm...

Saying them right now.

I don't hear anything.

Shut up.

Okay, but I'm... I'm serious.

Fine. I love you.


Whatever it is that's bugging you,

just keep it to yourself, all right?

I want you...


I want you.


I haven't been fair to
you, I know, and I've...

I've really hurt you.

And you're getting married.
When that bus exploded,

and I thought you were gone, I...

You're getting married.

Unless you can give me a reason not to?

Oh, there you are.

How's Meredith? How's the baby?


Think she's ready for, uh, visitors yet?

Yeah, sure. Go for it.

Well, we could, uh, go together.

Do you know how much I love you?

I do.

I felt... such joy today

in that dark O.R.

I could hear the blood moving.

I knew exactly what the
heart muscle was thinking.

And I realized after...

I feel that way all the time.

I'm made for the O.R.

Even the boring procedures, I can feel...

pure joy, content.

You feel that...

with just me?

What kind of a question is that?

Derek watches zola put
applesauce in her ear,

and he's enchanted.

You felt that way with Ethan.

You're reading way too much into this.

Okay, if you could stop for a second

and listen to your heart...

Cristina, you don't know
what I want in my life.

Am I enough, Owen?

Do you really believe I'll be enough?

I wish it were different.

No, no...

I'm sorry.

- Cristina...
- Owen.

It already happened.

Cristina, I said no.

I thought... I thought we
were past the hard stuff.

I thought... I thought
we were finally good.

We were. We... we are.

- We're married!
- I know.

We... God, we have a child!

- I know!
- How could you do this?

- I don't know, except I did.
- After all that's happened this year,

everything we've been through,
everything we've survived...

the bankruptcy, Mark, the plane...

Oh, you weren't on the plane, Callie!

You weren't in the woods,
and you did not hear Meredith

crying for Lexie and Mark moaning in pain

or hearing me scream in pain.

You weren't there,

and you keep acting like you were,

but you weren't, and it
wasn't your experience!

I lost Mark. You almost died. You...

"I lost Mark. You almost died."

You weren't on the freaking plane!

You want it? The street cred?

The badge of honor? The warrior wounds?

Then great. Stick out your leg,
and I will go grab a bone saw,

and let's even the score!

It always comes back to the leg.

I trusted you, more than anything,

more than anyone... in my life.

And you decided to cut it off.

To save your life!

You didn't lose anything!

I did!

I did.

There's an end to every storm.

Apparently, I lost you.

Once all the trees have been uprooted...

once all the houses have been ripped apart.

What do you think about Bailey?


You like it?

I love it.

What do you think? Hmm?

The wind will hush.

The clouds will part.

The rain...

Yeah, that's your little brother.

Will stop.


Hey. I heard what you did.

I couldn't be more impressed.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Are you... are you all right?

Y... I need to talk to Richard.

Look, he... he came to me.

He tried to help me,

and I called him a drunk.

I... I blamed him.

I turned on him. Of all people, that man...

Okay, hey, hey, hey, hey. It's okay.

He knows you, better than you think.

Maybe you owe him an apology.

No, I owe him everything.

Now do you know where he is?

The sky will clear in an instant.

And only then...

in those quiet moments after the storm...

Do we learn...

who was strong enough...

to survive it? - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.