Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 23 - Readiness Is All - full transcript

With a major storm rolling in, the hospital is chaotic. When Jason comes into the hospital in critical condition, Alex does everything he can to protect Jo. With Meredith's due date just weeks away, Derek urges her to slow down.

They hit you out of nowhere.

We were arguing.

He kept saying that he
couldn't trust me anymore,

that I was a liar, that I...

that I lied about who I was.

He hit you?

God, it just got so bad.

When bad things come, they
come suddenly, without warning.

I don't know what's gonna happen now.

Nothing's gonna happen. You're safe.

All right? You're safe here.

You just need to get some sleep.

All right? Just try and sleep.

If you need anything...

I'll have my cell.

Where are you going?

We rarely get to see
the catastrophe coming...

Alex, what are you gonna do?!

Make sure that's covered, and make sure...

No matter how well we
try to prepare for it.

What is all this?

Weather reports say a
massive storm is coming.

Hurricane force winds and heavy rain.

They say it's three days out.

So we have time to prepare, then.


So for the E.R., we're
gonna need to overstock

supplies and blood products.

Let's get ready for
double capacity intakes.

That means extra beds and
gurneys in the hallways.

This storm will bring
in a lot of casualties.

We're gonna need to make room for them,

so let's discharge all
patients that can be.

Post-op and long-term patients

are gonna be transferred to
Seattle Pres further inland.

We're gonna bring in supplementals...

water, food, meds, lighting.

Uh, we're gonna be checking

and refueling the backup generators.

As for you surgeons,

push, postpone, or cancel
all elective procedures

until after this storm...

So we're canceling surgeries now?

Well, you can afford to
slow down a little bit.

I'm pregnant. I'm not sick.

You're very pregnant.

You're three weeks away from your due date.

- Shepherd.
- Yeah.

I need your help. Come with me.

There will be a list
of available surgeons...

So you've got your craniofacial baby.

Are you gonna postpone?

No, he said elective.

The kid's got his brain on his face.

Don't snap. I was just
wondering if maybe...

Well, we have three days.

Most importantly, we're gonna
need to print hard copies

of all computerized patient charts

in case of a power loss.

All of them?

Do we have time to...

I'll do that.

Bailey, it's good to have you back.

I'll put you on the O.R. rotation.

Uh, I mean I'll do the charts.

Folks, they're saying that
this is going to be a bad one,

but we have three days to prepare.

So let's do it and be
ready when the storm hits.

Thank you.

How's she doing?

She feels like she can't go into an O.R.

She thinks she'll kill anyone she touches.

I... I tried to convince her
to come down to L.A. with me,

take some time off,

but then we heard about the storm,

and she said she had to stay and help.

Anything I can do?

I wish there was, but honestly...

Anyone but me.

I know.

I brought him in a few hours ago.

He had a C.T.

I wanted to wait for you.

You gotta help him.

It's Chest Peckwell. I mean, Jason Myers.

So between removing the encephalocele

and closing up the facial cleft...

It is gonna take most of the day.

You guys have any questions?

Uh, n... no.

I guess not. No.

I would tell you not to worry,

but that's a load of crap. You'll worry.

But if it helps,

I'm not worried a bit.

It does help.

A lot. Thank you.

So you knew exactly what to say to her.

Is that a mom thing?

Oh. The Internet told
you I was a mom, too, huh?

Oh, God. Okay, all right.

Apparently, I'm super creepy
'cause I know everything about you.

Well, I'm creepy, too,
because the Internet told me

that you studied with Bud Clement,

and I did a year under him at Hopkins.

Bud? I mean, he's a genius.

- Yeah.
- But oh, my God...

- His breath.
- His breath is so bad.

Something died in him.

- It did.
- Mm-hmm.

All right. Well, this changes everything.

I mean, if you studied under Clement,

then I'll have you do the calvarial graft

and I'll just focus on the bipartition.

- Cool?
- Really? Yay.

Yeah, yay.

Do you want to go get
coffee before we start this?

Um... uh, y... uh, yeah.

You know, I have to get some stuff done.

- Mm.
- So I will, um, I'll meet you...

- I'll meet you up there.
- Okay.

I mean, you're probably just gonna go

cyber stalk me some more, huh?

I might be.


I understand it.

If my dad doesn't wake up,
I go live with strangers.

Hey, hey, hey, not strangers.

A foster family.

People who want to take care of you

and are more... more prepared to do that

than your grandma is right now.

Will they play soccer?

I hope so.

What if they don't?

What if they're like the
people from "Harry Potter"?

Like, gross, mean, and scary?

They... they won't be, all right?

I promise.

But if my dad wakes up, I
could stay with him, right?

Yeah, if he wakes up.

Ethan, honey.

Oh, eat your yogurt.

Okay. Well, I'll see you, all right?

And don't worry.


Page me if anything changes.


Nancy and I had a conversation

about withdrawal of care.

I did not bring it up. She did.

She wanted to know what the
chances are after nine days...

It is way too soon to talk
about pulling the plug.

And I told her

since he's gone eight
days without improvement,

the neurological deficits
are more likely permanent.

Of course you did.

I wasn't gonna lie, Owen.

She doesn't want to put her
son through any more, or her...

It's too soon.

Get another head C.T., a
C.B.C., and a chem panel.

We just drew blood this morning.

I know. Do it again.

Oh, hey. Hey.


Can I ask you something?

S... yeah.

When you and Derek adopted Zola,

how did you know?

I mean, how did you really know

that that was something you were gonna do?

Why? Are you thinking...

Yeah, forget it.

Just forget it.

Clear the hallways for cots.

People will come looking for shelter.

How bad is this supposed to be?

Hope for the best, prepare
for the worst, right?

What do we got?

39-year-old construction worker.

Wind blew him off a building.

Fell four stories to impale himself

on three bars of standing rebar.

Vitals are stable.

Minimal blood loss on the scene.

- Maintaining airway.
- Okay. Let's go.

Let his name be Bob.

- Please let his name be Bob.
- Why?


My name's Leon.

The patient's awake and responsive.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

It's bad, huh?

This is really bad? Am I gonna die?

The fact that we're
talking right now, Leon,

means it's not as bad as it could be.

I guess so.

If these bars hadn't caught me,

I'd be a stain on the pavement right now.

That's the attitude, Leon.
Just keep that up, okay?

Let's get him to the O.R.
and we'll take x-rays there.

Page Grey and Torres.

- Kepner, Kepner.
- What?

I'll take this.

Why? Why? I caught it.

It's a big case, and I need you on...

Yes, it is a big case. It's my big case.

Hey, I... I am about to
take my oral boards again,

and this is exactly the kind of case

that I want them to see that I can handle

because I am going to crush them this year.

I need you on storm prep.

And you once told me that I should

stop being an administrator
and start being a surgeon.

And that's my human shish kebab.

- Okay. All right. I hear you. Go.
- Thank you.

Now I will check in on you.

If things get hairy, I'm tagging you out.

You won't have to!

Nurse Cano to E.R.

Nurse Sandy Cano to E.R.

What happened?

- What does it look like?
- Brooks, what do you see?

Like, someone super messed him up.

Talk like a doctor.

Um, temporal bone fracture

with an epidural hemorrhage.

How soon does the bleed
need to be evacuated?

Like, yesterday.

Yeah, book an O.R.

Let's get him up there.

Karev, what the hell happened?

Who did this?

Make sure he doesn't die.

You can't let him die, okay?

This one's sitting right
next to the carotid,

but it doesn't seem to have damaged it.

This one's in the right upper quadrant.

And according to the ultrasound...

it might have missed the liver.

The ultrasound on this one

showed the femoral
artery is intact, for now.

These bars are rough metal.
When we take them out,

we risk shredding the vessels.

He could bleed out.

Doctors, he's starting to lose his airway.

I need to intubate.

Okay, I want to cut
down the protruding bars

as close as possible

to minimize the damage
when we pull them out.

Bone cutter?


Uh, doubtful.


1/2-inch rebar.

You're gonna want a
4-1/2-inch angle grinder

with a cutoff wheel.

Thank you, Leon.

No worries.

Okay, run. Do not walk.

Chest Peckwell? Jo's Chest Peckwell?

Karev brought him in beat to hell.

He has a brain bleed.

Karev brought him in?

- Yeah. I think that he's...
- Mnh-mnh.

Hey! Hey!

Do you have a 4-1/2-inch angle
grinder with a cutoff wheel?

Dr. Bailey, I'm thrilled that you're back

and honored that you requested me.

I'm very excited to be in your O.R.

So what are we doing?

Press "print," go to the printer,

take the chart, collate it, repeat.

We're doing this, then?

You need me to go over it again?

But Bailey tested negative for staph.

And she knows that,
but she doesn't feel it.

This way. This way.

Murphy. Murphy.

Where are you going with that?

O.R. one. Kepner needs
to cut the excess rebar

off of shiska-bob... Leon.

All right.

Come on.


Where were we, uh... oh, yeah, Bailey.

Right. Uh, yeah, I just
think that she needs to...

Um, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yeah. Yeah.

Whoa! Whoa! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Shut it off! Shut it off!

You can't grind metal.
The room is full of oxygen.

The grinder's gonna give off sparks.

You'll blow up the room.

Oh, God. Okay.

Yeah, good call.

I've, uh, been through
something like this before.

And how'd that work out?

Not great.

Oh, you're early.

So are you.

Well, I kind of like to oversee the prep.

Me, too. Feel free to join me,

'cause clearly, you're a control freak.

Well, nothing wrong with that

since clearly, you're a bigger one.

It's exhausting, isn't it?

God, yes.

I'm surprised you're letting
me do any of the reconstruction.

I figure, the more people
know how to do this,

the safer for kids everywhere.

It's kind of my way of
controlling the world.

And this way, you have
something to remember me by.

Well, every time I tuck a
baby's brain back into his skull,

- I will think...
- You are gonna think of me.

That's the idea.

Here we go, right?

Here we go.

The metal's lang on two major vessels.

They'll shred if we try and
pull the entire bar through.

You're right. But I'm damned
if I know how to do it, though.

Can we take out the oxygen tanks?

Well, the tanks, yes, but there
are O-2 outputs in the floor,

there and there.

I say we take him down to
a patient room, do it there.

He's already under anesthesia,

and he's too unstable to move.

All right, all right. How about this?

Get all additional oxygen tanks out.

I manually hyperventilate
him, get him on 100% O-2,

and then I shut off the vent. You cut.

When he runs out of air, you stop,

I hyperventilate him again.

That'll take forever.

And it's still risky, but...

it's our best shot.

All right. Just give me
the grinder, and you can go.

All right, Knox, you
can go, too. I got this.

This is dangerous work,
people. So everybody out.

I'll stay.

You'll need someone to hold
the bar steady while you cut.

And you'll need me to irrigate the metal.

The grinder will heat up

and could burn through the vessels.

That's... very good thinking.

There may be liver damage.

No, Grey, not you. You go.

Because I'm pregnant?

She has a kid.

She didn't bring hers to
the O.R. with her today.

He's got a point, Grey. You should go.


Go. That's an order.

Okay, let's gown up and
wet down these drapes.

Hey, what's going on?

Why am I being kicked out of my O.R.?

Owen hunt just kicked me out
of my O.R. for being pregnant.

- He what?
- Excuse us.

Well, there was a chance
that it could explode,

and it's... it is incredibly dangerous.

Oh, well, I'm on board with that, then.

Check with Karev.

He brought in a friend with a brain bleed.

Guy was beaten half to
death. Jason Myers from O.B.

It's not his friend.

These are today's scans?

With smaller cuts, like you asked.


What is that?

We have a problem.

Mer, check out this hyperdensity.

Is that something or
just noise on the film?

That looks real to me. It's Alex.

Get a C.T. angio and find me.

I want to look at those vessels.

All right. I'll hyperventilate him.

When we get to 100%, I'll say go, you cut.

We watch his sats drop to 90%.

Below 90%, there could be tissue damage,

even brain damage, so at 90%,

I'll say stop and I'll pump him up again.

You ready?

- Ready.
- Ready.

And if anybody sees any sparks,

then run like hell, understood?

- Yeah. Okay.
- Okay.


- Oh, my God. Sparks!!
- Whoa! Whoa!

Everybody okay? Everybody all right?


Fine. Yep. Let's do this.

Okay, Kepner, if you're someone
who still prays, maybe...

Dear lord, please be with us right now.

Help us save this man, help us save Leon.

- In your name, we pray. Amen.
- And... go.

Let's move to the abdomen.


All right. Go.

Oh, sparks!

- Sparks! Oh! Oh, my...
- Oh! Oh!

Ben, look! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

No, we're good. We're good.
We're good. Go. Go, go. Okay.

Oh, damn it. The C.S.F. is leaking.

This is worse than I thought.

The crack has torn the dura.

It's pretty grody.

"Grody" is not a thing we say.

List the possible complications.

Um, death, that's pretty solid.

Strokes, re-clots, being a potato,

goofiness, loopiness, simpletonism.


Difficulty with speech, memory, and vision.

Why are you making me talk so much today?

Because you're weird, and it bugs me.

But you also have a
natural talent for this.

And the weirdness is there
because you're covering up

a real lack of confidence
in your natural talent.

So now it is my job to
make you feel confident

and less weird. Okay?

Whatever twists your knickers.

I said fight the guy. I
didn't mean fight the guy.

Alex, this kind of stuff was
okay when we first met you,

- but now?
- Now you're supposed to be less stupid.

I mean, you could go to
jail, your whole career...

Look, I'm not going to jail.

He was like that when I found him.

- That's your story?
- No cop is gonna believe you.

Alex, it's us. Just tell us.

I didn't do anything.

He didn't do it.

He just found him.

I did it.

- 93. 92. 91.
- Oh...

Oh, God. This is taking too long.

We have to get into the abdomen.

90. Hunt.

Almost there.

Almost there.


Stop! No! No! No! Can't turn it on!

- Don't turn it on!
- Cover the body! Cover the body!


88. He's getting hypoxic.

I got this.

Ohh. Okay, okay. Okay, go.

God, good catch, Kepner.

- Okay, all the bars are cut. Let's see what we've got.
- Oh, God.

Torres, you go scrub.

Kepner, go back to the E.R.


I need you prepping for the storm.

Wh... no, no, no, no.

You need another surgeon

for when we pull the
rod out of his abdomen.

Right, we're gonna be working on his neck

so we have some time.

Send in Grey or whoever's available.


I've got it. I'll find someone.

Chief, he is my patient.

I have made every single right
call since he came in here.

And what, you want me to stock
shelves like some grocery clerk?

I need you there more than I need you here.

Kepner, I'm not gonna ask you again.

Go now!

- Nice.
- Mm.

I'm gonna mark where I'm
making my cuts, Arizona.

Then you will mark

a 2x3-centimeter piece of
the parietal for the graft.

Dr. Avery, Dr. Robbins is
gonna do the calvarial graft,

and then I thought I would walk you

through the reconstruction
of the nose and the lip.

Oh, I'm fine to watch
the master at work today.

Come on, Boswell. It sounds like

you're trying to get us to do all the work.

Sounds to me like Avery is chicken.

Not what I said. You came out all this way.

Well, he can run a hospital,
but he's still a baby surgeon.

You're one of the Grey Sloan seven?

Is that a thing?

Yes, that's a thing.

You guys are legend.

You bought the hospital, saved the staff.

Well, you know us control freaks.

We try to run everything.

It was brave. I couldn't have done it.

And I'm so impressed.

And you, sir,

are doing this reconstruction, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Arizona, are you ready to mark your graft?

Yeah. Yeah, let me in.

All right. Come right over here next to me.

Here, go through these again

and just make sure they're in order.

Dr. Bailey, is there a reason
you chose me to do this?

Because you're an intern.

A surgical intern,

at a hospital, not a kinko's.

Just... since Dr. Shepherd

kicked me off his service,

I worry that everyone
thinks I'm a losing bet.

And if that's what people think...

Do you want to be responsible
for killing a patient, Ross?

If the power goes out

and we lose access to a
patient's electronic files

and we reach for her chart in this pile

and it's not there,

what will happen?

Well, that's pretty hypothetical...

The patient would die, Ross,
and it would be your fault.

And how would you feel?

I... how would you feel?

Uh, Bailey.

Hunt needs another hand in the O.R.

Asked for you to scrub in.

Uh, tell him I can't. Storm's
coming. This needs to get done.


I'm in the middle of the backup charts.

If I stop, I'll lose the order.

- He needs to get someone else.
- I'll go.

I'll do it myself.

Of course you will.

We were having a fight.
He... he grabbed my arm.

I fought him off.

It just... it got ugly.

He fell backwards and he hit
his head on the fireplace,

but he was still yelling when I left.

He was fine. I swear.

All right, you gotta go. Go.

Uh, no, she has to explain
to them what happened.

No, nobody does anything
until we see how Peckwell is.

Look, go home.

Don't let anyone see you.

You two don't say a word to anybody

until we know exactly what's going on.



Are you okay?

She's okay.

You never saw her. What?

I have Paul Dawson's C.T. angio results.



Don't do anything stupid.

Oh, is that Chest Peckwell?

H... how is he?

Oh, a bad bleed.

We won't know more until he wakes..

What the hell happened?

I don't know. Um, I need your help.

People keep saying that to me today.

I found that on Paul Dawson's scan.

Could that be a clot that we missed?

Yeah, that's exactly what it is.

It's blocking blood flow
to the basilar artery.


Why would we miss that?

Oh, I'm not asking her.

Yeah, she's... she's asking you.

And I'm asking you.

Because it's a thrombus...

- Mm.
- Which is harder to see.

It's more common to find
a bleed or an infarct.

You were looking for the wrong thing.

Nice job.

Could you take it out, like now?

Run a pipeline stent and restore
the blood flow to the basilar?

I mean, could that wake him up?

It could.

It could also kill him.

Does the family want to take that risk?

But, um, you... you said that yesterday.

You said it... it was our last chance.

This is... a long shot.


Well, what does Dr. Hunt say?

Dr. Hunt is in surgery,
and Paul is my patient.

And it's your decision.

Nancy, every second counts now.

Well, if there's a chance that...

Okay. Okay.

Dr. Mahoney to the E.R.

Dr. Mahoney to the E.R.

Wocka, wocka, wocka, wocka,
wocka, wocka, wocka, wocka,

wocka, wocka, wocka, wocka, wocka...

What are you doing?

Sorry. It's Pac-Man.

Because it looks like pac-man.

Now what do we need to watch out for?

Mm. Dislodging the clot.

- Mm-hmm.
- Jamming the stent, or...

Oh, damn it.

The basilar wall is dissecting.

It's just too weak.

If you don't place the stent,
it could rupture, right?

Yeah. If we place it too fast...

You risk ripping the artery in half.

- Either way, he's...
- He's dead.

Good. Yeah. Just be quiet.

Dr. Kent to neonatal I.C.U.

Dr. Kent to neonatal I.C.U.

Hey, Wilson.

I'm going, I swear. I just
had to grab some clothes.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt Jason.

I was just trying to get away from him.

And I lost it. I just lost it.

I like you.

But I love Alex.

I don't know if he's dumb enough

or loyal enough to take the fall for you,

but he just might be.

I'd never let him do that. I wouldn't.



Are they done with that in the O.R.?

Yeah, they were done a while ago.

Then why aren't I back up there?

Uh, I... I don't know.

Help. Help me.




Dissecting is stopped.
Stent is in place. Good.

Any leaks?

I'm... not sure.

Yes or no, Brooks.


No, sir. No leaks.

Good. Dr. Shepherd, you have a message.

- Yeah, not now.
- It's from Dr. Grey.

She took a fall on the
stairs. She says she's okay,

but she's going to O.B. to get checked.

I can finish. You should go.

- No, you can't.
- You're done.

Hard part's over. I'll
just, uh, retract the sheath,

hold pressure on the femoral arteriotomy,


I can do it. Go.

Okay. Here.


Oh! Oh, no! Oh, no.

No, Mousey.

Mousey, no.

No, don't touch her. Mousey, no!

Bailey just said no?

Mm-hmm. Might be 'cause
it was me who asked her.

No, I'm telling you, she's
just a little shaken up.

She needs a break.

You know, Christina went
through something similar,

so I get it.

How about you pull out the bar,

and I'll jump in and catch the bleeders?

Got it.

- Torres, a hand here.
- Hmm? Yep. Okay.

You know it was the same with Arizona.

You can't rush her back to work.

Mm, that might be true... for them.

Forgive me, Ben, but with
someone like Bailey...

sometimes you just need
to rip off the band-aid.

Here we go.

- Okay. Let's go.
- Yeah. Gotcha.

That is a handsome face.

Mm, very handsome.

I couldn't have done it any better myself.

Well, I wouldn't have done it at all.

- Thank you.
- This was incredible.

Oh, it was my pleasure.

Now my downfall as a surgeon

is a very tiny bladder,
so you guys have this.

I'll see you in just a second.

She is just one of those people, isn't she?

What? What do you mean?

One of those people

that just make you feel like
you're capable of anything.

Sloan was like that.

He just sort of took for
granted that you were great...

so that you'd be great.

I wish she could stick
around a little longer.

I just... I have not felt
like this in a long time.


The baby's fine.

Define "fine."

And feel free to talk like a doctor.

Fine means zero sign of placental abruption

or any injury to the fetus.

No bleeding, no uterine rupture.

His heart beat's great. No distress.

Everything is where it should be.

You are incredibly lucky.

Are you in any pain?

No. Uh, just... just sore.

If you start to feel any pain at all,

you know where I am.

Thank you, Connie.

See, I told you, you need to slow down.

You know how we could have avoided this?

If I'd been safely in that exploding O.R.,

where I should have been.

Put your pants on.


I just closed a midline facial cleft.

Primary surgeon.

What is wrong?

I don't know.

Hunt is actively keeping me from surgeries.

I don't know if he thinks that
I'm gonna fail my boards again,

or maybe he's just finally realized

that I'd make a better
secretary than a surgeon.

- So I'll talk to him.
- No.

Don't. Don't. I don't... I
don't want you to fight for me.

Dr. Kepner, trauma's coming in.


Something else I can get kicked off of.

Did they run a C.B.C. and A.K.B. stain?

Yes, they ran all the
tests. The baby is fine.

Yeah, well, what about you?
I mean, why did you fall?

Are you dizzy?

I fell because I have
the same center of gravity

as a Jersey cow. I'm fine, guys.

Doctors, it's time. It's happening.

- Come on.
- Come on. Hurry. Before it starts.

What do we got?

A 48-year-old male complaining
of tightness in his chest.

He says he feels like
his heart is gonna burst.

All right, sir, we're gonna
take care of you, okay?

Is he seizing?

Was there a head injury involved?

Uh, what is that music?

- Um, sir, no.
- Ohh. Ohh.

Um, you probably don't wanna
get off of that if you don't...

Nicole, what are you doing?

What is... what are you doing?


What are you...

what are you doing?

Oh, hi.

Scott? Wait? What?

What is going on?



Oh, Matthew!

Oh, my God!

They're everywhere.

Aah! Oh, God! It's so high!

Oh! Oh, sorry.

Who'd have thought Kepner
would've found somebody

as dorky as she is?

He is like the male
Kepner. What are the odds?

All right, April!

Oh, my God.

Uh, April, I know that this seems crazy...

This is totally crazy. What?

And to some, sudden.

But when I know something, I know it.

When I first saw you
standing in this doorway...

I felt a shock.

And, uh, and I thought...

this is the most beautiful
person that I've ever seen.

And then I thought...

yeah, well, no, I... I knew...

that I was gonna fall in love with you.

Oh, God.

And I have never been so happy

knowing anything in my entire life.

Oh, my...

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

April Kepner...

I love you,

and I want to spend the rest of my life

trying to make you as
happy as you make me...

Oh, my God. If you'll let me.

Will you marry me?

Yes. Yes.

It was beautiful!

Way to go, Matthew!

Many happy years!

All right, Matthew!

How does Kepner get that?
How does that happen?

And I get crazy, I get cancer,

and now I got a psychopathic maniac.

Screw it. I give up. I'm walking away.

Alex, what were you gonna do

if you got to Peckwell's house first?

Were you gonna have coffee and talk it out?

I mean, tell me he
wouldn't have been worse off

had you gotten there first.

People change, but they don't change.

Maybe Jo's crazy fits your crazy.

Don't give up on her just yet.

We didn't give up on you.

Chest Peckwell is awake.

How is he?

He's fine.

But he's... he's asking for the police.

I thought this storm was

- coming in three days.
- You know weather guys.

They're wrong most of the time,
and they still keep their jobs.

How do you feel, honestly?


I'd feel better if the
wall hadn't dissected.

I'm afraid it's done more harm than good.


How did I miss this clot?

You didn't, or it'd still be in there.

You've done everything you can.

Then why isn't he awake?

He looks beautiful.

Yeah, and when he's 6 feet tall
and has a full head of hair,

all of this is gonna recede
to just a tiny, little scar

on his forehead.

The girls are gonna love it.
It'll give him some mystery.

Thank you... so much.


- Mm.
- This was an amazing day.

Well, you guys did most of the work.

I'm happy I just got to watch.

Yeah, well, is there
anything else that I can...

You can show me to an on-call room.

Uh... w... why?

First night post-op,
I like to stay close by

in case anything happens.

Oh, wow, you poor, poor control freak.

Oh, you really get me.

Yeah. I really do.

This way.

Hey, Jason.

Cops here yet?

Let's talk for a second.

She attacked me, all right? Jo's a lunatic.

She's disturbed, and she's a liar.


you got a good thing here.

Good job.

Nice place.

You have friends here?

Oh, you wanna be my friend now?

Me? Nah. I got enough friends.

Cristina Yang... she's my friend.

She owns the hospital.

Derek Shepherd. Owns the hospital.

Meredith Grey... her
name's on the friggin' door.

And these are my friends.

And they don't like a guy
who hits his girlfriend.

Neither do I.

She attacked me.

What was I supposed to do?

You're supposed to take
it. A girl hits you,

you take it, or you walk away.

It's the story of my life.

Jason, you can tell this story
till you're blue in the face,

but all people are gonna hear

is that you hit her.

And that little bit...

it's gonna follow you
around the halls here.

And if you leave,

it'll get wherever you're
going before you do.

Oh, you'll make sure of that, huh?

It sounds like you're blackmailing me.

It sounds like you're a guy who hits girls,

'cause you did.

So what do you wanna do next?

What'd he say?

What, you heard that?

I did.

You think it's okay to
blackmail people, Karev?

I wasn't. It was just a threat.

You're threatening him?

What are you thinking?

A bunch of people got hurt here.

I didn't see the point in any more.

I mean, the guy's not pressing charges.

Oh, so it all works out.
You feel good about that?

Because you shouldn't.

Dr. Michael Lamott to pediatrics.

Dr. Michael Lamott...

Bailey, when the chief of surgery

orders you to scrub in on a surgery,

you scrub in on that surgery.

The last I heard, you're not
chief of surgery or my boss.

But I am part owner of this hospital,

which does, in fact, make me your boss.

And you're not a file clerk.

We have enough file clerks.

But we need a surgeons.

So either be a surgeon,
or get the hell out.

'Cause we don't need you.

The rebar.

Thank you very much.

He looks great.

He is. Broken leg, minor internal injuries.

After all that, it turned out
to be kind of a nothing case.

You had absolutely no right

to kick me out of that O.R. today.

Grey, you weren't necessary that...

You did it because I'm pregnant

and because you were trying to protect me.

Yes. And?

I just want you to know
it's completely unacceptable.

And thank you.


You asked me about Zola today.

We just knew. You know,
Derek knew first, of course,

because he's Derek, and
it took me a little longer

because I... I was... scared.

One day, I just picked her up,

and... I just knew.

I don't know how else to explain it.

I looked at her, and she was my daughter.

I just knew.

You know, this kid... he needs someone,

and I like him,

and, uh, and he likes me.

He's scared and alone and...

and... I could help.

I know how to help, and I want to.

And then I talk myself out of it

because he's not my kid.

He's ten. It's...

it's a huge commitment.

It's a lifetime of responsibility.

And it pretty much uproots everything.

But then I spend one minute with this kid,

and... I can't imagine not doing it.

You're thinking I'm crazy.


I'm thinking that's exactly the way I felt.

Cristina won't get it.

Owen. It's Paul.

You should come.

He's awake.

He's fine. Uh, neuro's good,

he's talking.

He's fine.

Get him set for transfer to Seattle Pres.

Well, isn't that a little...

I want them out of here A.S.A.P.

The storm's here sooner than predicted,

and I want them moved
inland before it gets worse.

I've rounded on your entire service.

Brooks, thanks.

You've stepped up when I needed it today.

I'm proud of you.

Thank you, sir.

Give it up.

- Slamma-jamma.
- Stay weird, Brooks.

Engineering, report to admitting.

Engineering to admitting.

With me, Ross.

God, there's more?

You can stack 'em against the walls.

Not too tall!

Hey. Never saw it coming, right?

What's that, the storm?

No. April.

I was sure someone would let it slip.

And have you, uh, seen Dr. Hunt?

No, no. What's up?

Nothing. I... I'd...

Would you tell him thanks, though?

I had him keep April
out of surgeries all day.

This was kind of my only shot at this.

Didn't wanna miss it.

No, no, you didn't.

Congratulations, both of you guys.


Still awake?

Yes, ma'am.

Owen's, uh, transferring
Paul Dawson and his kid

over to Seattle Pres.

How's Owen?

I don't know.

You know, I woke the guy up.

That's all he's been wanting to do,

but now he just seems
more disappointed with me,

and I know he's got close to the kid.

You know, Owen was talking

about taking the kid himself.

Taking him?

What, like a... adopting him?

Or fostering.

He asked me about it.
He seemed ready to do it.

Okay, what am I supposed to do with that?

Like, what am I supposed to do?

I don't think there's anything you can do.

I don't think it's about you.

Thank you.

You guys have backup generators, right?

Yeah, of course we do.

This really has been a lot of fun.

Sort of sorry...

- Me, too. I'm sorry it's over.
- Yeah.

All right, well,

then you'll just have to
have me back at some point.

That would be really great.



It was... okay.

Oh, God! I can't.


- I can't.
- We do our very best.

It was a pleasure meeting you.


You are allowed to lose
a little bit of control.

But sometimes it's just not good enough.

We buckle our seat belts. We wear a helmet.

We stick to the lighted paths.

What the hell happened?

The power went out a half-hour...

No, you. What were you thinking?

Peckwell could have died.

Is he...

No, he's fine, and you're
lucky he's not pressing charges,

but you are an idiot.

You get that you could
have gone to jail, right?

You say that you worked so hard to change,

to become this new person,

but then you do this?

If you don't wanna be a lowlife anymore,

you gotta grow up and stop acting like one.

No, you grow up!

Not everyone's like you, Alex.

People are horrible.

And the last time someone
grabbed me like Jason did, I...

I promised no one would ever do that again.

So I am sorry, but...

not everyone's like
you. Not everyone's good.

We try to be safe.

And now you think I'm horrible, too.


No. If you hadn't gotten to him first,

I probably would have killed the guy.


Why would you do that for me?

Shut up. Why wouldn't I?

We try so hard to protect ourselves,

but it doesn't make a
damn bit of difference.

'Cause when the bad things come,

they come out of nowhere.

Whew. The storm is here.

It's totally here.

The, uh, day care center

said they're gonna be open for 24 hours,

so I'm keeping Sofia in there.

- We're not leaving. Are you guys leaving?
- I don't know.

Where the hell is Arizona?

We're gonna stay, right?

Yes, we're gonna stay.

'Cause if we get trapped at the house,

and you go into labor...

No, we're staying because
they need surgeons.

You need to take it easy.

I'm just gonna work until I...

The bad things come
suddenly with no warning.

What? Meredith, what is it?

But we forget...

- You okay?
- Yeah.

That sometimes...

Yeah. My water just broke.

What? Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Oh.
- That's how the good things come, too.