Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - Disarm - full transcript

News of the incoming mass causalities after a gunman opens fire at a local college hits the staff hard when they must spring into action, even while their own wounds are still fresh; and ...

[Reggae plays]

[Meredith] To a degree,
medicine is a science.

- You spent six hours on a boat?
- Yes.

- And you talked about fishing.
- Yes.

- For six hours.
- Pretty much, yeah.

- Derek...
- What do you want me to say?

We went fishing,
we talked about fishing.

- I want the whole story.
- That is the whole story.

"She caught a fish and cried,"
is not the whole story.

Except it is the story.
It is, in fact, the entire story.

[Both sigh]

- I'm ovulating.
- Ugh...

[Meredith] But I would argue
that it's also an art.

I mean, you stole my best friend,
and it's not OK!

It's not OK for the two of you to
hang out like I don't exist!

I am not hanging out,
I am trying to help her!

By hanging out with her!

- Are we gonna do this or not?
- I'm too mad to even look at you.

Well, then, roll over.



[Meredith] The doctors who see medicine
as science only?

You don't want them by your side
when your bleeding won't stop,

or when your child is screaming in pain.

You look different. You seem better.

- [Sighs] I feel better.
- Really?


So you have plans?

I think I'm gonna
explore the city today.

- [Laughs] Really?
- Mm-hm.

You know,
I've never had time to do it before.

- Or the interest.
- [Cell phone rings]


Teddy, you're doing what?

[Meredith] The clinicians
go by the book.

- The artists follow their guts.
- [Mark] Mm!

- Uh...
- Oh!

You're gonna make us late.

- OK.
- Mm!

OK. Go.


Nope! [giggles]

[Meredith] The artists feel your pain.

And they go to extremes to make it stop.

You sat here all night?

Um... Well, no.

Just flew in from Africa,
so I went to a hotel and took a shower,

got some sleep,
and came back really early.

Really, please, go back to Malawi.

[Meredith] Extreme measures.

That's where science ends,
and art begins.

We can do this another day, if you want.

No, no. I mean, no, we're here now.
And he'll be here.

Hey. Oh! Hey. My witness is here.
OK, let's get this thing started.

Teddy, you're not
seriously gonna do this?

Yeah, I am.

- Henry Burton.
- Owen Hunt.

OK, then. Will you be reading vows or
do you just want a standard ceremony?

- [Cell phone rings]
- Oh! Crap. Uh, it's work.

Um, I'm just gonna let it roll.

- Standard ceremony?
- Maybe you could just skip to the end.

- Sorry. I'm just... I'm really late.
- Come.

[Car horn honking]

Excuse me. Can you direct me
to the Space Needle?

It's your, uh,
first time in Seattle, huh?

- Um... sure, OK.
- You're just gonna want to go west

on Union about eight blocks or so, and
then you turn north and you should...

[sirens wailing]

Must be a bad accident.

Hey, that's not west.
You're going the wrong way.

I'll travel to Malawi every two months
for the next three years,

to oversee everything,
and I got a leading pediatric surgeon

to oversee the day-to-day operations.

Dr. Robbins, I signed a contract
with a new Peds attending.

It's a year-long contract.
I can't eat that money.

- I just don't have it.
- Well, I don't understand.

So you're saying I can't... Wh...
I can't have a job here?

Dr. Robbins, you're back!

Now, that is the reaction
I was hoping for!

[Pager beeping]

- Uh, excuse me, Dr. Robbins.
- So, Karev.

Tell me about this new Peds guy.

You're married.
You married that guy.

- So? You got married.
- To the woman I love!

- You don't even know this guy.
- Look, the man needed insurance.

- Can we not talk about this, please?
- Not ever, or not right now?

- I'm thinking not ever.
- What's going on?

[Man on TV]... major Seattle
area shooting. We have reports

that a gunman has opened fire

- on students and faculty
- Bailey? Bailey, fill us in.

[On TV] We now take you live
to our on scene reporter.

Students and faculty
are still in the building.

[Reporter] I'm trying to get answers,
but what we know so far is that a gunman

opened fire at Pacific College,
and that there are at least a dozen...

I'm sorry? OK.
OK, there at least 20 victims.

I'm sorry. You can't be here.
Clear the area, please. Clear, please!

[Man] Move back, people. Move, back up.

[Man 2] Let's go. Come on.

[Paramedic] He's bleeding out from
his chest wound. Pulse is thready,

and he's bled through the dressing.
We're going priority one.

[Paramedic 2] V-tach on the monitor.
Any pulse with that?

No pulse. Starting CPR.
Let's get him to the hospital.

You need to crack his chest. You need...
Someone crack his chest!

There are 15 ambulances on the way,
maybe more to come.

First one is three minutes out.

People, people.

Our own trauma is fresh and
we are gonna have feelings today,

and there's no shame in that.
What I want to say is

what we went through six months ago,
they are going through right now.

Which makes them
our brothers and sisters.

Which makes them fellow travelers.
Which makes them our own.

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Richard] So, to the very best of our
ability, we are gonna do our work first,

and you're gonna have
your feelings later.

[Lexie sobbing]

- Grey?
- I'm fine.

I'm fine!

Go to the pit and make sure we're
stocked. Call the blood bank...

- I'm fine.
- Call the blood bank.

Tell them to give us
all the O neg they have.

[Ambulances approaching]

- [Man] All right.
- [Woman] Look alive.

I got a cop, Michael Fazioli, 28,
GSW to the right upper arm and left leg.

- OK, this one's mine.
- [Woman] All right, I'm on that one.

- Chief Webber.
- Sarge?

All right, Kepner, get him to trauma
one. Get labs, trauma series

- and X-ray this leg and arm.
- OK.

This is the cop
that took down the shooter.

- You're kidding.
- No, he was on the radio,

he told me he landed a shot,
then he went down.

I've got conflicting reports
about what the shooter looked like.

If you could wake Faz up
and get him talking...

- Faz?
- Mike Fazioli. He's a good kid.

Great cop. One of ours.

- What do you have?
- Professor John Sturgeon, 48,

fell out a fourth story window, has an
open skull fracture and a blown pupil.

- [Derek] He fell?
- He helped a dozen kids out the window

and up onto the roof. Then
he tried to go himself and slipped.

He's herniating. Get him to the
front of the line. Get him in the OR.

- You OK?
- Nothing about this is OK.

[Woman] Two and three are open.

Fifteen year old, Kelly Keck,
GSW's to the leg and abdomen.

Abdomen rigid, systolic 75,
last pulse 147.

- She's 15?
- Yeah.

- Look what being a genius gets you.
- Clear trauma three and page Stark!

[Nurse] Right away, doctor.

Jared Swork, 20 years old,
single entrance wound

to the left fifth intercostal space,
no exit wound.

Lost vitals in front of us.
This is the emergency thoracotomy

- we called in about.
- You did a thoracotomy in the field?

No, I didn't.

I had to crack his chest.

[Siren wailing]

[Siren wailing]

- Cristina.
- Can you feel the lesion?

Yes, he's got a big hole
in his right ventricle.

But, as long as I keep my hand here,
I can feel a good heartbeat.

- Cristina!
- What? What?!

- You're going to the OR?
- She's got her hand on the hole, Owen.

I'll be fine. I'll be OK.

- [Woman] Can we stop in front of the...
- [man] Bring him to two.

[Fluid sucking]

[Alex] This artery is in pieces.

- Vascular clamp.
- [Nurse] Here you go.

Your best move is to amputate that leg.
You got no more time to waste there.

- What? What?
- [Stark] The artery's blown,

- the femur is shattered.
- Torres can fix that.

[Stark] I'm more concerned
about the life than the leg,

- and I'm sure her parents will be, too.
- Look, this kid is 15.

You can save this leg.
You can't just cut it off.

What I can't do is to spend
any more time arguing with you.

Would you maintain pressure there?
Prep the damn leg, Karev.

Freakin' do something!

Intracranial pressure's getting higher.

Are we doing a craniectomy
or a craniotomy?

Craniectomy is our best bet.

Dr. Shepherd, the professor's wife
just arrived. Can someone speak to her?

I'll go. I'll be quick.

[Jackson] You paged me? Yang?

- I was at the scene.
- She was at the scene.

[Teddy] He's got a tear
on the right ventricle

and there could be torrential bleeding

once we get in.
So I just, uh, want a little backup.

- Just a little extra backup.
- She's not sure if I can handle it.

[Jackson] I'm ready.
I'm in. I'll go scrub.

[Teddy] All right.
Let's get this boy on bypass.

[Overlapping indistinct chatter]

[Woman] It's just crazy. We have so many
here, he couldn't tell me anything.

- Mrs. Sturgeon?
- Yes. Hi.

- [Meredith] Hi.
- Are you John's doctor? Is he OK?

He fell from a fourth story window
and landed on his head.

- So we're taking him to surgery...
- Wait, wait, surgery?

We will be removing
the left side of his skull

- to give his brain room to swell.
- OK, I'm gonna come with you.

[Stammers] I need to come with you
because John doesn't like hospitals.

- You can't come into the OR.
- [Sobbing] No, see,

John is afraid of doctors. OK?

So I have to be with him.
Please let me be with him.

Mrs. Sturgeon, I'm so sorry,
but you can't come into the OR.

I will come out and update you
every chance I get, though. OK?

- Just, uh... Excuse me. Hi.
- Yes?

Would you sit with Mrs. Sturgeon?
This is gonna be a long day,

and you all need to
take care of each other, OK?



You can put in a shunt
and then do a graft.

Do you even have
privileges here anymore?

Whether I have privileges or not
isn't the point. Karev's right.

- Karev is not on this case anymore.
- Dr. Stark, please, take the time

to do the graft,
and you can save her leg.

I know very well what can
and can't be done, Dr. Robbins.

I have bigger fish to fry.
And this was very unprofessional of you.

- I am all done engaging with it.
- [Saw buzzes]

All right, get the hell
out of my OR, Karev.

I'm sorry, I'm unprofessional?
I'm unprof? I...

Body block him, Karev!
Don't let him near that leg!

[Siren wailing]

He's got some blood in his chest,
but the bullet's not there.

It's not in his leg or in his arm.

Uh... Uh...

We should put in a chest tube
and get more studies to see

- what damage we're dealing with.
- [Sergeant] Is there any chance we can

wake him up
while we're waiting for the studies?

I could reverse his pain meds, but it
would be a pretty traumatic awakening.

- He'd be in a lot of pain.
- [Sergeant] I'm getting all sorts

of conflicting reports
as to what this shooter looks like.

Kids in shock, they don't remember,
but cops are trained to remember.

I don't know if there's a second
shooter, if this is some kind of plot.

But until I have a positive ID,
I've got nothing.

Believe me, Faz would rather feel some
pain if he can ID the shooter for me.

OK, I'll reverse the meds.
Kepner, let's set up the chest tube.

Chief Webber?
This guy you replaced me with

- is a study in incompetence.
- Not now, Robbins.

No, yes now! Because Dr. Incompetence is
about to hack off a perfectly good leg.

Robbins, I'm pretty busy here.
What do you want me to do?

- Give me privileges.
- It's all hands on deck.

- Of course you have privileges.
- OK, thank you.

It's not an easy day
to be the man in charge.

- Torres, OR two, right now! 911!
- What? Where are you going?

- I need scrubs.
- Uh, OK...

Bailey, can you take over for me here?

This is, uh, Chuck Fowler.
He's 21 years old,

zone two injury of the neck
secondary to graze GSW.

He has a hematoma, and a CT angio
has been ordered. Thank you.

How you doing, Chuck?

Who walks into a classroom with
an automatic weapon? Who does that?

I don't know. I don't know.

- OK, here I go.
- [Inhales]

I'm a wrestler, man. I'm All-State. Saw
or no saw, you're not getting past me!

You wanna tell me what's going on here?

He's lost his mind,
that's what's going on here.

He's lost his mind
and he's destroying his career.

- That is what is going on here!
- Check it out, Torres.

Fifteen-year-old GSW to the thigh
with comminuted femur fracture.

Laceration is the superficial
femoral artery. Ha!

All right. What about her nerves?
Are her nerves salvageable?

Kid was moving her leg before
we put her under. They're intact.

She has a life-threatening
hemorrhage in her leg,

and multi-organ injuries
in her abdomen!

Abdominal bleeding
is under control for now.

Thanks so much, Dave.
I appreciate the support there.

Well, I can put in a traction pin
to stabilize the femur.

- [Alex] Right?
- And then we can use a graft

- to restore blood flow.
- That's what I'm saying!

I have never experienced
anything like this before in my life!

Dr. Stark, you're new here.
But, in this hospital,

we take shootings personally.
And I can save this leg.

- So are you gonna work with me or not?
- No, no, I am.

Dr. Stark, I've spoken with Chief
Webber. This is my patient now.

What? This is...

[laughing, stammering]

[Stammers] This...

- Yes!
- Karev, you gotta go, too.

The pit's full of kids that need doctors
and we can handle this without you.

That's cool. My work is done.
Ha! All-State, baby!


[Derek] See that bridging vein?

[Meredith] You'll have to compromise it
if you're gonna pull the skull flap up.

[Derek] Mm-hm.

I'll be right back.
I'm gonna go update the wife again.

Dr. Grey, you're a surgeon,
not a social worker.

- You can't spare me for five minutes?
- And we have a patient on the table.

That's not the whole story.

- [Sighs] Don't start this again.
- The other part of the story

is that he's got a wife
who is panicking...

- Fine. Go. Just let me concentrate.
- I'll be quick.

All right, he's ready.

I'm gonna push the naloxone.

He's gonna wake up and he's gonna hurt.
So talk quick, OK?



- Faz. It's Marty. Can you hear me?
- [Faz groans]

- Oh, God, it hurts.
- [Beeping]

[Faz groaning]

Oh, God!

Faz, I need you to describe the shooter.
Can you do that for me, bud?


Chief Webber, did you really
approve of Robbins storming my OR?

Stealing my patient?
Humiliating me publicly?

There are plenty patients to go
around, Dr. Stark. Jump in and find one.

I will not. What I will do is to go back
to my patient, in my OR...

Go be a damn doctor! People are dying!
Now go save a life, right now!

- [on TV] I'm here with Officer Murphy.
- Just hang on.

- I need the info... Excuse me...
- OK, I understand.

Dr. Hunt?

I'm free. Do you need me? I'm free.

Dr. Hunt.

They just found another
classroom full of victims.

- We're getting at least a dozen more.
- Crap.

- We're out of ORs.
- What?

We're out of ORs. We're out of space.

And all other hospitals are at capacity.
If any of them need surgery, we're...

We're screwed.

Dr. Altman,
we have a GSW to the chest...

- Dr. Yang?
- [Teddy] Dr. Yang was on the scene.

She performed an emergency thoracotomy
in the field.

- [Richard] You all right, Dr. Yang?
- Yes, sir.

- I'm staying, if that's OK.
- [Richard] Dr. Yang, can you tell me

what your patient was wearing,
or where his clothes are?

Uh, they were cut off at the scene.
It was, um...

...a green hoodie, jeans.

Is he a redhead, about 20?

- [Cristina] Yes.
- Uh, why, sir?

Send me down any bullet fragments
you pull out of his body.

Chief, what's going on?

The patient's the shooter.

Send down any bullets immediately.
They're evidence.

[Teddy] OK. OK, where were we?

[Cristina] You were about to
reconstruct the ventricle.

Right. Right, thank you. OK.

Hand me three-oh Ethibond, please.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry,
but I can't, Dr. Altman.

- You can't hand me the Ethibond?
- I can't...

She can't save this guy
is what she's saying.

He just shot up dozens of people!

And this surgery
is gonna take all day.

- Dr. Avery...
- That's taking three doctors

and four nurses away
from helping other people.

People who didn't shoot up
a campus full of innocent kids!

Dr. Avery!

I operated on Iraqi soldiers
who blew up dozens of our guys.

I didn't like it, but I did it,
because I'm a doctor and I took an oath.

You're not a jury or a judge.

If there's a life to be saved,
we save that life regardless...

I'm not doing this. No.

- Anyone else?
- I'm sorry.

Dr. Yang... are you staying?


All right.

OK, great.
Uh, three-oh Ethibond, please.

Come on, come on, come on. Press on the
cricoid more. I can't see the cords.

- Come on, Faz, stay with me!
- Kepner?

His vitals started dropping.
X-rays were clear, no bullet,

so I did an ultrasound,
found blood in the belly.

[Indistinct chatter]

We need all available surgical
equipment, all right? Quickly. Good.

Chief, you should stay in that
trauma room. There are no ORs.

- Get the chief an anesthesiologist.
- What?

I got a cop with blood in his belly.
The same cop that took down the shooter!

You're saying I have to operate
on him in the trauma room?

I'm saying it's your
best option right now.

- Sir, his pressure's dropping!
- [Rapid beeping]

Hunt, I hope you know
what you're doing, Hunt.

Yes, sir. So do I.

Kepner, lock him down in there
and get me a major procedures tray now.

- OK.
- Avery, is Altman done yet?

No. And while we've got
a cop bleeding out down here,

she's occupying a perfectly good OR,
going to extreme measures

to save the damn shooter.
I tried talking to her...

Altman's guy is the shooter?
Does Cristina know that?

- Yeah, so does Altman! I walked out.
- All right.

Go to the emergency room.
There is incoming.

Kepner, I need you to go
to Outpatient Recovery!

I need to get these supplies
to the chief.

No. You, take this to the chief
in trauma one.

Go to Outpatient Recovery right now
and oversee it.

- What am I doing?
- It's like a mobile trauma unit.

It's like a MASH unit.
I'll be there in a moment.

- Wait! Where are you going?
- You were trained for this, Kepner!

- Oversee it!
- Oh, God.

[Man] OK, coming through.

- I understand why you're mad at me.
- No.

I even understand you
slamming the door in my face.

No! You will not hold me hostage
and make me listen to you.

I am rebuilding the leg
of a kid who's been shot.

That's... That's why I'm here,
that is the only reason.

No talking. None.

OK, if anyone's free,
we have an incoming patient.

GSW to the flank
with active hemorrhage.

Why are we still accepting
critical cases? I'm coming, Kepner!

Continue to debride out the devitalized
tissue and repair the injured vessel.

You're serious?

Do you want to take
the incoming GSW to the flank?

All right, then. Um, there's enough
surgeons around if you have questions.

- Just take care of Chuck.
- OK, Chuck.

I'm gonna be doing a vascular repair
on you, in a freakin' mosh pit.

[Rapid beeping]

- [Derek] Son of a bitch.
- [Meredith] ICP is still 45.

[Derek] His brain is still swelling.

We're gonna have
to remove the other side.

You're gonna take off
both sides of his skull?

We're gonna leave this strip here that
covers up the superior sagittal sinus.

- Let's get the other side prepped.
- Well, I'm gonna go update the wife.

Since when are you so interested
in updating the wife in the waiting room

- than doing this?
- Since I was the wife

in the waiting room, Derek!

Honestly, do you think
you and Cristina are the only two

- who have ever been through a trauma?
- Do not bring Cristina

back into this. You don't get to act
like a spoiled little brat in my OR.

Why is it OK for Cristina to do whatever
she wants, but it's not OK for me?

Because I'm not hiding under
OR tables or bartending?


Honestly, you and Cristina
are so busy supporting each other,

have you even noticed that
I went through a trauma, too?

I was the wife in the waiting room,
Derek, and it's so hard to be the wife

in the waiting room.
So hard that I walked into the OR,

while the shooter had a gun to you,
and told him to shoot me instead.

That's how hard it is to be
the wife in the waiting room.

Excuse me.
I'm gonna go update my patient.

[Derek] OK. OK.

I'm sorry. Let's continue on.

[Indistinct chatter]

Dr. Shepherd is going to remove the
other half of your husband's skull.

If all goes well in the OR,
he'll then freeze the skull

to keep the bones from dying,
then he'll sew the scalp and muscle

- back over the exposed brain.
- I don't understand. I'm sorry.

- I don't understand.
- I know it sounds frightening

and extreme, and it is.

But Dr. Shepherd is very good.

And I'll come out
and keep you posted, OK?

- OK...
- OK.

[Jackson] I'm looking
for the Sackett family.

Anybody here for a John Sackett?

Excuse me, is anyone here
related to Jared Swork?

Yes! That's my son!
How is he? Is he OK?

Ma'am, would you mind coming with me?

- [Man]... over there.
- [Man 2] Thanks, man.

[Sobbing] My son was shot!
He wasn't the shooter!

No! No, my son didn't do this!

[Sobbing] No, no, no!

- What the hell?
- Sloan, move on.

- I'm gonna kick your ass.
- Kick it later.

We got a kid in three
with a GSW to the shoulder

- and we need this space for incoming.
- My name's not going on this chart.

That's a hack job you did.

[Lexie] Somebody get
Dr. Nelson here now!

- I'll get Grey, you get bed three.
- [Owen] Clean it and wrap it.

- [Nurse] Right away, doctor.
- [Rapid beeping]

She's got an intracranial hemorrhage,
her pupil just blew.

She needs burr holes and a...
and a trauma flap.

- We gotta evacuate that clot.
- [Mark] OK, we can do that.

We can do that.

[Lexie] OK.

- I need some hands over here, Avery.
- [Jackson] Yep.

- Arterial repair. Can you hold that?
- Got it.

- You know Altman's still in OR one?
- So, you can't choose who you save.

Yeah, that's apparently the party line.

The shooter's sick.
Nobody does this in their right mind.

What's your point?

My brother just had a psychotic break
and tried to kill my sister.

And if he got hurt,
even if he got hurt hurting people,

I would want his doctors to do
everything they could to save him.

No matter what he did,
he's still my little brother.

[Mark] Making the incision.

- [Mark] Ready with the drill?
- [Lexie] Yeah.

[Drill whirring]

- No, you're gonna do it.
- Mark.

She's your patient, Dr. Grey.
You're gonna save her life.


- [Mark] Gently.
- [Drill whirring]

[Mark] Right there.

Perfect. Perfect.

[Rapid beeping]

Damn it! He's crashing!
I need a crash cart in here now!

Hey, do not die, Chuck! You hear me?

That shooter does not get to win this.
You come back!

- [Jackson] Here we go!
- [Paddles charging]


- Come on.
- Uh...

Come back right now, Charles!

- Come back to your body, right now!
- Clear!

You bastard!
You better send this boy back right now!

[Jackson] Clear!

[Steady beeping]

Sorry about the "bastard" thing.

[Indistinct chatter]

There's something you need to see.

[Crowd singing]

What is that?

The Pacific College Alma Mater.

[Crowd continues singing]

[Singing fades out]

[Teddy] Thank you for staying today,

I know it can't have been
an easy decision.

You know what, though?

It was.

- How is he?
- He's decompressed,

but he's got a bad contusion.

[Rapid beeping]

Damn it. He's bleeding too much.
Vascular clips.

[Continues singing]

[Meredith] She is right there.

- Mrs. Sturgeon, I'm Dr. Shepherd.
- Hi.

Hi. Your husband is in a
medically induced coma.

He'll have to stay that way
until his brain heals.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks,
we'll be able to replace the skull,

- and wake him up.
- Wait, you're saying that he lived?

- That he's alive?
- We have a long road ahead of us.

But yes, he is alive.
And I can take you to him if you'd like.

- OK.
- OK.

- OK.
- OK?

Oh! Thank you.

It's OK. You can see him
in a few minutes, all right?

Excuse me, ma'am.
Has anyone talked to you about your son?

The police questioned me for hours,
as if I should have known something.

They found a suicide note in his jeans.

And I didn't know anything.

My whole life...

Everything... I ever knew... is a lie.

[Sobbing] He's my baby.

All I want to know is if he's alive.

Is that terrible?

All these people he hurt...

Does that make me a terrible person?

Your son was shot in the chest.

Dr. Altman,
who is a very good heart surgeon,

is doing everything that she can.

She's still in surgery,
which means he's still alive.

She'll come find you
as soon as she's out. OK?

OK. Thank you.

Thank you.

- He's fine.
- Oh, God!

- Oh, my God. You kidding me?
- It was touch and go for a while,

- but he's gonna be fine.
- [Sighs] Thank you.

Thank you.

And, um... let's stop meeting
like this, Marty.

[Sighs] Oh, please, God.

Please, God.


This is... This is a huge victory.
You know, whatever else happened today,

we work together well.

So, thank you.

Thank you for coming
when I asked you to come,

and for fighting Stark with me.
Thank you.

- Calliope.
- Hm?

I am so deeply,

deeply, deeply sorry

for hurting you so much.
I am so sorry.

Because I am so in love with you.

And I will spend the rest of my life
telling you that.

I'll apologize to you every day
if that's what you need.

But please...

Please don't walk away again.

I came across the world to be with you.
I love you.


You had to fly across the world
to get to me, Arizona,

because you flew a whole world away
without looking back. You just left.

And this might be news to you.
I think it kind of is.

But you're not the only one in this
relationship. There are two of us.

And you came back today, but I didn't.

Whatever else happened,
that... that hasn't changed.

[Derek] Hey.


You've been holding
everybody up, even though...

[exhales] You amaze me.

[Derek] Mm...

I know you're mad at me
for taking Cristina fishing.

And I know you think it didn't work.

I just heard she's in OR one.

- What?
- She's here.

I just took my kid to a room.
He was the last one.

- Besides this one.
- Mm-hm. Yeah, besides this one.

- Thirty-seven degrees.
- Should be any minute now.


We saw 26 patients.

Twenty-six victims.

And we had no casualties.

No one died.

[Richard sighs]

[All sobbing]

[All laughing]

I hate this place.

[Meredith] Surgery is extreme.

We cut into your body, take out pieces
and put what's left back together.

I was holding a grudge.

I can hire you back.

But you're gonna
have to work under Stark.

[Richard laughs]

[All laughing loudly]

- Hey.
- Hey.

She's, uh, still sedated.
And she's just a kid.

She shouldn't have a big ugly scar.

Do you mind waiting?
I'll be about another hour.

I love you.

So... yeah.

Just, uh, take your time.

I, um... I'll wait.

[Soft pop music plays]

[Meredith] Good thing life
doesn't come with a scalpel,

because if it did,
when things started to hurt,

we would just cut and cut and cut.

Hey, I'm really sorry I'm late.

You look exhausted.

You look exhausted. I look handsome.

How about we get you some insurance?

Let's have a drink first.
Toast the day.

- Henry...
- Because I've never been married.

- Have you?
- No. Um...

- But I wouldn't say this is exactly...
- Look, I know what this is.

But I say we raise a glass anyway.

There was no ring, right? No vows,
no photographer, no wedding cake,

which I was most disappointed by
because I love wedding cake.

I think we can at least
have a toast, right?

I spent the day in the OR

saving someone who really,
really is, um...

...not a very good person.

Well, you saved me, too.

You saved my life this morning.

And that deserves a toast.
Even if it wasn't a real wedding.



[Meredith] The thing is,
what we take away with a scalpel...

... we can't ever get back.

You want to get a drink?

Yeah. I do.

Maybe not a real drink, actually,
because I'm trying to get pregnant

and supposedly alcohol will make my baby
have three heads and 16 toes.

[Cristina] Wanna get some crack cocaine?

- [Meredith chuckles]
- [Meredith] So, like I said...

... good thing.