Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - Start Me Up - full transcript

Arizona seeks Mark's advice as she tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news of her own; Teddy must make a key decision for Henry during his surgery; and on the same day the ...

No, it's gonna happen.

We just have to keep doing it
until we get it right, right?


You bring you into every new
beginning in your life.

So how different... damn it.

Can it possibly be?

damn it.

♪ just like all the other ones ♪

torres! Come on! Let's go!

♪ cry baby ♪


♪ I hate to see you cry ♪

What the hell?

♪ sad to say I've seen it ♪

Oh, good morning.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I bought out our subletters.

I'm moving back in. hooray.

Okay. They weren't your subletters.

They were my subletters.

Well, now, uh, I'm your subletter.

♪ you'll feel better ♪


My lack of interest in
seeing you is not a strategy.

I'm not, uh, I'm not playing hard to get.

I don't want to see you
because I turned my life

Upside-down for you,

And you walked away because,
for a week, I was cranky.

You're untrustworthy,
so I don't want to see you.

You're self-centered,
so I don't want to see you.

I am 100% certain that if I let
you back into my life again,

You will hurt me again,

So I don't want to see you.

This isn't a ploy. I'm not--I'm not pouting.

I don't want you in my life.

Get your crap

Out of my apartment.

♪ cry baby ♪

♪ oh, oh, I wanna see you cry baby ♪


It's good that she's mad.

It means she cares, right?

♪ oh, oh, don't cry baby ♪

Try again. Could be a false negative.

Maybe you tried too early.
What is it, day ten? Yeah.

Yeah, totally early.
Pee on a bunch of different sticks.

Don't let the one stick win.
Well, it's a scientific test.

I hardly think I can bend it to my will.
I'm doing three surgeries today.

I did four yesterday. I'm unstoppable.

And you got defeated by a piece
of plastic covered in urine?

Buck up.

What is this, everybody got paged?

It's that time of year again. The chicks
have hatched. Is that some sort of a code?

Those chicks.

Oh, first-year med students.
Too dumb to find the toilet.

good morning.

Behind me stand the interns
and residents of tomorrow.

Today you will show them what
it's like to be a surgeon.

When you go into surgery,
they go into surgery.

When they have a question, you will answer.

it's like court-ordered
community service. I'd rather be

Picking up trash off the
side of the highway.

fred wilson, you're with dr. Yang.

Kira donnelley, with dr. Grey.

Hudson powell, with dr. Kepner.

Laurel pinson... mine.

mine. Mine.

Laurel, you're... With dr. Karev.

Edward taylor, dr. Avery.


kim peterson, you're with dr.
Hall... Hey, man.

dr. Yang,

Um, you were out of the game for a while,

So you'll be with me on my service today.

I'd like to monitor yourrogress.
I think you'll be pleased.

I don't doubt it. I will be picking...

my chief resident in a few months....

and you're still a prime candidate.

The race for chief
resident is on? Since when?

Uh, how long have you been evaluating us?

Since your first day here.

let's go.

sorry. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

okay, we are with shepherd today.
He's neuro.

Is he nice? Uh, he's my husband,
so I have to say he's nice,

But he's also a damn good surgeon.
Oh, thank god.

I'm just glad you're not one of those

"obsessed with my job,
but cold and dead inside" surgeons.

We have rounds.

Henry burton has von hippel-lindau disease

And a pheochromocytoma.

It's extremely rare,
causes blood pressures to sky rocket,

And it's treated with alpha blockers.
Look at that. He reads.

Sorry. Should I-- med students are
like children at the dinner table--

To be seen and not heard.

Dr. Yang. Sir.

Uh, good to see you, henry.

Thanks. I, uh, wore my
best gown for the occasion.

I am dr. Bailey. I'll be
working with dr. Webber today.

I feel like I already know you, dr. Bailey.

Eli here has been telling
me all about you. E--

Don't worry. I didn't tell him everything.

Okay. I did not know that you
were on this case.

Sure you didn't. No, I did--

bailey, what--

No, sorry, sir. Um...

Wh-where was I?

Dr. Yang will run, uh,

Scans, and then we'll be ready to go.

Sounds like an idyllic day.

Who's he? Nobody.

I mean, uh, he's...

He's here observing. ignore him.

Mr. Wilson's a first-year med student,

And dr. Yang is showing him the ropes.

Uh, have you told mr. Wilson

About the most interesting
aspects of the case?

He's been brought up to speed.
Did she tell you that henry here

Originally was denied this surgery

Because he was uninsured?

Um, no. I mean, she didn't mention... That.

Uh, that's too bad...

About the insurance.

Well, I got married.
I'm on my wife's insurance now.

oh, congratulations.

Your girlfriend finally wised up,
huh? Uh, nope.

Oh, uh...

Uh, sorry. Um, I'll-- I'll come back later.

No, no, it's okay.
I've got the, uh, forms right here.

Just a few signatures, and we're good to go.

Great. Great.

Um, I'll have them back to y in a
couple of hours. Great, thanks.

that's my wife.

Upgrade, right?

The ex was a cater waiter.

dr. Torres.



Well, you said my name.

Just as a, you know,
good-morning type thing.

Where's the stupid meat wagon?

morning, dr. Hunt.

Doctor-- don't.

I've got the crash cart standing by!

Brady sullivan, 32.

Stable vital signs,
complaints of neck and back pains.

Possible crush injuries.
He was trampled by a horse.

A horse? A-a team of horses,
like--like three horses,

If that helps you at all.

Please, please don't let
him die on our wedding day.

Aah! Oh!

Push of morphine. We were
going downtown this morning

To sign our domestic partnership papers...
There's a lot of bruising here.

And I had a horse-drawn carriage
to pick us up from city hall

And--and bagpipers,
because brady is scottish,

And he really likes being scottish.
Okay, I feel tenderness at c-6.

Get x-ray in he, stat. Brady, I am so sorry.
The bagpipers started up,

And they spooked the horses,
and--and they ran.

Over me. They all ran over me, kyle.

Bagpipes? All right, exam shows
weakness in lower extremities.

I've got diminished reflexes.
Move. I can't work.

Dude... Sorry, sorry.

I agreed to the tuxes, but horses?
It was supposed to be a surprise.

It was. okay. Yeah.
Looks like l-4 and l-5 are affected.

Page shepherd. All right,
let's get him ready for c.T.

Sir, I need you outta here now.
I want to stay with him. I
have a right to stay with him.

Avery, get him outta here now. Move.

sorry. Oh, my g--okay, everybody out. Now.

Now! Before I have to take someone out.

You married a patient to give him insurance?

Have you lost your mind?

Insurance fraud is a serious offense.
Actually, according to

The national medical anti-fraud association,

It's not insurance fraud,
it's just frowned upon.

It's highly unethical.
You're a doctor, for god sakes.

The medical community
is fairly split on this.

Is it more unethical to deny
a patient lifesaving care

Or to marry a patient and give him
that care? It can get murky. Don't
you have somewhere to be, dr. Grey?

I'm on dr. Altman's service today.
We are doctors.

We save people's lives every
day without marrying them.

You marry someone you love.

Well, I love him. I do.

I mean, I love him... So much.

Dr. Altman, this isn't a joke.

I appreciate your concern,
chief, but it's done.

He has insurance, you're his doctor,

And now you can save his life.

please don't tell the chief I said this,

But I think what you did was awesome.
I mean, I get it.

She's got a hang-up about
me being perfect. You know,

Everything comes easy for me,
and I don't have any flaws,

And now that I've clearly made a mistake,

She's just gonna pound the crap out of it.
so you don't think you're perfect?

No. I have lots of flaws. I'm competitive,

I'm a workaholic, I smoke when I'm stressed.

It's disgusting. Well,
I'm sure she'd love to hear all those,

Along with any other real
faults you come up with.

You were that guy on "seattle med," right?

The one who made a trachea from scratch.

Well, stem cells, not scratch.

But yeah, that's-- that's me.


I'm really interested in
regenerative medicine. Yeah?

Mm-hmm. I'll show you a bladder
we're growing in the lab

After rounds. Okay.

Ladies first.

You're her teacher, alex.

Only for the day.

uh, sarah cassidy, 15,
has a rare genetic condition

Called treacher collins syndrome...

Which caused her to be
born without cheek bones,

Leaving her orbital floor unprotected,

And vulnerable to eye injury.
Which means the only extracurriculars

I can sign up for are the ones

That don't involve things flying at my face.
She rocks the chess club.

I just want play sports. You bowl, honey.

Not really a sport, dad.
You, uh, you mind if I take a look?

Scoot over a little so laurel can see.

sarah, we're going to take
pieces from your skull

And transplant them into your
face to rebuild new cheekbones.

Do you have any questions or concerns?

Volleyball tryouts are in
two months. Can I tryout?

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Here are the forms.
You are officially insured.

Amazing. And I have nothing
to give you in return.

Wait. Are you hungry?

You want a fruit cup? Henry, you needed
insurance. I was happy to give it.

Come on. Take the fruit cup.

Well, I am starving.

that's disgusting.

Yeah. I wouldn't eat it if I were dying.

I should go. Um...

Good luck with your surgery.

Thank you, dr. Altman.


Wow. A volleyball player.
Digging into her skull will tack on

An extra year of healing, you know?

Well, maybe she'll play in
a couple of years, then.

Well, did you consider the stem cell surgery

They did in cincinnati using a cadaver
bone graft? Oh, it's too experimental.

I think it's worth
considering given her age.

I think considering her age,
it's best to be conservative.

I'll see you in surgery.

Can we, uh, go in and see the scans?

Pretty small room. Let's just wait.
He's got tandem lesions,

A fracture translocation at l-4 and 5,

And a unilateral jumped facet at c-5 and 6.

what does tt mean? It means
one of the joints in his neck

Was knocked out of place, and he's got
a broken back. That one's your husband?

What? Yes. Can I just say, jackpot?

I mean, you get to be at
work with that all day

And go home to him at night?

I'm gonna go see where they're at.

I'm worried about his neck. I don't think

He should be intubated with a cervical
injury. wel I could do a little traction.

Snap it back in before we do surgery.

hell of a wedding day. mm.

They say if you want to piss off god,
just tell him your plans.

Dude, out, out, out.

I don't...

That is the biggest pheo I've ever seen.

Is it infiltrating the kidney there?

Is that--that-- that's the spleen,
right? No, that's the liver.

Oh. Okay, so is that the tumor?
That's a gall bladder.

Wait. Really? Cross my heart. Hope to die.

The image is reversed on an m.R.I.

It's confusing at first.

I'm sure dr. Yang can remember
seeing her first m.R.I.

And empathize.

Empathy is a good quality
for a chief resident,

Don't you think, dr. Bailey? Oh, I do, sir.

This is from the feet looking up,

So that's the kidney,

That's the adrenal gland,
and that is the tumor.

That's the tumor? It--
it's eatg into the kidney.

Right. I was hoping we'd only have to remove

The adrenal gland.

But it looks like

I'm gonna have to take
henry's kidney as well.

dr. Shepherd will decompress

The nerve roots from behind,
and then I will put in

A graft and a plate for stabilization.

But before any of that can happen,

We need to move your neck back into place.

Fun. I'll be done before you know it.

Sir, you probably don't want to
be here for this. No, I'm staying.

Kyle, don't overdo it. You always--
there's gonna be a lot of, um--

I'm staying. It's my fault he's here.

If he's in pain, I'll be here with him.

Stop trying to kick me out.

No, you're right. You should stay.

Hold his hand.

Okay. Thank you.

Okay, brady,

You ready? Okay.

Okay. One, two... Three.



So how'd my tumor look?

We don't have, uh, the results

From all the scans yet.

I've had 11 operations in the past 3 years.

I have tumors removed as a hobby.

I know how this works.

You know the results, but you can't tell me.

So give me a hint. I mean, look,

Are we talking marble, grapefruit,
basketball? Dr. Webber will be up shortly

To discuss the results of the scan.
Come on, fred. What'd you see?

No, he's a first-year med student.

He can't even read a scan. Then why does
he look like he's gonna piss himself?

Look at his face. He's sweating.

What's going on? Am I gonna die? No,
I'm not--my face...

It--don't let me--

'cause I'm just-- like she said,
pretend I'm--

Stop talking.

What'd you see, fred? Nothing.

It's gonna be okay. Truly.

My uncle had his kidney removed,
and he's-- what?

Oh, god. I'm sorry. Stop talking.
Mr. Burton--

You have to remove my kidney?

Do you? Do you have to take out my kidney?

The tumor on your adrenal gland

Has compromised your kidney.

It's enough damage that
we need to remove it.

I know. It--it sounds like a lot,

But it really is our best option.

Could we ask dr. Altman what she thinks?

Uh, dr. Altman is a cardiothoracic surgeon.

This isn't her area of expertise.

I know, but she did this
amazing thing for me.

I trust her.

I'd feel a whole lot better if
I knew that she was on board.

I've got a consult waiting.

We'll be quick. Karev.

we put together some stats

Comparing the surgical options for sarah.

As you can see, this slide shows

The donor site morbidities

Associated with using sarah's
own skull. Next slide.

and here you can see the pros and cons

Of using skull bone versus cadaver bone.

You can see that the benefits
of using cadaver bone

Are really quite extensive--
turn the lights on.

We just got started. Lights. Now.

Mark, I know what the research says.

So there's a chance of some
donor graft complications.

Complications? No.

You, come here.

We do your procedure,

We'd incise here and here.

What's happening? Stand still.

There's risk of hitting brain,
causing a hematoma.

Or we take the cadaver route.
You avoid that completely,

Which means all of this...
Doesn't even get touched.

She's a child. And that--
that procedure is experimental.

So as the lead doctor on this case,
let me be clear,

We're doing the surgery as planned.

You're a crappy listener.

Add that to the list. What?

Just saying,

There's more wrong with you
than the fact that you smoke.

I probably shouldn't have
used permanent marker.

My apologies.

Mrs. Burton.

Mr henry burton.

Your husband requested that I talk to you

About his upcoming operation.

We would like to remove the kidney.
Well, a man can live without a kidney...

If that's your recommendation.

Funny, because that's exactly
what I would recommend,

But apparently, my recommendation

As chief of surgery, with over 30 years

Of general surgery experience
under my belt, isn't enough.

He would like your recommendation.

The recommendation of a cardio surgeon

Who happens to be his wife.

I see.

Yeah, I agree with your recommendation.

There you go.

This is a totally
inappropriate relationship.

Totally inappropriate. You want to talk
to me about inappropriate relationships?

Everywhere I look in this hospital,

There is inappropriate relationships--

Grey and shepherd, hunt and yang,

The other grey and sloan. Dr. Bailey's
dating a nurse, taking full advantage.

Oh! I--ignore him.

We are not dating.

No plus sign yet?

No, and I'm so tired of peeing on sticks.

It's exhausting. Okay,
you think peeing is exhausting?

Wait till you have a mewling,
pooh-covered infant

Hanging off of your boobs 24/7.

Why is my baby gonna be pooh-covered?

Okay, what is that about?

That's right.

Do another loop there. Beautiful.

You're a fast learner.

I have a good teacher.

Come on. You blame him? She's hot.
Don't be a pig.

He's being gross,
not to mention unprofessional.

Well, the thong is unprofessional.

damn it.

Unprofessional. Wh-what is wrong with them?

I was never that dumb when I was in
med school. They're weak and gutless.

Boy crazy. Oblivious.


Wow. You all sound really old.

Okay, I know I'm not perfect.

And I know sometimes I don't listen,

And I'm sorry about that.

So here I am, ready to listen.

Oh. Ready to listen?

Like a priest at confession.

You want to hear what I'm
saying and really take it in

And try to give me what I want?

Yeah. I really-- I .

Get your crap out of my apartment.

all right, let's bandage him up

And get him ready for the next
phase. Kira, do you want to take
a look at these sutures before...

Kira. Sorry?

Are you texting? Oh, I was just
telling my boyfriend about this.

Can I send him a picture, do you think? no.

all right, everybody, take your places.

Can I help roll him over? Edward, move.

Okay, we're gonna roll him
on my count. Everybody ready?

One, two, three.


's got a junctional rhythm.
Is there a pulse with that?

all right, his pulse is thready,
but it's there.

he's hypotensive. Grey,
hang some f.F.P. Let's push 1 of epi.

Lost his pul. Starting compressions. He
could have some delayed internal bleeding.

Let's get ready for a laparotomy.

I need to get in there. Gown me.
What about hyperkalemia?

All right, out. Now. I saw the
monitors when you turned him.

He had p.T. Waves, then a widened q.R.S.,

Then a sine-wave rhythm. Dude.

okay, push 2 of calcium, 2 of d-50,

And ten units of regular insulin I.V.

Uh, they just taught us
that on Friday, so...

What's your name? Edward, sir.

Good save, edward.

Okay, tell me about your cadaver bone thing

For sarah.

Really? Look at you.

Did somebody maybe listen to what
someone else had to say? Okay, I get it.

I suck. I'm a stuck-up,
self-righteous bitch,

And callie wants nothing
to do with me ever again,

But can you just drop it

And tell me about the damn surgery?

we'll inject the donor
bones with stem cells.

This way, the bones will grow
and conform to sarah's face.

There's a much lower chance
they'll degrade over time,

Which is key, especially
if you want to play sports.

Cool. Random dead guy's bones in my cheeks.

My teammates will call me zombie face.

but it's still highly experimental.


Yeah, what about the original plan?

this surgery is more advanced,

And would decrease the
chance of complications

That could make the kind of
sports that sarah wants to play

Out of the question.
Well, it's just sports, honey.

You're good at other things.
You paint. You draw.

Because that's all I've been allowed to do.

I'm a tomboy, but I've never
been able to be a tomboy.

I know you want me to...

Draw and paint and bowl,

But... I want to play volleyball

Ansoftball and soccer.

I don't know. If you guys
don't let me take this chance

To be who I really am,

I'm gonna be more prone to teen depression,

Eating disorders, drug addiction.

Is that what you want?

You are too smart for your own good.

Because all I do is read.

Let me be a dumb jock.




Dividing and ligating the
renal artery and vein.

Beautiful. Nice work, dr. Yang.

Mr. Wilson, would you like

To take a look at the tumor up close?

Oh. Sure. I-I mean, yes.


Okay, so these are the hilar vessels.

Our med student's gonna faint.

Catch him, people.

Thank you.

Sorry about that, sir. Ah, it's fine.

That's exactly why I like
seeing first-year med students

Here once a year.

Reminds me where I started.


That's another good quality
for a chief resident,

Wouldn't you say, dr. Bailey?

It was always one of my best qualities.

Also, it's funny when they fall down.

Sir, you want to take a look at this.

He's doing fine.
His spine's been stabilized,

And, uh, he'll be awake soon.

He's fine? He'll be okay?

His recovery will be slow and painful.

You should be prepared for that.

This was supposed to be
the best day of our lives.

You think I'm silly, I know...

With the horses and the... Bagpipes.

So does he.

We don't get marriage in washington.

We get domestic partnerships.

We get to go to city hall

And stand in line

And... Sign some papers.

Mail it in if you're even more romantic.

So call me crazy, but...

I-I just wanted the big day
that everybody else gets.

And I fought fort.

I organized rallies, I...

Stood in the cold outside the statehouse.

I had some neanderthal
throw hot coffee on me.

I fought for a wedding

And waited.

And they still said no.

So when we got tired of waiting, and...

Brady and I went to go sign the papers,

I wanted it to be special.

He's the best thing that's
ever happened to me,

And I wanted it to feel like that.

Not like some trip to the dmv.

I wanted it to be special.

And instead, I nearly killed him.

Things don't go the way you want 'em to.



Come on.

Let's go see him.

You paged me, chief?

We found a cyst on henry's pancreas

That's in danger of rupturing.

Removing it means removing a
large portion of his pancreas,

Which would make henry a diabetic.

We didn't discuss that possibility with him.


Well, do you think that's
something he could live with?

I don't know.

Well, I hate to ask you
on the spot, dr. Altman,

But technically, you are the wife.

And you're also his
emergency contact person,

So I am asking you,

Do you think he has the support system

To manage a very tricky disease?

I don't know.

Is there someone we could call?
A next of kin? Anyone?

I-I don't know.
You signed a marriage license,

And you haven't asked him
the most basic questions

On how he wants to live or die?

Do I have your permission
to act as I see fit?


That's all, dr. Altman.

So... Did you get my note?


I guesyou got my note.

What do you think?

I think you're dirty is what I think.

You want to be dirty with me?
Show me those on-call rooms

You doctors are always having sex in?
I'm going home.

Mm. Mm.


If you change your mind...

I get off in an hour.


I have a phd.

Um... After college, I got a phd,

And then I went to medical school,

And I'm number one in my class.

I know you think I'm an idiot, but I'm not.

I-I've seen this stuff in textbooks.

I-I've just n-never seen it up close before.


Think what you want of me.

You want to not be an idiot?

Back up your resident, no matter what.

Never undercut them in front of their boss.

And when a patient asks you for information

You're not allowed to give them,

Stall or say you don't know.

Just wait long enough until
the attending gets there.

The attending takes the lead.

And if you ever panic

Or feel faint in an o.R. Again,

Just... Stop thinking,

There's a body open the
table in front of you.

Just stop thinking

And take a deep breath.

It usually helps.


Now I feel like an ass.

Just disregard my evaluation.

What evaluation?

We turned in evaluations on you guys.

What did you say?

Um... I might have used

The word, uh, "heartless."

Among others. There were...

Check the monitor.

Thank you, doctor.

Okay. Lay it on me.

Lay what on you?

The speech.

You know, "the chief is
right and what you did

Was totally inappropriate" speech.

Oh, uh, the speech. Yeah.


Okay, I not dating a nurse.

We are not dating.

But we are having... Fun.

I mean, I-I look at him,

And he's...


But there's no future.

He's just--I mean,
I-I would not have him to my house

Or introduce him to my child,

Because who knows what he would do.

He left a dirty note for me in a chart.

Now what if-- what if the chief

Opened the chart and--and found the...

It's inappropriate.
That's what--that's what he is.

He is inappropriate.

But I'm-a go with it.


Because, you know... Why not?

That's my attitude these days.

Why the hell not?

a cadaver bone doesn't have

Any bone growing cells or proteins in it,

Which is why we're drilling holes in it.

Would you like to hold it?

what do you think you're doing? Teaching.

dr. Karev, do you really
think it's appropriate

For someone with so little experience

To be handling these cadaver bones? Relax.

karev, kepner's right.

Your student's allowed
to observe. That's all.

Stubborn, passive-aggressive,
uh, I resent obligations.

Just tell me when I'm getting warm here.

I choose her over you in the divorce.

You know that, right? Of course, of course.

That's because you two
have been friends forever,

And you and I are like siblings.

We fight. We get on each other's nerves.

But the point is,
you're like family to me, mark.

I mean that. Patronizing.
Add that to the list.

Periosteal elevator, please.

Thank you.




Here. Have some water.


Just tell me.

There was a large cyst on your pancreas.

When they got in there,

It was necrotic and close to rupturing.

They called me to make a decision

Because you listed me

As your emergency contact person.

And what did you decide?

They removed a large
portion of your pancreas,

Which means that you might be

An insulin-dependant diabetic

For the rest of your life.

It's gonna be

A very big adjustment for you.

I'm a man who has a green thumb for tumors.

I'm familiar with adjustments.

I really am-- I'm--I'm sorry.

You're also angry...

That I put you...

As my emergency contact.

This was supposed to be about paperwork.

Life-and-death decisions wasn't--

It j--it wasn't part of our deal.

I'm 42 years old.

♪ so you think that I'm harder than easy ♪

I lost my...

Mom and dad four and...

Five years ago, respectively.

My sister lives in prague,

Which is a-a longer story
than you want to hear.

And when I talk to her,
I tend to err on the side of,

"how are the kids?
" and "everything here's great,"

Because... She's broke,

And because my health thing is...

It's exhausting.

I used to have a best friend,

But he married a woman
who made sure that I knew

That my health thing was exhausting.

And because I kept maxing
out my insurance policies,

I had to switch jobs about nine
times in the past five years,

So I've always just been the ny

In the cubicle by the
bathroom who takes a lot of...

takes a lot of sick days.

That's not a guy people make friends th.

It's not my intention to
make you feel sorry for me.

It's my intention to apologize and...

And to explain...

That in this city...

You're the closest thing I have to a friend.

That's why I put you down
as my emergency contact.

Not because of the fake marriage, but...

But because I consider you a friend.

♪ and at the end of the day ♪

♪ when you're lonely ♪

♪ after begging to be left alone ♪

♪ if you want you can make me your home ♪

♪ sing me ♪

I might be a diabetic?

♪ I'm... ♪


That sucks.


♪...Love you ♪

♪ the best I can ♪

mm. Hey.

How are you feeling?



I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I just wanted it to be special. Special.

I know.

You always do.

Shut up.

I have to say this before
I fall asleep again.

Brady, shh. Please.

I forgive you.

Do you hear that?

I forgive you.

So... Stop apologizing.

And please...

Do not

Try to make it up to me,

'cause you'll kill me for sure.

I love you.

He's up, if you want to
do a post-op assessment.

Okay, thanks. Good night.

How long does the post-op
assessment take? Oh, kira.

Why don't you just go home? No, it's cool.

You're obviously not interested
in learning anything.

I am. I totally am. Today was
really interesting. Really? Because
you had the chance to observe

A very rare surgery today,

And you looked at your phone
the whole, entire time.

You had the opportunity to ask
me any question you wanted,

And instead, you asked me abt
my husband. You've been sneaking
off to the bathroom all day,

And I saw the pregnancy
tests in your locker.

So me asking about your husband?

I was just trying to get on your good side.


Oh, you're kidding. They were evaluating us?

Don't worry. No one will read them.

They'll just filed away in
a room next to the morgue.

"dr. Yang...

Lacked patience and basic compassion."

Dr. Kepner--

"unwilling to delegate."

"dr. Avery placed his own
learning opportunities

Before my own." I...

And dr. Grey...

"seemed to have a lot going
on personally today."

The only one of you who
emed to actually teach today

Was dr. Karev.

The rest of you failed...


I hate that guy.

I don't know. Okay?

I don't--I don't know
what my worst faults are.

I mean, I try not to think about them.

I'm not proud of that. So just tell me...

What the hell do I have to cop to

To--to make her give me another chance?

You bail.

When things get hard,

You bail.

♪ for the feeling that I lost today ♪

♪ summer sent a runner for the feeling... ♪

"unwilling to delegate"?

I am a great delegator.

It's the key to why I'm so organized.

Oh, hi. Uh... Just wanted to get some water.

Well, the glasses are in that cabinet.

♪ summer sent a runner ♪

♪ for the feeling that I lost today ♪

♪ you must be somewhere ♪


♪ you must be loving your life in the rain ♪

♪ you must be somewhere in london ♪

♪ walking abbey lane ♪

♪ famous angels ♪




So how'd you do today?

Mm. Med student screwed me.


But I did pretty good.

Mm. Want some dinner?


♪ I don't even think to make ♪

♪ I don't even think to make corrections ♪

so I peed on ten sticks today.


And I stole them from the clinic

Because they're $15 at the store. So you're
a thief. Is that what you're telling me?

A barren thief.

Look... It takes time, getting pregnant.

Not for some people.
Some people hit it on the first try.

Well, those people are overachievers.

I am an overachiever.
That's the whole thing.

I spent my whole day peeing on sticks

And not teaching my med student,

So I'm getting my ass kicked
in this race for chief resident

So I'm not overachieving atnything.

I used to be hard-core.

Now I'm soft-core.

What... Did we just start
talking about porn?

stop it. I'm upset.

You're just upset because
we haven't made a baby.

And I say, practice makes perfect.


♪ afraid of the height ♪

I bail. Okay?

When things get hard, I-I walk away,

And maybe it's because
I grew up an army brat.

We moved every 18 months.

Maybe I never learned to commit.

Bui'm here now, and I'm staying,

Because I'm gonna fight to make sure

That you know that I'm
committed to this thing.

Now I-I'm not perfect, but neither are you.

And you--you want to talk about faults?

How about not being able to forgive?

At some point, you're
gonna have to forgive me.

And it may as well be now,

Because I am ilove with you, calliope,

And you are in love with me.

And all I'm asking for is one more chance.

It's all anybody wants, right,

Clean slate... A new beginning?

You want another chance?

Yes. More than anything,
I want another chance.

Like that's gonna be any easier.

K the guy pushing the boulder up the hill.

Nothing's easy about starting over.

Today I found out that I pregnant

With mark's baby.

How about now?

Nothing at all.