Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 16, Episode 10 - Help Me Through the Night - full transcript

Following the car crash at Joe's Bar and subsequent rescue efforts led by the Station 19 firefighters, Grey Sloan doctors work through the night to save the lives of their colleagues. ...

You're not in it alone.

Coming through!

It's a nice thought,
but pretty useless in an O.R.

Heads up!

Behind you!

Get her to CT.

Clear trauma
one, two, and three.

And let CT know we'll be rolling
upstairs in a few minutes.

Uh, okay, these guys go straight
to the front of the line.

Okay, Altman, take Parker.
Got it.

Page everyone.
It's all hands on deck.

Come on.
Let's move. Move, move!

Hey, hey, hey, if you're gonna
be here, so am I, alright?

Give me privileges.
I can hop in.

Uh, okay, see if Altman
needs help with Parker.

After that,
go where needed in the E.R.

But, Ben, that's it.
I can't have you in an O.R.

Okay, let's move.

The better you are
as a surgeon...

The more likely it is

that no one else
can do what you can do.

A good outcome, a loss...

100% of that
rests solely on your shoulders.

It's a ridiculous amount
of pressure.

I'm sorry.

I just... I-I-I-I don't know
why I'm in here.

Oh, you were in the bar.

Uh, are you hurt?

I'm j... Uh, no.

I, uh... But my friends.

Mm. I hear you.

But right now,
your friends need your help.

And mine, too.

So, look,
whatever we're f-feeling,

we put it aside and we help.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.
Let's go to work.

And I've seen
it shatter the best of us.


He had a really hard day.

Yeah, and it just got harder
'cause now he's been kidnapped.

I didn't kidnap him.

I just didn't take him
to the hospital right away.

He wasn't ready.

I-I don't think
a Safe Haven volunteer's

supposed to make that decision.

I just wanted him
to have one cozy night

before a social worker turns him
into a pile of paperwork.

Oh, my God.
It's the cops.

Okay, okay.

Wait, don't answer the door.

Wait, wait!
Wait, wait!

Answer the door,
and tell them

that I brought the baby here
for a wellness check with Alex.

He's a peds doctor.

He's in Iowa.

Who is it?

It's Meredith.

Oh, it's Meredith.
Let her in.

You're not Alex.

Oh, yeah, he's, uh,
visiting his mom.

Well, Cristina sent
an obnoxious Irishman as a gift

and he stole
your husband's old job.

And who is that?

Oh, we already have
a bottle open.

Can you get her a glass?

Jo stole a baby.

I did not steal a baby.

Well, that's what I said
when I stole a baby.

Why are people stealing babies?

He was left at Station 19,

and they called me
to take him to the hospital,

and I... didn't.

Well, because you didn't want
him to go into the system

and have a miserable life
like you did.

She gets it.

But I'm a convicted felon.

She's a convicted felon.

She's a felon.
She's a convicted felon.

Oh, no.

Multiple traumas.

We should go back
to the hospital.

You know what?

I've had two glasses of wine,

so I really can't.
Don't worry.

We'll call on the way,
tell peds a Safe Haven's there

waiting for a wellness check.

You can sneak him
into the nursery,

pretend he's been there
all night...

Like he should have been.

Come on.

Hey, I just heard.
Is everyone alive?

So far.

Uh, do you know
if Maggie has been paged?

I kinda have a thing,
a personal... a talk thing,

need to... a girl talk.
Uh, girl thing.

Can you smile for me?

Ew, don't be that guy, Tom.

No, I want to make sure
you're not having a stroke.

Pierce quit.
What? Why?

Dr. Mahoney to the E.R.

Hey, big trauma?

You should head upstairs.

Elliott Calhoun was just
transferred to the CCU on ECMO.

Go up there, sit with him,
hold his wife's hand, whatever.

His heart
still hasn't restarted.

I'm chief resident.
I-I should go...

He has a premature baby
and a hole in his chest.

You should go
where I say you should go.

We need more O-neg!

I need some
bandages over here.

Get his vitals right away.

How bad is it?

Simms and Helm
got the worst of it...

Well, if you don't count
the couple who were in the car.

It's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.

Who is that?

Dr. Karev
is a Safe Haven volunteer,

and she is taking the baby
to the nursery.

Right, Dr. Karev?

Yep. Here I go.

So, how'd the ultrasound go?
Everything okay?

Everything is...

Yes. Uh, baby's healthy,
uh, great, developing.

Uh, Lincoln, Shepherd,
can you guys jump in here?

Not only are we swamped,
but we're short-staffed.

Well, not anymore,
because I've called in reinforcements.

Wha... Webber and Hunt were
fired from this hospital.

Lay off, Koracick.

Look, I don't care.
They are my students.

I hired them.

Okay, temporary privileges
granted. We need the help.

Everyone, gowns and gloves,
and keep up.

Blake Simms,
mid-face instability,

criked in the field.

Needs to head up to CT ASAP.

Hunt, join Avery.

I should be in here.
In case there's any neuro.

Any other requests
from the peanut gallery?

Good. Moving on.

Taryn Helm,
hemodynamically stable,

tib-fib fracture,

but complains of pain
in the pelvis,

so we need a pelvic X-ray,
chest X-ray,

F.A.S.T. exam,
the works.

Lincoln, Grey, go.

Where's Andrew DeLuca?

Uh, around here somewhere.

No, with patients.
He's working.

He's okay, Meredith.


Casey Parker... he took
a nasty blow to the head.

He's got a palpable
scalp hematoma.

Did a bomb go off?

We're taking him up to CT now.

Uh, uh, well,
you've got Shepherd.

And here I am.

Hey, how is she?

Minor lacs and bruises,
but neuro check's clear.

I'm okay.
I want to help.

Get cleaned up.
Then jump in wherever needed.

And, uh, what about you?

What about me?

You good to operate
on your residents?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Thanks for coming.
Oh, thanks for calling.

She seems okay.

She's not.

I mean,
she says she is, but I...

She's working through
a miscarriage.

She hasn't had time
to take a break yet.

I-I can't be there
in that O.R. with her,

so someone else who loves her
needs to be there.

In case she breaks.
Of course.

Thank you.


Are you okay?


But Miranda comes first.

There was a bomb.

No, Casey, it wasn't
a bomb. It was a car.

Stay nice and still, okay?

Are we in the green zone?

He was in the military, right?


Do you think he has PTSD?

We all do.

War. Life.

How far along are you?

Oh, um...

20 weeks-ish?

They're always a little off,
though, right?

With the whole
counting-from-ovulation thing?

When I hit 30 weeks,
I thought I was gonna pop.

Temporal lobe contusion.

Yeah, explains
the PTSD exacerbation.

He needs to be in the neuro ICU,
closely monitored,

with q2 hour checks.

Dr. Shepherd,
I just stepped out for a minute

to prep the next patient,
and when I came back...

Hi, Doctor.
Oh, my God. Ah.

Chief, there seem to be
a lot of doctors in here,

and I don't want to get in
the way of anyone,

You're in my way.

Move. Forward.
How are we?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm fantastic.

Dr. Grey is here.

- Hi, Dr. Grey.
- Hi, Helm.

Jackson gave her
a whiskey sedative at the scene

to set her leg.

I just gave her a little bit
of fentanyl for the pain.

And the X-ray doesn't show
pelvic fractures.

CT showed an infrarenal
IVC injury with a clot...

That's near my kidney.

It also showed
a small retrohepatic hematoma

by the IVC.
Oh, no.

I'm bruised in the liver.

Doppler shows, uh,
vascular compromise to the foot,

which is probably due
to the fracture,

so I'd like to get her
to an O.R. ASAP.

We should put in an IVC filter

to reduce the risk
of pulmonary embolism.

Mm. But he just said
my foot could die.

Don't worry, Helm, we got you.
She's not wrong.

I can do the filter

while she's getting prepped
in the O.R. for her leg.

Let's get to work.

Can I scrub in?



Uh, you have full privileges,
so jump in wherever needed.

Uh, Ben called me.

He shouldn't have done that.

But like I said,
jump in wherever needed.


Where are we on Blake Simms?

Uh, doesn't appear to be any
traumatic brain injuries.

Leave that to the expert, Red.

Yep, no epidural, subdural,
or subarachnoid hemorrhage.

How many of these have you done?


I'm sure it's in our records.

More than 20?

This is a rare injury,
the surgery extensive...

I have had a long night, Tom.

I don't have the energy
to defend myself to you.

I'm well aware
of your night, Avery.

It's just dumb luck those scans
aren't of you. Or Brody.

You're about to peel off
my protégé's face

and bolt his fractured facial
bones back into their place.

I want to make sure

that you're in the right
state of mind to do that.

I'm good.

Go babysit someone else.

Okay, let's, um,
take him up to the O.R.

Brody, do you know
of any relatives

that we can reach out to?

I didn't even know his first
name till I saw it on the scan.

His grandmother's local.
I'll call her.

Brody, just get him to the O.R.


So, who do we have here?

Oh, Dr. Karev.
Jo Karev.

Nice to meet you.
But I meant the baby.

Oh, right, yes.
Uh, so, boy.

Less than three days old.

Bottle feeding's been good.

He's sleeping well.

Good job.
Oh, there we go.


Let's get that hat off.
Let's have a look. Shh.

Normal chest contour. Okay.

Motor function.
Oh, yeah.

Does this hospital
have a baby hatch?

A what?

A baby hatch.

It's like a post box
but for babies.

That sounds not great.

No, actually,
they're brilliant.

Decorated like
a little nursery inside,

connect straight to the E.R.

Mum puts the baby in.

A sensor notifies
the staff to come.

My last hospital had one.
They're safe and anonymous.

Where was your last hospital?

That was in Switzerland.

Oh, you're him?


You're new guy.

New chief of peds guy.

Well, yes,
I suppose I am.

Oh, you're related
to the old chief of peds? Okay.

Yes. Wife.

I've heard good things.

About me?

Um, no,

but, um,
let's have a listen.

I got nothing.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What are you doing up here?

Uh, scrubbing in
with Avery on Simms.

Type III Le Fort fracture.


Yeah, it's bad.

And Koracick's
leaning heavy on Avery

to get the reconstruction right.

Well, making sure we get things
right is Tom's job.

Yeah, well,
being an ass about it isn't.

What are you two looking for?

Parker's MIA
with a temporal lobe contusion

and a nasty episode of PTSD
about a really big bomb.

Well, if I were scared
about a bomb,

I'd be looking
for a bomb shelter.

Maybe check the morgue
and the basement,

and I'll meet you in security.

- Owen.
- Yeah?

Cut Tom some slack.

Umbrella filter
has been deployed.

She's got the umbrella in.

Thank you, Helm.
You're welcome.

Are you gonna fix
my tib-fib, too?

I don't do bones.

Me neither.

And these are not regular bones.

These are my bones.

Helm bones.


I get it.

Dr. Schmitt,
let's prep her,

and let's remind Dr. Kim
and Dr. Lincoln

to check her neck for hematomas
and recheck her H&H.

Mm, no, no.
No Schmitt.

It's his fault you left me.


He got
the love of my life fired.

Which is you.


I love you,
Meredith Grey.

And I know it's stupid
and I should get over it,

and I will
if I ever meet anyone else.

I'm starting to think
I never will.

I'm embarrassed now, so I'm...
I'm gonna go prep myself.

Thank you for that, Helm.

Thank you.

We'll have Dr. Kim
prep you, okay?

Kim's a traitor-lover.

Schmitt, let's go downstairs.

Dr. Schmitt?

- Hey! Guys!
- Oh, my God. Levi.


What's happening?

You fainted in the O.R.,

I'm doing a full work-up.

I fainted and you're okay
being my doctor?

I couldn't really leave you
there on the O.R. floor.

They could take away
my license for that.

Your blood work all looks good,

except for your cardiac enzymes
are slightly elevated,

which could indicate...

I'm having a heart attack?

That's very unlikely
at your age,

but I'm gonna do an echo
just to be sure.

I'm not even 30.

I take fish oil every morning.

And, y-yeah,
I had double cheeseburgers

every day freshman year,

but since then,
I-I've been pretty good.

Okay, but you do need
to calm down, Schmitt.


Is there anyone
I can call for you?

Well, I'd say my mom,
but she'd only panic.

Probably have
her own heart attack.

And then I'd say Taryn Helm,

but she hates me
because of what I did to you,

and she's dying.

So then I'd say Nico,

but he's in the O.R.,
saving Taryn's life.

There's no one to call.

Take a deep breath, Schmitt.

I gotcha.

Any updates?

We just finished
temporarily wiring his jaw,

and now we're doing
our coronal incision

to expose the superior orbit
and zygoma.

Alright, keep me posted.
Every update.

You know what, Tom?

You might as well
bring in a camera crew here.

Really great press.

Plenty of human drama
and vulnerability to exploit.

You'd love it.

No? Okay.

Lap pads.

I do not miss that guy.

Nope. Suction.

Altman could do so much better.


Are you serious?

Altman's a badass.

She's smart and skilled and hot.

Koracick's just like
a creepy frat-house uncle.

She has done better, Brody.
She's with Hunt.

Periosteal elevator, please.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's just the way
that he talks to her...

Yeah, don't worry about it.

Skin hooks, please.

Owen, these flaps
are coming along pretty nicely.

Speaking of which, how are you two doing?
You set a date yet?

W-We're... We're not engaged.


Wow. I figured 'cause you have
two kids together,

you live together,
you marry everyone...

but I guess you have been busy,
haven't you?

Okay, let's, um, take a look
at these fractures.


Almost done here.

If you want to tap out,
it's cool.

I'm fine.

Your boyfriend
did just collapse.

Helm needed a plate and screws,

so I'm doing a plate and screws.

Me stopping to freak out

won't change the outcome
of Levi's condition.

And, plus,
Helm is Levi's best friend.

Fair enough.

She's hypotensive
and tachycardic.

- Page Bailey.
- Right away, Dr. Lincoln.

He's not in the morgue.

Did you check the exits?

Backed up all the tapes
half an hour.

I didn't see him leave.

Here's the basement.

I can do this without you
if you want to go.

He's a veteran
and he's suffering.

We send people overseas and we
ask them to give up their lives,

their health,
their families,

and when they come home,

we don't even give them
mental health care.


And Riggs. And Megan.

And me.

I can't imagine.

Do you think that Owen's...

Forget it.

It's not appropriate.

Do I think Owen's what?

Mm, triggered.

PTSD is about patterns.

Owen has a history
of feeling trapped.

By fear of disappointing,
fear of hurting people,

trapped by obligations.

And I arrived here with a belly
full of a heavy obligation.

Honestly, Teddy, I don't think
that Owen is triggered.

I think...

he loves you.

Well, he hasn't proposed.

And I feel really embarrassed
saying that out loud,

but it's, uh...

You know, it's... it's not like
I'm a stupid little girl

waiting for a ring from a man.

It's just... Hang on.

If he felt trapped
by an obligation,

don't you think
he would've proposed by now?

I really think he's just...

trying to do things differently.

You are incredibly kind,
Amelia Shepherd.



The hyperbaric chamber.

Bomb shelter.

Thank you.

Talk to me.

We repaired her leg, and her
vitals just plummeted.

She's hypotensive
with a worsening base deficit.

Uh, did you check her abdomen?


Abdomen's distended.

Okay, prep for an ex-lap
and call Dr. Grey.

I-I can assist.

Dr. Webber.

Look, I hired Dr. Helm.

I'm gonna help,
and you can't stop me.

His heart.
What is it? What's wrong?

It's coming back.
It's... It's beating.

His heart's beating.

Okay, uh, need to try
and wean him off

the pacing wires and ECMO.

Oh, my God.

Page Dr. Altman.

Right away, Doctor.
Oh, my God.


We got incoming.

Lieutenant Parker,
permission to approach.


I am right here, Parker.

We're in a hospital.
You're at Grey-Sloan.


We're safe.


You want to come with me
and we'll get you some help?

I got you.

I got you. Yep.

I got you.

Here we go.

It's alright.


Dr. Altman, Elliott Calhoun's
heart started beating again.

He's ready to come off ECMO.

Parker, what happened?

He took a blow to the head
at Joe's.

Did you get into a bar fight?

There was an accident
at Joe's Bar.

Casey and some
of the residents were there.

We are taking him up to the ICU
to monitor his contusion.

Damn it.
Grey needs me.

It... It's Schmitt.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Schmitt was there, too?
What the hell happened?

Apparently, it's cardiomyopathy.

I need to meet them
in the cath lab.

What about Elliott Calhoun?

Alright, why don't you prep him?
Clear an O.R.

I will go handle Schmitt,

and then I'll join you
when I can.

Page me with any updates
on Parker.

The rash is just
a little erythema toxicum, so...

But it's not remarkable.
Nothing to worry about.

So I think we can bring in
social services

for his placement.


Maybe we can wait
for another couple of minutes.

What do you think?

Do you have kids?

Yes. Two.

Boys. Teenagers.


No. No, not yet.

I'm just volunteering.

Oh, hello.

I was in residency
when my boys were this age.

All the pictures I have with
them, my eyes are half-closed.

I love my boys,
but sometimes I think

I probably missed
their perfect stage, you know?

Yeah, he's pretty perfect.

Don't know how you even
brought this guy in.

I think I would've stolen him.

The subcostal incision
isn't enough.

Uh, can you visualize the IVC?

I can't see from my side.

Okay, we need
to extend up to a sternotomy

to get better visualization.

Clamp the IVC
from all directions

so I can isolate the bleed.

You want to crack
her chest, too?

No, but I don't want her to die,

and this is the only way
we can get control.

You can do it
if you feel more comfortable.


Get the saw ready.


Very good alignment.

Dr. Hunt,
the E.R. is asking

if we can spare anyone
for an intake.

Uh, Brody, we got this.

But we haven't
closed the skin yet.

Dr. Avery is perfectly capable
of doing it, so...


Thanks, Brody.

It's not her fault she didn't
know about you and Teddy.

I want to marry Teddy, okay?

It's just complicated.
How's it complicated?

I'm afraid.
That you'll screw the whole thing up?

I am afraid
it won't be big enough

to make up for the fact
that I didn't do this sooner.

And I'm not talking about

the months
since Allison's been here.

I'm talking about years,

That is a lot of pressure.

But pressure or not,
don't wait too long.

If it's somebody you feel like
you want to be with forever,

that should include now.

What part of "updates
at every stage" was unclear?

Well, you know how it is
when you're in the zone.

Sometimes you just forget
everything else, right?

Fractures are reduced.

We're ready to reattach
the coronal flap.

I mean, unless you want to check
my handiwork first.

No need.

We're ready for closure.

4-0 Vicryl, please.

Whoa. Wait, Avery.

Koracick, look.

There is clear fluid
around the blood. Look.

CSF fluid's leaking
from his brain, damn it.

You said scans didn't indicate...
Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?

I got to find the leak
and seal it.

I said updates every stage.

If I hadn't shown up,
he'd be dead on your table.

Suture scissors.

Now, when I clamp
the intrapericardial IVC,

she'll flatline,

and then I have about a minute
to find the bleeding.

You'll have less than a minute.

Alright, on my count.

1, 2...


Starting cardiac massage.

Oh, man, I still can't see it.
It's too much blood.


Do not die.
Do you hear me?

You are not dying.
You are not dying today.

I will not let you.

No one is dying.

Ah, okay. There, there, there.
I found it.

Okay. 6-0 Prolene.
Okay, Richard, seconds.

Okay, I'm repairing the IVC.

Hold it.

Hold on.

We're gonna lose her!

Got it.
I'm releasing the clamp.




Come on, come on.



She's back.

- Great job, doctors.
- Alright.

- Ah!
- Alright!

Okay. Okay. Okay.

You should so hate me right now.

Schmitt, try and relax.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


I forgive you.

I have my license.
I have my job.

I forgive you.

But I need you to be quiet
and stay still

so Dr. Altman
can do her job.


Dr. Altman, am I dying?

No, it just felt like it.

No blockages?

No, he didn't have
a heart attack.

It appears
from the echo and angio

that he has
broken-heart syndrome.

What's that?

It's when you have the symptoms
of a heart attack...

Chest pain,
shortness of breath...

But there's nothing wrong.

It's rare.

Comes from extreme stress.

No. Schmitt's as cool
as a cucumber.

No, I'm not. I'm the most
stressed-out person...

Oh, you're kidding.

I'm kidding.


I'm glad you're okay.

You may have gotten off
to a bumpy start,

but you're gonna be
just fine, buddy.

You got people
looking out for you,

people who love you.

Never doubt that.


Thank you, Dr. Karev.

You okay?

When I signed up to volunteer,
I just wanted to heal me.

But I...

I fell a little bit in love
with him.

Is that weird?

Uh, you're asking the wrong guy.

I'm in love with a baby
that hasn't even been born yet.

I went from being terrified
about being a father to...

I'm just sunk.

And, uh,
if this Safe Haven thing

is too much for you,

you are welcome to come hang
with our kid anytime you want.

As long as there's no
kidnapping involved.

Are you... I...

Thank you.

Helm's gonna be okay.

You can tell her it was my call
to crack the chest.

What about, uh, Simms?

Linda said they just closed,

and they are taking him up
to the ICU now.

And Parker?

They found him.

Shepherd's been monitoring him.

She's optimistic,

and, uh, his recovery
will take awhile.

Anyone figure out
what happened to Schmitt?

Heartbreak syndrome, apparently.

He'll need a few weeks rest.

Bailey, everyone's fine.



Everyone I touched today,

everyone I held in my hands

or gave to another surgeon

to put back together again,

and fine.

I lose you and Grey,

Hunt, Karev,

but I made that fine.

I made that work.

But this... this...

This I...

I am not fine.

She isn't fine!

And I can't even
hold her in my hands

or put her
in someone else's hands

who could put her
back together again.

She just was!

Oh, God.

And now she isn't.

And I can't do anything
but just stand here...

Stand here and lose her.



My heart was broken.

Mine too.

Taryn's out of surgery.

She's okay.

Can I go see her? Yeah.

In a minute.

He did have facial fractures
we were able to fix,

and then we discovered he had
fluid leaking from his brain,

but Dr. Koracick
was able to get in there

and patch up the leak.

Dr. Tommy operated on him?

Dr. Tommy is...?

Tommy. Koracick.


Yeah. Yes.

Well, he's our angel.

When he offered Blake the job
to come out here,

Blake said no.

He didn't want
to leave me behind.


It's just been the two of us
since his parents died.

But Dr. Tommy
wanted him badly enough

he paid for me
to move to Seattle.

I know he must be beating
himself up that this happened.

I told him that it was
a freak accident,

but you... you know
how emotional he is.

Of course, yeah.

Yeah, s-super emotional guy.

So, um, will Blake be okay?

There is a slow recovery.

His trach should come out
in a day or two.

- As long as everything goes
well... - Lorraine?

Are these two men bothering you?

No, not at all.

Um, can I go in the room?


Dr. Avery,
lead the way.

Of course, yeah.


That CSF leak,
that was a great catch.

I'm grateful.



you and Avery got this?

Yeah. I got, uh,
something I need to do.


You're here early.

Got called in.

Me too. Same.

I have to say,
I kinda see it.

You have to say that?

Oh, don't be mad at me.

He's Yang's gift.


Do you have a minute?

He didn't die.

No. No, he did not die.
He just...

had a really terrifying nap.

You saved him.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Oh, no, no, no.

This was all Dr. Pierce
and Dr. Altman.

I, uh... I just helped.

Well, you're the only one
that's here.

So thank you.

Um, in here.
This will work.

Give me this.
And this.


Oh, my God, Owen.
What are you doing?

What are you doing?

This ring was my mom's.

She gave it to me
the day that Allison was born,

and I've been carrying it around
with me in my pocket

ever since.

And I love you.

And there's no perfect moment,

and I am not a perfect man,

but the one thing
I know for sure is

you're the perfect woman for me.

So, Theodora Grace Altman,
will you...

Owen, no.

No? What?

Is it Tom?

Oh, my God, Teddy.

Owen, stand up. Get up.
Listen to me.

You are not obligated
to marry me.

You don't have to do this.

I want you to break the
patterns, not reinforce them.

I'm not repeating a pattern.

I'm starting a new one.

Loving you,

loving our family,

with my whole heart,
every day.

That's my new pattern.

I love you.

I love you.

Teddy, marry me.

Marry me.

Marry me, Teddy.


Uh, I have
to tell you something,

um, and I'm sorry
to do it at work.

I... It deserves
dinner and privacy,

but if I don't spit it out...

Oh, it's okay.
What is it?

It appears...

We got news.

We're getting married.

- Oh!
- Oh, wow!

- Hey!
- Oh, my goodness!

I, uh... Congratulations.

Thanks, man. Aww, thank you so much.
That's wonderful.

Oh! I know. Wonderful.

I know.

Thank you so much.

So, you had something
you wanted to tell me?


I didn't want to know,
uh, but...

it's a boy.



What do you think
of the name Scout?

Like Atticus and Scout?

I know it's a discussion,
but I want it in the mix.

So cute.


I, uh...

I'll understand
if you don't want me to...

Shut up.

I forgive you.

You're my best friend
at this place,

and if I don't have you,
I'm done for.


I told Meredith Grey
I loved her.

You did.
I heard.

She didn't say it back, did she?


But you will find someone.
I promise.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say.

You get to make out with that
every night.

Yeah. But it took me
my whole life to find him.

And, also,
for what it's worth,

I am amazing,
but I am no Meredith Grey.


you're alone in the O.R.

can make you the best.

But that attitude
can ruin your personal life.

Alright, I-I'm coming.

Hey. I turned off my
phone for a reason.

Okay, hey, hey, hey.

Elliott Calhoun's heart
started beating again.

Yeah. You did that.

You saved him.

Oh, God. Thank you.
Thank you, um...

Thank you for telling me.
I needed to hear that.

Hey, c-can I...
Could we, um, talk?


Look, I blew it, I think.

I think I made a big mistake
with Meredith.

I asked her to take time.

I don't know. I...

I meant some of what I said.

I-I-I wanted her to see me.

I wanted to know
she respected me.

But I think
asking her to take time

might've had
the opposite effect.

You hurt someone

who's had more than enough hurt
for a lifetime.

I know. And I don't know
how to undo it.

Dr. Margaret Pierce?


You've been served.

That's why depression,
fatigue, and burnout

are so common in our profession.

I'm being sued
for wrongful death.

Who's Sabrina Webber?

My cousin.

But if you're going to make
a life of this,

you need to learn to rely on
others whenever possible.

Get in here.

I had a miscarriage once.

I never felt so lonely.

Well, did... did you bring me the
doughnuts? Did you bring...

And that if you break,

it's okay to let your friends
put you back together.