Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 16, Episode 11 - A Hard Pill to Swallow - full transcript

Richard finds out Maggie quit Grey Sloan and is concerned about how she's handling the death of her patient who was her estranged cousin. Bailey returns to work after taking some personal ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Almost half of this country

doesn't go to the doctor
when they should.

Many don't have access,

but a lot of others,
they just don't want to.

Because they don't believe
anything is actually wrong.

Illuminating exchange.

Any Maggie sightings today?

Uh, well, I sent Zola up
with food.

She refused it.

We'll know when to push.

I wish I could just stay in bed.

I actually might.

I might go back to bed.

No. Not doing that.

I'm gonna be brave.
I'm gonna face this.

First chance I get.
Rigorous honesty.

What are we talking about?

Um... may I?

I'm Cormac Hayes. Amelia.

And... God, yes.

I-I mean... yes, that is...

very helpful.

Dr. Grey.





Yeah. No, I'm good. Thanks.

Very good coffee for a hospital.

Or for anywhere, really.

Yeah, Seattle is kind of known
for its coffee.

It's, uh, better
at the cart outside.


Noted and appreciated.

That is
a very well-wrapped gift.

Plastics needs to look
at the facial lac in bed 6.

MVC victim in trauma 2
is about to go up to CT.

I've got ortho on the way
to assess the girl in bed 4.

Dr. Altman? Yeah?

Uh, what are you doing?

I lost my engagement ring.


Oh, no!

Isn't that, like,
some sort of...

Hunt family heirloom? Yes.

Ugh. That's why I never take
mine off except for surgery.

I'll... I'll keep an eye out.

You told me to take
some time to think,

which I didn't like, because
two people who are together

should think through things

Look, I-I did a routine lap appy
on a patient,

and she's not getting better.

She's post op day three,
she's fevering,

she's got a high white count.

I did a sepsis workup.
It all came back negative.

Okay, well, I'll think on it.

In the meantime, I think
you should fill Bailey in.



You know, I didn't dump you,
Meredith, so...

you don't have to miss me.

Coffee smells good.

You okay?

Coffee smells bad?

Uh... baby's kicking?

You woke up this morning

with a deep knowing
I'm not fatherhood material?

Link, I hate this.

I... I'm not sure
that I have the ability

to convey how much I hate this.

But I promise you,

no blood test can change
the way I feel about you.

It's just a matter
of some cells.

I... still have no idea
what you're talking about.

I am more pregnant
than I thought.


Which means there is a chance
that you aren't the father.

It took me a few days
to work up the nerve

to tell you.

We're talking about Owen, right?


Does he know?

I'm talking to you first.

Because I don't need
a paternity test

to know that I want
to be with you.

I love what we have.

I love your kindness
and I love our ease

and I love that you
make me laugh all the time

and you have yet to make me cry.

I'm in love with you, Link.

And the genetics
don't matter to me.

But I have been sitting with it
for a few days,

and you haven't.


Take some time to think.

Welcome back, Dr. Bailey.

Quick update on the residents...
We've removed Simms' trach

and started him on a soft diet.

Helm's chest tubes were removed,

and she actually took
a couple steps today with PT.

Parker left for neural rehab,

and Schmitt was discharged with
a couple weeks' medical leave.

Sounds like you're pretty busy.

Yeah, I am.

So, why are you
glued to my side right now?

I was hoping you could weigh in
on an appy patient of mine.

She's post-op day three.

She's been giving me
more questions than answers.

Mm. Lead the way.

Dr. Bailey. A funny thing
happened yesterday.

I came to your office
for a budget meeting,

and you weren't there.

I took some personal days.

Even when half your residents
are on bedpans?

That's great timing, Chief.

I asked
some of the other departments

to lend us some residents

for surgical floor
and ICU coverage.

They were happy to help.

Even so, next time
you want to take a vacay,

run it up the flagpole,
as in me.

D... Uh, thank you.

Mom? SUZANNE: Yes, honey?

Can I be done?

Just a few more times,
sweet girl. You got this.

Oh. It's her therapy.

I know it looks nuts.

Mei Li was adopted
from an orphanage,

and she was recently diagnosed
with attachment disorder,

so we've been doing
this crawling therapy

because it's supposed to
rewire her brain.

But you got to do it every day,
and you got to be

super consistent with it
every day.

Hi. I'm her sister.

It was an appendectomy. You said
it went without a hitch.

So, um, why are we still here?

Take this. Please.

She's been spiking fevers
every night.

Yeah, I know. I'm asking why.

And I have brought our chief of surgery...
Mom? Yes, sweetheart.

To help determine that.

- Uh, here. You, too, sweetheart.
- Here.

Dr. Bailey, Suzanne Britland.

Hi. BAILEY: Good morning.

Ms. Britland,
how are you feeling?

She has a sore throat.
She has a sore throat.

It's just a little sore.

I'm probably
just getting a cold.

It could still be
from the intubation.

Could be.

I know that the answer
is probably "no,"

but is there any way
you could just send me home

with some antibiotics?

Not until you've been fever-free
for 24 hours. I'm sorry.

Oh, it's just, the kids are
missing so much school.

Well, I can take them to school.

No! No!


It's okay.

Their dad died last year.

He had a migraine,
and then when it got really bad,

we took him to the ER,
and the doctors told us

we could go home
and he would be fine,

and then...

he very much wasn't.

We are running
a fresh set of labs,

and we hope to know more soon.


Dr. Grey.


So, elephant in the room...

I'm not sure what Cristina
said to you, but...


Never mind. Who did you say?

Never mind.

Are you coming to the pit?

What? The pit.

The what? The ER.

You call the ER "the pit"?

Yeah. Why?

I don't know.

Oh, my God! Kai?

What's happening to him?

What do we know? 17 years old.

He came in with
shortness of breath.

He just started
coughing up blood.

We need suction and an intubation tray.
Help him, please!

We should set up for
an emergency bronchoscopy also.

The door is frosted,
and the curtains were drawn.

You can't see inside.

Was I wrong?

What are you doing here?

Um, well, I was thinking
about taking you to breakfast,

but, uh, now that I see you,

um, I'm thinking eat in.

How's pancakes sound?


I didn't know you could cook.




What's, uh... What are we...

Oh. Oh, wait.
Are you meditating?

I'm sorry. I can...
No. No, I was...

Amelia said
the baby might be Owen's.


Somebody help me, please!

All these blue pajamas, I can't
get any help over here?!

Oh, sorry. The ER's this way.
What happened?

We'll go get your hand fixed up,
and I promise you can punch me.

Okay, what happened?

I'm trying to rush Chuck
to the ER,

and I accidentally slammed
his hand in the cab's door.

Wait. Why were you
rushing to the ER?

Oh, because of the fish.

There's a fish inside of there.

What, like... like,
part of a fish or a bone or...

No, an entire fish, sir.

Okay, Link, with you... Later.

Spilling blood everywhere.

Kai's bronchoscopy was
surprisingly clean.

We didn't see any bleeding
in his lungs,

just some inflammation.

Isn't that good news?

Not exactly.
Dr. Grey did an EGD.

She found the source
of the bleed in his esophagus.

We're just not sure
exactly why he's bleeding.

Everything was normal
at practice.

He started hacking up
like crazy.

I mean, Kai's never sick.

Kai's the best on the team.

He's got the fastest 200
in the school's history.

Does he drink or smoke?

No way. All he cares about
is his swimming.

This bleeding...
You can stop it?

We stopped it long enough
to get your son up to CT,

so we'll keep you posted, okay?

All the places in the world
to put food...

and yet, no food.

How do you people eat here?

Three kids who eat
like a pack of wolves.

Richard, you don't
have to do this.

What am I doing here?

Forgiving me or... or...
putting me back together.

Whatever this is.

It's called... eating.

And I don't deserve it.

Especially not from you.

We just hired
an amazing psychologist

at Pac-North.

She's excellent with sur...

With surgeons
who kill their cousins

and get sued by their uncles?

I'm sorry. I'm...

I shouldn't... I...

I'm useless and mean
and depressed and awful.

This is why I just...
I want to be alone.

Can... Can we just go back
to that?

Can we go back to you just not
even being able to look at me?

Maybe we start with coffee.

Hey. Hey!

Hey. Hi!

What are you doing here?

I am on my day off, and I want
to take you for lunch,

and I want to see you.


I want to talk wedding plans.

That's so sweet. Mm-hmm.


I'm sorry.

I lost your engagement ring.

I lost the ring
that your grandfather

brought back from France
after he helped liberate Paris.

And I knew that this is such an
important ring to your family,

and I wasn't gonna tell you,
but then I knew

that you were obviously
gonna notice and...

Teddy, Teddy, stop crying.
It's okay. It's okay.

No! No! It's... It's not.
It's not okay.

This ring means everything
to you.

Maybe a little. More to my mom.

You know, she's gonna kill me.

Or you.

S-She's not gonna know, okay?

We're not gonna say anything
because we are going to find it.


Okay, we'll look together. Okay?


Alright, what happened, exactly?

The bar had an aquarium.

Alright, so we're winding down
Chuck's bachelor party.

You know what I'm saying?
It's his bachelor party.

So, we start daring each other

to swallow fish
from the aquarium.

You know how it is...
End of the night?

Yeah. No. Okay.

I honestly worry for
your entire gender sometimes.

Anyway, he grabbed
the biggest one.

We didn't think
he was gonna do it.

We're like,
"He ain't about to do it."

He gulps the whole damn fish,

and I guess
the fish didn't like that,

so the fish start fighting back,
start slapping...

just start going crazy,
and it goes in deeper, deeper.

We tried to pull it out.
It would not come out.

And then it kind of puffed up.

That... doesn't sound like
a goldfish.

Yeah. No.

And according to this X-ray,
this thing's got spikes.

And then I got scared

because I thought
he was gonna choke or puke.

Or that the fish
could be poisonous.

I didn't even think of that.

I'm-a call the bar,
see what kind of fish it was.

You think you'd have better luck
just writing it down?

Oh, yeah. Write it down.

"Please don't tell Roxanne."

Yeah, that's his fiancée.

She told us
not to do anything stupid.

Hey. SUZANNE: Aptitude is like
having a talent for something.

Okay, what do we got next?

Ooh. "Penultimate."

Uh, uh... I don't know.

"Guys, that was
the penultimate concert."

Wait, was it the second-to-last
concert you ever saw?

'Cause "penultimate"
means "second-to-last."

It does not mean
"super-extra ultimate."

Mom, the doctors. What? Really?

Vocab homework. Did you know
that "penultimate" means...

Yeah, I knew that.

Excellent. Any chance you also
know what's wrong with my sister?

Well, the labs showed your
white counts are way up again.

It's likely just an abscess
developing in your abdomen.

We'd like to monitor you
one more night,

get a CT in the morning
if things don't improve.

No! No more days!

Okay, come on, guys.
We listen to the doctors. Okay, okay.

We are not big fans
of hospitals,

'cause, you know... last time.

So, we are keeping brave faces,

but we would very much like
for last night to be

my penultimate night
in the hospital.

Ding, ding, ding!

See, that is the correct usage.

Lock it in, Matty.

Well, I can't see
why we need to wait,

so, DeLuca,
let's get her a CT now.


His friend called the bar.

The bronze catfish.

The spines do give off
a low-level toxin

when attacked by other fish.

Or being swallowed
by a dumb-ass human.

But it's not enough
to worry about, so...


you're not freaking out?



No, it doesn't really
change anything, right?

Except for, like, everything.

If it's Owen's kid, he's gonna
want to be in his life.

He's gonna want
to raise him, right?

Allison's awesome,
so Owen's got great genes,

he's a veteran dad by now,
and he's engaged to Teddy,

so the kid'll have,
like, eight parents.

It's all hypothetical, anyway.

Amelia doesn't want
a paternity test.

She says it doesn't matter.

Wai... What?!

And you're okay with that?

Oh, wait, wait, are you doing
that thing where you pretend

to be all cool and evolved
and optimistic

but you're secretly
losing your mind?


You can love her

and be mad at her
at the same time.

Both things can be true.

I made coffee in here,

and then I washed my hands.

So, you're sure that it's here?

I think.

Wait. Wait. You think?

Teddy, are we even
in the right lounge?

Yes, yes, because I showed it
to Meredith in here,

and she said
that it was beautiful.

Well, that's great.

Oh, hey.

You're... operating on a sink.

Yeah, we're looking for a ring.

You haven't seen one,
by chance, have you?


Uh, maybe we should, um,

maybe we should
call maintenance.

Yep. I don't think
it's down here.


Are you okay?


U-Uh... dizzy.

A... little dizzy.

It happens with, um... anxiety.

You... You should sit down. Yes.

I think I should sit down, too.

Why are you anxious?

I-I'm worried about...

your ring.

Teddy? Yeah?

Leo just threw up
all over daycare.

We should...

I've got a couple of boys
at home this age.

I had to read a whole book

about how their brains
haven't fully developed yet.

It's the only way
I could manage to forgive them.

For what?

Everything they do.

I came home the other night,
and the oldest one

was throwing a tennis ball
as hard as he could

over and over
at the younger one's head.

The game was,
could his brother dodge it

before he got brain damage?

I shouldn't laugh at that.

Listen, Grey, uh...

the other day...

it was kind of a tough day
for me.

I get a bit dark
this time of year

because it's, um...

it's when I lost their mum.


So, um...

you know, I hope we can...

start over.


How long ago did she pass?

Uh, two years ago last week.

Two years is tough.


Gets better.

Not all the way better,

but... a little bit better.

Look at the inflammation
in his lungs.

I mean... you said
he was an athlete.

These are the lungs
of a 60-year-old smoker.

I've seen this before.

I bet you a naggin he vapes.

Vaping? No way!

He follows
all the training rules.

This is no time
for secrets, lads.

If you know something...

I mean, yeah. He vapes.

Half the school does, though.

And, I mean,
it wouldn't hurt him.

It's not like smoking.

How is it not like smoking?

There's no smoke.

Your lungs are meant
to inhale air, not smoke

and not vapors
filled with chemicals.


See there?

That's what a normal lung
looks like.

That's your mate's lungs.

Does that look safe to you?

Damn. That's disgusting.

It's more than disgusting.

People are dying
from this stuff.

Go and tell your friends.

I mean it! Go!

Go and tell half the school

they're turning their lungs
into rubbish dumps.

Get out of my face! Go!

You said "dying."
Is my son dying?

No. He's not.

But with his lungs
in this bad a shape,

our only definitive option
is to repair the esophagus

and remove part of the lung.
Remove p...

Well, it's not our only option.

I mean, we could try to stop the
bleeding by coiling the artery.

Then he would lose
less lung capacity.

Yes, but it might not be enough

to prevent more bleeding
in the future.

That's true.

But if it were my kid,
I guess I would just rather

take the least invasive option

and try to not cut
a piece of the lung out.

That sounds safer.

It is safer, and it
preserves lung function.

Then that's what I want.

Okay. We'll get back to you.

In that case, Dr. Grey,
I'll defer to you.

Well, no. I mean,
I didn't mean that I...

No, please. You should do it.


Rubbish dumps, huh?

You really like
terrifying these parents.

I was trying
to terrify the kids.

Richard, I just want
to be alone.

I want to be alone, too.

But I came here
to find out why you quit.

Maggie, you're family,
and you're hurting,

and you're hiding
because you lost Sabi.

You've lost patients before.

Not like this.

Maggie, she was practically dead
when she came in.

Her only shot was with you.

Richard... let's not pretend...

Look, the reason
I couldn't look at you

isn't because of
what you did to Sabi.

It's because of
what I did to you.


I sent you in there.

I knew that it was likely
that you would lose her,

but I wanted to give her
a fighting chance.

She wasn't a lost cause,

I made a mistake.

I didn't check her ACT
with the perfusionist.

I, uh, I didn't...

know that the protocol was
different at Pac-North.

I just assumed they'd tell me,
and they didn't.

Sabi is dead
because I didn't ask.

I told her I was the best,
I told her I was brilliant,

and I-I couldn't
even be clear in my OR.

I was arrogant,
and I was blinded by emotion,

and now Sabi is dead.

And I can't change it,
and I can't fix it.

And I can't go back into an OR
and pretend I belong there

after what I've done.

Please, just go.


What'd he have for breakfast?

He probably caught something
from that kid Lucas.

I swear, he is Patient Zero
for half this hospital.

You know, getting an X-ray
probably wasn't even necessary.

Well, you said that he didn't
seem like himself this morning.

Well, I say a lot of things.

See? What?

You are mad at me
about the ring.

I'm not mad. I'm just...

You are. You're practically
biting the air as you speak.

What? I'm...

Images should be coming up now
on the monitor right there.

Great. Thank you.

Is that... Yep.

Oh, Leo.

You ate my ring.


There it is.

Deploying the coil.


Steady coming back.

You know, if you wanted
to do this yourself,

I did offer you the option.

I didn't want to do it myself.

This isn't the first time

I've seen lungs
destroyed by this stuff.

That's how I recognized it.

Very often, there is a rebleed.

Yep. There it is. Damn it!

The tube's only a temporary fix.
We need to open him up.

Okay, wait a minute,
because maybe I can deploy another coil.

He doesn't have a minute.
The coils have failed.

This is exactly
what I was talking about.

Prep his chest
for a thoracotomy.

I'm sorry. Don't be sorry.

Tried it your way.
Now help me with mine.

Damn it.

It keeps breaking
into smaller pieces.

Every time I think I've seen

the craziest, dumbest things
a person can do...

the ER's just like,
"Hold my beer."

Maybe he had reservations.

Maybe this is the sort of thing

he would never do
in a million years,

but he was in the moment.

He was feeling good
and... and... and happy,

and his friends had just
thrown him this great party,

and he didn't want
to let them down.

So, he was just
in this impossible situation

that couldn't be avoided.

Except... if he just didn't
swallow the fish, man.

Right. Okay.



Good exposure of the fistula.

Full disclosure...
This isn't the first time

I've had the debate about whether
to coil or resect, either.

No? So, I was wrong
but I'm not alone?

Thanks. No.

Last time, I was on your side.

Woman in her 40s, vaped like a chimney.

I was convinced I could coil
and stop the bleeding,

even though my colleague
adamantly disagreed.

I didn't even get as far as you did
before everything went sideways.


Who was the colleague?

Head of the Klausman Institute.

Dr. Yang.

Absolute nightmare.

Oh, wow.

I do not like it in here.

Feels like...

the inside of a coffin.

You know, I've never actually
been in a coffin, but this is

definitely how
I pictured it feeling.

We're almost done here, Suzanne.

There's no signs of abscess
in the right lower quadrant.

So, whatever this is,
it's likely not your screw-up.

Oh. So, I-I heard right.

Nurse told me my chief was
doing follow-ups on an appy.

Seemed too crazy to be true,
but here we are.

I guess it makes sense, though.

Ease yourself back
into the real work. Y...

Everything okay?

Not really,
but thanks for asking.


I'm calling a code.
Oh, get her out. Get her out!

Code Blue. Code Blue.

Blood pressure's dropping.

Mm. JVD.

And muffled heart sounds.

She's got cardiac tamponade.

She's not gonna make it
to the OR.

We need to aspirate her
right here.

Okay, give me an 18 gauge needle
on a syringe.


Come on, Suzanne.

Inserting the needle.

Come on. Come on!

Come on. Suzanne, come on!
Those kids need you.

I managed to remove
all the spines.

You're likely gonna
experience some discomfort

in your throat
for the next few days.

And your hand is repaired.

Uh, but I need to have you
follow up with me

in a couple of weeks.

Hey, so, you guys, uh...
You guys are smart.

You're doctors, right?

So, how do I tell Roxanne?

I mean, what should I
tell my fiancée?

Maybe just tell her the truth.

She might think it's hilarious.

No, she definitely won't
think it's hilarious.

I don't know, man.
She looked past that time

you crashed her Volvo
into that pond

or when you sorta
got her dad arrested.

No known predators, Chuck!

Hey, babe!

The bronze catfish has
no known predators, Chuck!

She knows.

Would you two like a little privacy?

No known predators.

That means you have
worse survival instincts

than any other creature
on Earth!

You are dumber than a turtle!

Y-You are dumber than a chicken!

You are dumber than a frog!

Is he gonna live?
He'll be fine. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

You may have to modify
the tux to fit over the cast.

No, there's not gonna be
any kind of tux.

I just needed to know
that he was gonna survive this

so that I wouldn't feel guilty
for leaving him.

Whoa! Babe, I... come on.

I mean, they... they dared me.

Last month, my mother
offered me $10,000

to push the wedding back a year.

One year.

I told her no!

I said it was just
'cause she couldn't see you

for who you are.

But it turns out it was me.

I couldn't see you
for who you are

because the sex is good

and because you make me laugh.

And I just keep excusing
your unbelievable stupidity.

I keep making excuses for you.

You about to leave him?

Because I ate a catfish?

Damn it.


I am leaving you

because this is not
the life that I want.

And when someone shows you
who they are over and over,

you're supposed to believe them.

The CT revealed
no abscess or infection

from the surgery,

but there was fluid
around her heart,

which we were able to remove.

So, she's okay?

She's gonna be okay?

It was a temporary measure.


we still don't know the cause.

Well, how long 'til you do know?

We're sending the fluid
we aspirated from the heart

to the lab.

We'll also send
new blood cultures.

W-We'll keep looking,

but at this point,
we just don't know.

I-I'm so sorry.

Mommy, Mommy! Mei Mei!

Oh, no, no, no, no! You can't go in there!
Hey, hey! Come back!

Mommy, I want to go home.
Let's go home.

back away from her, Mei Li.

- I'm sorry. We can't risk infection.
- Hey.

Sweet girl, look at me.

Look at me.

I'm here.

I'm alive.

I'm not dying.

I'm not sick
like Daddy was sick.

And these doctors...

Oh, baby girl,

these doctors...
They are the best.

They're the smartest.

They're gonna figure this out.


- Thanks.
- I'm sorry.


Are you gonna figure this out?

Oh, boy.

You guys have been through
so much already.

I can see that.

Uh, and... and yes.

We are going to figure this out.

Put every brain on this
you can find.

Create a war room.

We're not letting
that mother die. You hear me?

I'm on it.

What is this?

It's called food.

Let's see what it's like
to actually eat some.

How did you even get in here?

You know, you all should
really move that spare key

to under a more convenient rock.

I nearly threw my back out.


Please, just...

just yell, just be mad at me.

Okay, I liked her.

I-I-I really loved the idea

of finally having
one of those big families

like I saw all my friends
growing up with

when I was a kid,

and I only got her for one day,
and then she was gone.

But you...

you lost your niece.

And probably your brother.

I destroyed your family,

and they deserve to sue me
for everything that I've got.

Why don't you
make yourself useful

and open the flour, would you?

Guess I can see

who I inherited my distaste
for sharing my emotions from.

When, uh...

I was only 10 years old...
when my mother died.

I don't remember much, you know,

but I remember
I was temperamental sometimes.

A "hot head," she called it.

But she wouldn't send me
to a time-out

or make me sit and think
about what I've done.

She would go to the kitchen

and she would make us both
some pancakes,

and she'd say,
"Let's talk about it

after you've had
something to eat."

She didn't get a chance
to teach me much.

But it's a lesson
I'll never forget.

Ah, let's see.

I've been doing it
over and over again.

I've been... going over
every second of Sabi.

I've been replaying in my mind
and just...

wondering what I could have done

better, smarter...


It's not on you.

Family doesn't operate
on family, Maggie.

I knew better.

I put you in that OR anyway
out of desperation.

I made a mistake.

And now Sabi is dead.

And you'll never
make that mistake again.

That's what you say to interns

who... who have lost
their first patient, not to...

They're human.

And imperfect.

Like you.

No one has ever
had to tell me that before.

Then let Sabi's legacy be that.

She taught you

what years of school
and residency

and countless hours never did.

Maggie, you have insurance
for this.

They'll settle with Chris.

It won't bring Sabi back,

but he'll feel like
he's got some justice for her.

And he needs that.

Every surgeon I know
goes through this.

And if you quit now,
you'll be quitting

on all those lives
that only you can save.

And I know
Sabi wouldn't want that.

I wish I could've had
more time with her.

Well, ask me
anything you want about her.

No. Richard,
I am not gonna make you...

No, you know, truth be told,
talking about her

is about the only thing
I want to do right now.

Okay, you don't have to stay

if you need
to check in downstairs.

No, I'm staying. I feel awful.

Listen, we know
where the ring is, Teddy,

and it's not
perforating anything.

He's gonna be fine.

I mean, kids do
this kind of stuff, you know?

We see cases like this
all the time.

I know, Owen, but I feel awful.

I mean, your grandmother
and your mom all wore the ring,

and it's survived
in your family for years,

through wars and depressions,

and I couldn't even
keep it for a week.

'Cause you're tired
and overworked, you know?

Could have been a lot worse.

You know, at least you didn't
leave it inside a patient.

Yeah, well,
now it's inside our child.

Teddy, I shouldn't have given
you the ring in the first place.

You're a trauma surgeon.

No, but I-I want
to wear the ring.

I love the ring.


And I-I love you.


You have a necklace. Mm-hmm.

And you have an A for Allison
and an I for Leo.

How about we add a T and an O

and you can wear your entire
family around your neck?


And we're gonna
keep that ring in a safe

for special occasions, okay?

I have never loved you more.

Do you smell that?




You know what? I got it.
This one's on me.

You sure? Mm-hmm.

'Cause it's... I know. Go.

Let's do this.

Kai's condition was too advanced

to successfully coil
the bleeding vessel,

so we had to open him up,
do the partial lung resection.

It's going to be
a difficult recovery.

In time, he will
be able to swim,

but not competitively,
I'm afraid.

That stuff...

It's flavored
like French toast, right?


I always smell French toast.

I feel like an idiot
I didn't know.

They're targeting kids.

It's flavored like cotton candy
and bubble gum, as well.

You're not an idiot.

They're evil.

Thank you for saving my son.

Don't worry. I won't rub it in.

I'm sorry.

Listen, when I was
on the other side of this,

Yang drove me mad.

She'd leave me notes all over
the place every day for months.

"I was right. You were wrong."

Little pictures
of resected lungs.

Well, sounds about right.

Wait, you know her?

I, um...


Um... I got to go.

Most patients put off
facing the truth as long as possible.

And we get it.

We do it, too.

We ignore things.

We stay under the covers.

We don't pick up the phone.

Ah. I thought you'd have
some work to catch up on.

You... You probably need
to do some unpacking,

shake the sand out from
the beach, do some laundry...

I wasn't on vacation, Tom.

I sat in my house
for three days.

I didn't get out of bed,
I drank chamomile tea,

and I cried my eyes out
because I had a miscarriage.

That happened, I'm sad about it,

and I'm taking care of myself.

Any questions?

You could have told me.

I just did.

W... Light a candle.


When my wife...
Uh, my ex-wife, uh, Dana...

She miscarried twice
before we had David.

Once at 10 weeks,
once at 18, which was...

Well, I mean, you know...
You know how it was.

I mean, people have
this idea that, uh...

you just get over it,

that, uh, you know,
you're sad and you move on.

But... that wasn't
my experience.

Wasn't my wife's experience.

So every year, still,

uh, on what would be
their birthdays,

I, uh, I light a candle.

They took with them
little pieces of our... hearts,

and those pieces
will never be...


So, maybe, uh...

light a candle.


We don't face the music
and all that crap.

You paged me to the plant room.

Never a good sign.

When someone shows you
who they are,

you're supposed to believe them.

Someone said that today,
and it... it kinda hit me.

We're doctors.

There are tests.

If there was a question
who the father was,

I should have known that
from the beginning.

You're right.

I'm not always...


I'm not ever measured.

I'm a little bit chaotic.

I fly by the seat of my pants,

and I... don't think things
all the way through,


sometimes that hurts people.

I'm sorry that I hurt you.

There are a bunch of people
involved in this.

And they deserve to know.

I deserve to know.

And if we do find out...

that you're not the father?

I want to be the guy that says,
uh, it doesn't matter,

but I don't know yet.

I don't know
how much it matters.

I guess...
I-I think we should...

take it one step at a time.

Gather information.

So much for me
never making you cry.

But the longer we hide,
the worse it can be.

So, open the test results.


Have the hard conversation.

I got your text.

Say what you mean.

Hey, maybe
we should go to dinner

and clear your head
a little bit.

Her name's Suzanne,
she's got two young kids,

she's a single mom,
and I think she's dying.

Okay. Are these from today?

Yeah, she crashed on me.

I had to aspirate
a cardiac tamponade... in CT.

I don't get it.

It was a simple appy,
a no-brainer case,

and... and now,
I mean, look at all this.

She's... She's getting worse.

And I don't know why
or how to help her.


Andrew, look at me.

Walk me through it.
From the beginning.

Good or bad... Okay.

You may be surprised
at what you find.

You're right. Okay.

She was post-op, day three...


How was your day?

Uh, uneventful.

Dr. Wells from Pac-North called,
looking for you.

Said you didn't go to work.

I didn't.

I was... trying to convince
Maggie to go back to work.

And that took you all day?


Catherine, this isn't gonna work
if you don't trust me.

Who said this is working?

Well, what are you saying?


I think it's time for us

to have
a much bigger conversation.

And at the very least,

you'll know
what you're dealing with.