Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 5 - Danger Zone - full transcript

Hunt joins his sister for a drive, while memories from older times surface up.



OWEN: As surgeons, we rely on cycles.


Cell regeneration.

Circadian rhythms.

We know something's wrong
when the cycle is broken.

- Our duty is to fix it.

To force the cogs back in line.


Sorry, sir! Morning, sir!


But that break can also be
useful, like a warning shot.


OWEN: Beth, please. I know.

Y-Yeah, my leave was canceled. I...

Don't cry. I will make this
up to you, I promise.

She's got that vice grip so tight,

his testicles are about to pop off.

How you holding up?

Well, considering that today decides

my entire military future? Medium.

- You're a shoo-in.

I think I'd rather focus on
my brother's pathetic love life.

- Hey, that was an endearing conversation.
- How's everything at home?

All right. Let's focus on
getting this stuff loaded.

We need to be in Fallujah at 0700.

I'd like to be less uptight by 0700.

Okay. Save it. The colonel's
coming. Where the hell is Riggs?

He was on call last night. I'll get him.



Are you okay?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

It's... It's not really goodbye.

I mean, Los Angeles
is a two-hour flight,

so you can see her whenever you want.


How 'bout I make us dinner tonight?

Well, that would be... nice.



Hey! I'm getting on the road now.

FAROUK: How long till you're here?

Uh, it's... it's a long drive.

Well, if you drive faster,
will you get here sooner?

Just help Nathan get everything ready,

and you won't even notice the time.

- Aah! Son of a...

Doubt it.

Kisses, my sweet boy.

Hey, will you give Nate the phone?

Oh. Thanks, buddy.

- Hey, baby, how's it going?
- How's he doing?

[SCOFFS] God. This has got to
be totally overwhelming for him.

No, no, no. We're...
We're having a blast.

And you got his fan, right?

I mean, he cannot sleep without his fan.

Uh, fan. Fan. Uh...

Well, I'm not sure if...

Oh, yeah. We got it.


Now we just got to figure out
how to put it together.

- What was that?

Uh, uh, I don't know.

I didn't... I didn't hear anything.

Did you hear anything, Farouk?

The door falling!

Shh. No. No, he didn't... He
didn't hear anything, either.



- MEGAN: Incoming!
- Aah!


You're gonna kill me one of these days.

Oh, you love it.

So, are we done fighting?

You tell me.

Come here.


- We're going to Fallujah.
- NATHAN: Hmm?

We're going to Fallujah!

- Mnh-mnh.
- Uh-huh.

I prefer the relative
safety of Baghdad...

- and this bed.

No. No. I can't be late.
I can't be late. Not today.

Oh, right. Your thing.

The, um, the strack? The strap? Strack?

Strat! As in stratification.

As in if I don't get ranked number one,

I can kiss flight surgeon goodbye, so...

You weren't supposed to find that.

I know it's not exactly a ring,
but, as I recall,

you... you lost your class ring
in the surgical sink, so...

Not a ring?

Don't you dare do the thing,
unless you are doing the thing.

Oh, my God. You are doing it. [CHUCKLES]

- Megan Eloise Hunt, will you...
- Yes!!


Yes. Yes.

Let's go!

Come on! What kept you?!

I said yes!

- What?!
- Aah!

And I asked her to marry me!

- Aah! Congratulations!
- About time!

- Mwah!

Oh, wait. Look. Look, look.

Wow! An engagement necklace?

Wow. That's interesting.

Yeah, well, she loses everything
that's not tied to her, so...



OWEN: Malibu... it's too far
away, and it's too snooty.

You're gonna hate it.
And Seattle has beaches.

Freezing-cold beaches. Not the same.

[SCOFFS] Nathan found a job yet?

He will.

And if he doesn't, I'm sure
I could find some pole work.

- [LAUGHS] Megan.
- I will come home for Christmas.

And you'll come visit me a lot,

which will be so good
for you because, you know...

- the sun.

I'll miss you, Eeyore.


Come here.

- Okay.
- Okay.



Colonel's convoy inbound.

OWEN: All right, gents.
Chins up, backs straight.

Stand with dignity, not sloppiness.

I'm talking to you, Sergeant!

Yes, sir, Major Diamond, sir!

MATTHEWS: I just don't
want to be ranked last.

Tubs failed his PT test. He's last.

We're all gunning
for second place anyway.

You know Hunt's stratted number one.

The best will be first,
so, yeah, you're right.

Wish my brother was the C.O.

Your mom could be C.O.
and you'd still be last.


OWEN: At-ten-hut!


At ease.

Excellent work, Major Hunt.

Before I get started on this tour,

let's get to what
you all really want to know...

my strat rankings.

It was a difficult decision,

but join me in congratulating
Lieutenant John Matthews.


MAN: Talon 1 to Sparrow. We have
an emergency inbound. Copy?

Talon 1, copy that.

Marine FOB Ace Hole
reports two active shooters.

We have four KIA and
20 wounded headed your way.

Copy that. We'll be ready. Out.

All surgeons on deck!
Frontload supplies! Fall out!

- What are you doing?
- I'm coming with you.

[LAUGHS] What?

Road trip.

[LAUGHS] Are you serious?

You said you wanted to beat traffic.

What are you waiting for? Drive!



Are you sure about this? I can
just drop you at the corner.

- Shut up. I love road trips.
- Since when?

- Since we were kids.
- Roadtripping with Mom and Dad.

You used to hate those trips!

We... We would fight so much

that Mom and Dad would threaten
to leave us at a gas station.

Well, fortunately, we're grown-ups now.

How do you work this radio?

I'm just saying...
I don't need a babysitter.

I am not a babysitter, I'm a copilot.

- Here to ensure you don't fall asleep,

swerve off a cliff to a fiery death.

We're driving straight through.
No detours.

- Whatever you say.
- I'm just along for the ride.


Superficial laceration.

See that nurse over there
for steri-strips.

Matthews is top strat?
What the hell happened?

- The Colonel has the final say. Go.
- How hard did you push?

Did you tell him that
I was CGO of the year?

Of course! You know how
political these things are.

I'm never gonna get
flight-surgeon training now.

- Okay, let's go.
- Come on, guys! Come on through!

- PFC Tyler Budreaux.
- Pulse 90s, BP 100s over 50s.

I'd salute you, sir,
but I can't feel my arm.

What happened out there?

Two of the Iraqi allies
went rogue. Opened fire.

Tyler pushed people out of the way.

You're looking at a
freakin' American hero, sir.

I really do need my arm, sir.

We're gonna do everything we can.

Hang two grams of cefazolin
and get him prepped for the O.R.


Stop! Stop! She doesn't... Wait! Stop!

Don't touch her! She doesn't
want to be touched by men!

Hey, listen. I got this. You go.

Hey, hey, I got it. Here.
Get out of the way.

"GSW upper right chest.
Diminished breathing sounds."

She needs a chest tube.



All right. Let me take a look.

- Where do you want him?
- Shrapnel wound. Pre-op.

What do we have?

MP: Nadir al-Jabouri.
Multiple GSWs to the torso.

Perp believed to be the second shooter.

And he's still alive?

You treat that woman well.

'Cause she saved everyone's ass!

Tried to wrestle his gun from him.

He needs an ex lap. O.R. ASAP. Let's go.

- Nathan, scrub in with me?
- You got it.

Let's go! Let's go!


We'll make your bed a racecar,

so you can go really fast
in your dreams.

[CHUCKLES] A race car?

Yeah, you know,
like NASCAR or Formula 1?

It's a car that goes
really, really fast.

- My bed?
- Trust me, it's cool.

Then where will Mama sleep?

Well, in her room. Our room.
It's just across the hall.

But back home, we used to
sleep in the same room.

It's safer that way.

This is home now, buddy.


Hey, I know it's an adjustment, okay?

But once you start school,
you're gonna feel settled.

Mama has always been my teacher

Well, now she won't need to be.

You're gonna get to go to school
with a bunch of kids your own age.

You're gonna make lots of friends.

Maybe join the band, you know?
You can play sports.

Soccer, baseball. You're gonna love it.


I'm sorry! So sorry!

It's okay. It's okay. But
you got bare feet. Hang on.

There you go. You're all right.


See? Not a problem.


TEDDY: That really is

a beautiful necklace
that you got for Megan.

Where'd you find emeralds in Baghdad?

You want one for yourself?

You seem awfully stuck on it.

It just reminds me
so much of the necklace

that Sergeant Philips got
from her boyfriend back home.

You know...

Felicia Philips?

Well, but hers in engraved
with her initials on the back.

It's engraved?


Ten blade.

♪ Can't you hear that music pumpin' hard ♪

♪ Like I wish you would? ♪

♪ Now push it ♪

♪ Ner, ner-ner, ner-ner, enh ♪

♪ Push it good! ♪

♪ P-Push it real good! ♪


Hey, open these for me, will ya?

Ew! No.

- What?
- There's no food in that food.

- I'm starving!
- You can eat next time we stop for gas.


♪ Get up on this ♪

GPS: Please return
to the highlighted route.

Uh, what she said.


To what? The place where
unsuspecting teenagers

get picked off one by one?

Come on. Don't you trust me?

♪ You really got me going,
you got me so ♪


♪ I don't know what I'm doing ♪

On the one hand, I could hug you.

On the other hand...

[HUSHED] I'm scared.

- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- You used to love this place.

Uh, that was before it was haunted.

You know, I just thought
you'd want a ring-toss rematch,

since you used to always lose
and cry and say that I cheated.

Uh, you did cheat.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

One game.


Okay. Oh, my gosh.

This brings back so many memories!


Okay, it's over here.

Oh, remember this? No? Okay.



No. I don't want to undress.

I hate to be naked
in front of strangers, too,

but I can't help you
if you don't let me.

My name is Megan. What's yours?

Sana. It's... It's Sana.

- Sana.

It doesn't look too bad. Go
ahead and place a chest tube.



Hey, you were...
you were great with her.

Yeah, right? It's almost like
I know how to do my job.

Hey, uh...

How about you scrub in
on my mangled arm?

Oh, God. Don't.

- Don't what?
- My dream was just crushed.

A pity party isn't going to fix it.

I-I just figured it'd be nice to talk,

you know, celebrate
the good things in life,

which still exist, despite the strat.

Like, how Mom's head's gonna
explode planning two weddings.

- Two weddings?
- Come on.

Maybe Mom can plan your divorce
while she's at it.

NATHAN: You're gonna need more
packing in the left upper quadrant.

- This spleen is shattered.
- More lap pads!

Of all the stupid, selfish, moronic,

and completely preventable...

Okay, this is not our place to
judge, Dr. Altman, just repair.

I'm not talking about him.


You don't know the whole story.

TEDDY: He opened fire on the
people he loved, who loved him.

That's betrayal.

And no amount of rationalization
makes it okay.



NATHAN: No, that's an...

No, that's an entry-level position.

I have both field experience
and NGO lead work.

Excuse me. I need this one.
I'm not sure what you call it.

Okay, that's a screwdriver, buddy.

Well, you're gonna have to do better.

I can't find this in the tools.

Yeah? Well, uh-huh.

Well, that can't be
all the local hospitals.

And I'm not gonna take
less than what I'm worth.

Why am I paying you a commission
if you're not getting me

what it is that
I'm expecting you to get?

- But...
- Yes.

- Ah, lucky shot. Lucky.
- Boom!

I just hooked a tetanus-riddled ring

around the last bottle standing.

- That's not luck.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

Uh, I get this,

and I control the music
for the rest of the trip.

Uh, that's a lot of Kenny Loggins.

Miss, miss, miss, miss!

- Ugh!
- Oh! [LAUGHS]

Okay, um, if I make this,

you have to wear ugly sweaters
for all of Christmas.

Okay. [LAUGHS]

- Ugh!
- Phew.

Uh, okay. I get this and...

you stay in Seattle.


Yes! Mm!

Okay, looks like we
have to turn around now.



Megan, I'm kidding.

You're not kidding. This is
the whole reason you came.

You're blowing this out of proportion.

You think you know what's best for me,

ever since we were kids,
whether it's what I want or not.

- Lifeguarding?
- You're not a good swimmer.

- Serving.
- Excuse me for not wanting

my sister to get shot at.

- My strat!
- Your strat?!

You still playing dumb about it?

That was 10 years ago, Megan!

And I got kidnapped before
we could fight about it!


MEGAN: 2-0 silk tie.

So it's settled.

Tonight you'll call Beth
and tell her that you're done.

One less wedding for Mom to worry about.

- it's not that simple, Megan.

Okay, maybe it's that simple.

You know I'm right.

We'll see. Scissors.

You know, I was gonna miss
this... working together.

Your flight-surgeon training
was gonna tie you up for months.

And for what?

Tying tourniquets with Special Forces

somewhere three times
as dangerous as here.

Ask me, you dodged a bullet.

You recommended me, didn't you?


He's lost more blood than we thought.
Let's get him stabilized.

You know it wasn't my decision.

Carnival? That sounds fun.

Or maybe not.

All right, well, we'll be here
with the lights on, babe.

Drive safe.

Hey, Farouk, Megan's
gonna be a little late,

but I got good news!

Found your screwdriver.


Hey, buddy?


Hey! Farouk!


Hey, hey! Have you guys seen a little
boy go by? About 10 years old?

We need to pack, shunt,
and get out of here.

No. I want to do a reversed
saphenous vein graft.

Not with these vitals.
The best we can do

is get the limb perfused
and get him stabilized.

The graft will take too long,
and it's too risky.

I know you don't think
that I'm qualified.

But this is the right call.
He wants to save the arm.

Not at the expense of his life.

I am more experienced. I outrank you.

So, we're gonna do things my...
Megan, what the hell?!



- Well, you have to stop for food at some point.
- Not hungry.



Yeah. It's fine. Uh, what's up?

Just checking what time
you'll be home for dinner.

I'm sorry.

I-I decided to drive with Megan,
and I completely forgot to call.

I-I didn't want her driving alone.


We're having a blast.


Okay. Bye.

Are there any women in your life
you don't lie to?

- ♪ You've got to know when to hold 'em ♪

♪ Know when to fold 'em ♪

♪ Know when to walk away and know... ♪



Excuse me.

Farouk. Buddy.

You can't just run off like that.

You had me terrified.

Is everything okay?

You were very busy.
I thought I could help.

I thought I could get us some food,

but there's just so many choices!




NATHAN: Okay. Bleeding's
controlled over here. Clip.

TEDDY: Yep, same here. Irrigation.

- Say he regrets it.
- Pardon?

He made a huge mistake. He hurt
the people he cares about most.

But say he regrets it.

He was scared, stupid, and wrong,

and now he can feel
everything slipping away

and he'll do anything he can
to make it right again.

I'd say too bad
he didn't think about that

before pulling the trigger.

He's still hypotensive. We need to
cut our losses and get out of here!

Start the pressors. Would you stop
being so dramatic and help me sew?

Well, stop being so pig-headed
and listen to me sometimes!

Shut up! Please. Sir.

I'm almost there.

Clamps off.

He gets to keep his arm and his life.

- Yeah!
- Whoo!

That was... impressive.

I wish it didn't come
as such a surprise.

You can finish the rest.


I put thousands of hours in
to become the best.

The best at central lines.
The best at one-handed ties.

The best military officer.
I had my entire career planned.

I was gonna attach to Special
Forces and become a general.

Your qualifications
were not up for debate.

So you had to convince them
that I was wrong for the job?

All I had to do was tell them
the truth. That you're a child.

- That you make rash,

reckless decisions,

and you never learn better because
I'm always there to bail you out!

If you'd gone with Special Forces,

you wouldn't have made general.

You'd have been dead in under a month!

And 10 years later,
what have you learned? Nothing.

You're running from your family.

You're running from your support system.

And why? Because you like the beach?!

That's not a plan, Megan. That's a whim.

So, yes, I tanked your strat.

If I had to do it over,
I would do the same damn thing!


So... So, you're just gonna
punish me like you always do

when I tell you
something you don't like.


But you can't think of anything to say

because you know that I'm right.

And, for the record,

this is the childish behavior
I was talking about.

- Diamond.
- Excuse me?

Your nickname. In Baghdad. Remember?

Major Diamond.


Know why they called you that?

Well, they told me...
sharp, clear, focused.

Anal-retentive. High-strung.

So uptight that if you
put coal in your ass,

a diamond would pop out.

You thought it was a compliment.

Which only made it funnier.


Like I said. A child.

And, for the record, I came up with it.

Sorry I never told you,

but, you know, since we're coming clean.

- More choices!
- Yeah, but it's not always a bad thing.

I mean, just try a little of each

and see which ones you like.

- You dig?
- Yeah.

Can you keep a secret?

I'm a little terrified
about starting over down here.

In a new town. New family.

I don't even have a job, and I want
everything to be perfect for Megan,

but it took me half a day
to put a door on.

So... what will you do?


I guess I'm gonna have to be okay

with not knowing all the answers.

You know, count on the fact

that we love Megan and she loves us

and just trust that together,
the three of us,

we can figure this thing out.

Can you teach me baseball?

Yeah, sure. I can teach you baseball.

As soon as I learn how to play.


NATHAN: That's all we can do for now.

He'll make transport.

And if he's lucky,
they'll fly him to Baghdad.

Yeah. If he's lucky.

How could you do this to her?

I don't know. We were fighting...

You were fighting,
so you proposed to her

with your side piece's stolen property?

No. Look. Felicia's not...

It was a one-time thing.

What am I gonna do, Teddy?

Did you mean it? The proposal?

Of course. Look. Megan...

Okay, we fight. But she's the one.

Okay? I was gonna tell her
about Felicia.

I was gonna come clean.
And then she found the necklace.

And I... I panicked.

- Well, she's gonna find out.
- I know.

- And if it comes from anyone but you...
- I know.

Well, so...

you have your answer.

Well, you think there's a chance?

Well, she's got a temper,

and she has every right to be angry.

And when Owen finds out, he is
gonna snap your neck.

- Yeah.
- But...

people mess up.

And people forgive.

It's what most pop songs and
most modern literature is about,

so, yes, Nathan...

tell her the truth,
and there's a chance.

It was wrong of me to get in
the way of your career.

It was none of my business.
I was out of line.

It was just... just wrong.
And I'm sorry.

Thank you.

But it doesn't change the fact that
Seattle schools are excellent.

Oh, my God! Give it a rest!

Nathan already has a job there,
plus it's safer, familiar.

Closer to family.

- Whoa. What are you doing?

Get out! Get out of my car, Owen!

[CHUCKLES] Stop being ridiculous.

- No! Get out!
- Stop it!

OWEN: What do you mean,
Megan's not coming?

Well, she thinks you tanked
her strat. She's mad.

Well, I hope you told her she was crazy.

- Is she?
- Oh, great. Not you, too?

I'm just asking. I'm not accusing.

You know what? She got engaged.

You'd think she'd want to
live a safe, happy life.

Plan a wedding, maybe.
Is that such a crazy thought?

God! She wanted that strat, Owen.

It's all she thinks about.
And she was so close.

Do you know how hard it is to stand by

and watch someone else
live the life that you want?

The life that you're willing
to give up everything for?

You're an idiot!

Major, we need to head out!

OWEN: Well, make sure Megan
rides back with you guys.

I can only tolerate so many tantrums.



MEGAN: Get out!

Get out! I mean it!

- Stop this.
- No.

If you can't support me,
then you can hitchhike.

- Because I am done. Get out!
- Stop it!

I'm not leaving you again!

You have to stop doing this.

You... You can't keep making
decisions for me, Owen.

'Cause you are making a bad decision.

You are the only one who thinks that.

Nathan's the reason
we lost you in the first place.

You don't know what
you're talking about!

He cheated on you and now you're
starting a family with him?

And you cheated on your first wife.

Mom told me all about it.

And don't even get me started
on you and Teddy.

So spare me the "holier than thou" crap.

You cheated, Nathan cheated. It happens.

Life happens. People are imperfect.

We fail and we fall, and some of
us get kidnapped for a decade,

and when we get a second chance
at life and happiness,

we seize it, regardless of who cheated!

Because now we know what matters.

Because now we know what's precious.

Because now we know that

any tiny little moment of happiness

that we can grab onto in this lifetime

is a moment worth having,

regardless of what anyone else thinks.

And just for the record,
you judgmental jackass,

I cheated on Nathan first!



- What's wrong?
- I'm sorry. I, um...

I need that necklace back.

Damn it. Damn it!

- Just hear me out.
- Okay, what did he say?

No. You know what? It doesn't matter.

It was a drunken mistake.

You and I were fighting,
and I was gonna tell you...

Whoa, whoa. Hang on a second.
What are you saying?

W-What do you think I'm saying?

Well, it sounds like
you slept with someone.

Isn't that why you want
the necklace back?

No! It...

Then what?

W-Wasn't mine to give.


You proposed to me with
some other chick's necklace?!

God, Nathan! What is wrong with you?!

Okay, you're not the only one that
gets to be mad right now, okay?

You cheated, too. You just said.

I know what I said. [SIGHS]

I have been showing
that thing off all day.

This is so humiliating.

Did you even mean it?

Of course. Did you?

Lieutenant Hunt, we're having
a problem with your patient.

On my way.



The chest tube started coming out
when we were transferring her.

All I have to do is reposition it,

but if we give her any more
morphine for the pain,

we're gonna have to intubate.

- Got it.
- I got it.

Sana, you can get through this.

Okay? Listen to me.
I need you to breathe.

[SOBBING] It hurts. I can't.

Focus on something else, okay?

I want you to tell me about your
neighborhood, your family, job, kids.

- Do you have any kids?
- Aah!

Okay, I'm gonna tell you
about my family.

The tall, red-headed guy
yelling at everybody?

That's my brother. He drives me
crazy most of the time.

No, all of the time.


- That sounds like my brother.
- Yeah?

He is my heart. He means well.




Yeah. Mine too.

Let's get her on the next chopper!

MAN: I'm on it!

- OWEN: Major Hunt.
- MEGAN: Hi. It's me.

I need to ride back
on the medical chopper.

My patient's freaking out.

Well, you know that's against protocol.


[VOICE BREAKING] Nathan cheated on me.

He what?

So I really don't want
to have to ride back with him,

but if i-it's against protocol...

Screw protocol. Get on the chopper.

Are you sure?

It's my call, and I'm sure.
That son of a bitch.

Okay. [SNIFFLES] Thanks, Owen.


How you feeling?

Like a truck hit me.

But happy to be alive, ma'am.

I wonder if they'll electrocute
him here or fly him back home.

Why are they talking that way?

He was the second shooter.
They're pretty upset.

No, he wasn't. Second shooter
was an Iraqi woman.

This guy was trying to stop her.


It's all good. You're gonna be okay.

TEDDY: Megan! Megan!

Megan! Stop!

Stop! Megan!!

Stop it!

Eagle 2, return... base.



Eagle 2, return to base immediately!


Riggs never said anything.
All this time.

Yeah. Well...

he's a good guy.


You remember that family trip we took,

somewhere in California,

when I left the map
at the rest-stop bathroom?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. How could I forget?

- Dad was furious.

And he refused to pull over
and ask for directions.


And after him and Mom arguing
for hours and us complaining,

he finally said, "Screw it!"

[LAUGHING] And he just,
like, pulled over.

And we played in the water for
hours until the sun went down.

I don't even remember
where we were going,

but I just...

I've never forgotten that beach.


On my hardest days, I would
lose myself in that memory.

Pretend that the desert sand
was the beach,

that the screams and yelling
were laughter and sea gulls.

And I could fake everything
but the water.

And I promised myself,
if I ever get out...

...I am going to live
by the ocean, in California,

and I'm gonna feel that water every day.


I always imagined us raising our
families together, you know?

Next door, or a few blocks,
near Mom and Dad.

Camping trips and cookouts.

Dad's gone, Owen.

And you don't have any kids.

How exactly would that dream work out?


You are the most loyal person
I have ever known.

But you're loyal to ideas, too.

Ideas and ideals.

My beach plan makes me happy.

Like, "I can feel it
in my fingers" happy.

I want that for you.
I want to see you happy.

And that might mean that
you're gonna have to break up

with some of your ideals.


♪ Hanging by a thread ♪

♪ Waiting for a hand to pull me up ♪


♪ Falling down instead ♪

- ♪ Nowhere left to land ♪

♪ It's all you get ♪


♪ For holding on ♪

♪ To something that will never come ♪

♪ Am I holding on ♪


♪ To something that will never come? ♪

♪ I don't have enough heartbeats left ♪

♪ To spare them on somebody ♪

♪ Spare them on somebody ♪

♪ Who never planned
to see the moments pass ♪


was promised move-in ready.


- Mm.


- Welcome home.
- Oh.

♪ Footprints in the sand
remind us that we can ♪

How was your day?

Yeah, it was... It was pretty okay.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

You raised a great kid.

♪ Light, it turns to dust ♪

♪ And leaves because it must evaporate ♪

Thanks. [LAUGHS]

Where's Owen?

I dropped him off at the airport.

He said he'll come visit soon.

♪ To something that's already gone ♪

♪ Am I holding on ♪


♪ To something that's already gone? ♪

♪ I don't have enough heartbeats left ♪

♪ To spare them on somebody ♪

♪ Spare them on somebody
who never planned to see ♪

OWEN: When we've come
to depend on a cycle,

the thought of breaking it is scary.

♪ Now until forever ♪

♪ Now until our last breath ♪

♪ Now until our last breath ♪

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You're back.
- Yeah.

Even the cycles that cause us harm.


Amelia, I'm so sorry.

You married a tumor.

I get it.

It just...

It feels like we don't know each other.

Yeah, I know.

I just want us to be happy.

- And we're...
- We're not happy.

I know.

It's okay, Owen.

I know.

But sometimes,
when we break the cycle...

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪

♪ Da, da-da-da, da, da ♪

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪

♪ Da, da-da-da, da, da ♪

...we find something better.

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪

Something unexpected.

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪

♪ Da, da-da-da, da, da ♪

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪

Something we never dared
to dream was possible.

♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪


♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪


♪ Da-da, da-da-da ♪


- Get her!
- Aah!

♪ Ah-ah ♪

♪ Ohh-ohh-oh ♪

We find freedom.

♪ Ohh-ahh ♪

♪ Ohh ♪

♪ Ahh-ohh ♪

♪ Ohh-ohh ♪


We find peace.