Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 6 - Come on Down to My Boat, Baby - full transcript

Jackson invites the guys to relax with him on a day at sea; Arizona, April and Maggie treat a woman who is hiding a deadly secret.

MEREDITH: Superheroes,
soldiers, first responders...

that's who we think of
when we think of bravery.




- I'm sorry. Did I wake you?
- No. No.

But surgeons should
make the list, too.

I'm going back
to work today.

- That's great!
- Yeah.

I just, uh,
wanted to look over

my old surgical notes
from med school,

which is a little absurd,
I know, but, um...

- I find my old notes comforting.

But then I realized
that they were here.

Uh, my notes. In the text book
that I wrote them in.

You're nervous?

- A little.
- Hmm.

- How are you?
- Eh.


You think we got this wrong?
Made the wrong decision?


I don't.

But I wish I did.

I wish I did, too.

I've been trying to figure out
when the symptoms started.

I-I know the tumor was
growing for a decade,

but it wasn't symptomatic
that whole time.

You know, I... I made your
life hell this past year.

But I'm saying... (SIGHS)

My love for you, the affection,
that was not a symptom.

And I know that...

because the affection is
still here...

even without the tumor.

So I want us to be friends.

Me too.

But not fake friends.
Not like "we were married,

so now we're pretending
we're okay with each other."

Like, real fri... like
we can talk to each other.

Even about, like, people that
we're dating or whatever.

Just friends.
Just like real friends.

So, are you dating someone?

- No!
- Ah.

No, but...
but we could do that, right?

I mean, 'cause this isn't
like a regular divorce.

- No.
- I mean, I barely lived here.

So I just... I don't want us

to torture each other, like, at all.

Me neither.

I'm done with torment
and shame and guilt.

I mean, I'm really...
I'm done with all of that.

Good! Yes! Me too!

Good. Okay. Yes.

So, can we just decide
that we're gonna...

blame everything that was bad
on the brain tumor

and just keep
all the good stuff?

- And be friends?
- Yeah, we can do that.

Whoa. Meredith made
the cover of JS?

Wow. I know.

She's gonna be
impossible to live with now.


Maybe I should
move back in here.


- Friend!
- Yeah.


Surgeons don't wear
capes or armor.

We don't carry guns.

And no one throws us a parade.

Look at you!
You're on the cover!

Put it away.

You're like a rock star,
of the clinical variety.

Please put it away.

But we do fight like hell
to save your life.

Are you ready to
operate today?


(GASPS) So exciting.
What do you have?

Skull base schwannoma.

Yes, thanks to me,
you are back...

a finely-tuned,
tumor-free surgery machine.

And I'm officially handing
your department back to you.

Oh, nice picture, cover girl.

Your eyes really pop.

Oh, for God's sakes.
Thank you.

You're leaving? Today?

Yep, wrapping up
some paperwork,

sending out some patients,
getting out of Dodge.

This has been a hoot,
but this is farewell.

- Well, uh, Tom...
- No.

No, no, no.
No tears, no hugging.

I get it. You're...
You're gonna miss me.

Yeah. Knock 'em dead, Shepherd.

I mean, figuratively.

And we're also holding
a knife in our hands...

knowing we might be
the one to end your life.

(GASPS) Doctors never get the cover!

- Derek did.
- It's still impressive.

You'll be at the
new-intern mixer tonight?

- Do I need to be?
- You better be!

♪ Feel that vibe ♪ (WOLF-WHISTLES)

You're not gonna
autograph this?

Oh, get it away.

Look, can you, uh,
put Jo on your service

and be nice to her?

I'm always nice to Jo.

Yeah, well, not "Mer nice."

- Real nice.

I mean, she's bummed that
her name's not on the paper.

- That wasn't her fault.
- I'm just saying please.

Really, Mer? The cover?

Well, if it makes you feel
any better, I hate the picture.

- It does, actually. Thank you.
- What do you care?

I mean, you could just
buy a journal...

and put your own
face on the cover.

That's not really the same,
is it, Karev?

Man, if I had that much money,
I wouldn't be here.

I-I'd be on a-a boat...
a big boat.

♪ Standout ♪

♪ Standout, standout ♪

Hi, it's Dr. Grey. Wilson?


You don't?
Okay, thanks.

- You're on my service today.
- Really?

- Yes!
- Thanks.

Yes, you did great
on that procedure.

Dude, don't worry
about the paper.

I mean,
Jo's name wasn't on it, either.

You know what?
I think I need a sick day.

- You're really that upset about it?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Also, I just bought a boat,

Oh, man.

How are you feeling?

I-I'm feeling sick, too.

- Yeah, I thought so.
- All right.

We've already pushed
the Gibson hearing once.

Well, I'm sure Diane would
rather wait a couple weeks

than let her kids
go back in the system.

- Dr. Grey. Not too shabby!

Judge King.
This Dr. Jo Wilson.

She is my star resident.

Ah. And this is
Mr. Robert Souza.

He's my star resident.

Likes working for me so much,

he's turning down all kinds
of fancy job offers.

Stockholm syndrome.


- Wilson, present?
- Yes. Um...

Judge Jeffrey King,

50-year-old male with
a history of stage 4-A colon cancer.

Underwent resection,
followed by chemo.

CT shows arterial enhancement
in the right lobe of the liver.

Not eligible for a transplant.

He saved 27 families last month.

Immigrant families,
children, foster children.

You'd think UNOS might
make an exception.

Trust me, I tried.

If buying an organ were legal,
I might try that, too.

Scheduled for a liver resection
and diversion procedure?

We're doing an ALPPS?

We are doing an ALPPS.

Is that a first
for this hospital?

That's a first
for the West Coast, Wilson.

She is a rock star.
Haven't you heard?

- All right.

I know it's scary, Harmony,
but I promise,

we do this kind of operation all
the time... almost every week.

That's a lot of brain tumors.

You think it's the cellphones?

- Amethyst, quiet.

- People are healing, guys.
- It's okay.

Kids' laughter is proven
to have healing qualities.

I've heard of people waking up
from brain surgery...

and suddenly they're
white supremacists.

I think it would take a lot more
than a brain tumor to do that.

My mom will still be my mom
when you're done, right?

She might have a harder time
keeping up with you at first,

but, yeah,
she's still gonna be your mom.

It's gonna be okay.


Young. Too young.
Whoa. Way too young.

Ugh! I hate being single.

I hate it even more than
sharing a bathroom.


I broke up with Carina.
By accident.

I-I just...
I needed some space.

Like, physically, in my home,
because Sofia's coming home.

But apparently, she thinks
that I broke up with her,

so now here I am, swiping,

instead of having sex with
an Italian orgasm scientist.

That's a pretty bad accident.

Well, I shouldn't even be
dating because I should be

getting ready for
Sofia to come home.

I am so ready to be dating...

anyone who does not
work at this hospital.

- Hey. Are you guys Tindering?
- Mm-hmm.

I set up a profile,
but I'm afraid to actually swipe.

Uh, it's pretty straightforward...

left for "no,"
right for "yes."

Yes for what?
"Yes, I'll sleep with you"?

- Well, it's not a binding contract.

What are you all doing,
standing around,

leaning against things?

- This is a hospital.
- It's a slow day.

What are you doing? (GASPS) Oh!

Too young.
Way too young.

(GASPS) Hello, Idris Elba.

- You're welcome.

Did you just match me?

You know that's a real,
live, actual person!

Hey! I don't get to swipe.

- Just let me have this moment.

- Pit! I call it!

- No! I'm a trauma surgeon!
- I'm bored!

I'm Chief of Surgery!
I call it!


Warren. What are you
getting into right now?

Uh, just finished
a night shift.

I'm grabbing a beer
breakfast with DeLuca.

Okay, I guess you can come, too.

You're gonna be on snack duty, though,
all right? We're grilling.

- Going where?
- Hey, Owen.

- Yeah.
- How are you doing, man?

Hey, sorry to hear about
you and Shepherd, man.

W-What about you
and Shepherd?

Their marriage
ended with the tumor.

- A little harsh, buddy.
- It's okay. We're okay.

You know, it was a mutual decision,

All the more reason
you should come with us.

- Come where?
- Avery bought a boat.

And a Batmobile, apparently.

- Oooooh!
- Wow!

JACKSON: This Batmobile goes
zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds.

Yep, that is, uh,
hand-stitched leather.

Thank God, 'cause, you know,
I wasn't getting in...

for regular old
sewing-machine leather.


♫ ♫



Wh... (SIGHS)

You take the tumor
out of the girl,

but not the girl
out of the t...

I got a patient with
a gnarly schwannoma.

It's... It's too deep to resect
from a single incision.

Are you talking about
the hippie chick?

Melody or, uh,
Tambourine or whatever?

- No, it's not.
- Harmony.

Yeah, I need you
to do it with me.

No, you don't.
You're just scared to do it alone.

Just park your fancy rental car
and come help me save a life!


DANIELLE: I can walk!
Will you please just let me go?!

18-year-old female.
Danielle Gordon.

She collapsed in the visiting
center at King County,

complaining of abdominal pain,
but says she's fine now.

- Okay, mine!
- Danielle, is there a chance

that you might be pregnant?

Uh, Dr. Robbins,
I'll handle this.

- Dr. Bailey!
- No, no, no.

Dr. Kepner,
good to see you, as well.

Who's this guy?

Mr. Nelligan.
He's a hypochondriac.

- Oh.
- Oh.

What is it today,
Mr. Nelligan?

I have a terrible headache.

I think there's something
wrong with my blood.

I'll... I'll just use
my regular bed.

MAGGIE: Danielle, so we know

that you were at the prison
when you collapsed.

Do you have any previous
medical history?

Or are you taking
any medications?

No. No. Look, I'm fine.

Seriously. Can I just go, please?

No, you still have abdominal pain,
and you fainted,

so I'm a little concerned
that you might be pregnant.

Well, I'm not pregnant, okay?

I fainted because...
because of the heat.

There wasn't any air
in there... Ow!

Please. Just run some tests.

I can't do that, Mr. Nelligan,

because I don't believe
there's anything wrong with you.

- Any nausea or vomiting?
- Did you swallow something?

If she was smuggling something
into the prison, it may have burst.

If you swallowed something,
Danielle, you need to let us know.

Otherwise, you could get
very, very sick.

I didn't swallow it!


I've been shot!
I've been shot!

- I've been shot!

- Stay down! Don't move!
- Security!

Is everyone all right?!


- Abdomen!
- What?!

Who the hell fired?!


April, you're bleeding!

Huh? No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
It's... It's nothing.


Danielle. Do you have
a gun on you?

Wait. Hold on. Hold on! This is...
This is an exit wound.



No entrance wound.

Danielle, did you put
a gun in your vagina?

♫ ♫

- Ohh.

What were doing doing taking
a gun into a prison?

- Into a prison in your vagina?
- It was my boyfriend's idea.

He's in jail.
I just... I wanted to help him.

I-Is everyone okay?
Uh, w-where's the weapon?

♫ ♫

In her pelvis?

Yes, sir.

Well, uh, b... Careful! Careful!

If it went off once,
is it gonna go off again?

No. That right there is the clip.
It's empty. So we are in the clear.

I thought it wasn't loaded!

I guess you forgot about
the one in the chamber.

The what?

Kepner, get that arm patched up
before you go into the O.R.

- Okay.
- BAILEY: Pierce!

- You guys got this?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.

♫ ♫

Dr. Bailey?

Hey, Mr. Nelligan
was shot in the leg.

Still bleeding despite
constant pressure.

It looks like he was shot
in the femoral artery.

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna need you in surgery.

I've been shot in the femoral artery?
Will that kill me?

Uh, we won't let that happen.
Just let us do our jobs.

Will I need follow-up surgeries?

Uh, let's focus on this surgery,
Mr. Nelligan.

Did that girl really
put a gun in her...



♫ ♫

JACKSON: ...just to get started.

BEN: It's a good thing
I brought this cooler then.

I can't believe you brought
just that six-pack.

No, I realized all you really
need is, like, four shots...

- Yeah.
- ...just to get by.

I get seasick.
Do you get seasick?

You got the biggest
one out here, man?

- It's beautiful.
- You got the biggest?

- Aye, yi-yi, Captain.
- Yeah!

- Whoa!


Well, guys,
I couldn't get a captain

on, uh, such short notice,

This is how to spend a sick day.

Oh, man.

JACKSON: All right, so who's driving?

OWEN: Wow!

ALEX: I thought you knew
how to sail.

As in sailboats.

Owen, aren't you a, uh...
in the Army or something?

Uh, yeah, no,
we didn't have many oceans

where I was stationed, Avery,
or yachts, actually.

JACKSON: Warren?

What? Do I look like
a ship's captain?

- Yeah, you kind of do, yeah.
- He's right. Well...

the sun is in the sky,
and we're still on a boat!

OWEN: Yeah, we are.

BEN: Hey, uh, Jackson,
what's her name?

I'll text DeLuca so he knows
where to bring the food.

You know what?

You buy a boat,

and you don't even
know the name of it?

Oh, that's weird.
It says "Shut It, Karev."


JO: Today, we will go in

and dissect the left and
right lobes of the liver.

Then we'll divert the blood flow

to the healthy left side,
which will make it grow.

- Great.
- Okay.

Then, in 10 days,
we'll go in and remove

the now-dead cancerous right side.


Okay, cool.
This is so amazing.

Okay, um, so, what would you
do now if you were me?

Oh. I would, um...

be proud of myself.

Okay, that's not...
what I was...

I'm proud of you, Wilson.

- Okay.

♫ ♫

Uh, is everything all right,
Dr. Wilson?

Dr. Grey is creeping me out!

Creeping you out?

Yeah, she's treating me
like I'm a baby deer.

It's weird. I...

Never mind. (CHUCKLES)
Do you need something, sir?

Uh, yeah,
I wanted to let you know

that you are in the running
for Chief Resident.

Did Meredith put you up to this?

- Alex? Ben Warren?
- Nobody put me up to anything.

Okay, I-I don't know
what anyone told you,

but I am not a victim.

I don't need
any special treatment.

Nobody told me anything,
Dr. Wilson.

This is good news.

It means you're doing
a good jo...

♫ ♫


A combined sub-occipital
and sub-temporal approach

is utterly superfluous
with this kind of tumor.

I disagree.

I would've scheduled
one from the beginning

if I thought it necessary.

I want to give this woman
the best shot possible.

And this is it.

It may be overly cautious,

but it's what I would have
wanted if this were my tumor.

Oh, laying it on thick.

Next, you're gonna tell me
she has kids at home.

We gotta save her.

Three, and they're here,
in her room,

expecting their mother to wake
up from brain surgery.

Well, I suppose that
makes it worth...

the first-class ticket
I just threw away.

I'll pay for your new flight,
if you stop being an ass.

No deal. You'll pay anyway.



I'm starving.
Where's DeLuca?

What do yacht people eat, anyway?


Baby seals?

- The surgeon's knot, gentlemen.
- Huh?

Also known as a reef knot,

commonly used in sailing,
fly fishing, quilting...

- Surgery.
- Surgery, as well, yes.

Now, the man who can tie
the most surgeon's knots

in under a minute, wins.

Wins what?

You got a free day on a yacht.
You need prizes now?

(CHUCKLES) The prize is...

you know you're the best. Go!

- Oh!
- Okay...

ALEX: I'll teach you guys
how to do this.

♫ ♫

"And all indicated procedures."
What does that mean?

The wording on this consent
form is really alarmist.

Have you read it?
It's pretty terrifying.

What happens if
he doesn't sign?

We don't have to
do the procedure.

His best prognosis
is 6 to 12 months.

Washington State v. Adams
won't be resolved by then.

Is this just another paper
you're gonna publish?

- I'm sorry?
- Rob.

I'm sorry, Judge,
I have to say this.

This man saves lives,
just like you, every day.

At this stage of the cancer,
this is his best option.

And if I didn't believe that,
I would never do the surgery.

Would you sign it?

I'm your surgeon.
I can't decide that for you.

Surgeons and judges.

We make decisions for
people all the time...

great, big,
life-changing things.

Just tell me.

Legally, I'm not allowed to.

I would sign it.

If I were you,
I would sign it in a heartbeat.

Because I would not want to
spend what short life I had left

wondering what could've happened
if I'd just been a little more brave.

♫ ♫

♫ ♫



- Can we have a moment, please?
- Sure.

You know, if I knew that they
were gonna shave my stomach,

I wouldn't have conceded to this.


Judge King,
it was unethical of my resident

to pressure you
into this surgery.

Well, I signed the papers,
so you're covered, legally.

I understand that,
but ethically,

I just want to follow up
and make sure...

that this surgery is
what you want to do.

Well, I didn't sign because
your resident pressured me.

I signed because she made me
think of my wife, who died.

You're a widow, right?
The article said that...

- Yeah.
- Yeah, she died eight years ago.

She was fine one minute.

And then she was gone.



And there was nothing
we could do.

There was no warning.

But I would've given anything
for a doctor to say...

"There's a chance.

There's something
that you can do."

And if she had the chance
to fight for her life,

she would have done it.

And if she were here,
she would've made me sign.

And I probably wouldn't
have needed the surgery,

'cause I would've gone
to all my annual checkups

- instead of working all the time.

Thanks for checking in,
Dr. Grey.


But let's fight the fight.


- O-kay.
- We're doing surgical knots.

- Who's winning?
- ALL: I am!

- Done! Done!
- No. No!

- Cheated!
- Okay. Best 10 out of 12?

No way. I'm hungry.
DeLucs, what'd you bring us?

Well, you said you wanted
to grill, so...

- Whoa! Whoa!
- Wow!

We meant burgers and...

Well, we're on the sea,
so... seafood.

- Hot dogs.
- No, no. You know what?

This is good. This is good.

Last one to fillet their fish...

has to buy more beer.

Isn't that what DeLuca's for?

Come on, man. Maritime law.
He's not a resident out here.

- He's right. DeLuca, scrub in.
- All right.

Gentlemen, let's cut.

- Ohp!
- All right.



MEREDITH: You see what
I'm doing here, Wilson?

- Mm-hmm.
- Good.

JO: Why haven't you yelled
at me for what I did yet?

MEREDITH: It worked.
He's on the table, isn't he?

You and I both know that
it was ethically wrong of me

to advise a patient
to sign a consent form.

Yes, we do.

So why haven't you
yelled at me about it?

Well, because if you know
it was wrong,

then there's nothing
to yell about.

Right, Wilson?

Ah. You... paged me

to my own office?

I need a meeting.

I don't have a church basement
or coffee or doughnuts,

but two sober drunks talking
to each other make a meeting,

and I need a meeting.

Okay, remember when you
quit drinking,

and you didn't know
who you'd be without it?

It kind of defined you.

Like, it made you brave
and fun and fearless?

But it also ruined your life,

so you had to quit,
which was terrifying,

because you didn't know who
you would be without the booze?

Uh, yeah. I remember that.

Okay. (SIGHS)

My brain tumor is like that.

I'm worried it made me who I am.

I'm thinking it made me
brave and fearless.

And I'm not sure that I can
be a surgeon without it.


getting sober
was the best thing

that ever happened to
either one of us.

The drugs did not define you.

I mean, they...
they numbed you,

and they broke you,
and they almost ruined you.

The tumor was the problem.

And now it's gone.

It's just like sobriety.

You can take it
one day at a time.

One surgery at a time.


BAILEY: Every week for 15 years,

this man has shown up in
my E.R. with nothing wrong.

People spend their lives trying
to stay out of hospitals.

He's dying to get himself into one.

MAGGIE: He finally got
what he wanted.

But he makes everything

so much harder than
it needs to be.

It doesn't need to be
this complicated.

Do I do that?

I feel like I make things harder
than they need to be.

I mean,
I always want the tough job

and the impossible guy...

I wasn't speaking metaphorically
about your life.

- Bulldog clamp.
- Go with me on this.

I am young, smart, pretty.
I should be dating.

I should be taking advantage of
my relative youth.

And instead,
I am fighting my friends

over gunshot wounds...
What is that?

Congratulations on your
personal breakthrough.

Now help me get distal
control of this artery.

- What was that?! Was that the app?!

Do I have a match?!


Great. You tell David M.
that I will meet him tonight.

D... Whoa, whoa, whoa!
N... Uh, There are rules.

You can't just go setting up
dates willy-nilly.

You haven't even
looked at his profile!

I'm tired of overthinking things.

- I need to take action! 6-0 prolene!
- N...

What you need to do is set up
a date in a public place.

Make sure your friends know
where you're going.

And always have
an exit strategy.

Tell David M.
I will meet him tonight

at 8:00 p.m. in the lobby.

- Ooh, bold.
- Too bold?

Not gun-in-the-oven bold,
but bold nonetheless.

♪ We're just human after all ♪

APRIL: She's lucky
the bullet didn't injure

her bowel or any major vessels.

How dumb do you have to be

to do something like that
for a guy?

Is it really that hard to find
a boyfriend who isn't in jail?

She's only 18, and she's already
shot herself over a man.

ARIZONA: Oh, God. Sofia's gonna be
a teenager in like 5 seconds.

I am not ready for
puberty and dating and...

idiot boys... or idiot girls.

♪ All you have to do is fall ♪

♪ If you want to ♪

♪ We can love ♪

♪ All you have to do is fall ♪

♪ If you want to fall ♪

(SIGHS) Uh, Dr. DeLuca.

I hope you'll be
able to join us

for the, uh,
new intern mixer this evening.

Oh, thank you, Dr. Webber.
I'll love to attend.

♪ If you want to, we can love ♪

I've pulled a lot of
strange things...

out of bodies in my career,
but this?

I've heard stories of guns
in the body cavity,

but I've never witnessed one
until today.

I once pulled $10,000 in cash
out of a woman...

who wanted to hide it
from her ex-husband.

A porcelain doll.

- Hmm.
- Said he fell on it.

They always "fell on it."


A jar of ashes.

Beer bottle.

A showerhead.

I pulled a pen...

out of a male stripper's penis.

He said he wanted to sign
autographs with it.

Whoa. (LAUGHS)


ARIZONA: (GROANS) All right.

Congratulations, everybody.

It's a beautiful 1-pound,
8-ounce... baby pistol.


Non pensavo che I'avrei
mai visto in vita mia,

ma invece eccolo qua...

That sounds pretty.
What does it mean?

It's a gun in a vagina.

KORACICK: You're right. This is just
as much fun as eating warm cookies

and getting drunk on free champagne.

I'm sure Harmony here
would like to be on a beach

drinking a rum punch
and playing a ukulele,

but we all have to
do hard things.

Tilt the table.
Admit it, Shepherd.

You weren't ready to take
the training wheels off.

You wanted some hand-holding.
No shame in that.

I cleared you,
so you're technically ready.

- Hand is mighty. Mind is weak.
- Crap.

Something's bleeding.

- Fast.
- Oops.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe you weren't ready.

I wouldn't do that.

Try the bipolar on the
superior petrosal vein.

AMELIA: I don't care
what you'd try.

Your turn for
suggestions is over.

Okay. I got the bleed.

I can call for a resident
to come help you if you want.

You know, I cannot believe
I ever considered you a mentor.

You're rude.

Yeah, I-I-I don't need

- You're callous.
- your insults, Shepherd.

I'm not even supposed to be
in this O.R.

Well, then go.
I don't need you.

Well, I thought a combined approach
was this patient's "best shot."

It was.

I got the tumor.

- See?

I told you
you could do it alone.

Good job in there, Wilson.

You really... shone.


Okay, okay, please,
just, can you stop it?

Can you stop treating me
like I'm made of glass?

I didn't put my name
on the paper...

because if I do,
then he will find me,

and he will kill me.

I made a choice,

but that choice doesn't
make me a victim.

Listen, I don't think
you're a victim.

You were in a bad situation
and you got yourself out.

You're a survivor.

And I was nice to you
because Alex asked me to be.


That's the kind of
dumb stuff he does

when he loves someone.

But I didn't put you on
my service because of Alex.

I put you on my service

because you earned
the right to be there.

And it doesn't matter
if your name...

gets put on papers or not, Wilson.

The only thing that matters
is what happens in there.

All that smiling make me
seem like a serial killer?

(LAUGHS) Yeah. Or a preschool
teacher with a drug habit.

(LAUGHS) Overstep again,
and I'll suspend you myself.

Thank you, Dr. Grey.

You know,
I've always heard that salmon

had two-chambered hearts,

but I'd never seen one before.

Guys, can we not today?
Like, we're not doctors today.

We're men... on a boat.

We just dissected a dozen fish.

We've pretty much
all did surgery today.

Oh, speaking of which, DeLuca,
why are you so damn good at that?

My dad used to take me and my sister
fishing when we were kids.

Yeah, my dad used to leave us in
the car while he went fishing.

I never had a sister until now,
and it's actually not bad.

- It's pretty cool.
- Trust me, it's not.

You know, my sister
used to sing opera, badly,

at the top of her lungs!

Just 'cause she knew
I hated it.

I used to call my sister
my brother.

My sister sleeps with
all my friends.

- Oh-oh!
- Is that right?

- Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
- Okay.

Wait. Since when do you
have a sister?

Uh, since Richard married my mom.

His daughter, Maggie.
Come on, guys.

I mean, come on. Barely.
He still calls her Pierce.

I mean, we have dinner.
They call that family dinner.

BEN: Yeah, no. No.

Maggie is not your...
your sister.

Right. It's a bit like Amelia
calling Maggie her sister.

Wait a minute.
They're not sisters?

- No!
- No!

Okay, wait a second.

You consider Meredith
your sister, though.

No, she's like family,
but I don't call her my sister.

Right. But you wouldn't,
like, sleep with her.

- Oh-oh!
- Dude.

- What? No.

Who said anything about
sleeping together?

Uh, who... who's ready for grilling?
Huh? What do you say?



What's your pain level at now?

Uh... fine.

Like a four.

Okay, well, is there anyone

from your family
that we can call?

Just my boyfriend.

Young lady...

do you have any idea
how badly this could have gone?

You shot yourself in the belly
from inside your vagina,

and that was the
best-case scenario.

You could have shot yourself
in the spine.

Or you could have shot
someone else in the head.

I mean, no one, no... no man
or woman is worth that kind of risk.

Well, uh, at least
I get to go to jail now.

So I-I can be with him.

No, you can't!
That's not how it works!

(SCOFFS) Okay.

If you were brave enough

to do something like this
for your boyfriend,

then you can be brave enough
to say no to him.

You got it?
Do ya?


You are gonna be an amazing mom
to a teenage girl.

We were never that stupid, right?

Mm, I thought you could get
pregnant from a toilet seat

till at least the 10th grade,
so, uh...

- Everything went very well.
- Hmm.

We expect rapid growth
from the remaining liver.

I knew you were a rock star.

So can I get back in
court by Wednesday?

Not if you want me to take out
the cancerous part.

(SCOFFS) You're killing me, Grey.

- I know. I'm a bully.

Shall I tell your hostage
to come in and say hi?

Ask him to bring
the Gibson files.

Will do.

Wilson, keep an eye on
his drain output.


Thought I did well.
Why the face?

Oh, no. You're all good.

I'm basically
a professional lie detector.

And I'm stuck in this bed.
So out with it.


Well, uh, actually,

I hear you work with
domestic-violence cases.

I could use some legal advice.


I'm sorry I don't have better news,

but the system is rigged against
domestic-violence survivors.

There are legal protections
you can pursue,

but they don't do anything
to stop your abuser...

from physically confronting you
if you file for divorce.

It sucks,
and I'm trying to fix it,

but that's the reality.

So he'll find out where I live?


What do most women
in my position do?

Most survivors I see in my court
are willing to take the risk

if it means being free
to live your life.


- Hey!
- Hey.

He did great!

So, try not to work him
too hard, okay?

Um, thank you.

Good luck.

And we were able to repair
your femoral artery,

but you will need to avoid
any strenuous activity

over the next few weeks.

And we'll need you to come back
in a month for a follow-up.

Oh, I don't think so.

Uh, no, really.
You have to come...

I came in here
with a headache,

and I'm leaving with
a gunshot wound.

I am never coming to
this hospital again.


so sorry to hear that, uh, sir.

We'll have your charts
transferred to...

- Seattle Pres.
- Right away.

I'm sure they'll take much
better care of you over there.

I should hope so.

They have nicer sheets
in their E.R., anyway.

Higher thread count.

JACKSON: I'm telling you guys,
you got to come see

this new apartment, man.
It's sweet.

ALEX: Wait. You just
bought a new apartment?

Come on, Avery. What the hell
haven't you bought?

Happiness, Karev. Happiness.

I got to find a new place, too.
Arizona's kid's coming back.

Hey, DeLuca, you can come and
stay at my place for a while.

I got space now that Amelia's,
you know, gone, so...

Really? Yeah. Thanks.

I am not a white-coat guy!

- Huh? Hmm?
- Here we go.

What's that, Ben?

The night of that fire,
I-I felt more alive

than I have ever felt in an O.R.

I'm not a white-coat guy!

I-I'm a "run into the fire" guy!

Whoa. What the hell
are you talking about?


I applied to the
fire training academy.

And, uh...

I got in.


You're... You're kidding, right?

Warren, I mean,
I've ran into a few fires myself,

but I'm not making a career
out of it. Damn.

The only thing I've ever been
more sure of in my life

was marrying Miranda Bailey.

But please don't tell her.

- Wow.
- Whoa. Wait.

(CHUCKLING) You didn't tell her yet?

Dude! Can I...

Can we be there
when she finds out?

Say a prayer for... I mean,
I mean, a toast to Ben Warren.

Not many people get to find

their passion in life
even one time.

He's managed to do it three.

- OWEN: Yeah!
- Cheers, man.


- Oh, no. Oh, no.
- What's that?

Bailey. Webber.
The intern mixer.

- The mixer!
- Oh! Oh!

No! No, no, no.
We can't drive like this.

Last one to the mixer...

Pisses off my wife!
Call a cab! A fast one!

- Let's go!
- What... What's happening?

DeLuca, I'm sorry, man, but,
uh, you're on cleanup duty.

- Good luck!
- You got this!

W-What happened to Maritime Law?!


♪ I ain't looking back, oh, no, no, no ♪

- I got it.
- This ain't the fish, though.

♪ I know where I'm from,
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Been down that road, I read the sign ♪


♪ But I ain't looking
back, no, not this time ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪

♪ It's no use, no rules ♪

♪ Don't hold me back, I'm not the kind ♪

♪ To wish I'd gone and changed my mind ♪

♫ ♫


Where are your surgeons?

Uh, there's, uh, Kepner.

And the rest will be here, too.

Are you sure about that?

(CHUCKLES) Yes, I'm sure.

Why are you being so crazy
about this mixer anyway?

This is my first new class

since I was reinstated
back in this job,

a job which you took away
behind my back.

So, um, I'd like
a little support.

Yes, sir. You're right.
Go speechify.

- They'll be here soon.
- Thank you.


Uh, okay. Uh, uh, people!

- Welcome...

Welcome to Grey Sloan Memorial,

where your education
is our top priority.

♪ Hey ♪




Um, you were chosen...

- ...for your potential.

We are one of the top-rated...

top-rated teaching hospitals
in the nation.

And with your bright futures,

we are certain that
that tradition will continue.

(HUSHED) Hi. Alex Karev.
Peds unit. How are you? Hi.

But it's up to youto
put in the hard work.

And it is hard work.

I get shot,
and they get a sick day?

Di... Don't.

So, enjoy the evening,
ask questions,

- talk to your colleagues.
- Wow. He is so good at speeches.

Because tomorrow,
you are surgeons.


She's recovering in I.C.U.,
but she should be awake in a few hours.

- Okay.
- Mama's okay?

She's more than okay,
sweetheart. She's awesome.


Mommy's okay?

Uh, excuse me.

Hi. Excuse me.


Yeah. Uh, I had Knicks
tickets for tonight.

And I really like the Knicks.

And now... I missed the Knicks.

All for the measly reward
of saving a woman's life.

Okay, I-I didn't want to stay
because I knew you'd be fine

and I didn't want to
give you a crutch.

And then I was hoping
you'd screw it up,

because that would mean
you weren't still...

better than me.

But... you are.

Still... better than me.

And that really pisses me off.

I'm sorry about that.

(CHUCKLES) No, you're not.


Hi. Hi.

I don't think we've met.
I'm Owen.

- Carina.
- Welcome to Grey Sloan.

Um, where'd you go to med school?

Oh, I'm not an intern.
I'm a visiting doctor.

(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry.
I was...

I've been in and out
the past couple of months.

Uh, what's your specialty?



(LAUGHS) Oh! This is good news!

Well, where's Meredith?


- What happened?

We were talking.
He was fine.

And then he just collapsed.

MEREDITH: He's in v-fib.
One milligram of epi in the I.V.

Paddles. Charge to 150! Clear!

- WOMAN: Pressure's bottoming out.

Charge to 200. Clear.


Let's open him up.

WOMAN #1: Drapes and size-7
gloves are ready.

WOMAN #2: Surgical trays coming up.

- Anesthesia has been...




His liver was perfect.
It was not the procedure.

He threw a massive clot.
There wasn't anything...

I'm sorry. I...

I am so sorry.

you're needed downstairs.





You've been nominated for
a Harper Avery Award.


This is amazing.
Are you amazed?

It's a Harper Avery nomination.

Derek never got
one of those.



- I need a drink.
- J... Uh...

What's the matter with her?

We lost our ALPPS patient.
Just now.

Ohh. Mm.

Hey, where's David M.?

Oh. Yeah, I couldn't...
I couldn't do that.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, Chief,
can I talk to you for a second?

I was out there today
on a... on a boat...

a boat that I don't even know
how to freaking drive.

And it was the best day
I have spent in years.

I was competing out there!
I was in the game!

Instead of just watching it,
you know?

And that was just chopping up
fish and... and tying knots,

but I was loving
every second of it.

Happy for you?

- I want to be in the game.
- What game?

My life. My career. Surgery!

Look, I've got a quarter
of a billion dollars.

And I want to give you
half of it.


So you can start your own
surgical research competition.

Like the Harper Avery?

No! Not... No, no, no.
Not like that.

I-I-I don't want to
just reward innovation.

I want to drive it!
I want to fund it!

And, uh, my name can't be
anywhere near it.

Okay, it's your contest, not mine.

I have to stay anonymous.

And you want me
to let you win?

No, ma'am. No, no, no.
Just the opposite, all right?

I just want in the game.



God. That was inevitable.

Weren't you married
when I got here?

I was. Am not now.

Let me guess. Tumor.

He's a good man,
and we are good friends.


And now you should tell me more

about how I'm a much
better surgeon than you.

You know I just said all that
to get you in bed, right?

No, you didn't.

And thank you, by the way.

For what? F... Oh. Yeah.

Well, that's what I do.
I save lives.


I dislike you so intensely.

♪ Whoa ♪

Hey, you going to the mixer?

Uh, there's an open bar,
so, yeah.

I, uh, found a place to stay.

- Oh, thank God.
- Wow. Okay.

No! No, no, no.
I didn't mean that.

It's just that with...
with Sofia and Carina,

I'm just... I'm kind of a mess.

So, who are you gonna stay with?

With Owen, actually.


♪ We're far from being sober ♪

♪ Surround me ♪

♪ Surround me ♪

Oh, come on!

♪ 'Cause I like you,
I like you, I like you a lot ♪

♪ How to see through the smoke ♪

You asked Meredith
to be nice to me today.

I did. And I'd do it again.

♪ You found me ♪

I love that you want
to protect me, but...

I don't want to wonder
what my life could've been

- if I'd just been a little more...
- More what?

♪ Surround me ♪

I'm in the running
for Chief Resident.

- What?

And... I don't want to
hide anymore.

I'm ready to fight
my own battles.

I'm gonna file for
divorce from Paul.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

♪ Every time you cross my mind ♪

♪ I get stupid ♪

I love you.
♪ Whoa ♪

You smell like fish guts.

♪ Don't overthink it ♪

Bravery isn't always about
running into the fire.

♪ Surround me ♪


Ohh! Can you believe
we work here?!

DAHLIA: Can you believe
Meredith Grey works here?

(GASPS) Oh, my God.


Sam? What...
What are you doing here?

I work here.

♪ I want you around me ♪

They're both so pretty.
I wonder what's gonna happen next.

Sometimes it's about
facing our past.

♪ Don't overthink it ♪

♪ Just finish up your drink ♪

♪ And surround me ♪

Why are you not celebrating?
What is all of this?

Pull up a chair, Dr. Bailey.

Six liver patients who don't
qualify for transplants.

Six lives we are gonna save
with the ALPPS procedure.

And on the hardest days,

it's about
facing the future.

Congratulations, Dr. Grey.

♪ So don't let me go ♪

♪ Don't let me go ♪

♪ Don't let me go ♪