Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 8 - Things We Lost in the Fire - full transcript

As the rumor mill around the hospital continues to spiral out of control, Grey Sloan Memorial is flooded with injured firefighters from a nearby wildfire. Maggie struggles to keep things with Andrew professional at work; meanwhile, Jo questions Alex's priorities. Also, Alex decides to make a big step in his life.

Meredith: They say you fight fire with fire.
We do it in medicine all the time.
Owen won't say what it's about,
and nobody knows this Riggs, except Kepner.
Maybe Kepner knows.
We cut you to repair your injury.
Is that snow?
We hurt you to heal you.
Are we still good?
Yeah, we're good. I told you.
I'm just making sure. We're good.
Good with what?
Nothing. Don't worry about it.
Guys, it's like 60 degrees out. That can't be snow.
We stoke the flames.
They just keep circling each other.
I keep thinking one of them's gonna pull out a switchblade.
Oh, it's about a chick.
When two guys hate each other, it's usually about a chick.
Is that snow? Really? Where?
Yeah, you're right. That looks like snow out there. Huh.
But playing with fire is a dangerous game.
Well, you know they're saying it's about you.
You and Riggs. A torrid affair in Jordan.
That's... oh, no! That is not at...
Don't worry. I shut that down.
God! Thank you. Geez!
No, I think it goes back further than that,
because I worked with Riggs,
and he never even mentioned knowing hunt.
Oh, my gosh. Hunt and Riggs...
What... what if they had the torrid affair?
[ Laughs ] Come on.
No. Just think about it.
Wartime, no rules, men in uniform, kissing.
Oh, no way. [ Laughing ] What?
I didn't say it. Arizona did.
I heard that Riggs lost a patient on the table
and tried to blame it on hunt.
Yeah, the gossip mill is getting a little out of hand, don't you think?
Oh, no, it's not gossip.
It's, um [Snaps fingers] what do you call it?
Scuttlebutt. No.
[ Laughs ]
Callie, um...
You and Arizona... Before you guys split...
You did the counseling thing, right?
Oh, god. Yeah.
I heard that you were looking more for a lawyer.
You heard that, huh?
[ Sighs ]
You're on my service today. I am.
You're good with that, right?
I mean, you and I...
You don't have any problem working under me, right?
Well, I think we've established that.
[ Chuckles ]
No, but see, this...
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Outside of that door, we are professionals.
There can be none of this.
Yes, ma'am.
For the road.
[ Door closes ]
Is it snowing?
Is it what I think it is?
Uh-huh. Just got the call. It's all coming here.
Okay. How many are we looking at?
Over 40. Where's the protocol for this?
Bailey... got to be some guidelines.
Look, I-it's your first crisis.
You'll be fine. I know!
As soon as I can find the...
Bailey, there's nothing you need in those binders.
Okay, you just have to take things as they come.
But you won't see them until they're right here.
You know what to do.
If you're in control, they're in control.
Oh, and, uh, stand on the stairs when you talk to them.
Makes them feel watched over.
Is that why you do that?
[ Laughs ]
Four crews of firefighters
were trapped battling wildfires east of town.
We have at least 40 injuries en route.
I said we would take all of them.
40? We're gonna hit capacity, and...
We will take all of them.
We're looking at second-, third-, and fourth-degree burns,
smoke inhalation, and some traumas.
All non-critical... Patients, um...
Are being transferred to Seattle pres and Tacoma.
[ Clears throat ]
This entire hospital is now a burn-treatment center.
If you are a little rusty...
Did you stay here again last night? Yeah.
You sleep at all?
I'm fine.
Plastics will be available for consult,
but they will be in high demand and cannot be everywhere.
If you need them...
It's definitely because of a chick. Shush.
Residents, stay with your assigned attendings
unless needed in the burn unit or in the pit.
Uh, everyone who is on call has been called in.
This is an all-hands-on-deck situation.
You with Grey again? I'm always with Grey.
Which is the problem for Callie, so I'm a nun, basically.
[ Snorts ]
Worship at the altar of our lady of general surgery.
That's a good choice. Mm.
You know, I tried dating an attending.
It just... It doesn't work.
Prioritize according to... Wilson does it.
Yeah, well, Wilson got lucky.
Triage in the E.R.
Send the critical patients to the burn unit or the O.R.
Dr. Avery is your point person on this, okay?
Uh... Let's see.
Then that's...
That's it, people.
Okay. Get to work.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I'll jump on triage and the most acute injuries. April...
You take any compromised airways.
Stop running away from me.
Eventually, we have to find time and talk about this.
It's been three days already.
Now is not that time.
We have time before it gets crazy.
It's already crazy. My E.R.'s about to be jam-packed.
I-I-i don't have time, and neither do you.
We would if you'd stop talking about
how much damn time we don't have. [ Elevator bell dings ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Man: Choppers are stacking up. Let's move!
Let's go! Move!
[ Indistinct talking on P.A. ]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
People, if you are not on your specialty,
you are on burn.
Consider yourselves
burns and plastics specialists for the day.
We treat, debride, admit.
If you have any questions at all, you come find me.
[ Siren wailing ]
Take him to trauma 2. This way. Over there.
Patient has partial thickness burns
on his chest and abdomen and severe smoke inhalation.
Let's get to the part with the metal in his chest.
He lost his footing in the smoke,
he fell into the ravine,
and a steel spike broke his fall.
We need a heart ultrasound. Let's page cardio. Get Pierce.
Okay. No problem. I'm here.
I can wait for Pierce.
I said I got it.
Okay. He has blood in the pericardium,
but I can't tell if it's penetrated the ventricle.
Blake, get Pierce. Okay.
Most likely the only reason he isn't bleeding out
is because the metal is blocking the hole.
That's an interesting theory.
Only one way to find out. Blake, let's pull out the spike.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
We're gonna take it out in the O.R.,
where we can control the bleeding.
There might not be any bleeding,
so let's don't fill up an O.R. until we know that we have to.
And risk him bleeding out before we ever get up there? No.
No one is touching this thing until we get Pierce.
[ Clanks ] There.
Now she can get a proper look.
Who the hell do you think you are?
If I say wait, we wait.
You are out of control! And I will not stand for it.
Hey, Kepner, how are we?
I need somebody to take a look at the guy in bed four!
Um, I will do it. I will see bed four.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Tyler... how's Tyler?
His hand's pretty bad. He might lose some fingers.
You tell him he'll live.
[ Coughing ]
I'm Dr. Bailey. How we doing here?
I'm fine.
I've been burned so many times, my wife says I smell like bacon.
[ Chuckles ] You need to put that mask back on.
You need to check on these other guys.
They're in worse shape than me.
We will take care of all of you, okay? [ Labored breathing ]
So just let me have a look.
[ Coughing ]
How bad is it?
[ Labored breathing ]
[ Ultrasound pulsing ]
He's bleeding right there. In the pericardium.
It's not much. It'll likely resolve on its own.
Or it won't and it will be too late.
Admit him, monitor him closely,
and tell me if his pressure drops.
Book an O.R.
Absolutely. I'll book an O.R.
She's my god.
Hey! Hold on. Do you have time now?
Not really, I'm on my way to surgery with a maniac.
Yeah, so let's do it now before we both get too busy.
All right, well, let's make it quick, because...
Alex, could you... Wilson, go away!
Just give us a minute, okay? We're busy.
Thanks a lot.
She'll be fine.
W-we were taking a... Break at base camp.
And... Casey, I'm gonna need you to stop talking, okay?
There's severe lung damage here.
Book an O.R.
Casey, we're gonna take you
into surgery right away.
O.R.'s backed up. They're saying it's an hour.
Tell them that's not good enough.
No. Take these other guys first.
I'll decide who goes where, all right?
Hey, I did my best to get those guys out.
You got to make sure they're okay.
Can you do that?
Let's get him to the burn unit while we wait for the O.R.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Chief, the burn unit is full, and I need beds down here.
We can't take any more. We're already at capacity.
I have patients with extensive burns
that are on gurneys in the hallway.
Well, we need to start diverting to other hospitals. No, no. We're not doing that.
Well, I need to know what we are doing, please.
Do I need to notify Seattle pres?
I said we're not turning firefighters away.
Come with me.
You folks, take your food to go.
All of these tables go. Put away this food.
We triage here.
I need gurneys in lines of three all the way back.
Minor and first-degree burns are going the pit, guys.
Criticals can go to any available I.C.U. Bed.
We need burn supplies, surgical trays,
gowns, gloves at every station.
This enough room?
This will work.
[ Sighs ]
I know you have to do your doctor thing,
but maybe you can keep the full moon under wraps.
[ Chuckles ]
That's the part that I kind of need to see.
Oh, you can see whatever you want.
It's the guys in my squad. I'll never hear the end of it.
I'll be discreet. No free shows.
No guy has seen that
since a middle school wardrobe malfunction.
Hopefully, you're an expert, a...
What, a butt doctor?
That can't be right. You can fix my butt, right?
Yes. The burn is confined to one cheek,
and luckily, I have a good one to compare it to.
Wow. Thank you very much.
No. No, no, no. I... and I didn't mean...
No. I'll take it.
Yeah. It's...
It'll do the job.
[ Man screams ]
Hang in there, Turner.
Here I am, complaining about my butt burn.
Don't do that.
Don't feel guilty for not getting hurt.
I mean, I work a job
where in order to make a house payment,
to put food on the table, there have to be fires.
And big fires mean overtime, hazard pay.
You work like hell to put them out, but...
A dirty, little part of you is thinking, "burn, baby, burn,"
and you hate yourself.
It sucks.
I make my living off of sick babies.
You get it.
All right. You feel that? [ Groans ]
Dr. Hunt? Give him morphine.
Owen? Mm-hmm.
Your mom's boyfriend... He's a firefighter, right?
Yeah. Why?
Because she's here... Your mom.
Woman: Nurse's station. How can I help you?
Cross, take over.
Mom? Owen!
John was working the fire. They said they brought him here.
Have you seen him?
Uh, hang on, hang on.
He is in surgery.
Oh, dear god. Dr. Grey and...
[ Sighs ]
Kepner, page Pierce to O.R. 3. Okay.
Mom, stay right here, okay?
There. I was right.
There's blood in the pericardium.
I could've relieved it with a needle downstairs.
You did not need to open him up.
Well, I did, because we're not in a tent in a war zone.
Hunt, is there a problem?
Grey, the patient on your table is my mother's boyfriend.
How's it look?
It's not good.
I didn't ask you!
Dr. Grey cracked his chest when she shouldn't have...
Shut your mouth, step away from the table,
and scrub out.
Hey, what's going on here?
You need to scrub in for Riggs.
What? Why?
Hunt, I got a guy in the burn unit
missing part of his chest wall.
I don't have time...
Owen, I have this.
Dr. Pierce, we're fine here.
Riggs, step back.
Okay, hunt, I don't work for you, okay?
I work for Pierce.
If she says leave, then I'll leave.
Hunt, is there a reason
that I should be removing Riggs from this surgery?
Are you okay?
Yeah. No. My mom's boyfriend.
The firefighter. Yeah.
He's here. Yeah.
Meredith is working on him right now with Riggs.
And that's a problem.
Owen, talk to me. Why is this guy...
I just don't want him near my family.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Proximal humerus fracture.
All he needs is a sling for a few weeks.
Yeah, but I've got a full thickness burn
on his hand and forearm.
Will a graft even take? You've got bone exposure.
Give me a minute to think about it.
I'd recommend it.
Yeah, the graft? Counseling.
It gave us a sense of where we were, which was nowhere.
But still...
Second-degree burns on the chest.
Do you even want to work it out with Kepner?
Can we not do this right now?
[ Gasps ]
But one thing our therapist said that turned out to be true...
Do not have sex while you're sorting things out.
It's messy. It's confusing. No sex.
You guys had sex.
Yeah. [ Laughs ]
We did, too.
It's... Messy. It's really messy.
I think you can both get what you need. Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, I feel like it's so complicated.
No, no, no, no, no. I'm talking about his hand.
We do a living graft with an abdominal pedicle flap.
We literally sew his hand into his abdomen.
He'll have a graft and a sling.
[ Chuckles ] That's good.
[ Gasps ] I found the one!
Oh, good.
Now you can help me find an arterial line kit.
Not the one.
A one maybe, but at least an option.
I found an option.
She's funny and cute,
and she actively contributes to public safety.
She's one of the firefighters?
Yes. And she's great.
And I think that she thinks I'm great,
but I need you to find out.
Why don't you write her a little note...
You know, the ones with the boxes that you can check...
And I'll pass it along.
Mm. Don't you think that sounds a little childish?
Yes, it does!
I'm not gonna wingman a patient for you!
I set the Mayfield.
Let's just drain the clot and bring him back to the burn unit.
Maybe it was, like, a classified mission gone bad.
Hunt and Riggs.
Maybe that's why he won't talk about it.
Maybe it was like a secret mission,
and one of them double-crossed the other.
I don't want to talk about it.
Well, everyone is talking about it.
I don't want to gossip about it.
Dr. Hunt's a sleepwalker
and a sleeptalker, actually.
It's not gossip. It happened.
I found him in an on-call room totally asleep, standing there.
He was all, "help, help!" It was freaky!
What did he say exactly?
"Do something," I think he said?
I don't know. I was a little...
I was scared.
Wait. Cross...
They'll probably take a big piece of skin from your back
called a latissimus flap.
Now, it's gonna leave a pretty big scar.
[ Weakly ] Scars are okay.
They show... Where you've been.
My leg is the kelso fire of '08,
and my shoulder's
the yakima valley of '13.
And... oh... that...
That's, uh, my oven.
Birthday cake for my wife Ruth's 50th.
[ Laughs ]
[ Coughing ]
Casey... Casey, we have to intubate you now.
No. I can breathe.
Ruth's on her way.
I w-want to talk to her first.
Sir, we really need to give your lungs a rest, okay?
No. I don't need it.
I don't want it.
I think we can give Casey a few more minutes
till his wife gets here.
But you put that mask on.
Deal. [ Chuckles ]
He's being ridiculous. We have to tube him, right?
His left lung is partially collapsed.
The other one is damaged from smoke inhalation.
It's causing his heart to fail. [ Cellphone chimes ]
Yeah, and he's starting to have arrhythmias from rhabdo.
Oh. I got to go. Yeah, go.
We need to clear an O.R.
Uh, no. Casey's right.
We need to be treating the more urgent cases first.
I'm sorry, but what's more urgent
than a guy with a hole burned in his side?
A case that will survive surgery.
So what? We're just supposed to tell him he's gonna die?
We don't have to tell him. He knows.
Make him as comfortable as you can,
and tell me when his wife gets here.
We are never eating in that cafeteria again.
I'm a little busy right now. Do you need something?
I needed a break. I thought I'd take a minute.
You know when I had a minute?
This morning,
when you and Meredith were whispering in the hallway.
I'm sorry about that.
And she yelled "get away" in my face
like I was a stray dog.
[ Chuckles ] Come on.
It's not funny. That's not what she meant.
God, you always defend her,
even when she's being a complete bitch to me.
Look, don't do that. Don't call her that. And why wouldn't you?
Everyone here just follows her lead.
If you're out with Grey, you're out, and I'm out.
Aw, you're not out. You're fine. [ Sighs ]
She spent a year acting like I didn't even exist.
So what is it? What? You think she just sees you as my girlfriend?
She doesn't even see me as that.
She would show up in our bedroom
and kick me out whenever she wanted to.
That hasn't happened in a long time.
Yeah, because I hauled you out of that house.
Oh, I'm...
I'm sorry. You hauled me out of there?
I had to. She had an all-access pass to you.
And you know what the worst part is? Is that you let her.
Here I thought we decided to move in there together. Because she's always your priority!
That is not true!
She has been through a lot! Her husband died!
So what, that gives her a license to treat me like crap?
No! No!
It means she has the license to take her crap out on me!
It means I'm gonna be there for her when she needs me,
'cause she's the only one I can count on!
She's the only one?
Just I meant... [ Sighs ]
Look, she stood by me for years when everybody else left,
no matter what.
I didn't mean... No, I get it.
You're taking her side again 'cause she is your priority.
You don't get to tell me what my priorities are!
I have to focus on my patient.
Look, Jo...
Just go.
[ Sighs ]
Nathan: Last stitch repairs the rupture in the heart wall.
3-0 prolene and pledget hold.
Blake, can you snip, please?
[ Monitor beeping ]
And hunt said this guy was dating his mom, hmm?
Blake, you heard that, right?
Suction here.
Hmm? [ Alarm blaring ]
He's fibrillating. Paddles.
Got it.
Charge to 10.
[ Paddles whine ]
Clear. [ Thump ]
Charge to 10 again.
No, 25, okay? Let's don't screw around. 25.
25. Clear.
[ Thump ] This never would've happened if you hadn't...
It absolutely would have.
We just wouldn't be here to catch it. Clear!
[ Thump ]
All right, give me 1 milligram of adrenaline.
Okay, come on, come on. Damn it!
Okay, where's the adrenaline?
[ Alarm blaring ]
[ Exhales deeply ] All right.
[ Exhales deeply ]
Well, the fire is 80% contained.
[ Muffled speaking ]
My crew.
No losses today, Casey.
No. Many injuries, but no losses.
You prepare them...
The best you can.
You can't control everything.
You can't control the wind, you know?
You did everything you could.
What... what... What can I do for you?
Uh, just waiting for Ruth.
[ Labored breathing ]
This will heal nicely, probably in about six weeks.
So, um...
Maybe we could see each other again?
Like a follow-up appointment?
Oh, um, no. I don't mean...
I mean yes.
You can always make an appointment with the admissions nurse.
But I di... you, um... Okay.
Can you just sit tight?
Well, don't sit tight.
Just... Be.
Just be.
Heh! I just tried to segue
from a wound closure to a first-date invite.
Now, that's just clumsy.
Over her exposed butt. That's creepy.
I need your help.
Can you just go put a good word in?
I... you don't need me. You're a smart, competent woman.
Stretch your wings, Robbins. Stretch them out.
Feel the air.
Stretch them out. Feel the air.
Feel the air.
My wife needs to come home.
I mean [Chuckles] I knew it was a good idea,
but looking at it up close
[chuckles] It's pretty spectacular.
Yeah, yeah. It's a miracle of the modern age.
So, what kind of sex was it?
Make-up sex or break-up sex?
It was... you know, I-i have no idea, actually.
Bovie? Well, what did April say?
Nothing. She didn't say anything. She's not talking to me.
She spent the last few months hunting me down,
and now she just keeps walking away.
Let's be done talking about this now.
Agreed. Well, okay,
'cause, you know, break-up sex is, um...
Well, it feels sad-happy. It's an emotional potpourri.
All the feelings, all the history,
all of it... It's all just right there,
because it's... You know, you just know.
You just know that it's the last time,
and it's like taking in all the air you can
before you go underwater.
It's like "do me or die." Break-up sex is the best.
Yeah, but then you're broken up.
Huh. You know what? You're right.
Make-up sex is better,
because make-up sex is like coming up for air
when you thought there wouldn't be any more air.
So it's like all is forgiven,
and you can throw off your troubles and your clothes,
and you're like out of the dark and into the light,
full speed ahead.
Oh, god, it's the best.
So... Which was it?
I'm not answering that.
Jackson. I don't know, all right?
Because maybe I thought it was one thing and she thought it was the other.
Ooh. What?
See? Messy.
But you know what's not messy? This.
I mean, this... this... This is elegant genius.
Mm. Mm-hmm.
I'll tell you one thing...
He is gonna be pretty surprised when he wakes up.
[ Sniffles ]
I was just looking for extra Betadine.
Which is right there.
So, obviously, lamest excuse ever.
You can't just ignore me forever.
You don't have to like me or be my friend
or even be polite to me,
but at least acknowledge that I exist.
Acknowledge that I'm a person standing in front of you,
saying words.
[ Sighs ] Forget it.
[ Door slams ]
You got lucky. It wasn't luck.
He would have died if I hadn't taken him in.
Amelia: John's surgery went well.
His doctors expect a full recovery.
He's not awake yet, but you can see him.
[ Gasps ]
[ Sobbing ]
We don't think Riggs and Owen's mom...
You don't think that's the thing? No.
But do you think Owen's mom is Riggs' mom?
Because that has happened to me before.
Keep me updated on how he's doing.
So, Riggs knows your mother.
[ Sighs ]
Owen, I want to help you.
Just talk to me.
Amelia, I'm not like you.
I don't need to talk everything to death.
Listen to what I'm saying.
I do not want your help, not with this.
Casey is conscious,
but he might not be able to speak.
He can hear you, though.
But he's... He's not hurting?
No, no. We've made him comfortable.
That's... That's all we can do.
[ Breathes deeply ]
His injuries are quite severe.
You may want to prepare yourself.
¶ People say I'm crazy ¶
I've been preparing myself for 30 years.
¶ Risking it all in a glance ¶
¶ and how you got me blind... ¶
I'm just gonna sit with him, if that's all right.
Of course.
Mrs. hunt, it's none of my business,
and I'm not asking,
but Owen is my friend, and I am worried about him.
How worried do I need to be?
¶ with me ¶
¶ I don't care who you are ¶
close the door, dear.
¶ What you did ¶
¶ as long as you love me ¶
¶ who you are ¶
¶ where you're from ¶
¶ what you did ¶
¶ as long as you love me ¶
[ monitor beeping ]
Hey, old man.
They say the fire's almost out.
¶ I've tried to hide it so that no one knows ¶
so this is it.
This is the one, huh?
¶ ...into my eyes ¶
¶ What you did and where you're coming from ¶
Doug and Susan are on their way, so...
¶ as long as you love me ¶
so don't worry. I won't be alone.
They said that they love you,
and I told them you love them, too.
[ Slurred ] I love you.
¶ I don't care who you are ¶
¶ where you're from ¶ you did good, Casey.
¶ What you did ¶ you did good.
¶ As long as you love me ¶
¶ who you are ¶
¶ where you're from ¶
¶ what you did ¶
¶ as long as you love me ¶ [ Flatline ]
¶ As long as you love me ¶
¶ as long as you love me ¶
you talked to Owen's mother?
What was that about? Did you find anything out?
Look, it's not my thing. It's Owen's thing.
And he asked me not to talk about it, so...
He's talking to you?
Yeah, he did, enough so that I can...
Why are you shutting me out of this?
This does not concern you.
But it concerns you? No, it doesn't.
I made a promise
that I would help him keep his head above water. Promised who?
To Cristina.
So I am watching him, and I am letting him be,
and I am not sticking my nose...
What does Cristina have to do with this?
You're in some sort of three-way trust circle
with Owen and his ex-girlfriend?
Ex-wife. God. Meredith,
you are the most loyal person I have ever met
to everyone except me.
You're loyal to some woman halfway across the world...
Yes, I am. When I am right here.
Cristina left you. I'm here.
I'm your sister.
You are not my sister. Cristina is my sister.
You are Derek's sister, and Derek is gone.
Dr. Grey, I changed the mediastinal drains...
Get out!
Is this why you hate me?
'Cause I remind you of him?
Does it help you to hate me?
Asking you not to push me.
Am I like her...
Something you cling to to keep the memory alive?
You are such a child.
You wrap her around you like some sick widow shawl.
The widow Grey.
She's okay. She's moving on.
She'll never love again, but she's holding it together.
That is crap.
You've given up.
You are crawling into your little hole and dying.
You are hollow.
And Derek would be sick about it if he could see it.
He would be disgusted.
I want you out of my house.
Are you all right?
You can't touch me at work,
not in front of people,
like we're together or something.
Like we're together?
Right. Well, maybe we should just stop while we're ahead.
No. I'm just saying...
I know you want to keep things professional,
but my feelings...
My feelings for you are not professional,
not at all.
So... I'm calling this.
Where are you going?
To see my patient.
Well, I just did, and he's fine.
Well, if it's all the same to you...
No, it's not.
He's stable. Grey has him.
You can just walk away... Walk very far away, in fact.
Owen, listen.
I've already seen ma.
Okay? We talked. She...
Let me make this more clear.
Stay the hell away from my family.
It's my family, too.
[ Groans ]
No, it's not.
It's not your family. It is mine.
So, just use the crutches until it doesn't hurt to walk.
It's not the walking I'm worried about.
It's the sitting. [ Laughs ]
Well, when your sitting improves, um...
I wonder if you'd like to get a cup of coffee.
Alice. Honey, I told you I was fine.
I know, but then you didn't pick up your phone,
and I thought... You're okay, right?
You're okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm okay, I promise.
This is Dr. Robbins.
She patched up my butt.
[ Chuckles ] Thank you.
Thank you. She has a really good butt.
Yeah, she... Um, you're welcome.
You flew?
I crashed.
[ Sniffles ]
- Hey. Thank you. - Okay. Thank you.
Hey. You want help?
No, I don't need help.
I know you don't need it.
You debrided, irrigated, and cleaned all these burns?
Yeah. Despite what some people think,
I know what the hell I'm doing.
I know y...
I'm not saying you're not a good doctor. I'm...
[ sighs ]
I'm sorry for everything.
We started out together, and you just blew right past me. I started to think that...
Jo, if they don't see what a good surgeon you are, it's not your fault.
It's theirs.
I'm sorry, too.
I miss you.
Me too.
[ Sighs ]
Richard: You did well today, doctor.
44 patients, 19 critical.
You lost only one.
Then why do I only feel the one?
That's the job.
"That's the job."
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Uh, it appears my doctors are punching each other.
There's always a fire to put out.
Same place?
I've been dreaming about those jalapeño poppers.
[ Siren wailing ]
Jackson: April! April, come on!
Stop, damn it! Come on.
Jackson, I've had a long day.
Yeah, we should probably talk about that.
What is there to talk about? We had sex. That's it.
That's not it, and we should talk about that.
Fine. Talk about it.
We had sex.
We had sex.
And that was...
Confusing. Amazing.
[ Chuckles ] Oh, man. It was sure, it was also amazing,
but this is why I... See? No! Stop, stop!
I'm not confused about the situation.
I know exactly what it was.
Because it was... It was amazing.
It felt good!
For the first time in forever, it felt like us!
And then... Then I saw it.
I saw it on your face, Jackson.
This was it.
This was goodbye.
And then I thought,
"well, if we're over, this is the way to go out."
At least this is what I want to remember...
The amazing.
[ Voice breaking ] I want to end where we began,
in a bed, in love,
and I just want to keep us there for a minute.
And anything you say right now is gonna ruin it,
so please just don't!
Don't you see? This is what you do.
You just decide how things are gonna go.
I am not the one deciding in this situation! Of course you're the one deciding!
What?! April, you're always deciding!
You decide to go to Jordan.
You decide to leave. You decide to stay.
You decide you need me, then you decide you don't. What?!
You decide we can talk. You decide we cannot.
I don't want to talk because I know what you're gonna say!
You're gonna say you love me but...
You don't know what I'm going to say! I'm pretty sure I do.
It doesn't matter! You don't! Fine! T-t-then go ahead!
Say it.
Oh, my god! Jackson! God, please, just say it!
¶ On a balcony in summer air ¶
I have feelings, too.
¶ The party, the ball gowns ¶
unprofessional ones.
A lot of them.
I like you.
I just...
I just can't like you at work.
It's difficult for me.
So can I like you and...
N-not like you at work?
Can you do that?
¶ And you were crying on the staircase ¶
¶ begging me, "please don't go" ¶
lock the door.
¶ And you said ¶
[ lock clicks ]
¶ "Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone ¶
¶ I'll be waiting ¶
¶ all there's left to do is run ¶
¶ you'll be the prince and I'll be the Princess ¶
¶ it's a love story ¶
¶ baby, just say yes" ¶
[ door opens ]
I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to you.
No, no, no, no, no. Listen.
¶ We keep quiet ¶
¶ 'cause we're dead if they knew ¶
¶ so close your eyes ¶
this isn't working.
I need someone in my corner,
and the more I look at it, the only person I have is me.
Jo... a-and I don't want to make you choose
between me and your friends...
Your friend...
But I can't keep feeling like everyone's second choice,
especially not yours.
So, I'm gonna go stay with Steph for a while.
Jo, stop.
¶ And you say ¶
¶ "Romeo, take me ¶ oh, my god.
¶ Somewhere we can be alone ¶ Alex...
¶ I'll be waiting ¶
You suck at proposing!
What, you don't like it? No, it's not... it's...
It's when you do it!
Either I'm falling apart, or you're falling apart,
and then you just do this crazy, sweeping thing.
What, do you think I got this at the 7-Eleven?
Mer has been holding on to this for a month
so you wouldn't see it in my freaking underwear drawer.
All day, she's been trying to pass it off to me
without you seeing it.
You think this will make everything okay,
but you don't listen.
I am listening.
You're saying you need someone in your corner.
I-I'm right here, Jo.
I'm in your corner.
¶ You got tired of waiting ¶ [ Sighs ]
I've been thinking about tonight
every day since I left that jewelry store.
I would have asked you sooner,
but this was the first day on the schedule
that I thought you'd even be home.
Tonight was the night... Is the night.
¶ When I met you on the outskirts of town ¶
I've been listening, and I'm listening now.
I love you.
¶ "Romeo, save me ¶
¶ I've been feeling so alone ¶
yes or no?
¶ I keep waiting for you but you never come ¶
Meredith: When we strike that match,
we like to think we can control the burn.
¶ I knelt to the ground and I pulled out a ring and said ¶
¶ I love you ¶
¶ and that's all I really know ¶ [ Sighs ]
Hell of a day, huh?
Can I have a whiskey, please? Neat.
Bartender: Sure. Coming right up.
Can I get you one?
We like to think we have any control at all.
¶ Baby, just say yes ¶
a vodka tonic.
Vodka tonic.
Yeah, right away.
¶ Baby, just say yes ¶
here you go.
Thank you.
¶ Baby, just say yes ¶
¶ yes ¶
¶ baby, just say yes ¶
but fire is wildly difficult to contain.
And just when you think
you've extinguished the Blaze...
[ Police radio chatter ]
Man: All right, we'll load it up.
Bailey's looking for you.
[ Ambulance doors close, engine turns over ]
You have to pull it together.
You're getting yourself in trouble.
I know.
It reignites.
It sucks in air,
and it burns hotter and brighter than ever.
You never told me you had a sister.
[ Inhales deeply ]
[ Exhales deeply ]