Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 7 - Something Against You - full transcript

A high-stakes case is tackled by a team of doctors, and the atmosphere grows tense. Meanwhile, Bailey pressures Ben to evict their roommate; and Arizona enthusiastically reenters the dating scene with a new wingman.

[ Pharrell Williams' "Happy" plays ]
Meredith: Every surgeon is trained to look for problems.
To look at a person and say, "what's wrong with you?"
Where am I supposed to be now?
Woman: You can come with me.
Drunk or deranged.
Find out which.
Sir. Hi.
Uh, can I help you?
I-i-i don't know.
You guys called me.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
¶ Because I'm happy ¶
we're trained to foresee
the ugliest possible outcome.
She actually said...
Steph said I'm not as good a surgeon as she is.
Is that true?
Of course not.
Yeah, but is that the perception?
Do attendings just automatically go to anyone but me?
I think you're amazing.
¶ Because I'm happy ¶
¶ clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do ¶
[ cellphone chimes, buzzes ]
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god! Mr. Jaffee!
When your job is to make people better,
you're automatically inclined to look for the worst in them. [ Cellphone chirping ]
Wilson, I have three kids.
Do you have any idea how little sleep I get?
Mr. Jaffee?
Mm. Are you sure you don't want to just sleep?
[ Giggles ]
You cannot keep this up.
Grey is killing you.
I know, but I can't think of that right now.
'Cause right now, I'm in a bed.
A comfy, comfy bed...
With you.
¶ Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ¶
¶ because I'm happy ¶ did you just fall asleep?
[ Cellphone rings ] Got it!
Wha... [ Groans ]
Hello? Uh-huh.
Of course it is.
Yeah. Of course it is.
This is ridiculous.
No, absolutely. Absolutely I can.
Uh-huh. No, of course.
Who's Mr. Jaffee?
Simon Jaffee. End-stage renal disease.
He's been on dialysis for the last 18 months
waiting for a transplant donor.
Why so long?
He needs a six-antigen match...
An impossible match until tonight.
It's... we've been looking forever.
It's like finding the holy grail.
Blake, when was Mr. Jaffee's last round of dialysis?
Oh, um, looking...
He was at the dialysis center two days ago.
Electrolytes and renal labs were within expected limits, so...
I've been on his case since I was an intern.
I'm so sorry, Dr. Grey. I will catch up.
It's okay, Blake.
Do the best you can,
and ask Wilson if you have any questions.
Oh, there are my girls. [ Chuckles ]
Mr. Jaffee, it's so good to see you.
Where are the grandkids?
I haven't even called them yet.
I-i-i wanted to wait until i knew it was a sure thing.
Is it true?
It's true. [ Chuckles ]
We found you a kidney.
[ Cries ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Siren wails in distance ]
Thanks again for breakfast.
My pleasure.
This was his last night in my house.
You just made the man pancakes.
Because I am a benevolent leader and good host.
And I've been waiting for this thing to resolve itself.
It has not.
This job is stressful.
I need to go home at night and be alone with my husband.
Well, i-i agree with that,
but... but... Da-uh!
Miranda, he 's my friend, all right?
And he's my boss.
I'm your boss, too. And his boss.
I'm all your bosses.
If you want your wife back, take care of your business...
So, I'm just wondering if maybe we should rethink
the resident-rotation system.
I mean, make sure that our residents
get an equal opportunity on every specialty.
Isn't that happening?
Well, there's a danger that our residents
are being monopolized by a single attending.
She's talking about Blake. You know what?
This is not your busi... Isn't Blake with Grey?
Yes, and she has been since she got here.
I worry she's not getting a full education.
And Grey is... [ Scoffs ]
She's... She's running her ragged.
Residency runs you ragged.
We've all been there, torres. You know this as well as anyone.
No, but this is different. This is different.
I think it's personal.
Is it that you want to spend
more time with your girlfriend?
Amelia, could you please...
I mean, you are saying that it's personal.
Hey, hey... All right. All right.
Has Blake expressed this concern or just you?
Okay. She's...
Blake stays with Grey.
[ Sighs ] We don't have a policy
to move around residents
to accommodate your personal lives.
No, that's not what I was saying.
If Blake has a problem, she comes to me.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A. system ]
Woman: All right. He has already been seen.
I know the doctor is...
[ New Zealand accent ] Hey, all.
Uh, I was just wondering
if someone could tell me where I can get some scrubs.
Uh... Third floor by the dispensary.
You're, uh, Dr. Pierce, right?
Yeah, i-i just wanted to say
I'm super excited,
and I can't wait to get started.
Go get 'em.
Who was that?
[ Mumbling ] I don't know.
[ Grunts ]
Oh, hey.
I found you.
Pulled a night shift.
This is a nice way to wake up.
I could get used to this.
[ Sighs ] How's your day?
I had to listen to torres go on and on about her girlfriend,
who Meredith's got basically chained to her service.
I don't know how she even looks at her.
I'm sorry. You were saying?
Was I?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Groans ]
Gary, this is Dr. Karev.
Uh, Gary walton, 14.
Complaining of abdominal pain.
How's it going, Gary?
This ball looks like a cherry.
Do you like cherries?
Gary was born with some intellectual disabilities.
Well, I'm more of an apple guy myself.
But, uh, do you like cherries?
I love cherries.
Loves these stupid things.
And that's probably why he ate one.
He did, actually. He swallowed the other one.
Is he gonna be okay?
Here it is on the X-ray.
Owen: I can show you where it is.
Gary, you want to show Dr. Karev what you showed me?
[ Giggles ]
[ Chuckling ] Whoa, Gary. What'd you do that for?
It looked like a cherry.
Well, I bet it didn't taste like one.
It's in my tummy now. [ Giggles ]
This doctor says he needs surgery.
Endoscopic surgery just to remove the ball, right?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I think Dr. Spencer jumped the gun a little.
Gary's body has its own exit strategy.
Gary, you're gonna poop it.
Oh, ho, ho, that is going to hurt.
Well, maybe it'll keep him from doing crap like this.
Well, so don't worry. No surgery.
Oh, good. Thank you.
Uh... We'll just keep him here overnight,
and, uh, we'll make sure everything comes out okay.
Gary, want to sleep over?
Can I stay with him?
Uh, absolutely.
Uh, you're not gonna eat this, are you?
No. All right.
Spencer, i need you to do hourly checks.
Yes, sir. Oh, uh, just steer clear of the mom.
She's a doc knocker.
A what?
A mom who's up for more than your bedside manner.
Know what I mean?
She just seems like a concerned mom to me.
Her kid's...
Just trust me.
Keep a buffer between you and her...
A stool, portable X-ray... Anything.
[ Scoffs ]
I hate guys like that.
Just 'cause he has a hot girlfriend,
he thinks everyone wants to bone him.
Mr. Jaffee, we've almost got the all-clear.
We just need to take you upstairs
for a pre-op chest X-ray and an EKG,
and then we're good to go.
So, you're gonna need to lose the hat.
He, uh, won't take it off. I tried.
Look, my late wife gave me this hat.
You know, I caught 22 prize-winning bluegills in it!
It goes everywhere I go. It's good luck.
And we found you a kidney, so the hat's done its job.
Well, can't I just keep it?
Hand it over.
[ Sighs ]
Okay. But, uh...
Oh, my god.
Yeah, that showed up a few months ago.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
Nathan: Charge to 100. Press sync.
What do we have? Here you go.
What are you doing?
Cardioverting. 150. Clear!
Who are you? Get away from my patient!
Found the scrubs, by the way. Thanks for that.
Hey! Your patient? Charge to 200.
Hey, I'm in the middle of doing something here! She's hypotensive!
I can see that! Clear!
Owen: Riggs?
Hunt! Do you know this person?
What the hell are you doing here?
Hey, I'm trying to do my job! Everyone stop!
Who gave you privileges here?
Well, you did.
When you hired me, right?
[ Paddles whine ]
[ Monitor beeping ]
You hired someone for my department without telling me?
Shoot. Riggs.
Uh, no, i was going to tell you.
You'll like him. I promise.
I'd like to have decided that for myself.
Oh, but he's great.
He was in line to be chief of cardio at Duke.
He's done incredible amounts of relief work...
And you hired him here without any discussion,
without asking a single...
Hunt, it's not your department. What's your problem?
Look, Pierce, I'm sorry, but he was available,
we had an opening, and I made a call.
And I'm the chief.
Now, kindly go away. I'm operating.
Well, thanks for having my back.
Huh? Oh, right. No problem.
So, how long have you had this lump, sir?
Oh, not long.
Um... Seven, eight months now.
And you never had it treated?
Well, it was just a little bump at first, you know?
I thought it was a bug bite.
And then I thought maybe it was a cyst.
And then I was afraid.
That they would kick you off the transplant list.
I already called the grandkids.
Maybe I should've waited?
This is not a plastics case. I think it's a tumor.
That's what i was afraid of.
I mean, if this is cancer,
there's no way he's getting that kidney.
Yeah, it's likely invaded locally, the tumor.
Uh, it's possibly metastasized. [ Cellphone beeps ]
Hey. Did we get the pet scans?
I thought we were waiting on neuro and ortho consults.
Okay, we need to run oncology staging
on this mass right now.
Pet scans asap with renal precautions.
And why are these consults taking so long?
I'm sorry. I pushed.
They were busy. That's fine.
Just, uh, let me know when we get them, okay?
Why is she going easy on you?
What'd you do?
I have no idea.
Okay. [ Sighs ]
Hey. Oh.
Um, any interest in trivia night at a lesbian bar?
I'm not sure I know that much about lesbians.
Funny. You're... you're funny.
[ Chuckles weakly ] [ Chuckles ]
Uh, listen, I'm just trying to dip my toes in the pool.
Mm. You know, the dating pool.
It's been a while,
and I need, like, a wingman.
Or wingwoman. Whatever.
Because women don't buy drinks for sad loners...
I have a date with Jackson tonight.
Oh, that's great!
Aah! I know!
He, uh, asked me to dinner to talk,
and I'm trying really hard not to get too excited about it.
Oh, but that's a start, so... [ Sighs ]
Yes, yes, it's a light
at the end of a long, dark tunnel.
I'm so glad, April. I'm so... sorry, I...
Yeah. No.
[ Sighs ]
Got a sec? Hey. What's up?
Uh, well, uh, listen.
You know, uh, Miranda and I were talking,
and she... Well, both of us,
we were wondering if tonight you might, uh...
Ah, I can't do anything tonight.
I'm going to dinner with April.
April? Really?
Yeah. I asked her.
You know, I figure we're in a pretty good place,
and now we can actually talk...
That's fantastic.
About divorce.
So... Well, that's, um...
I'm sorry, man. I wish there was...
Yeah, I do, too. Thanks, man.
Another night, though?
Another night.
All right. Um, good luck.
Yeah. See you at home, buddy.
Yes, you will.
I finally pinned down Dr. torres and Dr. Shepherd,
and they're looking at Mr. Jaffee's scans.
Okay, great. Tell them I'll be right there.
How do you do that?
How do I do what?
Work with Blake after...
I mean, how are you doing that?
[ Sighing ] Oh.
Well, I thought
that I could treat her like any other resident.
But that was really hard,
because I wanted to punch her in the face.
Like, a lot.
So now I'm trying something different.
I am keeping her on a short leash at a distance
so at least she can't hurt anyone else.
I just don't think i could do that.
Well, she's here. She's not going anywhere, so...
[ Sighs ]
Mrs. brown? I'm Dr. Pierce.
I'm the chief of cardiothoracic surgery.
And this is doctor... Dr. Riggs.
Hi. Well, I'm glad to see you awake, Loretta.
You gave us a bit of a scare, there.
When can I go home?
Uh, I'd like to run some more tests
to determine whether you'll need surgery.
We've called your family. They're on their way.
Dr. Riggs, do you think I need surgery?
Well, your echo shows a reduction in blood flow
through one of the valves in your heart,
so we just want to make sure that...
I'd like to keep you overnight to run some more tests.
And I'll take it from there, okay?
Dr. Riggs?
You're gonna be well taken care of.
It's your first day.
Might want to get your feet wet before you dive in.
My feet were pretty wet when I got here.
Then you can get me a cardiac-gated ct
and do a risk stratification.
Page me with the results.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
[ Computer beeping ]
It involves the frontal and the occipital bone.
It's locally very aggressive.
It's a lovely tumor.
It's almost cute. Just plopped there.
He's waited 18 months for this kidney.
We finally have one, and now he has cancer?
What if he didn't?
Didn't what?
Have cancer.
His tumor has gorgeous margins.
It's like a ripe, juicy piece of fruit
that's hung low on the branch.
I could reach in and pluck it.
[ Muffled ] No cancer, no problem.
You can do that? No.
Even if you can remove it...
[ normal voice ] Oh, I can.
Well, he's left with a gaping hole in his head.
No skull, no skin to cover it.
I fix brains.
[ Sighs ] I give you your soft, gooey center.
The hard candy shell is your department.
No, there's no way to close it.
Not even a rotational flap.
There's nothing to work with here.
And a wound that size,
when his immune system is already compromised,
that could kick him off the transplant list.
[ Sighs ]
We have less than 24 hours before we lose the kidney.
So, Wilson and Edwards, i need ideas.
Crazy ideas, smart ideas.
Give me anything that will close Mr. Jaffee's head
so he can survive this surgery.
Go. Hit the books. Find me something.
On it. Absolutely.
Dr. Grey?
Should I look too, or...?
Blake. No, you should, um...
Go monitor the donor. Do that.
Make sure the brain-dead guy is still brain-dead.
What are you doing?
Excuse me?
"Monitor the donor"?
You've got Blake doing scut that an intern could do.
She is here to learn. And, well, I...
Listen, Callie.
When I teach her, you say I am beating her down.
When I'm nice to her, you say I'm neglecting her.
No, no, no.
You're neglecting your responsibility.
And if she were any other resident...
If she were any other resident,
you wouldn't be talking to me right now, Callie.
[ Scoffs ] I'm done talking about your girlfriend.
This is your problem.
It's not Blake's, and it's not mine.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Monitor beeping ]
Aah. [ Chuckles ] Oh.
Oh, I didn't mean to startle you.
Is he okay?
Ye... listen, you have nothing to worry about.
Gary's gonna be fine.
I imagine it's not the first time
he's done something like this.
You're right. You get it.
You know, it can just be so hard sometimes.
You know, he's a great kid, but [Sighs] he can be a lot.
Well, you're doing a great job.
He's a great kid. [ Chuckles ] Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You know, you're... You're so nice, and so helpful.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, that's...
It's not a problem at all.
Oh. Um...
Uh-oh. Mnh. Um, ma'am...
Ma'am! It's Elaine.
Oh, uh, Elaine, ma'am, I...
I-i... 'cause I have the other patients.
But I'll... I'll... Uh, bye.
Yeah, bye.
I'll see you in an hour?!
Finally. God, what took so long?
Whoa, relax. This was nice of me, remember?
I didn't know you were gonna make the food.
She's cranky.
Bailey hired a new cardio guy without telling her.
That's jacked. Who is this guy?
It just means I'm gonna have to train another Alpha male
not to pee all over the place.
Mnh. I hate it when they pee.
Derek peed a lot.
Oh, come on. We're not like that.
When you got here, you peed everywhere.
It was disgusting.
You had to be trained. Nobody trained me.
We trained you. It was subtle.
You didn't notice.
Is that why you made me get the food?
Not even that. It's the patients.
It's the way that they always look
to the man in the room first
no matter who is talking to them.
That's a thing? Not for you.
And then there's the whole other thing.
[ Scoffs ]
You know, I just... I thought i was done with that here.
This guy just comes in.
He's taking consults without even talking to me about it...
What whole other thing?
Come on, is that a thing?
Of course it is.
Yeah, here. Anywhere.
Ask Edwards. Ask Bailey.
I can't believe that.
That's 'cause it's not your thing.
[ giggles ]
Okay, tell me what you said to him.
How did you fight for our love?
¶ Like seven inches from the midday sun ¶ well, um...
What? I, uh...
¶ I hear you whisper ¶ what did you say?
¶ And the words melt everyone ¶
well, I started to, and...
Look, I would have, but he... he... he told me
he's talking to April about divorce,
and so... He's coming back here?
Do you get how serious this is?
Oh, I am off my game.
I hired a new cardio surgeon and forgot to tell Pierce.
That's all the more reason for us to use this time
right now while we have it.
When... when he's out
at what is bound to be a very, very long dinner.
Oh, no, no.
He could come back here any minute
in the middle of stuff!
Okay, this is our window, Miranda.
He's asking for a divorce.
There's no telling when we're getting our sofa back!
Oh, yes, there is.
It's when you tell him to get the hell out!
When you get him to say, uh, "thank you for your hospitality.
It is time for me to leave your sofa."
Miranda, come... No!
You don't get it until you get it.
¶ And it's just like the ocean under the moon ¶
¶ it's the same as the emotion that I get from you ¶ [ Indistinct conversations ]
Oh, that was delicious.
Yeah, their pumpkin ravioli never disappoints.
This has been really nice.
We somehow managed to finish our meal
without actually...
Talking. Right. Talking.
Do we need to, though?
I-i want to.
If you do.
But it...
It's been so nice just having a meal with you.
We really should, though.
We should talk.
Yes. Yes. We should.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Damn it.
I'm... It's all right.
Duty calls. It's fine.
I want to keep talking, though.
I do.
Tomorrow night?
Tomorrow night.
¶ My world to lift you up ¶
¶ I would change my life to better suit your mood ¶
Owen: Help. Help!
¶ Because you're so smooth ¶
someone, please.
Do something. Dr. Hunt?
I can't find her.
I-i... find who?
Dr. Hunt.
No, do something! Dr. Hunt. Dr. Hunt, Dr. Hunt.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I was just sleeping. Sorry. You can go.
[ Sniffles ]
Are you sure that... Get out.
¶ Oh, forget about it ¶
[ monitor beeping ]
Dr. Grey said monitor. I am monitoring.
[ Sighs ] Any luck?
With the hole in Mr. Jaffee's head?
3-d printing will take too long.
A custom-based cranioplasty won't work, so I'm...
How's the holy grail?
Can we not call him that?
Sorry. Just...
He was someone's family member, you know?
Someone's husband, someone's dad.
To someone, he was everything.
And now he's everything to Mr. Jaffee.
But after all this time and waiting,
we probably won't even get to use him.
He's everything, and it doesn't even matter.
It means nothing.
I know.
It doesn't seem fair.
He's everything.
He's everything. Oh, my god, he's everything!
A skull transplant?
Skull and scalp, actually.
Our kidney donor is a perfect match for Mr. Jaffee,
which means that he's also a match for the skull and scalp.
Lower risk of rejection.
He's everything.
We'll have all the vascularized bone
and skin that we need from the donor.
Have you done this before?
I haven't.
It's been done once.
It's a complex surgery, but I think it'll work.
Same donor, same surgery.
Well, I'll start on the tumor
while you two start organ recovery.
Let's go get our kidney.
Hey. Um, come out for a drink with me tonight?
It'll be fun. It's trivia night.
It can either be fun or it can be trivia night.
Come on. Broaden your horizons.
Plus, I don't really want to go alone...
Uh, Robbins. Huh?
Did you know that Henri giffard
built the first powered airship in 1852?
Uh, no.
I did.
And I'm free tonight.
[ Gasps ]
I'm always free for trivia night.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
Riggs, what happened?
Her heart's failing.
I've asked for a balloon pump to buy us some time.
What she needs is a valve replacement, stat. Even better.
Call up for an O.R. let's prep her for a sternotomy.
Krista, not a sternotomy.
Keep prepping for a cath procedure. No.
No? No. I need to open her up.
She won't survive being open that long.
I'll never get a catheter all the way up into the heart.
Riggs, i am doing this procedure.
And you will be doing the wrong procedure.
Prep for a tavr. Woman: Right away, doctor.
My name is on her chart.
I want to be in that room so that if something goes wrong...
Don't worry, Riggs. If she dies, it'll be my fault.
Man: My wife's dying?
Uh, Mr. brown. Hello.
We're taking Loretta up to surgery right now. Okay.
We're going to do everything we can.
[ Crying, yelling ]
Hang in there, Gary.
How long ago did the light stop blinking?
It stopped? I-i-I'm not sure.
I might've missed the last couple checks.
Tell me what's wrong here.
The ball came apart?
The ball came apart.
And the ball had little blinking lights.
So what is missing?
I-i don't, uh...
[ Sighs ]
A battery. Right.
Now the battery is all the way over here.
Now, if the acid from the battery
eats through his intestine...
It'll perf his bowel.
Well, could we get it with an endoscope?
Well, we could have. But now, thanks to you, i have to open him up.
So notify Karev that I'm taking Gary to surgery,
then you get a front-row seat to how bad you screwed this up.
All right. See you in there.
You won't, actually.
I'll be in the donor's O.R.
Making sure that the kidney doesn't grow legs and walk away.
Grey has me babysitting the kidney until she needs it.
Oh, come on! Callie.
That is...
Grey. Yeah?
Blake is a third-year resident.
She should be in our surgery. The skull transplant.
That is the learning opportunity here.
[ Sighs ] She deserves a chance to see it.
Callie, we talked about this.
Blake needs to be where I need her to be.
You don't need her with the donor.
You just want her there. What for? Why?
Why are you doing this? What...
What, do you just want her to sit there
and think about what happened to Derek?
Callie, stop. No, I am sorry, but I can't just stand here and...
You're embarrassing me!
Nobody asked you to say anything,
so just shut up and stay out of it.
All right.
Now, I need you to... Hold on.
I don't need her to fight for me,
but... But Callie is right.
I'm here to learn.
I want to learn, but you have to teach me.
Don't go easy on me. Don't expect less.
Treat me like any other resident.
Treat me worse. I don't care.
Hate me, yell at me, i can handle it.
I will handle it.
You told me not to quit, and I didn't.
But you are right now.
And if you can't do what you are here to do,
then please let me go.
[ monitor beeping ]
Are you gonna do something?
I'm thinking.
Let's prep for a sternotomy. Let's open her up.
Good choice. I know.
Oh, come on. You can say I was right.
You weren't. She won't survive a six-hour procedure.
It's her best shot. Listen, I get it, okay?
I'd hate me, too, the way I was hired.
Bailey should've told you.
10 blade.
Bailey is the chief.
Yeah, but it was pretty messed up.
I mean, you and I should've had a proper sit-down.
I agree. Saw, please.
You'd have seen me in my suit.
It's nice.
I mean, it's probably wrinkled, but it's clean.
No, it's definitely, definitely clean.
You would've asked me where I'm from.
Australia. Retract.
And you'd guess wrong. New Zealand.
A common mistake.
Seattle when I was 7, then med school, fellowship.
The middle east for a long time.
Prepare to make a large aortic purse string.
Just do it.
Why the middle east?
Oh, relief work.
I like the pace, the people, improvisation.
I once re-inflated a collapsed pulmonary artery
on a dirt road with a straw and a set of car keys.
Oh, you'd like that story.
Ooh, yeah, you'd be asking me all about it.
You'd be so impressed.
You'd be thinking, "wow! He's so innovative.
And he's quick. I should hire him."
Would I? Mm-hmm.
Hmm. Oh, yes.
At this point, the interview's going very well.
Take this.
3-0 prolene.
But the kicker is when I ask about you.
How you landed a fellowship at the age of 25.
How you made chief of cardio at an age
when most of us are still starting out
in our specialities.
I'd ask about some of your 20-odd published papers
that I've read.
Mostly, I'd like to know what the hell you're doing right now.
Trans-aortic valve replacement.
By not putting her on bypass,
I turn your six-hour procedure into...
Into a one-hour procedure. Brilliant.
Bloody brilliant.
Look, it may seem like Bailey hired me on a whim,
but I don't do anything on a whim.
I like to choose the people that I work for.
[ Intro to rhodes' "the lakes" plays ]
When... [ Sighs ]
When Wilson told me that you lied...
About, uh, being sick...
i believed her.
You didn't think that that...
That that was what?
That I... Sided with her because...
Good. Good.
I mean, it crossed my mind, but no.
It crossed your mind?
Yeah, of course it did.
I mean, it's always a possibility.
It's always there.
But it wasn't.
Wha... with me... You have to know...
Hey, Dr. Shepherd...
¶ The lake ¶
we are good.
¶ Summer will find us there waiting ¶
¶ we can see through the shadows with light ¶
¶ to be where we belong ¶
¶ we can be safe in our own little place ¶
¶ where the skyline kiss the shore ¶
¶ we will go on ¶
¶ we will go on and on ¶
¶ we feel alive in the waters with divers ¶
¶ the night fire warms our bones ¶
¶ we will go all, we will go on and on ¶
¶ My love, there's nothing else we can do ¶
¶ and I still have faith in you ¶
okay. Where are you going?
You want to stand in the corner
while I attach the holy grail of kidneys, be my guest.
No, no. Okay.
So let's give Wilson a break, and step on in here.
¶ We can see through the shadows with light ¶
¶ to be where we belong ¶
I've prepared the vessels for anastomosis,
and I like an end-to-end with the internal iliac.
¶ We can be safe in our own little place ¶
give me some room here. Get back.
So, want to tell me why you missed the checks?
Dr. Karev warned me
to steer clear of the kid's mom, and I didn't,
and she sort of jumped me.
She's a doc knocker.
That's a thing?
It is very much a thing.
H-how did he see that?
I swear I just saw a nice, scared mom.
Let me tell you what Karev saw.
A concerned mom
with a kid who takes a lot of energy
and a husband who only looks up from his phone
to contradict everything that she says.
A mom who was presented with a doctor
who was only interested in her son's well-being.
Made her feel good, taken care of.
I didn't see that. Of course not.
You've only been a doctor for five minutes.
But you'll learn.
People aren't always who you think they are.
You learn to see through it. You learn fast.
Oh, there it is.
Right there.
You want to get it?
¶ We will go on and on ¶
¶ we will go on and on ¶
Looks like both of Mr. Jaffee's transplants were successful.
Oh, great news!
Oh, Dr. Riggs. How you settling in?
Well, you'd have to ask Dr. Pierce that, I think. [ Chuckles ]
Well, have you met everybody?
Um, Dr. Nathan Riggs,
this is Grey, Shepherd, this is hunt.
Nice to meet you. Riggs.
Hunt! Hey.
Yeah, we, um...
Dr. Hunt and i go back a bit.
Oh! Oh, I didn't realize.
No. No [Scoffs] you didn't.
Maybe you should've asked around
before you decided to bring
a complete stranger into the hospital.
All right, Owen, why don't you and I just...
Did you think this was how it was done?
Didn't you think for one second
that, as chief of this hospital,
it is your responsibility to vet your people?
'Cause this... This is a bad call, Bailey.
This is a really bad call.
And it was thoughtless, and it was reckless... hunt.
Why don't we go to my office and talk about this?
What's done is done, right?
[ Clears throat ]
[ Siren wails in distance ]
[ Sighs ]
What did he say?
Whatever this is...
He's not talking.
[ Sighs ] Meredith...
I made a promise to Cristina
that I wouldn't let you go dark and twisty,
that I'd be your person if you needed one.
I don't want to talk.
You don't have to.
But just tell me... Do we hate him?
We hate him.
Okay, then. We hate him.
So, um, how'd it go last night?
Ugh. It didn't.
I mean, dinner was great. It was fun, actually.
But when it was finally time to have the real talk,
April got paged.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Honestly, I think we were both trying to avoid the subject,
Yeah, I need to have sex with my wife.
And that can't happen with you in my house.
Now, you're in a bad place.
I get that.
And I will do anything i can to... i-i will.
But I need you off my sofa.
I mean, it's for the good of the hospital...
Totally get it. Okay?
I'll see you. All right.
[ Sighs ]
I mean, how did he seem to you?
Riggs? Yeah.
I don't know. Smart, capable, charming.
I think Bailey was right.
Owen wouldn't tell you anything?
He just shut me out. I don't know why.
And then... I'm afraid i might've been racist.
[ Sighs ] God, I hate this day.
Okay. Okay, back it up.
Oh, good! I can talk to you about this.
I am worried i offended Edwards.
I need you to tell me.
Why me? 'Cause I'm your sister?
Or because I'm your "sistah"?
This is exactly what I was worried about.
Okay. What do you think you did?
I don't think I did anything, but I think she thinks I did.
Amelia, use your words.
Did what?
[ Sighs ]
Sided with Wilson over her because she's black.
Which I didn't do. I think.
I... god, i-i hate that this is even an issue all of a sudden.
Well, it's not an issue for you.
And it's not all of a sudden.
I mean, okay,
it's not "Mississippi burning" or anything,
but it is all over.
It's when people assume I'm a nurse.
Or when I go to get on an airplane
with my first-class ticket,
and they tell me that they're not boarding coach yet.
It's like a low buzz in the background.
And sometimes you don't even notice it,
and sometimes it's loud and annoying.
And sometimes it can get dangerous.
And sometimes it is ridiculous, like right now.
But it's not funny.
I mean, if I'm doing it and I don't even notice it...
Then notice it.
Look, did Edwards tell you that she's okay?
Then don't give her the extra work
of having to make you feel good about it.
Okay, but how do I know that she's really...
Because she knows you, okay?
So listen to the words that are coming out of her mouth
and believe them.
This is not a small thing.
And I'm glad that you feel like you can talk to me about it,
I-i don't speak for all black people.
I am not the spokeswoman. No one is.
And it is kind of annoying to be asked questions like I am.
But, um, one piece of advice that I can give you
that I think we would all agree with
is that if you feel uncomfortable having done it,
check your white privilege, and don't do it again.
But I don't think you're racist.
You don't think?
Girl, get in the car.
[ laughter ]
He had so many grandkids i lost count.
[ Laughs ] I'm not exaggerating.
He had seven grandchildren from six kids,
who he raised on his own after his wife died.
Are you okay?
I treated Mr. Jaffee for years,
and I finally get him what he needs,
and you just come and take it and run with it.
And I helped you all day.
He was my patient.
That's all.
¶ A baby girl without a home ¶
¶ tragedy's reign left her alone ¶
so, you want to grab a drink?
¶ I guess I shoulda known better ¶
¶ I guess I shoulda known better ¶
I would love that, actually.
Okay. [ Laughs ]
¶ Part of the revolution ¶
[ sighs ]
So, um, we've got science covered.
I'm strong on history and geography.
Uh, how's your popular culture?
I just want to get a sense of our strengths here...
Richard, I'm sorry.
I'm here to...
I wanted to have... I'm trying to...
I'm here to meet girls.
I don't care about trivia.
I don't even like trivia.
[ Indistinct conversations, laughter ]
I see.
And then you offered to come, and I didn't know how to say no.
And I just... I didn't want to go it alone, honestly.
It's just it's been a long time, and I'm rusty and nervous.
And I feel like I lived an entire lifetime
since the last time i dated,
and I don't even know where to start.
You need a wingman.
What do you like?
Cardigan. She has a nice laugh.
You into tattoos?
¶ Part of the revolution ¶
not that many tattoos.
Well, you know, i-I'm just trying
to get a sense of what we're after here.
¶ We won't accept excuses ¶
glasses is cute.
I'll be right back.
Uh, sit up straight.
Hello, ladies.
It's hard to fight against certain biases.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
It's important to keep an open mind.
It's how we learn.
It's how we grow.
[ Elevator bell dings ] It's how we move forward.
[ Doors close ] Dr. Grey, right?
Yours is easy to remember.
It's on all the hospital stationery.
What's the story there?
That's too long a story to tell.
¶ We tolerate no abuses ¶
I was actually headed across the street.
I was gonna grab a drink or something.
Are you headed that way, or...?
¶ Why, why, why, why? ¶
I'm a friend of Owen hunt's.
Until we don't.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
I see.
So, no.
¶ I guess I shoulda known better ¶
until we let our bias take over.
¶ I had this great epiphany ¶
¶ and rhythm nation was the dream ¶
until we succumb
to what feels right or good
or satisfying in that moment.
Because even then, deep down inside,
we usually know we're going to regret it.
¶ I guess next time I'll know better ¶