Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie - full transcript

Professor Pyg continues to torment Gotham city, involving Jim Gordon whenever possible. Sofia and Penguin get ready for a fundraiser for the orphanage, and things don't go as planned when Professor Pyg shows up as the chef.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...
Taking a life will lead you down a darker path
than you can ever imagine.
I know. I've been down it.
I'm not the hero Gotham needs.
And it's gonna be a long, bumpy journey back.
You've met Martin, I see.
You and I, we're more than friends.
We're conspirators.
Got him!
Oh, no.
You are relieved of duty, Harvey Bullock.
As of this moment, I'm assuming the captaincy of Gotham Central.
What did you have to do to get it?
Gotham finds itself in the hands of a ritualistic cop killer,
being called Professor Pyg.
It doesn't stop
until I've butchered every single swine on Penguin's payroll.
I'm gonna find you.
I hope you do.
It's a spectacle.
And you're my muse, Jimmy Gordon.
My poor lost lambs.
I come to you today with an offer for this evening.
Fresh biscuits and a hearty bowl of soup.
I have place settings for six.
Nobody wants some fresh pumpkin pie?
My children,
there are two Gothams:
the Haves and the Have Nots.
I know what it is to feel like a Have Not.
I say, enough.
Here's to giving the Haves...
...A taste of what it is like to be...
a Have Not.
Let's begin.
Shall we?
I'll be out of your way in just a second, Captain.
Harvey, this isn't how I wanted things to go down.
And yet, here we are.
You know what I was thinking about today?
Our first case.
When I told you to walk Penguin to the end of the pier,
put a bullet in his head,
and dump him in the water, and you wouldn't.
You thought it was wrong.
It was.
Well, maybe if you would've done it,
Falcone would still be running things,
and a lot of people who are dead would be alive today.
If I could go back, I'd do the same thing.
Because you still don't understand how this city works, Jim.
You want to be a hero.
And Gotham doesn't need heroes.
It needs people who will do what is necessary.
You're wrong.
If you show 'em the way, the people will follow.
Guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?
When your leave is up,
there'll be a desk here waiting for you.
Sit around and watch you all day?
No, thanks.
Right there is perfect. Thank you.
I predict this evening's fundraiser will be a smashing success.
If I want Gotham's wealthiest families to support the orphanage,
things have to be perfect.
I appreciate you taking part, Oswald.
Sadly, a situation has arisen.
That thing in the Narrows, with your former chief of staff?
No, no. This is far more serious.
It has to do with Mayor Burke promoting James Gordon
to captain of the GCPD.
You're not really worried about James Gordon?
The issue is the person who ordered his appointment.
- I see. - Do you?
Oswald, we both know the mayor is a weasel.
Someone must have paid him off.
But I don't see why that means you can't attend my dinner.
Because, my dear, the mayor has vanished.
But I will find him,
I will learn the name of my enemy,
and there will be a reckoning.
And that is why I might not be able to make it this evening.
Very well.
But a few of the children are doing a song.
Martin is taking part.
It would mean the world to him if you could come.
Of course.
Now, don't let me keep you.
If you think she's the one, we could have Victor...
talk to her?
You do realize she is... literally my only friend.
I need the mayor. I need proof.
But, sir, what if Ms. Falcone... not to say it is her...
has seen to it that the mayor is missing, well, permanently?
I could be chasing a ghost while she prepares her next move.
I wish I had a spy,
close to her, someone quiet.
Bring me Martin.
The boy with the pad around his neck.
The one who can't talk.
I thought I was clear. We're done.
Penguin suspects something.
What are you talking about?
He was just here, saying that he couldn't come to the party
I'm having tonight for the orphanage.
He knows someone paid the mayor to make you captain.
I think he suspects me.
Have you warned the mayor?
I'm not a fool, Jim.
I had him leave town after your appointment.
Sounds like you have your bases covered, as usual.
Thanks for the heads-up about Penguin.
Don't call me again.
This is Harper.
Gordon, line one.
Says it's private.
Wrong. Try again.
You son of a bitch.
Yeah, attaboy, Jim.
Or should I say Captain?
Congratulations, by the way.
So, do you remember when you said
the rot in Gotham went from high to low?
You've hit the nail on the head.
Police were low.
Now it's time for Gotham's elite to feel the pain.
Enter Phase Two.
I won't spoil the reveal.
Hurry outside for a little taste of what's to come.
Ciao, mon ami.
He's outside. Let's go.
GCPD! Make way.
GCPD. Excuse me. Back up.
Are they dead? - ‭Get forensics here.
And I want this whole area closed off. No press.
That pig's eating that guy.
Now, Harper.
Excuse me.
Where's breakfast?
Breakfast was produced and consumed by yours truly
at breakfast time.
It is now fast approaching luncheon, Master Bruce.
Whatever, just give me a coffee.
Enjoying the benefits
of another night out on the tiles with Tommy Elliot
and his band of miscreants, are we?
How absolutely delightful.
I know what you're going through, you know, Master Bruce.
I went out with my friends.
I'm hungover.
Doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
You're lost is what you are.
I've seen that countless times... young men,
going off to war with a clear purpose,
only to return home to a normal life, unable to assimilate.
Confused, angry.
And they make a complete tosh of it.
I don't really care.
You killed Ra's al Ghul.
Vengeance for your parents' death
has been your driving force for so long.
You are completely lost without it.
I need to call Tommy.
Have you forgotten what day it is today?
- Give me my phone. - You have, ain't you?
Today is the day my father took me camping
and we put a rock on top of Mount Bristol.
We did it every year.
Now give me my phone.
You are Bruce Wayne, son of Thomas Wayne.
And the sooner you start remembering that, the better.
So, you drink your coffee.
You go upstairs, you put your kit on, 'cause you and I...
...are going for a walk.
According to the medical examiner,
both victims had been living outdoors for some time.
Most likely homeless.
Now, see these incisions?
He removed their organs.
Any idea why? ‭- Not yet.
Pyg all but announced that his next victims
would be the rich and powerful, the high in Gotham.
So why is he killing the homeless?
You're asking for logic from a psychopath.
From him, yeah.
Everything he's done has been thought through carefully.
There was a card on the table in French,
said, "Long Live the Revolution."
Maybe he's using them to make a statement.
He wants the city's attention.
For what?
He said this was just a taste of what's to come.
There's a piece that's still missing.
The homeless are densest in the Narrows.
I'm gonna start there.
Hell of a first day to be captain.
Call me, you find anything else.
We checked all buildings in a three-block radius, Captain.
All right, widen it out a couple of blocks.
Focus on buildings with protected loading docks.
Captain, that was Lucius Fox.
Final tox came back.
Both victims had sodium sulfide and chlorine residue on their skin.
He says it's common in paper manufacturing.
There's an old paper plant few blocks from here
that closed down a while back. Let's check that out.
Backup's still incoming. Should we wait?
Over here.
What is he doing to them?
Taking their organs.
A smoker oven?
He's cooking them.
Drop the gun,
Shoot this bastard.
Drop it!
Thank you.
You found me too soon, James.
The table's not yet set,
and no meal should be served before its time.
You want a hostage, take me.
No, no, no, no, no. That won't do at all.
You must see my final act.
Along with all of Gotham.
Right, well, it's a lovely day for it.
Best foot forward.
Very distinguished.
Sofia tells me you're taking part in a performance this evening.
She's quite a lady, isn't she?
She's been a friend to both of us.
Or has she?
I worry Sofia is only pretending to be my friend.
And worse,
I fear she may be using you.
Now... I've been running this over in my mind,
and there are two ways this might have gone.
One, Sofia chose a specific orphan... you...
to place in my path.
She groomed you.
She told you how to act.
Sofia simply collected a group of children,
hoping one would gain my trust
and make me easier to manipulate.
In this version, you are innocent.
this is the version I very badly want to believe.
But I need proof.
Of our friendship.
I need to know if my suspicions are correct.
And if so, what Sofia is planning
and who she is planning it with.
I need you to be my eyes and my ears.
Do you think you can do that?
Don't let me down, Martin.
I want a city-wide BOLO on that van.
I want every cop in Gotham on the streets, looking for Harper.
She will not be the Pyg's next victim.
Captain Gordon! Captain Gordon!
Captain Gordon! Captain Gordon!
Is it true that the serial killer known as the Pyg is back?
That he's responsible for the scene
outside the GCPD this morning?
We believe so, yes.
We've also heard he's kidnapped a GCPD detective.
How can you keep the people of Gotham safe
when you can't protect your own officers?
We remain hopeful for Detective Harper's safe return.
Let me be clear.
The GCPD will stop this monster; that's a promise.
And if you fail,
will you be pushed aside like Harvey Bullock was?
We're done here. Thank you.
What about the rumor that the Pyg is now cooking his victims?
Who told you that?
Is it true?
As I said, the GCPD will bring the Pyg to justice.
That's all.
Captain Gordon!
Someone leaked to the press that the Pyg is cooking his victims.
Maybe it was the Pyg.
We know he wants attention.
Look, Jim, everyone in the department is on your side.
There's something you need to see.
"I grant this food will be somewhat dear,
and therefore very proper for landlords,
who, as they have already devoured most of the parents,
seem to have the best title to the children."
It's Jonathan Swift, "A Modest Proposal."
He made an argument for cannibalism,
about the rich eating the poor.
The poor are the homeless.
Who are the rich?
Swift didn't just talk about the rich eating the poor.
He specifically mentioned the orphans.
I know where he's going.
He left this for me.
He's doing exactly what he did with Harvey.
It could be a trap.
And I won't lead more officers to their deaths.
You're going alone?
I'm sorry, Lucius.
Where's Chef Louis?
Ici, mademoiselle.
Such a pleasure to meet you in person.
I was expecting you earlier.
Apologies. I was detained.
But I've made a small change in the menu.
I have steered us away from haute cuisine
to something a bit more... mundane.
Et voilà.
I am calling them Gotham Meat Pies.
Your guests will die for them.
I've made us a delicious brown English stew
with herb dumplings, Master Bruce.
Your father used to love it when I made stew.
Did I ever tell you how I met your old man?
In London. He was doing postgrad work there.
He told me.
Yeah, but no details.
Well, I was just out the army, two months.
Don't remember any of it.
All a bit of a blur, really... booze, drugs, brawling.
A sucking great black cloud.
One day, I wake up and I'm lying in this alley,
and I'm covered in blood... don't know how.
So I picked myself up,
I took myself straight down to the police station,
turned myself in, hoping that they would
chuck me into the big house and throw away the key.
And they told me to shut up, sit down and wait.
And there was this
really annoying Yank wandering about,
dressed like he was ready for a game of tennis,
and it was your dad.
Anyway, he bowls up to me, asks me what I done.
Asking me questions.
Eventually, you know, I found myself telling him
stuff that I was too frightened even to think about.
But I guess it'd just been building.
Anyway, that point, the desk sergeant called him over,
and your dad turned around to me and he said,
"Alfred, last night,
I was being attacked in that alley,
"And you started fighting this geezer.
I headed on my toes, and I ran away."
And I said, "Yeah, but that's not what happened,
is it, Thomas?"
And he says, "It is now."
Your father saved my life.
His friendship saved me.
You see, I know what it's all like, being lonely.
Hoping that the world will punish you.
I can help you.
Alfred, I hear you.
I just don't want to talk about this right now.
All right.
Well, this looks lovely.
The rocks are gone.
They must've fell out in the car.
Oh, the keys are in the bag, just there.
- Beautiful. - So nice to see you, dear.
Thanks. - ‭Yes.
Oswald, you came!
Look at you two.
So handsome.
I know how important tonight's party is to you.
And I wouldn't have forgiven myself
if I missed Martin's performance.
Why don't you go find the other children.
Did you locate the mayor?
Unfortunately, no.
But I have not given up hope.
Well, I, for one, am happy.
This way, you get to come to my dinner.
I need to go check on the chef.
He seems a bit odd.
Please try and enjoy yourself.
Let's go. Straight ahead, down to the left.
Hello, Martin.
What are you writing?
Don't make a noise.
I'm a cop.
Who are you?
A-A waiter.
I'm looking for a man, Caucasian, about five-foot-ten.
He would've brought the food. Maybe the chef.
Uh, the chef's in the kitchen.
Look, I just got hired tonight.
Whatever the dude's into, I have no idea. I'm just here...
You're okay, you're okay.
Do me a favor, find Ms. Falcone, bring her to me.
- Can you do that for me? - Yeah. All right.
What's that in your jacket?
Jim Gordon really is an impressive policeman.
Is he alone?
Seems so.
But, man, whatever it is you're into,
my partner and I?
Our rates just doubled.
My friends, the Falcone orphanage
is the realization of a long cherished dream,
and one that would not have been possible without your support.
- So thank you. Cheers. - Cheers.
Now, if you could please take your seats in the next room,
a few of the children have prepared a song.
Where's Martin?
I wanted to wish him luck.
Off getting ready, no doubt.
Oswald, I've been thinking.
Maybe things happen for a reason.
Licensing crime was a bold move,
but it would've destroyed you.
Whoever had Jim Gordon appointed captain
may actually have saved you.
By attempting to destroy everything I ever created?
Oswald... - ‭Enough.
If you're going to confess, confess.
And face the consequences.
So sorry to interrupt.
The servers are getting everyone seated.
We don't want the food to get cold.
Shall we go in to dinner?
Chop, chop.
All right. I stopped the bleeding, I think.
That's the best I can do until I can get you out of here.
Got to get that door open.
Gordon. - ‭Maybe I can get the hinges off.
Idiots forgot to search me.
Was this another one of your plans?
Ladies and gentlemen, as you by now have surmised,
there's been a change in the program.
Tonight, we are proud to present
the six merry Gothamites of Squatter's Row,
and Martin, from the Falcone Home and School for Orphans,
in our rendition of...
the "Meat Pie Tango."
*You have it coming, you have it coming*
*You only have yourself to blame*
*lf you'd have been fair, if you'd have been keen*
*I betcha these pies wouldn't taste the same!*
Enough! Where are the other children?
If you hurt them, I swear...
I'm not finished.
Sit down.
Pull it out, and the next one's in her eye.
Oswald, no.
Now, to answer your question, my dear,
the other children and your staff
are safely locked in the kitchen.
Despite appearances, I'm not an animal.
May we continue?
You have all fed upon the poor of Gotham for years.
Now you're going to know what they taste like.
Please, open your envelopes and look at the photographs inside.
Oh, come on.
Open them!
Who is Trish?
Well, I thought you should see who you're eating.
Bob, Fricks,
Trish, Nunuh, Cyrano and Vincent
all deserve our gratitude.
So these pies are...
People. Yep.
They're people pies.
And you're all going to eat them.
Oh, no.
Absolutely not.
Let's try this again.
Eat, or I kill the boy.
But he's just an orphan.
What did you say?
Well, these are made of people.
For God's sake, you can't expect us...
I mean,
so they kill some urchin, hmm?
What a waste of a good pie.
But I do applaud the sentiment.
Especially as you, Mr. Cobblepot,
are the reason I'm here.
Me? Why?
Oh, I could've chosen any gathering of wealthy Gothamites
who've gotten fat upon the poor.
But you,
with your Pax Penguina,
you are the biggest glutton of them all.
You have gorged yourself on this city's heart,
its lungs, its liver.
Why should today be any different?
Now eat, little Penguin.
Eat the pies, or the boy dies.
If you don't eat,
I will hunt you down and kill you all!
Now, that's what I like to see.
And as Mother always used to say,
"Nobody leaves until every plate is clean."
It's a compliment to the chef, and I love compliments.
And, Ms. Falcone...
...mangia, signorina.
Only if you don't hurt him.
Can you help me?
He'll kill the kid!
Get off of me!
Get out of here!
Come on, Jim.
Don't give up. You'll ruin everything.
Should be good.
How is your hand?
I'll be fine.
How's Martin?
He is stronger than he looks.
You paid off the mayor to make Jim Gordon captain.
And you want me to believe
that you did this out of friendship.
To save me.
I tried to talk you out of the license program.
You wouldn't listen.
There seemed no other way.
Of course, it's equally plausible
that you are my enemy,
intent upon my destruction.
You could choose to see it that way.
Choice is yours, Oswald.
Well, whatever your actual reasoning... went behind my back.
I would be justified in killing you.
But what you were going to do for Martin...
...that was real.
Don't ever betray me again.
I will abandon the licenses,
but Jim Gordon cannot be captain.
Pick someone else, then.
Gordon's less than nothing to me.
*Bye-bye, Piggy, bye-bye...*
Captain Gordon! Captain Gordon! Captain Gordon!
Captain Gordon?
Is that the Pyg? Did you really catch him?
The suspect known as the Pyg is in custody.
Detective Vanessa Harper is on her way to Gotham General,
and is expected to make a full recovery.
The GCPD kept its promise.
Captain Gordon?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, Alfred!
How was your walk?
Everybody out now.
Nobody move.
This is not your house.
If I want my friends to stay, they're staying.
Like hell they are.
Dude, your butler is a little out of line.
Have you been hitting the sherry, Jeeves?
You have no idea what extreme danger you are now in, son.
If I was you, I would walk away.
Yeah, whatever.
Meet us at the club.
Come on.
Driver will take us.
Well... ‭'ve certainly shown a new side of yourself today,
- haven't you, Master Bruce? - Save it, Alfred.
You tell me a story about you and my dad,
and I'm supposed to get all weepy?
You don't know what I'm going through.
You and I are nothing alike.
Then talk to me.
Let me know h-how I can help you.
You can't.
Like you said, I did what I did.
I killed Ra's.
I avenged my parents' death, and guess what.
Nothing changed.
It made no difference.
So then what did I do it for?
How can you help that?
I can help with the way that you're feeling.
But you need to talk to me.
You have to face up to who you really are.
Stop telling me who I am.
I know who I am.
And if you really want to help me,
you can stop trying to be my father,
and you can be my butler.
Clean this place up.
You're the hero of the day.
I was just doing my job.
I know you hate me for what I did,
but you deserve to be captain.
I went to your father for help.
I knew what I was getting into.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
But you accept it.
Because I do deserve it.
Just like Gotham deserves law and order.
And I'm gonna make sure it gets it.
You don't think I want that, too?
I'm not your enemy, Jim.
I never will be.
Did you find anything out?
"I saw Sofia
kissing the policeman."
Is this true?
Martin, you are a good friend.
As for Sofia...
she will answer for what she's done.
I swear it.