Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Mad City: Look Into My Eyes - full transcript

Hypnotist Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter arrives in Gotham to search for his sister, Alice, and hires Gordon to help find her. Meanwhile, Penguin decides to run for mayor and Bruce's doppelganger ...

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Previously on Gotham...

- Who are you?
- Oh, my word.

Please don't hurt me.

- We caught a spy!
- Ivy?

- Marv.
- No!

Watch out!


Gotham listens to me.
It's time to round up our friends.

Former war hero.
Former white knight cop.

Now bounty hunter.

Saving Gotham's
not my job anymore.

You are a cop
in everything but name.

Who the hell are you, Jim Gordon?

- Wait...
- Shut up for once.

When I count to three,

you will all awake and have no memory
of your animal identity.

One, two, three.

Thank you. Thank you.

A magician? Really?

Hypnotist. I like him.

Plus, the place is packed. Be happy.

Just a taste, ladies and gentlemen.

But now, let us venture
into something more arcane.

I'll need a single volunteer.


You, sir.

- Beautiful suit.
- Thank you.

- A lawyer?
- Uh, doctor.

Ah! Your mistress?

- My wife.
- Oh, delightful.

Listen to the watch.

The way its ticking

synchronizes with your heartbeat.

Look into my eyes.

Not above them, not around them,
but deep into their center.

You are completely relaxed
and are becoming weightless.

Are you ready to do something impossible?


Stand up on the chair.

No, the back of it.

Remember, you weigh nothing at all.

- He'll fall!
- Not at all, my dear.

In a hypnotic state,
unburdened by doubt and fear,

we can accomplish the impossible.


one foot.

So you could get him to do
anything you wanted?

Did you have something in mind, Miss Kean?

Jump down, sir.

Lock sense away, awaken the rascal.

When I say it is so,
your home is my castle.

Now, I'm going to count down
and clap my hands, and you will awake.

Three, two, one.

How do you feel, sir?

I feel great.

Thank you!

Thank you.

Very impressive, Mr. Tetch.
You have quite the gift.

But you didn't answer my question.

Can you make people do
anything you tell them to do?

Only things they secretly wish to do.

It's surprising what people wish for

secretly, deep down.

- Mmm.
- True.

You must be a very popular man.

Oh, I wish.

Parties like this help pay my way,
so thank you.

And you're new to Gotham?

Yes, just arrived from up north.

You have a place to stay?

Not yet.

But something always seems to turn up.

This is weird for me, too.

- What's your name?
- Five.

514A. But they call me Five.

- At Indian Hill?
- Yes.

And how about before that?

I don't remember.
I don't remember anything before that.

Well, that's convenient isn't it?
I mean, nothing?

I mean, you must've had a home,
family, friends?


If I did, I can't remember.

I woke up in that lab over a year ago.

I was locked up
the whole time I was there.

They gave me books, did tests on me.

Many tests.

I heard the other inmates in the halls,
but I never saw them.

Not until Miss Mooney broke us out.

I'm sorry I surprised you by coming here,

but when I saw you,

I had to meet you.

You saw me?

On the rooftop with that girl, Selina.

She gave me money, I followed her.

You're welcome to stay here
as long as you need.

Or perhaps we should contact someone

with more expertise
in these matters, Master Bruce.

It's late. That can wait until tomorrow.

We'll make up one of the guest rooms.

Master Bruce, we have to get rid
of that thing as quick as possible.

He's a human being, Alfred.
He's in need of help.

Look, I understand
you feel sorry for the boy,

but have a butcher's, will you?

I mean, he's you.
Hugo Strange made another you.

I reckon this was something to do
with that secret society or something.

So what do we do,
throw him back on the street?

I want to know who and what and why
as much as you do, Alfred.

Better he stays here until we find out.

Fine, but tomorrow we call Lucius Fox.
Maybe he'll know what to do with it.

I mean, him.

- Valerie.
- James.

You want some breakfast?

There's a place around the corner.

Pass. I have to be
at City Hall in an hour.

- I have to go home and shower.
- I have a shower.

No, you have a dark hole in the wall
with no water pressure and one damp towel.


Well, I'm collecting my bounty
from the GCPD today,

so, uh, I can stop on my way home,

make things a little nicer.

Yeah, good luck with that.

That was fun.

See you around.

Okay. See you.

"BARNES". I'm not gonna get all misty-eyed,

but the simple truth is,
this department has missed you.

God-given talent like yours
is hard to find.

Your expertise and your professionalism
is exemplary.

I'm very pleased
that you're returning to the GCPD.

Where else can you make a difference
like this? Nowhere.

- I know. It's not that...
- Look.

Now, forgive me
if I'm stepping into a delicate minefield,

but if what you're worried about
is Jim Gordon, he no longer works here.

No GCPD affiliation whatsoever.

"MAN". I wanna use my phone call, huh?

Hey, Harvey.

Jim. Buddy, pal.

Let's get a cup of coffee.

I just came by for my check.

City still owes me for bringing in
the last of Strangers creeps.

- Yeah, you've been hustling.
- Jim?

Hello, Jim. What... What are you...

Hey. You look well.


You visiting?

No, we're, um...

I'm moving here, permanently.

With my fiancé.

He's been offered head trauma position
at Gotham General.

A doctor. Good call.

Captain Barnes has been nice enough
to offer me my old job back here. Um...

I haven't decided yet.

Well, if you did, you'd see me.

I'm here now and again getting paid.

It's good to see you, Lee.

I guess I better get going,
the movers are due any minute.

Be well, Jim.


Where's my money, Harvey?


Lock sense away,
awaken the rascal.

When I say it is so,
your home is my castle.

Go to the door.


Who are you?

Who am I?

I haunt your dreams like a ghost.

For I know what scares you most.

So, you run, run as fast as you can!

There's no escape from the magic man.

Jolly good.

Now, get some plastic,
wrap her up and bury her in the garden.

Oh. And I'm gonna need you
to kill yourself, too. Chop-chop.

My sweet sister, Alice.

I've traveled so far.

So come out, come out, wherever you are.

LANDLORD'. Alice! Hey, Alice!

This time, no excuses.
My money, where is it?

I'll get it for you.

You said that last week,
and the week before that.

I should have known you're a liar.

- A cheat!
- I lost my job.

Then get another.
Don't cheat me!

But, uh, perhaps,

we work something out, eh?
If you're a nice girl.

Are you a nice girl?

Stay away from me.

- Oh. Be nice to me.
- Stop. You don't understand.

Be nice...

I'm so sorry.

You shouldn't have done that.
You brought this on yourself.

Since the death of Galavan,

the office of mayor has been governed

by the elected officials
you see behind me.

This city desperately needs
experienced, seasoned leadership.

And so, in their wisdom,
they have persuaded me,

much against my will,
to resume the office of mayor

until elections can be organized
in the new year.


This proceeding is a sham!

- Security, remove this criminal!
- Criminal?

I was jailed illegally
by a corrupt system.

A corrupt system that was put into place
by this man,

who has the audacity
to put himself back into the position

that he brought so much shame
and dishonor to.

How dare you?

No, how dare you waltz up there
and announce yourself mayor?

The people demand to have a say
into who will represent them,

who will protect them.

It was I, I alone, who drove out
the monsters that plagued our city.

Oh, please.

Where were you then?

While I faced peril
at the hands of those abominations?

Sir, are you challenging
James' appointment to office?

I most certainly am.

You better get a close-up.

To govern this city,
one should be legally elected,

which is why I, Oswald Cobblepot,

announce my candidacy
for the office of mayor.

And I demand, and the people demand,

that an emergency election
be held forthwith!

Cobblepot! Cobblepot! Cobblepot!

Cobblepot! Cobblepot!

Good, good, good!

One more time. One more time.

And again.

Good boy. One more time.

Good morning.

- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.

Would you like to try?

I don't think that's a particularly
good idea. Do you, Master Bruce?

Come, now, Alfred.

I think a little exercise before breakfast
might be just what he needs.

Fine. I'll go easy on you.

Pop these on. Put your hand in.
And the other one.

Good lad. All right, step up.

Now, just remember...

Let's see what you got.
Now, keep your gloves up.

And protect the chin
at all times, all right?

Ready? Here we go. Bosh!


Come on.

- I'm sorry. Sorry...
- No.

Absolutely fine.

Let's see if you can do that again.

Here I come.

Bloody hell.

- Who taught you how to do that, then?
- No one.

If they did, I don't remember.

Right, well.
Let's see what you got, sunshine.

Here we go again. Here we go.


Oh, dear. I'm frightfully sorry.

What for?

- Your nose.
- Didn't you feel it?

No. Should I?

Right, well, I think
that's quite enough for today.

Don't you, Master Bruce?

Here you are,
press that up against your nose.

All right? Here you go. Stem the flow.

Good lad.

Well, that's a very nasty scar.

Where'd you get that?

Or can't you remember?

What did they do to you in there?

Good day, Mr. Gordon.


- How'd you find me?
- Oh, you're famous, sir.

Your name's in the papers.

The fearless bounty hunter.

I want you to find my sister.

We're very close.

We lost our parents at an early age.
I became her guardian.

But her condition proved too much for me.

I sought help. The worst kind.

The fiend, Professor Strange.

Her condition?

Some poison in her blood.

Very rare. Unique, in fact.

He took her in,
said she needed constant supervision.

He wouldn't let me see her.

You go to the police?

Useless. I mean,
this is Gotham, after all.

Years passed and I lost hope.

But then I heard about the breakout.

I assume she escaped with others,
but now she's out there, alone, afraid.

Indian Hill escapees get five grand
from the GCPD.

You able to top that?

I'll double it.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you very much.

Leave your number.

You've seen so much pain
and tragedy, Mr. Gordon.

I hope it hasn't left you too alone.

I'm not being negative.
I'm just saying it's a big step.

Holy crap.

Headquarters, let me just say one thing...

Gotham is rife with crime, Butch.

Who better than a criminal to clean it up?

Okay. Look,

you know I've faced the worst
Gotham has to offer, but politicians?

They scare me.

The people of Gotham are with me.

They are scared, which means angry,
and who have they got to turn to?

Aubrey James?

Please. That man is a hack.

This is my opportunity to create a legacy.

One that my father would be proud of.

- Mr. Cobblepot?
- Oh.

What do you think?

You got my vote.

Mr. Cobblepot, I have Aubrey James,
he'd like to meet you alone.

What are you looking for?

The scars on your back are distinctive.

I was hoping to find a reference,

a clue as to why they were made.

- You need to hide.
- What?

She won't understand.

What are you doing?


Something wrong?

Ivy's missing.

She'll turn up somewhere.

Doesn't she always?

This time, she fell.

And it was a long way down into water.

Then maybe she survived.

I got a bad feeling.

No offense,

but it's not like you to care.

She had nothing, that kid.

I was it.

No one else would even talk to her.

I shouldn't give up, right?

Maybe take one more look at the shelters,
our favorite hiding spots?

Sure. Good idea.

Will you come with me?

If I had a car,
I could get around much quicker.

Lam in... No.

- No, not right now. I just...
- What?

That's too much to ask?
After everything I've done for you?

- Selina, it's not like that. I...
- Forget it.

Stupid of me to even come here.

It's just not a good time.

You're a selfish son of a bitch,
you know that, right?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- Selina!
- What do you want?

I'm looking for someone.
I think you may have seen her.

And if I have, why would I tell you?

She's in trouble. And I can pay you.

I don't need your money.

So what do you need?


She's missing.

- For how long?
- Too long.

Just keep an eye open for her,
would you?

Will do.

She's from Indian Hill.


I saw her with Mooney,
but only for a day or two.

Last I heard,
she got a job at The Narrows Bar.

All right. Thanks.

Who the hell are you?

You a cop?


Well, if you're looking to rob the place,
you're too late.

Fire took everything I had.

I'm looking for someone.
Her name is Alice.

This some kind of joke?

No. What's funny?

That crazy bitch is the one
who started the fire.

- Why'd she do that?
- How the hell do I know?

Said she cut herself.
"Clean yourself up, then," I say.

"You don't understand," she says.
"My blood is on the counter."

Next thing I know,
the whole damn kitchen's in flames.

Someone's gotta pay for this damage.

You tell me where she is,
my client will pay.

- Who's your client?
- You know where she is?

If I did, would I be talkin' to you?

Thanks for your time.

- I say when we're done.

Time to teach you some manners.

- You had enough?
- Not yet.

Now I have.

Sorry for the delay.

Gotham Friday nights keep us busy.
How you feeling?

Uh. I'll be fine.

Might want to take your shirt off,
don't want to bloody it up.

James Gordon? The policeman?

Used to be.

I don't need to tell you,

it's gonna hurt a little bit.

Here we go.

Lee speaks very highly of you.

I'm Mario, Lee's fiancé.

That's nice of her.

Look, Jim,

I don't know where your head's at
with all this,

but I want you to know
that I love her very much.

I'm gonna take good care of her.

Good to know.

So, we're okay?

Yeah. Sure.

Why wouldn't we be?

Lee and I are old news.
Water under the bridge.

You won't get any problem from me.

I wish you both nothing but the best.

Thank you.

All done.

But, uh...

You ever were to hurt her,

I'd have to hunt you down and kill you.

Hey, look, um, about three days ago,

a girl might have come in here
with burns on her.

Ring any bells? I need an address.

Look familiar?

A public place. Smart.

Knowing your flair for the dramatic,
I felt it necessary.

How flattering.

But why exert myself needlessly?

The public sees me
as a man of action, of change.

You, you are yesterday's sad joke.

While Galavan humiliated this city,
where were you?

In a warehouse with a box on your head.

You're an unstable lunatic, Penguin,

and people are gonna see
right through you.

I've got the judges, the unions, the GCPD

and a whole team
of legal experts behind me.

What do you got?

I have me.

You're psychotic!

Not this time, Penguin.
My head will not be put in a box again.

Oh, you.

So smart. Always one step ahead.

Never three.

Relax, I do not want you dead.

Besides, what kind of fun
would an election be

if I were the only candidate, huh?


You're right about one thing, though.
I do need a little help.

And I have just the right person in mind.



No one lies to me!

Any of his blood get on you?


Hello, Alice.

I wasn't sure how he turned.

"Turn"? What's wrong with him?

He's infected.

Infected with what?

With me. Who are you?

Why are you here?

Your brother's looking for you.

He can't find me.

Alice. Alice.

"ALFRED". He's gone.

He's taken some of your clothes
and the keys to the Roller.

Cut his hair, too.

To look more like you.

We have to go after him.

I'm not sure who scheduled this meeting,
Mr. Cobblepot.

But as you can see,

I have been burdened
with restoring order to this facility,

and that is no easy task.

A man of your reputation
should not have been sent here

to clean up Strangers wreckage.


Get off me! Let me out!

You are aware of my ambitions for office?


Once mayor, I will grant you
whatever position you care to request.

Gotham's Head of Psychiatry,
a chair on Gotham's Board of Health.

In exchange for what exactly?

Even though my victory is inevitable,

I fear my campaign
is missing one key element.

A colleague of mine
is locked up here unfairly.

Are you suggesting I release
a convicted criminal out onto the street?

Well, yes. For your betterment.

That would take
extensive patient analysis,

probational hearings, appeals.

Lockdown is now
in full effect. Repeat. Lockdown...

Of course, there's always Plan B.

I give you nothing,

but I make sure you remain here forever.

Not as a warden. No.

I would see you scrub floors
and empty inmates' latrines.

Oh, no.


Look into my eyes.

Not around them, not above them,
but into their center.

Now sleep.

Now, what would we like to see
the lovely Miss Kean do?

Physical feats? A trip into her psyche?

She said we needed more whimsy.

Barbara, when I count down from three,

you will find me irresistible.

You will be madly in love with me.

Three, two, one.


Do you care for me?

Oh, yes.

Do you love me?

Very much.

But what if I can't feel the same?

- Oh, dear.
- What if I love another?

I'm sorry, Barbara, my dear, but...

Three, two, one. Awake.

She's a bit sensitive to rejection.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the great Jervis Tetch.

- Did you find her?
- I found her.

Lost her.

She shot a man and set fire to his body.

Said she had an infection.

Also said she doesn't want
anything to do with you.

You wanna tell me
what the hell is going on?

It's complicated.

My next stop will be the GCPD.
You can explain it to them.

Please don't do that.

Let's talk somewhere private.
Allow me to explain the situation.

So what does Alice have in her blood
that makes it so infectious?

She doesn't look sick to me.

She's not sick. She's powerful, sir.

Powerful, how? I need answers, Tetch.

You deserve some.
Do you hear my watch ticking?

- Yeah.
- Listen closer.

The ticking, it synchronizes
with your heartbeat, yes?

Look into my eyes.

Not above them or around them,
into their center.

Are you asleep, Jim?

- Yes.
- Show me.

Take out your gun
and put it on the ground.


Now walk to the edge
and climb onto the wall.

Been such a long, hard road
for you, Jim Gordon.

You are so very tired of life, aren't you?


Now you can rest, Jim.

Close your eyes.

Sleep forever.

Deep down, you want to die, Jim.

You want to end this miserable, empty,
loveless life, don't you?

- Yes.
- Yes. Let me help you.

I'm going to count to 10.

When I reach 10,
you will simply step off the ledge

and you will find everlasting peace.





Three. Four. Five.



Thank God! At last, I found you.

Tell that man to get off the ledge.

Never mind him. Put down the gun.

Mister! Get down!

He can't hear you.

Don't come near me.

Why are you here if you don't wanna talk?

Put the gun down, Alice.

You're evil.

Leave me alone or I'll kill you!

But, Alice, I love you.

Thank you.

I'm sane?

Absolutely, 100%. I examined you myself.

And the murder of Miss Kringle?

Committed while you were insane.

- Officer Dougherty. Insane.

- Officer Pinkney. Insane.

- And now I'm...
- Sane.

And not responsible for any of the acts
perpetrated during your sickness.

You're a free man, Edward.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth,
but how did you...

Never mind.

Hello, old friend.

You're still thinking
about your meeting with Jim?

No, there's nothing left to say.
It's all in the past now.

It's been less than a year,
I think there's plenty to say.

After all you went through with him,

I just need to know
that nothing's left unsaid.

Well, you should
speak to him yourself, then.

I did.

- You did?
- Mmm-hmm.

Something you could have mentioned
the moment we sat down. When? How?

It's not like I wasn't gonna tell you.

- He came into the ER, he needed stitches.
- Of course.

So I took the opportunity
to introduce myself.

He didn't make the connection at first
because you hadn't told him my name.

It never came up.


What do you mean, "Right"?

"FALCONE". Did I enter at a bad time?

Glad you could make it, Dad.

I'm honored that you invited me.

When Mario was born,

I promised my wife
that he would never be part of our thing.

That we'd raise him to lead
a good, honest life.

And we did.

And he has.

He can't use the Falcone name,
but he's brought true honor to the family.

My wife is looking down on us now,
and she's so proud and happy.

She would love you, Lee.

You're exactly the kind of woman
she would have wished for her son.

Thank you.

There's only one thing
that would have worried her.


My wife would say
you're a little too beautiful.

All the great tragedies
start with a face like yours.

Makes men fall in love
when they shouldn't.

Makes them do crazy things.

("MARK)". Dad, really?

Are you referring to Jim Gordon?


I've spoken with him. He's moved on.
I'm fine. He's fine.

We both have.
You've got nothing to worry about.

Here's to both of you, a blessed union.

What the hell are you doing here?

I wanted to apologize
for the way I treated you last night.

I'm sorry. I was insensitive and rude.


Does Alfred know you have his car?

NO. Why tell him?

It's mine, not his.

Would you like to go for a ride?

Are you hungry?

What's with you?

You seem different.

Is that a bad thing?


I could eat.

Don't wait up, losers.