Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Mad City: Burn the Witch - full transcript

Fish Mooney takes matters into her own hands to locate Hugo Strange, forcing Gordon to reluctantly team up with journalist Valerie Vale to find her. Penguin rises in popularity after ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"COBBLEPOT". Previously on Gotham...

Valerie Vale, Gotham Gazette.

This isn't the first time that a bounty
hunter has apprehended an escapee.

Is the GCPD incapable
of handling this threat themselves?

Your body is beginning to reject
the changes we made to your DNA.

HOW do I fix it?

Strange. He's the only one.

You remember Marv. He's one of yours.

Hey, kid. Take it.

You keep feeding strays,
and one's gonna follow you home.

While trapped in Indian Hill,
I was led to believe

an unnamed group
had taken control of my company.

I want to talk face-to-face,
or the information that I've gathered

will be sent to every newspaper
and television station in Gotham.

- We caught a spy.
- Ivy?

- Marv?
- No!





You wanted to talk.

Forgive me.


I know you.

I've seen you at Wayne Enterprises events.

You've been inside my home.

My name is Kathryn.

I represent the group
you've asked to speak with.

You didn't have to hurt Alfred.

He would not have permitted
you to meet with us alone.

You tried to kill me.

You were behind Indian Hill.
Hugo Strange was hired by you.

Is that why you're here, Bruce?

To ask questions you
already know the answers to?

Who are you?

- What do you call yourselves?
- Our name is unimportant.


you made a threat.

Referring to evidence you'd
uncovered of our existence.

We would like to know what you found.

Nothing certain.

Until now.

A bluff.

- Nicely played.
- It wasn't just a bluff.

The more I studied my company's doings,

the more there were things that could
only be explained by your existence.

Still, I had to know for sure.

- Now I do.
- And what now?

According to you,
we tried to kill you once.

I began all this because
I wanted to solve my parents' murder.

Six months ago,
I concluded your organization responsible.

- Have you changed your mind?
- No.

There are other...


Such as your own life.

The lives of those close to you.

You're here to make a deal.

What do you have to offer?

Wayne Enterprises.

You cannot give someone
what they already possess...

I'm not finished.

If I die, my shares will be turned over
to the federal government.

Investigators will comb through
every file, every asset.

Are you prepared for
that kind of scrutiny?

That would be unfortunate,

but we would weather the storm. What else?

The Wayne name still has meaning.

It's a symbol of light and hope.

For a group such as yours,
that could provide a useful distraction.

You are an impressive young man.


your offer is not sufficient.

We will also require that you cease

all investigation into our existence
and your parents' murder.

Any violation of that, in the slightest,

and our agreement is void.

I need your answer now.

I agree.

I'm happy to hear that.

Needless to say,
you will not see me again.

Good-bye, Bruce.

Morning, surprised to see me?

Not really. What do you want?

- I have a proposition.
- Not interested.

Oh, come on. Think of it as a way to say

"I'm sorry for handcuffing you
to a car door."

Except I'm not.

Wow! So this is where you live.

Anyone considering a life
in bounty hunting should see this.

Preferably wearing a hazmat suit.

You don't bring women here, do you?

All right.

Fish Mooney.

Penguin's million-dollar bounty.

I can help you get it.

Ooh. See, now you're thinking,

"A million dollars,"

"that can buy me a lot of scotch."

But, hey, when you're rich,
do everyone a favor,

spring for a maid, will you or just
firebomb the place and be done with it?

What's in it for you?

- A story.
- That's it?

It shocks you that I love my
job and I want to be good at it?


Why not just bring her in yourself?

Why give me a million dollars?

Because I'm a bigger person than you.


- because I couldn't find her.
- Ah!

You lost touch with your source.

The one working for Mooney.

I did not lose touch with my source.
I just have no way of contacting her.

She always found me.

Oh, well, that's better.

It's a million dollars.

Don't be so damn lazy. I mean,

that's your job, right? Your specialty.
You find people.

You're a bounty hunter.

- Who's your source?
- So we have a deal?

No handcuffing this time.

- Who's your source?
- She's a petty thief. A street kid.

I like her though. She's got style.

- What's her name?
- Selina Kyle.

You two ever cross paths
when you were a cop?

Once or twice.

Well, that's great.
So you know where she lives.

No. Not a clue.

But I know someone who might.

Oh, my God.

Hello, Barbara.

"Hello, Barbara"?

Is that all I get?

- How you been?
- Oh. How've I been?

Well, see for yourself.

I mean, it's no art gallery,

but there's less chance
of me dying of boredom.

How's Lee?

We're not together.

No. I thought by now

you would've chased her
down, put a ring on it.

Did you dump her?
Oh, I bet you dumped her, didn't you?

- You're such a heartbreaker.
- I feel like I walked into something.

'Cause you did. Who are you?

Valerie Vale. I work for The Gazette.

- We're working on a project.
- I bet.

She your new girlfriend?

- No.
- No.

Jim and I were engaged.

Until I called it off.

Uh-huh. We're looking for Selina.

Oh, wait, I remember this.

You kidnapped him and his girlfriend,
held them hostage in a church.

Aren't you supposed to be in Arkham?

I was, but turns out I'm totally sane.

Got a paper proving it.

Yeah, signed by Hugo Strange.

Again, Selina, have you seen her?

A kiss.

That's my price.

Is she serious? Are you serious?

Do it.

- Never mind.
- Oh.

You're honestly no fun.

Try her squat down on Drake and Powell.

That's it? I've already been there.

She may have mentioned
an old bank near Kane Sound.


I had a dream about you the other night.

You were in this horrible accident,

and you lost both of your legs,

and then I had to push you
around in a giant baby carriage.

Good seeing you, Barbara.

Do not.

So, you really think Fish is using
the bank as an old base?

- If I had to bet, yeah.
- Me, too.

So how 'bout I call the GCPD,
give them the exclusive,

they take in Fish, and you get squat?

Hey! Open the door.

You should've let me come to find Peabody.

- Vale!
- And, you know what,

- I like your ex.
- Vale! Hey! Hey!

Hey there. You all right?


I don't have anything on me,

but I live just up the road.

What's your name?


My name is Ivy.

Barnes is gonna want to know
where you got this.

Oh, come on, you know
I can't give up my source.

- Don't forget our deal.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,

as soon as Fish Mooney is booked,
you get first crack at her,

but for now stay out of the way.

All right!

All right, fellas, listen up!

We don't know what we're
gonna find in there,

so rule number one is be careful.

And keep your eyes
peeled for Ethel Peabody.

She's the state witness that
was abducted last night.

I don't have to tell you guys

that this is the call
we've been waiting for.

Let's go in there and end
this thing once and for all.

Yeah, let's go!

- Police!
- Stay right there, you freaks!

Back up! Stay right where you are!

Oh. We have company.


Don't nobody move!


Get Sebring a medic now.

Anyone see Mooney?

For months, I warned
the police about the threat to our city

posed by Hugo Stranges freaks,
by the murderer Fish Mooney,

and how did they protect you?

They said that Fish Mooney wasn't real.

That these escapees
were victims who need our help.

Well, Fish Mooney was real.

And once she was cornered
by the GCPD, finally,

they let her escape.
And these "victims..."

Well, I, for one, am not afraid
to call them by their proper name...


Our city is being invaded by monsters,

attacking our brothers and sisters,
and it is up to us!

To you! To kill every monster you see!

Who is with me?

Master Bruce, wake up.

Come on.

Wake up, Master B.

Master B, wake up.

Here you go, sunshine.


- You all right?
- How did I get back here?

I don't know. I got the foggiest. I mean,
I just came in here to call the police

and then I found you.


You all right?

You're all right, mate.

You know, I reckon, it was that same
masked bastard that knocked me spark out.

I mean, he came in and out
without so much as a peep.

I saw them, Alfred.

I spoke to them.


It worked.

They agreed.

What, just... Just like that?

I mean, you talked about the stuff
that we talked about, right?


But I had to promise not to
investigate them anymore.

Not Indian Hill,

not the corruption within my company,

not my parents' murder.

I see.


It was the only way.

You weren't the only one
they threatened, were you? Eh?


Do you intend on keeping your word?


I do.

And how do you know...

They will keep theirs?

Hey, Alvarez, where's Bullock?

He's not back from the old bank yet.

You missed a big payday, Gordon.

We nabbed five of those freaks.

Yeah, trusted the wrong person.

I know the feeling.

Can we call this even?

You got me. I got you.

It's over. Let me buy you a drink.

Yeah... It's over when I get Fish.

You can read about it.

I do not want to get in trouble.

Odd as it might seem,
I do enjoy working here.

I'm just looking to find Fish.

I do that, everybody wins.


You know she's sick.

That's the reason for those drugs
she and the others were stealing.

That's what Peabody said.

I figured that was why Mooney
was trying to find her.

See if she could fix her.


It appears something went wrong.

This is Ethel Peabody.

You're sure?

Two separate tests confirmed it.

You remember there was a body
at the pharmaceuticals warehouse,

a worker ID'd as 35 years old
but who looked a hundred?

I remember.

So, Mooney kidnaps Peabody,

and then has one of her
creatures kill her, why?

Did Peabody give her what she wanted?
She no longer needed?

It seems unlikely.

My bet, Peabody simply couldn't fix her.

Leaving Mooney still searching
for the cure.

You're thinking what I'm thinking.

There's only one person
in Gotham who could help her.

Hugo Strange.

Detective Bullock.

- Yeah, that's me.
- Fish Mooney wants to see you.

All right, all right, all right!
I'm going.

Hello, Harvey. Long time.

Hey, Fish. How you doing?

- Not so good.
- Sorry to hear that.

You know, there's a lot of people
out there looking for you.


I need to find that bastard, Strange.

Yeah, well, you know
I can't help you with that.


Yes, you can.


You Will.

I'll help you find Strange.

Good boy.

This is it.

Nothing special, but it's home.

You hungry?

Just thirsty.

Beer? Pop?



So sad.

Poor things.

My ex-wife left a box of
clothes when she moved out.

You're welcome to them,
if you want to change.


So, where are you from?


Listen, if you need to use the phone,
go ahead.

- Why would I need to use the phone?
- Someone's got to be looking for you.


- No one.
- Really?

A beautiful girl like you?

You think I'm beautiful?

So, who are you?

Just a girl.

Cops killed my dad.

My mom left.

I was alone.


But then...

Something happened and...

I changed.


I'm different...

Inside and out.

So sad.

I'm gonna get rid of that.

I've never been that good
at taking care of things.

What are you doing?

Relax. They're just plants.

I'll get those clothes.

You don't know that Mooney has him,
or that she's looking for Strange,

and, again, you shouldn't even be here.

Harvey isn't answering his phone.
Nobody knows where he is.

Well, you could start by looking in
every place in Gotham that serves booze.

And we found this...

Beside his car.

She's looking for him.

With Peabody dead,
that'd be her next logical step.

Damn. Damn, damn!

You have to call someone.
Tell them Fish is on her way.

Call who? The Feds?

I don't even know which
department has Strange.

But you do know where they're
hiding him, don't you?

You and Bullock both know.

They took him to a place outside the city.

It's like an old mansion,

but on the inside,
it's a high-tech research facility.

The government has scientists
debriefing him, don't they?

They want to know what he
discovered in Indian Hill.

You have to tell us where it is.

The hell I do.

I'll take you there.

Are you sure this is the place?

Yeah. This is where I dropped
Strange off a few months ago.

All right, show time.

Hey, fellas.

At ease, soldiers.

Detective Bullock, GCPD.

- Where's your badge?
- My badge?

Oh, man, I must've dropped it.

- I'm here to see Strange.
- We haven't heard anything.

You haven't? That's strange.

I mean strange weird, not the guy Strange.

Do you have ID?


Who the hell?

Hold it!

I said hold it!

Stop right there...

Professor Strange.

You and I have some unfinished business.

Look at you.


You were my greatest creation.

Your greatest creation who's dying.


You're going to fix me, Daddy.

And when that's done,

you're going to make me an army,

so I can have this city
kneeling at my feet.

But I can't...

Fix you.

Fish, cops. Lots of them.

You have a few minutes
to rethink your answer.

I'd suggest you do.

Go, go, check that door.

Move out to your perimeter!

It's Bullock.

Harvey. Harvey, you all right?

Oh, he's fine.

But this ain't Harvey.

- I want to talk to him. Sure.

- You don't control me anymore.
- Sid.

Hey, Cap. How are ya? Sorry.

One chance, Mooney.

You let him go,
you might just make it out of this.


Don't you know you're
speaking to a dying woman,

which severely limits
your negotiating position?

So here's how it's going to go down.

One cop comes within 20 feet
of this place,

and Harvey, although I love him,
will eat a bullet.

- You had to come back, didn't you?
- Like a bad penny.

Now where were we?

Fish, you got to give it up,
you're surrounded.

- You got nowhere to go!
- Shut up, Harvey.

What's going on? How's Bullock?

Listen up!

I want you to create a full perimeter.

Snipers on every corner.
Mooney does not make it out of this.


- Yes, sir.
- Now go.

- Captain.
- What?

- You cannot just leave him in there.
- You think that's what I'm doing?

I'm just not charging
through the front door so he gets killed.

And I'll remind you,
you are no longer a police officer.

Get in my way, and I'll have you arrested.

Oh, no, not the press.

Keep the press back. Keep them back.

We are standing outside the
mansion as preliminary reports

are that wanted
Indian Hill escapee Fish Mooney

has barricaded herself inside
and is holding a hostage.

This is it, Butch.

She's finally cornered.

Like a rat.

Yeah, but what are you gonna do?

The cops are already there.

The GCPD is not Gotham.

Gotham listens to me.

It's time to round up our friends.

Believe me,
if I could fix you, I would.

I think of you as one of my own children.

But I can't.

So what am I supposed to do?

Give up?

Do you not understand what you are?

What you represent?

You are the first of a new generation.

A new Eve.

You know, I owned a club once.

Ran protection on the side.

Every first of the month,
people would pay me.

Every once in a while, someone would
come up short and they'd say,

"Mooney, I don't have the money."

"Mooney, I need more time."

And they'd cry and cry.

And then I discovered
that when I squeezed them,

and squeezed them,

and squeezed them,

they always had more.

You are going to fix me...

Or I swear to God, I will make you

pray for your death.


- What are the cops doing now?
- It's not the cops.

What the hell is this?

Cordon off this entire area.
No one gets near the house.

Cobblepot, what the hell
are you doing here?

What you have proven to be incapable of,
time and time again.

This is a GCPD operation.

I am ordering you and
this mob to disperse.

- Immediately.
- Fat chance.

I will not let those
monsters escape again.

- Fish Mooney dies tonight!
- Yeah!

"BARNES". Damn it, Cobblepot.

One of my detectives is inside.

This is the last time I'm gonna ask.
Back up!

You've had your chance, Barnes.

Now it's my turn.

Who's with me?

Stay back!

You killed a lot of our friends, Gordon.

A lot of your friends had it coming.

So do you.

That's enough.

Bring him in.

Kill them now!

Everyone stay back.

Jim, what the hell are you doing here?

Saving you, I thought that was obvious.

Oh, yeah. Totally. Thank you.

Why are you here, Gordon?

Did your little cop friend send you
to get me to turn myself in?

'Cause that's not going to happen.

I'm here on my own.

- I only want Bullock.
- Really?

You'd risk your life
for this broken down old thing?


- He'd do the same for me.
- I would, it's true.

Well, you've helped me,

'cause now I have two hostages.

Barnes won't see it that way.

Hell, you kill me,
he'll probably thank you.

I've been nothing
but a pain in the ass to him.

Also true.

Then you better...

Give me one good reason...

Why I shouldn't have my friends kill you.

Because I can get you out of here.

And exactly how do you plan to do that,

considering this whole
place is surrounded?

That's my problem.

I get you out of here,
you give me Bullock.

That's the deal.

I get this one.

- Wait a second...
- Deal

You have two minutes.

Jim, you just keep surprising me.

Shut up. How'd you like to
have Fish all to yourself?

Don't tease.

She'll be in the woods behind
the mansion in five minutes.

All you have to do is one thing.

Name it.

Cobblepot, get this crowd to disperse,

or I'll make them disperse.
And there will be bloodshed.


People of Gotham!

The time for action is now!

Kill the monsters!

Kill them now!

We need all units to the front
of the house immediately!

Get back, now! Stop!

The mob's broken through the front,
but the back is clear.

We can make it to the woods.

Time to go.
You two hold 'em off as long as you can.

And, Harvey, no hard feelings.

Fish, screw you.

Fair enough.

- Jim, you can't let her take me.
- Good-bye, Professor.

She's going to kill me.

She's gonna kill me!

Stop! Stop!

Search that.


That's better.

Just old friends.

- Oswald...
- Don't call me that!

My name is Penguin.

Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?

How long I've waited for this very moment?

Mr. Cobblepot...

- Quiet!
- So this is it?

I spare your life,

and you shoot me dead in
the woods like an animal?

Pretty much, yes.

But I Will admit,

that night under the
bridge stayed with me.

- Why?
- Why what?

Why didn't you kill me?

I have gone over that night 1,000 times,
and it doesn't make any sense.

Why didn't you kill me?

I would've killed you in an instant.

- Answer me!
- Because you're mine.

You were my umbrella boy, remember?

You rubbed my feet

when they were tired.

And now look at you,

the terror of Gotham.

Everything I've done in my life,

possibly the best thing...

Was turning

Oswald Cobblepot into...

"The Penguin."

I couldn't destroy that.

Ask him.

He understands

what it is to bring something into being.

It is a part of you.


Good-bye, Fish.

Don't come back.

We got 'em. We got 'em.

Got some more fuel for the fire!

Show them now.

Monsters burn!

Monsters burn!

Monsters burn!

Monsters burn!

Penguin! Penguin!

Penguin! Penguin!

Penguin! Penguin!

Penguin! Penguin!


Tell Barnes something, would you?

I'm going home.

Next time,

remember to water.

Well, I, for one,
am personally very glad not to be staring

at those bloody box files and
that flaming bulletin board,

tramping down those
stairs to that dank cave.

It does leave one question
unanswered though,

doesn't it, Master Bruce?

What's that?

Well, you know, with all this
spare time on your hands,

how are you gonna fill it?

Well, I imagine you have some ideas.

I do.

Dancing lessons.

Dancing lessons?

That's right. I mean, a man
of your station should be able

to guide gracefully a beautiful young girl
across a dance floor, don't you think?

And I suppose that you're gonna
be teaching me these lessons?

Why, I certainly could. You
know, I was quite well regarded as a...

Bit of a dancer in my day, actually.

Were you?

But I think I'll leave
that particular ordeal

to someone more qualified.


Step out... Slowly.

Who are you?

Oh, my word.

Please don't hurt me.

You don't quit, do you?

I came by to let you know
that tomorrow's paper

is gonna lay out Bullock's
story of how Fish got away.

How she just vanished
while you two were escaping.

Great. Can't wait to read about it.

And it's a load of crap.

You want to know what I think?

I got the feeling you're
gonna tell me either way.

I think you made a deal with Fish.

You let her escape with Strange
in exchange for Bullock's life.

And how would I manage that?

I saw Penguin get a call
before the riot started.

When the mob attacked,

Barnes ordered all the cops to the front.

And that's when Fish slipped
into the woods with Strange.

By that logic, Penguin helped Fish escape.

- Why would he do that?
- 'Cause he wanted Fish all to himself.

I mean, that is what you offered him,
wasn't it?

You promised to help Fish escape,

but you did it by double-crossing her
and delivering her to Penguin.

If that were so,
I'd be a millionaire by now.

Except Fish isn't dead.

Penguin would've dragged her
in front of the mob if she was.

So what happened in the woods?

I don't know.

I do know

that you're gonna have a hard
time collecting all that cash.

'Course, that wasn't why
you did any of this, was it?

Who the hell are you, Jim Gordon?

- Wait...
- Shut up for once.