Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Wrath of the Villains: Transference - full transcript

While Gordon, Bruce and Lucius remain at Indian Hill, the city of Gotham will be met with a new threat as Hugo Stranges inmates devise a plan to escape and start their new lives in Gotham.

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Previously on Gotham...

We're onto you,
Professor Strange.

Bad guys come in.

Monsters come out.

I am Firefly.


Hugo Strange has Selina.

You remember your name?

My name is Fish Mooney.

Make me
a grilled cheese sandwich.

You made me a sandwich.

I don't know.

And how exactly do you
plan on getting into Arkham?

I'll ask for a tour.
From the man

that ordered the assassination
of your father?

He'll want to find out
what we know.

And we won't see me and Lucius
as a threat.

I call Bullock, he comes busting
in with a hundred cops.

Take them.

Move everything you can
to the facility upstate.

You have an explosive device,
use it.

Destroy Indian Hill.

Basil is a chameleon of sorts.

Would you like to see?

You son of a bitch!

I'm Jim Gordon.

Right, go get our guys.

(sirens wailing)

(radio chirps)

No sign of Gordon.

How long do you want us to wait?

Give him ten seconds.

If you don't see Jim, bust
that joint open and find him.

Ready, entry team.
We go on one.


Cover me.

(rapid beeping)

Go! Go!

Four, three,


Stand down!

Stand down, Officers.


Stand down.

All clear.
Stand down! Stand down!

"All clear"?

Sorry to waste your time, hoss.

How about a ride to HQ?

Sure thing, Jim.

You okay?

You look kind of hinky.

Never better.

Strange! Strange!


Strange, you son of a bitch!

Come back here!


you're really doing this?

Not my call.

Prepare the patients
for transport

to the upstate facility.

If even one of your patients
were to escape--
They won't.

The police won't be
delayed much longer.

Prepare the patients
and move fast.

As soon as we're done
with Gordon and Wayne,

we will detonate the bomb.

Yes, sir.


quiz kids,

who's ready to play

Life or Death?

Sir, Mr. Nygma.

You are Nygma, aren't you?

This is absurd.

The police know we're here.
You can't kill us!

Are you ready to play?!



You have one guess.

Five minutes to talk it over.

Who runs Indian Hill?

Who runs Indian Hill?

You have one guess.

Think carefully, fellas.

Answer correctly...

(whispering): or die.


(lock buzzes)


What is that?

Honesty serum.

I need to know
what you know.



So, how do you feel now?

Not good.

Can you be
more specific?

I feel vulnerable.


Your feelings are

entirely natural
and normal.

There is nothing
to be ashamed of.

You are in a helpless situation.

There is nothing

you can do.

Do you understand that?




What can you do?

James, what can you do?

Made a plan.

Tell me your plan.

If I don't check in
with the GCPD by noon,

tell them I'm safe,

they'll come after you.


Yes, I know.

You did check in
with the GCPD.

Nobody's coming.

You can relax.

(indistinct chatter)




Strange is clean?

What the hell happened?

Dead end.

"Dead end"?

What are you talking
about, "dead end"?

He's connected.

So is my mechanic.
Who isn't?

Connected to people
we can't cross.

What people?

You don't want to know.

Trust me.

You feeling
all right?

You look like a sack of fish.

A little flu, maybe.

Oh. Well, then
keep your distance.

I'm getting laid this weekend,
fingers crossed.


You have 60 seconds left.

Who runs Indian Hill?

I say Hugo Strange.


Wayne Enterprises
runs Indian Hill.

That's surmise.
Why would he ask
that question

if the answer was obvious?

He wants to know what we know.

What we think we know.
Which is

Wayne Enterprises.

Is that your answer?
Running out of time here.



Wayne Enterprises
runs Indian Hill.

Bravo, Brucie.

You're almost safe.

Just one more question.

You ready?

You have five minutes,
quiz kids.

Answer correctly or die.

Wayne Enterprises runs
Indian Hill, but who runs

Wayne Enterprises?

(screeching, roaring)

Move 'em out
in order of security grades.

Lowest risk first.

Tranq 'em, immobilize them,
and put them on the bus.

And do it fast but very,

very carefully.

Security is
our number one


Yes, ma'am.

Hey, lady.

Busy day, busy day.

We'll get to you, Number 13.

Your mama may be Number 13,

but I'm
a human being.

Fish Mooney, bitch.

Here you're
Re-Animant Test Case Number 13,

and I'm Ms. Peabody.

And you'd best not talk
about my mama.

Ms. Peabody,

I apologize.

I'm a bit stressed.

I don't like
being locked up.

It's against my nature.

I understand.
I do.

But you are a priceless

scientific miracle.

You are history.

Seclusion is regrettable

but inevitable.

Look, I've been here before.

All you mad scientists say
the same kind of stuff.

I don't care.

Let me go.

Sorry, 13.

Let's go.

You're messing
with the wrong woman!

You hear me?

The wrong woman!

(radio static)

(opera playing)


A little too central, maybe.

You don't want one piece
to overpower the room.

Try over there.

You're absolutely right.

See? I told you
she'd be useful.

Isn't that better?

Interior design ain't my thing.

News on the hour with WTGC.

Police sources say that reports
of an impending raid

on Arkham Insane Asylum
and its controversial chief,

Professor Hugo Strange,
are inaccurate.

Despite the disclaimers,

of police activity
around the troubled facility

have fueled rumors
that arrests are imminent...


How interesting.

(crows cawing)

Answer quickly, please, Jim.

Without thinking.
Who did

you love more,
your mother or your father?



I resented my father's strength.

I see. Yes.

And when he died...

Yes. did you feel?


For a car crash? Why?

It was not your fault.

I imagined he was gone.
And then he was.

You lost a child recently.


How does that make you feel?


Guilt again.

You blame yourself?

It was my fault.

Oh. Oh, I see.
I didn't know that.

And what happened to the mother?

Lee, was it?

down south somewhere.

You still love her?


You want to be with her?


Why aren't you with her?

I've put her
through enough pain.

Jim, I need you
to relax.

Close your eyes.

Imagine that I am God.


I am God,

and I absolve you

of all of your guilt.

I put that guilt on you,

and now...

I take it away.

It's gone.

Your burdens are gone.

So how do you feel?




Good, good.


now that we're relaxed

and speaking
honestly, tell me:

what do you know about our work
here at Indian Hill?

You're building monsters
for military use.

Oh, we're doing much more
than that, but for who?

Who owns Indian Hill?

Wayne Enterprises.

And who controls
Wayne Enterprises

behind the scenes?

Who controls

everything in Gotham...

behind the scenes?

I don't know.

The rich?

Oh, they are rich, I'm sure.

But can you be more specific?

Who controls Gotham, Jim?

♪ ♪

You've never heard of a...

...secret council?

Secret council?




Thank you.

That's what I needed to know.

Professor Strange?

Yes, Jim?

What you said
about Lee.

I should have gone after her.

Oh, no doubt.

Guilt has compelled you

to sacrifice your heart
to your conscience.

But guilt

is useless.

Love, Jim.

Love is our guide.

(rapid beeping)


Time's up, I'm afraid.

In the spirit of
intimacy and honesty,

I have been speaking
about your life

as if it had a future.


that is not so.

♪ ♪

You have a few hours.

You have

30 seconds left.

Who runs Wayne Enterprises?

LUCIUS: Oh, the
devil, maybe.

Is that the deal?
Communists? Witches?

BRUCE: No. There's some truth
behind this question.

Some big secret.

I've worked for Wayne
Enterprises for ten years--

there is no big secret.

The board of directors
runs Wayne Enterprises.

15 seconds.

BRUCE: That can't be
the answer, Lucius.

(clock ticking)

NYGMA (singsongy):
Ten seconds.

Give us more time!

Five seconds!

The board of directors.

(ticking continues)

(ticking stops)


Oh, what a shame.

The correct answer is...


Sorry, fellas. You lose.

And what happens to losers?


Death by poison gas!
(gas hissing)

(Nygma laughing)

(laughing continues)

(laughing continues)

♪ ♪

(laughing continues)


(body thumps)

(quiet choking)

(distorted, heavy breathing)

(amplified heartbeat)

(gun clicks)

(distorted gunshot)

(muted, distorted yell)

(Lucius groans)





Are we alive?

So far, so good.

Had to be sure--
I thought we were dead.

Wow, that was unpleasant.

How are things
going for you?

We've had
a hell of a time.

The same.

You okay?

I'm a little groggy.

He drugged me.

Made me talk.

About Wayne Enterprises, right?

About everything.


I never should have made
that oath to you.

That's not really...
I was arrogant

and naive...

and I'm sorry.

I've tried to do
the right thing, but...

what a fool I've been.


what kind of drugs
did they give you?

Well done, Ed.
I'm impressed.

You are a shaman
of sorts.

A witch doctor.
So, just between us,

who does run Wayne Enterprises?

I could tell you,
but then...

I would have
to lobotomize you.



So, moving forward, sir,
I would be more than happy

to help you with any
of your other cases.

You would be a wonderful
addition to my staff, Ed,

a wonderful addition,
if you were only sane.

No, seriously...
Yes, seriously.

You have been very useful,
and we arrogant physicians

have much to learn
from a madman

like you.

But not that much.

NYGMA: No! No,
no, no, no!

You will not treat me
like a crazy person!


Madam, I bring good news.

Gordon and Wayne and Fox know
nothing but mundanities.

They have told no one the truth,

because they have
none of the truth.

(indistinct conversation)

Our secret is safe.

Kill them all, then continue

with the evacuation
of your test subjects.

Yes, madam.

The destruction of Indian Hill
may proceed as scheduled.

Releasing Galavan was
a grave error on your part.

No more of your patients
will see the light of day

under any circumstances,

at any cost.

I understand, madam.

These people to whom
Strange is connected,

they must be pretty heavy,
huh, to make you back off.

Oh, they're heavy.

I don't want
anything dangerous.

I just like being titillated.

you don't wanna know.
Remember the time

you called me from the hospital

when you had Falcone
on the gurney,

and the whole town
and their uncle

were looking to
kill you both?

How could I forget?
Remember what I said

to you on the phone?

Remember what I said?

I forget.

That's funny.

ALFRED: Gordon, you're back.
What happened?

Where's Master Bruce?
Where's Lucius?

Where are they?!

Have you seen them?

Hey, Alfred, take it easy.

Where are they?



Master Bruce
and Lucius are, uh,

headed back to Wayne Manor.

Yeah, well, that's a load of hot
tosh for starters, isn't it?

I've just come back
from there.
What can I tell ya?

Maybe they...
stopped to get a snack.

So, what about Strange?

It's complicated.

Well, go on, then! What?!

Complicated police business!

He's got a touch of the flu.

(birds cawing)

(lock buzzes, door opens)

(rifle clicks)


How you doing?

Middling. What's your deal?


They're gonna blow
this dump sky-high

and the whole circus
is moving upstate.


Soon. Like, an hour.

Can you escape?

Firefly thinks I'm her sidekick,
so I got trusty status.

Then please do so. Get out
of here and call the police.

I'll do what I like.
I led you

into this mess--
I was self-righteous

and arrogant and manipulative.

I used you, and I'm sorry.
Like you can use me.

I got you wrapped
around my pinky.

Always have.

Be that as it may...

if you can escape, do it.

(scoffs softly)

As if.

(door opens)

What'd she say?

She'll do what she likes.

(door closes)

And there's a bomb.

(lock buzzes, door opens)

(snarling, growling)

(hacking cough in distance)

(steady beeping)

(echoing scream)

(door opens)

Hello, number 13.

Stay calm.

No one's going to hurt you.

It's time to go
on a trip.

Give me your right arm.

Say my name.

Fish Mooney.

That's right.

What's your name?

Ethel Peabody.


you seem sad

and anxious.
(exhales): Huh...

You got that right.
You let me out

of here...

and I'll be your friend.

(alarm buzzing)

Oh, no, no,

no, no, no,

no, no, no.

Ms. Peabody,

what are you doing?

What she says.


I don't know.

Miss Mooney,

you have special talents.

Some form of psychotropic

chemical agent
on your skin, I imagine.

You're marvelous.

Yes, truly marvelous.

Always was.


Would love to chat about me,
but we have a bus to catch.

Ah, no, Miss Mooney,

if you and the others
on that bus

were to appear in public,

it would cause a revolution,
an apocalypse.

I simply can't allow you
to just walk out of here.

Watch me.

Oh, please, don't go.

Please, you're
breaking my heart.

I love you like
my own daughter.

No one could

love you more,

but I will have to kill you
before I let you go.

Please, choose


You would have
made a great pimp.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no!

Bring him back.


I order you

to stop...




You hear me?

(Peabody groans)


Security systems activated.

Security systems activated.

(lock buzzing)



Tried calling about
a thousand times.

Still no answer.

Strange has him, I'm positive.

Holy crap,

are you still here?
I told you

a thousand times

Strange is clean.

You in charge of that, are you?

It's strange, though, isn't it?

I mean,

strange they're MIA.

Ha, that's funny.


You know,
maybe I should send

the strike force
back into Arkham,

have a little look see.
No, no, no.

You don't want to do that.

Bad idea. Trust me.

That's a terrible idea.

How long you known me?

All right,

if you're good,
I guess I'm good.

I don't know who's
got to you, Gordon,

but you're just, just...


Hey, Alfred.

Miss Kean.

How's the butling business?

To what do we owe the...

Jimmy, my love,

I'm sure you're
ever so busy,

but could we have
a word in private?

You bet.

Well, you look terrible.

Gee, thanks, Barbara.

You look pretty good.


Question: what the hell
is going on down at Arkham?

Two questions back at you,

Why you asking, and, uh,
what's in it for me?

I'm asking

because a dear friend of mine

wants to know the answer,

and what would you like
to be in it for you?

Hey, spring is here, baby.

So, now you like me again?

What's not to like?

So, you've forgotten about Lee.


Lee Thompkins.

Nah, screw that ho.

Water under the bridge.

You're not Jim.

Say what now?

You're not Jim!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on there, woman.

Holy mother of saints.


Kill the captives.
We have to go.

Whoa, whoa, where are we going?
What's the hurry?


Freeze, get it done.

Jeez, relax.

What's with him?


Quiet yourself.

Why do you have to

kill them?

Why are you so mean?

I knew I shouldn't
have spared you.

Freeze, kill her.

Wait a minute!

I'm sorry, Firefly.

I told you she was
an experiment.

But she's my friend.
I need her.

We don't have
time for this.

Please, don't
let him hurt me.


...please, help me.

Don't you dare.

Out of the way, sparky.

Make me.

Firefly, no.


What now?

(distant rumbling)

Sounds like warfare.

What's going on?

Simple psychology.

Been waiting for
the right moment.

You coming or what?

15 minutes to detonation.

15 minutes to detonation.

(Strange groaning)



Wake up.



(bomb beeping)

Alpha and Charlie
squads to Arkham.

Bravo and Delta
to Indian Hill.


Hey, Penguin, so it
turns out our Mr. Strange

is a very bad man.

The police are on to him now.

They figure he's planning
to run, but he won't.

Thanks to me.

Thank you, Barbara.

You have pleased me.

Saddle up, Butch,

we've got
an old friend to catch.

Wake up, Strange.

I know you're in there.

Wake up!

Oh, Gordon.

I surmise my plan
must have gone awry.

You could say.
I'm gonna stand you up now,

and you're gonna give us a tour
of your secret lab.


You don't have a choice.


It's this way, right?

No, we can't go down there.
I set a bomb.

The lab is
going to blow up.

We have to get
out of here!

In ten minutes,

everything within a quarter mile
radius will be dust.

That's madness.

If you want to live--

which I do, frankly--
we had better leave.

We detected

a radioactive material
down there.

You got it out first, right?

There wasn't enough time.

They forced my hand,

but I calculated

the chances of a radioactive
cloud is fairly low.

If you're wrong,
thousands of people could die.

Yes, yes, yes,

but paying that
price will be better

than releasing
what's down there.

How do we
shut it down?
The security

walls are up.
The lab is sealed.

There must be some way in.

We have to go!

We have to leave now!

Tell me how to get that
bomb and shut it off

or I'll batter you
to death right here!

In which case,

young man,

I suppose I will
just have to die.

Wait, Nygma knows
a way down there.

Could use some help.


You two,

you've got nine minutes.

Get as far away
from here as you can.

Go, go! Lucius,

this way.

Yes, of course,
I know how,

but what is
with all the hoo-ha?

What is the rush here?

Just do it.

What do I get if I do it?

You get to live.

Fair enough.

Security system is deactivated.

(elevator bell dings)

Security system is deactivated.

You any good
at defusing bombs?

I don't know yet.



Two minutes to detonation.

Two minutes

to detonation.

(bomb beeping)

Oh, my.

Got any ideas?

You got a knife?


OFFICER: We're on a rush to
Arkham for patient evacuation.

We got bomb squad in set.

(sirens wailing)

What now?

You're asking me?

How about if we just, uh,

pull all this stuff off.

See what happens.

There's no cutoff program,

maybe there's no
tamper-proofing program.






Need water.


What's going on? Hello?

45 seconds.

15 seconds.

(alarm buzzing)

(power winding down)

(Peabody groaning)


I need water.


I need water.

(tires squealing)

(sirens wailing)




Hello! Guys!

What's going on?



Where are my people?

Where are my people?

Y-you don't understand.

We have to find my people.

There will be...

There will be consequences.


You heroic son of a bitch.

A nuclear bomb, huh?

You'll never guess
what took us so long.


Whatever was down there,

Whoever was down
there at Indian Hill,

they're not there anymore.

Couple of squad cars
are in pursuit of a bus

that left
the Indian Hills compound.

That's got to be them.

That bus cannot get away.

(sirens wailing)

POLICE OFFICER (over radio):
This is Unit 12.

In pursuit of Arkham bus

heading south along the D Line.

...Unit 12.

We'll pick 'em up
at the next block.

Get ready.

Don't have much space here.

(siren wailing)

It's in civilian traffic ahead.
He's blocked in.

(man screams, tires squealing) the cross street.

Nothing. I'll check up ahead.

Car 32 to Captain Bullock.
Heading east toward Pettsburg.

Damn, damn, damn.

What's on that bus, Jim?

Tell me what's on the bus?


Come on. Monsters?

Hugo Strange
would rather destroy

half the city
than let them out.

And now they're out.

Code Red.

Code Red. All units
Pettsburg Highway.

All units be on the lookout

for the Indian Hill bus
on Pettsburg Highway.

OFFICER: Captain Bullock,
I've got eyes on the bus.

Under the
South Burnside Expressway.

Well, then stop the damn thing.

Don't let it get away.

(engines revving)

Come to mama.

(tires squealing)


Professor Strange!

Professor Strange.

Come out.

Strange. We need to talk.

You did a very bad thing to me.

And now you're going to pay.






is impossible.


(henchmen clamoring)



This city's in deep trouble
if we don't find that bus.

So let's find it.

Yes, sir.

I want squadrons of 20
in these quadrants here.

I want choppers in the air,

and I want tac units
on all the East Side bridges.


I have to go.

I might not see you for a while,

but I'll try to stay in touch.

Where are you going?

I have to find Lee.

Right move, mate.

Do me a favor.

Say good-bye
to Bullock for me.

I don't really want
the whole Celtic farewell.

He's gonna
have his hands full,

but I think he can handle it.

Will do.


Girls like chocolates.

I'll keep that in mind.

Well, there's a man who's
got his priorities straight.

The love of a good woman
and all that.


I hope you learned
your lesson, Master Bruce.

And that's the end of your
adventures with the police, eh?

There's a secret council,

A secret council
that runs everything in Gotham.

Oh, bloody hell.

It's them that wanted me dead.

We're so close, Alfred,
we're so close

to the ultimate truth.

Oh, bloody hell.

Hey, don't look at me.



Jim! Hey.

Hey. Where you going?


We got monsters to find.

And you'll find them.
I have to go.

But this city's in danger.

You got this. I know you do.

And I have
more important things to do.

And Harvey,


You're the boss now.

Maybe get a haircut?

(car door opens, closes)

(engine starts)

That's my car.

That's-that's my car!

Hey! Jim!

(muffled shouting)

Help. Help.

(shouting continues)

Oh, those poor souls.






(growling, snarling)



(monsters cackling)

(moaning continues)

Thank you.