Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles - full transcript

Hugo Strange welcomes a familiar face to Gotham after he resurrects Fish Mooney in Indian Hill. Meanwhile, Bruce discovers a friend is in danger and teams up with Gordon, Alfred and Lucius while uncovering more of his experiments.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

BULLOCK: We got a warrant to search

his office and everything in it.

STRANGE: I'm just not sure
there's much more to see.

We're on to you. Dead people come here,

and monsters come out.

Rule number one:

Look after number one. Don't be crazy,

or you'll get yourself killed.

It's nice to have someone
who cares about me.

Thank you.

NYGMA: Why do they keep
disappearing down that hallway?

Oh, my...

LUCIUS: Look at the man
next to your father.

BRUCE: Hugo Strange. "The Philosopher."

A friend. Someone he trusted.

That's not fair.

That's not right.

BRUCE: Have you seen the news?

SELINA: Walking zombies in Gotham?

What's new?

Victor Fries and Theo Galavan
both went to Arkham as dead men.

- Both returned.
- I don't care.

So did your friend Bridgit.

Bridgit Pike!

SELINA: Wait... they sent her to Arkham?

BRUCE: The only way we're
ever going to find out

what's really going on in there
is if we break in ourselves.

SELINA: But I go alone.

- Whoa.
- Holy crap!

- Forensic guy?
- Street trash girl?

Where is Strange right now?

NYGMA: There's an elevator.

I'll tell you where it is.


(electrical crackling)

(gags, coughs)

Ah! Ah!


- (laughing)
- Freeze!

(fierce barking)

- Bridgit?
- My name's...


The sooner you stop moving,

the sooner this will be over.


No thanks.

FIREFLY: You can't escape.


STRANGE (over speaker):
Enjoy yourself, Firefly.

You should feel honored.

You are a sacrifice

to the Goddess of Fire.

It's a blessing you receive.

- (blow thuds)
- (grunts)

(panting): Man, Bridgit...

someone sure scrambled your eggs.

(distant sirens wailing)

(boat horn blowing, car horns blowing)

(pigeons cooing)

You're late, Selina.

I was starting to get worried.

I'm not late; I'm exactly
where I'm supposed to be.

- Have you seen Selina?
- No.


you're back to being a rich kid, huh?

Why does your face look like that?


She's in trouble and it's my fault.

(helicopter whirring,
horns honking and beeping)

Regarding last night's
nocturnal activities,

a suspect calling himself Azrael

led a one-man assault upon Wayne Manor,

whereupon an altercation

ensued in which said suspect

was blown up by a person

or persons unknown.

So he's dead. Any questions?

Can you confirm that
the man known as Azrael

was in fact disgraced Mayor Galavan?

Well, seeing as how the
suspect is now meat dust,

a positive identification
would be difficult.

How long are you Acting Captain?

Until, literally, the second
someone else wants the job.

- Who killed Galavan?
- Which time?

Man! Give me Azrael, Galavan,

or whoever the hell he was,
over those jackals any day.

You need to bring in Hugo Strange.

Oh, yeah?

On what charge?

- Since when do you care?
- Since I became

Acting Captain, the GCPD,

and the whole damn city's
got me under a microscope.

Besides which, we've
been down this road.

Strange is smart. He'll
have covered his tracks.

It's pointless going into Arkham

unless we know what we're looking for.

We can't get that unless we go in there.

I hear you, brother,
but my hands are tied.

Yeah? Well, mine aren't.

Well, enjoy it, 'cause
that's a luxury I don't have.

BRUCE: Detective Gordon.

- I was hoping you'd be here.
- Bruce,

you've got to stop calling me detective.

What is it?


Hugo Strange has Selina.

Regarding last night's
nocturnal activities,

the suspect, calling himself Azrael...

... lead a one-man assault
upon Wayne Manor...

whereupon an altercation
ensued, upon which...

(phone line rings)

MAN: Yes?

Strange is losing control.

We need to gather the court.

Yes, ma'am.

(distant boat horn blowing, bird cawing)

(electrical buzzing,
crackling, man grunting)

- (monitor beeping)
- NURSE: We have a heartbeat.

He's waking up.

(monitor beep steadies and continues)





Look at me.

Good morning, son.

You're all right. I'm here.

Can you tell me who you are?

Can you tell me...

your name?

Who am I?

What is my name?


(laughing): Yeah.

STRANGE: Amazing.


The octopod DNA we
introduced provides exactly

the effect I was looking for.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Rest now, son.

I'll return momentarily

to tell you who you are.

What happened to me?

That's the seventh subject

you've woken up in the past 12 hours.

I assume he, like the others,

has no memory of his previous life.

Yes, perhaps the trauma of
rebirth is simply too much

for the human mind to process.

- You're not worried.
- Should I be?

Professor, our employers
are going to shut us down.

- You must know this.
- What I know

is what we've accomplished.

We've woken the dead.

And yet, none have returned
with their memory intact.

A tedious point.

What's more preferable
than giving them personas

that we design and control?

An argument lost on our employers,

who care about one thing
and one thing only.

You cannot order scientific discoveries

the way you order a steak, Ethel.


let's try Subject 13, shall we?

ALFRED: How could you
do this, Master Bruce?

I strictly forbid you

from involving that
little girl, didn't I?

I know... but Selina's
always handled herself.

I-I was sure. But you
were wrong, weren't you?

It's different if you choose to be
involved in something like this,

but you actively involved Selina Kyle.

You put your own concerns in
front of that girl's safety.

You're bang out of order.

I'm... I'm really disappointed
in you, Master Bruce.

You're sure she's still there?


She wouldn't have missed
our meeting otherwise.

Strange must be holding
her prisoner in Arkham.

Only I doubt she's in Arkham.

I'll wager Strange has
her in the secret lab

where he created Azrael.

But Strange runs Arkham.
He's seen there every day.

The lab must be accessed through Arkham.

You're thinking it's underground.

It has to be.

There must be stairs, an elevator,

ventilation shafts.

I just don't know how to find them.

I may have a solution.

The technology Strange is
using to create these monsters

must be very advanced.

My guess is, he's using
plutonium isotopes

to mutate cell structure.

If so, there'll be trace radiation.

At Wayne Enterprises,

I developed a miniature Geiger counter

for battlefield use.

Get me into Arkham and I'll find

the entrance to that lab.

Wayne Foundation

gives the asylum money every year.

I'll ask for a tour.

From the man that ordered the
assassination of your father.

He'll want to find out what we know.

And he won't see me
and Lucius as a threat.


Absolutely bloody not.

You're not going to walk
straight into a lion's den.

I can't even go to back you up
with a leg like this, can I?

Alfred, you said yourself,

that it's my fault what
happened to Selina Kyle.

That means it's my
responsibility to make it right.

And I may not be the man

you'd choose as second
in a street fight,

but anything I can do to
protect Bruce, I will.

Still, it's half a plan, isn't it?

I mean, just say that
Lucius can get you in there,

and you find the entrance to
the laboratory, then what?

GORDON: They tell me.

I call Bullock, he comes busting in

with a hundred cops, keeps Strange busy.

I find Selina.

I see.

And how, exactly,

do you plan on getting in?
I mean, these two possibly,

but you... I mean, Strange won't let you

within a bloody mile of the place.

If I can get you inside the gate,

can you manage the rest of the way?

Yeah. I think I can.

STRANGE: The cuttlefish
is a fascinating creature.

Able to regenerate brain cells,

secrete toxins from its skin,

and its DNA meshes so well with human.

I can't wait to see it in action.

Oh, I want to increase
voltage to her cortex... 200%.

Are you certain, sir?

It'll be like she's being
struck by a bolt of lightning.

Well, how much more damage
could we possibly do?

She's dead.

I'll see you when you wake,

my dear.

(both screaming)

I'm so pleased you
two are getting along.

I should warn you, Mr. Nygma,

Mr. Stirk has been known to eat people.

But he's promised to stop
that, haven't you Mr. Stirk?


You have to get me out of here.


PEABODY: Are you asking for a favor?

You should have considered that
before you decided to escape.

(Stirk growling)

How are you going to stop Jim Gordon?


Jim Gordon and the GCPD
have been here twice

- (growling)
- in the last week.

It's obvious that they know.

Obvious they know what?

- Do I really have to say it?
- (growling)

Aah! You're making
monsters in the basement!

I'm hungry!

- Quiet, Stirk.
- (growling)

Monsters in the basement.


You are insane, Mr. Nygma.


Jim Gordon is coming,

and you're going to need all
the help that you can get,

so why don't you go tell Strange

that if he wants to
stop Gordon and the GCPD

then he's going to need my help.


(both screaming)

(maniacal laughter)

(electrical buzzing, crackling)

- (monitor beeping)
- We have a heartbeat.

(inhales, exhales)

DOCTOR: She's awake. She's awake.

Quickly, go get Professor Strange.

Mr. Fox is pulling up out front.

I told Gordon if I don't

hear from you within an hour,

I'm going to go straight to Bullock.

I have to do this, Alfred.

- I don't have a choice.
- Of course you got a choice.

In the same way I can choose
to let you go with my blessing

and tell you to bring that
little girl home safe,

or I can tell you right now,

I can stick you on an airplane

and fly you somewhere very far away.

- You can't.
- Don't be such a donker.

Course I can.

But I won't.

You see, for the past
two years, Master Bruce,

all I've tried to do is protect you

and keep you safe.

Thinking that's what your father wanted.

But you're not the same boy
he left behind, are you?

So I have to ask myself...

what would Thomas Wayne
do, if he were here?

Your father took
responsibility for his actions.

He fought very hard for
what he believed in.

And I will not stop you
from doing the same thing.


off you go.

Gordon and Mr. Fox be waiting for you.

(birds cawing)

Welcome back to the world, my dear.

I imagine you're feeling rather...


Can you tell me who you are?

Do you remember your name?


You are a war goddess.

Your name is Andraste.



My name

is Fish Mooney.

I'm sorry.

Could you please repeat that?

I said, my name is Fish Mooney, bitch.

And you better tell me

what the hell is going on.

(bird cawing)

You're making a mistake
keeping me locked in here.

Do you hear me?

(both laughing)

What allowed her to come back
with her memories intact?

It's too soon to tell.

Perhaps it was the increased voltage.

- Mm.
- Something unique about the cuttlefish DNA

we spliced with her own.

And then again,

she was pulled from that filthy river.

Perhaps a contaminant from the water

altered the process.

Early readings have
detected abnormalities

in her brain functions.

Yes. She may reveal abilities.

The most important thing is
that she knows who she is.

Our masters will be pleased.

We've created the first true reanimant.

Have you made a decision
about Mr. Nygma's offer?

Oh, yes. Let's let him
have a go, shall we?

He was clever enough

to find his way to the basement,

and he does have a point.

He knows Jim Gordon.

(phone ringing)

I'll tell him.

Bruce Wayne is at the
front gate asking for you,

and he has someone from
Wayne Enterprises with him.

Bold move.

I'm more and more
impressed with this boy.

Shall I tell him you're not here?

On the contrary.

I very much want to speak with him.

(indistinct announcement over P.A.)

- (latch clanks)
- MAN (over P.A.): Releasing.

(bird cawing)

Hugo Strange, at your service.

- Lucius Fox.
- Mr. Fox.

And of course, you are...

Bruce Wayne.

I can't tell you what it
means to finally meet you.

Your father was very dear to me.

What happened to him and your mother,

was indeed a great tragedy.

Please accept my condolences,
belated as they may be.

Thank you.

So how can I be of help?

It goes without saying

that the work we do here
would not be possible

without the support of
the Wayne Foundation.

The asylum was a cause
close to my parents' hearts.

As such, I believe it is my duty

to see how their money is being spent.

So this is a bit of an inspection?

LUCIUS: Oh, nothing so formal.

We were just hoping for a look around.

We don't normally give tours.

Even to someone who provides

a quarter of your operating budget?

Of course, we can make exceptions.

I'd be happy to be your guide.

Actually, I thought that
you and I could talk,

while Mr. Fox looks
around. He's very discreet.

I see.

You've come armed with a plan.

I'm afraid we can't allow
civilians to wander about,

but perhaps my assistant,

Ms. Peabody, could accompany Mr. Fox.

That's fine. I'll just get my coat.

Mr. Wayne... if you will.

Bruce is going with
Strange to his office,

while I get the tour.

I see anything... I'll
mark it with this.

(whispers): You're clear.

(buzzer sounding twice)

(two beeps)

(buzzes twice)

- This is expired.
- Yeah, I lost my new one.

Keep meaning to have it replaced.

Do it today.

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

(inmates murmuring,
grunting, whimpering)

This is our rec room,

where our inmates work on
their socialization skills.

Who, um, designed the uniforms?

Do you have much training
in mental health, Mr. Fox?

None. None at all.

- (gibbering)
- Shall we continue?

(inmates grunting, giggling)

(click, electronic whine)

(steady, quiet blipping)

Bruce, as much as I value the
opportunity to finally meet you,

perhaps we could address the
real reason for your visit.

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Well, you see, the other day,
James Gordon came to see me.

He asked about a project that
your father and I worked on

a decade ago.

I was led to believe that he
was acting on your behalf.

Is that not why you're here?

After he left the GCPD,

I retained Mr. Gordon to
look into my parents' deaths.

He's been pursuing various leads,

and he doesn't share everything with me.

If he overstepped or
caused some offense,

you have my apologies.

Thank you.

And I can understand
how you want answers.

How difficult it must be to accept

that something so horrific

as the murder of one's own parents,

could be a random and meaningless act.

So you want a reason.

Someone to blame.

In their case, I think
there was someone to blame.

Oh, so do I.


(electronic blipping continuing)

Arkham Asylum has been open

before the days of water cures

and trepanning.

That's boring a hole in the skull

to release bad humors.

We don't do that anymore.

What is that?

Oh, this measures air quality.

Micro particles.

Mr. Wayne is concerned that the patients

are in a healthy environment.

Asthma and whatnot.

You're doing good so far.

I'm so relieved.

This way.

(blipping faster)

(blipping faster; electronic crackling)

(electronic crackling grows louder)

(blipping rapidly, beeping)

(rapid pinging)

- Mr. Fox?
- Yep.


You remind me of him.


You have that same look in your eyes.

- What look is that?
- Certainty.

As a scientist, that's a
luxury that I cannot afford.

No, in science, there
must always be some doubt,

but not with Thomas, no.

Thomas believed in things.

I think what you're referring to is...

moral principles.


Sadly, science and moral absolutes

do not make easy bedfellows.

Oh, the arguments we used to have.

I could never make him listen.

I'm glad to hear that.

Are you?

Haven't you ever imagined a life

that might have been, if your
father hadn't been so certain?

If he had listened?

Then he wouldn't have
been the man he was.


But he wouldn't be dead, either.

Along with your mother.

Are those ideals that your
father cherished so worth it?

Wouldn't you gladly trade
everything you believe

for one more day,

one more hour,

with your parents alive?

So you admit it, then.

You admit what you did.

Here's what I admit, Bruce.

That I was your father's friend.

That I pleaded with him,

as I plead with you now:

Turn back.

Surely you have those
that you care about.

For their sake, as well as your own,

make the choice your father did not.

You have been searching for the
man who killed your parents,

but the answer has always
been right in front of you.

Bruce, your father orphaned you.

His actions fired the
bullet that killed him,

and your mother.

He knew what he was doing,
and he did it anyway.

I'm begging you not to follow his path.

You want to know if I wish
my parents were alive?

Of course.

Would I give anything to have them back?


But my father fought and died

for what he believed was right.

And if necessary...

... so will I.

Take them.

It seems you are your father's son.

I want you to know how
greatly I respect that.

Where's Selina Kyle? What
have you done with her?


They got you locked up good in here.

I'm going to get us
out of here, Bridgit.

Bruce is going to find us and...

we'll get you help.


Where am I?


(screaming and banging in distance)

This isn't an island, is it?

Hey, lady, I just work here.

You want your lunch?

You want to make yourself useful?

Make me a grilled cheese sandwich.

Someone will come looking
for the Wayne boy.


You like him.

He reminds me of Thomas,

whom I miss,

ironic as that might seem.

The boy is a threat. You
know what needs to be done.

You don't have much time.

WOMAN: You have less than you imagine.

Oh, no.

We need a word, Strange.

Of course. How might I be of service?

First the father, now the son.

You have a habit of catching
the eye of the Wayne family.

(laughs) Everything is under control.

So you say.

The fact is, you've lost
sight of your mission.

Sending men with swords into Gotham.

Freaks armed with freeze guns.

There have been missteps, I grant you,

but look at all we've accomplished.

I do not care about your monsters.

What do they have to do with
restoring the dead to life?

Physical regeneration has
always been a necessary part

of bringing back the dead.

I had to resort to any means necessary

to make humans stronger, faster...

Be that as it may,

you have failed at your core objective.

That is not true.

Immortality means returning to life

with one's mind and memories intact,

and you have not.

Oh, but I have.

- When?
- Today.

I brought someone back.


emotion, the soul itself,

back from death.

If you're lying...

I am not.

Can you repeat the process?

If given time,

I believe so.

Very well.

Find out what the Wayne boy
and his companions know.

Move everything you can
to the facility upstate.

Then destroy any
evidence of Indian Hill.

By destroy, you mean...

You have an explosive device. Use it.

Destroy Indian Hill.

What's this?

It's a grilled cheese sandwich.

You made me a sandwich?



I don't know.

You told me to.


I don't know what to do, Bridgit.

It's simple.

You can die.

Drop it.

Don't make me hurt you.

You think you can hurt me?

I am the Goddess of Fire.

You're not the goddess of anything.

You're Bridgit.

We grew up together.

We're friends. When my mom left,

you took me in.

Goddesses don't have friends.

- Says who?
- The Professor.

He told me who I am.

Screw him.

Remember the pigeons?

How we used to feed them?

It's me, Selina. You...

You've got to remember.


Cale flamed up good, but
Joe burned the brightest.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

You fried your brothers.

Not the memory I was hoping
for, but it's something.

You'll burn bright.

I know it.

No. No.

I am Firefly.

Fire cannot touch me.

Oh, crap.

You're the Goddess of Fire, right?


Goddesses have servants and stuff.

Let me be your servant.

Why do I need a servant?

You can't be a goddess
without a servant.

Come on, it's totally part of the story.

The Professor just forgot to tell you.

You've got to have a servant.

I guess that's true.



Oh, man.

Double shifts until I say otherwise,

and I want everyone in a
uniform out on the streets.

ALFRED: Bullock.

Gordon, Master Bruce and
Fox are still in Arkham.

They should be out by
now. They're in trouble.

That son of a bitch!

Jim Gordon, I mean,
he's forcing my hand.

Are you listening to me?

Grab your gun, your badge,

and your bits and your
bobs, and let's go.

Hold on a second, okay?

You're talking about a place
that's built like a fortress.

Chockablock with armed guards.

Now, while we could
send in an assault force

of a pudgy, middle-aged Irish detective

and a recently stabbed Englishman,

I think the acting captain of the GCPD

could do a little better.

Right, go get our guys.

MAN: Bravo team, on me.


Bruce, are you okay?

I'm fine. Where's Gordon?

I haven't seen him.

I'm sorry I got you into this, Lucius.

It seems likely we're
all going to die in here.

Don't say that.

I don't mind dying.

I mind that I got you and Jim Gordon

and Selina Kyle involved.


You are a remarkable young man,

but you didn't force any
of us to do anything.

We chose.

Hugo Strange said that all this time

I've been searching for the
man who killed my parents...

... when really it was my own father.

That he knew what he was doing.

That I am my father's son.

Bruce, your father had
the courage to fight

for what he believed in.

And as long as there's
life, there's hope.

NYGMA: Touching sentiment.

Who are you? Where's Jim Gordon?

Hmm, yeah.

I would urge you to worry
about yourselves right now.

(laughing): Jim Gordon
has his own problems.

GORDON: Strange, you son of a bitch!

Where's Bruce Wayne?
If you've hurt him...

Bruce Wayne is alive.

For now.

Try me,

and that may change.

You won't get away with this.

People know we're here.

They're already on
their way to stop you.

Yes, and I'm afraid I
simply can't allow that.

The work that I'm doing
here is too important

and at too critical a juncture,

but fortunately

a solution has presented itself.


- What are you doing?
- Hold still.

- (muffled grunting)
- The solution is very important.

You mustn't spill a drop.

NYGMA: So here's the situation.

Professor Strange has
tasked me with finding out

how much you two know
about what he's been up to

and, more importantly, who you told.

Show us Jim Gordon and Selina Kyle.

Think you're not quite grasping
the power dynamic here,


As I was saying...

we need to know what you know,

and you're going to tell me,

or poison gas will spew from
the nozzles above your head

and you will both die very...

very painfully.

I know this voice.

He worked for the GCPD.

He had a funny kind of name.

There's nothing funny about my name.

He was the one that framed Jim Gordon.

You always were a smart cookie, Foxy.

You know why Strange gave me this job?

It's because he knows

that I would kill you
both and not bat an eye.

So, keeping that in mind...

... five minutes on the clock.

Starting... now.




(steam hissing)

What the hell was that?

You'll see.

Allow me to introduce Basil.

Basil just woke up this morning.

- Didn't you, son?
- Yep.

He was so confused, poor soul.

He had forgotten who he was

until I reminded him
of his great talent.

You see, Basil is a gifted performer.

A chameleon of sorts.

Would you like to see?

You belong in your own asylum, Strange.

And you, James Gordon,
belong in the past.

The world has moved on.

While you and others like you

were living your sad, normal lives,

I was pushing the
boundaries of evolution.

The future belongs to my children

and that future is here.

(sirens wailing)

MAN: Inbound to Arkham Asylum.

Strike force ready.

NYGMA: Just tell me what you know.



(Strange laughing)

Oh, yes, oh, yes.

The finishing touch.

Introduce yourself, son.

Nice to meet you.

(clears throat)

(quietly): What the hell?

Nice to meet you.

You son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Jim Gordon.