Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Red Hood - full transcript

Following several bank robberies, Gordon and Bullock investigate the Red Hood gang. Meanwhile, Selina bonds with Barbara, Penguin faces problems, Fish tries to reclaim her position, and Alfred is visited by an old friend.

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Previously on Gotham...

Welcome to Wayne Enterprises.

I have some questions

regarding Wayne Enterprises
business affairs.

Where's Jim?

Don Falcone thinks

you don't know
how to run a club.


He'll help you out.

Those people out there
are using us as spare parts.

Unless we do something about it.

can you teach me how to fight?

Yes, I can.

Pretty handy for a valet.

Butler, mate.

I'm the butler.

What the hell is that?

- I made it.
- You made it?

- Yeah.
- So what is it?

Well, it's a hood.

Thought it would, uh,
you know, spice things up.

When did we start wearing hoods?

- We didn't.
- W... Was I supposed to get one?


- Ladies...
- ...and gentlemen!

We are not here
for your money!

We're here
for the bank's money!

So just stay cool!...
and no one will get hurt!

Don't be brave!

Don't be frightened!

Just do what you're told!

This will all be over
quicker than that time

I hooked up with
a cheerleader on prom night!

What are you doing up there?!

Getting 'em fired up.

90 seconds.

Nice and easy,
ladies and gentlemen!

You know,
banks like this one,

who are insured to death,
by the way,

steal from us every single day!

'Bout time a few of us returned
the favor, don't you think?

60 seconds.

You're being great, folks!
Almost done!

40 seconds.


Not a scratch!

Th... Thirty seconds.

Let's get out of here!

You've been great, ladies
and germs, but we got to go!

Did you see that?!

That guy missed me with, like,
six shots!

He was old, nervous.

No, no, no, it's the hood,
I'm telling you.

Damn it. We're cooked.

Attention, citizens of Gotham!

What the hell are you doing?!

There you go, everybody!

Take back what's yours!

Follow me! Come on.

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Well, we'll never know
how much cash was lost,

but I just saw a bum eating
oysters at Madeline's.

Another freak in a mask.

Is that guard blind or wasted?

Clyde refused to wear his glasses.

Said they made him look old.

Missing a man standing 20 feet
in front of you with six shots

makes you look old.

- Who tripped the alarm?
- I did.

Why aren't you out there,

This brazen audacity
cannot be tolerated.

They didn't go for the vault,

just the cash in the registers.

And the crew was in and out
in under two minutes.

The red-hooded man seemed nice.


Ah, he wasn't stealing our money,
just the bank's.

Then he gave a lot of it
back to people in the street. Like...

Robin Hood.

Oh, great.
This bank hires Communists.

Robin Hood stole from the rich
and gave to the poor.

These armed thieves
only threw cash away

to guarantee their escape.

It's very different, ma'am.

The thief... in the back here,

was he always checking
his watch?

Yes. He was counting down.

They knew what our response time was.

They'd done their homework.

Has the alarm been triggered
for any other reason recently?


Well, there was that time
with the smoke bomb.

Smoke bomb?

A week or so ago, a small flare
or firework, or something,

was set off by the Mortgages desk.

It tripped the alarm.

We thought it was just
a kid's prank.

We're gonna need you to find
the surveillance footage

from that incident.

Yes, sir. How can I help you?


Sorry for calling so late.

Forgive me.

Oh my God, mate.
How long's it been?

20 years.

I got picked up by the GCPD
last night

for trying to sleep
under the Westbury Bridge.

- Here, mate.
- Cheers, mate.

One of the officers was a Marine,
back in the day.

So we got to talking.

I told him I was with Her Majesty's
Special Air Service back in the day.

So... he took pity on me.

He says: "Why don't you look up
some of your old regiment?

You know, see if one of the guys
can... help you out."

Well, you know...

Pleased you looked me up, Reg.

If anyone would've told me...

this is where I'd find you,
I wouldn't have believed them.

I like it here.

It's good for me.

I can see that.

I've missed you, mate.

Missed your ugly mug.


What happened, Reggie?

Vanessa died.

11 years ago now.

I just...
couldn't find the energy

to get back out there
after that, you know?

A year later, I lost the house.

Moved back to Gotham.

I've had a few jobs.

Nothing I'm proud of.

It was the drink, Alfie.

It was the drink.


Uh, Master Bruce.

This is, uh, Reginald Payne.

We served together, sir.

Very pleased to meet you, sir.

You were caught in the storm?

Reggie's had a run of bad luck,
Master Bruce.

I... I don't wish to be
a nuisance. I just...

I hadn't seen Alfie
in a very long time.

No... No, I'm glad you
found us, Mr. Payne.

Please, feel free to stay
with us a few days.

That's very kind of you, but...

I insist.


Where are you taking me?

This way, Ms. Mooney.

Who chose these people?

Where'd you get them from?

Sit, please.


There you are, Mr. Red Hood.

Armed robbery perps
dating back ten years.

I took out the dead ones
and the ones in prison.

A "who's who" of scumbags.

They were casing the place
a week before they took it down.

Set off the alarm,
then timed the response.

He looks pretty young.
He might not be in here.

You see that?

No, 'cause you took my glasses.

Right there, underneath his coat.

He's wearing a work shirt.

"Kleg's Auto."


"The Red Hood Gang"!

It's got a ring to it.

- No, it doesn't.
- See those people?

They loved me.

They loved the money
you threw at 'em.

Thanks for that, by the way.

Shall we take it out of your share?

You guys don't get it!

We're not just five mooks
with shotguns anymore.

We're the Red Hood Gang!

Taking from the rich
and giving back to the poor.

Mark my words,

the people in this town,
they're gonna get me.

- Us.
- Will you shut up?

All that prancing around
could have gotten us killed.

You're wrong. That guard,
he was 20 feet away from me!

Not one shot got close.


He looked re... real nervous.

It's the hood!

It's good luck,
I'm telling ya!

I feel like a totally
different person with it on.

Eh, sit down, will ya?
We need to go over tomorrow's score.

Nah, this sets us apart.

It's a piece of cloth...,
two holes cut out of it.

It's a symbol!

Whoever wears the hood
should lead!

He's right.

Any objections?


you're the one causing
all of the fuss.

The one with the knife now.

This is your facility?

I manage it, yes.

But do you own it?

The doctor owns it.

Where are you going?

Back to the basement.
We're done here.

Ms. Mooney...

Take a seat.

I will talk to the doctor
and the doctor only.

He's away on a consultation
in Gotham.

Then call me when he returns.

He expressly... asked me...
to attend to your demands.

His name.

I'm sorry?

The doctor, his name!


You tell Dr. Dulmacher...
that the basement is mine.

No one will leave
unless I say so.

It will remain that way

until he sits with me...
and negotiates terms.


you and I got off
on the wrong foot, Ms. Mooney.

When was the last time
you had a shower?

A new set of clothes?

Take Ms. Mooney
to my private bathroom,

and then pick up some fresh clothes
for her from storage.

Freshen up.

Come back to me.

And then perhaps
we'll talk some more.

So the mortician says
to the waitress...

No, the waitress says
to the mortician:

"He was always stiff!"

That's it. Let's go.

Wait. No.

Have a good night.
See you next week, sir. Okay.

- It's fine. We got, uh...
- Check, please.

Oh yeah. No, no, no.


Oh. Uh...

What's wrong?

Ah, Mr. Penguin. I mean,
the Penguin. I mean...

- I'm...
- What is it?

We're out of booze.

What? Hello? Behind you,
there's a wall of booze.

Just colored water, sir.
Always has been.

We keep the real stuff
down here, but we're out.

- So, duh, order more.
- We did.

It's just that...

It's Maroni's booze.

And he's a little grumpy with you
these days.

He was hardly a fan of Fish, either.

Why did he sell her booze?

Business is business.

But he hates you with a passion.

- But... he can't kill you, so...
- That's...

This is ridiculous. There's a thousand
places to buy booze.

That's where it gets complicated.

See, Maroni, he supplies
this whole side of town.

No one would dare cross him
to help you.


Get outta here!

Thank you. Bye. Sorry.

You're not funny.

You must take great pleasure
watching me fail.

On the contrary.

I was with Fish...

when we took this place off
a Chinese bookie nine years ago.

It was used for cock fighting.

Took forever to get the smell out.

My blood, sweat and tears
are in this dive.

Well, if you'll excuse me...,

it seems as though I need
to procure some alcohol

for my dwindling clientele.

Be careful.

You've seen what happens
when you cross Maroni.


Looks like they were here
last night.


Your hot doctor friend,

- Leslie.
- Whatever.

Give me the double D:
"dirty details".

Don't leave anything out.

Gotta hand it to you, partner.

You don't sit around moping.

You got right back up
on the hobby horse.

Let's just hope you can
keep your head straight...

whilst up there.

You had the purse,
now you got yourself a nurse.


looks like I found
our friend Floyd.

What? If I don't drink it,
Forensics will.

All right.
This was the guy with the hood.

He's wearing the same coat.

I wonder what he did to piss off
the rest of his crew.

Maybe they knew
we'd catch up to him.

Well, he was the leader,

so it looks like we've seen
the last of the Red Hood Crew now.

Good morning, everyone!

Get off me! I got it.


We're not here...
for your money.

We're here for the insurance!

I mean,
the bank's insured money!

60 seconds.

Hey! You gonna share a little bit
of that cash with us, Hood?


Th... Thirty seconds.

Come on.
A lot of us are hurting here.


10 seconds.
L... Let's go!

Aw! Fine!

So long, Gotham!


And then there were four.

People are gonna hang out in banks
waiting for handouts from these idiots.

We're never gonna catch a crew
no one wants us to catch.

Call me old-fashioned,

but when crooks become
more popular than cops,

- that's anarchy.
- Think about it,

as long as somebody's willing
to put that red hood on,

this gang can go on

Hey, guys.

Got somebody here
you might want to meet.

- This is Mister...
- Chaing.

Chaing, right.
He's an eyewitness.

From the bank?

I work at a restaurant
a block away.

The Red Hood Gang parked
their van there this morning.

I was throwing out the trash
when they ran back to it.

You see their faces?

Just one,
the fat one with the hood.

He took it off to drive.

- I'll get the sketch artist.
- Well, wait a minute.

Got the armed robbery files
already opened.

Maybe he can look through them,
see if he recognizes someone.

Maybe that someone is a known associate
of Gus Floyd.

Only problem is records
are kind of old;

he might look
different now.

We could pull a few based off
Chaing's description...,

get ourselves
a good old-fashioned lineup.

Hey, wait a second.
What's in it for me?

I got all these parking tickets
because my ex-wife is a crazy bitch.

We'll see what we can do.

Training for a fight?

Just training.

Who's helping you?


Good choice.

Show me your stance.


Hit me.


And don't hold back.

You have a go at me, son.

Come on.

It should take more than that
to piss you off, son.

Come on.


Come on.

Now, now.
Never lose your cool.

It'll get you killed.

Now, you wanna hit me, right?
You wanna hit me, right?!

Okay. Take a swing.

Take a swing. Go on. Do it.

Somebody gives you a free shot,
you got to make it count.

You hit me as hard as you can!

Oh. Better!

Put your shoulder behind it.
Put your full body weight behind it!

Go on. Do it.

Harder! Again!


Come on! Do it again.

Put me on my back, son.
Come on, you can do it.

Come on. Again.

- You're so much bigger than me!
- Then use that to your advantage!

You hit me low!
Hit me in the knee, the ankle!

Forget about the gloves!
Use whatever's around you.

Here. Here.

- Go on.
- Right!

That's enough of that.

Perhaps a shower's in order,
Master Bruce.

M... Mr. Payne
was just showing me

- some alternative methods.
- Yeah, I can see that, can't I?

Not methods that fit into our
curriculum, though, are they?

No, they're not,
but they're effective.

Discipline, skill and hard work
are effective.

How 'bout I start that shower
for you, sir?


You ever raised a child before, Reg?


Me neither.

Hardest job I've ever had
to do in my life.

Nothing prepares you for it.

Listen, I'm sorry
if I overstepped the mark.

I was just...

It was obvious how much
you've helped him, so...

No, he helped me.

I'm a better person
for knowing him, Reg.

Let's keep our past
where it belongs.

In the past.

That's it? Just two workers?

This'll be easy.

Make it quick, guys.

Oh, this is inconvenient.

Whoa, Officer.

- Nothing going on here.
- That so?

Eh, your liquor license
is out of date.

We're gonna be confiscating
the shipment.

Hey, does Don Maroni know
you guys are here?

Walk away...
before I run you downtown.

This town is truly going to the dogs.

Evening, fellas!

Why the smile, Butch?

First Maroni blocks our liquor,
and now the cops?

Oh, who, them?

They're with me.

I always keep a few uniforms
in the closet.

A lot cleaner than going
in guns blazing, don't you think?

You're welcome, Oswald.

Nice work there.

How you doing, Mr. Gilzean?

This over here.

Nothing to worry about.

You okay?

Of course.

Thank you for letting us
stay here.

Sorry it got a little messy.

I was just about to go.

I like having you guys here.


Come here.

You know, you're turning
into quite the beautiful woman.

No, I'm not.

Remove the dirt...,

that old hood...,

these ratty clothes...,

I bet we find
a princess underneath...

I have an idea.

Holy moly.

Take anything that fits you guys.

This is all stuff you've worn?

Most of it.

You sure must go out a lot.

I used to.

Come with me.

You're a true beauty.

Something you can use
to your advantage.

Your appearance...
can be a weapon...

as powerful
as any knife or gun.


What good's it done you?

All right, backs to the wall.
Hold your numbers up.

No talking.

I thought they were going to be
similar types.

- They are.
- Uhuh.

- Look closely, Mr. Chaing.
- I know how this works.

There. Number four.
The short, fat one.

- You're sure?
- That's your Red Hood.

Threw all that money away,
and I didn't get a cent.

Clyde Destro, 47 years old,

conviction for assault and armed
robbery of a convenience store

three years ago.

- Let's book him.
- Wait a minute.

All we have is one witness
outside of the crime scene,

that's it.

Now, Floyd was killed,

so we know
they're turning on each other.

- Let Destro go?
- And tail him.

He takes us
to the other gang members,

ee use them against each other.

We catch the Red Hood Gang

That's right.

Can I get a ride home?

My girlfriend will freak out
if I turn up in a patrol car.


Don't you look lovely?

There's still business to discuss.

Of course.

The basement.

How do I resume operations?

We do have a business to run.


You're stealing body parts.

- For who?
- Oh.

We have clients...

all over the world
in need of such things.


there's the doctor's...
personal experiments.

You have such a presence,
Ms. Mooney.

Such a gaze.

Your eyes...

will fetch quite a penny.

You will take...
nothing... from me.


Because the way I see it,
you have two choices. One:

We kill you and your little friends
in the basement.

That's an inconvenience
but an acceptable one.

Or two:

We take your eyes now...

and see how long a blind girl
can survive in the basement.

You forgot option three.

Stop her!


I picked something out from the cellar.

I hope that's okay.

Well, that's, uh, extremely
kind of you, Master Bruce,

but I don't think that we...

that I'll be, uh,
drinking this evening.

I'm sure it's perfectly fine

to have a... glass of wine
occasionally, Alfred.

I... I picked an old one.

Seems a shame to let them
gather dust down there.

Domaine de la Romany Comte.

It's a rather nice Burgundy,
actually, it's 1966.


It's one of your father's favorites.

Why not, eh?
Take a pew.

That's very kind of you.

- There you go.
- Cheers, mate.

Now, the idea, of course,

is to... let it breathe
for at least an hour.

Or not.



So he eventually opened
his backpack

and he found the bloody snake.

We'd been waiting for it all night.

He didn't even flinch.

- What'd you do?
- Oh, you know,

I chopped its head off
and... we ate the bloody thing.

He did!

What did it taste like?

Uh, a bit like, uh...,

fast food.

- It was horrible, isn't it?
- It was horrible.

It was disgusting.

Ah. So, uh...

So, Mr. Payne,
you were in the Air Force?

Special Air Service. SAS.

Best soldiers in the world...,
if I'm being honest.

So that means...
covert missions?

That's right.

Before a conflict, they dropped us
behind enemy lines.

We were quiet, precise...,
and deadly.

We never lost a man and we always
completed our missions.

Except that once, I guess.

Yeah, well, that's enough
of the old war stories, eh, Reg?

What... one time?

There was a sandstorm.

We got separated.

Two of us were captured.


He fought 12 of them off
before they cut him down.

Didn't you, Alf?

I'm here now, aren't I?

That's all that matters.

All right, gents,

while I have to say
this has been absolutely lovely,

I'd like to... I'd like to
tidy up before I go to bed.

T... T... Tidy up?!

Mr. "Yes Sir, No Sir"?

Mr. "Queensberry Rules
and Discipline"?

Thank you, that's enough.

Alfred's right.
It's time for bed.

Good night, Master Bruce.

Good night. Good night.

Sleep well, son.

Why are you hiding from him
what you really are,

who you really are?

You're a war dog, Alfie.

You're a cold-blooded, lethal
war dog, is what you are.

I found some fresh clothes
for you, Reg.

I folded them and I put 'em
on your bed.

And I've taken the liberty...

of packing you a lunch
for your travels tomorrow.

It's been really nice
to see you, Reggie.

I see them at night...
when I'm alone.

The faces...

Faces of those we killed.

Do you?

I don't have to look for them, Reg.

They find me.

Holy crap.

You scared the snot out of me.

H... Had to see you.
I c... couldn't wait.

- Where were you?
- Out.

J... Just out?

What's it to you?

I need the hood.



My... My... My girlfriend,
sh... she wants... she wants to leave.

She... She called me a loser
last night.

Her ex is back in town.
He's a b... bouncer.

I figured she'd... she sees me
in the hood,

she's got... she's got
to take me s... seriously.

Did you ransack my place
looking for it?

I need it, Destro.

They're talking about it
on the streets

and in... and in the news.
She sees me in it, and I'm...


We have one last job before
we split up and skip town.

You have it on you, don't you?

You better use that thing...
before I make you eat it.

He's alive.

Who shot you, Destro?
Give us the name of the guy.

I need an ambulance.

We'll get to that.

Give us the names of the guys
in your crew.

I'm bleeding out.

Yeah, you're dying.

And unfortunately...
I'm not getting cell reception.

You know what might help?

Giving us the names
of the guys in your crew!

I need an ambulance.

Java Heights and Homewood,
apartment 466.

I might need some pressure
on this wound.

Knock yourself out.

What do you got there, partner?

A stack of loan rejection

from the banks that were robbed.

"Dear Mr. Destro, we regret
to inform you

your application for a loan
has been denied."

"Mr. Destro, once again,
we must deny your application,

due to inadequate collateral."

What the hell would he need
a loan for?

Pastry shop.

Get out of here.
You're a baker?

A damn good baker.

And they all turned you down.

So these are revenge robberies.

Banks don't care about people
like me.

Or you, probably.

You have to force people
to see you.

Otherwise, you're nothing.

There's a third letter here.

International Savings Bank of Gotham.
This was the next target.

Where's my ambulance?!

To new beginnings.

I'm not trying to poison you,

Forgive me if I'm a little cautious.

If this club tanks,

Falcone's not gonna trust
either of us again.

I don't know about you,

but I'm done playing
the sidekick.

To no longer being a sidekick.

Do you miss her?

I do.

Even after everything
she did to me.

Perhaps it's not our friends,

our enemies
that define us.

To Fish.

She got what she deserved.

You're stealing from us?

You could have just asked me for money,

You don't know how hard that is,
Alfie, do you?

We gave you somewhere to sleep.

We put food in your belly.

I'm in trouble.

Real trouble.

I don't need a lecture
right now.

What kind of trouble?

You don't want to know.

Right. Well,
you put the bag down...

and you leave, now.

Did you bring a gun, Alfie?


If there was any other way...

Oh, come on, there's always
another way, mate.

I'm sorry.

Sorry f...

I'm so sorry.

Th... This is Bruce Wayne.

I need immediate help
at Wayne Manor!

My friend has been stabbed.


Alfred, Alfred, look at me.
You're gonna be okay!

A... Alfred, stay with me.



There's only three of us.

I'm worried.
If someone makes a move in there...

Don't be.

I have this.


We have you surrounded!

This doesn't have to end badly!
Put down your guns!

Suck it, coppers!

Man down! Man down!

Hold your fire!

- Hold your fire!
- Hold your fire!

Drop it!

It's over.


Don't be so sure.

I need a danish.


Which hospital?!

I can't lose him.

He's all I have.

He has nothing concrete.

Just... faces, some... dates...,

some newspaper articles.

There's no grounds
for an investigation.

Just... suspicions...,

some cobbled-together theories...


Has he had outside counsel?

I don't think so.

And his caretaker,
Mr. Pennyworth?

He's in the hospital.

For how long?

If he lives, a few weeks,
give or take.

Now's the time
to make a move on the kid.

Thank you for your service,
Mr. Payne.

I doubt we'll meet again.

He's just a kid.

A good kid.

Good-bye, Mr. Payne.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)