Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Blind Fortune Teller - full transcript

The circus comes under attack while Gordon and Dr. Thompkins are in attendance.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

I start a new job
in the morning.

A new job? Congratulations.

I'm coming to work at the GCPD.

I'm your new medical examiner.

I have some questions I need to ask
the members of the board.

- What kind of questions?
- About Arkham.

It seems very likely
those gangsters

were actually given their shares
in Arkham by Wayne Enterprises.

This nightclub makes a lot of money.

That's why I want to reopen it.
Under your care.

I can have the club?

You're with me now.

What is this place?
Where are we?

Some people think it's a prison.

Some think it's Hell.

They took my eyes.

People call him Mace.

He's the one in charge?

My name is Fish Mooney!

I'm in charge now!

Here's that song.

when you're smiling,

when you're smiling

the whole world

smiles with you

when you're laughing,

What's she doing?

when you're laughing

the sun

comes shining through

but when you're crying

you bring on that rain

so stop your sighing

be happy again

keep on smiling,

'cause when you're smiling

that whole world smiles with you



Where's Jim?

He dropped off his keys,
like, last week.

So screw him anyway, right?

So who are you guys?


Ladies and gentlemen,
The Flying Graysons!

Show them your appreciation!

Thank you from The Flying Graysons!

Thank you! Thank you!

What's he doing?!

Coming through!

Get back in there!
What do you...?!

Calm down, now.
Calm down! Stop that!

Come on!

Stop it! Calm down!

- Ladies, come on!
- I hate you!


Everybody freeze!

that whole world

smiles with you



Get off, you old bag.


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Why did you attack Mr. Grayson?

No reason.

I don't like him.

I have no idea why he did it.

Beats me.

Wow, you circus people
don't mess around, do you?

I swear, John Grayson,

if you give me that look
one more time,

I will slap you, silly.

You wish.

Don't think I can't.

Whoa, kids.

What's the big problem, anyhow?

The Graysons are a bunch
of arrogant buttheads, is the problem.

The Lloyds are feckless drunkards,
is more like it.

So it's a family feud.

Graysons don't get along
with Lloyds.

Been that way for years.

It's sort of a tradition.

You guys fight like this
every night?


That was just her idiot uncle
doing his thing.

You know damn well
it must be Lila's fault.

- Mary...
- What?


Ah. Sorry the date
went south.

Are you kidding?
Best date ever.

Who gets to see a circus brawl?


None of them will talk, of course.

I still I've no idea what
those two were fighting over.

I think they're rival lovers.

Their families have been fighting
since way back,

but, uh, this particular fight

was apparently over
a woman named Lila.

She's a snake dancer
in the sideshow.

- Wow.
- I know.

How cool is that?
A snake dancer.

No, I mean, wow,
you're really good.

- People talk to doctors.
- I guess so.

I should find this woman
Lila, make sure she's okay.

Might take a little awhile. I'll have
a patrolman drive you home.


I could come with you.

Lee, this is police business.

Come on, Jim.

I'm dying to meet Lila.

Well, bringing along medical

is a justifiable precaution,
I guess.

There you go.


- Where's Lila?
- Lila?

The Snake Dancer.


We need to speak with Lila.

She's not here.

Why? What's happened?

Where is she?

Uh, I don't know.

She was supposed to be home
ages ago.

You a relative?

Uh, I'm her son, Jerome.

Jerome, when did you last see her?

This morning.

She was here
when I left for the library.

Relax, Jerome.
This gentleman is just here

because Owen and Al
had a disagreement.

Your mother's fine,
gone on a spree, no doubt.

- You know how she is.
- A spree?

Without her hat, her coat
or her purse?

Oh, look at Sheba.

She's distraught.
She knows something's wrong.

Ah, the snake does seem to be agitated.


She's what you call a "party girl".

Back in the morning with her knickers
in a handbag, sure as eggs.

But she didn't take her handbag,
did she?

How fast does an animal like that

Oh, fast walking pace.

They rely on surprise,

Let her out.

I'm sorry?

Let her out.

Oh! Oh...

Oh my God.

You knew.

You knew she was here.


Look at me.

She was like that
when we found her.

Let's talk straight!

Those people out there
are using us as transplant donors.

We are simply
"spare parts".


Unless we do something about it.


I have a plan.

But you must do exactly!...
what I say.

You do as I say
and I promise you,

I will get some of us out of here

That's right.
No, you heard me correctly.

I said: some... of us.

Because the truth of the matter
is: some will die.

But we will die with dignity!

We will die for a reason,
and we will die next to family!

And I tell you what:
We are family!

We're all we got.

That's... family!

We have one simple choice:

We die here alone
on our knees!...

or we stand up and we fight!...
with our family!

A couple of riggers found her
right here.

We decided to hide her
on the truck.

We were going to give her
a proper burial

as soon as we got back
on the road.

Decent of you.

Who's "we"?
Who else knew?

Just me and the head
of the families.

If an outsider killed her,
what can you do?

An act of God.

If it was one of us,
we always find out.

And we make sure
they're punished.


We have our ways.

And we have ours.

Hook him up.

Morning, partner.

Gonna need a little help here.

No kidding.

I mean, you're kidding, right?

This isn't an elaborate prank or...?

Tell me about your mother, Jerome.

She's my mother.

What can I say? I love her.

She's perfect.

Not a very good cook.

Except for that.

Did she have any enemies?

Someone with a grudge?





Uh, she had lovers.

They're sex partners really,
but not boyfriends.

She didn't want the commitment.

Alphonse Grayson?

Yes, he was one of them.

Owen Lloyd?


Any others?

Uh, not that I could put
a name to.

How do... you feel...
about your mother's love life?

I feel fine about it.

If not
for my mother's love life,

I wouldn't be here, would I?

Sex is a healthy human activity.

Yes, it is.

Do you have any other family?

The circus is my family.

One more time, why did you assault
Mr. Grayson?

You know why.

- Tell me.
- He killed Lila.

Why would he do that?

She was gonna choose me
over him,

and he's an arrogant
son of a bitch.

Not gonna let a Lloyd
humiliate a Grayson that way.

How come your families
don't get along?

His great-grandfather
falsely accused

my mother's uncle Barry
of stealing a horse.

When was this?

Before the Great War.

- World War One.
- Yeah.

For three generations,

your families have been feuding
over a stolen horse?

And the Lloyds are still trash.

- Blood is blood.
- Must be a hell of a horse.

Why did Mr. Lloyd assault you?

He killed Lila and fears
I'm gonna kill him for it.

He says the opposite.

He says you killed her.

Yes, I suppose he would have to say
that, wouldn't he?

It wasn't Uncle Owen.

He could never do
such a terrible thing.

Holy crap, Mary!
How can you be so blind?!

Quiet, you.

Yeah, quiet, you.

- You're the blind one.
- My brother is a man of honor.

Your uncle is a violent drunk.

- Do the math, little girl.
- My uncle is an artist.

Your brother is a conceited

like the rest of you
flying douche bags!

I can't believe
I ever thought I loved you.

Enough. Huh?

They're coming.

Are you ready?


I said, are you ready?!


Inmate 57A, raise your hand.


Raise your hand.

Step forward.

One moment, please, sir.

We need to talk.

Back up, inmate.

You're in violation.

57A, step forward!

Excuse me one moment, please.

I'm the new "shot caller" here.

My name is Fish Mooney,

and with all due respect,

for you and I to have
a... good working relationship,

there's some things
that need to change.

Is that right?

What's your name?

None of your damn business
what my name is.

Right. Okay, well...

I know you have a job to do.

And I am more than willing
to give you 57A,

in exchange for 60 crates of water,
30 blankets,

50 pounds of fresh fruit,
and a few magazines.

What if I refuse?

What will you do?

Well, I'd be... willing
to give you 57A,

just not alive.

- We need them alive.
- Exactly.

I'm gonna count to three.

You'll disappear...
or get a severe beating.

I'm gonna take that as a no.



It's simple economics.

Our lives are worth something.

60 crates of water,
30 blankets...


You're coming with me.

The manager is gonna be
very unhappy with you.

I would think this manager

wouldn't be too happy
with you either.

So if he wants to talk to me,
I'll be right here.

Manager doesn't come down here.

Well..., looks like we have
a standoff.

I'll tell you what.

I can be flexible.

So, I'll go talk
to this manager,

but while I'm gone,
you're going to stay right here,

as our guest.

How's that sound?

We'll be back.



Wait. Back up a little.

So you set the snake loose?

- Yes, ma'am.
- To track down the body?

Yes, ma'am.

The snakes have
an excellent sense of smell.

Well, now I know.

And your prime suspects
are a clown and an acrobat?


Ain't this one a doozy?

Your victim, Lila Valeska,

was killed by a large knife
or hatchet.

Multiple blows to the head
and upper torso.

Around 3:00 yesterday afternoon.

From 2:30 to 4:15,
both Grayson and Lloyd

were in the ring for the matinee.

Well, how precise is that time
of death?

Give or take 45 minutes.

Still possible then,
but cutting it close.

Hold and press your guys,
but keep looking.

Yeah, boss. Forensics is
working the crime scene now.

We're going through
her phone records.

All right!

We're gonna send the rest of you
home now,

but the investigation is ongoing.

Nobody leaves town.

And listen up!

No more fighting!

Look where your friends are.

What good is this feud
doing you?

I like it when you act all tough.

"Nobody leave town."

Sounds better when you say it.

I feel like we should
finish up our date.

Do you wanna come over tonight?

I can cook you dinner.

Sure. That sounds good.


- Get some rest.
- I will try.

See you later.

I have to ask.

If you were to guess, who
do you think killed Lila?

I try not to guess.

I work the suspects
and I wait on forensics.

Excuse me!

Am I speaking
to Detective James Gordon?



this must be Dr. Thompkins,
the medical examiner.

I'm sorry,
how did you know who we were?

My name is Paul Cicero.

I'm a psychic with the sideshow.

Lila Valeska
was an old friend of mine.

A psychic. I see.

How could I help you,
Mr. Cicero?

I sense that you don't think
Owen or Alphonse are guilty.

You must be psychic.

In which case,
perhaps you'd like

to hear the message Lila sent me
from the other side.

Thanks, Mr. Cicero,
we're not...

quite looking at the other side
just yet.

As you wish.
I'm merely a messenger.

What's the message?

Thank you, Doctor.

Lila told me that
the Servant of the Devil...

lies in the Garden
of the Iron Sisters.

The Iron Sisters?

What does that mean?

I don't know.

We'll get right on it.

I don't think sarcasm
is your metier, James.

Make of the message
what you will.

Good day to you both.

Well, that wasn't very
open-minded of you.

Oh, come on, Lee.
He's a fraud!

He's gonna go straight to the press

and say he's consulting on the case.

He's looking for publicity.


If you were gonna send a message
from beyond the grave,

don't you think
priority number one

would be the killer's name
and not a riddle?

Who knows how it works?!

All right.
I'm not gonna argue with you.


Later, then.


They called to confirm...

your meeting with the board
of Wayne Enterprises tomorrow.


I was afraid
they'd postpone again.

Well, I'll say it one more time.

I think that, uh..., it's an
incredibly bad idea, Master Bruce.

I think it's reckless,
I think it's premature,

and, quite frankly,
I think it's bloody dangerous.

And we've already been over this
hundred times, Alfred.

My mind is made up.

Can you pass me that file over there?

The file...


I've said my piece.

If we're both found...

dead in a ditch,
don't blame me.




Jim... loves me in this color.

It's too obvious.

You gotta dress
like you're not trying,

like... you're on your way to go
meet some other guy.

To go...

sailing, or... whatever.

Really? Sailing?


Oh my God.

You like?

Oh my God.

Oh my God!

What's wrong?

No, it's good.

It's my sister's recipe.
She's a really, brilliant cook.

I was thinking of my sister,
and it came to me:


I think I know
what the blind man's message means.

The Servant of the Devil lies
in the Garden of the Iron Sisters?


- It's Arkham Bridge.
- Hmm?

The Iron Sisters. Arkham Bridge.

The towers, they're called,
uh, Mary and Betty?


I remember, as a kid,
we used to call them that, but...

And... there's a park, uh,

under the towers
on the Gotham side.

A garden? It all fits.


It fits an impossible story.

He didn't speak with Lila Valeska;
she's dead.

So you say!

Come on, you're a doctor,
a scientist.

There are plenty of things
in this world

that can't be explained
by rational science.

Yeah, people who enjoy folk
dancing, for instance.

Doesn't mean ghosts exist.

You're very arrogant
in your certainty.

What if this is a clue
to a murder?

The poor woman!

Fine. I'll go myself.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'll come with you.

Okay, we'll go together.
First thing in the morning.

The morning?


You want to go now?

It's only a half a mile away.

It's dark.

I have a flashlight.

So, what are we looking for,
exactly, do you think?

I know, I know.

This is probably
a complete waste of time.

- Thank you for doing this.
- No problem.

But, uh, let's not make
a habit out of it, okay?

This is no place for a lady.


What do you mean, "ha"?

You're a hypocrite.

You say you want
a strong woman

to... share this crazy life
you've chosen,

but when push comes to shove,

you want me to stay home
and bake cookies.

Not cookies, necessarily.

Pie. Any kind of pie.

Ha, ha!

So, if someone were to throw something
from a car on the bridge,

this is where it would land.

Yeah, I guess you're right.



What does that mean?

"The Hellfire Club".

It's a Satanist cult. Committed
a string of ritual murders.

But they haven't been active
for a decade or more.

I guess they're back.


No, I don't think so.

Hey, Sarge,

I'm gonna need a couple of mobile units
to pick some people up.

But listen.

They need careful handling.

Sir, they're in 3 and 4.

Thanks, Zeke.

Neither of them knows
the other one's here, right?

Right, like you said.

Good work.

Just bear in mind that you
could be wrong about all of this.

I will bear it in mind. I will,
but I'm not wrong.

"So go on home now, lady."


We were having
a perfectly lovely evening.

I am not the one

who wanted to go out
searching for Satanist hatchets.

You... know what I wanted to do.

- You're right.
- Uhuh.

I'm sorry, what?

I tend to get overly enthusiastic
about things.

It's an issue for me.
My mom always said...

Ah, who gives a crap
what my mom said, right?

Have a good night, Jim.

Let me know how it all turns out.

Good night, Lee.


What you said earlier, about
hypocrisy, sharing lives...

You're right. Let's go.

I'm what?


Good evening, Mr. Cicero.

Sorry to bring you down here
so late.

Good evening, Detective Gordon.

Dr. Thompkins.

- How did you...?
- He smells your perfume.

We solved the message
Lila sent you.


Took us to Arkham Bridge Park.

We found a hatchet there...

with Satanist symbols
scratched into it.

Dear Lord.

You know what that hatchet
means, Mr. Cicero?

Tell me.

It means you're an accessory
to murder.

Such drama.
I merely passed along a message.

A message from the dead.

Didn't happen.

Which means
you invented the message.

Which means
you had someone plant...

the hatchet for us to find.

You wanted us to think

Satanist were responsible
for Lila's death.

You're protecting somebody.

Lila spoke to me.

That's all.

You know, a hatchet
is a clumsy ploy.

You wouldn't try it
unless you were desperate.

Which suggests you're
protecting someone close.

Someone you love.

This fantasia... was conjured
in your blinkered mind.

If you could only see
what I see...

Hi, Jerome.

Please, take a seat.

You know Mr. Cicero,
from the show.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Mr. Cicero.

Good evening, Jerome.

Do you know why you're here?

Did you find out who killed
my mother?

You killed your mother, Jerome.


You killed her up on that hill

and Mr. Cicero let you clean up
in his trailer.

He told you to scratch
the Satanist stuff on the hatchet

and throw it off the bridge.

Sir, that's... absurd and...
and offensive.

But it's the truth.

What I don't know

is why this man
risked so much to help you.

I think he's your father.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

My father was a sea captain.

Am I wrong, Mr. Cicero?


He was a sea captain.

His name was Sven Karlsen.
He died at sea.

What was the name of his ship?

He worked on a lot
of different ships.

The one he went down in.

She never said.

We can do a blood test
to prove I'm right.

It takes only half an hour
to get a foolproof result.

Isn't that right, Dr. Thompkins?


Save yourself a needle.

I do hate needles.

I'm sorry, Jerome.

What are you talking about?

He's right.

I am your father.

No, you're not.
Why would you say that?

You must have suspected the truth.

You're not my father.
My mother would never...

Your mother was a cruel woman;
she was often unkind to me,

but she did once love me,
in her way.

And... she loved you very much.

That's why she gave you
a better father.

My mother...

was a cold-hearted whore
who never loved anyone.

And she'd never touch
a pathetic old creep like you.

All these years,

do you think I was kind to you
because I'm such a good man?

If I wasn't your father,

would I help you as I have,
after what you did?

My father...


I'll be damned.

Oh, that's very funny.


Looks like the bitch
got me with a zinger in the end.

Why did you kill your mother,

Oh, you know how mothers are.

She just... kept... pushing.

And I'm like, fine, mom.
Be a whore.

Be a drunken whore, even.

But don't be...
a nagging... drunken whore.

You know?

Don't come yell at me
to do the dishes...

if you've been banging!...
a clown in the next room!

You know?

Long night, huh?

Guess it got kind of ugly.

Yes, it did.

You okay?

I'm good.


It was ugly, but it was also
kind of thrilling.


Thrilling and scary.

Like... Like looking down
a... deep, dark tunnel.

Thanks for letting me be there.

You are an unusual woman.

You just don't know many women.

Can we go home now?


Hello, Penguin.


How nice.

Don Falcone... thinks
you're messing up...,

you don't know
how to run a club.

Your numbers...


With all due respect...

I didn't come here to talk!

Good manners cost nothing,
you know?


He's harmless.

Say hi, Butch.


Falcone didn't want
to throw him away,

so I worked on him in my basement
for a couple of weeks.

He's a whole new man.

Right, Butch?

Yes, sir, Mr. Zsasz.

Butch knows the club scene
up and down.

He'll help you out.

But he's...

He's Butch Gilzean.

He's loyal to Fish Mooney.

And he'll do...

exactly what you say.



Hey, Butch.

Dance for me.

I do good work.

Good morning, everyone.

Good morning, Bruce.

Welcome to Wayne Enterprises.

So happy to see you.

Thank you for meeting with me.

I have some questions

regarding Wayne Enterprises
business affairs.

Of course.
It's your company, after all.

Fire away, young man.

I have two main areas
of concern.

Underworld involvement
in the Arkham Project.

And chemical weapons manufacture
at our WellZyn affiliate.

That's great.


We wanted to thank you.

If you hadn't figure out
who killed Lila

and... talked to sense to us
the way you did,

our families
never would have reconciled,

and we...
could've never gotten together.

Just doing my job.

Hey, if we have a son,
we'll name him Gordon.


we'll discuss that,

but we're certainly
very grateful.

Hmm. Sure.

Why so happy?
["Why so serious?!"]

Happy customers.

That's not it.
It's something else.

You got laid, didn't you?

That's impressive.

You slept somewhere
without razors

and you smell like ladies' soap.
Easy catch.

I can only conclude...

that high-level individuals or
groups within Wayne Enterprises

have colluded in corruption,
bribery, racketeering,

and unethical medical research.

Thank you for that input, Bruce.

I'm so sorry if you've been
alarmed or upset

by these shocking stories and
rumors you've been exposed to.

These are much more than rumors.

We'll look into them thoroughly
and carefully, of course,

but... Bruce, let's be fair.

You've told us... nothing with
any substantive proof behind it.

I haven't told you all I know.


What else is there?

I hope you do look closely
into these issues.

Because I'll be raising them
at the next shareholders' meeting

with a view to possible legal action.

Dear me.

Legal action?

These are all very deep waters
for such a young man.

My youth is not relevant.

Except that if I were a man,

I would be chairing
this board.

And I would be sure that Wayne Enterprises
was run honestly.

Thank you for your time.

The manager says
you have a deal.

You go up and see him,
I stay here.

What's your name?


Your first name.




Why don't you...

take off that heavy gear...
and relax?

My family's gonna show you
good time.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)