Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Good Job)

(Jung Il Woo)

(Kwon Yu Ri)

(Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk)

(Good Job)

A child full of curiosity

and sense of adventure.

That small...

and happy moment.

It was the perfect gift for his mom,

but as beautiful as it was...

a scary, and sad legend...

lay hidden within.

The cursed necklace, once again...

proved its legend true

and disappeared.

Along with...

our family's happiness.

(Disappearance of the Necklace...)

(Continuous Investigation, Where Does the Truth Lay?)

And 20 years later...

my mom's missing necklace,

The Queen's Tears,

resurfaced somewhere in the world.

Our final piece for today,

(The Queen's Tears)
crafted by Giselle Beir, world-renowned jewelry designer,

is the Queen's Tears.

It's this piece here in the front.

The late chairman of Eunkang Group, Eun Jae Seong,

had custom-made this for his wife, Yoon Sung Hee,

and it has resurfaced after 20 years.

We'll start with the highest order.

1 billion won.

1.05 billion won.

1.1 billion won.

Yes, 1.15 billion won.

1.2 billion. We have 1.3 billion won.

Excuse me!

You can't come this way.

What did you say?

I said, you can't be in here!

Must I get your permission to go to the restroom, you punk?

The restroom is that way.

This is a restricted area and CEO's-

Where's that CEO you speak of?

Why do you ask that?

You should answer right away when asked a question.

Young bastard...

Excuse me. Excuse me!

Intruder alert...

What the? You got caught already?

You should've been more careful.

Then you should come yourself.

Geez, there's a whole pack...


(S Auction)

Let's see...

(S Auction)

Now, where did you leave your ledger?

There isn't any data indicating where the necklace came from.


I see a guest visited while I was out of the office.

Please excuse me for a brief moment, CEO.

You made it all the way in here...

You must be quite skilled.

You don't seem the type to work for someone.

You are?

What business might you have here?

As expected.

You're quick-witted and have a keen eye as a CEO should.

That doesn't mean...

there's a need for me to tell you about all my personal details.

I barged in here looking for something at the expense of your trust,

so let's just cut to the chase.


How amusing.

You barge in to this dangerous place alone,

forgo an introduction,

and will just cut to the chase?

Let's hear it.

What's your business?

If you take care of my business,

I'll return the favor, however expensive.

You know about the diamond necklace that disappeared 20 years ago, right?

It's about that?

The one and only Queen's Tears in the world?


Who is it? The one who listed it for sale.

You were curious about the person who listed it,

so you disguised yourself and beat my guys to a pulp?

The more I listen, the less I want to answer you.

Why don't you find out yourself?

I guess you're all brawn and no brains.

I've been thinking about it,

and robbing an empty house didn't seem too cool.

But now that the owner has returned and I've explained enough,

may I assume that I've got your permission?


I told you not to go near someone you don't know, didn't I?

That's enough fun.

You should stop now.

Giving you permission or the answer you want

will be difficult.

Gosh, you scared me.

This is the Republic of Korea.

What's with the gun?

Wow, I never saw you like that,

but you just shot me with no mercy!

I'm sorry, but...

let's say...

I already found the answer.

I told you to find the source of the necklace, not take the dog with you.

But she is pretty cute.

Just cute?

She's also lovable.

This pup is the key.


Be careful.

Mission clear.

(Delivery Requests)

I'll take this one.

I'll be right there.



(Kang Choon Gil, Wanted Suspect of Robbery and Injury)

CEO, we've finished delivering the item.

We need to clear this place out now...

Hurry and untie her!

Catch that bastard!

Catch the bastard who took my Ellie this instance!


Hey, hey, Sun Woo, hold on. The parking lot is blocked.

Then what about my car?

The car's the least of your problems. Hold on.

Three-Four people at six o'clock.

Five people at ten o'clock.

Hey, six people -

Oh, no. It's going wrong. There's a whole pack!

A whole pack?

They're coming.

Run straight toward three o'clock.

Where are you going? I told you, three o'clock!

Shut up! Where should I go?

Hold on. Go toward the stores in Building A.

I knew this would happen,

and prepared a plan B.

Look forward to it, Boss.

Catch him!


Where did he leave the car?

Wait, you want me to ride that?

It's awesome, right? Are you shocked?


You're driving me nuts...

You're probably speechless.

Have a safe ride.

Hey, hey! they're catching up!

Hey! Make a run for it!


What the?

Wait, my scooter!

That's mine!

Hey, you thief!

- Get a car.
- Hey, get a car! A car!

Stop right there!


Oh, gosh.


That fudging pain in the a***.

D*** it.

Isn't the feeling of racing through the wind amazing?

Do you want my fist to race toward your face?

It's that good? I want to ride it, too.

Are you kidding? Running would be faster than this.

Geez, you're so annoying, you prick.

Just trust my Vroom and step on it.

There's no need to pull, it's 150 km/hr with just a touch.

Stop! Stop, you son of a b****!


I'm pulling with all my might

and still racing side by side with these bastards.

You're dead meat when I get my hands on you, bastard!

They're looking at me with such affection in their eyes.



Yang Jin Mo.

Do you see this?

Pink, pink?


Do you think a 50 km/hr runaway scooter makes sense?

- What do you mean, scooter?
- Get out.


What is this toy?

Where's my Vroom?

Vroom, my a**.

Where the hell is my Vroom?

You think I know?


No words are enough to express what I'm feeling.

Are you blind?

I mean, once you come out the entrance,

you just have to get on what's there and ride it here,

but how could you completely miss that and ride this unbelievable-


Hey, hey, hey! Look at this helmet.

Does this make sense? Is this a pimp-fit?

Do you think this pink reflects my standard?

Open your mouth one more time...

Be quiet and return the scooter.

I'll return it just this once.



D*** it, I left the helmet behind.


Aigoo, Sun Woo, how could you not recognize this?

Between Pink Panther...

Gosh, my little Vroom. Did you wait long?

Aigoo, aigoo.

Hold on.

I'll take you home.

What the?

This is my scooter!

My scooter!

Why is this here?

What is this?


J, Q, Q, N, J.

This isn't it?

- Gosh.
- Hey.

It's a Caesar password.


Move. Move aside.


Look, it's right. It's J, Q, Q, N, J.

It's an elementary-level password where each letter is replaced by another letter

that's certain positions down the alphabet.

Attorney Yang!


It's a very popular place in Gangnam for dealing with stolen goods.

It's one of the recent visitors for sure.

Find out by tomorrow.

You're asking me a favor, right?

Of course.

I almost misunderstood.



(Eunkang Group)

You're always a step ahead of me.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- Let's go.
- After you.

A double file every time you come to work...

Doesn't it wear you out?

Chairman, you've created your own avatar

to elevate our group image.

Who cares if it's a quadruple file or a military procession?

If you're uneasy with it, I'll order them to stop.

It's a rule that's been practiced all this time.

Why don't you just not come out to the office then?

So after I became the model of our Eunkang Group,

I heard it shot up in the ranks of top companies people want to work in.

Eunkang was already the first to reach 100 trillion in the industry's annual sales.

It's been a while since we became the dream company for the highest paying salaries.

That goes without saying.

Dream company?

Chief Manager Kang, you should wake up from your dream first.

I look forward to your presentation today.

There's not much time until Soo Ah leaves the orphanage.

Even with serving, delivery,

reward money from reporting, and casino part-time,

there's a long way to go until I can pay for a deposit.

Still don't worry.

This unni has all your backs.

Hang in there, Don Se Ra.

The character that combines actress Oh Ah Ra and a virtual influencer.

I give you, Miya.

We plan on showing Miya's AI activity as she promotes our company.

I thought the topic of our meeting today isn't about Eunkang Group's virtual model,

but about future strategic presentation for the Web3 era.

Is it not?

Let me ask you a question.

A year ago,

the business proposal that I provided at my inauguration...

Do you even remember what it was?

Yes, the metaverse...


I see you don't remember.

Let me ask you another question.

After launching the metaverse platform, the rivaling H Group

is looking at one million new subcribers.

But besides a virtual model,

we haven't made any progress at all.

Why is that?

All of that is just an illusion that the Big Techs have created.


An illusion, you say?

How amusing.

Then Chief Kang, I guess you hold the same opinion about NFTs?

Aren't those also similar to crypto coins that don't have any solid structure?

Here you are saying things without solid structure...

Eunkang Group's future depends on what we choose to pursue.

In a year, I hope I won't be repeating the same explanation

I gave today.

Target located.

Manager Kim?

Please report directly to the Chairman's office from now on.

What did that arrogant a**hole just say?

Receive a report directly from Manager Kim?

Watch your mouth!

This is a workplace!

Father, why do you only take his side?

Speed up the launching of our platform!

- Director Hong.
- Yes.

Unless we come away with an innovative vision for the group,

let's halt all meaningless meetings.

Is there a problem?

You should know if you heard that project presentation.

Will you be in the Room of Contemplation again?

- So who is it?
- Kang Choon Gil.

I looked up everyone who visited Jungsudang recently,

and this bastard caught my eye.

Kang Choon Gil?

Kang Choon Gil, huh?

So where's Kang Choon Gil's current location?

A casino. He's been planted there for three days.

Which means he's got a lump sum.

If we just catch him, we'll find out how that necklace resurfaced.

(Yongnam Market)


So, which casino is Kang Choon Gil at?

You need to go dressed up properly.

Will that be enough of a disguise?


- Never mind, let's just dress you up as a woman.
- Hey, hey!

Where the hell is it? Why are you so fussy?

Your hotel's casino.


There are too many problematic customers these days.

They give me headaches.

Gosh, that'd be bad.

I'll take care of things, so no need to worry.

If things go well today,

I'll make sure to give you a special bonus per case.

Whoa, if it's like that then...

of course, I'll work harder.

I'll put my trust in you.

Okay, understood!

I'll do my best today as well.

What do I do?

Today's going to be my lucky day!

Woman at Baccarat, table 3, seat 2.

Is her side dish chips?

There's a chip attached to the bottom of her whiskey glass.

Hold 'Em, table 4.

The two of them are exchanging signals with each other.

Black Jack, table one, the man to the left.

He probably thinks his hands are quicker than his eyes, but what do we do?

He's no match for me.

He even hid a queen of hearts up his sleeve.

Please excuse me, sir.

What's wrong?

Please allow me to escort you that way.


Did I overdo it?

As expected, Se Ra!

Nothing escapes you, every time.

Se Ra, you really have no intentions to work here every day?

I would love to do that, too,

but I have unavoidable circumstances.

I'm grateful I even get to work once a week.

So what's your secret?

It's not like you're a shaman.

How are you able to find those problematic customers...

one by one?



There isn't one.

Let's just say I was born with it.

You wouldn't belive me even if I told you.


Then please excuse me.

Good day.

I have a secret that sets me apart from others.

I was born with the sight of an eagle.

To be more precise,

a super vision that's multiple times better than eagle.

Not only long distances,

but I can see clearly even close objects like the minuscule swaying

of the hairs on the face.

So what I'm saying is,

there's no one who can escape my eyes.


But the only problem is that...

I shouldn't overdo it.

D*** it! I lost.

God d*** it.

Aigoo, aigoo!

Choon Gil.

Wow, you're really Choon Gil.

Your thumb might be injured, but you still have a reputation to maintain.

Isn't stealing chips a bit low?

Rising star, Kang Choon Gil?

Who are you?

That's none of your business.

Do you want to come with me quietly, or do you need a beating?


Team 3, Baccarat, table 1. Hurry.

You two must've been planning a sweet strategy. So sorry to interrupt.

Well... sorry...

I can't speak Korean.

I saw everything. Where do you think you're going?

I understand you're imagining an unbelievable scene,

but please stop.

Why would you lower your volume if you're so innocent?

Like I said, you're misunderstanding me.

Let's go and see if this situation is a misunderstanding or not.

Aigoo. God d*** it.

Geez. S***!


(Kang Choon Gil, Wanted Suspect for Robbery and Injury)

Thief Kang Choon Gil?

(5 million won)


Is this how Royal Casino treats its guests?

We don't treat our guests this way.

But you're thieves.

Thief? Oh my!

Which part of me?

Wait, which part of me, too?

You can go ahead and shut up.

"Which part of me?"

Let's say the sunglasses are for fashion.

And let's say that awkward fake mustache is just a concept.

- And this!
- What are you doing?

Did you wear this for warmth, you thief?


You have a better chance of conning a ghost than me.

The police are on their way, so stay put.


Hold on. Wait, hold on.

The reward is 5 million won for each of them, so...

10 million won.

I can't believe there'll be a day where I can spend the whole day counting money!


Don Se Ra!


Go to the floor and tell the dealer at Blackjack, table 2 to come and see me.

Okay, right now?

Right now!

Okay, understood.

I don't think you're the police...

Who are you?

That's none of your business.


know this necklace, right?

I don't know.

Oh, you don't know?

You saw that woman earlier, right?

She knows that you're a wanted person.

That means she probably reported you to the police right away.

Then soon... the police will barge in here.

Choon Gil.

I'm not here to catch you.

If you just cooperate, I can release you immediately.


Well, how I do it is my business.

What do you want to do?

So what?

What is it that you want?

I just asked you.

Where did you steal this necklace?


My hands are clean.

I asked you this nicely, and you still don't know?

This won't do. Have a good time with the police.



if I just tell you that,

you'll release me?



let's get out of here first.

Yeah, it's me.

Hey, you were so funny back there.

How did that woman know all that?

I made that disguise meticulously.

Oh, shut it. Plan B.

Plan B?


What's the problem?

I really have no idea!

What did I do wrong?


Let go!

Are you okay?

- Ow!
- Sir...



Professional safe thief, can't you open the door?


I'm skilled in turning things. Doors are a first...

Wow, are you able to make a living with that single skill?

Move aside. Move aside.

Let go! I said, let go!

Let go!

Please calm down, sir!

Let go of me!

- Nobody's there.
- Let go!

Whoa, whoa! Let go!

Please calm down, sir. There's no one there.

P-39, a madman has been spotted.

Please send support.


- I said, go away!
- Please calm down, sir.

Please go away.









Sir, your nose...

Please excuse me.



Hey! Stop right there!

- Darn it!
- Run!

(A Just Society for the Nation and the People)

Yes, this is Yongnam Police Station, Violent Crimes Division 1, Han Gwang Ki.


Where's that?

Yes, understood.

Hey, Kang Choon Gil was spotted at Royal Casino.

Thief Kang Choon Gil?

Yes. Let's go.

But isn't Royal Casino where Se Ra works part-time?



Hey, Choon Gil!

Hey, Kang Choon Gil!

Hey, Choon Gil!

Don't come. Don't come, don't come!


Over there!

S***, to hell with it.

Oh, no.


Don't come, you bastards.

Oh, my!

Are you all right?


- Whoa!
- Kang Choon Gil!

Wait! Not there, not there, not there.

Somewhere else. Somewhere else.

Come, hurry!

Holy s***!

Hey, Kang Choon Gil!

Let go of me!

Don't come up! Don't come up! Don't come up!


Sorry! Kang Choon Gil!

Are you all right?

Oh, no.

Where did he go?

That bastard!



So sorry...

Hey, Choon Gil.

Let's stop running.

D*** it!

I save you and you run away?

Come out now and get 10 beatings.

Get caught by me and it's one broken joint per minute.

I personally recommend you to show yourself. Yeah?

Hey, you think...


Fighting is usually more psychological than strength.

What's in your hand is the same.

Statistically, the probability of someone with a weapon winning is 51%.

So the probability of someone with a weapon losing is?

Ow, it hurts!



People are so naive, right?

They think holding something in their hand betters their chances, but

what's important isn't a mere weapon.

Geez, seriously!

Why are you doing this to me?

How many times do I need to tell you? I'm curious about only one thing.

That necklace. Where did you steal it?

It's a matter of time before the police get here,

and there's an additional punishment since you have a reward on your head.

If you go in this time,

you'll probably be spending your 60th birthday there.

How about it? You want to spend your 60th birthday in jail or...

you want to relieve my curiosity and find freedom?

This won't do.

Let's take a few hits.

Whoa, stop, stop, stop! Okay, okay, okay.

I stole so many things, so it's hard to remember.

You can't remember?

- Come here.
- Whoa, okay! Okay!

Where I got it from is...

(Oh Ah Ra)

(Password Cracked)


(Code OK)


Oh Ah Ra.

Expected of the actress loved by everyone, her safe was full of gems.

It was from Oh Ah Ra's house?

Don Se Ra.

Ten milliion won...

I can do it.

I can do it.

That's right, Choon Gil. You should've said so sooner.

Am I right or not?

Don't think about running away, you thieves.

Are you always that stubborn?

How many times did I say I'm not a thief?

I only trust what I can see.

If the bastard running next to a thief isn't a thief, then what is he?

I'm not who you think I am.

We'll find out if you're a sir or a bastard when we get to the police station.

You're going to catch me with that?

By yourself?

Why don't you give up now?

I don't like to give up.

What are you doing?

What do you want to do?

- What?
- Run.

- What?
- Whoa!



That crazy...


Don Se Ra!

What are you doing over there?

A scooter wasn't enough? It's a garbage truck now?

Why are all your plan Bs like this?

Wait, what do you mean, "like this"?

Plan B only works if you do what no one expects you to do.

(Waste Collector)
Hey, look. It's perfect.

So, all your plan Bs are going to involve humiliating me from now on?

Hey, what do you mean humiliate?

I'm so upset you're acting this way to your lifesaver.

If it weren't for me, you would've docked to the ground and become a patient!

I'm so athletic that I fall forward and still get up with my hands behind my back.

Fall forward and get up with your hands behind your back?

Are you a balloon doll or something?


But what is this smell?

It smells like compost...

Come here, come here.

Come here. Come here!

You stink!

You can walk back.

Yang Jin Mo...

Yang Jin Mo!


What? The chief of security called in?

Wait, then what about my reward?

Is your reward important right now?

I told you not to work at the casino, didn't I?

But you chase after a wanted person at the casino?

- Geez.
- I'm sorry.

I told you not to use that ability.

- If you don't listen and pass out from using-
- Okay, okay.

I'm sorry. I'll do my best not to use it.

All right?

And stop looking for criminals to get the reward, too.

I said, all right, you worrywart of an oppa.

Go back in.

I'll take care of the deposit, so don't you worry about it.

We found Kang Choon Gil.

Go and investigate him.

Can't you just get a normal job?

(Continuous Investigation, Where Does the Truth Lay?)

♫ Happy birthday to you! ♫

♫ Happy birthday dear mom! ♫

♫ Happy birthday to you! ♫



(Disappearance of the Necklace, Continuous Investigation, Where Does the Truth Lay?)

Soo Ah, why are you worrying about money?

Don't worry.

When you leave the orphanage, I'll find a room.

We have Gwang Ki oppa, too.

Yeah. Make sure to eat well.

It was what I needed for the deposit.

I lost the accomplice and blew the reward money, too.

Life is such a struggle.

I'm here.

You said it's a casino part-time job.

You look so exhausted.

Don't even talk about it.

It was a colorful day.

I took a bite thinking it was jam-filled bread,

but it was just a plain bread.

So you were in an irritating situation, huh?

That's right.

I chased after them and finally had them right in front of my eyes,

but that bastard jumped off the roof.


Did he die?

No. He ran way.


I know you're working diligently because of Soo Ah,

but if something goes wrong, you'll croak!

You'll die, girl!

Okay, I'll be careful.

You were really busy prepping for the opening all alone, right?

I thought my hands were going to fall off, working so hard by myself.

Gosh, I'm sorry.

Of course, you're sorry!

Instead, there's something you need to resolve for me.


So Kang Choon Gil stole the necklace from actress Oh Ah Ra's house.

What is this?

Should we call this a coincidence?

Hey, Sun Woo.

You know how Oh Ah Ra is your company's exclusive model?

But why was that necklace in Oh Ah Ra's house?

We'll find out once we see for ourselves. Get ready.

Get what ready?

We know where the necklace came from.

We need to go see it for ourselves.

Right now?

Today was so exhausting.

The blood isn't flowing to my hands.

It's a necklace we found after 20 years.

Gosh, hey!

I know. I know, but

instead of sneaking in there,

if you make an official appointment and meet with her as Chairman Eun Sun Woo,

it'd be good for you and good for me-

She was robbed of her necklace and didn't even report it.

If we make an appointment with her and ask,

you think she'll honestly say, "Yes, Chairman, to be honest..."?

It'll be quicker for me to sneak in and do my own investigation.

Hurry up and get ready!


I saw everything, Where do you think you're going?


Hey, how did that woman come here?

Were we followed by any chance?

What are you going to do?

Just stay put.

Sit down for now.


Okay, get ready.

Hello, we're the newly opened

organic, handmade bakery, Bang Bang patisserie, Sa Na Hee.

I brought over some cake that I baked.

You must be busy, but could you come out for a moment and show your mug-

show our faces and get acquainted?

Please leave it there.

You must be busy, Mr. Lawyer.

But it'd still be great if we could meet each other as neighbors.

So please don't be like that and briefly...

briefly come out and take this inside.

He could've come out and gone back in by now.


Why is that woman so clingy?

Over a s***ty cake when I don't even like cakes.

I said to just leave it there!

I see that you're very,

very, extraordinarily busy, right now.

Fine. Then I'll just leave this s***ty cake on the floor.

Please do whatever the f*** you like.


He seems extremely busy.

Let's just put it down and go to the third floor.

So the first floor bakery is opening,

and the owner and that woman are friends?

In the future, even if we happen to meet,

do you think she'll recognize us?

You had a disguise, and I just acted insane.

What is that?

Why is it so big?

It's the second-floor lawyer's.

Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Let's bring this to him.

The lawyer said he's very busy.

Hey, quit it.

You wench. It won't do you any good to be rude between neighbors.

Come on. You grab that side.

Let's try this.

- Fine.
- One, two, three!

Straighten your knees!

Hold on, hold on.

(Your valuable package has been delivered)

Packages are always exciting to receive.

Hold on. What the?

Why are the first-floor women moving my package?

Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going?

You can't go out right now.

What are they doing?

S***! My speaker.

- One, two, three!
- Lift.

We're almost there.

- Okay.
- It's so heavy.

One, two, three!

Wait, hold on.

Hold on!

- Wait, wait...
- Calm down. Calm down.

- Hey. Hey, hey!
- No! No!


Hey! Hey, hey!

Yang Jin Mo!



Na Hee! Hey! Are you okay?

I thought my knees were going to give out.

- Hey...
- I'm okay.


You scared me. Really.

Oh, my!

Do you know how much this is?

Darn it.

The second-floor lawyer?

Yes, I'm the second-floor lawyer.

Why would you move someone else's package? Huh?

Do you have kleptomania?

In this situation, if you look at civil law, article 750,

you must compensate for the damage.

What if it's broken? How are you going to pay me back?

Never mind. How would you pay for this by selling pieces of bread?

Should I kill him?

Na Hee, hold yourself back.

Lower and open your fist.

If you know how precious someone else's belonging is,

you should know better than to step on

the precious cake that someone else made for you.

I need to make some eye contact.

I'll let this go. Go ahead.

What are you saying? We're having a conversation.

I said, let me see your face!

Whoa, hey!

Why are you trying to...

Don't touch me.

This is...

Hey! Get in!

What is this?

I feel like I've met an unbelievable nutjob.

But that helmet he was wearing is

somewhat familiar.

Didn't you say you were missing your helmet when you got your scooter back?



Stop! My scooter!



That crazy...

That's right! Those thieves from earlier!

Hey. Hey, catch them!

Se Ra!


You can run, but you can't hide from my eyes.

So this is where you were.

What the?

How come he climbs someone else's walls so naturally?

Was he really a thief?

I'm going to catch him for sure this time...

This is the police, right?

What's that?


Jin Mo.

It's a bloodbath in here.


D***, I feel a bit creeped out.

Get out of there.

You shouldn't be there. Get out right now.

Don't move!

Put your hands in the air.

(Good Job)

Daebak! The thief was the Chairman?

I saw someone that day in front of Oh Ah Ra's house.

Does this make sense? Are you a human telescope?

To see if the person who saw this and that person is the same person,

- could you tell if you meet him?
- Of course.

I'd recognize him 100%, 1,000%.

Who's this? I haven't seen her around.

I thought you only knew how to get yourself in trouble,

but I guess you have a good grip on reality, too.

Stay still. It's dangerous.