Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

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You can run, but you can't hide from my eyes.

Hey, you told me to get in, so I did follow you,

but is it all right to act this rashly without a plan?

You followed me so willingly, so

I thought you had formed a plan in the meantime.

How can I form a plan when you don't tell me anything?

It's unbelievable that Mom's necklace that I've been

desperately seeking resurfaced after 20 years in an illegal auction,

and it was in Oh Ah Ra's house.

I have to go check it out immediately.

I know. I know all too well.

I know how you feel.

But hey, look at this place.

There were a bunch of CCTVs on the way here.

Hey, you think you'll be okay?

That's why you need to make sure that I don't get caught, right?

Hey, you have to be careful.

Make sure your face is covered.

Don't worry, man.

I'll be back.

Hey, be really careful. Okay?

I'm going nuts, gosh.

This is where you were.

What the?

How come he climbs someone else's walls so naturally?

Was he really a thief?

I'm going to catch him for sure this time...

This is the police, right?

- The door is open.
- What?

D***, I feel a bit creeped out.

330-1 Gikwang-dong, break-in reported.

Patrol cars in the area, support requested.

Isn't it this neighborhood?

This is dispatch 1. Got it. We're in the area.

Gwang Ki oppa?

W-What's that?


Jin Mo...

It's a bloodbath in here.

What? Blood?

Sun Woo, get out of there right now.

You shouldn't be there. Get out right now.

What are you doing? I said get out of there, man!

Don't move!

Put your hands in the air.

- Is he a stalker or a thief?
- He's a stalker?

Who in the world is that guy?

[Han Kwang Gi]

Eunkang Group, Chairman Eun Sun Woo?

What were you doing at Oh Ah Ra's house at that time?

Let's just say for personal reasons.

Ninety percent of violent crimes usually happen because of personal emotions.

Everyone knows that Oh Ah Ra is Eunkang Group's exclusive model.

The fact that you personally went to her house

was because you had a close relationship with her. Is that right?

I know what you're thinking, but

I'm not that interested in Oh Ah Ra.

As you know, there were signs of a struggle and a lot of blood on the scene.

Judging by the amount of bleeding, there's a high possibility that she died.

So you think that I'm the one who did it?

Being at the scene doesn't automatically make you the culprit,

but it can make you a prime suspect.

What do you mean, suspect?

Watch what you say.

You could get in trouble for spreading a word like that.

I'm sorry I'm late, Chairman.

I'm Chairman's lawyer,


Yang Jin Mo.

Chairman is here to be questioned as a material witness.

He's not a murder suspect.

You should know from the results of the luminol test

that there wasn't a single drop of blood on the Chairman's body.

He could've changed his clothes.

The time I arrived was 9:35 p.m.

The time you arrived at the scene was 9:39 p.m.

Within that short time,

I committed the crime to the point of a bloodbath

and got rid of the body without a trace?

Do you think that's possible, Detective?

I think you misunderstand something,

but the person being questioned is you, not me.

But how could the police have come so quickly?

Did someone report it?

That's how you headed straight to Oh Ah Ra's house.

Then we can't rule out the possibility that the one who called in could be the culprit, either.

That person is definitely not someone who would do that.

Is it someone you know?

A woman?

So it's a woman.

We just headed out when we received a report of a robbery.


- By me?
- Chairman, please calm down.

I'll handle it from here.

If you have more questions, please send them to us in writing tomorrow.

Chairman is a very busy man.

Chairman, let's go.

We might need further investigation soon, so don't go too far.

You should catch the real culprit before then.

And stop barking up the wrong tree.

Reporters spotted. Put your cap on.

- It's Chairman Eun! Chairman Eun!
- Oh, what the?


Please tell us what happened!

Please tell us!

A word, please!

What are you doing?

Please answer us!


- Chairman Eun!
- Please say a word!


- Chairman!
- Please answer us!

Chairman, a word, please!


- Why were you there?
- Where?

I just came to see you.

The informant's number was yours.

Why the hell did you go there? Why you?

I mean...

Sunbae! Chief's looking for you.

Hey, hey. Hold on.

Oppa, you should go in.

I'll tell you all the details later. Okay?

No, you wait right here.

Oppa, Oppa, Oppa! I'm going to go.

Don't skip a meal. Bye!

Hey. Hey!


What about Chairman Eun?

He returned home after the police interrogation.

The reporters keep digging,

so it's only a matter of time until the Chairman's name is revealed to the public.

Stop them, no matter what.

Besides the fact that she's the group's exclusive model,

there shouldn't be a single headline linking Oh Ah Ra to Chairman Eun

or Eunkang Group. Understood?


Actress Oh Ah Ra is now believed to be missing.

According to police, Oh Ah Ra's house was found with traces of trespassing

and a large quantity of blood.

They are investigating the case from various angles

with the possibility of her death in consideration.

[Missing Oh Ah Ra's Agency Asks to Stop Speculation]
Also relating to Oh Ah Ra, Chairman of E Group is also being questioned as a material witness.

[Actress Oh Ah Ra Rumored to be Dating Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Sun Woo]
Further details remain unconfirmed.

[Actress Oh Ah Ra Rumored to be Dating Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Sun Woo]
The police are still investigating...

This man...

- And this!
- What are you doing?

- leaving every possibility open.
- Whoa! Daebak.

- Then that thief...
- Relating to the missing actress...

- is Chairman?
- being investigated as a material witness.

As this is being publicized...

Wait! So this man is Chairman?

Don Se Ra!

What kind of foul bulls*** did you spew at Chairman?

He made himself clear in that regard.

On the other hand, actress Oh has signed on to work on two projects

- Wait...
- and also became Eunkang Group's exclusive model.

But why did the Chairman disguise himself?

Even foreign fans have fallen into shock.

Next news.


I'm sorry for...

causing you concern.

Gossip will

be forgotten in no time.

You two really aren't dating?

I mean, it's strange.

The fact that you went to an actress's house at that time.

It was my fault.

It's definitely enough to misunderstand-

Are you sure it's a misunderstanding?

And not the truth?

If it were true,

do you think I'd use my woman as the group's model?

Well, there is a rumor that you don't like women.

And your problem is that you like women too much.


Both of you, get out.

Chairman Eun, you should cancel all external schedules for now.


Please save it. I've already heard enough in there.

Fortunately, Vice Chairman Kang acted first and was able to silence the reporters,

but social media is another story.

Which is why the secretarial office

is doing our best to take down as much as possible.

- Keep up the good work.
- Pardon?

Oh, yes.


You're not, right?

No, I'm not dating her.

Well, yes, that's what I thought, but

after Actress Oh Ah Ra rejected your confession on your knees

at the last anniversary event,

you sought her out in anger to argue...

There are rumors like that...

What? Confession?


Is that really why you went there?

- I said, it's not.
- So it is.

I said, it's not!

I didn't get rejected because I confessed. Actress Oh Ah Ra...


Why am I explaining this to you?

Anyway, I didn't.

All right then. Then we'll say that you didn't.

I have a lot on my mind right now, so cancel my afternoon schedule.

Yes, everything has already been canceled.

Who would you meet in this situation?

Wow, you did a great job.

You flatter me.

Who the hell is that woman?

Nothing is working out because of that woman!

Yang Jin Mo!

Make the first-floor bakery move out immediately.


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]
You scared me, so e-everything is so confusing, d*** it!

Shouldn't I tell Gwang Ki oppa?

I surmise the moment you utter that you're a witness,

he's going to hover over you for at least three months.

Wait, actually, Gwang Ki oppa will probably grab you by the legs and confine you in a room.

But if the person I saw was actually the culprit,

I shouldn't just turn a blind eye, no?

And what if Chairman unjustly goes to prison because of me?

I don't think you need to worry about him.


That's right.

Don Se Ra... To keep my mouth shut for my personal safety

or to devote myself to justice?

That is the question.

Your nosiness is throwing a fit.

Yes, this is Bang Bang organic and handmade bakery shop.


Move out?


Double the penalty fee?

Wait, so why exactly?


H-Hello, B-Boss!

What kind of bulls*** is this?

What's wrong?

Well, the realtor asked me to move out immediately,

saying he'll double the penalty fee.

What? No way.

Gosh, speaking of power tripping.

Oh, my God! He's trippin'!

Should I move out before the shop even opens?

Wait, who's the building owner?

I don't know. He told the second-floor lawyer to make sure I move out immediately!

The second-floor lawyer?

These people!

Na Hee, you wait right here.

I'll defend this shop.

What in the... Wait, Se Ra! Se Ra!

Se Ra! Se Ra...

Hello, are you here for Bang Bang?

What is that woman d-doing here?

Is she here alone?

You don't see the first-floor bakery owner, right?

Can't you tell by the look on her face?

She's pissed off because we told them to move out.

I never called the realtor.

I did.

You told me to. Why did you have to go make trouble?

Excuse me.

- I'd like to discuss something with you.
- What will you do?

What will you do?

Do what?

- Excuse me.
- Isn't negotiating and mediating the lawyer's job?

You're the one who caused this! Where are you going?

Don't you think it'll be more helpful if I'm not here?

- Excuse me!
- Yes!

- I said, I have something to say!
- Yes, coming!

How may I help you?

I heard the building owner told us to move out.

Yes, that's right. Something came up.

I understand this is due to personal feelings, but

this is undeniably an abuse of power.

Yes, that's right. He is an innate abuser of power,

but we're more than willing to accept any conditions you'd like to request.

What if we can't do as he wants?

If there's a price you have in mind-

He must think money can solve anything, but-

There was never a time it couldn't solve things.

Get out. I'll compensate you twice the amount.

I'll think of it as opportunity cost.

That's way better than being annoyed by an eyesore.

Attorney Yang, take care of it.

Understood, Chairman.

That's enough money to buy a store and still have left over.

You must think me a fool.

Excuse me, forget it.

A row of Dispatch reporters will be waiting in front of the building,

so please look forward to that.

The article title will be...

"Chairman Eun Sun Woo's Secret Double Life."

How's that?

I like it.

You continue to threaten me even after finding out who I am?

I can stand anything else, but I won't let you mess with my friend.

Who do you think is to blame for all this?

Things wouldn't be this complicated if you didn't call the police.

Then should I have just turned a blind eye to a thief?

- What? Th-Thief?
- Yes, thief.

When you ran away at the casino and climbed the wall,

- everything about you just screamed, "Thief."
- Calm down.

Is being a thief your side job and abuse of power your specialty?

Abuse of power?

Did I tell you to leave empty-handed? I told you I'd pay you!

Why? Is it not enough?

This shop was created with my friend's sweat and tears.

Double the penalty fee...

Should I just pretend I have no choice and move to expand the shop?

So you can't move out?

Are you implying you want more money?

There are things in the world that can't be solved with money.

Calm down, for now-

Are you trying to teach me because you think I throw money at a problem?

Aren't you?

- You're trying the kick us out with money!
- What-

For now, you two...

Please, this way. Please calm down.

Let's leave the shop alone.

We have to worry about Oh Ah Ra's case, too.

Could you handle the aftermath if your double life is revealed?

Calm down. Calm down.


The shop will be left alone.

How about it? Okay?


Okay. Chairman?


think about it.

I recommend that the Chairman moves.

I was just going to keep this to myself, but

it'd weigh on my conscience to just ignore this and pretend it never happened.

I'm pondering whether I should say this...

What is it? Just get to the point.

In front of Oh Ah Ra's house that night,

I happened to see someone.

Should I just keep quiet?

Who did you see?

How about it?

In order to clear your name,

should I help you out?

Wait. You saw from up there?

That person?


that looks pretty far.

My eyes are-

a bit pretty...

No matter...

does that make sense?

Are you an eagle? An ostrich?

Are you some human telescope?

I saw him.

It's literally an impossible distance for a human to see.

I absolutely saw him!

He went this way.

He went that way with a suitcase this big!

He went inward from here.

He was lugging a suitcase and carrying a bag.

Doesn't all this seem true?

Conmen usually say things that sound true.

I'm telling the truth!

Look at this. I knew it.

He went this way for sure.

It's a dead end.

There are no CCTVs nearby to prove your claim true.

It doesn't seem like there is anything here.


Let's check that CCTV.

That person there.

You saw that, right? He was really there, right?

It's hard to tell with this.

But you should admit I'm telling the truth...

Hold on.

Zoom in on this car.


Look at the driver's seat.

It's the same suitcase guy from earlier, right?

Look into the license plate.

Yes, I'm on it.

You're unexpectedly skilled despite how you look.

Is a lawyer your disguise?

I was born with quite a few skills

just to be a lawyer.

Let's just say this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Okay, clear. The plate number has been found.

Daebak. This quickly...

Then it's only a matter of time before we catch the culprit.

Who said he's the culprit?

Isn't he the culprit?

How can you be so sure?

How do you know if the person you saw is the same as this person?

If they are, what is his relationship with Oh Ah Ra?

Did he really commit the crime?

If he did, why? And what did he do with Oh Ah Ra?

There are many factors to confirm.


Is that right?

You're quite the detective.

I'm sick of hearing that I'm like Sherlock Holmes.

Except that he's a bit more famous than I am,

his looks, fortune, and personality can't compare to me.

Your self-love is also off the charts.

You have a talent for making a compliment sound like a diss.

Is it because you're the chairman of a large company?

You have excellent communication skills.

Anyway, I found the culprit and the CCTV,

so it's only a matter of time to clear your name and catch the culprit.

- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Wait, excuse me!

What the...

[Yongnam Police Station]

Sunbaenim, you were going through the CCTVs all night?

Yeah. The CCTV at the crime scene is out of order,

and there's nothing unusual on the nearby CCTVs.

What about the National Forensic Service results?

Identification results show no one else's blood except Oh Ah Ra's.

No weapons and no prints or DNA?

No body, either.

Don't you think this is a thoroughly planned, perfect murder?

Hey, there's no such thing as a perfect murder.

If we keep digging, something is bound to be revealed!

Then should I run through all the CCTVs within a 5 km radius?

I'll find something until my eyeballs pop out.

Yes, Han Gwang Ki from Yongnam Police Station, Violent Crimes Division 1.

Please go ahead.

Yes, um...

Regarding Oh Ah Ra's case...

I was on my way home from working out.

Yes, yes.

I think it was around 9:30 p.m.

Anyway, someone came out from behind Oh Ah Ra's house.

The... the...

pink suitcase.

He was dragging along a travel suitcase.

I see.

And your name is?

Is this Se Ra?

Hello? Hello?

- A report?
- Yeah.

I've been getting a lot of weird phone calls about Oh Ah Ra since yesterday.

This is credible.

I'm going to check the CCTVs one more time.

Wait for me, Sunbae!

Hey, is it okay to leave behind the main witness of this case like that?

I don't see why not.

And it's not like she saw the culprit's face.

Hey, we were able to find the suspect in the video, thanks to Se Ra.

I would've found him even if it weren't for that woman.

Although it would've taken a little longer.

What's important to us right now?

It's time.

Okay? The sooner we catch the culprit and find Oh Ah Ra,

the sooner we clear your name and find out where the necklace came from.


R-Reverse what?

Step on the accelerator!

Are you talking about a U-turn?

Turn the car around.

Miss Don.

Would you be able to recognize the man from the CCTV if you met him?

Yes, 100% for sure. My eyes...

My eyes are pretty accurate.

Get in for now.

I have also caught multiple wanted people.

I'll help you find the culprit with my skills.

I don't need your help. But I'll hire you. Temporarily.

Very temporarily as my assistant.

Assistant? As your assistant, Chairman?

Not as Chairman. As detective.

Oh, detective.

A detective's assistant!

- Okay!
- Go.

Yes, go.

Anyway, where are we going?

To find out what relationship the suspect you saw had with Oh Ah Ra.

We need to change that tacky outfit of hers first.

I'm Attorney Yang Jin Mo.

I told the police everything I knew last time.

Have you seen this person?

This bastard was stalking Noona.


Yes, Noona had a really hard time because of this bastard.

He would come to her house and threaten her, too.

Noona's deepfake video is probably this bastard's doing as well.

The timing was pretty close.

Noona said she'd report him to the police,

and we didn't see him after that.

Approximately how long ago was that?

About two to three months, I think?

Noona even took depressants because of this bastard.

D*** him.

How long have you been working with Oh Ah Ra?

Have you ever seen Oh Ah Ra wear this necklace or get it as a gift?

I'm not sure. I haven't seen it before.

Try asking the CEO.

He's been working with Noona since she debuted, so he might know.

- CEO?
- Yes.

He came out lugging the suitcase and moved by car.

The car's owner is Jang Min Su. Age 33.

23-1 Yongnam-si, Inju-dong.

[Personal Information of Vehicle Registrant]
Jang Min Su has two records of physical assault and several reports of domestic violence.

Request location tracking of Jang Min Su's phone,

- and secure his vehicle's route, too.
- Understood.

I'm Yang Jin Mo, Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Sun Woo's lawyer.

- Yes.
- As you may well know,

our chairman experienced a difficult situation because of Oh Ah Ra.

So I've been ordered to perform a thorough investigation.

So I've hired a private investigator.

And this is his partner, Don Se-

In Sook. Don In Sook.

I'm Don In Sook. It's a pleasure to meet you.

In Sook?

By any chance,

do you know anything about this necklace?

No, I haven't seen this before.

But what does this necklace have to do with this incident?

That's what we're investigating.

From what I hear,

Oh Ah Ra was experiencing conflict with her agency recently.

Who the hell told you that?

Nothing like that ever happened.

Oh, is that so?

The atmosphere within the group is not so good due to this incident.

Regarding Oh Ah Ra,

if it's revealed that you tried to hide something,

we could file a large claim for damages against this agency.

Compensation for damages?



you cooperate with us even now, CEO...

I'll be able to...

stop that from happening.

So you must be honest with us.

Hey, hey!

Come on, encourage him to talk.

If it's a necklace of this quality...

Well, to be honest,

I think Ah Ra had a serious relationship with someone.

She didn't exactly say so, but-

So it's highly likely that the man gave this necklace to her?

Who is that man?

I really don't know that.

All I know is that...

they frequently met at Alien Club in Gangnam.

You're talking about the inner circle of H Group's CEO Song.

You know about it?

Well, not too much.

Just that it's a gathering of elite class children.

CEO Yoon.

- Yes.
- I'd like to make an offer.

What kind of offer...

Sunbae! I found him!

What the... What?

Okay, we found him.

If you turn left at this intersection, it's the road outside Cheongan.

Check the CCTVs on the outskirts.


Thank you for sparing your precious time with us.

I'm the one who should be thanking you.

Oh, as you asked,

I'll make arrangements to replace the spot with Actress Ra Min Ji.


please put in a good word

to Chairman Eun about

replacing Oh Ah Ra with Actress Ra Min Ji

to be the company's model.

- I understand. I'll put in a good word.
- Thank you.

Take care.

Take care!

Wow! It's so nice to be at a club after all this time.

How about it?

Isn't your heart beating fast? Huh?

You think it would?


She's so pretty!

Hey, it's Ra Min Ji.

Wow, how stunning.

Just as I expected.

Huh? Hey, isn't that Se Ra?

Whoa! Se Ra is dressed up as my ideal type.

The favor I asked of Ra Min Ji is...

Wow, how disastrous.

It's an eye-catching fashion.

That's how the necklace will stand out.

If that's the intent, I guess she succeeded.

The necklace will stand out.

Did you wait long?

The clothes were a bit uncomfortable...


The eye of the beholder is very uncomfortable, too.

Who's the one who forced me to do this when I said I didn't want to?

Stay still.

Be careful.


- I'll take care of my-
- I'm talking about the necklace.

Be careful with it.

That necklace is one of a kind.

It's the most precious necklace you'll wear

for the first and last time in your life.

All right.

In Sook.

Shall we go?


You're going in, too?


You need to go back to the car.

What the heck?

Setup is complete on my end.

Turn on your hidden cameras.


Sun Woo, isn't that Actress Kim Ji Eun?

Man, I should've been the one in there.

Stop getting excited and focus on the job.

But hey, the man who recognizes the necklace Se Ra is wearing-

Will probably be Oh Ah Ra's man.

Then won't Se Ra be in danger?

That's why you should keep your eyes on the monitor and keep watch.

Yes, yes, yes.

You're like a fish in water.

Get yourself together.

I'm doing my best without you having to breathe down my neck.

- Come with me.
- Where?

Where are we going?

Just follow me.

Hey Sun Woo, isn't that Tae Joon hyung?

Come visit the set together.

- Really?
- Okay, I'll come by one of these days.


Bring me some alcohol.

Oppa, we're in the middle of a conversation.


I'm telling you to bring it.

You don't get what I mean?


I think you're really drunk. You should stop drinking now.

I am a bit drunk.


Come here.

I said, come here.

Okay, I'll pour it for you.

You're looking down on me, aren't you?

What? When did I ever look down on you?

Your eyes give it away.

How dare you try to mess with me? You cheap piece of s***. So annoying.

Okay, Oppa. I'm sorry.

Don't get mad, and let's have fun tonight.

You want to have fun?

Then shall we have fun until your life is reset? Huh?

If you want to have some real fun, you need to see some blood to get excited.

How about it? You want to end your acting career

and rest forever?

- Huh?
- Oppa, I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Hey, Tae Joon's seeing red.

Tell someone to lock the door.

Hey, look at her.

Hey. Hey!


What the?

You sagging lump of monkey testicles.

What the?

- Are you crazy?
- Hey, Se Ra is bomb!

Hey, Sun Woo. Se Ra is in trouble.

What kind of s***ty manners is this?

Are you a thug?

If you've drunk enough d*** alcohol, go home and f***ing sleep!

What a f***ing psychopath!

No, no, no.

Who is this?

I haven't seen her around.

Oppa, don't worry about it. Just...

You butt out of it. Who is this?

She's a rookie actress from our agency.

I see...

So this is your attempt at appealing to me?

What's your name?

It's none of your business.

Let's try to be decent human beings first.

I said, what's your name?

Let go.

Let go!

If your intention was to leave a lasting impression,

okay. Success.

Then we should have some real fun. Unforgettably.

Let go.

Let go of me.

Hey, did you see her?

She told me to let go. To let go.


Liven up the atmosphere!

She's looking down on me because the atmosphere is s***, you a**holes!

Move. You won't step aside?

You're dead meat tonight.

What took you so long?

I waited for so long.

You can't go inside.

[Eunkang, Eun Sun Woo]


Open! The door.

I came here because I heard newcomers to the

political and business world are planning their future initiatives,

but I only see pieces of raw meat rotting away.

Manager Kang,

here you are diligently holding a meeting you don't even have at work.


You should wash up, Manager Kang.

- You little piece of-
- But instead,

I'll escort this woman

who seems to need my help.


Are you advertising that you're new to this scene?

Or are you the type to cause trouble without a second thought?

What are you doing instead of what you should be doing?

Are you fearless?

Of course, I'm afraid.

But that's not how you should treat someone.

They're not even human.

How can I just stand there and watch someone get hurt?

Looking at how eloquent you are,

I guess you're all right.

You're not...

hurt, are you?

You bastard.



The man wearing a mask directly in front of you.

He's got a hidden camera.

He has a hidden camera?

Hold on.

I don't see anything.

How can you tell if he's recording when he's that far away?

Is that important right now?

We need to hurry over and catch him!

Stay put. It's dangerous.


I'm a little photogenic...

Should I check if I came out nicely?


Stay put!


This bastard was stalking Noona.


Wow, look at the equipment quality.

He's a repeat offender.

This isn't your first time, is it? Where's the rest?

Are you the one who took Oh Ah Ra's video, too?

Well, that was because I was told to record her everyday life.

So you recorded her everyday life and eroticized it

and switched it to deepfake!

Do you want a deep sentence?

I mean, I just did as I was told.

As you were told...

This is the same as a manager murdering his actress!

To be honest,

Noona suddenly said she would retire once her contract ended.

Oh, so you did as you were told?

And that was CEO Yoon?

The phone.


[Can you take some photos of Ra Min Ji at the club today? / Sure. Something happened behind the doors. Can't get in there, though. / Chairman Eun Sun Woo is at the club, too]


So he's been managing his actresses with their videos?

What did you just say?

You crazy a**hole.

Come here.

- Come here!
- Oh, no!

Please calm down. He's bound to hell if you hit him with that.

It's the end for you and CEO Yoon.

I'm going to go and kill that bastard right now.

I approve of that passion,

but it's probably best to find some evidence first, right?

What evidence?

CEO Yoon must've hid them away somewhere very tightly.

I really don't know where he hid them.

Oh, you don't? Okay.

Let's see...

I've been caught by Chairman Eun Sun Woo!

He's looking for the other videos, too.

D*** it! That stupid fool!


Wow, he hid it pretty well.

I know.

Thanks for finding the USB for us.

I think Chairman is very angry thanks to you.

There goes your contract down the drain.

Why don't you hand it over?

Don't come. Don't come. Don't come.

Don't come. Don't come. Don't come. Don't come.

Don't come. Don't come! Don't come!

I'll break it. I'll break it!

It doesn't matter even if you break it.

It's not that difficult to restore a USB.

Yeah? Then I guess I should eat it.

Hey, hold him! Hold him!

Spit it out. Spit it out!

Spit it out! Hey! Hey, spit it out!


You need to take it out, not feed it to him!

He bit my finger!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! He's choking. Spit it out!

Hey, man! Spit it out!

Spit it out, man!

Spit it out!

Spit it out!

Spit it out!

Move aside! Move! Move!

My younger siblings used to play like this all the time.

I'm just saying.


It's Jang Min Su's car.


He transported it in this car.

Request a public warrant for Jang Min Su, and call the forensic team.

And an emergency search warrant for Jang Min Su's house.

Yes, understood.

Detective Lee from Yongnam Station speaking.

Bloodstains have been found in the suspect's car.

Please complete the blood analysis as soon as possible.

What is this?

Check Oh Ah Ra's video that we got from CEO Yoon.

That bracelet was also worn by the man I saw.

It's a bracelet sponsored by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

It's a foundation Oh Ah Ra sponsored.

That's Jang Min Su.

Zoom in.

It's him. Jang Min Su.

The tree-shaped keychain on his bag.

The person lugging the suitcase had one, too.


Y-You can see that?

I can't see it.

It just looks like that.

I'll call it a day and go home.


Aren't you forgetting something?

I sincerely thank you for earlier.

If you hadn't heroically appeared to save me...

Nope. No need to be grateful.

I mean, I almost got assaulted by that jerk-

that jerk...

almost got hurt by that jerk.

Of course, I'm grateful.

I think you misunderstand something.

It was for my necklace, not you.


Hand it back now.


They say the rich are stingier...

How much could it be?

One million won? Ten million won?

I knew you were naive enough to fuss all over the place,

but you really have no sense of reality.

Are you unable to calculate amounts higher than that?


are you saying... billions?

The auction price was one billion won, but...

One b-billion...

To me, it's something you can't put a price on.

What the?

Your clothes are...

What's with your expression?


You wouldn't be able to even imagine

what I went through today.

By any chance,

were you mugged?

Did someone force you to switch outfits with them?


Are you the one who mugged someone?

What are you saying?

Do you know how much this dress costs?

It might seem a little flamboyant,

but it's worth half of your salary for a year.

It's that expensive?

They say the ignorant are fearless...

Take this off right now!

It costs a fortune just to dry clean this!

No way.

- Really?
- Yes.

What kind of job did you take today?

It was the most extreme job I had ever taken.

You should stick to that job forever.

Then you'd buy a building in no time!

- Gosh...
- Let me see.

The material is something else...

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

I have the result of the image processing on my program.


Hey, hey! Look at this.

Tree-shaped keychain.


So that means she saw that in front of Oh Ah Ra's house, too.


That's right. How incredible.

She saw a small decoration that didn't stand out

unless you see it right in front of your eyes.

Are you able to grasp this?

She was an incomprehensible character from the start,

but if she's not lying...

[Chairman Eun]


I'd like to give you a present

to celebrate the successful result of this job.

Tell me if there's anything you want.


What I want?

Well, if you're able to pass my test,

I'll give you anything you want.


Come out and look at the rooftop of our headquarters.


Can you see?

Of course.

It's the tallest building in Yongnam-si.

What does it say?

Take off those round glasses,

- and try reading it.
- Excuse me?

What are you...


[I found out your secret]

How should I know what you're holding?

I never said I was holding anything.

I'm speechless.

Is it a superpower?


Should I say super-vision?

How far can you see?


Or this far?



I thought something had happened to you!

You scared me.

So you really can see me.

[I found out your secret]

♫ Baby! ♫

[Good Job]

The card that Se Ra is holding is much more powerful than yours.

One Heart Pediatrics, Jang Han Byul.

So it was you.

Han Byul, how did you get this injury?

Who are you people? Huh?

Are you even a lawyer?

Who in the world are you people?

Whoa, daebak! So she really had an ability.

On the day of the incident, look into the whereabouts of the pediatric nurses.


there's a tree-shaped keychain.

♫ I cannot control it ♫